~ Our Family ~
by Lissa

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Subtext: This story is based on the fact that Xena and Gabrielle have admitted not only to their love for each other, but the sexual nature of that love, love is not a crime and neither is sex, so if you don't like it move on and read some other stuff.

Additional notes: This is Book Two in a series of stories set after Friend In Need 2, and sees our heroes settling into the family life. This story follows The Return of Unity.
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Part 1

The next three moons of Xena's pregnancy passed easily after the initial morning nausea which made everyone including Xena groan in sympathy. When the nausea finally passed Xena was left weak and none too happy. The day after their joining ceremony had been one of the worst for Xena with her rebellious stomach making too many appearances for either of them to be happy. Gabrielle spent the better part of their joining night stroking Xena's hair and holding onto her tightly as the nausea had threatened to overwhelm her. Definitely not how either of them saw themselves spending their joining night but both of them acknowledged that they had a lifetime together and that the sickness was because of something very special that was happening to them.

And so here they were at their moonly appointment with the villages midwife waiting for the woman to come in and examine Xena, and let them in on how their baby was doing. It was a time they both enjoyed especially this time because Xena would be far enough along for them to hear the baby's heartbeat. Gabrielle smiled as the midwife walked in trying to keep down the giggle as the woman did her best not to gush at the fact that the Queen was in her hut. It had been a little hard for her to get used to the pedestal the Amazon's had placed her on when she'd become Queen again and seeing the admiration in their faces was pleasant but still a little weird for her.

"Xena, Gabrielle how are we doing today?" Naomi their midwife asked looking at Xena for the answer. Since they'd been coming to her it had been Gabrielle that had done the talking, Xena not liking being the subject of the woman's attention so much, had been content to allow Gabrielle to answer the midwife's questions pitching in only when there was a question she knew Gabrielle couldn't ask.

"Baby just started kicking, and I'm fine thanks for asking, nausea has finally gone away" Xena answered meeting the older woman's challenge, smiling at the look on the woman's face knowing she hadn't expected her to rise to the challenge and then smile at her. Xena was a woman most of the village still didn't get most of the time even though they were getting to know her better, but Xena was one of those kind of people that just when you think you have her pegged she goes and does something completely unexpected.

"That's good, I'll just have a feel around and then we can listen to the baby's heartbeat, I know you've both been waiting for this anxiously" Naomi told them smiling as Gabrielle took Xena's hand as Naomi came over to examine her. She felt around Xena's abdomen smiling when the she felt the tiny kicking of the baby protesting her probing around. She got the instrument out that she would use for them to hear the baby's heartbeat and decided to have a listen first, she knew she'd be able to pick up on any unusual rhythms and she'd be able to tell if there was more than one baby in there. She herself suspected Xena was carrying twins, the warrior had begun to show too early and her morning nausea had been very bad both indications that the warrior princess could be carrying twins.

She cocked her head as she listened and then beamed as heard the heartbeat, strong and healthy and then smiled again as she heard another heartbeat and knew that what she'd suspected was actually true Xena was carrying twins very healthy ones from the sounds of things, there were no irregularities in the rhythms of the babies' heartbeats, which was always a great sign.

"Well it seems I have a little surprise for you both, Xena you're carrying twins" Naomi announced seeing the shock on both their faces and smiled, it would take a while to sink in but she was sure in a few hours or so when the shock had worn off both of them would be pleased as punch about the twins.

"Are you sure?" Xena asked finally getting her mouth to work Damn not the brightest thing to ask a Midwife dumb ass of course she's sure twins by the Gods Xena thought as she looked over at Gabrielle trying to gauge her reaction to this news. Gabrielle looked as stunned as she felt, but there was a small smile tugging at her lips and she ultimately they'd both be okay with this. They had to be they couldn't go back now. Xena felt a small smile cross her face as she realised her intuition had been right on the dinar, she'd suspected it from the severity of her morning nausea and the weight she'd gained, but it had still knocked her off her seat to have it confirmed so emphatically.

"Do you want to listen for yourself, the two heartbeats are quite distinct, two very healthy little babies in there, Mum" Naomi smiled teasing the warrior, she hadn't been offended by the warrior's question, she'd expected it really, and as she saw the look on the warrior's face as she heard her children's heartbeats for the first time all thoughts left her at the sight of tears running down the warrior's face. To say that she was stunned to see the warrior cry was pretty accurate, she'd never seen Xena show much emotion at all and yet here she was witnessing the warrior's tears over hearing her children's heartbeats.

"Thank you, its like tiny little drums inside me, our babies" Xena whispered not caring about the tears streaming down her face trying to commit to memory the sound of her babies' heartbeats. It had sounded almost musical, and although faint she could tell that their heartbeats were healthy and strong.

"That's amazing, Gods sweetheart, when Eli told us about this did you ever think we'd end up with twins?" Gabrielle asked her voice finally working after being too choked up with emotion at seeing Xena's tears when she'd heard the heartbeats. Seeing her proud warrior do nothing about holding back the emotions surging out of her had made her feel so proud of her warrior and grateful to Eli for giving Xena this, for giving them this.

"Well I think that's kind of your fault sweetheart you did get me pregnant" Xena laughed feeling extremely happy at this moment. She couldn't wait to share their news with the others knowing how pleased they would be, everyone had been hoping Xena would have a girl, an Amazon princess for their tribe, but Xena had been adamant about her feelings that the baby was a boy, now they might just get both if they were lucky. She knew the birth would probably be that much harder now, and that she would have to begin to take it easier earlier than they'd planned but none of that mattered as she felt the babies begin to move within her.

"I guess that's true, maybe I really should have the next baby, you could end up having triplets or worse" Gabrielle laughed happy to see her lover join her and even though they hadn't talked about who and whether they were going to have more children, she knew if they were she would be carrying the next one, Xena wouldn't have it any other way, her only wish would be to try and convince the warrior to have another baby after these two and then she'd be very happy.

"Gods Gabrielle, you really know how to make me laugh, thank you beautiful" Xena told her lover feeling tears begin again and while a little embarrassed at the amount she was crying at the moment, she did nothing to hold them back as Gabrielle took her into her arms and held her, her hand coming to rest on the quite noticeable bump that surrounded their children.

Naomi decided to leave them alone for a while telling them if they wanted to listen to the heartbeats again they were welcome to and to stay for as long as they needed. She knew pregnancy was an emotional time for any woman but seeing how it was changing a woman she'd once thought hard and unfeeling was a beautiful thing to see, but made her feel a little like she was intruding.

They sat there for a while absorbing the news they'd been given and then both of them taking turns to listen to the miracle that was their children's heartbeat, then they continued to sit there for a while Gabrielle trying very hard to feel the babies move, but their movements were still very small and she'd have to press pretty hard as the midwife had done to feel them stronger. Still it was fun sitting their trying to decide if she really felt them or if she was imagining things, every now and then Xena would move her hand lower or higher trying to get her in the right spot.

"You think we should start going back to our hut, I'm sure the other's are dying to hear about this moons visit" Gabrielle asked seeing how relaxed her warrior was at that moment and knew it had something to do with the fact that she was gently stroking her stomach. Even when Xena hadn't been pregnant she'd always liked that the action more often than not putting her to sleep withing half a candlemark.

"You keep that up and you'll have to carry me to our hut" Xena told Gabrielle smiling at her beautiful bard, feeling especially lucky to have been given the gift of her love and these children. She sometimes still wondered what she'd done to deserve them but was never going to take them for granted, and she was never going to question having been given them.

They walked companionably to their hut, nodding at women as they walked past and then Gabrielle heard Xena yawn and knew they'd be having a nap when they got to their hut, which was just fine with her because then she could continue her stroking and probing of Xena's stomach so she could feel their babies move within her.

As soon as they reached the hut she led a protesting Xena to the bed and promptly started to remove her clothes and placing a clean shift over Xena's head, then bringing her to lie down on the bed. Once Xena was covered in their blanket she began that circling motion on Xena's stomach and was surprised to feel Xena drift off to sleep immediately. She must have been more tired than she was admitting, my strong warrior, so beautiful Gabrielle thought as she looked at Xena's peaceful face as she continued to probe Xena's stomach for signs of life, and then just when she was about to give up and join Xena in a nap she felt it, one of the babies moving about inside Xena and it brought tears to her eyes. The miracle they'd been given was something both of them thanked Eli's God everyday for, and Gabrielle was very happy that Xena was chosen to have their first child, even though really Eve would always be their eldest child.

Smiling at her beautiful warrior princess taking one more look at the warrior who had claimed her heart and held her soul in her own heart, she lay down next to Xena curling herself into Xena's body as much as Xena's growing stomach would allow, her hand never leaving Xena's stomach. She fell asleep peacefully never knowing Xena had witnessed her tears as she'd felt the baby move and had settled back to sleep moments after it had happened.
Days went past in absolute bliss, the Amazon's extremely happy that Xena was carrying twins and celebrating their joy at the news rather loudly with another party. Xena's stomach continued to grow and the babies' movements became more pronounced with each day that passed in her pregnancy. She and Gabrielle would sit for hours just feeling them move, revelling in the miracle they were a witness too.

One particularly peaceful day Xena was beginning to feel a little restless as she'd known she would eventually and decided she wanted to go and secure the land for the house they were going to build for their family to live and grow in. She knew Gabrielle would probably fight her on the travel part but it really would do them good to go see Lila, she had a feeling Eve would be in Poetaedia visiting a certain blonde and it could be one final trip before she was too far along to travel anymore. Being pregnant with twins meant she looked further along then her five moons but she knew she was up to this trip and the sooner they found the place the sooner Gabrielle could commissioning the amazons into building their house, Xena had already drawn up the plans something that had astounded Gabrielle when she realised that Xena could draw and very well. Xena had just smiled and reminded her that she had many skills and it would take her a very long time to discover them all.

"What are you thinking about love?" Gabrielle asked rising from her place on the bed as she looked over at the pensive form of her lover. Xena had grown increasingly restless since the day of their moon appointment with the midwife and she knew that it was time they did some travelling, Xena would be too far along to travel soon especially with the twins and she knew Xena wanted to go and get Lila and bring her back for the birth and pick out the place they would build their home, if they saw Eve as well that would be a big bonus, she knew how much Xena wanted her daughter around to experience being a big sister to their babies.

"I want to go and find the place we are going to build our home, I can't handle being in the one place right now I feel so restless as though my body is calling me to the road" Xena told Gabrielle truthfully waiting for the outburst that would surely follow her answer. When no outburst came she looked over at Gabrielle to see a smile on her lover's face and a smile broke out on her own face as she realised Gabrielle wasn't going to fight her on this.

"It's time sweetheart, I'll go tell the Amazon's we should probably bring a few along just in case, they need to know where to build the house" Gabrielle told Xena knowing that the moment she told Chilapa that they were going on a trip to select the land for their house and to see Lila, she would insist on a Royal Guard escorting them there and back, and for once she wasn't going to fight it, she knew Xena could fight if they did come up against any raiders or thugs, but she wanted to know they had back up if they needed it. The last time Xena had fought while pregnant she'd only been pregnant with one baby and that had wreaked havoc on her centre of gravity, she had no idea how fighting carrying two babies within her would effect her.

"Okay, I'm going to have another little nap, I was a bit restless last night, couldn't sleep" Xena said punctuating her statement with a yawn. She was still getting used to the movements of the babies when she slept and this feeling of restlessness had kept her awake most of the night, she had too much energy, energy that was going to waste as people continued to coddle her. She didn't mind it knew they had the best of attentions but she knew what she was capable of and it was beginning to irk her a little. If one more Amazon got up to give her their seat she was going to throttle someone and she didn't think they were going to like that.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Gabrielle asked realising she was guilty of a little too much coddling when Xena rolled her eyes and got into bed. She knew it was really annoying Xena the way the Amazon's were treating her, as though she was a plate of glass and could break at any moment. She knew she was going to have to talk to Chilapa as Xena was beginning to get stressed over it walking around like she was going to strangle the next person who treated her that way.
"Sleep well my love, I'll be back I'm just going to talk to Chilapa about our trip and some Amazon stuff" Gabrielle whispered in her love's ear as she noted the already relaxed set of Xena's face and knew she was moments away from absolute surrender to sleep. She waited a few moments wanting to see the peaceful look come over her love's face that came with deep sleep. Satisfied she walked out the door after pressing a gentle kiss to her lover's cheek smiling at the beauty of her warrior princess.

"Queen Gabrielle it's nice to see you up and about, how is Xena?" Chilapa asked walking over to Gabrielle, she had sensed her Queen needed to speak to her a few moments ago so she'd come to seek her out. Seeing the set jaw and the look of determination on Gabrielle's face told her that the talk they were going to have was serious.

"Chilapa just the Amazon I need to see, Xena is great she's sleeping she had a rough night last night, still getting used to the babies' awake times" Gabrielle told Chilapa seeing the concerned look on Chilapa's face and hoping Chilapa wouldn't see that as a sign that they shouldn't embark on this journey.

"Walk with me my Queen?" Chilapa asked, seeing the furrow of Gabrielle's brow that meant the bard was worried about something, she knew it wasn't Xena or she'd be back at her hut within seconds. Hell she wouldn't even be out here, everyone knew that Xena was Gabrielle's reason for living as she was to Xena and if there was something even minor with the warrior princess she would never think about leaving Xena's side.

"Sure, we do need to talk" Gabrielle told Chilapa seeing her regent nod and lead her away from the Amazon huts to a place where they could talk without being interrupted, the hot springs they'd discovered a few seasons ago after exploring a little more of their territory. It was secluded and they were only allowed to come here in groups unless you were the Queen or Regent for that matter.

"So Queen Gabrielle what do we need to talk about?" Chilapa asked getting the ball rolling as a few moments of silence passed them. She knew whatever it was Gabrielle was going to tell her she wouldn't like it, she knew it probably had something to do with the restlessness that Xena was beginning to experience, in fact she had a feeling she knew what it was Gabrielle wanted to talk about but wanted her Queen to tell her.

"Chilapa I'm not going to beat around the bush, Xena and I want to go and find the place we are going to build our home and visit Lila, Chilapa Xena's getting restless, we've been coddling her way too much, not letting her do anything, I more than anyone should know that she's just pregnant not an invalid, and yet I've been treating her like one, Xena's wants the house started before the babies come and I agree with her" Gabrielle told Chilapa looking at her face to gauge her reaction. She didn't want to over rule her Regent, but they were taking this trip whether Chilapa liked it or not.

"Queen Gabrielle, I'm not going to fight you on this, I've noticed how restless Xena is getting, and I know this trip has been coming for a while, so long as you promise to allow a Royal Guard to accompany you, I'll have no objections" Chilapa said smiling at the look of shock on Gabrielle's face. She knew Gabrielle had been thinking she would have to fight Chilapa on this but she was the first to admit that Xena was quite capable of taking care of herself pregnant or no.

"Thank you Chilapa you have no idea how much this will mean to Xena, we'll probably be gone a seven day or two, I want Xena to enjoy herself on this trip, it will probably be her last for a while" Gabrielle told Chilapa smiling at her regent now that she'd gotten over the shock. She hoped her earlier comment would make Chilapa have a word to the Amazon's about the way they were treating Xena during her pregnancy.

"I understand Gabrielle and I also understand that Xena is quite capable of taking care of herself, and that we have gone a little too far on the coddling, it's just that we love her so much, we don't want anything to happen to take these children from her, we all know how much she lost when she lost Solan, and losing Eve for those 25 years" Chilapa told Gabrielle wanting her to understand that Xena was a part of their tribe now and a very much loved member of their tribe.

"I also understand Chilapa, just have a chat with them and get them to ease up on her a little okay, or she's gonna strangle someone, Xena's a woman who is very used to doing things for herself" Gabrielle told Chilapa glad they'd gotten a chance to talk and could now relax in the springs they were bathing in, she intended on bringing Xena here for a nice soak before they began their journey, but not for too long, she knew Xena sometimes got uncomfortable in warm water now, her body heat higher than normal because of the babies.

They spent another candlemark relaxing in the warm waters until Gabrielle began to feel like she was pruning, something she knew Xena was prone to saying or complaining about, and the thought made her chuckle a little. She looked at Chilapa looking at her with a weird look on her face but didn't quite feel like divulging that particular piece of information. She was looking forward to getting back to their hut and waking Xena up.

She walked into their hut after saying good bye to Chilapa and smiled at the angelic expression on her lovers face. The covers were thrown from her body even though it was a little chilly, and her shift had slipped down her back a little further than normally exposing Xena's impressive cleavage and Gabrielle thought her mouth couldn't get any drier as all her moisture began seeping slowly downwards to a region she hoped would be in good use very soon.

She climbed onto the bed smiling as her lover didn't even notice her presence and placed her face in between those two beautiful breasts enhaling the exquisite sent of her lover as she started trailing her tongue over the creamy skin exposed there and heard her lover inhale sharply but remain asleep. Smiling wickedly to herself she realised this would be the perfect opportunity to live out a fantasy of hers of waking Xena with one of the strongest climaxes she'd ever experienced.

Deftly she stripped Xena of the shift she was wearing happy to find her lover responsive but still in the realms of Morpheus, she looked at the naked body lying next to her and her arousal shot up another notch as she knew that it was all for her to take. She placed a tender kiss on Xena's abdomen willing the babies to stay asleep and not wake their mother until she was climbing towards ecstasy.

She took one of Xena's nipples into her mouth rolling it around her mouth and heard Xena moan in her sleep, and smiled she knew as deep as Xena was into Morpheus' realm she wouldn't awaken until it was too late to stop the pleasure from consuming her. She rubbed the other nipple between her thumb and forefinger and felt another moan rumble in Xena's chest and knew this wasn't going to take too long, it had been a while since they'd made love and she fully expected Xena to take control of the situation as soon as she'd come down from the high Gabrielle had created for her.

She lavished attention on Xena's breasts, playing with the nipples with her tongue and continuing to alternate between them so neither would be left out, she smiled as Xena whimpered from the need she was creating and new she was driving Xena insane even though her lover was still asleep. She brought a hand between Xena's legs to test how ready she was for her and was surprised at how wet her lover was, and decided to take pity on her lover, so she plunged two of her fingers into Xena, hearing a loud gasp from Xena and knew it had woken her, she felt Xena's hands tangle in her hand and smiled again knowing Xena was too far gone to even think of stopping her.

She pumped her fingers in and out of Xena loving the feeling of her fingers being grabbed by Xena's inner walls and then added another finger as she simultaneously flicked her tongue over Xena's clit and felt Xena arch towards her and groan loudly. She continued pumping her fingers inside of Xena and running her tongue over Xena's clit knowing Xena was so close to climaxing.

"Oh Gods Gabrielle, take me please" Xena cried out unable to stop herself from crying out her need to Gabrielle, normally it was hard for her to let go and allow Gabrielle to take charge, but from the moment she'd woken up to feel Gabrielle's fingers entering her and realised the dream she'd been having was actually Gabrielle making love to her, her self control had flown out of the hut.

"Oh I'll take you Xena, over and over again my beautiful warrior princess, come for me sweetheart" Gabrielle told Xena seeing the pure fire in her normally ice blue eyes and knew she was most certainly doing this right. She increased the tempo of her fingers thrusting harder into Xena and almost came herself when she watched Xena go over, her fiery blue eyes holding her gaze the whole time. Wanting to keep her promise she waited until the spasms slowed again holding Xena's gaze willing her not to close those beautiful blue eyes that were boring into hers, then she began to move inside Xena again this time taking her clit in her mouth forcefully sucking and teasing it until she felt Xena go over again and she felt her self climax with Xena this time as Xena's cries of ecstasy fuelled her desire. Not completely done with Xena she remained sucking and biting Xena's clit until Xena came once again this time collapsing back onto the bed completely spent.

"Gods baby you almost damn near killed me" Xena exclaimed when she'd finally gotten her breath back, to be taken so forcefully by Gabrielle was so out of the ordinary in their lovemaking but completely welcome, it had taken her by surprise how excited it had made her and how intensely she'd climaxed everytime Gabrielle had continued with that talented tongue.

"Well I aim to please, are you sure it was alright, I was kind of expecting your reflexes to kick in sometime during my loving you" Gabrielle said but was interrupted by Xena's lips on hers, and was enveloped in a kiss that was as passionate as it was loving.

"Sweetheart I loved it, you nearly killed me but I loved it, you can feel free to wake me up like that anytime you want, now its your turn" Xena told Gabrielle knowingly, sensing how ready her lover was for her and began loving her as only she could taking Gabrielle to heights of ecstasy she only experienced with Xena and once Gabrielle was finally spent and neither of them had the energy to move let alone talk they both fell asleep as wrapped up in each other as Xena's growing stomach allowed happily sated.

Continued in Part 2

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