~ Janice versus Janis ~
by Red Hope

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note: this story is for Susan. her, MomBard, and I each have our constant debates with Susan about the first name of Covington. originally Covington's name was Janis then it was changed, for whatever reason, to Janice. I, myself, am partial to Janice because of the spelling type however I am more interested in Janis because of? well other things. on that note, I am sure ya'll will decide in time who is the right Covington (just like me) since this is a three part story.

Series: Other Series Number: 12 Story Number: 51

March 28th 2003, Friday through March 29th 2003, Saturday

Janice versus Janis (Part I)
by Red Hope

"Hey, sweetheart? I have to run back to my tent quickly."

Melinda looked away from the area she was digging, straightening up from being on her hands, and peered up at her friend above her. The smaller woman's body was casting a shadow over her. "Alright, Janice."

Janice started to turn but stopped halfway. "Having any luck yet?" She pivoted back on her foot and raised an eyebrow at the southerner.

"No, I ain't had any luck yet." Melinda sighed slightly.

"Neither have I." The archeologist gazed about the dig site, a faint sigh escaped her. "I'll be back." She disappeared down into the camp.

The southerner watched her go momentarily. After pushing her glasses back up on her nose, she went back to the careful digging she was doing. She pushed her hand shovel into the dirt but it quickly stopped after about two inches down. "Oh my," she uttered, "wonder what that could be?" She continued digging carefully in the loose dirt. Not much deeper, she came across a tiny figurine.

Melinda carefully wiggled the brownish figurine out of the dirt. Taking the sleeve of her shirt, she gingerly wiped away the dirt that'd been stuck to it. She then lifted it up a little higher into the sun light and looked over it.

"Hey Mel."

Melinda suddenly broke away from her attention on the figurine, tucking it away in her pocket. She furrowed her eyebrows and straightened up again. "Back already, Janice?"

"Back?" The archeologist's own eyebrows knitted together. "From where?"

"You said you were going to your tent." The southerner pushed her glasses back up while staring curiously at her friend. "Yah ain't going?"

The archeologist shook her head. "I didn't know I was going." She half laughed.

"Um? yah feeling okay, Janice?" The tall woman stood up from her spot, leaving her shovel buried in the dirt.

"Yeah sure. Why?" Covington folded her arms against her chest.

"Well, I reckon you said you were going to your tent but you said you ain't."

"Mel, I never said I was going," hotly stated the archeologist. "I've been on the other side of this mound with a few of the other workers the entire time."


"But nothing." The archeologist shook her head. "I reckon yah been in duh sun tuh long," she tormented in her fake southern accent.

The southerner drew the line at that point; she put her hands on her hips. "Doctor Covington, I have yah know my southern accent ain't trashy as that. And second, I know what yah said so yah ain't gonna tell me," her eyes drifted past Covington as she kept speaking, "that yah didn't?." She fell short on her words as she just stared ahead in pure confusion.

"Mel, what's wrong?" The archeologist reached out and lightly touched her friend's arm. "Mel?"

"Who the hell are you?" growled a deep female's voice.

Covington whirled around after releasing the southerner's arm. "Holy shit." Her eyes winded instantly. She stepped in front of Melinda and started pulling her gun out quickly.

The mirror image hastily went for her gun as well.

Both women lifted their guns simultaneously and the two guns cocked in rhythm.

Melinda just dazed at the scene of the two women that were her friend. Their guns just inches from each other, the woman directly in front of her with her legs spread and both hands on her gun. The other with her right leg stepped forward, her right hand up with her gun up, and teasing smirk on her lips.

"Mel, stay behind me," whispered Covington.

"Right," muttered the southerner under her breath.

"Sweetheart, get away from her," commanded the other archeologist.

Melinda started to move, not sure what to do.

"No," growled the woman in front of Melinda, she repositioned herself in front of her friend. "Don't move, Mel."

"This ain't getting us anywhere," cut in Melinda. "Tell us who yah are?" she questioned the archeologist furthest from her.

"Come on now," she growled slightly, "I'm Janice Covington."

"Um? okay." Melinda sighed and peered down at the smaller woman directly in front of you. "And who are you?"

"Mel, I'm the same person." She slightly peered up into questioning blue eyes. "Covington? Janis Covington and that's with an 'is' not an 'ice.'"

"Oh wait." Janice started laughing and shaking her head. "Let me get this right? you're Janissss not Janiiiccee?"

The archeologist gave a menacing look to Janice. "Yes."

"Oh this is funny." Janice only shook her head again with a few more deep chuckles.

"Wait," started the southerner, "you are Janis with an 's.'" She pointed to the archeologist right in front of her. "And you are Janice with a 'ce' instead."

"You got it, sweetheart," confirmed Janice. "How'd I know this would happen?"

"What would happen?" questioned Janis.

"The screw up," mocked Janice.

Melinda soon realized that several of the workers at the site were becoming spectators on the two Covingtons. "Um? ya'll, I reckon we might wanna take this into a tent." She directed to all the workers.

Janice and Janis gazed about and noted the workers.

Janice huffed, her attention back on Janis.

Janis pressed her lips together for a second. "I think Mel is right." Just to show some trust, she uncocked her gun and slipped it back into her holster, but she never moved away from Melinda.

The archeologist however kept her gun raised as she considered everything. Suddenly her evilest grin broke out across her lips. "Alright." She relocked her gun as well and put it away. "How about my tent?" she taunted.

Janis rolled her eyes. "My tent then, sounds good." She glared at Janice as she brushed past her, headed for camp.

Melinda shook her head at the two Covingtons and followed behind them to the tent. Once inside, she remained in front of the tent flap. She noticed how both of them acted exactly alike and concluded that the only difference was just their names.

"Let's get this cleared up," demanded Janis once she turned around, facing both Melinda and Janice.

Janice raised an eyebrow. "Well it's obvious what's happened."

"And that is?" questioned Melinda. "I ain't understanding."

Janice chuckled to herself and folded her arms against her chest, her eyes locked on Janis. "She's around because she's pissed I took her spot."

"Spot?" The southerner became even more confused.

"Oh come on, Mel." Janice half turned to face her. "The writers screwed up."

"Writers?" Melinda started becoming more confused but then it suddenly dawned on her. "Oh my?"

"Exactly," agreed Janis. "I'm back to take my spot as the proper Covington."

Janice laughed while her head was shaking. "I don't think so. Why you think the writers replaced you huh?"

Janis quickly stomped over. "Well at least I am not the mistake," she growled once in Janice's face.

Janice's up lip twitched. "No, you're just the accident until they made me."

"Oh get real," snarled Janis.

Janice started laughing at that statement. "If I was real and not a fuckin' character."

"Oh my," repeated Melinda quietly.

Janis threw up her hands briefly and walked away. She then stopped and whirled around. "You were a mistake and I'm back."

"You were never meant to be the Covington," reminded Janice, "Otherwise you'd be in my spot."

Janis felt her shoulders starting to sag. She peered over at Melinda before focusing back on Janice. "You think this is your character? Then why was my name in the script originally?"

"Then it was replaced by mine, Janis." Janice shook her head. "You weren't good enough for the character. You got as far as the original script. I'm in everything else," she started while walking towards Janis. "I'm in the remade script, the guide, even in the recent Beauty and Brawns cards." She laughed. "Hell I'm in all of the fanfictions? you were a mistake."

Janis turned around to face her counterpart. "No, you were the mistake. You think those writers would have used you?" She shook her head. "Your name is Hebrew? what the hell does that have to do with Greek history?"

"Its not Hebrew," snarled Janice.

"Actually, Janice," cut in Melinda, "It is Hebrew for gracious god."

Janice huffed at Melinda's great help in the situation. "Well its not like Janis is exactly Greek either? its English."

"On the contrary, it's derived originally from the Roman god of gates," interjected Janis.

"Roman god of gates huh?"

The southerner started nodding. "It is, Janice. The god of gates is named Janus, he protected the gates of Rome."

Janis suddenly had a smug look. "According to history, he was depicted as having two faces back to back."

Melinda furrowed her eyebrows after hearing that. She dug into her right pocket and removed the tiny figurine she had found. "As a matter of fact?." She walked over to the two archeologists. "I think this happens to be a Janus." She held out the figurine in the palm of her hand.

Janice narrowed her eyes at it. "That's? a Janus?"

"Uh huh," answered Melinda, "He was an extremely important god. He was considered even more important than Zeus."

"I can understand the Fates being more important," said Janice. "But not some god of the gates."

Janis chuckled before saying, "You see Janus watched over the gates of Rome? he was the protector of Rome. The reason why he even had two faces was because he could see the future and the past. That was the reason why January, the first month of the year, was named after him. Why do you think January first is such a big party day? It all started as a sacred day to Janus."

"And what the hell does that have to do with your name? We are discussing a male god."

"Janis is simply the female version of Janus," stated Melinda in a matter of factly tone.

"Mel, you're not helping," lowly whispered the archeologist.

"She's just doing her job," reminded Janis to Janice.

The archeologist shook her head at Janis. "So you're telling me, that the writers sat down and said lets choose Janis over Janice because of the meaning?"

"Yes," simply answered Janis. "It's clear? even Melinda's name is Greek."

Janice knew Melinda's own name was also Greek and it made her teeth grind.

"My names means gentle and dark in Greek," softly whispered the southerner.

"I know what it means," growled Janice.

Janis shrugged. "I'm the real archeologist to the stories. The writers would have not chosen a Hebrew name. Janus was the link to the past and the future? just as I am."

Janice grinned as she lifted her head. "But obviously you were not meant for this character and were replaced by me."

Janis instantly then had her own devilish grin as she took a step closer. "Alright then, we know what happens later in the fanfictions after the writers are done the one episode. Let's just see who the best character for this role is. And I'm sure Mel will have her opinion as well."

Janice laughed at her counterpart and held out her hand. "Alright then."

Janis smirked and took the hand, she briskly shook it.

"Oh my," whispered a worried Melinda as she held tightly to the small Janus in her hand.

To Be Continued?

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