~ Is There an Archeologist in the Dig? One Act Play ~
by Red Hope


Violence ~ Nope, none, zip, zero violence.

Subtext ~ Nothing but subtext as maintext.

Copyright ~ Universal and MCA both own Melinda and Janice.

Series: Other

This is a collection of works I did during the duration of my Creative Writing class a while ago. The first item is a character profile on Melinda Pappas, followed by a monolog on her, next is a monolog on Janice. The fourth thing is a one-act play with Melinda and Janice and ending this is a short story about Janice and Melinda.

Overall, this collection is about how the two women try to seek out their destinies together. And as they do this they must contended with an archeology site in Greece together.

If anybody has comments about my story please let me know at: redhope@redhope.net

One Act Play on Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas

Creative Writing

Characters One & Three


Is there an archeologist in the dig?


Act I

Scene I


Here we begin inside of a rather large building. Our scene on a hallway, down away is a door to some place we are not sure of. It is midday to say the least. Down this hallway there is a right corner leading to another hallway. As we gaze down this hallway that is when our Doctor Janice Covington reappears, she comes briskly around the corner. She has on her normal attire on that we last left her in. Her head is down, reading some small slip of paper that is on top of a stack of folders she is carrying in her arms.

As soon as she rounds the corner she slams into something rather tall yet soft and warm. Janice stumbles to keep a hold of her folders. She easily does and her sea green eyes lift up to meet with the thing she slammed into. Janice Covington is in a minor shock for a second and quickly recovers.


Janice [Facial expression serious and hard.]:

Sorry about that.


[There before our archeologist is a tall female, midnight hair and sky eyes. She is dressed in a maroon skirt that is tight and reaching to her ankles. She then wears a white blouse with a matching maroon jacket on and a black pair of glasses. Melinda Pappas.]



Itz quite alright. I reckon wasn't watching where I wuz going.

[Melinda peers down into emerald green eyes.]


Janice [Faintly smiles to Melinda.]:

Trust me, I wasn't watching where the hell I was going at all.

[Melinda's back slightly stiffens up over Janice's cursing.]


Melinda [Bit flustered.]:

Um well yes. Uh?do yo need any help wid anything? I work here at duh University.


Janice [Smiles brightly to Melinda.]:

Really? Well maybe you can. Do you know where this room is?

[Janice hands the small slip of paper from earlier. Melinda takes it. Their fingers making contact. Melinda proceeds to read it aloud.]


Melinda [Slow voice.]:

Room?three fifty-seven. [Melinda looks up to Janice with a huge smile.] Why yes of course I do. I wuz just there. Just follow me.

[Melinda hands back the slip of paper, Janice taking it. They begin to pad down the long hallway.]



So you work here eh? What department?


Melinda [Pushes her glass back up onto the bridge of her nose.]:

I work in duh history department. My major iz Macedonian history.


Janice [Eyes widen in surprise, she then goes stoic again.]:

Well I am quite fond of Macedonian history myself.


Melinda [Grins to herself.]:

Dat's what I reckon. Archeologist of Macedonian history?


Janice [Grins up to the other woman.]:

You pinned me.

[Silence for a while, their footsteps echoing off the walls in the empty building.]

So why South Carolina?


Melinda [Looks to Janice with a confused look then an understanding look takes over.]:

Well I've been liven here my entire life. [Pause.] I reckon I'm jus' uh country gal at heart.


Janice [Nods.]:

I can understand that?a little.

[The pair come to a door labeled, '357' with 'Doctor Nathan Johnson, Dean of the University of South Carolina' written underneath.]

This is definitely it.


Melinda [Looks from door to Janice.]:

Yo have uh meeten wid Doctor Johnson, the dean?


Janice [Looks to Melinda.]:

Yup and on schedule for once. [Pause.] Um what's your name Miss?


Melinda [Smiles brightly, eyes twinkling.]:

My name is Melinda Pappas.


Janice [Facial expression goes a bit shock, her voice in amazement.]:

Pappas? [Melinda nods.] Are you related to Doctor Mel Pappas?


Melinda [Keeps smiling.]:

Yes I am, he iz my daddy.


Janice [Goes stoic again.]:

That's amazing.


Melinda [Smile going into a grin.]:

Yes well I've learned quite uh bit from my daddy. And yo' name iz??


Janice [Eyes harden a little up at Melinda under the fedora.]:

Covington?Janice Covington.


Melinda [Brow furrows as she stares at the floor.]:

Covington?Covington?I don't recall an archeologist named Covington. [Silence then Melinda looks up, her eyes wide and expression startled.] Wait uh minute, you're duh daughter of Harry Covington the-


Janice [Quickly cuts of Melinda with an angry tone.]:

The grave robber. That's what everybody else calls him. Why not you?

[Janice reaches for the doorknob, Melinda's hand quickly shoots out and rests on top of Janice, stopping Janice from turning the knob.]


Melinda [Voice a bit harder.]:

Well I'm sure it wuz just an unfair description or something.

[Janice release the knob, Melinda releasing Janice's hand. Janice looks up to Melinda.]



Oh no, it was right on. [Pause.] He'd sell anything to get money, but it wasn't out of greed. No it was all to discover the Amazons' existence.

[The two women's eyes locked. Their eyes searching the other's for a few heartbeats.]



Well I believe yo Doctor Covington if dat means anything.

[Melinda watches, as Janice's eyes seem to soften a degree, almost as if a wall dropped.]


Janice [Smiles.]:

That does mean something Miss Pappas, thank you.


Melinda [Warm smile, her right hand going out.]:

Well I'd better let yo go Doctor Covington. Wuz nice meeten yo.

[Janice gingerly takes the larger hand. Their hands shaking.]



Nice meeting you too Miss Pappas. Maybe I'll see you around eh?

[Their hands were still clasped, a little longer then normal. Melinda squeezes for a second then breaks contact with Janice's hand.]



Take Care Doctor Covington.

[Janice nods her head. Melinda walks past Janice and heads back down the hall. Janice reaches to the doorknob. The knob turns, but the door doesn't open. Janice stares at the door and listens to the sound of Melinda Pappas' heals click down the hall. Janice sighs and shakes her head, she pushes open the door and steps through.]



Scene II


Doctor Janice Covington is now inside of an office, there is a hint of smoke in the air. The strong smell of cigars permeating the room, the kind Janice disliked very much. She now sat in a comfy navy seat in front of a wood desk, the Dean of the University sitting behind it.

The Dean is an old gentleman, in his mid sixties or so. White hair, almost bold, wrinkles certainly showing while he wore golden wire glasses. He had on a white button up shirt, brown trousers and a brown jacket as well, no tie.

His eyes were down studying the papers Janice had brought with her. The Dean's shaky hand lifted up a paper on the left and flipped it over and placed it onto the stack on the right side. His eyes moved across the paper as he read. He took a breath, looked up to Janice then leaned back in his old worn wood chair.


Nathan Johnson [Hard and slow voice, but stern.]:

So explain to me Doctor Covington exactly what you plan to do over in Greece?


Janice [Straightens up in the seat, looks directly to Doctor Nathan Johnson.]:

Well Doctor Johnson I'm hoping to find the Amazons' Nation.


Nathan Johnson [Nods, looks down to the papers and back to Janice.]:

Well it says here that you already had a fund from [Looks down at the paper and reads aloud.] the University of New York, correct? [He looks up to see Janice nod. Doctor Johnson leans back into his chair.] And did you succeed in finding anything significant from this dig?


Janice [Sighs inwardly, but replies with a hard tone.]:

Not anything of much use Doctor Johnson, but I did find some artifacts dealing with the Amazons.


Nathan Johnson [Nods.]:

That's what your report confirms. [Intertwines his hands and drops them into his lap.] And what do you expect to find Doctor Covington that you didn't find on your last dig?



I'm hoping to find more evidence-

[Janice is cut off by Doctor Johnson.]


Nathan Johnson:

Doctor Covington, let me make it more clear for yo. You did not succeed in finding any useful evidence from your last dig. What I don't see is how you expect to continue on with what little evidence you have found. There is nothing there for you to follow on.


Janice [Her temper fuels up a little, eyes narrow. She closes her eyes and lies back in her seat. Taking a deep breath the woman opens her eyes again. Her response comes out a little harsher then she'd like it too.]:

Doctor Johnson, it is a well known fact in history that the two greatest Amazon Nations existed either in the western part of Macedonia or in the eastern section. I have done a dig in the western half and little results. Now I'd like to go east where one of the great nations may have lay.


Nathan Johnson [Sighs, shifts a little in his seat.]:

First of all Doctor Covington, make sure you realize the difference between facts and guesses. They'll make a big difference in the long run. Now it is a guess that an Amazon Nation existed in the eastern portion, but that is all myths and tales. And as I said you have little to go on. I do not see this going anywhere Doctor Covington.

[Nathan Johnson leans forward and begins to close up the folder of papers. Janice leaps up from her seat, she stomps up to the desk. She puts her hand down hard on the papers, stopping the dean from closing the folder. The Dean looks up to Janice, Janice's flashing green eyes look to the dean.]


Janice [Voice hard.]:

Doctor Johnson, read that bit right there. [Janice points to a section.] Aloud please.


Nathan Johnson [Looks down to where Janice points, proceeds to read.]:

It is a proven fact between the University of New York and Doctor Janice Covington's research that the Amazon Nation did once existed. This fact stands true due to the fact that Doctor Janice Covington at her dig site did recover some artifacts that are of the Amazon Nation. The artifacts listed below?



Read the list too.

[Nathan Johnson looks up for a moment into hard emerald eyes. He looks back down.]


Nathan Johnson [Reads list.]:

Amazon sword, Amazon dagger, three bows, and a regent's Amazon Queen mask.

[Finish reading and looks to Janice.]

And yo' point is Doctor Covington?


Janice [Locks eyes with the Dean.]:

My point Doctor Johnson, is that the Amazon Nation did exist at some point in time. With that being true along with the myth of their location then I believe they can be discovered.

[Moves her hand off the paper. Her arms falling against her side.]

Besides Doctor Johnson, much of history starts out only as myths or tales told by drunken men in bars. Then somebody decides to prove it and that tale becomes history. It has to start some where.


Nathan Johnson [Takes a deep breath, sits back in his seats. Stares up at Janice for a moment.]:

I see your point Doctor Covington.


Janice [Crosses her arms against her chest, her voice becomes quite hard.]:

Personally Doctor Johnson, what I would like to know is why you will not give me the grant? It is completely obvious that the Amazon Nation can be proven real.

[Uncrosses her arms, her hands going to the edge of the desk. She leans forward against the desk, her cold eyes leveled with the Dean's.]

What's the problem Doctor Johnson?



Nathan Johnson [Takes a deep breath. Breaks eye contact for a moment then looks back to Janice.]:

There is no problem.


Janice [Laughs sarcastically.]:

No catch really? I don't believe that Doctor Johnson. You have all the facts right in front of you. Why? My guess is because of my father. You can't tell me I'm wrong.


Nathan Johnson [Eyes narrow for a second. He sighs.]:

It is your father.

[Janice smirks then straightens back up, her arms cross against her chest again.]

I would give yo the grant Doctor Covington, but your father's past has ruined your reputation too?sorry.


Janice [Mumbles to herself in a low voice, eyes to the floor.]:

My father's reputation sticks to me like flies to shit.

[Janice looks back up, her hard voice filling the room again.]

Doctor Johnson, I need this grant. What about an agreement?


Nathan Johnson:

What do yo have in mind Doctor Covington?


Janice [Doesn't respond for a moment. She ponders and then her face brightens up, she quickly responds.]:

What about Miss Pappas?


Nathan Johnson [Sits up more in his seat, his eyes faintly widening.]:

Miss Pappas? What could Miss Pappas do?


Janice [Grins]:

Well she has a major in Macedonian history correct? [Nathan Johnson nods.] And her father did use to run this University? [Another nod from the Dean.] Then of course she knows ancient Greek from my guess, right?


Nathan Johnson [Skeptical voice.]:

Yes of course, but what does that have to do with anything?


Janice [Keeps her grin, eyes sparkling brilliantly.]:

Miss Pappas knows her Greek history, has a stake in this University from her father and knows ancient Greek. She has a lot to do with this. Miss Pappas could be of great help to me on the dig seeing I could use help in translating ancient Greek and she knows her history. While at the same time she will be watching over the dig site and me because it is of the University's and she'll know what she's doing since this is her department. I'd say Doctor Johnson it would work out beautifully. We both get what we want.


Nathan Johnson [Smiles and leans back in his seat.]:

I'd say you have quite a wonderful idea Doctor Covington. But the one problem is, what would Miss Pappas think of this? [A pause.] I'll agree to this Doctor Covington. If you get Miss Pappas to agree to go with yo on this dig for the full time. Then I will agree to give you the grant yo need.


Janice [Smiles a bit devilishly.]:

That works for me Doctor Johnson.

[Janice holds her hand out. The Dean stands up and shakes hands with Janice.]


Nathan Johnson [Releases Janice's hand, reaches for the phone at the edge of his desk.]:

Let me ring up Miss Pappas. Y'all can go out tonight and discuss this over dinner. Come back to me tomorrow, the both of you.

[Janice nods. Nathan Johnson dials a number, he waits then smiles and begins to speak.]

Hello Miss Pappas, I was wondering if you have plans tonight? [A pause.] No? Wonderful. I have here an archeologist named Janice Covington. She would like to discuss with you some plans that you can or may not agree to, that being up to you. [A pause.] Yes well, Doctor Covington would sure love your help on a dig if possible. [A pause.] Yes tonight if possible. Is that a problem Miss Pappas? [Another pause.] Great, I'll relay the message to Doctor Covington. Goodbye Miss Pappas. [The Dean hangs the phone up and looks up to Janice with a smile.]

Well Doctor Covington, Miss Pappas certainly seemed cheery to have arrangements with you over dinner. Please just put the dinner on the University's tab. Come back tomorrow morning with the results. Miss Pappas said to come to her office in room two ninety-seven, down at the southern wing right at six this evening.


Janice [Smiles brightly.]:

Great, thank you Doctor Johnson.


Nathan Johnson [Nods then smiles.]:

Quite welcome Doctor Covington. Have a lovely afternoon.

[Closes folder and hands the three folders to Janice.]


Janice [Receives them.]:

Thank you, you do the same. Bye Doctor Johnson.

[With that, Janice headed to the door and stepped through. The dean called back.]


Nathan Johnson:



[Janice flashes back a smile then closes the door.]


Scene III


This scene takes place inside of a small quiet restraunt, a few people here and there at round tables or booths. Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas walk into the restraunt and directly to the host's desk, a hostess standing behind the desk already. The hostess looks up with a smile to the two women.



Good evening ladies. Dinner for two?


Janice [Smiling lightly.]:

Yes, just us two and?[Turns to Melinda.]

Is smoking fine with you? [Melinda nods in agreement. And Janice turns back to the hostess.] And smoking please.


Hostess [Nods and picks up two menus.]:

Right this way.

[The hostess heads into the middle of the restraunt then turns right. Melinda and Janice following behind. They clearly come into the smoking section, the air reeking mostly of cigarette smoke. The hostess brings them to a small booth.]

Enjoy your meals.

[The hostess places the menus down on the table while Janice and Melinda shift into the seats, opposite of each other.]


Melinda [Opens menu then looks across to Janice.]:

So why smoken section?


Janice [Opens the left side of her jacket and reaches in. Pulling her hand back out she produces a small cigar.]:

This is why. You don't mind?


Melinda [Shakes her head.]:

Naw go right ahead, I'm use tuh them. My daddy smokes them all duh time.

[Looks back to her menu.]


Janice [Smiles some.]:

Mine too.

[Janice reaches into her right pocket on the outside. Her hands come back out with a pack of worn matches. She then quickly lights the cigar. She then proceeds to blow out the lit match and drops the remains to an ashtray off the side of the table. Janice takes a drag on the cigar then looks to her menu.]

So your father was the Dean of South Carolina before Doctor Johnson?


Melinda [Looks up from menu to Janice.]:

Yes he wuz, not to long ago he retired. Daddy and Mom are liven in Charleston.

[Janice nods. Her eyes going back to the menu. She finds something on the menu that strikes her fondness. Melinda herself finds something enticing for dinner and smiles to herself. She looks up from the menu to Janice.]

What about you Doctor Covington?


Janice [Places the menu down on the table. She pulls the cigar out of her mouth.]:

What about me Miss Pappas?


Melinda [Drops her own menu to the table and smiles.]:

Well what about your father Doctor Covington?


Janice [Places the thin cigar back in her mouth. Janice takes another drag on the cigar. She then speaks through the cigar.]:

First of all Miss Pappas, I'd prefer you to just call me Janice. I do believe we can move on to a first name bases.


Melinda [Grins.]:

Well I'd fancy yo calling me Mel if I am tuh call you Janice.

[Janice nods.]


Janice [Smiles a little. Removes the cigar from her mouth again.]:

So my father you would like to know about? [Melinda nods.] Well as you know he was known as the grave robber. Well to sum my father up, he was quite the intelligent man, witty, determined and very gentle and loving.


Melinda [Nods then smiles lovingly to Janice, making the archeologist feel warm.]:

Now I know where you get yo' intelligence and determination.

[Janice is about to reply but their waitress steps up to their table. She removes a pen and a small white tablet from her back pocket.]


Waitress [Smiles pleasantly enough.]:

Good evenen ladies. What can you get you for drinks?


Janice [Looks up to waitress.]:

Can I just get some scotch?


Waitress [Nods, writes down drink then looks to Melinda.]:

And you Miss?


Melinda [Smiles.]:

I reckon I could go for uh glass of Chardonnay.


Waitress [Nods then writes down Melinda's order.]:

Alright I'll be back in a moment with your drinks.

[The waitress walks away from the scene. Janice places her cigar back into her mouth, smoking on it.]


Melinda [Smiles to Janice.]:

So what about the rest of yo' family Janice? Any siblings?


Janice [Breaks her eye contact then looks back to Melinda. She removes the cigar, grasps the ashtray bring it closer to her. The ashes from the cigar falling into the small gold tray.]:

No siblings. [A pause.] My mother?well lets just say she ran out on us when I was young.


Melinda [Nods, stares at the table then looks back to Janice.]:

I'm sorry Janice.


Janice [Takes a puff on the short thin cigar. The smoke leaving her mouth as she takes the small remains of the cigar and snubs it out hard in the tray. Her fingers going white at the joints as she speaks.]:

Well you become accustom to it after awhile Mel.

[Releases the cigar butt and then pushes the tray back to its home from earlier.]


Melinda [Drops her eyes to the table.]:

I reckon you're right Janice.

[Silence sinks in. Janice leans back into the booth as her gaze is fixed on Melinda. Melinda looks up to Janice, her face constructed into curiosity.]

So how can yo be so?I don't know how tuh quite describe it. I reckon itz yo' being so stoic and having uh strong attitude.

[Yet again as Janice was about to answer the waitress reappeared with a glass of wine and scotch. She places them down in front of Janice and Melinda. She then retrieves her order pad from her back pocket with pen.]



What can I get y'all for yo' dinners?


Janice [Smiles to Melinda.]:



Melinda [Smiles back to Janice then looks up to the waitress.]:

I reckon I'd fancy the steak.


Waitress [Writes down order.]:

How'd you like that cooked?



Medium-well would be great.


Waitress [Nods and scratches something down. Looks to Janice.]:

And you Ma'am?



I'll have the same actually, cooked the same too.


Waitress [Writes down Janice's order. Reaches down to pick up the menus.]:

Yo' dinners will be ready in a while.

[Janice nods and the waitress stalks off to another table.]


Melinda [Lifts her wineglass, taking a sip of the white wine. She carefully places the glass back down and looks to Janice.]:

Do I get an answer tuh my question?


Janice [Her hand reaches out to her glass of scotch. Her fingers just lifting the glass, she tilts the glass left and right, rolling it on it's base. Janice looks up, her eyes quite hard. Hard enough to cause Melinda to shift uncomfortable in her seat.]:

Hard times bread hard people Melinda. But from what I know of the Pappas family they roll around in the dough. So my guess is you wouldn't understand something like that being sheltered with money most your life.


Melinda [Eyes drop to the table. Janice lifts her glass and takes a drink of her scotch. The glass going back to the table.]:

You know I would understand something like dat Janice. Believe it or not. I may come from uh wealthy family but it doesn't mean I don't understand. [Melinda looks up to Janice.] I'm not rolling in duh money right now, I live on my own. I get no money from my parents. I know hard times too Janice.


Janice [Nods. She reaches up with her right hand. Janice removes her hat and places it on the seat beside herself. This being the first time Melinda sees Janice's long hair. Melinda's mind quickly describes it as strawberry-blond like a gorgeous sunset with shades of oranges and yellows mixing together.]:

Well then I apologize Mel. [Janice looks up to lock eyes with Melinda then breaks the contact.] I've never had much money, constantly on the go. Dad was determined to find the Amazon Nation. Now I plan to find it and show that my father's quest wasn't in vein. [Janice looks back to Melinda.]


Melinda [Smiles then lifts her glass and drinks from it. She places the glass back down and sighs.]:

I reckon dat you and I both are following in our daddies' footsteps.


Janice [Smiles sadly.]:

I suppose you're right Mel. [A pause.] So you plan on becoming the dean in the future?


Melinda [Chuckles.]:

Naw not quite. I'm more aiming tuh become an archeologist?translator like daddy was. But wid my luck I don't reckon I can.


Janice [Furrows her eyebrows at Melinda.]:

Why is that?

[Takes a sip from her scotch as Melinda replies.]


Melinda [Sighs.]:

Because it iz very hard these days for women tuh become archeologists or even a translator. I've tried numerous times tuh talk tuh Doctor Johnson on giving me uh chance. But unfortunately itz always the same thing.



They say you can't because you're a woman? That's a load of crap.


Melinda [Shakes her head.]:

What they say Janice iz dat the University is short hand of teachers from duh war. When in fact duh University could easily get somebody tuh replace me. The subtext tuh it Janice is duh fact I am uh woman, but the University would never come out and say such uh thing. Even more so considering who I am.



Well why not just go stomping into Johnson's office demanding a chance using your name?


Melinda [Sighs and shakes her head. Her right hand grasping the stem of the wineglass, her thumb running up and down the stem. Her voice going serious.]:

I aint gonna do that Janice. Dat aint my style. I fancy tuh earn my way through life rather then flaunt and bribe my way through life.


Janice [She smiles lopsidedly.]:

I can understand that, I've been doing it all my life. Even though I have nothing to flaunt.

[Janice then chuckles at herself and shakes her head some. She looks back to Melinda with a huge grin.]

So looks like this dig will be benefiting you as well.

[Melinda's face constructs into questioning.]

Mel, you'll be able to prove to the University you can do a dig. I'll also teach you if you'd like.


Melinda [Smiles deeply.]:

I would love it if yo did. [A pause.] Doctor Johnson did say you wanted tuh convince me tuh go on this dig.


Janice [Grins.]

Yup. [Takes a drink from her half filled scotch.]


Melinda [Grins but more devilishly.]:

So convince me.


Janice [All of a sudden Janice chokes on her scotch. She pulls the glass away from lips and begins to cough. Janice puts the glass down on the table. She coughs a few more times. Clearing her throat she looks to Melinda, her eyes a bit wide.]:

What?! I thought you just agreed?


Melinda [Chuckles, her eyes twinkling.]:

No I agreed tuh learn how to dig. Not tuh go tuh Greece on duh dig. [Melinda then takes a sip of her wine.] Besides Janice, I can't go into Doctor Johnson's office and tell him dat I'll go on duh dig tuh learn how tuh be an archeologist. It aint gonna fly. [The wineglass' base makes contact with the table again.]


Janice [Recovers from her small shock.]:

Alright, so you want me to convince you. [Grins.] So what do you want to know?



Tell me how dis dig will help duh University? I do have tuh look after dis University's best interests.


Janice [Brings up her hands to rest on the edge of the table, her small fingers interlacing.]:

Well it'll help the University be more recognized. Probably bring more people flocking to the University. And just maybe increase the history department's funding.



Dat iz if you find duh Amazon Nation.


Janice [Nods.]:

And I will.


Melinda [Chuckles.]:

Yes well what use would I be tuh you if I go?and duh University's use?


Janice [Grins.]:

You'd be helping me run the show, I can always use a second hand. Not to mention I could use your skills in translating ancient Greek. And for the University you'll be watching over their?assets.


Melinda [Nods.]:

I could use some brushen up on my translating. [Crosses her arms against her chest.] And how long do you expect dis dig tuh take?


Janice [Looks down and reflects. Takes a deep breath then looks back to Melinda.]:

I'm not quite sure. Could be between a month to?six months. It all depends on what we find, weather, number of workers. Many things.



My problem Janice iz I aint in tuh spending quite such uh long time from home.


Janice [Sighs. Reaches out to drink from her scotch, her glass going back to the table. She looks back up to Melinda with serious eyes.]:

Well do you have a problem with learning to become an archeologist, finding the Amazon Nation, creating history, hanging around me, and being in Greece with fine food?


Melinda [Grins.]:

Oh no, I don't mind them things at all.


Janice [Grins as well.]:

Well then Miss Pappas, I'd say you have little to lose from this expedition, just a little time. You get a shot at being an archeologist, maybe get a promotion from the University, go to Greece, use your translating skills and have it all paid in full only to get a little home sick. I wouldn't pass something up like that myself. And I believe you've been dreaming of something like this for quite sometime now.


Melinda [Chuckles then nods a few times, her lips forming into a huge grin.]:

I do reckon you pinned me Doctor Covington.


The end?maybe?

To Continuing Work, Short Story on Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas.

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