~ A Journey of Love and Life ~
by Lissa

A Journey of Love and Life Part 15

Gabrielle walked to Atermis' temple with Chilapa and the guards hoping Atermis would come to her and aid her in this, if need be she would call Athena and have her confirm that Xena's pregnancy had not been caused by Xena cheating on her, she'd not expected this complication when she'd written to the Amazon's to inform them of their wish to be joined and silently berated herself for not remembering to forewarn them about Xena's pregnancy.

They walked into the temple and Chilapa quietly informed the Chief Priestess Layla that Queen Gabrielle was requesting an audience with Atermis in order to obtain the Goddess' assistance with their problem. As she talked with the priestess she looked over at Gabrielle and saw that she looked unperturbed by the events that had taken place and looked very confident that Atermis would confirm her story.

As Chilapa was talking to the priestess Gabrielle felt a presence come up behind her and she whirled around ready to fight whoever had decided to sneak up on her and then smiled as she realised it was Aphrodite, her curiosity getting the better of her as she wondered why the Goddess of Love had appeared in Atermis' temple.

"Gabby, its so good to see you, congratulations on the bub, where's Xena?" Aphrodite exclaimed extremely happy to see Gabrielle, when Atermis had asked her to come to her temple with Gabrielle's Amazon's Aphrodite had been unable to say no instinctively knowing that it was about Gabrielle and Xena.

"She's asleep hopefully, we had a little problem with explaining Xena's pregnancy to the Amazon's how did you know?" Gabrielle asked curiously, just how many Gods know that Xena is pregnant? Gabrielle asked herself knowing that Ares knew, from his visit to them earlier on in Xena's pregnancy, and Athena knew of course but she hadn't known that the news would travel so fast.

"Gabby I'm the Goddess of Love, I actually happened to witness the conception of your little miracle, Eli's God asked me to do the honours of bringing your essences together, it was one of the hottest dreams I've ever created" Aphrodite told Gabrielle smiling as she felt her sister's presence enter the temple. She loved Atermis and Athena, they were fair and just Gods and she hoped more than anything she would be able to save them when this twilight thing Eli's God had told her about happened.

"That was that dream? You know I never told Xena about that dream I was afraid she would think I was stupid or something" Gabrielle rambled not really taking notice of what she was saying, she was so flustered that Aphrodite had been responsible for one of the hottest dreams she'd ever had and that it was that dream that had helped create their child.

"Gabrielle my child, my chosen, Queen of my Amazon's I see love definitely agrees with you" Atermis greeted Gabrielle smiling at the last part of the conversation she'd just overheard. She was very pleased with Gabrielle's choice in mate, had been trying to get Xena to become an Amazon for years and now because of love one of the noblest emotions mortals had been blessed with, she was going to become an Amazon and was going to bare children for the nation.

"Thankyou my Goddess, I asked for an audience with you so that you may confirm that the child Xena carries is my child and that she never betrayed me" Gabrielle asked feeling extremely flustered and couldn't wait to get back to her cabin to a certain warrior princess who was going to be in for a very big surprise when she returned to her. She had enough wits about her to remember why she was at the temple and speak correctly to Atermis not wanting to offend the Goddess.

"Everything your Queen has told you is true, the child Xena carries is your Queen's and will be an Amazon princess if born a girl" Atermis told the Amazon's seeing the relief in Chilapa's eyes and then decided that she would let them in on her surprise right away, she was going to have Layla announce this but thought it would be nicer coming directly from her.

"Gabrielle, I asked Aphrodite to come here because we would both like to preside over your joining, to tell all who witnesses it that it is sanctioned by the Gods, and that way no one will ever be able to question your joining" Atermis told Gabrielle seeing the smile on Gabrielle's face and realised just how important Gabrielle's happiness really was for her, she knew how much Aphrodite loved both Xena and Gabrielle and hoped to get to know Xena more over the next few moons as she knew of their plans to wait out their child's birth with the Amazon's. She also knew of the importance of this child, she knew it had Athena's protection and wondered just what was it about this child that made its safe delivery so important to Athena that she would place a protection spell on the child.

"I can't speak for Xena and I think it best that you ask her, but I would be thrilled to have you both preside over our joining, we'd like to have it as soon as possible, Xena is six moons gone and I don't want her to be too close to giving birth when we do this" Gabrielle told them both not believing what she'd just heard. She knew that Xena would be touched by the respect that these two Gods obviously had for them both and would be fine with them presiding over their joining.

"That we will do Gabby, I wouldn't want it either way, you know this also means that your marriage will be legal in any province in Greece and really the known world because it has been sanctioned by the Gods" Aphrodite told Gabrielle, letting the importance of those words sink in, knowing how happy this would make them both, especially for Gabrielle to know that if something ever happened to her that Xena would be a legal widow and taken care of if needed by the province they were settled in at the time.

"Well I have to get back to Xena, I know she will be missing me, I'll tell her and then we will come to the temple tonight to give you our answer" Gabrielle told them taking Aphrodite into a hug and waving goodbye to Atermis, then rushing out of the temple to find Xena.

"She was certainly in a hurry" Atermis commented knowing it probably had something to do with the conversation about the baby's conception that had Gabrielle running out of the temple to find Xena. She smiled thinking of the love they shared and was glad for them both, extremely happy to finally have Xena as an Amazon and that they were expecting a child. She knew of Gabrielle's barrenness and although it saddened her and she was angry that Gabrielle had needed to go through that she knew that being able to be a mother through Xena would be enough for Gabrielle.

"Of course she was Arty, love was calling her and Gabrielle is powerless to the call of love, she and the warrior have fallen deeply, madly in love" Aphrodite told Atermis knowing her sister was already aware of this but it made her feel so good to say it out loud finally that the two people she had wanted to fall in love the most were finally there, and were blissfully happy.

"Thank you sister, I know you played a part in getting the ball rolling with these two, stubborn for mortals aren't they?" Atermis asked then saw a look in Aphrodite's eye that told her there was still more to be revealed about the two women that were the subject of their discussion. She wasn't sure if she was going to like this revelation but knew it was something she needed to know.

Gabrielle bid Chilapa and the other's a brief farewell telling them they would talk more over dinner about their joining plans but right now she really needed to see Xena, and hoped they would understand. She felt the desire raging through her and hoped that Xena would be awake and willing to be taken, because she had no idea how she was going to push down the fire that was burning inside her.

She walked inside the Queens' hut happy that Xena had been taken there and stopped watching in awe at the sight before her. Her love was lying on the bed naked, her blue eyes smouldering with desire, a desire she knew matched her own. She licked her lips as her eyes took in the beauty before her and without asking she knew that Xena was hers for the taking, she took in the soft curves, her swollen belly and the hard peaks of her nipples and couldn't stop herself from walking over to the bed any longer. She crossed the room in three long stride taking Xena into a kiss that was as passionate as it was hungry, tasting, teasing until she heard a groan rumble through Xena's chest.

She looked into those eyes and saw the desire in them, amazed that her love had known, and been waiting for her. She knew those questions could be answered later, when their passion was spent and began to concentrate on taking Xena as hard and as passionately as possible. Plunging her tongue into Xena's mouth she pressed herself into Xena bringing them closer together and brought a knee between Xena's legs pressing it against Xena's hot wet centre. Encouraged by the groan brought forth by her actions she moved her hands down Xena's body taking a full breast into her hand rubbing the nipple back and forth between her fingers while pressing her knee into Xena.

"Gods Gabrielle, yes!" Xena exclaimed her entire body on fire at the way she was being taken by Gabrielle, her bard's passion making her arousal grow higher and higher. She'd almost come as she'd seen Gabrielle's reaction to her lying naked on their bed and knew she'd made the right decision, somehow she'd known that Gabrielle needed this and if it was in her power to give Gabrielle anything she would, including herself. All thoughts went from her head as Gabrielle's mouth closed over her nipple and her knee pressed harder into her centre. She couldn't help herself from crying out Gabrielle's name at the sensation and felt her arousal shoot up even higher.

"That's it sweetheart, don't stop yourself from crying out, I love hearing what I do to you" Gabrielle whispered in Xena's ear and then ran her tongue over it, feeling a tremor come from her warrior knowing just how much she liked that, and then began working her way down Xena's body licking off the perspiration coming from her warrior, loving the taste of her, stopping at Xena's breasts and giving them more attention, loving the fullness of them knowing they would nourish their child after its birth, lovingly tasting and sucking at them until she knew Xena's need was too great to ignore any longer.

"Gabrielle - please, I need you inside me" Xena gasped out never having felt so out of control, the passion behind their lovemaking was so intense it was hard not to allow herself to be swept away by it all, and she was so close to losing the tenuous control she still had on the situation and then as Gabrielle plunged two fingers inside her, her control broke and she cried out and allowed herself to be swept up, climaxing harder than she'd ever climaxed before, crying out Gabrielle's name as every wave of pleasure over came her, and just as she thought she'd be able to come down from the heaven Gabrielle had created for her she felt herself climbing again as Gabrielle continued thrusting into her and took her throbbing clit into her mouth sucking on it intensely and felt herself go over again harder than before until she was left a quivering mess tears streaming down her face at the love she'd experienced.

"Gods sweetheart are you okay?" Gabrielle asked as she came up from her nesting place to see tears streaming down Xena's face, she knew the two climaxes Xena had experienced had been very intense, she'd never heard Xena call her name so much during a climax nor had she heard Xena scream out her ecstasy so loud, it was almost as though she had no control over her actions.

"I'm fine that was just very intense, I love you" Xena said as more tears came streaming down not knowing why she was crying she was just unable to stop it. She was extremely happy at that moment after having experienced one of the most loving and sexually fulfilling moments of her life.

"I know I could feel it, did something happen, it was almost like you had no control over what you were feeling"Gabrielle asked worriedly tears were still streaming down Xena's face and she went with the urge to take Xena into her arms and hold her, stroking her face and kissing her forehead feeling a tremor pass through Xena's body.

"I did loose control, I don't think I've regained it just yet that's why I'm still crying even though I'm very happy, thank you Gabrielle that was amazing my love" Xena told Gabrielle not wanting her to worry any longer, she finally realised why her emotions were so over the place, part of it was hormones but the bigger part was that she'd let go of her control while Gabrielle had made love to her and hadn't been able to gain her control back yet. Everything felt hyper sensitive at the moment and she allowed herself the luxury of basking in the feeling for a little while, resting in Gabrielle's arms and then finally she felt her control slip back into place like a well worn shift and fell asleep in Gabrielle's arms.

Gabrielle felt Xena relax in her arms and smiled knowing her warrior was asleep again and couldn't blame her, she knew that Xena exhausted her when they made love and that the climaxes Xena had experienced today had been some of the most intense she'd experienced. She was still a little concerned for her soulmate but knew that she needed to expect this sometimes, especially with Xena's pregnancy. Thinking of the pregnancy caused her to move her hand to rest it against the baby growing within Xena, smiling as it kicked inside her lover and knew that this baby would never lack love. They were fortunate to have the love of both of their families now and the Amazon's, and a couple of the Gods from the sounds of things.

"She likes that" Xena spoke quietly waking from her tiny nap feeling refreshed, even though it had only been a few moments that she'd fallen asleep for. She woken to the feeling of Gabrielle stroking her stomach and talking to the baby telling it of all the people that loved it and that she couldn't wait to meet her.

"You're awake, I thought you would sleep for a bit longer, you seemed pretty exhausted after we made love" Gabrielle told Xena smiling as Xena's hand came to rest on hers pressing her hand into her stomach a little harder and feeling the baby react to the pressure by kicking at her hand. She looked into the beautiful blue eyes of her lover and almost drowned in the love she saw swimming in them.

"Seems I only needed a little nap, I love it when you talk to her, I can feel her react to your voice, she moves so much more when you are near me" Xena told Gabrielle wanting her to know just how connected she was to this baby, if Gabrielle couldn't feel this herself she promised herself she would do everything she could to make Gabrielle know everything that was going on, letting Gabrielle feel the baby move inside her as much as possible and helping her feel the baby react to her touch.

"Really, I know she'd react if you sang to her, your voice is so beautiful, maybe I should read some of my scrolls to her" Gabrielle suggested to Xena knowing how subconscious Xena was about her voice, it was almost like she felt she didn't have the right to have a gift that beautiful. So she was very surprised when Xena began crooning a lullaby to the baby and continued holding Gabrielle's hand to her stomach so she could feel the baby react. She could feel the baby's movements become less frantic and slower as the baby began to relax and within minutes the movement stopped and she knew the baby had fallen asleep inside her mother's womb

"That was beautiful sweetheart, I haven't heard that lullaby before, and she certainly liked it I think it put her to sleep" Gabrielle told Xena seeing the faint sign of a blush coming over Xena's face, and smiled as she continued to rub Xena's stomach knowing both Xena and the baby liked that although Xena rarely admitted that she did like it.

"My mother used to sing it to me when I was a child, she made it up herself, lets hope it works as well when she is born, shall we go and get some dinner love?" Xena asked as her stomach began to protest the fact that she hadn't eaten yet and growled loudly. Xena shot a look at Gabrielle that said not to comment or else and Gabrielle laughed complying easily to the unspoken wish. They walked hand in hand to the mess hut and were met by Chilapa half way there.

"Queen Gabrielle, Xena I am glad to see you both looking well, Xena I apologise for my accusation, I should have known that you would never cheat on Gabrielle, I hope we can put this behind us and concentrate on getting you two joined?" Chilapa asked knowing in her heart they would accept her apology, she admired Xena greatly, thought of her as one of the best warriors she'd ever known and knew there was a lot more to the warrior princess than just a warrior.

"There's no need for an apology Chilapa, you were doing your duty to Gabrielle as her regent, I wouldn't have expected you to react any other way, I'd been expecting this but knew we could explain it and once you knew the truth you would accept it" Xena told Chilapa not wanting her to beat herself up about it, it was over done and truly she'd expected the reaction when they'd walked into Amazon territory and would have been very surprised if they had just let it go at Gabrielle's word.

"Gracious as ever Warrior Princess huh?" Chilapa laughed happy to see them both laugh along with her, and felt some of the tension release out of her, now they could get on with organising the joining ceremony and preparing for their stay with the Amazons, she was sure with Xena's pregnancy that they would be staying until the baby's birth at least and she wanted to make sure they were both comfortable during the rest of Xena's pregnancy.

"And as hungry as ever" Gabrielle teased as Xena's stomach growled again and then frowned at the paleness that had come over Xena's face in that moment and for a moment thought Xena was going to be sick but she just swayed briefly and Gabrielle reacted immediately catching hold of Xena's arm to steady her and realised how long it had been since they'd eaten.

"Lets get you into the mess hut and some food into that stomach of yours, I'll get the cook to bring out something sweet to bring your sugar levels back up" Chilapa told them leading them both into the mess hall seating them immediately and then ran into the kitchen to get something for Xena. Gabrielle looked at Xena who still looked pale and resolved to never let her go without eating as long again, she should have made her eat something after her nap, but neither of them had been thinking about eating when she'd returned to their hut.

"Gabrielle don't, I should have had something to eat when I woke up, I'll be fine" Xena reassured Gabrielle, feeling anything but, for a moment there she'd been sure she was going to faint and that worried her a little, she'd heard of women who were more prone to fainting later on in their pregnancies and it had always caused complications for them. I should go and see their healer, make sure everything is okay, just to be safe Xena thought not wanting her worry to show on her face and then breathed a sigh of relief as Chilapa brought out what she had promised and smiled as she realised it was one of her mother's honey cakes and her mother was standing there with a look on her face that reminded her of everytime she'd gotten into trouble when she'd been a child. Not giving into her mother's attitude she tucked into the sweet treat with gusto sighing with relief as the sugar flooded her system and she began to feel less faint.

"Next time missy make sure you have something to eat before other activities" Cyrene told her daughter relieved to see the colour coming back to her daughter's face. When Chilapa had run into the kitchen requesting something sweet for Xena and to make it quick she knew exactly what had happened and had wasted no time in grabbing a honey cake and going out to Xena. She'd been a little shocked at how pale Xena's face was, the last time she'd seen it that pale was during Xena's morning nausea and had been immediately worried.

"Yes mother, can I help it that I have a beautiful woman who is about to become my wife wanting to ravish me as soon as I wake up?" Xena asked innocently knowing Gabrielle wasn't going to like the detail she went into but knew it would be the only thing that would keep her mum of their backs, her mum understood what it was like to be in love, but also knew that she couldn't allow this to happen to often, the shock of so little sugar in her blood could be very dangerous for both her and the baby.

"Okay point taken just make sure you eat more sweetheart, I like that rosy colour on your cheeks" Cyrene told her daughter knowing Xena took her health very seriously and that the experience had shaken her daughter a little. She wouldn't be surprised if she heard that Xena had visited the healer, her daughter maybe a stoic woman and able to take incredible pain but when it came to this baby Xena was taking no risks and was actually looking after herself a lot more than she expected her to.

"I will mum, speaking of which, where's dinner?" Xena asked cheekily poking her tongue out her mum feeling much better, the honey cake had taken the edge off, but she was nowhere near finished being hungry. She felt her stomach growl again and heard her mum laugh and go off to get them some dinner. She looked over at Gabrielle and saw the amused look on her face and smiled sheepishly, her mother was someone that always invoked the child within her, making her prone to childish behaviour and she knew it was amusing for most people to see.

"Are you sure you're okay sweetheart, should we go see the healer in the morning?" Gabrielle asked still amused by the scene she'd just witnessed, her lover could be so childish around her mother sometimes and it was nice to see her around someone that brought out her inner child as much as she was able to. Xena was very playful with her, practical jokes and tickling some of her favourite ways of playing but the way she acted with her mother was very different, more like a defiant child with her antics.

"I'm fine now and yes I do think we should see the healer, I want to make sure everythings okay with our girl anyway" Xena told Gabrielle smiling as she felt Gabrielle's hand come to rest on her stomach again and then looked up as she saw her mum walking up to them with big bowls of her famous stew. Mouth watering she tucked into the food with gusto, not really caring how hot it was, she was that hungry. All of them looked on shocked as the bowl of stew was gone within minutes and Xena looked up at them as she finished feeling their eyes on her.

"What I was hungry, is that really so unusual for a woman that is six moons pregnant?" Xena asked feeling a little annoyed but immensely better for eating the food, she knew she'd eaten it a little fast and she'd probably get heartburn from doing that later, but she was starving and had been unable to stop when she'd started, not realising just how much she'd wanted her mum's stew until she'd tasted the first spoonful.

"Nothing dear, I'll get you another plate, it's just hard for us to remember sometimes, you have never really been a big eater, made me wonder most of the time where you got your muscles from, but most of these women have never seen you eat more than three quarters of your meal and never that fast" Cyrene reminded her daughter almost laughing at the annoyance she saw on Xena's face, she was going to have to get used to that if she was going to live with these women, personally she didn't think Xena was going to be able to do it, she thought more than likely Gabrielle and Xena would end up building a cabin somewhere near all of their families and the Amazons, Xena's need for space and privacy was just too great to allow her to live with the Amazons for an extended time period.

Cyrene walked away and was back a few minutes later with another bowl of stew and some bread and was happy to see Xena taking it a little easier this time around. She smiled at the way Gabrielle was watching Xena to make sure she was okay and couldn't be happier with the choice her daughter had made in the person she fallen in love with. Looking at them you knew they were meant for each other and she knew they had that special kind of love that would last for an eternity.

"Now that you've eaten there's something I forgot to mention after I came back from the temple, Atermis and Aphrodite want to preside over our joining ceremony, they said that they want the whole known world to know that they sanction our joining and our love" Gabrielle told Xena trying to gauge her lover's reaction and smiled partially in relief when she saw a smile on Xena's face.

"Well lets go tell them yes, I know what having the blessing of two of the most powerful Goddesses on Olympus means for us sweetheart, it means no God or mortal can come between our marriage, you will be my wife in every way legally and by Amazon law" Xena told Gabrielle seeing the excitement on her loves face and smiled knowing that when she was finally able to be joined with Gabrielle she would be the happiest woman in the known world.

"Okay lets go then, are you finished here?" Gabrielle asked excitedly this meant they were one more step closer to being joined and they could start the preparations immediately, she was still a little worried about the rituals for initiating Xena into the Amazons but had faith they would take her pregnancy into consideration. She saw Xena nod and they got up walking quickly to the temple hand in hand.

When they got to the temple it was bathed in candlelight and both wondered what was going on as they were ushered inside. They were greeted by layla the priestess and asked to wait a moment for the Goddesses to appear to them. Layla walked away then leaving them alone in the candlelit room still holding hands curious as to what was going on.

"Gabby, Xena how we all doing?" Aphrodite asked as she appeared to them and Atermis a minute later, looking at the two of them feeling the love coming of both of them and it made her smile with satisfaction. Yup they are definitely gunna like Arty's idea Aphrodite thought as she saw Xena hand unconsciously come to her stomach stroking the place where her child rested. Could she get any cuter, I swear she is going to ruin her tough warrior rep if she keeps at that Aphrodite thought smiling at how peaceful Xena looked, she had never seen Xena this way and she knew in some ways Xena would never be the same after experiencing Gabrielle's love and having this baby.

"Very well Aphrodite, we came to let you know that we would be happy for you to preside over our joining" Gabrielle told them still confused, she didn't think they would have prepared the temple for them like this if for just their answer, she had a feeling they had something planned and wasn't sure if she was going to like it.

"We both knew you would say yes, we have something we'd like you to do, if you do the only thing Xena will need to do to prove her worth to the Amazon's is pledge her undying allegiance to you Gabrielle" Atermis told Gabrielle and Xena knowing they'd both been worried about the possible physical tests Xena may have been subjected to, as part of the initiation rituals. Atermis also knew that there was no need for those tests, all she needed was absolute proof of their love for each other and if they could do what she asked she'd never question there love ever.

"What is it that you want us to do?" Xena asked having a feeling she wouldn't like this, she would willingly go through any physical challenges if needed, if this turned out to be something Gabrielle couldn't bring herself to do.

"I want you to make love to each other in this temple, grace my temple with your love, and I'll never have to question your love for my chosen, nor your allegiance" Atermis told them seeing Gabrielle's face pale a little but Xena's remained steady and she knew Xena would be okay with this and would be able to get Gabrielle to be okay with it too.

"We'll leave you two lovebirds to talk, don't worry neither Arty or I will be around when you guys are , you know" Aphrodite said blushing a little and then they both disappeared. Xena looked at Gabrielle knowing her love was a little uncomfortable with this while she was just relieved, loving Gabrielle was something she could do anywhere without a second thought.

"Are you okay with this love?" Xena asked hoping to get Gabrielle talking, she knew that once they started talking about it Gabrielle would get more comfortable and if she did things right she would be able to make Gabrielle forget where they were and think only of their love.

"Yeah, I don't want you to have to do any physical things to prove your worth to the amazons, I guess its just a little strange having this planned for us, normally making love is so spontaneous for us that I don't have to think about what I'm doing" Gabrielle told Xena feeling a little insecure and a little uncomfortable with the situation, until she looked into Xena's eyes and saw the desire in them. That was her undoing as she watched Xena's mouth come down to hers and felt herself become lost in the sensations Xena created for her as she kissed her passionately and all thoughts of plans and Goddesses went out of her mind replaced by the passion and love that was always present when they made love.

They spent the night bringing each other to heights of passion neither thought possible in such public surrounding, both of them feeling their hearts entangling together more with each climax, with each peak of their passion and when they were finally spent they lay there together both of them listening as their hearts pounded in each other's ears and then their hearts began beating in sync with each other, and they fell asleep nestled together in the bed left for them by Aphrodite and Atermis.

"Well Arty what do you think, was that enough proof that Xena loves Gabby, I mean one look and Gabby was gone" Aphrodite giggled quietly not wanting to wake the two exhausted lovers as she looked over them and smiled at the way they were sleeping curled up together, unconsciously making room for Xena's growing belly. She felt the same feeling she'd felt before when she reached her mind out to the baby and knew this child was very special, as was it's mother who was carrying it.

"I'm very impressed I don't think my chosen will lack for anything with Xena as her partner, is something troubling you sister?" Atermis asked noticing how quiet Aphrodite had gotten and saw her looking at Xena's stomach intently.

"I was just reaching my mind out to the baby, she's very special, Arty we have to tell Xena about her immortal blood, she needs to know that she's Hades' daughter, and that she could be immortal, and if she is then we have to find a way to make Gabby immortal, cause I can't see Xena living without Gabby" Aphrodite told Atermis sadly, she'd known about this for a while since Athena had confided in her after Xena's fight with Lothar.

"No need Aphrodite, Gabrielle could be immortal as well, you see when Dahok raped her I knew she was in so much pain I tried to help her, I made myself invisible and then I tried to give her some of my power to help keep her strong, to keep her going, but what I didn't expect was for her to already have some immortal blood in her, her father never told her that his father was actually Apollo, that he was one of his children and that was where he got his story telling abilities from, which he passed down to his daughter along with some of his immortal blood" Atermis explained knowing how much Aphrodite loved these two mortals and if she could she would see to it they would never be parted either.

"Okay then we should tell them both, they deserve to know" Aphrodite told Atermis happy her sister understood and not surprised to find that Gabrielle had some immortal blood in her too and that it came from Apollo.

"After the baby is born, right now they have more important things on their plates, lets let them sleep and then we can start getting our joining gifts organised" Atermis suggested knowing that talking about shopping and gifts would get Aphrodite's mind of the problem at hand. She took Aphrodite by the hand and they disappeared both taking one final look at the sleeping couple.

Continued in Part 16

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