~ Nightfall Once Again ~
by Red Hope

Disclaimers: Violence: Of course there is violence in this, its Xena Warrior Princess. *L To sum it up, there is sum gun shooting, little head banging.

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Started: October 18, 1999

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Part 1

Section One

~*Part 1*~

The small hand held the golden bird as emerald eyes studied it. The light from the ceiling above glistened and sparkled off of the small golden bird. Carefully the bird was laid back down on the wooden dresser. Casually green eyes moved up to look into a mirror above the dresser. Green eyes stared at the reflection of themself. A short blond in her late twenties, standing tall. She wore a red silk shirt, buttoned down, completely buttoned. The young woman wore jet-black pants that were soft velvet, a silver belt around her waist. The shoes were black leather that fit in well with the attire. Her strawberry blond hair was straight, hanging loose to her shoulders, bangs stopping just above her brown eyebrows. Lying nicely on her chest was a necklace consisting of a staff skewed through a chakram and a deep blue sapphire centered within. The blond turned her head to the right a little to look at a doorway to a large size bathroom.

"Mel you ready?" The small female got no response at first and didn't think she would, but before she turned her head to look at the mirror once again, she heard a southern accented voice call back.

"In a moment Janice" A small grin corked onto the blond's lips as she looked back into the mirror. Small hands reached down onto the wooden dresser, grasping a pair of feather earrings. The archeologist slipped them in and then grabbed a small tube of her soulmate's tan shade lipstick. The blond stared at it for a moment then sighed, hating to dress up. Pulling the top off and twisting some of the lipstick up, she carefully applied the lipstick. Placing the tube back down on the dresser by the golden bird, Janice heard the sound of high heels moving on wooden floor. The small form turned around to gaze at her tall lover.

"Y'alls ready to go?" Janice didn't reply to her soulmate for a few moments as she became memorized by her partner's beauty. The southern belle stood tall with her dark hair pulled up into a bun, blue eyes glistening, dark glasses had been removed for the night. Her red lips stood out with her cobalt blue silk dress that reached to her ankles. The soft dress had thick straps across the shoulders and cut with a deep "V" line, showing ample cleavage. The dress hugged Melinda's broad hips and flat stomach then came out some traveling down her muscular legs. Mel herself wore the same necklace as Janice, but instead of a sapphire it contained an emerald in the center. A small grin formed on the blond's lips as her eyes travel back up to tall form to meet blue eyes.

"Yup I think I am" Mel smiled and walked over to her partner, only shoulders length away, her eyes sparkling down at the small female. Janice smiled up at the aristocrat and spoke in a low voice. "You look magnificent Mel" The southerner's smile began to turn more sexy, driving the archeologist mad with the beauty. The tall belle brought her large hands up, slowly unbuttoning the top two buttons on Janice's red silk shirt, the archeologist closed her eyes briefly and reopened them once Mel's warm hands left her chest. The aristocrat then reached behind the small blond, grasping a small spray bottle of perfume, on it was written Ice Breeze. The tall southerner then very slowly moved the smaller woman's silk shirt out the way, then sprayed some of the perfume on her small soulmate's chest. Mel then put the cap on the perfume, placing it back on the dresser once again. The belle straightened out Janice's red shirt, but leaving the top two buttons still undone, showing extensive cleavage.

"You look sexy" The blond's reaction was something Mel didn't expect the small female slightly blushed at the comment. Melinda grinned and grasped her soulmates hand, stepping to her right opening the bed room door. They both stepped out of the room, walking down a hall a little ways and coming too large set of wood stairs to their left. The soulmates made their way down the stairs and headed out the door directly at the base of the stairs, Janice locked the door behind and looked to her soulmate.

"Which car Mel?" The southerner grinned and looked to her partner and replied.

"Let's take the Convertible tuh the party" Janice nodded with a smile, dropping Mel's hand and jogging over to the large garage to the left of her. She went to the front of the garage swinging open the two large white doors, walking in she flicked a switch. The lights came on automatically reviling the back of a cherry red 1937 Cord Convertible made in America. Then there were two more sections of the garage that held two other cars, one gorgeous Silver Ghost still in good condition. Mel had told Janice that the car use to belong to her father, it was built around 1909. The last car was the car both Janice and Mel commonly used, a silver Chrysler 1943 Airflow. Janice smiled at the convertible then heard the aristocrat coming by the sound of heels hitting cobblestones. The blond turned her head to see the lanky belle stepping into the large garage, she walked up to the passenger side. The belle opened the door and stepped in, feeling the cool leather of the seat touch her upper legs and back.

The archeologist opened up the driver's door, hopping in and closing the door behind her as she turned the key in the ignition. The car came to life with ease, Janice looked on the small dash board looking for a switch. She found it and flicked it up, a whining sound could be heard as a small motor pulled the hood of the car back. The hood bunched up in the rear of the car, then disappeared into a small compartment in the back. The small blond slowly backed the car out of the garage and once far enough out, she directed the rear of the car towards her left. The wheels rolled off pavement and onto the cobblestone lane that looped around in front of the white mansion. Janice put the convertible into drive, turning the wheel to her right, following it to the end of the lane and to the exit of the mansion's loop. Taking a right, the two soulmates headed towards the South Carolina University in the heart of Columbia.


The dark haired belle shifted her weight from her right leg to her left one, the bit of wine in her crystal glass swaying in the stemware from the movement. To her left she heard a deep breath that was slowly released, a sign to her that patience was being forced best as possible. Mel refocused her eyes as a question was thrown at her.

"Isn't that true Miss Pappas?" The belle looked to her left a little to stare at a tall brown haired man, very thin, wire glasses, and a brown jacket on with khaki pants. Mel smiled some as she responded with a deep southern draw.

"Yes Doctor Longhem" A pause as Mel turned her eyes to Janice then looked back to the tall man. "Doctor Covington and I have found extraordinary artifacts and proof to the Warrior Princess's once existence" The tall man nodded, beside him stood a smaller female, she was a little taller then Janice. She had thin brown hair that hung down, her cheekbone structure was unusually high much like Mel's. The woman wore a long following silken black dress that reached just below her ankles. What neither Mel nor Janice could take their eyes off was the small golden bird that hung from her neck that sparkled and shined from the chandelier light above. Now it was that very woman who began to talk, not saying anything earlier, let alone introducing herself.

"Have you and Doctor Covington gone through all the artifacts recovered?" Janice was the one who took this question, finding it amazing how light this woman's voice was.

"No not yet. Miss Pappas and I just recently returned from overseas in Greece with our findings. We've been catching our breaths from the expedition" The woman nodded as a small smile creeped onto her lips.

"Yes rumor has it you two had a bit of an adventure in Greece" Janice nodded as she responded, feeling the need to know this person's name.

"We did, but made it through the fiasco with no problems" A pause. "By the way your name is?" The brown haired woman laughed for a moment then smiled to Janice and her tall soulmate.

"I am sorry for my rudeness, I am Doctor Emily Leukos. The University in the department of European History just recently hired me by the Dean. I've heard many good things about you and Miss Pappas and the Xena Scrolls, its great to finally meet you two" Janice lightly smiled as she brought her hand up, shaking the other woman's small cool hand, Mel doing the same. Mel kept her smile as she gazed into the other woman's dull blue eyes.

"Well I am glad that Doctor Covington and I are on the University's good side for once, we were not for a while" All four people in the small group laughed some. Janice happy she could finally laugh at it, knowing that at the beginning of the year was a large struggle with the University and Dean. A struggle over the Xena Scroll's believability and possible actuality of Amphipolis and Poteidaia. Janice and Melinda both believed it, but the department and Dean would not listen. Janice had a burning desire then to seek out Amphipolis, rediscover it, but the University wouldn't fund the campaign. Eventually they all came to a compromise, Mel agreed to fund for half of the expedition, the University the other half. That's when Janice and her soulmate flew to Greece and into another story.

"Yes well the Dean talked highly of you two, non stop about the Xena Scrolls and discovery of Amphipolis. I did hear you tried to find Poteidaia but had no luck with it" Janice shook her head while Mel drank the last bit of wine in her wineglass.

"Well we did find Poteidaia, but there was extensive evidence that some where along Poteidaia's history it was burned to the ground" The brown haired woman nodded, the taller man beside her widen his eyes in amazement. This didn't go unnoticed between Janice and Mel. Doctor Longhem then retorted a question.

"Poteidaia was burned completely to the ground?" Mel was the one to nod as she crossed her arms against her chest, glass in hand, hanging.

"Yes, we reckon it wuz burned by something rather drastic. But as to what that was we have yet tuh find out. Doctor Covington and I are still translating Gabrielle's Scrolls, we are hoping they will reveal az to what happened to the town" Then both Doctor Longhem and Leukos nodded their heads together. Emily Leukos then asked her question that had been in the back of her head.

"So when do you plan on your lecture about the Xena Scrolls and discovery of Amphipolis and Poteidaia?"

Janice smiled in pride as Mel let her soulmate answer the question, knowing how much she enjoyed that pride.

"First Miss Pappas and I plan on translating the scrolls, putting them in order. Then organizing our artifacts, and last coinciding them with all our compiled information on Xena and Gabrielle" Doctor Leukos nodded in understanding and all four members of the University looked to the entrance of the large dinning hall. A butler entered the forum where everybody from the University is gathered, he loudly announced that dinner was prepared and ready to be served at any time. Slowly people in the forum entered indoors to the Dean's large mansion, they shuffled into the dinning room. Everybody sat down, the Dean at the head of the table, then down the long side of the wood table sat all the Doctors of certain aspects of history. Most from head departments, a few Doctors were also teachers, known for their renowned abilities as archeologists, Janice being one of them. Sitting beside Janice was Mel, then across from them, two seats up, sat Emily Leukos, her eyes locked on them. Then to Emily's right, closer to the soulmates sat Ben Longhem, then after him, directly across from Janice sat a rather large man.

Janice hated him.

Doctor Wilson Havagin, his area of expertise was Ancient Rome. He was average height, pudgy cheeks, baldheaded wearing a casual tux and his brown eyes were centered on the large turkey in front of the Dean. Doctor Havagin had a tendency every time Janice's presence was near to remind the blond that Rome conquered Greece. Those little reminds constantly flamed the small archeologist's large temper, starting colorful wordy fights with ease.

The Dean smiled to everybody at his table, Doctor Nathan Johnson, been at the University since 1915, practically came with the University, now at the age of fifty-five or older. Dedicated to the University and history, been at the University of South Carolina for years starting as a teacher. That's why he got the job as Dean, dedicated. Janice had to admire the dedication, even before, during, and after the long debate about the Xena Scrolls. But she disliked one thing about the Dean.

He has a thing for Mel.

The northerner's jaw became tight over that. To many times had Janice caught the Dean flirting with her Mel. Every time though was a failure on the Dean's part considering the translator pretend to be dense and not take notice when in fact she always did. Janice couldn't quite decide which Doctor Johnson took a better liking to, Mel's breasts or the aristocrat's money she generously donated twice a year, or maybe just both. Either way the archeologist didn't care and wanted to tear the Dean into shreds, but restrained herself on Mel's wishes, knowing it would go over bad with the community, real bad.

Then sitting four seats closer to the Dean from Mel was a lanky, bony female with bleach blond hair, cold amber eyes and dark eyeliner on. Doctor Julia Philistine, the Doctor of Gossiping and Hatred. She was the main member of the University that is constantly spreading vicious rumors about Mel and Janice, mostly consisting of them being lesbians, together. Nobody within the University had directly question neither the archeologist nor the aristocrat, considering people went by tradition. The common tradition that only guests stay in one's house for around a month otherwise they are a vital part of the person's life. Much like a child, sister, brother, mother, aunt, father, other family, or husband, but never a "friend." In the end that meant to anyone that they were lovers, especially considering neither woman dated men or is seen with any, just the two of them. Julia Philistine seemed to take much enjoyment in reminding the people of the University of this bit of information, hoping to see the end of Janice Covington. Janice knew, Melinda knew that Doctor Philistine was incredible jealous of their findings of the Xena Scrolls and other information, artifacts.

The rest of the Doctors of the table, Janice either sort of knew or didn't care to get to know. Mel knew them all, considering the Dean had introduced all the teachers to Mel, the biggest money donator of the University. The translator remembered every single doctor she was introduced for mental notes. Mel in the back of her mind never trusted anybody except her soulmate, she constantly kept note of things going on.

The Dean began to carve the large turkey, passing plates down with the slices. Along the long wood table was cover with array of different foods. Broccoli, mash potatoes, gravy, rolls, sliced carrots, a mixed vegetable palter, beets, and a large garden salad bowl in the center. Nobody said much, everybody worked on getting their food together and getting either glasses of wine or water. By the time everybody was happy with what was contained on their plate, they began their meal.

Janice hadn't taken any vegetables except for the mash potatoes, hating any other vegetables. Mel on the other hand had a little of everything on her plate. She looked to her soulmate's plate, making her frown over the lack of food. The tall female moved her left knee to her left, hitting Janice in the side of her leg. Quickly emerald eyes looked over to Mel with a question behind them. The translator's eyes moved to the plate then back to Janice, the archeologist quickly caught what she meant. Then Janice mumbled something low to her partner that the belle easily caught.

"I think I'll pass" Sapphire eyes narrowed briefly at Janice then Mel whispered back in a threatening tone.

"If ya don't get any veggies on your plate, I'll force you" The blond looked up to Mel with one eyebrow up, an amused look on her face. Janice chuckled for a moment and then huffed reaching out for the bowl right in front of her. It contained the mixed vegetables, sure to make Mel happy, that's all she'd do it for, to make Mel happy. The southerner smiled to Janice, while the archeologist gave her a dower look for a moment then it change quickly to a smile and twinkle in green eyes. It was all about love.

The Dean looked up from his plate as he swallowed a bit of turkey. He then broke the small conversations going on between people.

"So Doctor Covington, when do you plan on having your lecture about the Xena Scrolls and your other discoveries?" Janice looked away from her partner and down to the table to lock eyes with Doctor Johnson. Janice replied in a loud voice that silenced all at the dinner table.

"I am hoping with in a month if not earlier. There is a lot of artifacts and evidence that Miss Pappas and I need to go over and organize" Doctor Johnson nodded his head as he dropped the tip of his fork to a piece of turkey. He then posed a question before lifting the meat to his mouth.

"Well I would love to get together with you and Miss Pappas to go into more detail on your plans. I hope you both can find sometime when we can get together" Janice nodded her head, as all eyes were on her except Mel's. Mel was keeping her sights on the Dean and the others around her.

"Miss Pappas and I can defiantly find sometime to meet with you" The Dean smiled as Janice kept a small smile forced on her lips. Doctor Nathan Johnson swallowed his turkey meat again as he replied.

"Great sounds good to me" Janice smiled as she returned to eating her food, as did everybody else, except for Doctor Philistine. She looked down to her left at the soulmates, a smirk on her face.

"Doctor Covington, will you and Miss Pappas need any assistance with translating the scrolls?" The small blond archeologist closed her eyes as she gulped down a few peas. When she reopened her eyes they were filled with anger over the question and the person. Mel knew exactly what her soulmate was feeling through their connection and just the tightening of Janice's jaw. The aristocrat gripped her fork tight as she waited for Janice to retort to the other woman, as did everybody else. The blond looked down at the bleach blond lanky female, anger evident in her eyes, her voice though was amazingly stoic.

"No Doctor Philistine, Miss Pappas is an expert in the field of translating" The tall female nodded, the smug look still on her face as she threw a mocking statement at Janice.

"But if I am not mistaken, Miss Pappas doesn't have a degree in the field of translating ancient syntax. She is not recognized in the field as a Doctor" Janice's temper went a few notches up, the tension more then evident in the air. Mel pressed her left leg tightly up against the archeologist's to calm her. Janice knew what that meant, the belle's own temper was fuming as well. Mel looked down to Doctor Philistine, her blue eyes taking on a dangerous look to them, her tone was stoic but an edge to her words.

"I may not have a bit of small piece of paper that says I am a doctor in the field. I wuz taught by my daddy whom was the Dean of dis University before Doctor Johnson. He wuz highly respected and well known for his abilities in translating ancient syntax. So do not sit there and tell me I do not know how tuh translate syntax when I was taught by the best syntax translator known" Doctor Julia Philistine felt stunned and slapped by the words, she knew she was beat. She turned her gaze back to her food, everybody was silent for a moment then the buzz of conversation started back up.

Janice waited till she felt calm, as did Mel. The northerner then looked to Mel for a moment, a grin swept across her lips. Mel grinned in return, both passing a word of pride in secrecy. For the remainder of dinner everybody ate and talked in small groups. Janice and Mel constantly being questioned about their trip to Greece and findings. Of course both woman glazed over the adventure, knowing nobody would believe them about their decedents coming back to life to stop an immortal. They knew that would not go over well. By the time desserts came, everybody was laughing in smiling in good humor, happy that the long evening was almost over. Especially a certain blond archeologist that was becoming antsy to leave the dinner meeting. The belle herself was getting rather bored with the formal night, even a proper southerner belle could handle only so much formality. And only two soulmates could with stand so many hours of keeping their hands off one another. Janice looked up from her pecan pie slice to be met by dull blue eyes, Emily Leukos eyes at that. Doctor Leukos smiled to her, Janice faintly smiled back not liking the woman completely, and especially over the vexatious butterflies she caused in Janice's stomach. The blond knew that the female was planing something just by the bird pendant that hung from her neck. Leukos continued to gaze at Janice with curious eyes as the small female began to eat her dessert. Emily Leukos then took to notice that a set of eyes are now centered on her. The doctor looked to the person to be met by threatening intense blue eyes. The belle smiled to the brown haired woman, her smile had evilness to it, as did her look. Doctor Leukos faintly lop-sided smiled to Mel then dropped the half smile then quickly moved her gaze some where else. The southerner return her eyes back to her dessert, content with herself with a smirk on her ruby red lips. Across from Janice Doctor Havagin was lifting a piece of his pecan pie studying it then popping it into his mouth. He hardly chewed the tidbit then gulped it down and then looked to the small archeologist across from them, a small smirk on his lips.

"So Miss Covington, did you find any interesting evidence about Caesar killing the Warrior Princess?" Janice took a deep breath as she felt her semi good mood drain from her. Of all the people who had to ruin the rest of her evening it had to be this man. Janice looked up with a small smile playing on her lips as she talked in a mocked tone.

"No Mr. Can't-have-it-again. It seems that from the scrolls I've skimmed through and Caesar was actually set up by Xena to be killed during the Ides of March. So no she wasn't killed by the tyrant" Around the table there were plenty of snickers filling the room and people with smirks to their lips. The large man's upper lip twitched as his anger flared up. He hated this woman as much as she hated him, even more so when she got his goat. Once again the small archeologist managed to get Doctor Wilson Havagin's temper going, but he decided to dismiss it and looked to Doctor Longhem beside him, striking a conversation up with him instead.

By the end of the long grueling dinner, all the members of the history department began to migrate to another location of the mansion, the living room. There the men smoked their cigars and had small shots of brandy. The few women that were there drank hot tea, some with herbal flavoring, some none at all. Janice on the other hand didn't have anything, having a large yearning to have a brandy and cigar, but withdrew. Janice mingled with a few of the doctors, listening in on the conversation, but not talking much, feeling no need. Mel though was standing beside the Dean chatting with him over a cup of strong tea, Doctor Johnson smoking a cigar. The archeologist turn her head towards her soulmate to see her talking with the Dean, they both stood in front of the fireplace. Janice watched as Doctor Johnson made some joke, making himself laugh and Mel just a bit, the belle almost playing it off. As the older man laughed he brought his free hand, with no cigar, up to rest on the aristocrat's upper forearm and squeezed. He didn't relinquish his hold, the small archeologist gritted her teeth at the sight.

Janice stalked over to her lover and the Dean, her stride containing power to it, her green eyes flashing. Out of the corner of her eye, the southerner saw her partner coming and knew as to why. With Mel's left hand, she brought it up to grasp the Dean's smaller hand and efficiently removed the man's hand from her arm. Nathan Johnson dropped his arm back beside himself, Mel moving her hand to now rest on her hip. She lifted up her cup of herbal tea taking a sip as she nodded to what the Dean was telling her. After bring her cup down from her mouth that's when Janice came up beside her. The small blond looked to the old Dean, a forced smile on her lips and stoic tone forced as well.

"Doctor Johnson" The Doctor Nathan Johnson smiled to the smaller woman as he spoke.

"Doctor Covington, so nice of you to join us. Miss Pappas and I were discussing the latest happenings in Columbia since you've both been gone" Janice bobbed her head up and down.

"Oh, keeping Miss Pappas updated on the latest gossip" The old man chuckled some and replied back.

"In a matter of speaking, a little gossip here, a little news there" The Dean brought his cigar up, taking a long drag on it then blowing the smoke off to the side. He then looked back to the pair with a small smile. "So when do you and Miss Pappas have sometime to stop by my office? The sooner the better" The archeologist considered the question, her head down in thought. She then looked up to her soulmate, blue eyes looking back down at her. Janice became memorized by the translator's eyes, the way they glowed from the fire burning in the fireplace. Mel knew Janice was becoming lost in them, she inwardly grinned at the affect. Then a man's deep voice cut through the blond's world. "Doctor Covington?" The smaller woman blinked twice and turned to look at Doctor Johnson again with a stoic face.

"Sorry was just thinking. I believe this Wednesday Miss Pappas and I can stop by your office to get things organized" The older man nodded a kept his smile.

"Sounds wonderful, over lunch then" Both women nodded in agreement. The belle took her last sip of tea and settling the small cup onto a table beside her. The aristocrat then looked back to Doctor Johnson, her eyes dull.

"Well Doctor Johnson, itz been a lovely evenen with y'all. But I think Doctor Covington and I are going tuh retire for duh night" The Dean smiled as he reached over to the table with his cigar, snubbing it out in an ashtray. He then looked back to the two women, serious face.

"I am glad yo enjoyed yourselves this evening Miss Pappas" He paused as she looked to the archeologist. "And you Doctor Covington" The Dean looked back to the tall belle, holding his hand out, palm up. Mel smiled and lifted her right hand up, placing it in his hand. He began to lower his head as he did the southerner looked to her soulmate. Janice looked up with darken eyes, Mel rolled her eyes referring to Doctor Johnson. The archeologist smirked at her as the Dean brought his head back up from kissing the translator's hand. Melinda quickly looked back to the man with a very bright but fake smile. The Doctor smiled back and dropped his grasp. "I'll be looking forward to our meeting Wednesday" The tall female kept her phony smile on and nodded with a response.

"Till then Doctor Johnson. Thank you for your hospitality this evenen. Dinner wuz wonderful" The Dean nodded with a smile. Janice could feel what little control over her temper begin to dissipate.

"It was a pleasure Miss Pappas" The belle nodded and began to walk towards the door, Janice right behind her. Mel then called back in her polite southern accent.

"Goodnight Doctor Johnson" The older man watched the two women go, walking through the large white door the butler opened. The blond and belle both disappeared into the night as the door shut behind them.

~*Part 2*~

Janice slowly walked in, her left hand still grasping the cool golden doorknob. Reaching to her right, the blond flick up a switch, the large room was swiftly illuminated by the large brass chandelier high above her. Directly in front of her lay the large grand stairs that lead upstairs to various bedrooms, to her right was the entrance to the den room, to her left through the high doorway was the dinning room. Janice stepped through the doorway into the lobby of the white mansion. Following her was the southern belle, her high heels clicking on the wooden floor. Once stepping through, Mel pushed the door behind her and turned around to lock it for the night. She turned around to find a short blond only a breath away, she looked down with a grin to her red rose lips. Janice grinned back up at her soulmate, then she voiced her opinion on the long evening they went through.

"I can't stand that hell of a Dean" Mel kept her smirk as she brought up her hands to rest on the archeologist's velvet hips.

"I know yo can't, and I don't fancy him either. Thank you for not saying or doing anything" The archeologist sighed dramatically, dropping her eyes to the floor of the house. "Janice?" The archeologist didn't look back up, kept her gaze down on the floor. Mel released her right hand, bring it up to cup her soulmate's chin, lifting the blond's head up. Yet Janice still wouldn't look to the belle. "Love, please look at me" Slowly emerald eyes lifted up to lock with crystal blue ones. "I know you don't like the Dean, but we can't endanger our positions?not yet any way" A brown eyebrow rose up at the end part making the belle grin some. "We both know we need the help of tuh University till we get enough publicity on our own tuh not need their help any more" Janice took a deep breath, slowly releasing it as she chewed on that.

"Yeah you're right Mel. I just can't stand letting him touch you and that damn University" Now the smaller woman heard a tsk thrown at her a few times, Janice had to grin.

"You know that was my daddy's University, and it's a good one too" The blond's eyes widen for a moment as she felt the large hand drop from her face and return to her hips.

"You mean it was" The tall belle chuckled at the emphasize Janice made on the word "was."

"No I mean it is, just it isn't az good az it wuz when my daddy ran the show" The archeologist grinned up at her partner, her green eyes twinkling.

"Don't know how he managed it with some of those pompous windbags of aristocrats there" Mel smirked down at the other woman as she slowly lowered her lips down to Janice's, stopping so their air mingled.

"Am I one of those kind of aristocrats?" The smaller woman grinned while gazing into twinkling dark sapphire eyes.

"Nothing like them what so ever" Mel closed in the rest of the distance, sealing her lips with Janice's. The evening from earlier becomes forgotten nor cared about. Small hands grasp the belle's side, Mel feeling herself pushed back against the large door. The two soulmates continued to devour each other in the kiss, the taller female keeping a tight grip on Janice's hips. Janice though ran her hands over the tall belle's body, feeling her body and her tall lover's body fills with desire. They finally broke the kiss, the northerner brought her lips to the translator's soft neck, kissing her lightly. Mel released her hold on her soulmate, bringing her hands up to Janice's red silk shirt. She tried to quickly work the buttons undone, finding it increasingly hard with her body reacting to the archeologist's soft lips, moans escaping Mel's lips.


The small blond looked across the dark barn at her mirror image, her daughter. Her daughter that looked exactly like her in ever way physically, but nothing like her mentally. The bard didn't move, she kept a tight hold on her soulmate's upper arm. Both women watched as the Destroyer wrapped it's arms around it's mother, crying in pain. Gabrielle's daughter wrapped her own arms around the large gray spiked monster. Gabrielle could feel guilt build in her, she quickly pushed it down knowing what happened the last time she felt that guilt for her daughter. Slowly Hope and her son began to sink to the ground, blood trickling down Hope's back.

Xena could feel the strong hold her bard had on her, she wanted to turn the bard away from the sight. But she knew Gabrielle wanted to watch, she knew the bard felt like it was her last paid respect to Hope. The warrior though felt the contentment at finally ending the long duel with Hope, paying her son Solan back for his death. His death that her soulmate's daughter had done. Xena never thought she could hate somebody any more then she did until now. A force of darkness had torn her last link to Borius from her. How ironic the situation was in her mind.

Both soulmates had learned a hard lesson they both paid for dearly. Gabrielle taking the large amount on her shoulders due to the warrior throwing the guilt at her. To this day the Warrior Princess still regrets her actions she had done to her bard. She never imagined she'd try to kill her own soulmate, never. But it almost happened. The hatred almost conquered her. They both had turned from each other in anger, blinding them. Love was what saved them, saved their souls.

Now the large monster lay on the ground, face forward, Hope directly underneath, both dead. A few tears trickled down the bard's cheeks in the pain of it all. She stared at the two bodies in early light of the day. She didn't feel the pain of the death, but of her feelings. Gabrielle wanted to kill her own daughter for Hope's defiance to the bard. Gabrielle wanted to kill her daughter because she almost took the one thing that meant so much to the bard away. Her soulmate. The bard felt herself become content for filling her yearnings to avenging her soulmate. Gabrielle felt disgust with herself for having these emotions.

Gabrielle's heart ached from over whelming disgust towards herself. She began to cry, she turned to her right into strong waiting arms. Xena nuzzled her lover's long strawberry blond hair while the bard cried, her protective arms tightly wrapped around the bard.

Janice placed the parchment down on her worn desk and brought up her right hand, rubbing her temples. She sat back in the seat and rested her head against the wooden chair's headrest. She took a deep breath as she considered what she just read, wondering if she completely translated the syntax wrong. To the archeologist none of it made any sense. Slowly Janice removed her hand from her temples, placing both hands on the desk. She gazed up at three weapons hanging on the wall above her. The bard's staff that she had given to Mel in the cavern, the warrior's well crafted sword from their findings in Amphipolis. They were both placed to form an "X", then in the centered was located a round weapon. It was a dark metal, which could be split in half if thrown right by the owner. In the middle was a waved handle used to catch with ease. The small blond stared at them for a while, becoming lost in her thoughts. After a few minutes the small female felt her body begin to tingle, she knew who was coming behind her, making the blond grin.

Mel came up behind her soulmate, leaning down some and wrapping both her arms around the small female's upper body. The translator wore a dark purple robe, Janice had on a loose white night shirt on with navy blue boxers. It was still morning, the eastern sun shined through the window, the smell of coffee lingered in the air. Slowly one warm soft hand slipped down Janice's white shirt, caressing just her chest. The belle didn't let her hand go any farther down, knowing if she did the two of them wouldn't make it far in translating the scrolls today. With Mel's other hand she reach out, grabbing the old scroll and began to read it. It took a few moments to let her mind convert the syntax to English, by the fifth line it came to her more clearly and rapidly. Finally finishing the section, the southerner placed the parchment back down on the desk and reached for her soulmate's leather cover note pad. Mel lifted it up and read what Janice had written as a translation to the scroll. The small blond didn't say anything, letting her soulmate read over her translation, hoping it was correct. The tall female began to smile as she read the translation, finding her archeologist becoming better and better over time. Mel dropped her chin onto strawberry-blond head as she continued to read, her hand still caressing soft skin. Finishing the last sentence, the aristocrat placed the notebook back down on the desk, bring her one hand out of Janice's shirt and wrapping both her arms around a small waist.

"It looks good honey" The smaller female sighed as she stared at the scroll, her right hand running up down Mel's arm.

"It doesn't make any sense though" The tall belle shrugged her shoulders for a moment and removed one hand from Janice's waist. She pulled off her dark glasses and brought one end up to her lips, slightly sucking on one end of her dark glasses. The southerner considered her soulmate's words, then brought the glasses away from her mouth.

"Well it does sound a bit strange, but I am sure there are a few other scrolls or so that better explain this one" Janice took a deep breath while she idly ran her fingers up and down Mel's arm.

"Yeah there has to be, knowing Gabrielle" Mel smiled some as she gave her lover a tight squeeze around the waist for a second, then released her.

"Take a break and have some breakfast before you get grumpy from the lack of food" The archeologist rolled her eyes at the end part and slowly began to rise up from her chair, Mel removing her arm. Both women slowly padded out of the large den into the lobby of the house then through there to the dinning room. Making their way through the large dinning room, they came to the well-equipped kitchen, a normal size square worn wooden table in the center of the room, and four chairs on each side. The table was set with two forks and knifes, lying on top of napkins, set beside each other. Janice walked to the bleach white refrigerator, pulling the handle, opening up the rounded door and gazing in. She spotted a glass jug of orange juice and pulled it out. The belle on the other hand made her way over to the stove to crack some eggs over the warm pan on top. Janice placed the container onto the table and went over to a cabinet rather close to where her soulmate was making scrambled eggs. The archeologist removed two large basic glasses and stalked back over to the table, pouring the orange juice into them. After placing the jug back into the fridge, the blond turned around to see Mel placing down two plates with food. They both contained two chocolate chip pancakes with syrup, scrambled eggs, and two strips of bacon. Janice thought she was going to die right there, she loved all three and wouldn't know where to begin. The small woman quickly sat down beside her lover, Mel had a smirk on her face. Janice picked up her fork, as did the translator, before the blond even started on her food she looked to her partner.

"I've defiantly missed having your cooking when we were in Greece" The southerner chuckled some as she started on her food as did Janice. They both relatively ate in silence, a normal routine for them both, a comforting silence. As usual the archeologist's stomach wasn't satisfied with just what was on her plate, Mel ended up pulling out a bowl of mixed fruit that she knew her soulmate would devour. That's exactly what the blond did, but she knew Mel's favorite's been the cantaloupe. With a devilish grin the smaller woman picked out some of the cantaloupe at certain times, and then fed it to her soulmate. The belle slowly and tantalizingly ate the fruit, her tongue running across the northerner's fingers, her lips sucking off the reminisce of the juice from Janice's fingers. By the end of breakfast both soulmates sat back in their seats relaxing as they sipped on cups of coffee, milk and sugar added. Janice pushed her seat off to the right some, to better face her soulmate, then she placed her right elbow on the top of the chair head. She smiled to Mel then spoke in a content voice while Mel took a few sips of her coffee. "So what did you think of that scroll?" Mel placed the mug back down onto the table and looked to the other woman with stoic features.

"Itz interesting that's for sure. It ain't normal compare to the other scrolls we've read" The small blond nodded as she replied.

"It conveys more emotions then what Gabrielle normally puts into her stories" Mel also nodded as her right hand made its way to grasp the mug, but not lifting it.

"We need tuh find the other scrolls dat are before it" A pause as she lifted her white mug. "What wuz the name of the scroll?" Janice nodded her head twice as she sipped down some of her coffee, placing her own white mug back down on the table.

"She titled it A Family Affair. I think that monster was Gabrielle's grandson and it was obvious that the dying female was the bard's daughter. But the part that got me was?" Janice closed her eyes for a moment and recited a section from the scroll "The small blond looked across the dark barn at her mirror image, her daughter. Her daughter that looked exactly like her in ever way physically, but nothing like her mentally" Janice stopped and opened her emerald eyes again to look into sapphire ones. "How could her own daughter look exactly like her? That's the part that has me really thinking" Mel dropped her eyes to stare at the floor, her mug resting in her hand above her lap. Sapphire eyes then looked back up, Janice's own eyes unfocused as she thought about different possibilities.

"Well we aint gonna find out jus' sitten around here" Janice looked up, a small smile forming on her lips, both women stood up with their mugs, heading back to the den. The dirty dishes and utensils forgotten about in the sink.


Mel sat on the long, soft comfortable sofa, her legs crossed, back against the sofa. Beside her on the sofa lay nine other scrolls all rolled up. The belle had her dark glasses on, a scroll in her lap, fountain pen in hand with her own leather notebook resting on her right knee. Her chin was propped up on her arm, her elbow on her left knee as she read the scroll in ancient syntax. Not to far from her off to her left was her soulmate at her desk.

They found two other scrolls that proceeded the one Janice had been reading earlier, the complete story. Mel had taken one scroll to translate while Janice took the other translating that one. It was late morning now, their same morning cloths still being worn. The belle looked up from the parchment to the clock resting on her soulmate's desk, it read 11:43 AM. She then diverted her eyes to her partner sitting in the seat. The archeologist was leaning somewhat forward in the chair, reading over the scroll, occasionally stopping to write something in her leather cased book. The tall female then looked back to her scroll and went back to finishing up the last paragraph.

Around noon was when the dark haired woman finished up translating her scroll. She uncrossed her legs, stretching them out in front of her. She grabbed her notebook and closed it then rolled up the scroll and then stood up. She padded over to where her soulmate sat, still deep in her reading. Mel neatly placed her notebook down on the archeologist's desk to the blond's left, the scroll on top. The smaller woman looked up to gaze into blue eyes, she smiled. The belle smiled back as she peered down at the blond's work, finding it rather well translated, only a few small mistakes here and there. She then removed her dark glasses from her face and looked to her partner, bringing up her large hand to idly rub the blond's back.

"Love, I have tuh go to my appointment wid Doctor Clayton at one" Janice stretched her legs out and brought her arms above her head, stretching them out as well. She dropped her arms down to rest on her lap, turning her head to look at the tall southerner.

"God I forgot about your appointment" Mel chuckled some as she moved her hand up from Janice's back to her neck to massage it.

"Yo going to stay here and keep translating? Doctor Clayton said it wouldn't be uh long appointment" Janice considered her options for a moment as she stared at the scroll in front of her, then she replied.

"Yeah I think I'll stay here and finish up this scroll. Unless you want me to come?" The aristocrat smiled at the request.

"No I'll be fine, you stay here and get that finished up" The blond nodded and then cover her mouth as a yawn came to her. "And you outa take uh nap" The archeologist grinned as she kept her eyes on the translator.

"I can't believe I am tired, its only noon" Mel shrugged her shoulders, her hands moving farther down to knead the blond's upper back.

"Your body iz still getting use tuh the time difference my guess" The blond nodded some as she moved her eyes to stare at the parchment again.

"So how about we go out to dinner tonight and figure out how we are going to organize everything for our meeting tomorrow with Doctor Johnson" The tall female nodded a couple of times as she finished massaging the blond's upper back, her fingers moving to rake through the strawberry-blond hair.

"Sounds good love" Mel leaned in to kiss Janice lightly on the lips then straightened back up. The belle gave her soulmate one last glance then made her way upstairs to their bedroom, her robe following behind her. Janice grinned to herself then looked to Mel's leather bound notebook, running her hand over it briefly then she looked to her scroll once again.

Janice continued to work on her scroll, then around fifteen minutes after Mel had disappeared upstairs, she heard the click of heals. The belle stepped of the last stair and walked into the den, a small smile on her lips. The archeologist looked up from her scrolls to meet blue eyes gazing at her, the belle leaning against the doorframe. Melinda now wore an ankle high tight black skirt, a small slit to it on the side. Her hair was back up in a bun with a sky blue shirt on, glasses on and small golden hoop earrings in. Janice smiled across to her, receiving a more loving smile. The tall southerner then straightened up off the doorway and strolled over to the smaller woman and leaned down kissing her again.

"The keys are in the car" Mel nodded. "You sure you don't want me to come?" The belle's smile turned more into a small grin.

"Naw I'll be fine love, finish up the scroll" Janice nodded as she reached up with her left hand to hold her soulmate's nearest hand.

"Okay drive safely" Mel leaned down and kissed her partner on the forehead.

"I will, promise" Janice smiled as she leaned forward and lightly kissed the larger hand and then released it. The translator turned around and walked out of the room and to the door of the mansion. Both soulmate's gazed through the doorway to each other, Janice waved, the other woman waving back as she walked through. The archeologist watched the door close till she heard the door click back into place. The archeologist sighed and looked back to her scroll and began to read, finding it amazingly hard, her eyes feeling a bit heavy.


The large white door silently opened up, a tall figure walking through. They stopped once the door was closed behind them, then they looked through the doorway to the den. Mel grinned to herself, on her daddy's desk, now Janice's was her soulmate, asleep. The archeologist had her arms up on the desk, her head lying on top of her arms, eyes closed, her chest slowly rising and falling. With ease the tall belle slipped off her high heals, placing them beside the door on the floor. The aristocrat then quietly walked into the rugged den and made her way over to her soulmate. With caution not to wake her lover, the tall southerner slipped one arm under Janice's legs and wrapped her other arm around the blond's mid back. She then lifted the smaller woman up into her strong arms, Janice stirring some. Slowly sleepy green eyes peeked up at Mel with a bit of a confused expression.

"Its okay love, go back to sleep, I've got you" A very faint smile crossed the archeologist's lips as she buried her head into Mel's chest, making the belle grin to herself. Quietly and swiftly the translator climbed the stairs and walked into their large bedroom, she then stalked over to one side of the bed. Carefully Mel placed the blond into the bed and pulled the covers over top of her small soulmate. She then walked into the bathroom and changed, throwing on a red silk nightgown on and headed back to the bed. She slipped under the covers and scouted over to her soulmate, Janice subconsciously knowing whom it was. The archeologist snuggled into strong arms, feeling them pull her up against a larger warm body. Both women then fell into a deep peaceful sleep, their own dreams becoming intertwined as much as their souls.


The late western sun shined in through the window and onto the two soulmate's faces. Slowly blue eyes opened up to stare up at the ceiling, her body feeling refreshed from the nap. She moved her head to the left to gaze at the smaller woman tightly wrapped in her arms, she grinned to herself. Then she watched as Janice turned on her side, her face turning into Mel's neck. The blond snuggled up against the large body, feeling the protection, her body coming back to life. The archeologist then nuzzled the smooth neck and then began to lightly kiss her soulmate's neck. She then felt the translator squeezed the blond for a moment then release, Janice chuckled and brought her head out some to gaze into sapphire ones. Janice grinned and was the first to speak.

"Hey" Melinda smiled as she leaned in to kiss her soulmate on the forehead.

"Hey to you too" Janice's grin formed more into a loving smile as she brought one hand up to brush a piece of small dark hair away from her soulmate's eyes. The smaller woman then wiggled out of the belle's grasp and rolled on top of Mel now sitting on her. Janice's had one leg on each of the aristocrat's side's right at her stomach. Mel grinned up at her as she moved her two large hands to the smaller woman's sides. The archeologist leaned down to kiss her soulmate deeply then they broke the kiss, Janice coming up just a little so her nose still touched Mel's. The blond gazed into the sapphire blue eyes, she had a grin on her face as did the taller female, her hands still on Janice's sides. Slowly Janice took to notice of something in Mel's eyes, her expression taking on a confused look. The smaller woman straightened back up while keeping her eyes locked with Mel's.

"Mel?" The dark haired female chuckled some, knowing her partner noticed what are in her eyes. Mel broke her eye contact and began to look up far as she could and freed her left hand. Very carefully the translator with her index finger removed something very small and clear from her eye. Janice held out her small hand as the belle placed the small object into Janice's hand. The archeologist studied it for a moment then her confused look took on a realization. "Contacts, I'll be damned" Melinda grinned up at her soulmate as she took back the small contact and placed it back into her right eye. The smaller woman playfully slapped the southerner on the stomach then spoke in a partially outrage voice. "Ya never told me you were getting them" The translator grinned as she rested both her hands on top of her own stomach, a content look on her face.

"Didn't want tuh, wanted to surprize ya. I know how ya didn't fancy the dark glasses. So Doctor Clayton told me they just came out wid these small plastic contacts" Janice shook her head briefly as she crossed her arms against her chest and lopsidedly smiled down at her soulmate.

"Yeah I heard about them, didn't think they were using them yet. Actually those ones you have are rather small then what I hear. The ones I heard about are suppose to cover your entire eye" The southerner slightly nodded as she replied.

"That's what Doctor Clayton said too, but they jus' came out wid these new ones called Corneal Contacts. He wants me to wear them to bed for two nights just so I can get use tuh them" Janice nodded as she leaned down and placed a light kiss to her partner's forehead.

"I like them a lot. Thank you for the surprise, good thing they don't effect your eye color" Mel chuckled some in the process of keeping her smile.

"Well I clearly expressed tuh Doctor Clayton that I wanted to make sure that the color of my eyes didn't change because of them. I know how much you love the blue of my eyes" Janice grinned as she uncrossed her arms and brought them down to rest on top of Mel's hands.

"They just aren't a blue, more like a brilliant sapphire with no end of depth to them" The aristocrat continued to smile up at her soulmate as she intertwined her fingers with the blond's small hands.

"Thanks" The archeologist grinned and leaned down to kiss her soulmate deeply. She sat back up straight.

"So you up for dinner out Mel? My treat" The belle grinned up, her thumb lightly caressing her lover's hand.

"Let me think here" Janice chuckled as a smile swept her rose lips, waiting for Mel's answer. "I'd fancy a supper out with ya Janice"

"Great, lets get ready" That's when Janice hopped off her soulmate and Mel rolled out of bed. The pair began to change.

~*Part 3*~

Janice crossed her legs at the ankles under the wooden table, she looked from the people in the restaurant back to her soulmate. They both sat in a booth, across from each other, it was a decent restaurant, nothing fancy but not to basic. The type of restaurant the two soulmates could easily agree on and Janice could deal with the dressing requirements. That being the archeologist in her usual attire of khakis, brown button up, worn leather jacket, low cut boots, and her fedora on the seat of the booth. Mel on the other hand wore a black skirt to her knees, then a button up cotton red shirt, her hair up in a bun. The small blond for her part was still trying to become accustom to her lover not wearing glasses, but she likes it. They both now sat waiting for their salads to arrive.

"Janice, do ya have anything in mind to tell Doctor Johnson for tomorrow's meeten?" Janice sat there thinking, then a small grin eased onto her lips.

"Well not necessarily tomorrow but sometime in the future I'd like to do" The dark hair aristocrat arched an eyebrow at the smaller woman. That's when the red head waitress came and placed their salads down. Mel had ordered a regular house salad, Janice though had a Caesar salad, and for some reason that had surprised the belle. The red head then looked to Mel with a regular face.

"What would you like for your entree Ma'am?" Mel's cobalt blue eyes looked down to the menu, she quickly found what she desired.

"May I please get the salmon" The waitress nodded.

"Grilled or broiled?"

"Oh my defiantly grilled, thank you" The red head nodded yet again and picked up the menu, she looked to the smaller woman with a huge smile. This did not go unnoticed by neither Mel nor Janice.

"And you miss?" Janice closed up her menu in her lap, handing it to the skinny waitress.

"I could go for a turkey club sandwich myself"

"The works?"

"Yes, love it with everything and extra mustard if you can" The waitress brilliant smiled to her and winked.

"I'll defiantly tell them to add the extra" The red head then gathered herself together and left the pair alone. Janice looked back to Mel with an irritated expression, the belle grinning.

"Why me Mel?"

"Because you're cute"

"I am not cute, I am?


"Mel!" The southerner chuckled.

"Seriously why she like me and not you?" Mel shrugged her shoulders. "You know, before you, B.M." An arched dark eyebrow. "B.M?. Before Mel" The southerner laughed and shook her head then moving her right hand across the plate to the fork lifting it. Janice did the same and looked back to her partner before digging into the salad. "Like I was saying, B.M. I would have loved all the flirting, but now its just annoying" The southerner chuckled and began to munch on her garden salad, Janice doing the same. Afterwards Mel looked up from her first bit.

"So back tuh Doctor Johnson" A roll of the green eyes. "Janice" A huff. "So tell me Janice, exactly what would you fancy tuh do to Doctor Johnson?" The northerner smirked across the table as she swallowed a chewed up crouton. Janice then leaned forward over her salad closer to Mel. The archeologist whispered to Mel with her green eyes gleaming.

"I'd like to male-bitch slap him" Blue eyes widen in utter surprise and shock. The southerner's back straightened immediately, as an outrage voice talked low but in hard tone.

"Janice Covington!" A deep breath from Mel as the small blond sat back in her seat for a moment with a content look. Then there was a silence and the belle thought about those words, she broke out into a fit of laughter in seconds. Janice joined her soulmate, they both stopped laughing in a minute and smiled to each other. Their forks had been forgotten on the table. The translator shook her head as she wiped away the small tears from her cheeks and picked up her fork once again. "Janice Covington, what am I ever gonna do wid you?"

"Hopefully keep me?" Blue eyes twinkled.

"That and I have a few other things in mind" The smaller woman grinned to Mel as she dug back into her salad.

"Seriously Mel, I have no idea what to say to Doctor Johnson" The translator went serious at the now reason as to going out for dinner in the first place.

"Going tuh just pull everything from thin air?" The archeologist shrugged her shoulders as her fork pierced a few leaves of lettuce.

"Well I was going to sit down and check over things while you were out, but I fell a sleep of course" Mel nodded her head.

"Okay so how many scrolls do we have right now?" Janice chewed on her food as she thought, swallowed and looked to Mel again.

"We have between?thirty and I'd say forty" The belle nodded again and reached for her glass of water.

"Which of we have what twenty-two you'd say translated?" The archeologist nodded her head.

"Not to mention we need to go through the artifacts" A pause as she watched Mel drink some water. "I think there was around?twenty-five artifacts" The tall southerner then grinned.

"Well it'd be twenty-nine" An up lifting of a brown eyebrow and an answer. "If yo counted duh necklaces, staff and sword" The archeologist grinned as her body and mind mentally checked for the necklace around her neck, finding the weight still there.

"But we're not, so its about twenty-five" Melinda chuckled as she went back to the last bit of her salad as did Janice. Janice gulped down a few large pieces of lettuce.

"So Janice, we report we have forty scrolls and twenty-five artifacts?" The small archeologist shook her head and Mel looked at her confused.

"No, we report we have thirty scrolls and twenty-two artifacts incase we discover any scrolls we should keep personally along with artifacts" The translator nodded in understanding.

"You think we might run into some important scrolls?"

"Not necessarily that Mel, we might run into some personal items that shouldn't be allowed in public" Janice pushed her plate with the remains of salad dressing away from her. She then reached in between her shirt to lift the necklace up for Mel to see. "Not only is this a private thing for Xena and Gabrielle, but for us Mel, don't you feel the connection?" The belle dropped the fork to the plate and reached for her own same necklace but with the emerald stone. She stared at it for a moment, her eyes became lost in the emerald, it captured her. Her soul felt a tug, it was apart of her the sense of power and love exploded in her. The feel of darkness and light swirled within her soul, it was her connection to her soulmate and decedent undoubtedly. She could almost see Janice inside of the emerald, then she thought she did, her heart skipped a beat as she looked back up. Janice herself looked back up from her sapphire gem in her necklace, they both felt it, no words had to be spoken.

"You're right Janice" Janice smiled to her soulmate. That's when Janice's favorite woman returned with a tray. The waitress picked up the two plates and she looked to the archeologist with a grin.

"Is there anything I can you two?" Janice shook her head with a fake smile.

"No, I think we're okay" The waitress nodded her head.

"Okay then, just let me know if you need anything at all" The small woman nodded her head again and watched the red head leave. Janice looked back to her smirking soulmate.

"Not a word Mel" The belle couldn't help but chuckle at her partner.

"Not a word then Jan" Green eyes narrowed at the nickname.

"Now Mop, we both can do the nicknames" The belle sighed with grin, she'd forgotten that Janice loved to tease her about her initials, Melinda Olivia Pappas.

"Mmm" The southerner leaned closer to Janice. "I think I fancy sweetheart over Mop" The strawberry blond grinned and leaned forward even closer.

"Sweetheart?or Love?" Mel's grin morphed into a loving smile.

"Love" Janice nodded her head and sat back in the seat. The waitress returned with the dinners, this time she didn't have time to flirt, another table awaiting her. The soulmates dug into the entrées ready for the food.

"Janice, when do you think we'll be able to have the scrolls translated and the artifacts ready?" The archeologist pulled out the second little toothpick from her club sandwich and took a third bite. She swallowed the morsel then responded.

"I'd think?in three weeks, two if we work hard at it" The translator nodded her head and ate another bit of moist salmon.

"So that's all we have tuh tell Doctor Johnson then?" The archeologist looked up from her sandwich.

"Suppose so Mel" A pause. "Any other questions we'll just have to wing em" The belle nodded her head. The rest of the early dinner went on with chitter chatter about things going on locally that Doctor Johnson had told Mel. Janice had just listened and here and there she'd question Mel's report. Overall she really never went in for the local gossip like Mel, but for some reason she'd defiantly listen. Maybe it was only because Mel was telling it, because she liked to listen to the southerner's voice. That had to be it. Janice grinned to herself at that. Then she looked up to see their waitress return with a beaming smile.

"Would you ladies care for a dessert?" Janice looked to her soulmate in question, Mel shook her head. The archeologist looked back to the waitress.

"No thanks, just the bill" The waitress let her smile turn a bit more sexual as her free hand with no tray went to Janice's right wrist.

"You sure you don't want any coffee or something?" The archeologist's jaw had tightened, her eyes slits. This was getting personal.

"No thank you, the bill would be fine" The words came out with an edge, the woman squeezed Janice's wrist and released it to disappear. Green eyes lock with cold blue eyes.

"Janice, its getting private" Janice nodded her head as she watched Mel's eyes soften back. She could tell her translator was starting to get angry with the waitress herself. The archeologist looked to her right to see the waitress coming, Janice moved her left hand up onto the table. Mel looked to her soulmate's hand to see her hand open and then she looked to Janice whom nodded to her. The aristocrat then brought up her left hand to clasp Janice's hand, the small blond intertwined their fingers. Janice looked up to the approaching waitress, the waitress was staring at the locked hands. The waitress noticed blue and green eyes looking to her and she slightly flushed and looked to Janice with a sheepish smile.

"Here's the bill Miss" She placed the white small slip of paper onto the table and brought her hand back up. "Have a good day" The red head looked to Mel with a smile and the translator nodded her head, the waitress doing the same. A quiet agreement had been pasted between the aristocrat and the red head. The waitress then turned on her heals and stalked off to another table of hers. Janice looked to Mel with a grin and squeezed Mel's hand for a brief second then let go of the warmer hand.

"Glad that work" The tall belle chuckled as she watched her small soulmate removed her leather wallet from her back pocket. Green eyes stared down at the bill and she removed twelve dollars from her wallet. She picked up the bill with her hand containing the money and placed the bill with money in the center of the table. The archeologist reached for her hat and put it on. "Ready Mel?" The translator nodded her head and scooted out of the booth seat, as did Janice. They both made their way out of the restaurant and out to the early evening, the sun about to touch the horizon within fifteen minutes or so. Janice looked to her tall soulmate. "The park?" Melinda looked down to the smaller woman with a smile. I think the romantic side is coming to life. That thought was the first thing to come to the tall woman's mind.

"Let's go" Janice nodded and both women crossed the road and made their way down two blocks and took a left down Columbus Street. Straight ahead of the two women lay the Colombian Park, well cared for. Mel had always admired the small park, it had a lake right in the middle with a small path looping around the lake and picnic tables here and there along with benches. Then there was one area that held a plethora of children's swings, slides, seesaw, and a sandbox. They entered the park and Janice made a diagonal for the little playground, the aristocrat right behind her. The archeologist walked over to the swings with a grin on her lips, she sat in the one directly in the middle. The taller woman came over and leaned against the pole of the swing set watching her soulmate.

"I haven't been on one of these things in ages"

"Maybe 'cause you're a little to old for them" The archeologist laughed and Janice pushed back with her feet and slowly began to swing, building up speed. Blue eyes watched the entire time. "Want me tuh come back there and push ya?" Janice laughed a few times as she closed her eyes feeling the wind pass her, some of her childhood memories came back.

She could hear her own voice laughing when she was younger, almost feel her fathers touch on her back as he pushed her. Mel watched her friend's face, seeing it etch a smile on then ever so slowly that small face went into a deep sadness. The belle's heart dropped and she closed her own eyes seeing a young Janice on a swing laughing and being pushed by Harry Covington. Melinda's eyes reopened and she moved behind Janice. The archeologist still had her green eyes tightly shut and then she actually felt to large warm hands to her shoulder blades pushing her. For a moment Janice thought she was really young again, then her mind came back around, her images became memories once again. Her boots scuffed onto the dirt below and she immediately came to stop, her hands still grasping the ropes of the metal swing.

Two large arms encircled around her neck a warm body pressed against her back. Janice dropped her head back, her hat almost coming off her head as she peered up into liquid blue. Janice smiled and a smiled was mirrored back to her. "Sunset aint gonna wait around for us" The small blond nodded her head and stood up from the seat and readjusted the fedora on her head. The archeologist looked around to see nobody within close distance, so she reached over to grasp Mel's hand, their fingers weaving together. Mel smiled.

"How about right over there?" The aristocrat looked to the bench her soulmate nodded to. It was new looking and was near the lake's edge in an open area, the sun's rays glowing on the soft calm surface of the lake. The two females quickly made their way over to the bench and sat down. The sun was just beginning to disappear below the horizon into another world, it was putting on its grand faunally for its watchers. And that's exactly how it went, an dazzling array of colors streamed across the sky, becoming mixed in the clouds like paint and was reflected by the lake far below. It was sight to behold. Janice smiled and shifted closer to her soulmate, dropping her head onto the strong shoulder and wrapped one arm around Mel's waist. Blue eyes twinkled in the sunset and the translator placed an arm around Janice's shoulder and dropped her head onto Janice's own head.

Emotions, the realist entity in the everything.

The lovers watched the sun disappear from them, only to leave a glowing moon and sparkling stars high above to guide them through the night. Mel brought her head up to feel her cheek be touched by the coolness of the new night air. The archeologist looked up to her other half with a deep smile, Mel leaned down to capture sweet lips. They became lost in the kiss as seconds pasted with no sense of time. The kiss broke and eyes were locked in a deep intent of love, sheer love.

"Thanks for the lovely evenen Janice" The archeologist smiled and stood up from the bench, Mel still sitting.

"Welcome love" The belle grinned in reply and stood up.

"This all makes me feel so young" Janice chuckled as they began to make their way back to the mansion, only five blocks away.

"We are young Mel" The tall woman thought about that. Janice linking arms with the southerner, knowing society wouldn't question that. They walked out of the park and onto the sidewalk.

"I reckon so" The archeologist grinned to her soulmate.

"We only have eternity together Mel"

~*Part 4*~

A large buzz went off, the small woman felt her soulmate remove her arm from her waist and roll to her other side. The buzzing stopped, then a small switch was flicked as the southerner rolled back from the alarm clock on the table to her Janice again. The large arm wrapped around Janice's midsection again, the blond's back into Mel.

"We need to get up Janice"

"Hmm" Mel squeezed the archeologist's stomach for a moment, still no reaction. Mel grinned and brought her lips to the back of Janice's neck, the northerner shiver in reaction. Sky splashed eyes narrowed for a second and a large smirk formed on Mel's lips. Her hand slowly caressed up Janice's lightweight cotton tee. A warm hand went to Janice's right breast. Green eyes flew open in astonishment. "I'm up, I'm up" The aristocrat laughed as she saw her soulmate shoot up in bed, sitting up, green eyes foggy. Janice looked to the other woman, Mel's large hand had fallen to Janice's lap now.

"Mel" Blue eyes batted in innocence. The small blond grinned, but Mel didn't have her out of the bed, yet. So that invading large but yet seductive hand began to journey under Janice's boxers. The archeologist was positive her entire body was flushing, because she was becoming very warm all over. So in reaction the archeologist grasped Mel's hand, removing it from her boxers and she leapt out of the bed, leaving the sheets in a mess. "Mel, you know we've got a meeting and we really can't be late" The belle laughed as she watched her lover quickly stalk over to the large bathroom door. Then she heard a muttered cuss word then the door slamming. The translator was pleased with her technique of getting her soulmate out of bed, she made a mental note of it for future reference. The southerner then made her own way out of the bed and proceeded to make it. Within five minutes the bed was made and Janice from Mel's guess was finishing up her shower. Within another five minutes, Janice came padding out of the bathroom with a towel on her almost red hair brushed down with a little water droplets dripping off the ends. Mel shook her head and walked into the bathroom for her own shower.

As Mel took her shower, Janice dressed. The archeologist put on a nice pair of forest green corduroy pants, silver belt, then a button up flannel green, gray, and slight blue plaid shirt on. She looked up in the mirror and smiled to herself and brushed her hair back behind her ears. Janice then debated whether to put up her hair now or later? She sighed and decided to leave it be for now. She turned her head to see her partner come walking out of the bathroom, her mouth gaped, Mel moved to Janice while she pushed her black bangs back, wearing nothing. "Gotta use the bathroom" Janice quickly moved to the door of the bathroom.

"Janice shoes?" The archeologist raised up on hand as she entered the bathroom.

"I'll get them" The belle laughed to herself as she opened the drawers to pull out a pair of cotton underwear and bra. She loved the effect she had on Janice as she teased her. But she knew Janice would find the right moment to get her back for it, and Mel looked forward to it. Mel hurriedly dressed into a nice pressed pair of black pants, a red shirt with a fancy animal belt, her wet hair going up in a bun with the bangs still down. She tucked in her shirt then buckled her leather belt and finally pulled a little of the shirt out. Last she reached for some "Spring Mist" perfume, spraying it on her chest and some on her shirt. Then she pulled out two pairs of socks, one black and another dark green. The tall woman then moved to the closet to her left to open it and pull out one pair of low cut nice brown boots and plain black slip on shoes. Mel walked to the bed and placed the boots with green socks on top of the bed then sat down. Janice sauntered out of the bathroom. She came over to the bed and proceeded to put on the green socks as Mel sat to put on her black ones. The aristocrat dropped her shoes to the floor and stood up to slip into them, Janice though lifted one boot up at a time to tie them on. She finished within seconds and looked to Mel with a smile.

"Breakfast?" The archeologist's eyes widen as her smile lengthened.


They both began to leave the room, Mel reaching for the doorknob.


"Mel!" The southerner laughed and opened the door, the soulmates made their way down to the kitchen.


Now our two characters are within an important meeting. Before they had entered, a secretary of Doctor Johnson's greeted the pair. As we recall, the waitress from the restaurant from last night was flirting with Janice. But now it was Melinda Pappas's turn to be flaunted with by Doctor Johnson's secretary. This we can guess quickly sent Mel's soulmate into a funk. So now the archeologist sat in a wood chair in Doctor Johnson's office in a mood. Janice couldn't quite remember the last time she'd gripped a chair arm this hard before.

"So you presume that by three weeks you'll have the rest of the Xena Scrolls translated?" The archeologist nodded her head.

"That's what Miss Pappas and I are shooting for" Doctor Johnson nodded his head. He sat in a large padded wood chair behind his large wood desk. On the desk was a large cover of glass, on each right and left side it was stacked with papers. Then there was a small ashtray with three butts of cigars not to mention the office reeked of cigar. Mel for her part couldn't stand the odor, she never disliked cigars. But this brand the Dean smoke she loathed.

"And does this length of time include going through the artifacts or not?" Janice looked to Melinda, the translator looking to the archeologist. The northerner quickly looked back to the Dean.

"No, we'll probably need a week to do that" A pause. "Then we'll need I'd say?five days to prepare for our presentation to the University" The Dean of the University nodded his head a few times and considered the length of time. His hands link laying calmly in his lap, his eyes unfocussed. He looked back to the pair.

"Then you're estimating you'll need a month to be prepared for the presentation?" A nod from both women. "Well then, I'll have a date set up for the seminar to be on the?27th of November. Sound fine?" The archeologist furrowed her brows for a moment but Mel asked the question.

"Doctor Johnson if I ain't mistaken but that tis uh Sunday?" The doctor nodded his head with a stern expression.

"Yes Miss Pappas it is, I'd like to have it in the afternoon after church. I believe more people will show up for the lecture then" The archeologist sighed inwardly at the church part, she never went in for that religion thing. Thankfully for her neither did her taller soulmate.

"That does make good sense Doctor Johnson" The Dean nodded his head to the belle's reply.

"Now then, are there any further things that need to be discussed?"

"Yes, will Miss Pappas and I be allowed to study the artifacts at her mansion or would you'd prefer the studying to be within the University?" The older man looked to the archeologist.

"I'd like for you and Miss Pappas to keep the artifacts in the confines of the University for safety purposes" The archeologist nodded her head.

"Well I think that's all Miss Pappas and I have to tell Doctor Johnson" The Dean smiled and stood up, as did the other two women. Doctor Johnson stepped around his desk and shook hands briskly with Janice then Melinda.

"Miss Pappas, I'd be grateful if you'd stay for a moment. I have something I'd like to discuss with you in private" The translator looked to her partner. Mel knew that this must have sent the archeologist even more into a mood. Janice just nodded her head very faintly. "Nice seeing you again Doctor Covington" The small blond looked to the Dean with a fake smile.

"Same here Doctor Johnson, have a good day" The tempered archeologist shuffled out of the office into the waiting

room, to now deal with the secretary. The five foot eight inch Dean looked back to the southern belle with a smile once the door shut.

"Miss Pappas, I'd like to discuss with you about the University's funds" Mel groaned inwardly. Sometimes, sometimes all this money she inherited could be a real pain.


The small blond eyed the secretary behind the desk. The small blond secretary was busy typing up something from a hand written document. Janice's eyes dropped to the floor, as her mind became lost in thought as she waited for Mel. Her mind began to wonder back to the scrolls she had read. She tried to come up with possibilities as to how Gabrielle's daughter Hope was born. Her and Mel hadn't run through all the scrolls to bring up the father.

So right now Janice and Melinda are amidst about whom the father was or why Hope was considered evil. All the pair knew was that Hope had been born from the bard and ended up looking exactly like Gabrielle. Hope had a group of followers that brought her back from the dead. Hope then hooked up with Ares, as Janice puts it, to have a son name the Destroyer later on. Some where in there Hope and Gabrielle both fall into a pit to supposedly die. Xena finds the bard along with Hope and her son in Amphipolis. In the end, Xena and Gabrielle manage to kill Hope and the Destroyer in a barn of Amphipolis.

But what Janice was aching to know was how Gabrielle had betrayed her own soulmate. Obviously it hadn't torn the pair's relationship otherwise they wouldn't have still been together. Even more so when they had returned that short period in time with her and Mel, they certainly were in-love and not distant. Janice sighed wishing she could read syntax like it was her normal language to translate the scrolls faster.

The door to Doctor Johnson's creaked open, Mel half stepping out with her back to Janice. The translator took another step and is completely out of the door, the Dean leaning against the doorframe. He stood there with a half smile and a cigar hanging out of his mouth.

"Yes well, Doctor Johnson I'll consider it" Doctor Johnson smiled and nodded his head, he pulled the cigar out of his mouth and blew the smoke off to the side. The cigar almost finished.

"Great Miss Pappas, have a wonderful day"

"You do the same Doctor Johnson and thank you" The Dean smiled and watched as Mel turned to Janice, he closed the office door. The belle rolled her eyes down at the archeologist, Janice standing up from her seat. The pair both moved for the door of the room.

"Bye Miss Pappas and Doctor Covington" The archeologist clamped her mouth shut from retorting, knowing it would be bad. So Mel did instead, looking back to the secretary.

"Bye, have a good day" And with that said the pair disappeared into the hallway of the quiet University, the door closing shut.

"So what was that all about?" The soulmates walked down the long hallway to the end, their shoes making echoing sounds as they went.

"Yo mean Doctor Johnson?" The northerner nodded her head. "He just wuz asking for more money for duh University" Janice rolled her eyes with a sigh.

"Go figure, they can never suck enough money out of you it seems" The aristocrat chuckled at that.

"Nope they aint gonna ever stop" Janice shook her head. They came to two double glass doors, the archeologist pushing it open and holding the door for Mel. They stepped down three pairs of steps and onto the concrete walk way of the parking lot.

"I bet they'll expect you to donate all your money to them after you kick off" The southerner laughed at that.

"I reckon so, won't have tuh worry about that for a while" The pair were opening the doors to the Chrysler Airflow they drove over in, Janice driving. With a slam of the doors, the popping in and a turn of the key, the car quickly came to life. They left the University only to drive a few miles to home, parking the car in the garage.


"I reckon I am gonna take a shower Janice" Green eyes peered over to the southerner.

"Yeah, why?had one today?" Mel sighed and shook her head.

"Doctor Johnson lit up one of them smelly cigars while I wuz with him" The archeologist wrinkled her nose.

"Ah, I never cared for the brand he smokes" The tall belle grinned.

"Good, keep it dat way" A deep breath. "I can't stand them and now I smell of it" Mel slipped out of her shoes then reached up to pull the small hair pin from her hair. Her dark hair flowed down below her. Janice moved over to their bed and sat down. She propped one foot up at a time on either leg to untie her leather boots. The archeologist was directly behind the southerner's back and watched as Mel stripped out of all her cloths. Janice grinned to herself as she watch the belle stalked into the bathroom, the door left open. She couldn't see from this angle into the bathroom, but she heard the shower turn on and Mel slipping in. The small female hurriedly took off her clothes, her green eyes sparkled while a mischief grin was on her lips.

Mel closed her eyes and leaned her head back into the stream of water. The shampoo immediately rinsed out of her hair, her hands reaching to her hair to push out the shampoo. The belle then felt a small warm hand on her waist then another hand touching her hand behind her head. Her head was pulled down and her lips capture in a deep kiss. The kiss was long and sensual as the water came down her face, a warm body pressing into her, her own hands going down the other person's small waist. The kiss ended with their lips burning, Mel opened her dark blue eyes to stare at a nude and partially wet wickedly grinning Janice. She quickly noticed the smaller woman's eyes were a deep green that sparkled. Pay back time was the first thing Mel mused. The translator was pushed against the tiles of the shower, the coolness of the tiles shivering up her back. Janice profoundly captured Melinda's lips again while her small hands wandered over Mel's body. The southerner melted to the touch as she whispered when that controlling mouth went to her right breast.

"Oh my" Mel's world shattering into a million different colors from her soulmate's touch.

~*Part 5*~

The small archeologist put her hands together then brought them over her head and stretched her feet out under the desk as well. Each of her elbows popped making her cringe for a moment in reaction, she hated that. Janice looked over to her left at Mel sitting on the comfy sofa. The archeologist is dressed in her normal cloths, khaki pants and an off white button up shirt. Under the shirt she wore a light white tee so she let the first three buttons undone and un-tucked, her boots off. Mel though decided to be comfortable and just wore her red silk night gown and her purple robe on to keep her warm. Janice pushed the chair out abruptly and stood up, walked over to Mel and blue eyes looked up. The archeologist grinned and took the leather book and scroll from Mel to place it on the floor. The belle grinned back and sensed what her soulmate intentions were. So the aristocrat lay back on the sofa and Janice crawled on top of her lanky body. The archeologist's small head rested on Mel's chest and Mel wrapped her arms around Janice's back while green eyes closed.


"Nah, just wanted to?"

"Cuddle?" A warm smile eased onto Mel's lips first then it was caught on Janice's lips.

"Yeah" The translator chuckled. "Mmm, I think in a few minutes or so I'm going to go over to the University"

"Artifacts?" Janice nodded her head in response. "I reckon I'll stay here tuh work on duh scrolls" The small woman brought her head up, chin on Mel's chest.

"You sure you don't want to come?"

"Naw, tomorrow" Green eyes blinked and Janice placed the side of her head back down on Mel's chest.

"I think I'll just check everything out can go over things in detail tomorrow" The aristocrat nodded her head.

"Sounds good" The archeologist sighed, her arms wrapped around Mel's sides. Janice's strawberry-blond hair flowed over her shoulders, the tips just touching Mel's body. She brought up one large hand to lightly massage Janice's head. Now the small woman felt herself begin to feel sleepy, the head massage feeling real good. Melinda grinned as she noticed Janice's breathing beginning to slow up. Then out of no where a grumble erupted from the small Janice.

"Goddamn I don't feel like moving" The tall woman laughed at her soulmate's words.

"Ya ain't got tuh"

"I need to check out those artifacts"

"They can wait"

"What time is it?" The tall belle turned her head to the left to look at the clock on Janice's desk.

"Itz 'bout ten after two" Janice just slightly nodded her head.

"Hmmm good, then I'll go a little later" Melinda chuckled and lifted her head for a second to place a kiss on Janice's head. A huge smile formed on the small woman's lips. "Mel?"


"How did this happen?" A dark eyebrow arched up.

"How'd what happen love?"

"You know, how did I manage to get so damn soft?" The translator grinned, her one hand still working a massage on Janice's head.

"I got lucky" Janice laughed for a second.

"No really, I've changed a lot since I first met you" Mel smiled to herself.

"Yes and you're happy?" Janice lifted her head up to look to Mel.

"Of course I am, never been so happy and content in my life Mel" The belle smiled, her hand moved to brush back a vagrant piece of hair from Janice's face. Janice then leaned forward to lightly kiss Mel on lips and then placed her head back on the belle's chest. Mel quickly realized from the start that Janice is showing her vulnerable side, a thing not to take lightly too. "Lately I've been feeling more like myself, understand myself better"

"I can tell ya have" The archeologist sighed.

"Ever since I've come to grips with being Gabrielle's descendant" The small blond lifted her head again to look seriously into Mel's eyes. "That was the same for you with Xena huh?" The aristocrat nodded with a small light smile.

"Yes, I've understood myself since I've known Xena's my ancestor" Melinda took a deep breath. "I wuz able tuh understand this side of me that iz an almost darkness" Then Mel grinned a little to Janice. "And now I know where I get my strong side dat comes tuh life every once in uh few" Janice chuckled.

"Yeah I've noticed that about you Mel, you get this strong protective streak to yourself every now and again. I just never expected that of you when I first met you in Macedonia" They both chuckled at that. "But I like it" The tall woman smiled at Janice's last words.

"Well I fancy that ya can once in while let go of dat stoic tough side of yourself tuh be soft" Janice let a warm smile ease on to her lips, her eyes were very soft at that moment.

"Me too" A pause. "Thanks for letting me feel safe to show it Mel" The aristocrat's own smile was very warm.

"Well I still fancy that tough side when need be" Janice chuckled and then looked to clock it read two thirty.

"I'd better go" Janice dropped her head back down on the belle's face and tightly hugged Mel, the southerner returning the tight embrace. The archeologist then crawled of Mel's body and wink to the taller female. The translator chuckled and watched Janice heads up stairs.

The northerner went to the room and pulled her boot out from the closet and tied them on quickly. After that she went back to the closet to pull out her old worn leather jacket placing it in her left arm and moved to the dresser of the room. She picked up the small golden bird given to her and Mel by Starling. Janice slipped it into her jacket pocket then she opened up a drawer of the dresser. Opening it all the way, Janice pushed back the socks to reveal her revolver with holster. She slipped on the holster and pulled out the revolver, it was filled, back in the holster it went. Sifting through the socks again the archeologist found a box of bullets and removed a dozen slipping them into her pant's pockets. Janice then slipped on her leather jacket, snatched her hat off the dresser, and made her way down stairs. The archeologist stood in the doorway and smirked to her soulmate who sat on the sofa again.

"When ya gonna be back?" Janice shrugged her shoulders.

"Probably in a hour or so I'd say" A grin from Janice and Mel arched an eyebrow at her in question. "I think I am going to take the Indian bike" The translator grinned.

"Be careful"

"I will, hell that thing saved us both over in Greece" Mel just nodded.

"Bye" Janice grinned.

"Bye Mel, see you soon" And with that the archeologist headed out of the door. Janice reached the door of the garage and cold chill shot through her. She stopped dead in her tracks. No that couldn't be, she's trapped in that damn cave. Janice shrugged it off and went inside of the garage, in a heartbeat she exit the garage again with the bike at her side. She hopped on it and hit the starter with her boot, it boomed to life with a roar. Janice put it into gear and brought her feet up as she went down followed the loop of the mansion lane.

Continued in Part 2.

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