~ The Ice Princess ~
by Larisa

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The Ice Princess
By Larisa

Part 2

Jenny was sitting across the street in one of the dentists parking lots watching Shay's car and Pez' Humvee. She had called the head of the ER at all hours of the night and early morning giving him fake reports on his chief of surgery. She hoped that it would get him pissed enough to suspend her until he could check on the allegations. Of course, when no record was found, Pez would be pissed at him for suspending her for no reason. Her attention was caught when an older woman in pink scrubs went out the doors to the ER, got in to the Humvee and pulled from the parking lot. She started her cruiser and waited a few minutes before following.

Pez winked at a nervous Shay before picking her up and carrying her out the back door of the morgue. "Hope granny goes all the way to Ohio." She carried her out to Betty's red Nissan Pathfinder, put her in the passenger seat and ran around to the other side. She squeezed behind the steering wheel and slid the seat all the way back. "Want to solve a hospital mystery?"

"You mean there's another one besides you?"

"Yep, your address."

"Ohh I was kinda hiding a certain problem I had…have…you know the Trooper bitch from Hell."

They pulled out of the lot and headed in the opposite direction from where Pez' apartment was. Fifteen minutes later, Pez was pulling into the apartment complex on Keyes ferry Rd. At one time, she had checked into living there but found the waiting list to be eighteen months. "How did you get an apartment here, I tried and couldn't."

"Another doctor was moving out so I just took over his lease, there not the greatest places to live but it's affordable and close to the hospital." She looked over at Pez and thought of something. "Do you know how to put new locks in?"

"Yeah, you want to go and buy new ones and while you're getting Jenny's stuff together I'll change them?"

Pez ran into Walmart in her slippers and PJ's got plenty of strange looks on the way in and even more when she filled a cart with all kinds of food and a baseball hat with Viking horns on top and Elmer Fudd on the front in his Viking costume. She handed the cashier her Visa and had to think about what her real name was. Shay's eyes widened when Pez rode on the back of the cart all the way to the pathfinder.

"She is truly insane, but a good insane." She turned the key in the ignition, lowered the back window and unlocked the tailgate. "Did you buy out the whole store?"

"Kinda, I had to get food for my apartment or risk you kicking my ass. Wanna kick it anyway?" She dropped her head and made the horns wiggle.

"Just great I'm stuck in a truck with a horny doctor." She rolled her eyes at her slip of the tongue and Pez' snorting sounds.

"I never thought of that, maybe if I wear it to a bar I'll become a chick magnet." Shay looked around the seat at her and shook her head.

"You are sooo clueless Pez, what's your real name anyway?"


"Liar, I know you have a real name so what is it?"

Pez got into the pathfinder and shrugged her shoulders. "I've gone by Pez for thirty years, so if someone said my real name I wouldn't answer them." She leaned over the console and was searching for a bag when Shay saw her credit card in her PJ pocket. She slipped her fingers in and pulled the card out.

"Ralston Dane Halliway." Pez looked in Shay's hand and groaned.

"Pick pocketing tater tot." She took the card from her fingers and handed her a Butterfinger candy bar. "So now ya know my secret, I was named after a big dog and my Dads favorite dog food company." She unwrapped her candy bar, bit it in half and gave out a deep moan that made Shay shiver. "Let's go get your locks changed and the bitche's stuff out."

Pez had the lock and dead lock changed in half an hour; she put the old locks in the box and put them on the small table by the front door. She wandered through the small apartment and saw how everything had a place. She went into the bathroom to wash her hands and saw the oddness in how everything was in perfect alignment. "You were right tater tot, Jenny's compulsive; I bet she washes her hands for 45 seconds exactly."

"And uses a clean towel each time to dry her hands."

Pez turned around and looked down to where Shay was sitting on the floor. "What are you doing down there?"

"It hurts too bad to walk around, this damn brace is a pain in my ass. It digs into the back of my thigh and ankle."

"Take it off for a while and let your knee bend." She scooped Shay up into her arms and carried her towards Jenny's bedroom, setting her on the bed; she pulled the straps on the brace loose and removed the brace from her leg. Checking the sutures, she started to massage the muscles of her thigh and worked her way down to her ankle. "Does it hurt when I do this?" She looked up and couldn't believe the color that Shay's eyes had turned; they were a deep aquamarine color. She lightly touched her leg from knee to ankle and saw Shay's body shiver. Pulling her hands away, she stood up and picked up one of the large green garbage bags. "I'll start hauling this stuff out to the hallway while you finish up in here." She walked quickly from the room and didn't breathe until she was in the hallway. Leaning her forehead against the wall, she verbally smacked herself. "What were you doing in there Pez; she doesn't need any more problems than she already has."


Shay fell back on the bed and moaned; she covered her eyes with her hands and took a deep breath to calm her racing heart. She could still feel Pez' hands on her leg the warmth of her fingertips and the roughness of the calluses on her palms. She sat up and looked down to where her nipples stood out against her scrub shirt, placing her hands over them; she felt a shock wave shoot through her body. "Just stop thinking about it Shay, she's your co-worker for Gods sake!" She grabbed the crutches that were leaning against the bed and went into the kitchen for something to drink. Grabbing a cold beer, she thought better of it, put it back and grabbed two cans of Coke. "Ralston you want a Coke?" She yelled and waited for an answer that never came, struggling with the Cokes, she went out into the living room and almost ran into a nervous Pez. "Ralston it's break time, Pez sit!"

"Did you say something?" Her wide blue eyes looked eerie in the bright light of the living room.

"Yeah, its break time Ralston, have a seat."

"Sounds funny to hear my name, only my Dad called me Ralston." She took the offered Coke and sat on the couch a good body distance away from Shay. "What time does the bitch get home?"

Shay looked at the wall clock and counted in her head. "In about an hour and fifteen minutes, we should get out of here soon in case she shows up early. Can you take me to the Cliffside motel?"

"You're going to stay in a motel?" She started to shake her head and whisper no. "She's a cop, she's probably put your picture out everywhere by now. You can stay at my apartment, you'll be safe there."

"What if she knows where you live, then what?"

"Unless she knows my real name there's no chance of her finding out where I live. My landlord is a paranoid type and won't discuss his tenants with anyone."

"Ralston I don't want to impose on you, I can register under a phony name at some dive."

"Then it's settled my apartments a dive and a half." She patted Shay's knee and went to haul the rest of the stuff out of the apartment. After the last bag was in the hallway, she held up one finger to Shay and ran to the bathroom. She messed up all the towels and stuff on the sink top and then did the same to the other bathroom before returning with a huge grin on her face.

"What did you do?" She held her hand out for her leg brace.

"I messed up her compulsiveness; hope she likes it if she can get the door open."


Pez pulled the pathfinder around the back of the garage and parked; she glanced over at Shay and saw the look on her face.

"You live at Doc Master's house?"

"Nope, I live above his garage. It's not much but it's affordable and home when I'm here."

She carried Shay up the back steps to her door and let her turn the knob and push the door open. She took her through the small kitchen to the living room and placed her on the over stuffed couch. "I'll run down and unload the pathfinder, here's the clicker for the TV." Shay clicked on the TV and found TNT; she loved watching Law and Order but never got the chance when Jenny was around. She had to watch what Jenny wanted and that was always the programs about cops driving around with a cameraman. She really didn't mind the programs, it was the comments Jenny made about the cops incompetent ways of handling situations. Jenny thought of herself as a super cop that could do no wrong.

"OK, everything's in and I'll put your bag in my room, you can sleep there and I'll sleep out here on the couch." Pez was gone before Shay could argue with her.

"I swear she is the most maddening person at times." She got up on one leg and hopped down the hall to the small bedroom. "I'm not taking your bed; I can sleep on the couch so just forget it." She looked around the sparsely furnished room and then to the huge bed that took up most of the floor. "Ralston, the entire hospital staff could sleep in that bed!"

"I guess your right; I got it because my feet don't hang off the end. Those cots at work kill me." She sat down on her bed and then fell backwards with a loud groan.

Shay sat down beside her and tapped her on her stomach. "What kind of food did you buy?"

"I got some steaks, pork choppers, ground meat, chicken, fresh veggies, breakfast stuff and canned foods." She opened one eye and looked into a grinning face. "What?"

"You had this planed from the very beginning didn't you?" She lay down on her side and held pale blue eyes with her own. "If you hadn't, you would have bought Hungry man nuker meals, pot pies and cardboard pizza."

"What can I say; my motto is always be prepared." She fluttered her lashes at her. "Will you cook supper for us?"

"This will be different; I've always cooked just for Jenny."

Pez leaned up onto one elbow. "What do you mean you only cooked for her?"

"I ate after she did, usually the left overs." Tears filled her eyes with the memory. "She said that because she worked harder than I did, that she was to eat the better food."

Pez moved closer to her and took her in her arms. "Not here you don't, you eat at the same time I do and we eat the same thing." She placed a kiss on her temple and held her tighter. "You don't have to cook fancy meals either, I'd be happy with peanut butter and jelly." She held Shay for long moments until her crying stopped, when she pulled back from her, she wiped the tears from her eyes. "Come on lets go in the kitchen and you can show me how to not burn every thing."


It was so different for Shay to sit at a kitchen table and eat food with someone, she had gotten used to eating alone and only having enough food to feed a bird. Jenny kept track of how much food was in the apartment at all times. She played with the green beans on her plate and felt Pez place her hand over hers.

"Go ahead and eat tater, if you want more you go ahead and take it. I share what ever I have."

"It's kind of weird you know, since I met you, you've fed me more times than Jenny ever did when we were dating."

Pez caressed Shay's hand and looked into her eyes. "Can I ask you something personal?"

"Why I let her move in?" She dropped her eyes to her plate and thought for a few minutes before she raised her head up to met Pez' eyes. "I was lonely, insecure and she never showed any signs that she would become abusive." She took a deep breath and continued. "I know you've heard other women say the same thing about not being able to get out of the situation because they loved their abuser. That's not the case here, I don't love her, never have. She threatened my life if we ever split up."

"She won't hurt you anymore, I won't let her." She patted Shay's hand and then got up to get the last steak from the broiler. She cut the steak in half and placed it on their plates. "Did I tell you what an excellent cook you are?" She gave Shay a blinding smile and patted her hand. "Eat up; I bought ice cream for afterward."


Shay lost the battle, she was lying in Pez' bed looking out the window by her head and watching the headlights off in the distance. It was hard to fight someone who could pick you up and carry you to where ever they wanted you. She grinned at her reflection in the window and yelled for Pez, she rolled over when she heard her bare feet hitting the wood floor.

"Need something?"

"Yeah what's this right here?" She pointed to her reflection in the window and waited for Pez to come closer.

"What's what?" She leaned over the bed and looked to where Shay was pointing.

"This right here, you see it?" She grabbed the front of Pez' T-shirt and pulled her into the bed. "This is me winning the war, now lie down and go to sleep."

Pez rolled over and faced her. "Guess I've been outflanked, I surrender General Tater." She moved under the blankets and rolled to her back. "If I start to snore, please don't smoother me with my pillow."

"I won't I'll just elbow you a couple times. Night Ralston."

"Night Tater tot."

In their sleep, they moved towards each other and ended up wrapped in each other's arms. Even in her sleep, Shay found a security she had been missing her entire life.


Jenny pulled her keys out of her pocket and ended up breaking the key off in the lock when she tried to force the lock to open. She looked closely at the door handle and dead bolt and noticed that everything was new. Taking her baton from its hoop on her belt, she pounded on the door until one of the other occupants opened their door to see what the commotion was about.

"Did you see Dr. Gerard here today?"

"No I just got home about ten minutes ago, sorry." The man quickly closed his door and locked it against the evil glare his neighbor had given him.

"Like this is going to stop me you little bitch!" She left the hallway and came back ten minutes later with the crow bar from her car. Slipping the curved end between the door and the frame, she pried on it until the door gave way and fell open. Throwing her baton on the floor, she stalked through the apartment slamming the crow bar in her hand. "Come on Shay you can't hide from me!" She yelled as she searched first the kitchen and then the bedrooms, when she went into the first bathroom, she let out a yell that almost shattered the shower door. Swinging the crowbar, she smashed the mirror and then broke the sink faucets off and the sink. She ran from the bathroom and ran right into the apartment manager who was standing in the hallway.

"Next time you leave all those garbage bags in the hallway, I'm gonna charge you extra for hauling them out." He turned and stomped down the hallway to the steps.

"What garbage bags?" She yelled to him.

"The ones with all those old clothes and stuff in them."

"I'll kill that bitch!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, ran past the manager, knocked him down and went out the front doors with enough force to shatter one of the glass doors when it hit the outside of the building.

"You're out of here whether you're a cop or not!" He yelled to her and went to his apartment on the first floor to write up the eviction notice.

Jenny stood on the ledge on the side of the dumpster and started pulling out all the bags with her clothes in them. "When I find you I'm going to make sure that you suffer before you die!"


Pez rolled over, stretched and felt her back crack, using her knuckles, she rubbed her eyes of sleep. Reaching out she searched out a hand and felt the cold spot next to her. "Tater?" She rolled from bed and smelled bacon frying; a wide grin came to her face. "Real breakfast." She slid her feet across the floor, scratched her stomach and ran her fingers through her tangled hair. She stopped in the doorway and watched Shay fix eggs with diced onions and peppers.

"I know you're there Ralston, I can feel you eyeballing me."

"You're making real breakfast stuff; it's been a long time since I had a real breakfast." She walked into the kitchen, stood behind Shay and watched over her shoulder.

"Have a seat and I'll get you some orange juice and coffee."

Pez put her hands on Shay's shoulders and leaned close to her ear. "I'll set the table, get the orange juice and the coffee, you're cooking that's enough." She gently rubbed her shoulders before getting coffee cups from the cabinet.

Shay felt tears fill her eyes; she glanced over her shoulder and watched as Pez filled the coffee cups, then come back her way, she set the cups down and pulled her into her arms.

"Tater you're no ones slave, I would have been happy with cereal and toast."

"Its habit I guess." She leaned into Pez' body and wrapped an arm around her waist, looking up at her with a watery smile she whispered. "Thank you. Everything's done so we can eat and then head into work."

"I go to work; you vegetate in front of the TV."

"Ralston, I'm going with you."

"Naah ahh, you need to stay off your leg and keep it elevated."

"I'll stay here if you let me make you a lunch to take with you."

Pez tilted her head back and forth then smiled. "Deal, but you have to stay off your feet."

"OK, I'll sit and watch TV all day until you get home. Now let's eat before the eggs get cold."


The ER was quiet for a change; they had just minor injuries and a few cases of indigestion from too many onions, peppers and anchovies on pizza. Betty, Griffin and Roy were in the lounge drinking the thick syrupy brew that at one time was coffee when Pez came skipping into the room with her lunch. She waved it at them, stuck her tongue out and dropped down in to the recliner. Betty eyed the bag and advanced with wiggling fingers.

"What has the Pez monster got in her little Snoopy lunch bag?"

"Shay made me a lunch so there." She pulled out a sandwich that was three inches thick with everything she could think of on it, a small bag of Doritos, HoHo's, Sunny Delight OJ and a Butterfinger. Roy and Griffin dropped into the couch across from her and gave her a funny look.

Griffin pointed at her chest. "Did you stay at her apartment last night Pez monster?"

"Yeah where did you end up with my truck and you better not have ran it down to empty." Betty stole a Dorito from the bag and tapped Pez on top of her head. "Hey I just noticed that your hair's braided, I didn't know you could braid hair?"

"I can't Tater tot…"

"Braided it right before she made my lunch." Griffin and Roy whined in unison. "And what did you do to get this kind of treatment from the tater tot?" Griffin asked her.

"Nothing just showed her some kindness." She took a bite out of her sandwich and chewed slowly while watching her friends get antsy for more information. After she swallowed, she gave them a big grin. "OK, I know you three are dying to know what's going on. Yesterday when we went to her apartment, it felt like I was in that movie with Julia Roberts. We have a serious problem with this Trooper, not only is she abusive but compulsive neatness, hygiene and commanding in a very unhealthy way. What I tell you guys goes no further than this room." Her expression became very serious and her message went out loud and clear. "Osborne can not get anywhere near Shay, she's very dangerous and threatened her life if they were to ever break up. What Shay told me last night reminds me of the caveman theory." She told them of the way Shay got the left overs after Osborne ate and the other habits she has when it comes to performing domestic chores.

Betty placed a hand on Pez' shoulder and gave it a slight squeeze. "We had no idea it was like that with her, is there anything we can do to help?"

"Just be nice to her but don't over do it." They looked when they heard Besom calling their names from the hallway. He saw them in the lounge and came in shaking his head. "We got a big problem, Shay's landlord just called me. Shay's been evicted from her apartment and unless she pays for the damages, he's taking it to small claims court."

"What damages, we didn't damage anything!" Pez stood up and started pacing the floor.

"He said that Trooper Osborne shattered the front door to the building and did other damages to the apartment. And since the apartment is in Shay's name, she's responsible to pay for everything."

"This is all my fault." Pez dropped down into the recliner and shut her eyes. "I changed the locks and messed the alignment of the towels in that compulsive assholes bathroom."

Besom stood in front of her and pointed a finger at her chest. "This is neither one of your faults, it's that whacked out troopers. I've called that auxiliary Sheriff and he'll be here shortly to take your statement and then he said he'd go over to the apartment and talk to the neighbors. Right now you're going to haul your ass home and make sure that Osborne doesn't get to Shay."

"What am I supposed to do stand guard at the door?" Pez asked.

"Teach her self-defense moves, I know you know those." He pointed to the other three and motioned for them to follow. "We have some work to do, we're gonna call every hospital in the area and have Shay registered."


"Deputy Michaels got out of his cruiser with a paper in his hand; he looked around the parking lot of the Spice Garden and saw the State car that Osborne and her partner drove. He was going to enjoy serving her with the restraining order and then getting statements against her. She had caused enough problems for him and the other cops to last a lifetime. He wanted the blue wall of silence to come to an end where she was concerned. He walked inside and ignored the hostess, walking around the tables he stopped in front of a laughing Osborne and cleared his throat.

"Trooper Osborne, this is for you from Judge Allister, it's effective immediately and I know I don't have to explain it any further than that." He nodded his head to the other officers and walked away. He stopped out of sight of her and watched as she read the order, crinkled it up and tossed it on the table.

Osborne's face turned a deep red; she slammed her hand on the table upsetting the water glasses. "Fuck that bitch; she can't put a restraining order against me." Her partner looked at her closely and took a shot at what the problem was with the small doctor.

"Why's she doing this?" He nudged the crumpled paper with a finger.

"How should I know, all I did was rough her up a bit the other night. You know how it is; we have to keep our women in line." She got up from the table and walked away.

"No I don't know how we have to keep our women in line." He said to himself, grabbed the order, stuck it in his pocket and followed her. He had never liked his partner but was low on the totem pole and had no choice as to who he was partnered with.

Deputy Michaels turned his back and looked at a take out menu; he hoped that the other State cop let his superiors know what was going on.


"Luuucy I'm home!" Pez bounced into the living room and held out her arms to Shay. "Gimme some sugar Tater tot." She caught the hard candy that Shay threw at her in her mouth and dropped down on the couch next to her.

"What are you doing home so early?"

"Doc B sent me home, seems that you've been evicted from your apartment because Osborne destroyed some stuff last night."

"Son of a bitch, now what am I going to do?" She covered her face with her hands and tried to think. "Maybe if I talk to the landlord he'll let me stay?"

"Nope, I went over and talked to him. He says that the contract was broke when she smashed the bathroom up and to make it worse, she shattered the front door to the building." She placed a hand on Shay's thigh. "You can stay here as long as you want." She dropped her head to try and hide the blush working its way up her neck; she looked up from below dark lashes into misty green eyes. "Even though this was the first time, it's nice coming home and having you here."
Shay wiped the tears trailing down her cheeks. "Some badass Ice Princess I am, all I do lately is cry."

Pez pulled her into her arms and held her. "That's OK badass's can cry and then kick ass later." She kissed the top of Shay's head and rocked her gently in her arms. Shay wrapped her free arm around Pez and held onto her tightly as her tears flowed down her cheeks and sobs racked her body. Her life was falling apart right before her eyes and she didn't know what to do about it. The only thing that was stable in her life right now was a woman who carried a Snoopy lunch bag and wore Superman PJ's to Walmart.

"Tater I'm going to call some guys I know and have them go get all of your stuff from your apartment. I'll see if Doc Masters will let me put it in the storage area behind the garage."

She mumbled against Pez chest. "Why can't we just go over and get my stuff?"

"The Trooper from Hell might be lurking around looking for you; I don't want her anywhere near you." She lifted Shay's head up, looked into her eyes and wiped the tears from her cheeks with her fingertips. "I just wish I had been around before it got to this point, maybe I could have done something."

"Ralston there's nothing you could have done, I'm a stubborn ass at times and I wouldn't have listened. I came into work too many times to remember with bruises from her beatings and never once did I say anything to anyone." She cupped Pez' cheek and caressed the soft skin. "Thank you for being here now." She pulled Pez down and placed a soft kiss upon her lips. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that."

"I'm not sorry you did so don't worry about it." She kissed Shay's forehead and got up so that she could make some phone calls.


Four hours later Pez opened the door to see a ¾-ton dark green military truck pull around and stop beside her Humvee. The driver got out, waved to her and walked around to drop the tailgate. "Hey Pez you want all the furniture in the storage area and the clothes in your apartment?"

"Yeah Billy, let me get some shoes on and I'll give you a hand."

"Just stay there and I'll have the guys carry it up to you." He grinned at her. "I brought a lot of help with me." She watched as six guys jumped out of the back and started carrying bags and suitcases towards her. "We thought you'd want all the linens and stuff so we didn't box it up."

"Yeah we can use them in here, just bring them in and put them somewhere in the living room." She took one of the suitcases from the man's hands and carried it into the living room. "Tater the guys are here with your stuff, is there anything you don't want put in the storage shed?"

With the first sight of the small blonde, the guys faltered and ran into each other. "Excuse us ma'am we weren't expecting anyone to be here besides Pez."

Pez shook her head placed the bag she was holding against the wall. "You guys act like you've never seen a woman before. Billy this Dr. Shay Gerard, Shay that's Billy and his crew of virginal choir boys." She introduced everyone and then went back outside to help them unload the truck. When Pez came back in, Shay had made sandwiches for everyone and had Cokes set out.
"Ralston I made sandwiches for everyone." She pulled some bills from her pocket and handed them to Pez. "This for all the work they did, would you give it to Billy?"

Pez counted out the money and shook her head; she pulled a twenty out and handed the rest back to her. "They did this because they're my friends not for money; twenty will buy them some beer when they get back home tonight."

"But Ralston that was a lot of work." She whispered loud enough for only Pez to hear.

"Not to them it wasn't." She kissed Shay on her lips and went to bring the guys inside. "I should charge them for drooling; I could retire after a few hours." She grinned and disappeared out the door.

After the guys had left and all of Shay's clothes were placed in the closet and the empty drawers in the dressers, they collapsed on the couch. Shay started to pull the straps off her leg brace and had her hands pushed away by Pez. "I'll get this just lay back and relax; I know your shoulder's aching and your ribs."

"And how do you know all of this?"

"Easy, you grit your teeth and clamped your jaw every time you move." She looked up with her pale blue cat eyes and smirked. "Didn't think I noticed all that huh?"

A surprised look came over Shay's face; she had no idea that Pez was paying that much attention to her. She seemed pre-occupied with everything else that was going on around them. "OK, so ya got me there. Can we take off the rib bindings so I can take a shower, I feel nasty and would kill right now for a hot shower or bath."

"Sure we can do that, and then you get some rest. I've got some charts that need signed off before Doc B beats me for goofing off."


Shay lay in the bathtub with her leg braced on the side of the tub, she knew that the sutures were too fresh to get wet but she was able to wash around those areas and still keep them dry. The roof of her mouth felt better and she was able to take some of the looser sutures out. For once, she was able to smell the citrus scent of the bath oil she used. She had no idea that her main problem with her breathing was due to the growth of a tumor. She dropped the wet washcloth over her face and laid her head back against the padded tub. She thought about all that had happened in such a short period of time and how Ralston had been there the entire time. What still shocked her was that she had kissed the tall woman, never before had she been so bold as to make a move like that. A bright smile came to her face; she sighed and slipped lower in the hot water.


"Hey Doc B, have you heard anything back from Deputy Michaels yet?"

"He called and he said that he served Osborne the papers and he took statements from all of Shay's neighbors."

"Good, I had some friends go over and clear out all of her stuff from her apartment, so she'll be staying with me for the time being." She felt the blush work its way up her neck and set her ears on fire. "I checked her injuries and I see no reason why she can't be back at work by Friday. She can use a cane to get around with for a few hours and then spend the rest of the time doing consults."

"Sounds good to me, I really need all my aces here, I'm beat and can't wait to crawl back to my office. Now I know I'm old when after eight hours in the ER I'm ready for fall on my face. I'll see you tomorrow morning bright and half asleep." He hung up the phone and punched a hand in the air, then felt stupid when everyone in the ER looked at him.

Pez hung up the phone stretched out her tired shoulders then went to see if Shay was done in the tub yet. She was feeling all the muscles she hadn't used in a while screaming at her. She stepped into the bathroom and saw a sound asleep Shay in the tub; she leaned against the door jam and took in the muscular build of the small doctor. She had seen her naked before but that was with the eyes of a doctor. This was completely different; these were the eyes of a woman who was fast losing her heart to the feisty Ice Princess. Moving quietly to the tub, she dropped down to her knees, lifted a corner of the washcloth and waited for a green eye to open.

"Tater you look like a little raisin."

"Feel like a wet noodle." Shay pulled herself up higher in the tub and gasped when the cold air hit her upper body. "Damn it's cold in here, what's the AC set on 20 below?"

"Nope, I turned that off hours ago. It's getting colder outside, let me help you out of there."

"I can get out; all I have to do is…"

"Roll over and fall face first into the floor, that would make me a real good roommate, letting you flop on the floor."

Shay wrapped her arms around Pez' neck and felt herself lifted out of the tub and carried to the bedroom. Pez set her on the bed and handed her a large towel to dry off with. "I'm going to take a quick shower; I'll be back in a few minutes." She left Shay sitting on the bed with a stunned look on her face when she pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it into a clothesbasket near the door. Shay never expected to see the play of muscles across the tall woman's back and shoulders. She knew now why Pez could carry her around as if she weighed nothing.


Pez washed the sweat from her hair and body, switched the showerhead to its massage setting and let the hot water pound on her shoulder's and back. She groaned when it hit a sensitive area between her shoulder blades and wished that it was possible to make the water pound harder. Her mind wandered to small hands that had worked the tenseness from her shoulders once before and felt the heat flame between her legs. "Don't go there Pez monster you'll only get yourself all hot and bothered." Her mind did what it wanted and soon she was thinking of what other things Shay's hands could do. Losing the battle, she pulled the showerhead off the hanger, turned the dial to a different setting and held it so that the stream of water hit her engorged clit. She rested her forehead against the shower wall and thrust her hips against the stream of water. Short minutes later, she was gasping from her climax and sinking to her knees. She let go of the showerhead, got smacked in the face and sprayed in her eye when it shot around the shower. "You're an idiot Pez." She turned the water off and got out of the tub on weak legs, she could still feel the small tremors traveling through her body and knew that she should have turned the water to ice cold to cool off before going to sleep beside Shay.


Shay had switched sides of the bed, simply because she felt closed in against the wall. She heard a weird banging noise come from the bathroom and then Pez talking to her self. When she heard footsteps coming towards the bedroom, she turned over and waited for Pez.

"I didn't wake you did I?"

"No I was worried you slipped and fell, what was all that noise?"

Pez felt her ears burn and was glad that the room was dark. "The shower head tried to give me a full body massage by beating me to death." She hoped Shay bought her excuse and didn't really know what she had been doing.

"You didn't hurt the showerhead did you?"

"Uhhmm nope, it's still in one piece." She crawled over the top of Shay and rolled to face the wall. "Night Tater tot."

"Night Ralston." Shay moved closer to Pez and rested her head on her pillow. She knew damn well what Pez had been doing with the showerhead and couldn't get the thought out of her mind. She could picture what Shay would look like in the throws of passion and was ready to go take an ice bath when Pez spoke to her.

"Get your mind out of the gutter Tater tot; I'll probably have a black eye tomorrow."

"It's not in the gutter, it's…" She busted out laughing and buried her face against the back of Pez' neck. "Sorry…no I'm not!" She laughed and felt Pez shudder against her in laughter.

"We ain't right you know that don't you?" Pez said as she rolled over to face a tear stained face. "Please don't tell my girls what happened, they'll never let me live it down."

"Could be worse, it could have been one of those electric muscle massagers you were using in the shower."

"Ohh Gods please just let me die right now." She covered her face and groaned.

"I won't tell them Ralston, honest." Shay pulled her head on her shoulder and ran her fingers through her damp hair. "Go to sleep Ralston." She continued to run her fingers across Pez' temple and through her hair until she heard the deep even breathes of sleep. Sleep came to Shay slowly, she kept thinking of how it felt to have Pez laying half on top of her and where her hand rested between her breasts.


Betty gave Pez a double take when she walked through the doors to the ER, she reached out and grabbed the front of her T-shirt and pulled her closer. "Take off your glasses Pez."

"Why, I always wear sunglasses."

"So I can get a better look at that shiner you have that's why." Pez pulled her sunglasses off and let Betty see the mouse above her eye. "Who hit you?"

"A mean and nasty showerhead, damn thing fell off and hit me."

"Next time don't let go of it until after you turn the water off." Pez stood there with her mouth hanging open and Betty chuckled as she went back to her desk. "Damn." She grumbled and headed to the lounge to get teased some more.

Roy looked at Pez then nudged her lover. "Hey Pez can I ask you something?"

"Uhh huh?"

"You and Shay sleep together right?" Pez swung around and gave them a stunned look.

"What kind of question is that?"

"Well if you two sleep together then why do you look like you got the Hell beat out of you by a showerhead?"

"Aahh man what is this ESP day or something?"

Griffin grinned and pointed to the phone on the wall. "Nope granny called us."

The day went by slowly with very little patients to the ER, the worst they had was a man who cut his finger on a piece of broken glass. Pez found a quiet place to vegetate until she was needed. Two hours before she was to go home, a critical patient was rushed in with a stomach wound from a drive by shooting. She came sprinting down the hallway just as the paramedics were rolling the gurney into a triage room. She pushed past them and took one look at the man lying on the gurney and felt her heart slam in her chest. She started yelling out orders and called for Roy to assist her. Ripping the uniform shit away from his body, she saw that the bullet had come from his back and exited out the front next to his navel.

"Get me an OR room, scans and hang two units of Opos. Let's get him up now!" She pulled the gurney backwards from the room and listened to the stats the paramedics were calling out. They rushed him into the elevator an into the open OR room, Pez ran to the scrub room, changed into a surgical gown, scrubbed up and waited for the nurse to help her with the over gown, mask and two pairs of surgical gloves. She dropped the face shield down and saw that Roy was already in the room and starting to prep for surgery.

"Hey Pez isn't this deputy Michaels?" She dropped a surgical sheet across his hips and another one to the side of the area that they would be repairing.

"Yeah, makes me wonder how an auxiliary Sheriff managed to get in a fire fight." She picked up a scalpel and checked the blade. "He doesn't carry a weapon, only a flashlight and radio." She made the first incision through the abdominal wall and called for suction. "Hey can someone call my house and let Shay know I'm gonna be late getting home?"

"All taken care of Pez, I just got off the phone with her before you came in." Roy winked at her from behind her face shield. "Do I get brownie points with her now?"

"Yep, she might even be nice to you when she comes back to work."

Four hours later, they were out of surgery and Michaels was stable and in the ICU. They had to repair his intestines, stomach and remove part of his liver. Drained and half asleep, Pez made her way to the back door of the hospital. Leaning against the door, she took a deep breath before opening it and heading to where she had parked. On her way, she noticed the boot on Shay's car. She bent down to examine it and knew that it was the same kind the DC police used.

"You're not as slick as you think Osborne; you're going down, no doubt about it."


Shay had waited up for Pez after Roy had called her; she knew that she would be exhausted and hungry after so many hours in surgery. The minute she walked in the door, Shay was at her side and helping her off with her shoes. "Come here and sit down, I made you something to eat." She ran a hand across her forehead and cheeks. "Are you OK?"

Pez took her hands in hers and nodded. "Yeah just exhausted, pissed and confused." She sunk down onto the couch and pulled Shay down beside her. "We operated on Deputy Michaels, someone shot him in the back, we had a lot of damage to fix where the bullet came out through his belly."

"Ohh shit how is he?"

"Stable and holding his own in the ICU." She let her head drop back to rest against the couch, she closed her eyes and felt Shay brush the hair from her forehead.

"Just stay there and I'll bring you supper." She came back a few minutes later with a plate loaded down with food. "Come on Ralston, I made roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and carrots." Pez took the plate and leaned forward.

"Did you eat yet?"

"Nope, I was waiting for you. I'll be right back."

After they ate, Pez cleaned up the kitchen, took a shower and dropped into bed face first next to Shay with a loud groan.

"Just stay the way you are." Shay moved so that her left leg was out in front of her while she straddled Pez' hips; she pushed her shirt up to her neck and grabbed the hot oil from where she had it on the nightstand.

"What are you doing Tater?"

"I'm going to get rid of all the knots in your shoulders; just don't move or I'll fall on my head." She poured the oil in her hands and then started to work the knots out of Pez' shoulders, the moans that rumbled from Pez were starting to cause some problems for her. She ran her hands down her wide back to where it tapered to her trim hips. Using her thumbs, she pressed outward on the thick muscles on either side of her spine until she was back up to Pez' neck. She leaned forward and heard a soft snore. Brushing back the long dark hair from her neck, she placed a soft kiss there before moving onto her side. "Why couldn't I have met you first?" She kissed Pez on her cheek then rested her head on her folded arm and let sleep claim her.


The days went by with them sharing responsibilities and growing closer, at night when Pez came home from work, Shay had supper made for them. Pez always cleaned up the kitchen and then they sat down to watch TV or a movie Pez had rented. It was Thursday night and Shay decided that it was time to remove the sutures from her knee. She dropped down onto the couch and handed Pez a pair of surgical scissors and forceps. "I would do it myself but the site of my own blood makes me sick." Pez gave her a raised eyebrow.

"The site of blood, what blood?"

"The blood that would come from my broken nose, which I would get falling off the couch. I have a very low pain threshold and I pass out with a pin prick."

"This won't hurt Tater; if it does you can bite me." She got onto the floor, placed Shay's foot on the coffee table and handed her the forceps. "I'll cut the sutures first and then take them out. Just take a deep breath and relax." She ran her hand under Shay's calf and up to the back of her knee, the entire time she was snipping the sutures, she kept caressing the soft skin of Shay's leg. When she was finished, she looked up into aquamarine eyes. "I'm going to take them out now OK?" She took the forceps from a limp hand and took out all of the sutures without even a flinch from Shay. "All done Shay…Ohh Tater tot you in there?" She waved a hand in front of her eyes.

"I didn't feel a thing." She looked down to the fine red line in her knee and smiled at Pez. "Not in My knee but I felt it every where else." "Want some ice cream?" "I could use a couple gallons to sit in!"

"I'll get it just stay right there." Pez got up and before she could get to the kitchen, the phone rang. She picked it up and groaned when she heard the voice on the other end. "Yes sir this is she." She leaned against the wall and watched as Shay turned around and watched her. "Yes sir I'll be there immediately." She hung up the phone and sunk to the floor. "Sons of a Bitch, worse God damn timing in the world."

"Ralston what's wrong?"

"That was my boss from the other hospital I work at; I have to drive into DC tonight for an important meeting."

"Ralston its six o'clock, why did they wait so long to call?"

"Easy, they're men with no lives so they think that every one else is like them." She got up from the floor and headed to their bedroom. She opened the closet and pulled out a black plastic suit bag and another smaller leather gym bag before going back into the living room. When she got back into the room, Shay was gone.

"Tater where'd you go?"

"I'm right here; I packed you some food for the ride. And I threw some hard candy in there for you."

Pez took the bag from her hand and pulled her into her arms. "You worry too much, I'll be OK, and it's only an hour and a half drive to DC. She kissed her forehead and leaned back. "Would you tell Besom where I am?"

"I know that but this way I won't worry about you being in a ditch somewhere." She leaned against Pez and hugged her tightly. "I'll tell Besom, when will you be back?"

"Tomorrow sometime, call Roy and Griffin and have them come pick you up. But don't go out to the parking lot and stay away from your car."

"Why what's wrong with my car?"

"Nothing besides that Osborne put one of those boots on it. It feels like a trap to me." She placed a soft kiss on Shay's lips, picked up her bags and went out the door. Shay followed and watched her put the stuff in the back before getting behind the wheel.

"Be careful Ralston!" She yelled down to her and waved.


Shay hobbled into the ER beside Roy and Griffin, she felt lost without Pez. She had spent a restless night in the large bed and felt like she hadn't slept a minute.

Griffin placed a hand on Shay's shoulder and slowed their pace. "Hey Shay, Pez didn't say what the big emergency was did she?"

"Nope just that her other boss needed her for some kind of important meeting. She said she'd be back today sometime and to let Besom know."

"I hate when she disappears like this, drives me insane with worry."

"That's our Pez, when she's not here driving us insane, she's somewhere else and still driving us insane." Roy shrugged her shoulders and waited for the two women to precede her into the locker room.

Shay planted her hands on her hips and took a stubborn stance in the center of the room. "She does this all the time then, just disappears?"

"Last time she was gone for eight months, then pops up outta no where looking like some kinda thug."

"Griffin smacked her lover in the stomach. "Remember that was for 9/11."

"Either way Ralston is going to tell me what in the Hell she does when she disappears." She went to her locker and pulled out her lab coat and stethoscope. "Just wait until she gets home tonight!" She hobbled out of the locker room and missed Griffin and Roy falling onto the floor.

"Oohh I wonder if Pez knows she's been netted?" Griffin said in between her laughter.

"If she does, she doesn't seem to mind."

"What in the Hell are you two doing down there?" Betty stepped into the room and tried to kick Roy in her ass. "The playroom is on the second floor, go there or get your asses out in the ER. They just called in; we've got a multiple car accident coming in. Two head on collisions, closed head trauma on one, chest problems on the other."

"So much for rolling around on the floor." Griffin said as she got to her feet.


Pez got up from the chair in front of the Commandants desk, straightened her jacket and saluted him.

"Thank you sir, I appreciate what you've done for me."

"Come on Ralston, how many years have you been my personal doctor. Twelve years or so and you still call me sir. You should have been promoted years ago but those assholes kept playing their damn games. Now you can retire with the rank you deserve." The Commandant of the Marine Corps stood up and saluted her. "Good luck Admiral Halliway and I'm very glad that you're going active reserves. There's no way in this green machine that I'd want to break in another doc." He held out his hand to her and gave her a huge smile. "You're the only squid I've ever liked."

"Thank you sir, I'd say the same about Marines but to be truthful, I don't like squids either." She popped off a salute, about faced and left his office. She ran out to her Humvee, pulled out of the Pentagon parking lot and headed home. Looking down at the new stripes on the cuff of her dress white jacket brought a huge smile to her face. She was finally free of her military life and could now work full time at the hospital without being called away for anything. Moreover, have a normal life, hopefully with Shay in it. She knew there was an attraction between them, she would soon find out how much of one or get her ass kicked.


The ER was finally clear of all patients, the last one being a simple nosebleed was sent on their way. Now the three doctors and Betty stood leaning over the desk praying that no one else would walk through the doors. Betty looked up, squinted and pointed to the sidewalk leading to the ER doors.

"Are we being invaded or something?"

"Gods I hope not, that's all we need around here." Roy backed up against the wall and pulled Griffin with her. "If that sailor is here for me, I'm running and you're gonna knock her down so I can get away."

"Gee thanks Roy, I love you to."

Shay walked around the desk and stood in front of it. "Uhhmm guys that walk looks kinda familiar don't you think?" She stepped closer and her jaw dropped open. "If I'm not mistaken that's a high ranking officer coming in here! Look at all the gold on that uniform!"


Pez could see her gang gawking at her as she walked towards the door, she knew they had no idea it was her. She had her hair pulled back into a bun and wore the regulation naval sunglasses that the brim of her cover dipped over to hide. Only Besom knew she was in the Navy so this would be a huge surprise to them. She hit the red button on the wall and waited for the doors to swing open. The click of heels hitting the floor sounded like gunshots in the quiet room. She stopped right in front of Shay, pulled a red rose from inside her jacket and handed it to her.

"Miss me Tater tot?" She pulled her glasses off and looked into shocked green eyes.

"Ohh do you have some explaining to do Ralston." She ran a fingertip across the rose and smiled up into pale blue cat eyes. "Can I wear your cover?"

Pez pulled her cover off and placed it on Shay's head, leaned down and gave her a lingering kiss that had Shay falling into her. When she pulled back, she noticed the dropped jaws of her friends. "Hey guys, been busy today?" She took a still stunned Shay by her hand and led her down the hallway to the elevator. When the doors closed behind them, Pez captured her lips and teased them with the tip of her tongue; she broke away when the doors opened on the floor where Besoms office was located. "Come on Tater tot I have to give Besom my paperwork.

Besom's mouth dropped open when they walked into his office; he stood up and popped off a salute to Pez. "Damn Pez you never told me you were a Rear Admiral!"

"That's because you never asked and I just got promoted last night. Here are my papers; I am now a free person again, unless the Commandant needs a special favor before he retires."

He looked to Shay who was just standing there starring at Pez. "What's wrong with Doc Shay?"

"I think she's in shock, you know if I had known my uniform did this to her I would have wore it in here the first day."

"I am not in shock; I'm just trying to figure out if I'm Debra Winger."

"Well Doc Shay here's some more news for you to try and take in, Pez is your boss. She's the Chief of Surgery." He dropped into his chair, grinned from ear to ear when Shay narrowed her eyes and smacked Pez in her shoulder.

"Ohh are we going to have a long talk tonight! Do you hear me Admiral Ralston Dane Halliway?"

"Ohh Pez she knows your full name, that can only mean one thing in my book. You are in serious trouble! Go on you two get out of here." He waved them out and got on the phone to the ER to let the others know that Pez was back as Chief of Surgery.


"I can't believe you're my boss!" She pushed Pez against the back of the elevator and hit the button to stop it between floors. "Besom's right you're in trouble." She pulled Pez down and captured her lips, slipping her tongue between her lips brought a deep moan from Pez. Their tongues caressed and explored until the alarm on the elevator went off. When they parted, there was no denying how they felt about each other.

"Let's go home and you can make me walk the plank."

The doors opened to reveal a bunch of gawking hospital employees, Pez wrapped an arm around Shay's shoulder and walked right past everyone and out the front doors of the ER.

"Unbelievable, just un-fucking believable." Betty mumbled and got strange looks from the others. "What? I'm 62 years old I can say that word. Now get back to work!"


Pez pulled into the spot behind the garage and looked over at Shay, the entire way home; she had sat there and starred at her.

"Tater we're home, you gonna get out?"

"Depends on whether or not you're gonna act like your on shore leave."

Pez gave her a bright smile and got out of the Humvee. "Ohh yeah, I'm on permanent shore leave." She got out, went around to the passenger door and helped Shay out. "I've got 20 years of shore leave to make up for." Pez opened the door and held it open for Shay, when she closed the door, she found Shay standing right in front of her. Shay's small fingers ran across the ribbon bar and then across the shoulder boards of her Dress whites.

"Is the Navy the reason you were disappearing all the time?"

"I was given pretty much as much freedom as I wanted." She ran her fingers through Shay's short hair. "I was the Commandant of the Marine Corps personal physician for the past twelve years; I also took care of all the personnel in the Pentagon." Shay ran her hands down the front of the jacket and back up to pull Pez' hair from its bun, she ran fingers through the long strands of hair.

"Richard Gere didn't do a thing for me in his whites," She pulled Pez down to within a breaths distance. "You're completely different." She slowly explored Pez mouth and set a fire burning in both of their bodies. With deft fingers, she unfastened the many buttons and latches on Pez' uniform jacket and then slipped it off her shoulders to land on the floor. Shay broke the kiss and looked into mere slits of blue eyes. "You don't have a girl in every port do you Popeye?"

"Nope, one port, one girl." She took Shay's hand and led her to their bedroom; she kicked off her shoes and turned to face the smaller woman. Pulling her closer to her, she wrapped her arms around her waist and brought their foreheads together. "I'm in love with you Dr. Gerard. I know I'm no great catch, I can't cook, I'm not real good with domestic stuff but I give you my word I will never hurt you in any way, shape or form."

Tears came to Shay's eyes when she saw such honesty and love in pale blue cat eyes. She ran her fingertips across moist pink lips and spoke in a soft voice. "First, I fell in love with an insane, maddening resident, a friend, then a Naval Officer and now my boss. I don't care that you're not domesticated, it's whats in your heart that matters to me." She brought their lips together in a tender kiss that developed into much more. Pez untied the front of Shay's scrubs and let them slip down her hips to puddle around small feet. Seconds later, she felt her skirt fall around her ankles and fingers work on the buttons of her white shirt. When her upper body was bare, she was moved backwards until she was lying on her back across the bed. Shay slowly removed her panty hose down her muscular thighs. The feel of warm fingers lightly touching her skin sent shivers through her body. The entire time Shay was undressing her, their eyes were locked together speaking thoughts they had no words for. Gripping the bed covers in her hands, Pez arched her back when warm moist lips kissed their way up the inside of her thigh, across her hip to stop below her right breast. Warm fingertips joined in to float across her damp skin, barely grazing the fine hairs on her stomach, then across to cup her breasts for hungry lips to lick and suck. Shay stopped to trace a scar that crossed over Pez' shoulder to disappear at her back, placing a soft kiss there, she looked into pale eyes.

"Shrapnel from an F-16 that crashed on the aircraft carrier deck." Small white spots peppered her upper chest and ribcage; she kissed each one after tracing them with a fingertip.

"You're beautiful Ralston." She kissed her lips softly and nibbled on her bottom lip. "Even for a crusty old seadog." Deepening the kiss, she pulled her body up to lay on top of Pez and work her way so that her hips were lying between parted thighs. She braced herself up on her palms and kissed her way down to the side of Pez neck, licking up to her ear; she pulled a diamond-studded ear lobe between her lips and sucked. She bent her legs at the knees, gripped Shay's hips and pulled her closer to her so she could push upward against her. A deep moan purred at the back of her throat when she felt her lover's wetness mix with her own. The short curls brushing against her bare nether lips sent tingles right to her toes, the warmth of a tongue in her ear made her back arch and her breath catch in her chest. She trailed a hand down across her lover's rear and moaned when her fingers found the wetness coating the insides of her thighs. She yelped when sharp teeth bit the top of her ear.

Shay whispered into a red ear. "Hands off Seadog, you'll get your chance in a few hours."

"Hours…you're teasing…right?" She thrust her hips upward when her lovers moved slowly against her.

"I'm not teasing yet." Shay licked and nipped her way down to hardened nipples and circled them with the tip of her tongue before pulling each one between her lips to suckle. She knew it was driving her lover insane, she didn't care, she wanted to take her time and show Pez how much she loved her. No matter that, her center was clenching and screaming at her. Releasing a nipple after dragging her teeth across it, she rose up and watched pale blue darken when she rolled her hips against her swollen clit. She knew that Pez was close, she could feel her pulse race in her in her apex and her heart was slamming in her chest. Still moving against her, she leaned down for a deep breath-stealing kiss that left them both gasping. "I can feel how wet you are." She licked at her lover's lips then nipped her chin. "I love you Ralston." She slid down her body and stopped to tease her navel with her tongue. Slow swirling motions of her tongue took her down to a thin stripe of dark curls. She kissed her way down until she could see glistening nether lips and an engorged clit throbbing with each heartbeat. Kissing each lip, she heard Pez give out a low moan and raise her hips. Using the fingers of one hand, she spread her lover's folds apart and slowly licked the flowing juices.

Pez tangled the fingers of one hand in short damp hair while the other tried to shred the bed covers. She planted her heels in the mattress and raised her hips upwards trying to get more contact with Shay's tongue. Every muscle in her body was taught like a bowstring and straining, her breathing became short and labored. She arched her back when her lover's tongue entered her and slipped in and out with the same rhythm as the thumb rubbing her clit. The onset of her climax was close; she could feel it in her stomach making its way downward.

"Shay…so close!" She gasped out and thrust her hips.

"Nooo, not yet." Shay stopped what she was doing and made small relaxing circles on her lover's lower stomach, she grinned when fiery blue eyes pinned her.

"I'll do it…myself." She growled. She was shocked when Shay took her hand and placed her fingertips against her clit.

"Touch yourself Pez."

Pez stroked her engorged clit, thrust her hips upward and let out a deep moan when she felt two fingers enter her. Her lover thrust inside of her and then added her tongue to lick both her fingers and her clit at the same time. When her nipple was rolled between fingers, it was more than she could handle. Her back arched, head rolled back and every muscle in her body tightened when an explosive orgasm ripped through her body. She screamed out Shay's name and jerked with each tremor that hit her body. Gasping when her body settled down, she heard Shay moaning and her tongue making long strokes against her. The softly spoken word of "More" and a rumbling growl against her pushed her back over. Her center went into spasms and covered Shay in her juices. Completely drained, her body dropped down onto the bed. She lay gasping for breath and riding out the last of the pulses. "Shay…please…stop."

Shay crawled up her lover's body and stopped to where she was hovering over the top of her. Kissing her softly she then gazed down into tear filled blue eyes and smiled. "Love you."

"You're trying to kill me aren't you?" Pez sat up and pulled her lover tightly against her sweat-dampened skin. Burying her face against her neck, she took deep calming breaths and then sucked on the damp skin before her. She ran her hands down a slick ribcage and massaged her lover's rear with strong fingers. Moving her lips downward, she found a nipple, pulled it between her lips, and nursed slowly. Rolling her tongue around it, she felt Shay tangle her fingers in her hair and pull her closer. Low moans vibrated in her lover's chest and the slow rolling of her hips and the rippling of her stomach muscles against her told her how close she was. Slipping a hand around and between them, she spread her lover's folds apart and entered her with two fingers. Moving them so that they curled back towards her, she stroked the ridged area a few times and felt Shay's center clasp around her fingers. Shay threw her head back, held onto strong shoulders and thrust against her hand. Sucking at her exposed neck, she thrust her fingers upward and hit the spot that sent her lover over with a scream. Shay continued to thrust against her with each ripple that went through her body and then screamed again, when her teeth grazed a hard nipple.

"Love you Tater." Was whispered against her ear and then Pez laid them back on the bed; she rolled them to their sides and put Shay's head on her shoulder. They lay wrapped in each other's arms, legs tangled and their hearts beating to the same rhythm. Shay kissed the warm flesh in front of her and ran her fingertips across a thin scar on her lover's bicep. "I love you Admiral Halliway, I never thought I'd end up with a sailor."

"I never thought I'd end up with a little Tater tot." She kissed her lover's forehead and held her tightly as they drifted off to sleep.


A spotlight ran the length of the Humvee and then clicked off, the sound of a heavy door opening and then the soft click of the lock as it was closed. Osborne walked around the Humvee, looked inside and saw hospital scrubs lying on the floor in the back. She tried the doors and found them unlocked. She scooped up the scrubs and other hospital paraphernalia in her arms and headed back to her cruiser.

"You're making it to easy to get in the hospital Shay." She pulled out and headed to the motel room where she had been staying.


The ER was over run with people suffering from food poisoning, they had all eaten at the all you can eat buffet at Kentucky Fried Chicken, and were showing their displeasure all over the place. The nurses, residents and janitorial were all trying to keep ahead of the upchuckers but were failing miserably. Shay walked into the waiting area, turned right back around and ran into a warm solid wall smelling of Obsession. She ran her hands upward and cupped her lover's firm breasts. "Can we send them all outside to puke in the shrubs?"

"Ohh how I wish Tater." Pez dipped her head and kissed her lover softly. "How about if we just go person to person and pass out the meds, then throw them out the door?"

"All right you two the patients don't need an x-rated show, Pez get a mop and bucket." Betty pulled them apart and dragged Shay with her. "Come on Tater tot, I have a special duty for you."

"This ain't fair granny, I'm a surgeon!"

"That makes you the perfect person for this job."

Shay jogged alongside Betty and whined. "But my legs hurt and I'm suffering from lack of sleep."

"That'll teach you and the Pez monster to stay up all night ringing each others bell."

Shay's face and ears caught fire. "Granny I can't believe you said that, we just talked all night."

Betty pulled her into the supply room and pointed to stacks of bedpans. "Maybe before and after but not in the middle, you two have more bite marks and hickeys than someone mauled by a pack of pit bulls. Help me take these out to the waiting room before they flood the damn place."

Pez, Griffin and Roy each had mops in their hands and were trying to get the floor cleaned. Griffin kept glancing sideways trying to get a look at Pez' shoulder where her scrub shirt didn't cover.

"I'll poke your eyes out Grif."

"You can't tell me the showerhead has teeth and bit you last night."

"It doesn't but Shay does." She lifted her head and grinned at her friends. "Here hold this." She handed Griffin her mop, grabbed the bottom of her scrub shirt and flashed her.

Griffin dropped the mop handles and covered her eyes. "Christ Pez, that's something I didn't need to see right now."

Roy tapped Pez on her shoulder. "Can I ask Shay to flash me? I wanna see what a naval assault leaves behind."

"A foot in your ass Roy, that's what." Shay kicked her and started handing out bedpans to the upchuckers. None of them saw Osborne standing amongst the new residents in her hospital scrubs and lab coat. Her face was a deep red with white stress lines at the corners of her mouth. Inside the pocket of the lab coat, she played with the steel roll in her hand. "Soon Shay, very soon." She waited until Shay went down the hallway and then followed.

Pushing the door open to the supply room, Shay changed her mind and head into one of the triage rooms for a rolling cart that they used for bandages and suture kits. Clearing it off, she started placing meds on it that she would give to the patients in the waiting area. There were just too many of them to bring them into the triage areas and this would be easier.

"Don't bother Shay; you won't be going back out there." Osborne stepped into the room and blocked the door with her body.

Shay turned at the sound of her ex's voice, her eyes narrowed and a deep growl came from her. "You are not allowed in here or near me so you had better get the Hell out of here before I call security!"

"Like you'll get the chance to do that! I saw you with that freak last night, I told you about cheating on me!" She rushed Shay and ducked when a tray of operating tools flew at her. "Fucking bitch got some bite to you now." She snarled and tried once again to get a hold of Shay.

"Fuck you Osborne!" Shay yelled and swung the metal tray in her hand and caught Osborne in her upper arm. When Osborne fell into the wall, Shay went over the gurney and ran out of the room and down the hall towards the waiting room. From out of nowhere, Pez came sprinting towards her and slowed when she saw her.

"Where is she?" Shay pointed back down the hallway. "Go call security and stay with my girls." Pez took off down the hallway and saw Osborne coming out of one of the triage rooms at a run, she dropped her shoulder and picked Osborne up and rammed her into the wall. Fists rained down on a wide back but the enraged doctor didn't feel them; she stepped back and let her fall to the floor. "Come on bitch I'm more your size!" Pez taunted her by crossing her arms over her chest and starring her down. "What's the matter, am I too big for you? Fine I'll get on my knees." She dropped to her knees and prepared for Osborne's attack. When the woman came at her, she rolled to her back, brought her feet up and caught Osborne in her chest. She launched the woman over her and heard all the air forced out of her lungs when she hit the floor. Pez sprung to her feet, grabbed Osborne by the front of her scrub shirt and yanked her to her feet. "You're a pussy Osborne." She dragged the gasping woman down the hallway and saw her lover, friends and a Sheriff coming towards them. "Get this piece of shit out of here!" She flung Osborne to the Sheriff and held out her arms to Shay.

"Hold on Deputy, I have something to say to that asshole." Shay walked up to Osborne and jabbed her in the chest. "I pray that you get the shit kicked out of you in prison, but I will give you a parting present." She pulled back and put every once of power she had behind her and let loose with a jab to Osborne's jaw. The crunching noise, the cry of pain and then the thud of the Trooper hitting the floor had jaws dropping all over the place. With the exception of Roy who was rubbing her own jaw, she knew all too well, how hard Shay could hit. "Get that pile of shit outta here." She shook her hand and walked into her lover's open arms. "Ralston I think I broke my hand." She leaned into the solid body and felt safe, protected and loved.

"Come on Tater tot lets go x-ray your hand, remind me to never piss you off." She kissed the top of her blonde head and chuckled at her girls and Betty dumping bed pains on Osborne as the Deputy dragged her unconscious body through the waiting room. "Eeeeww I know I wouldn't want to be in that cruiser." She turned so that Shay could see what was going on.

"Maybe he'll just throw her in the trunk and take her in that way." She placed her sore hand on Pez' chest and whimpered. "Have I told you today how much I love you?"

"Yeah but you can show me in one of the rooms while I'm fixing your hand."


Shay flipped the pancakes on the griddle and tried to turn the sausages in the frying pan. Cussing at the brace on her hand, she was about to pull it off when large fingers took the tongs from her fingers. "Let me do that Tater, you take care of the flapjacks." She lifted her dress white cover from where it almost covered Shay's eyes and planted a kiss on her lips. "I like the way you're dressed this morning." She wiggled her brows and took in her lover's naked body.

"I figured I'd make it a formal breakfast. I see your doing formal too, nice skivvies ya got there Popeye." She slipped her fingers through the opening in the front of the white military boxers and brushed her lover's curls. "If we didn't need to get food in you and go to work, I'd drag you right back to bed." She went up on her tiptoes and slowly worked her way from lips to the area between Pez' breasts.

"Uhmm Tater something else is on fire besides me." She grabbed the griddle and put it on another burner. "The Hell with breakfast, I'll survive." She picked Shay up, carried her to the bedroom and then turned back around to head back to the kitchen. "All burners off except mine." She captured Shay's lips and explored her mouth while walking back to their bedroom. A deep guttural noise came from her chest when the doorbell rang. "I will kill something, why us? I mean noo one ever comes here!" She went to the door and looked through the top windowpane. "Now what did I do?" She put Shay down, stepped in front of her and opened the front door.

"Deputy Michaels so nice to see you're out of the hospital."

Deputy Michaels eyes traveled down from her spooky eyes and froze on her chest, his face went bright red and he spun around coughing. "Doc Pez I just came by to see you…to check you and Doc Shay…ahhh." He stood there running his hands through his hair at a loss for words. Shay handed Pez her dress white jacket and ran to the bedroom to get dressed.

"Deputy Michaels, are you OK, sorry for flashing you." He peeked over his shoulder and saw that she was partway dressed.

"It's OK; I just came by to thank you for taking care of me after I was shot. I just need you and Doc Shay to come down to the State Trooper station and fill out some paperwork and write statements."

She was confused with why they needed to write more statements. "I thought we had all that taken care of."

"This is a formality, even though Osborne was hauled away after assaulting you and Doc Shay. Internal Affairs needs to close things out so that they can file charges and make sure that Osborne pays for what she did."

"When do you need us down there?"

"Today around noon would be good, it should only take a few minutes to get everything done." He held out his hand to her. "Thank you for everything, I'll see you later." He walked down the steps and out to his cruiser.

"What do we have to do?" Shay asked from the doorway to their bedroom.

"Paperwork for Internal Affairs and statements." She shed her jacket, dropped it to the floor and stalked towards her lover. "We have exactly one hour before we have to leave, what do you want to do?"

"Lets see…we could play submarine and I can play with your periscope."


They snuck through the back door of the ER and went off in different directions hoping that no one noticed that they were 20 minutes late for their shift. Pez took the stairs up to her office and snuck past Besoms door. Hearing him calling her, she sprinted down the hall and side around the door jam to her office. When he stepped into her office, she was buried behind piles of folders.

"And where have you been for the last 20 minutes?"

"Uhhmm lets see…first Deputy Michaels came by and interrupted our breakfast and then…"

"You had trouble finding the front door because you were trying to get your scrub shirt on without getting it on backwards. Pez, it didn't work. I have a good excuse for my messy dressing; I live out of a clothesbasket. What's yours?"

"Tater tot. Before I forget, at noon we have to be at the State Trooper barracks to do paperwork and write statements about what happened yesterday."

"I'll call in one of the other doctors to cover you two. Now for more pressing matters that concern Doc Shay. I don't know what you did besides taking care of Osborne…"

"Doc B isn't it obvious; I mean everyone in this hospital knows what's going on between me and Shay."

He gave her a big grin and nodded his head. "I know I just wanted to hear it from your mouth."

"I have a favor to ask." She pulled a paper from her pocket and handed it to him along with a wad of bills. "Can you get together with Betty and take care of this?"

He looked at the paper, winked at her and walked out of her office.


Shay and Pez made their rounds, each checking on different patients on different floors. Pez was on the pediatrics floor when Shay came looking for her, she stood in the doorway and watched her lover. She was sitting in the middle of the floor with a dozen children of all ages gathered around her as she read from a children's book. What warmed Shay's heart was the toddler sitting on Pez' lap with her head resting against her lover's chest. Pez was twisting soft curls around her index finger as the toddler flipped the pages in the book for her. She quietly walked into the room, held a finger to her lips, sat down on the floor behind her lover and listened to her read. She held a finger to her lips again when the toddler looked around Pez' side and eyed her. Her game was up when the toddler slipped off Pez' lapped yelled mommy, stumbled over and plopped down in her lap.

"She's right, you could be her mommy." Pez said as she handed the book to one of the older children.

"Maybe except for the blue eyes. You know I never pictured you playing with kids." She brushed the toddler's hair back behind her small ears and kissed the crown of silky hair.

"Well, they just kinda attach themselves to me." She shrugged her shoulders, pulled out her Pez dispenser and let the toddler take a candy. "I think it's because they know I have my pockets filled with candy."

"I think it's because you're a big kid." She helped the toddler up and watched her waddle over to the other children. "Ralston do you want kids?"

"I never thought about it, with being an officer in the navy and not able to live the way I wanted I just pushed it to the back of my mind." She moved so that she and Shay were touching knees. "Do you want kids?" She took Shay's hands in hers and placed kisses on her knuckles.

"I thought about it years ago and then that thought ran right from my head do to the problems I was having." She squeezed Pez' hands and gave her a small smile. "That's changed now; maybe someday I'd like to have kids."

"I'm so glad to hear that." She leaned in and gave Shay a kiss. "I think you got me pregnant this morning." Shay smacked her in the stomach, pushed her over on her back and yelled for the kids to attack. They rolled on the floor with the kids until it was time for them to leave for the Troopers barracks. Walking with their arms wrapped around each other, they took in the quiet of the ER and felt better that they weren't leaving everyone in a mess.


A State Trooper led them to a back office where they were met by Trooper Michaels and two other men. Michaels was dressed in a dark blue suit and red tie and had a badge hanging from his pocket. He reached out and shook both women's hands and pointed to two chairs sitting on their side of the table.

"Have a seat and we'll get this started, first off, if you haven't noticed. I'm not an auxiliary deputy Sheriff, I'm the senior Internal Affairs officer on this case."

"Wait a minute here," Shay said as she stood up from her chair and started pacing. "If you're IAD why did you pretend to be a deputy, wouldn't it have been easier to stay within the ranks of your own?"

"Nope, that's what the problem was to begin with." He sat down and pointed to the two other men. "This is the District Attorney Tantebaum and my Superior Capt. Rogers. Now the problem we had getting Osborne was the blue wall of silence, it's all well and good like I said before but what Osborne was doing both in her personal life and on the job should not have been covered up. So me pretending to be an auxiliary deputy gave me the freedom to be around and not cause suspicion. Auxiliary deputy's or cops can't arrest and really have no authority to do anything but crowd control and delivering court ordered papers. I was nothing more than a civilian playing cop."

Pez took Shay's hand and pulled her back to her chair. "So being a nobody so to speak, it gave you a lot of freedom."

"More than you believe." He leaned back in his chair and looked at the two women. "I'll let the DA and my Boss fill you in on the rest."

Capt. Rogers gave the women a small smile and slid papers in front of them. "These are the reports taken from when you were shot Dr. Halliway and when Dr. Gerard was assaulted. What Osborne didn't know was that the parking lot at Macdonald's has a security camera that scans the area every 60 seconds. She was caught on film shooting you, we had stills blown up of her and the unmarked car she was driving. And for you Dr. Gerard, we have all the files from the hospital, statements from your neighbors and landlord. We also have statements from Dr. Roy and Griffin DeAngelo and a nurse that was attacked in the ER." He looked over to Michaels and nodded. "I know you two are probably wondering how Lt. Michaels got shot. He answered a domestic disturbance call that took him to an apartment building. It was a fake call and when he got out of his cruiser and walked around the front of the dashboard camera. Osborne pointed her sidearm out of a parked car shot him."

Pez shook her head, she had no idea that all this had been going on. "So she's been under surveillance all this time?"

Captain Rogers shook his head. "Only since you and Dr. Besom reported it to the Police Commissioner. He contacted me and I sent Michaels in undercover. All the other things she did while on duty can't be held up in a court of law…"

DA Tantebaum jumped in with his information. "But what we have right here is enough to put her away for a few life times."

"Good I hope that bitch rots in jail." Shay leaned against her lover. "Do you need us for court or anything, I'll testify if you need me to."

"What we have here is enough, you know what they say about pictures being worth a thousand words. All we need is for your signatures on the reports and to write out statements."

Lt. Michaels walked them out to the parking lot, he didn't know what to same to them. He hated having to lie to them about who he was but it was the only way to get Osborne. "I'm really sorry about the masquerade and all, I just wish that I had been able to do something sooner."

Shay gave the man a hug and smiled. "You did just fine, in fact I'm glad it took this long. If it hadn't, I wouldn't have meet Admiral Halliway here." She watched her lover's face turn pink. "Thank you for all you've done." She shook his hand and gave him a kiss on his cheek that turned his face a deep red.

Pez shook his hand and gave him a bright smile, looking over the top of her sunglasses she winked at him. "Don't be a stranger Lt. Michaels, you know where we live and work."

"You know Pez, as often as I've seen your eyes, it's still freaky." He chuckled at her wiggling eyebrows, waved to them and went back inside the barracks.


Back at the hospital, Shay, Griffin, Roy and Betty were in the doctors lounge when Besom came in and told them that they had an emergency coming in and they were to meet the ambulance out near the helo-pad. They thought it strange that all of them would be needed but went after he gave them a deep growl and pointed to the door. Murmuring amongst each other about what the big emergency could be, Shay stopped when she saw her lover standing in front of a large group of little kids. Nurses and day care workers held the smaller ones in their arms and flanked her on each side.

"What is she doing?" She whispered to Betty.

"No telling with her, she's the damn piped piper at the day care center. Feeds them kids more candy than the Easter Bunny."

When the small group came with in a few feet of the larger group, Pez stepped forward and dropped to one knee before her lover. Her eyes were a brilliant shade of blue and showed so many emotions behind them.

"I needed as many witnesses as I could get, because no one will believe what I'm about to do." She pulled a half carat diamond ring from her pocket and held it up for Shay to see. "I'm not real good with words, most of the time I don't even know what I'm saying. But I do know this," she took Shay's hands in hers and held them gently. "I love you Shay Gerard and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" Tears flowed down Shay's cheeks, she never expected this from her lover. At least not on the helo-pad and with so many people around them. She gave her large hands a soft tug and pulled her to her feet.

"Ralston, you are my friend, confidant, lover, protector and so many other things. Most of all, you're the only woman that I want to spend eternity with. And since you pulled a fast one on me and didn't give me the chance to ask you, then yes I'll marry you." She held out her hand, let Pez slip the ring on her finger and then she pulled her down for a steamy kiss that had everyone around them starring up at the cloud formations. Betty finally put an end to it by kicking Pez in her ass.

"Get a room for Gods sakes, now where's the food?" The crowd broke up to show tables full of every kind of food imaginable. Pez and Shay stood wrapped in each other's arms for long moments until Roy and Griffin gave them a group hug.

Roy kissed her friends cheek and then kissed Shay's. "About damn time someone tied Pez down."

"Looks who's talking Roy." Pez pulled her into her side. "I remember saying the same thing to you a long time ago."

"It's those bossy little blondes that get us every time."

"And don't you forget it either Royal DeAngelo." Griffin hugged and kissed her friends then dragged Roy towards the food.

"I didn't know they were married." Shay whispered to Pez.

"Have been for years, we just keep it between certain people."

Misty green eyes held blue cat like orbs. "What about us?"

"I'm gonna have F-16's flying around with banners behind them, the navy can't do a damn thing to me now and I want every body to know how lucky I am." She lifted Shay up and kissed her until they were gasping for air.

"We better stop before we end up finding a storage closet somewhere and you need to eat before you fall down." After a quick kiss, Shay slid down her lover's body and held her close. "I love you with all my heart Admiral Halliway."

"I love you to Dr. Gerard and I'll show you how much tonight when we get home."


Besom came up to them a while later and offered his congratulations and a threat of great bodily harm if they didn't take a week for their honeymoon. "We can get by without you two for a week, so you two better not show up here tomorrow morning you got me?"

Pez gripped his shoulder and grinned. "You don't have to tell us twice and thanks for all your help setting this up."

"No problem, I knew there was no way you would have had time to get this together or been able to do it without Shay finding out. Now go enjoy yourselves and play with the kids, they miss the candy dispenser."

Pez pulled Shay against her and gave her a soft kiss. "See it IS the candy I have in my pockets."


Two days later Shay was standing on the beach watching the waves roll into shore, the sound of the waves calmed her and brought a peace she had never felt before. But her stomach was still doing flips, Pez had told her that she had a surprise for her and to wait on the beach until she was ready. She gave her lover two minutes before she went stomping into the small bungalow to find out what she was doing. She turned and headed back to the bungalow and stopped in her tracks when she saw Pez standing at the top of the small hill watching her. She brought a hand up to cover her beating heart and held her breath at the sight. Pez was dressed in her dress whites including her sword, the setting sunlight gleamed off her gold buttons and sword hit and sent sparkles to the sand around her. Pez walked slowly towards her and stopped a foot away, she took Shay's hand in her white gloved one and pulled her closer.

"I wanted this to be a special night for us, so I thought I'd go formal." She held out a red rose and offered it to Shay. "Since we can't go before a judge or priest, I'm doing it the Naval way. I thought about getting us a sailboat and doing this out in the middle of the ocean but I get seasick." She gave Shay a bashful grin. "So we'll pretend." She pulled a solid gold ring from inside her pocket and held it out to Shay. "This belonged to my mother and when she passed away my dad gave it to me. Little did he know that I would be passing it on to my wife." She slipped it on Shay's finger and then placed a kiss on it. "This ring is to show my undying love that will continue to go on for eternity. I love you Shay Halliway now and forever."

Shay pulled a gold chain from inside her shirt and held it up in front of Pez. "You beat me again Popeye." She unclasped the chain and slipped the ring off. "This ring has been handed down through my family for years, no one knows when it started or where it came from. Tonight I give it a new future." She pulled another ring from her pocket and held it up so that the diamonds twinkled in the light. "This one I had made to signify two hearts joined as one." She slipped the entwined white and yellow gold ring with its two diamonds on her lover's finger along with the other ring. "I love you Admiral Ralston Halliway, this lifetime and all the ones that come after." She took Pez' cover from her head, placed it on her own and pulled her down for a deep lingering kiss that sent flames shooting through their bodies. When they came apart, Shay gave her a wicked grin and walked towards the bungalow.

"Hold up there Tater tot we forgot the age old naval tradition." She withdrew her sword and smacked Shay across her ass with it.

"What kinda tradition is that?" She asked as she rubbed her ass.

"Don't know but I do know that's the only time we can get away with it." She handed her sword and scabbard to Shay. "And we always loose our sword, must be some psychological reasoning behind it, don'tcha think?"

"Well tonight you're going to loose more than your sword, and I'll warn you now, I want a big family."

Pez' eyes grew huge. "How big is big?"

"Enough to have our own basketball team, I'll make it easy on ya. I'll have the first one." She pulled Pez into the bungalow and closed the door behind them. When Pez woke hours later, she had indeed lost more than her sword but was given so much more in return. Her soul was lit on fire and her body was taken to places she had never dreamed of. She ran a hand across a silky muscular thigh as she moved her head from where it rested of Shay's lower stomach. The calmness on her wives face warmed her heart and the green eyes that fluttered open filled her with desire. She could never get enough of her wife's tender touches and soul searing kisses. But they had a lifetime to try and she was starting right now. An Ice Princess Shay was most defiantly not but when they got a chance, she would be the mother of their children.

The End
The Ice Princess
By Larisa

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