~ Flying Time Warp ~
by Red Hope

Disclaimers: Violence: Of course there is in this, its Xena Warrior Princess. *L Just some sword flinging, and staff whacking action, guns going off and then a car being struck by lightening.

CopyRight: Universal/MCA and Renaissance Pictures own all Xena, Gabrielle, Argo, Janice Covington, and Melinda Pappas, not mine damn it. As well as the Birkenstock Company owns those sandals' brand name as does Dodge Durango, VW, Honda, Gap and Levi own their own names. *L But the story line is all mine as well as the characters, Lillian and Audra so don't "borrow" them. You will receive hell from me if you mess with my story or characters.

Subtext: Its very light in this one. One of those, "Are they really or not?" sort of story.

Started: October 3, 1999 Sunday

Author's Notes: Y'all this story is mostly for laughs, trying to keep it light. Also there maybe some jokes in here or things, that you might just not catch. Inside things. But it certainly doesn't foul up the story line so you can't understand it. Enjoy!


Part 1

Section 1

~*Part 1*~

The small blond lays on the left side of the bed, body slightly moving to the rhythm of the music coming from her black headphones. A window to the right of the bed is open, letting in a cool breeze that faintly brushes the small female's short hair back. Her hazel eyes are closed, letting her mind become lost into her alternative music. The sun cascades into the room from the open window, warming the figure. Her mind wonders off to memories that the music brings up. She lays calm in her light blue Gap jeans, Levi's black belt with the buckle glistening in the late sun. Her top is navy blue with white stripes running along the side of the short sleeved top. Her silver watch sparkles and reflects from the sun while her ankles move up and down as her brown worn Birkenstocks lazily slide up and down on her feet from the movement.

She continues to become lost in the loud fast beat music, slowly a taller female figure enters the room. Slow-moving hazel eyes open up to stare at the bleach white ceiling. Reaching to her right on the bed, she quickly grasps the Walkman and presses down with her index finger on the stop button. Then her small hands move up to her head pulling the headphones off while she turns her head to stare at the new comer, black headphones being placed by the yellow Walkman, forgotten. The taller woman stands tall looking down at the other female, her hands on her hips as she slightly shakes her head at the small younger female's earlier actions. The tall blond female continues to peer down with blue eyes at her and slowly lets a lopsided smile form on her rose lips. The smaller female on the bed in reaction etches a grin on her face, the sun making her eyes sparkle.

"Hey Audra, didn't hear you come in" The tall female rolled her eyes at the younger one still positioned on the bed.

"I kind of figured you didn't. So you ready to head to the movies?" For an answer the small blond sat up in the bed quickly then swung her legs over the side of the bed. Hopping up, her feet made a small thud on the light blue carpeted floor. She then smiled her best friend, Audra. She quickly took in her friend's simple attire; ragged blue jeans, button up long sleeve top with a very fine hint of pink to it. Her long golden blond hair brushed back, blue eyes glistening while her dark blue lightweight jacket hung lose and open, exposing the silver belt buckle between the shirttail.

Audra turned around heading back to the entrance of the small bedroom in the apartment from where she had entered not to long ago. Both women padded out of the room, walking into a small but descent kitchen. The small woman made her way over to her answering machine, while Audra headed to the door to leave the apartment. The younger small woman quickly hit a button on the side of the answering machine, hearing it begin to recite the date out loud. She listen to it as she swiped her set of keys off the table the answering machine and black cordless phone rested on. Now Audra opened the door and walked through followed by the other female as she heard the ping of the lock and then the ching of the keys being slipped into a jean pocket.

Both women began to walk down a set of stairs then pushing on a large glass door opening it, reveling a sidewalk along a busy road. They stepped down three steps and onto the concrete sidewalk, taking a left heading down the street side by side. The older woman looked to her friend, no expression covering her face.

"So how was work? Any boats come in?" The small blond shrugged her shoulders a bit as she gazed ahead watching a few people cross the busy intersection.

"Wasn't to shabby, only two boats came in. But then again go figure. Who the hell would want to dock at a marina called the Fork's Marina?" Audra chuckled some as she shook her head once and looked back ahead.

"Come on now Lillian, it's just a small marina. You are never going to let that one go are you?" The small woman took a deep breath, filling her lungs with crisp warm air, gazing at the setting sun beyond the busy small city. The late afternoon was rather warm for October, but both women knew the night would be cooler, much later.

"Audra you know what I think of that marina's name. Christ they must be suicidal for calling themselves the 'Fork's Marina'. Dumbest name I have ever heard" The taller woman sighed dramatically, realizing this must be the hundredth time she has heard this one on previous occasions from her younger friend.

"Like I haven't heard that before" She then paused as both women stopped at a cross walk, waiting for their moment to cross the one way street. "Well you do have a high position, the dockmaster" Lillian looked down, away from the traffic light and began to cross the street with ease.

"Oh yeah, the dockmaster of the Fork Marina along the Red River in Canada. I am defiantly well known" Audra looked to her small friend, arching an eyebrow at her then she slowly let a bit of a grin slip in. She then looked back ahead, watching a tall boney man walk past them, head hanging down, bad day. Then she responds in a low teasing tone.

"Smartass" Lillian chuckled some as she kicked at a small stone lying in front of her.

"You know it, better to be a smartass then a dumbass" Now it was her turn to pause as they made their way down the street. "What movie we going to see? Preference?" The tall companion didn't say anything at once but took a few steps as she thought about that then finally responded.

"How about that new Keeyona Reeves movie?" The next thing to be heard was a whining sound coming from the younger woman.

"You've gotta to be kidding me?" The thirty-two-year-old looked over to Lillian with a small smirk playing on her lips.

"Oh I am defiantly not kidding, he is hot" Again the whining could be heard between the two woman, making the older one snicker to herself.

"I can't stand that?bad actor " Audra's face quickly took on an outraged look as she turn her head to face her friend.

"Pardon me?" Lillian tried her hardest to hold back her laugh, but couldn't hold back her large smirk. Quickly two large hands reached over, grasping the small blond's right side. Lillian yelped in surprise as she leaped to her left, away from her attacker.

"Now Audra, Mr. Reeves is a fabulous actor, I truly and highly respect the gentleman" The tall woman began to laugh as she brought her hands back to her side, her friend walking closer to her once more.

"Hmmm tell me about it" Lillian took a deep breath, calming her heart rate then answered back.

"I prefer not to, boring information" The tall woman looked at her friend again, glaring at her and slowly moving her hands towards her friend. The young female in a flash grasped Audra's wrists, tight grip holding her hands back from tickling her again. Audra then pulled back on her attack, deciding that she rather concentrate on where she was walking.

"Well you have your opinion and I have mine" The small American sighed after she released Audra's wrists, bring her owns hands back to her side.

"Uh huh" Audra closed her eyes briefly shaking her head. She opened her eyes once more to see the sun gone, different shades of reds low in the cloudless sky. Slowly the two women came towards another cross walk, knowing they were only three blocks from the movie theater. Both stopped at the edge of the sidewalk, waiting for their moment to walk across. Slowly a large red Dodge Durango wheeled passed them followed by a small old VW yellow bug with hints of rust to it. Then in three heartbeats a blue Honda came speeding up, but slowed as it neared. Right before it began to take its left turn, something bright and blinding came down and struck the automobile. The car veered to the left, slamming hard into a light post at the corner of the opposite sidewalk. The two silent figures on the sidewalk stared in amazement, mouths slightly hanging opened. Neither quickly reacted to the car crash, the younger female breathing something out in a low but astonish voice.

"Holy shit, did you see that?" Audra nodded her answer to her friend then began to step down the curb in the direction of the Honda.

"Come on, we have to help that person out" The small blond nodded her head and began to follow after her best friend, at a slow jog. Lillian then heard some kind if crackling sound that only began to become louder. Looking up into the sky, the twenty-year old caught site of a small lightning bolt coming straight down towards her friend. Quickly the young woman sprinted, leaping into the air towards her friend. She landed hard into Audra, both hitting the ground and rolling forward, closer to the tail end of the Honda. Both women looked up, still tangled in each other. Audra looked to her friend with a curious face and spoke in a loud voice.

"What was that for?" Lillian slowly brought her head up from the black ground to look back from where she smacked into her friend. She then pointed to where Audra had been standing earlier, the Canadian glance at where she pointed.

"That's why" Audra easily saw a large black hole with in the pavement, about the size of a manhole if not larger. Slowly both women began to untangle themselves, feeling their sides ache from landing on the hard ground. Looking around they become aware of their surroundings, people gathered around them, the sound of fire trucks and other sirens could be heard coming in their direction. Cars had stopped in the intersection, people quickly moving towards to blue Honda from earlier helping a staggering man from the driver's side. Lillian straightened back up brushing some of the dirt from her jeans from earlier and then looked to her companion whom was running a hand through her long blond hair, slightly shaking.

Then the small woman was about to move when she started to hear the crackling again. Lillian frantically looked up in the sky for the bolt as she reach over, grasping the side of Audra's right arm. The Canadian caught the sound as well and began to scan the clear darkening sky as well, not seeing anything. Both women felt to stunned to move as they looked straight up to see a bright lightning bolt coming directly down on them. They both ducked their heads and bodies down as the bolt came crashing down on them, both screaming out in agony.

Both their worlds began to swirl, colors mixing together like paint and slowly twisting darker and darker. Then everything went black at once and then began to show images of array of things as if they were in a dream. Images of wars, famous people, events flashed by, slowly regressing in time and began to center more around Ancient Rome and then Greece. Pictures of famous wars of the Punic Wars, Macedonian and Syrian Wars, Persian War, and Troy. Well known poets, artists, and philosophers such as Homer, Sappho, Aristotle, Exekia, Alcaeus, Socrates, Plato, Lucretius, Horace and Archilochus flashed before them. Greek gods faces; Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Athena, Ares, Hermes, Artemis, Hades, Poseidon, and Apollo. Finally famous warriors and emperors such as Mark Anthony, Caesar, Alexander the Great, Odysseus, Spartacus, Crassus, Brutus, Pompey and Augustus.

Then the images all stopped at once, with a small white sparkle in the middle of the vision before the two females. The white sparkle grew in size and intensity, blinding them. As soon as the images and blinding light came they were gone, everything was black and still, then a pain came to the back of their heads, spreading down to the heels. To them it felt as if they land on something, something cold and bit rough, much like grass on a cool day. Before either opened their eyes they could feel something each hit their throat, applying some pressure. Lillian felt something-wooden rough, and circular pressing into the dip of her throat. Audra on the other hand could feel something cool, smooth, and sharp being compressed into her, just under her chin. Neither moved, slowly blue eyes opened and gazed up into another set of brilliant threatening blue eyes. Quickly to follow were hazel eyes that amazingly stared at a pair of sea green eyes that were glossed over. The small blond took a gulp then spoke in a low tone, directed to Audra.

"Are you seeing?" Before Lillian could finish her sentence, the Canadian cut her off with a rasped tone.

"Yeah I am seeing what you are seeing" Nobody spoke anything, blue eyes fixed on blue eyes, hazel on green. Breaths heavy, air cool, eyes searching the other pair for something, history, power, anger, understanding, love, respect, trust?


After what seemed like a lifetime, emerald eyes tore away from hazel to gaze quickly at the other standing person, then back to Lillian on the ground.

"Xena you think we can trust them?" The warrior stood tall, stoic, dangerous eyes flashing down at the long blond haired female whom was staring back. At first the bard didn't think her partner would reply, then she watched out of the corner of her eye to see Xena move. The leather-clad female removed her sword from Audra's throat, sheathing it once more. She then extended down with her right hand, the Canadian understanding and grasping the warrior's forearm. Audra could feel the coolness and how smooth the tall warrior's gauntlet was against her wrist as she was quickly hauled to her feet. Tearing her eyes off the ex-warlord, the tall blond watched, as it was Lillian's turn to be pulled up onto her feet. Both Lillian and Audra exchanged quick glances, a mix between wonderment, fear, and craziness. The small bard took a step to her left, closer to the tall warrior, her staff by her side.

The Canadian and American now gazed at the warrior and the bard. Xena stood tall, intimidating, her dark leathers covering little of her, bronze metal twinkled from the sun's light, bronze-black gauntlets and armbands. Her chakram glisten and gleamed in the late sun, her jet-black hair slightly wavering in the cool breeze. The tall female's face was etched with power and years of experience while her sky blue eyes flashed with power. The bard beside her leaned to her right against the Amazon staff while the breeze as well ruffled her glowing hair. Her green top covered little, as did her brown skirt, leather boots braids slightly noticeable in her hair. Her cheeks were faintly rosy in the western sun, a faint smile seemed to almost crease her lips and her emerald eyes seemed to have an endless depth to them.

~*Part 2*~

The warrior glanced up and down the forms of the two new comers, her blue eyes still iced. Xena took in their cloths, knowing instantly they weren't of this time, nor the area, considering how they just appeared from a lighting bolt. Then she looked back up, her voice hard as she talked.

"What time are you two from?" The bard looked up at Xena, her expression confused for a moment, then she looked to the two women. She noted the strange cloths and the fact how they arrived in front of them. Now that expression went from confused to questioning. Lillian looked to her older friend, seeing her stare at the warrior and bard, she then turned her hazel eyes back to Xena. The short hair blond then decided to respond to the warrior, her voice a bit shake.

"Um?we're from 2002?AD if that helps" Ice eyes turned to look at the smaller new comer, Lillian feeling a shiver rush down her back over the look. The warrior responded with her edged voice.

"Exactly how did you get here?" Before the American could reply, her friend answered for her. Audra's own voice was stronger.

"Lightning bolt came out of no where and hit us, went through some kind of?" Audra's voice trailed off as she looked to Lillian for help on her description. Lillian shrugged her shoulders then looked back to the warrior and supplied an answer.

"Time warp" After saying that the twenty-year-old looked back to her friend, Audra giving her a look as if she was crazy. Lillian's eyes opened wide for a second as she moved her shoulders up her brows furrowing as she mouth "what?" The Canadian shook her head for a second, then both women turned their heads quickly to look back at the other women. Both Lillian and Audra just smiled at the warrior and bard, acting like nothing was passed between them. The warrior had one dark eyebrow raised up at the two of them in question. Lillian then finally decided to question the warrior.

"Um can my friend and I, you know, talk alone for a second?" Then Lillian points to a random spot by a large tree. "Just right over there or something" Xena crossed her arms against her chest, her gaze softening some. She then nodded to the American, the Warrior Princess getting a smile in return. Quickly the two women walked over to that tree Lillian had pointed to about fifty paces away. Audra was the first to saying any thing in an angry but low voice.

"A time warp?" Lillian looked up into serious blue eyes, she sheepishly smiled.

"Well what you want to tell them, that they're from a TV show? You gotta better explanation for them?especially me?" The taller female sighed, as she looked to her right towards the warrior and bard, seeing them converse as well. She looked back to her best friend, facial expression still serious.

"Well do you have any ideas how this happened?" The small American's eyes dropped to the ground as she thought. She began to talk more out of thought then anything.

"We could be in New Zealand?" Lillian's voice was rather skeptical about that one, as was Audra's face expression. "But then there would be a set" Lillian sighed then spoke with teasing words. "Well one thing is for sure, we aint in Kansas any more Toto" The thirty-two year old gave her a bit of a drop-dead look but grinned over the crack joke. Lillian then all of a sudden blurted out a question in a rather loud voice. "Oh my god I wander of those alternative fanfics are real?" The older woman's face dropped as she gave the short female a sour look over the question.

"Come on, have you ever seen them kiss in the show?" Lillian opened her mouth to answer but was cut off by Audra answering her own question. "Okay say they did in The Quest but it wasn't even that good of one" The small American snickered at her friend's words then the taller woman's face went serious again, the American taking note of this. "Seriously, what you think is going on?" Lillian closed her eyes briefly and sighed, opening her eyes once more.

"For real I don't know. It was a lightning bolt, with all that's happening wouldn't surprise me if that was a lightning bolt from Zeus" Audra considered the idea, her eyebrows furrowed as she thought. She then moved her eyes from the ground to her friend.

"Maybe, I can see it after what's been happening. Sounds just as crazy as being here with Xena and Gabrielle" Lillian chuckled some as she caught sight from the corner of her eye of the warrior and bard walking towards them. Both Lillian and Audra fell silent as the other pair neared them. The warrior and bard stepped up and Xena broke the awkward silence.

"Neither of you have any idea how you got here?" The American looked to her best friend in question, Audra just shrugged her shoulders. Lillian decided to answer.

"Well we think maybe by Zeus, call us crazy" The warrior nodded her head.

"That's what we figured" Lillian nodded her head. Xena looked to the bard then back to Lillian and her friend. "We want you two to travel with us, take you to a temple near here of Zeus'" Both Lillian and Audra nodded their heads in agreement.

"All right with me" The American then looked to her friend with a questioning face. Audra immediately spoke up.

"Okay with me too" The warrior nodded her head and turned her head to the right. She brought up her right hand to her mouth and whistled. A large spectacular mare came trotting out of the woods behind them, her glowing mane going up down in the movement with her tail. The war-horse slowed up and came to stop beside Xena, she retrieved the reins off the mare's neck.

"Let's go" With that, said the four women all started walking. They fell into a certain order, Xena, Gabrielle and Argo ahead and beside each other while Audra and Lillian were trailing behind. They both felt the uncomfortablity of the whole situation. The twenty-year-old American watched as the bard's hand went up to Xena's arm. The warrior nodded her head and Gabrielle stopped and waited for the other two women to come up beside her. She fell in step with the new comers.

"So where you both from?" Lillian arched an eyebrow at the small bard. "I know I wouldn't know where it is, but I'd thought I'd try to start a conversation some where" Audra snickered and bit her lower lip as Lillian gave her a small glare.

"Well I'm originally from the States, Maryland but now I'm living in another country called Canada" Gabrielle nodded her head and looked to Audra in question. The Canadian caught the look and gave her answer.

"I live in Canada" The bard nodded her head she looked ahead to the warrior. Her staff making small thuds on the dusty road.

"So you both live together?" Audra shook her head and retorted back.

"No, we live close by each other, but not together" Again the small bard's head bobbed up and down in understanding.

"Either of you ever been to Greece in your time?if there is one?" Both the new comers grinned first at each other then to Gabrielle. Lillian answered that one.

"Oh no, not yet at least. We both want to go" The bard smiled.

"So there still is a Greece huh? Well you both are here now" Lillian chuckled, the irony to her. She'd always wanted to see Ancient Greece, and now she is. At least that's how she took it.

"Hey Audra?" The Canadian looked to her friend. "You think we should go catch a boat and go down to Egypt?" Audra laughed with a smile.

"Tempting isn't it?" Lillian nodded her head.

"Neither of you been to Egypt either?" Lillian smiled to Gabrielle and replied back.

"Nope, love to though especially now" Then Audra's curiosity came to life wondering if this all went along the show's episodes. She looked to the bard.

"Gabrielle, have you been to Rome by any chance?" The bard shook her head.

"No I haven't" That narrowed it down. Well that takes us down to the second season. Audra looked to Lillian with an arched eyebrow, the small female interrupted the look quickly. The American looked to the bard.

"How about Amazons Gabrielle? They around?" The bard smiled at Lillian's question and nodded her head.

"There are too many as far as Xena's concerned" She chuckled for a moment. All three women then noticed that Xena had turned her head back to them. Audra and her best friend quickly remember Xena's hearing. The warrior slowed up and walked beside Lillian, Gabrielle still beside Audra.

"So did Gabrielle mention to you both that she is the Queen?" The bard sighed and looked to Xena with a glare but a small grin.

"No she didn't" Lillian then looked to the bard after her statement. "When did that happen?" Audra inwardly grinned at her friend's question knowing she was trying to relate this to the show.

"Just recently" The small American nodded her head. Audra then picked up from there, she was liking this.

"Pardon me but if you're here Gabrielle, then who's running the Amazons?" Lillian grinned to herself. We are horrible. Was the only thought that mused in her head.

"There's a Regent I left in charge" Audra nodded her head. Silence fell for awhile and then Lillian broke it.

"Wait a sec, do Amazons really cut off their right breast or whatever to use bows?" Gabrielle laughed a few times and Xena grinned up to herself. Audra on the other hand rolled her eyes, she couldn't believe that one.

"No they don't actually, it's a large tale it seems drunk men in taverns like to tell" The American nodded her head at the bard's explanation. Again silence took over, the sound of boots scuffing the ground, the bard's staff hitting the ground and the horse's hooves clanking filled the air. Lillian turned her head west to see the sun low in the western horizon. She figured it'd be another forty-five minutes by the time sunset started. She looked back ahead and stared at the scenery. They walked along a dirty path that twisted and turned in a forest, trees around them on both sides. Once in awhile a small open area of grass would show up. The air smelled of something sweet, it was pretty peaceful as the light breeze kept things pleasant.

Now many of us would find this entire thing interesting. Or we could take it as just another tale that escaped a person's mind. But then we do remember that one brief escape of Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas finding the Xena's scrolls. Only to have the scrolls later in the future found and turned into tales. We could believe that sometime this tale will become history or that it was just another tell told tale.

~*Part 3*~

Audra took a deep breath, the crisp pure air filled her lungs. It felt good that clean air, partially making her smile. She couldn't believe what was happening. Audra figured it to be a dream and that she'd wake up soon in bed. But then again, why did everything seem so real? She could actually hear things, smell them feel everything. It boggled her mind. One thing was for sure, she didn't mind this at all. Her thoughts were quickly cut off as Xena abruptly stopped then Gabrielle did along with the other two women.

"This way" Xena nodded her head to the right off the trail. The warrior led the way through the woods, the others following behind. They weaved through the trees then they all noticed a clear opening, Lillian then thought she heard the sound of a waterfall but wasn't sure. "We'll camp here for the night" The warrior pulled her horse up short at the edge of the clearing, Lillian and Audra stepping into the center of the clearing. Gabrielle though stayed beside the tall warrior.

"Need help?" Xena grinned to her partner and handed her the saddlebags off the mare's rump.

"Thanks" The bard smiled with a nod and turned around. She quickly spotted a rock and padded over to it, dropping the saddlebags beside the rock. She then looked up to Lillian and her friend.

"Either of you want to help me get some fire wood?" Audra looked to Lillian with a grin. The American caught the look and inwardly sighed she then looked to the bard and replied.

"Sure I'd love to help you out" With that the two small women trekked into the woods not to far off. Xena on the other hand was taking care of the mare, brushing her down. All of the tack had been removed and placed on the ground close to Argo.

"Do you and Lillian mind trout for dinner?" Audra lifted her eyes up from the ground to the warrior by the mare. She slowly walked over and stood side long from Xena, looking to her.

"I don't think so" Then in an instant Audra's memories flooded with a small fiasco she had with her best friend over trout. She bit back the silly grin that tried to appear. It seemed so long ago that entire trout episode with her best friend. Then again Audra realized that the warrior and bard hadn't dealt with their own trout caper yet.

"Good" Xena stopped her brushing and turned to face the saddlebags and walked over to them. She slipped the brush inside and the warrior turned back to Audra. Xena crossed her arms against her chest. "So do you and Lillian know a lot about?ancient Greece or is it just me?" The Canadian tensed at that, she wondered if Xena suspected. Does she? Audra took a breath and replied back in a calm tone that she could mustard.

"Well her and I really go in for the ancient times" Xena nodded her head, her eyes were a bit cold. A twig snapped loudly and both females turned their heads in that direction to see Gabrielle with an arm load of branches followed by an arm loaded Lillian. They both dropped the branches down in the center of the clearing. Xena moved over to them and began to set up the fire. The bard stood back up brushing her hands.

"Xena, what we doing for dinner?" A large hand lifted up a piece of wood placing it in a certain spot.

"Trout, you mind?" The bard shook her head.

"As long as you're not cooking it" Everybody could hear the warrior chuckled for a moment. Xena then went to work on lighting the fire.

"No that's your skill" The bard nodded her head with a small grin playing on her lips. The warrior stood back up, the fire was beginning to eat the woods. Xena turned back around to face the bard and the two new comers behind Gabrielle. "You two be okay here? Gabrielle and I will go take care of catching dinner" The Canadian decided to respond for both herself and Lillian.

"Yeah sure" Xena nodded her head, looked to the bard and turned around heading out of the woods to a stream or lake. Neither Lillian nor Audra were sure what sort of body of water there was near here. The pair disappeared out of the camp and the Canadian moved to sit on the rock near the fire.

"This is a fix we're in" Lillian looked to Audra after her older friend's statement. She then shifted to sit on the ground in front of her friend on the rock.

"Could be worse" Audra grinned down at her friend.

"You'd think we were in a dream aye?" Lillian shrugged her shoulders and responded.

"Nah, its to real I think" The Canadian nodded her head in agreement. "I'm really not worried about if this is real or not, more worried about getting out of here" Audra's blue eyes lifted.

"True, by the way we're having trout for dinner" Lillian brought up one brow at that.

"Trout eh?" The younger female began to chuckle. "God, remember that whole trout bit?" Audra grinned and nodded her head.

"Yeah, I was thinking about that when Xena said we'd have trout"

"Seemed like to long ago eh?"

"Yup" A long pause.

"Hold on I'll be right back" Lillian stood up from the ground and began to walk in the direction Xena and the bard went. Audra decided to follow and came up behind her friend, the American sensing her friend behind her. The pair quietly made their way down closer to what seemed to be a stream. They were well hidden in the foliage. Lillian crouched down, as did the older woman beside her. The blond's small hands went up to quietly shift the branches up and the pair peered through down to the front of the stream.

There at the edge of the water stood the warrior and bard. They were talking about something or another, neither Audra or Lillian could pick it up, just low words to them. Gabrielle nodded to something and the two pair locked eyes for a few seconds. Then Xena brought up her right hand under the bard's chin. She lowered her head and captured Gabrielle's lips in a very light and gentle kiss. Once the warrior's head was back up, the Amazon Queen's eyes reopened. Xena smiled and brought up her hands to put her hair in a bun.

Lillian turned her head to look to Audra, her eyes wide with a huge grin. Audra bit back a grin. Carefully the American released the branch and the pair snuck back to the camp. Lillian talking first. "Did you see that?"

"Of course I did"

"I told you"

"It could have been a friendly kiss Lillian" The American went to sit down on the rock now.

"A friendly kiss? Ya gotta be kidding me right?" Audra grinned and sat down on the ground, her legs propped up in front of her as she looked to her friend.

"No, you never know"

"Oh come on Audra. We're friends and the last time I checked we weren't kissing" Audra chuckled a little. Lillian leaned forward, propping her elbows on her knees her chin being cupped in her hands.

"Okay I'll give you that. I just like to know in the show you can take their relationship either way you want" The American sighed but a grin creased her lips.

"I can see your point Audra"


"They're still lovers though"


"Ha! Instigator"

"No, it was always there I just helped you realize that other side of yourself Lil"

"Uh huh, I'm defiantly in-touch with myself these days" Audra arched an eyebrow at that one.

"No details please" The younger woman furrowed her brows at her best friend on the ground. Then it struck Lillian, a shock look taking over.

"Oh now that was pervert Audra"

"Whatever, you said it"

"You thought it" The Canadian shook her head and stared down at the ground. She looked back up to Lillian with a more serious face.

"I think Xena might suspect us"

"What you mean? About you and I knowing of?their history or whatever" The older woman nodded her head.

"Think so, maybe wrong"

"Maybe?either way it won't matter" A pause. "Well I guess I don't have to worry about asking Xena why she hasn't had sex with Gabrielle yet"


"We only have two bedrolls, think you two can share one?" Lillian looked to her best friend then to the warrior again and tries to reply.

"Um I?" The American looked to Audra and shrugged. "Audra?" Lillian croaks that one out. Audra looked away from Lillian with a grin to Xena.

"Yeah I think we'll be fine" The warrior nodded her head and the Amazon Queen slowly stood up from beside the saddlebags with the two bedrolls. The one in Gabrielle's right hand she threw to Lillian. The twenty-year-old just caught it and smiled.

"Thanks Gabrielle" The bard smiled in return. Lillian and Audra distanced themselves away from the fire a ways. Xena and Gabrielle placed their bedroll on the opposite side of the fire. Lillian looked across the fire to the Warrior Princess and bard. "Night y'all" Xena nodded her head.

"Sleep well Lillian" The American smiled to the bard with a nod, then she sat down on the ground. Audra smiled to the pair as well.

"Good night to the both of you"

"Night Audra" Two sets of blue eyes locked for a moment then the bard spoke.

"You sleep well too Audra" The Canadian nodded her head to Gabrielle then bent down. The warrior and Amazon Queen both laid down on the bedrolls. Gabrielle positioned her head on top of Xena's right shoulder. The warrior's hand resting on the bard's hip. The other pair perhaps had different arrangements. Lillian half on the bedroll half off, Audra doing the same.

"This is comfortable" Audra turned her head in the direction of her friend's voice.

"Like you say, it could be worse" Lillian rolled her eyes.

"Hey to warn you, I might kick you"

"You better not" The American chuckled and crossed her arms on top of her stomach.

"Sometimes I kick in my sleep and toss and turn"

"Maybe Xena has some rope and I'll tie you down"

"Hardy har har" The Canadian laughed some to herself. Audra's eyes then lifted up to the sky above, a clear night with no moon. Audra nudged her best friend.

"Hey look" Slowly hazel eyes drifted open and looked up to where Audra is pointing. "Pretty aye?"

"Really is, always loved the stars" A silence. "They're really amazing eh?" The older woman nodded in agreement.

"Clearer here then in Canada"

"Uh huh" They both stared up into the night sky then something long and yellow-orange streaked across the sky. "You see that Audra?"

"Shooting star?"

"Yeah, make a wish" The thirty-two-year-old chuckled, her eyes still fixed on the stars high above. They twinkled and sparkled in the black patch of nothingness. The stars giving off a sense of peace and safety. Lillian then shifted with a small groan. "This is not going to be a good night"

"You'll live"

"Thanks" Lillian shifted again. "You know what?"


"I've got this really big rock under my ass" Audra went into a realm of laughter, Lillian quickly joining her. They both thought they woke up every animal in the forest considering how loud they were laughing together.

"Lillian" Audra took a deep breath to calm herself. "Then you just don't want to know what's under me"

~*Part 4*~

Lillian took a deep breath, the scent of fire entered her lungs. Her hazel eyes slowly fluttered open. She groaned for a second then quickly realized her friend wasn't beside her. The American sat up and spotted the fire blazing again to her left. She then saw her best friend sitting beside the warrior and bard. Behind them was the sun just reaching over the trees. A small hand went up to her forehead and she rubbed her eyes for a moment. Then Lillian ran her hand through her hair. She stood up and heard her knees pop into place, she cringed for a moment. Slowly the small American rolled up the sleeping mat and walked over to the threesome sitting on the ground all talking, well at least the bard and her best friend.

"Finally decided to wake up aye?" Lillian looked to her best friend and responded.

"Yeah, decided y'all wouldn't like me sleeping another three hours" Audra grinned at her friend, Xena looked up to Lillian, a small grin.

"I know Gabrielle can sleep late and never thought anybody could beat her" The bard chuckled and Lillian rolled her eyes. Audra grinning to herself. The American dropped the bedroll on the ground.

"Yeah yeah" The grumpy Lillian shuffled out of the camp and made her way down to the stream. She came to the edge and peered down into the water. Bending down her hands cupped some water and she splashed her face. She crouched there staring into her reflection, water descending down her face. She sighed deeply.

A twig snapped behind her, Lillian automatically knowing who it is. Her hands cupped more water and were plash into her face. The water was cool and quickly brought her mind around. A warm hand went to Lillian's right shoulder and the American smiled to herself, Audra's reflection mirrored in the water.

"Sleep well?" Lillian took a deep breath her hands going back to the water. Then she responded before she brought her hands up.

"Alright I suppose. You?" The Canadian smiled and dropped her hand shifting beside Lillian near the stream.

"Not to bad?slept better" Lillian's wet hands went through her mangled short hair. Her hair going from a mixed blond to a dark brown shade from the water. Over and over her hands were wet again, running through her slowly becoming wet hair.

"All them damn rocks under us" Audra chuckled for a moment and watched her friend wet her hair.

"Outdoors for you" Lillian dramatically sighed at that. Each hand went to her ears, brushing back the loose hair behind her ears. The American stood back up and faced the other female. Lillian's hair all wet now and parted in the middle, wet tips of hair on her forehead.

"I never fancied mornings" Audra grinned and began to move, Lillian herself moving along side.

"I could tell" The American chuckled in with in minutes the pair reentered the camp. Both the warrior and bard looked up when the new comers entered the camp. Xena stood up first then Gabrielle did as well. Soon the four women had everything pack, fire out and horse tacked. They headed out of the camp and back onto the dusty path not to far off. They all travel during the day, few words were passed between all of them. Lillian for her part was to captivated by the scenery around her. Audra even becoming lost in it as time went on.

Now then, we do realize the amount of walking both Xena and Gabrielle do. Well our time travelers quickly found out just how much that was. By mid-day their feet were feeling it, especially Lillian, the one who had to wear Birkenstocks. She'd mentally cursed herself for this. Ah well she was glad she'd have her sandals well broken in even though they were a few years back.

Then a little ways after mid-day the group were coming through the woodlen to an open area. That's when a village appeared before them, smoke rising up from it. They all quickly rushed forward, there was a small valley that lead down to the village. Not to far below was the town, smoke coming up, screams could be heard.

"Xena?" The Warrior Princess looked to the bard and nodded her head. She then leapt up into Argo's saddle, bring the reins into her hands. She turned her head to look to Lillian and Audra.

"We're going to go help. You two can stay here if you want" With that, the warrior turned around in her saddle and kicked the mare.

"They are crazy!" The Canadian grins at Lillian's words as she looks to the village below. The American continues to stare at the burning village at the foot of the hill, watching a dark-haired tall warrior become lost in it. Then the bard, wooden weapon in hand, follows her partner into another adventure, running at a full sprint down the hillside.

"No they're just doing what they always do. Its not like we have to go down there and help out?even though it would be nice" Lillian turns her head to her left to stare back into serious blue-green eyes after hearing the stern tone. Lillian knew her best friend was all too serious, her features and eye color expressing it with ease. She then brings up her right hand running it through her short hair as she turns her hazel eyes back to the burning village, feeling a bang of guilt and dishonor fill her. She drops her arm back to her side and sucks in a deep breath then mumbles something, which her best friend just catches.

"I must be crazy too?damn it" Audra chuckles to herself as she watches her friend bolt down the hill side, slightly jumping over a log that laid on the ground. The younger female trying not to trip or slip in her Birkenstock sandals, mentally cursing herself again. Now the American hears familiar running feet behind her, following her down the hillside, making her smile knowing whom exactly it was.

As soon as the new comers came into the village some nasty young warrior pulled out his sword and swiped it at Lillian's head. She ducked just in time and stumbled back out of the way. "Oh this is great" The large warrior laughed at the woman. He went after her and Lillian for her part spotted a barn off to her right something leaning against it. She grinned and ran out of the man's way and towards the barn. The raider running behind after her, sword still in hand.

Audra on the other hand came into the village and spotted a child, huddled against a house, a large man after the small boy. She quickly spotted a wooden barrel and ran to it. It was empty as she hoped, lifting it, Audra ran up behind the raider and chucked the barrel at him. The raider crashed to the ground from the barrel's blow. Audra then spotted him getting to his feet, she quickly closed in the distance between her and the raider. She punched the man in his face when he wasn't aware of her yet. He fell to the ground in a slump, eyes closed. Audra smiled to herself as she clenched and unclenched her fist, feeling a huge sting to her right hand. She shifted to the boy and lifted him up, tears trickling down his face.

"Hey, it's alright" The small boy lifted his head up from Audra's shoulder, his eyes red, wet cheeks. She smiled to him and received a very small one in return. The Canadian's back then stiffened up, feeling a presence behind her, she turned around. A raider with a sword pointed at her looked to the boy and her with a grin. Then something wooden was smashed against the side of his head. His eyes rolled up into his head and he dropped his sword, the raider falling to the ground then. Audra jumped back as he fell forward, she looked up to see Lillian standing there. In her hands was a pitchfork. "You swing one mean pitchfork" Lillian arched one eyebrow at her best friend as she leaned against the pitchfork, breathing a bit heavily.

"Very funny, do I look like Gabrielle to you?" Audra chuckled and shifted the boy in her arms a little. "Is he okay?" The Canadian's eyes shifted up from the small boy to Lillian.

"Yeah I think so" Then both women heard a screaming of some woman, they looked to their right to see some woman running towards them. Directly behind her was a raider following her.

"Oh no" Once Lillian said that she went at a run towards the raider and woman. She stopped in her tracks a few paces from them. The woman ran past Lillian towards Audra. The American lowered the pitchfork at the running raider coming at her. The raider stopped short and lowered his sword at the woman. Lillian took a deep breath, her muscles going tight. The man brought his sword down on the woman, Lillian stopping the blade with the pitchfork. He scraped his blade from between the forks of the farm tool. Then he tried to swipe it in front of Lillian, but she jumps back out of the way. That's when he caught her, his blade under her neck.

Lillian narrowed her eyes, the raider grinned and kicked at her stomach. She dropped the tool to the ground and bent forward, the raider's sword lowered to his side. As she bent forward and tried to breathe the man kicked at her face. She went tumbling to the ground, she opened her eyes to look up and see a sword pointed towards her. Her eyes blurred out some, the next thing she heard was somebody yelling out 'No'. Then a large familiar body was on top of hers, protecting her own. The pair both waited for the sword's decent, it never seemed to happen.

Instead they heard a warrior cry they recognized all too much. The sound of swords clashing then Lillian reopened her eyes to looked to her left, the raider fell to the ground, eyes open staring up in horror. Then she looked to the person on top of her, Audra grinning to her. The Canadian got up to her feet then helped her best friend.

"You okay?" Lillian nodded her head in answer to Audra's question.

"Yeah thanks, you?" The older woman nodded her head and Xena stepped up beside the pair.

"You both look fine" The American responded to that one.

"Oh yeah, always do this you know" The warrior grinned some, her sword down at her side. Behind Xena Lillian spotted the woman from earlier holding the small boy in his arms.

"That's his mom" Lillian looked to her best friend and nodded again.

"Good" The American then looked to the dark haired warrior. "Where's Gabrielle?"

"She's back in the center of town, you both can take care of things here?" Audra nodded then responded her answer.

"Yeah we'll be fine here" Xena nodded her head and broke out into a fast sprint going back towards the center of the town. Lillian had her right hand up to the side of her face, touching it lightly. She could feel the pain from the raider's kick earlier.

"You sure you're okay?" The younger woman looked to Audra.

"Yeah I'll be fine, no worries here" Audra arched an eyebrow at her best friend and crossed her arms against her chest. "What?"

Out of no where the sound of thunder came, it was to clear of a day for a storm. Both women froze in place, then they looked up to the sky together. As soon as they did a lightening bolt came crashing down on them. They both screamed as it struck them. The village around them faded out and they faded into a world that is a mix of gray and blue swirled together. They could feel their bodies taking on a flying feeling, their heads pounded. Again historical images appeared before them. The pair quickly took note to the fact the images were moving forward in time.

They watched as images of World War I flashed before them. All the wins and loses, the deaths. Then the Great Depression that soon followed. The sound of a radio could be heard, they listen to it tell a story of aliens coming to attack the earth, the radio speaker then said its the war of the worlds. The radio broadcast ended and an image of a plane crossing the Atlantic appeared Lindbergh. Then a huge fire flashed before them, people running in the image screaming Chicago is on fire. Then soon to follow was a shot of Adolph Hitler, thousands and thousands of Nazi soldiers below his podium chanting something in German. Then the image blipped over to bombers flying over a harbor, bombs being dropped over a large American Navy ship, a base not to far away being bombed.

The images all stopped, everything went dark then that same bright blinding white light centered in the image and grew. It sparkled and boomed, making Audra and Lillian blind for a brief moment. They then felt their backs hit something hard, it was rough and felt sort of gritty. The pair let their hands take in the ground below them, it was some dirt. They both opened their eyes slowly. Lillian stared up at brown canvas high above her, some stake running through the brown canvas.

"Audra why do I feel like I'm in a tent?" Boots on the ground scuffed from somewhere, the sound of a gun's hammer being pulled back rung through the air, an angered female voice filled the air.

"Because you are"

Continued in Part 2.

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