~ Trigon ~
by Red Hope

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Summary: The Earth is flourishing, happily. But humans are endangered and on the verge of extinction after the greedy corporation Umbrella knowingly releases a viral plague. Small human civilizations survive including a moving convoy led by the strong Claire Redfield. Her solitary world turns upside down when she meets an infuriating yet mysterious woman named Alice. Claire soon learns about an underground survivor camp through Alice and heads there. However, Claire begins to secretly fear losing K-Mart, who has become her only source of strength over the years.

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Started: November 11, 2011

Series: One Shot

Chapter 6

Three days after Alice's departure, Claire Redfield was finding that getting back to her routine wasn't that terribly hard to do. She led the convoy like normal. She barked out orders perfectly. And she continued brushing off Carlos's constant attempts to get into her pants. Claire was happy to get back to normal, almost. She found climbing into the Hummer at night to be difficult. Tonight wasn't any different than the last two nights, if not worse.

K-Mart had fallen asleep an hour ago after Claire had joined her in the Hummer. K-Mart went through spells of restless nights and good nights. The first night after Alice left had been restless, but she became exhausted the next night and tonight wasn't too bad.

But Claire found every night restless and getting worse too. She fought not to remember her sexual encounter with Alice from nights ago. However, the memories wouldn't be silent and caressed her for hours until Claire was spent from fighting it. Tonight though Claire had to remedy it the only way possible so she waited until K-Mart was asleep. She worked her button and zipper free then started massaging her aching clit. She'd hoped it'd feel as good as when Alice touched her, but she was out of luck.

K-Mart was sleeping lightly until Claire's low grunt woke her. She was on her back and stayed still once she immediately recognized the familiar yet nearly silent sounds. Not again, K-Mart inwardly complained. She had hoped the incident wouldn't repeat and wished she'd just slept through it. Why was her timing so off? K-Mart suspected Claire had done this previous times and never woke K-Mart up in the past.

Claire pushed her boot harder against the driver's door, which softly creaked in protest to the strength. She locked her jaw and continued pumping herself.

K-Mart wished she could cover her ears or had her pillow to block the noise. But she couldn't move unless she wanted to be caught by Claire. She tried thinking about other things. It didn't work, and she was spent by the time Claire found a release. K-Mart took a deep breath when Claire started moving around. After Claire settled down, she was left only with her renewed sexual frustration and deep embarrassment at catching Claire again. She was so bothered by it all that a tear formed in the corner of her eye and slipped free.

There wasn't any easy way to approach Claire about it. K-Mart thought about somehow bring up the topic with Claire. But it couldn't be done and shouldn't be done, in K-Mart's opinion. If she even remotely mentioned it, Claire would be angry in self-defense, embarrassed at herself, and create a new block in their friendship. K-Mart couldn't risk it. But yet K-Mart was upset that Claire's only outlet was to touch herself, alone. Claire would never choose a partner so long as she led the convoy and that harsh truth pressed down on K-mart's heart. She didn't want that for Claire.

At sunrise, Claire exited the Hummer and that gave K-Mart a chance to relieved her sexual frustration. K-Mart passed out asleep afterwards and was thankful to get it out of her system. She woke up just after nine o'clock and was surprised her friend let her sleep so late. She wondered what was happening so she left the Hummer. Word had spread that Claire decided on a late morning start, a short travel day, and making camp in the same spot for two or three days. Most likely the convoy needed the reprieve after so much nonstop traveling the last six weeks.

K-Mart was excited about the break too. She decided it'd give her a chance to visit with Mikey. They'd been so busy with traveling that she rarely had time to really hang out with him. She caught up with him during breakfast and made plans for a movie date with him tonight. K-Mart saw how excited Mikey was about it, and she had a smile. Once back at the Hummer, K-Mart organized everything before it was time to go.

Claire arrived in normal fashion and loaded into the yellow Hummer with her friend. She noted K-Mart's chipper mood and was glad to see it. "Ready for a break?" She was heading back to the main road.

"Yeah." K-Mart had a regular book in her lap to read today. She decided on a day off from the textbooks. "Thanks for doing it."

Claire rolled her shoulders. "Everybody seems pretty exhausted."

"It's been nearly six weeks," K-Mart quietly mentioned. She was reading her book, but she felt Claire's eyes briefly on her.

The leader hadn't really realized how long it'd been until K-Mart pointed it out. She had a deep furrow in her brow but concentrated on the twisting road. After awhile, she propped her elbow against the windowsill and leaned her head into her palm. She was thinking about her issue with getting sleep. But there really weren't many solutions.

"Claire?" K-Mart softly called. She looked up from the book and studied the leader's distant expression.

Claire broke from her thoughts and noted that half an hour had passed already. She didn't realize it, but she looked over at K-Mart. She waited for her friend to speak first.

"Are we going to go to Reston?"

Claire spotted the hope in her friend's eyes. She looked out the front window and shifted her grip on the steering wheel. "I don't know, K." She turned the volume down. "Why?"

"It's just..." K-Mart wasn't sure how to say it. She saw the underground camp as a way to give Claire peace, from the convoy. Most likely the survivors would want to settle there then that would give Claire a chance to have a life. Whatever life a person could have in this world. "Maybe some people in the convoy would want to settle there."

Claire bit the inside of her lip and suspected that was K-Mart's drop hint. She tried brushing it off by arguing, "It may not exist any longer."

"We don't know that," K-Mart debated. "We should at least try going there... find out." She read her friend's hidden hesitation to go there. She didn't understand why. Didn't Claire want to move on from leading the convoy? K-Mart knew how much it drained Claire every day, and she didn't think it was fair.

Claire couldn't look at K-Mart. But she heard the pleading under K-Mart's words. She sighed and quietly replied, "I'll think about it."

K-Mart opened her mouth then snapped it shut after she realized something. She shouldn't push Claire. It was enough that Claire didn't flat out reject the idea. If K-Mart gave it sometime then she could possibly work Claire into it. She relented, for now.

Claire was relieved when her friend went back to the book. She turned the music up a notch, but she didn't want to disturb K-Mart's reading. She considered when they could make another supplies run. Claire wanted to hunt down a small birthday gift for her friend, especially because K-Mart would be eighteen. Once upon a time, that age would have made K-Mart a legal adult. However, Claire had personally watched K-Mart mature into a woman over the years. There was very little about K-Mart that reminded Claire of a teenager. Well, except for having to remind K-Marts about little things, like the windows, locking doors, keeping lights off, and a few other annoying things. A small grin slipped across Claire's expression because ultimately, she adored K-Mart with all her flaws.

The short ride into western Maryland didn't take long, and Claire had long ago decided on a location for the next three days. She wanted an isolated spot from towns and cities where undead could be residing. But what caught Claire's eyes immediately were any rivers or lakes. She pinpointed a remote spot along the Conococheague Creek just before the state line between Pennsylvania and Maryland. Claire was actually somewhat looking forward to the break and being able to relax, slightly.

K-Mart stowed her book in her pack after Claire drove off the main road. "We're almost there?"

"Just about," Claire confirmed. She caught her friend's excited smile. Claire couldn't hide her own. She reached over and patted K-Mart's thigh. "Got a hot date or somethin'?"

K-Mart laughed and swatted the leader's arm. "Please." She studied the countryside out her window. She spotted a rundown home that was empty. "Mikey promised we'd have a movie night tonight."

Claire held down her suspicious glance. "That does sound like a date then." She was scanning her surroundings and noted K-Mart was doing the same. She'd trained K-Mart pretty well.

K-Mart shrugged and explained, "It's not like that, Claire." She leaned her elbow against the door's arm. She kept her eyes on the quiet landscape.

"What's it like then?" Claire softly checked. "Brother and sister?"

K-Mart crinkled up her nose then looked at the leader. "No... like my BFF." She was surprised by Claire's hurt look.

"I thought I was your BFF," the leader aspirated.

K-Mart quickly went wide eye then flushed after she considered last night in the Hummer. She hastily looked away because she didn't want Claire to read her. Too many times Claire had read her so easily. "Oh you're my BF... F," she stumbled over.

Claire laughed but was curious about the odd slip up. She decided not to press it because the creek was straight ahead. "Bingo," she murmured. She slowed and assessed the local area, which was flat and wide open around the creek. Off to the left was an old farmhouse that seemed to be holding up fairly well. Then alongside the creek, further down river, was a watermill made from brick and wood that still stood proudly despite it was from the Eighteen-hundreds. It was perfect all in all. Claire grabbed the radio and organized the vehicles into a safe setup.

K-Mart was relieved that Claire hadn't questioned her mistake. She was glad to get out of the Hummer after the engine cut off. She took her marching orders from Claire while the recon team checked out the lands, farmhouse, and watermill. K-Mart took a handgun from Claire and tucked it away since Claire was going with the recon team. Soon enough though she'd be returning it.

The recon team found everything safe so Claire ordered the camp to be setup alongside the large creek. She wanted the perimeter in place quickly too so that they were safe during the stay. It wasn't long before the camp was in order and dinner was being prepared. Claire chatted with Carlos about sending out a hunting party tomorrow. She figured the convoy could use more fresh meat to help keep their strength up. But what really concerned her was getting more supplies soon. She disliked running low on anything, right down to toilet paper.

By nightfall, everybody gathered around various campfires and were chatting in happy tones. Each convoy member looked forward to the needed break after all the days of travel. Many still discussed the stranger that'd left days ago. But they hushed when Claire Redfield came near. There wasn't a member that didn't notice their leader's disdain for the odd stranger.

Claire had a late meal that wasn't very large. She hardly ate large portions because she wanted to spare the food. She'd once been a balance of both fat and muscle on her body, but she'd since lost the fat. Her muscular tone was mostly apparent in the summer months when she wore shorts and tank tops. It was also the most frustrating season for Claire because Carlos had an eye full.

Claire put away her thoughts as she started on a hunt for L.J. She wanted the latest on the gas tanker's levels. But her attention was drawn to the news van's open doors after she heard K-Mart's laugh. Claire clamped down a twinge of jealousy that reared up. But she still couldn't help herself from redirecting her trip.

K-Mart was on a worn out, bright green beanbag. She was kicked back and watching the comedy movie on the monitor with Mikey, who was seated in his bolted down chair.

Mikey had his boots propped on the desk that had his equipment. His hands were folded in his lap, and he enjoyed K-Mart's laugh from the movie. He'd seen Austin Powers so many times. But his attention was drawn to the open doors. Mikey instantly flew out of the chair and jumped to attention like an army general was before him.

K-Mart was startled and let out a gasp until she realized it was Claire. "Jesus," she hissed. She'd reacted to Mikey's quick movements. "Mikey." She glared up at him for it.

Mikey hastily paused the movie then looked at the convoy leader again.

"Is the perimeter set?" Claire checked. She already knew Carlos had gone off on the four-wheeler hours ago, but she needed any damn excuse to check on K-Mart.

"Yeah..." Mikey blinked and corrected, "Yes."

K-Mart rolled her eyes at Mikey's tension around Claire. She didn't get why everybody acted like Claire would lob somebody's head off if something wasn't perfect. But then again, K-Mart knew how furious Claire would be if something went wrong. Nothing could happen on Claire's watch.

"Good." Claire glanced at her friend in the beanbag. But she met Mikey's gaze. "Is the alarm volume up loud enough?" She indicated the movie's earlier noise.

"Yes," Mikey promised. He visibly relaxed after Claire's nod.

Claire touched the van's door, but she studied K-Mart. "See ya later, K?" She had to make sure that K-Mart would still be with her tonight.

K-Mart only hesitated because Claire's true purpose in coming here suddenly blindsided her. She gave her friend a warm smile and softly promised, "Yeah... I'm pretty tired already."

Claire silently agreed, but she took a step back and looked at Mikey. "Goodnight, Mikey."

"Night," Mikey called to the departing leader. He sighed and flopped back into his chair.

"Why are you so damn jumpy around her?" K-Mart asked once Claire was out of earshot.

Mikey slumped in the chair and peered down at K-Mart. "Come on, K-Mart." He pointed at the leader's former spot. "She's Claire Redfield."

K-Mart held up her hands and waited for a further explanation.

"She's like..."

K-Mart still waited. She dropped her hands into her lap and asked, "Like what? A god or somethin'?"

"I think worse than that, mate." Mikey chuckled and caught K-Mart's grin.

K-Mart shook her head then wiggled into the beanbag to get comfortable again. "She's human just like the rest of us."

"Maybe only to you." Mikey was moving the mouse to the play button on the screen. "To the rest of us, she's something else." He grinned at K-Mart rolling her eyes. "You just know her better than us."

"You've known her longer than me," K-Mart argued.

"But I don't ride with her day in and day out." Mikey clicked the mouse then leaned into his chair again. He become comfortable and enjoyed the comedy movie.

K-Mart sighed and decided not to talk about it anymore. But she knew that Mikey was right about Claire and her relationship with Claire. K-Mart was the only person that had chances to see past Claire's mask as a leader. She very much cherished it too. K-Mart was convinced she wouldn't be so well off if it wasn't for Claire's dedication to her from day one. After all this time, K-Mart would remain at Claire's side even if it took them both up or down.

K-Mart was nearly asleep by the end of the movie. She felt Mikey shake her so she tried moving and found how difficult it was to do.

"I'll walk you back," Mikey decided and followed K-Mart out of the van.

K-Mart stretched once out of the van. She felt more awake after the cool air brushed her warm face. She walked closely to Mikey on the trip across the camp to the Hummer. "You don't have to escort me because of Claire."

Mikey waved his hand and argued, "It's not because of Claire." He caught K-Mart's doubtful look. "Mostly," he admitted.

K-Mart chuckled and teased, "She would kill you if I got hurt."

"She'd do worse." Mikey poked his friend in the side with his elbow. "She'd feed me to the undead."

"Mikey!" K-Mart shoved her friend away, but she soon found his arm across her shoulders. "Claire isn't like that."

"She so has you fooled," Mikey joked.

K-Mart rolled her eyes but was grateful for his warmth because it was chilly tonight. She imagined winter would be setting in soon. "I think I can find my way from here."

"No, no." Mikey tightened his hold. "All the way, mate." He steered K-Mart around a campfire.

K-Mart sighed but allowed him to have his way. She was glad to see the empty Hummer straight ahead. "Now?"

Mikey shook his head and took K-Mart directly to the driver's side that didn't face the camp. He noted the diesel tanker was next to the Hummer, but he didn't see Carlos or Chase around. He suspected they were mingling in the camp.

"Thanks for the movie." K-Mart slipped her hands into her leather jacket's pockets. "I love those Austin Powers movies."

"Me too." Mikey had a silly grin. "Thanks for visiting."

"It's been awhile," K-Mart admitted. She nodded with him and promised, "We'll do it again."

Mikey still had his silly grin that made him boyish. He touched K-Mart's hip and asked, "Another date?"

K-Mart's warning bells went off in her head after his dire word. She went dry mouthed and tried thinking fast until Mikey was in her space. "Mikey..." She realized he was taking her tone wrong and felt invited even more. K-Mart was shocked when he started kissing her.

Mikey sensed K-Mart's hesitation, but he didn't press too hard and continued the gentle kiss for a few moments. He withdrew and caressed K-Mart's flushed cheek. He hesitated then explained, "I know your eighteenth is... is coming up." He faltered and lost some of his nerve.

"Mikey, listen..." K-Mart wanted to back off, but he still held onto her. "I'm just not..."

Mikey straightened up slightly but continued running his thumb across K-Mart's jawline. "Do you seriously still have that crush on Carlos?"

"No!" K-mart snapped. She then went bright red after her own outburst. She didn't expect Mikey's chuckle or his next kiss. She pushed him back on the shoulders and stuttered this time. "I'm just n-n-not..."

Mikey was concerned this time and loosened his hold on K-Mart but still didn't release her. "What?" He felt his heart sinking at the upset in K-Mart's eyes.

"She's just not interested," Claire's heavy voice cut in and finished for K-Mart. She'd appeared like a ghost from the darkness.

Mikey's entire body was shocked with fear. Then a hand tangled in the back of his shirt and jerked him away from K-Mart. He moved away and faced the leader. He usually only saw Claire as stoic, but tonight he was face to face with anger.

Claire stepped between the two, but she faced Mikey.

"Claire, I was just..."

"I know," Claire helped him. She folded her arms so that she'd keep her hands to herself. "Thanks for bringing K-Mart and goodnight."

Mikey felt like he was being let off easy. He hesitantly glanced at K-Mart, who remained behind Claire. He dropped his eyes then backed off after realizing that K-Mart was indeed not interested in him.

K-Mart frowned at his departure then shook her head. But a tender touch at the back of her neck made her peer up at her protective friend. She saw the apology in Claire's eyes that Claire couldn't voice. She shook her head at Claire and murmured, "It's alright." Her evening had been nice until that point when Mikey kissed her. She turned to the Hummer and started for the rear passenger door. She opened it partially until Claire's hand appeared and shut it. She questioningly gazed back at her friend.

"We're not sleeping here tonight." Claire nodded at the glowing house on the edge of the camping grounds. "I got us a room tonight."

K-Mart sadly smiled at her friend's consideration. "Yeah?"

"Yeah." Claire's hand slipped off the door. "I got our stuff in there already."

K-Mart furrowed her eyebrows and checked, "My pack too?"

Claire smiled in reply and nodded at the house. "Come on, K." She turned and heard the Hummer shut. For good measure, she clicked the lock button on the key in her pocket.

K-Mart took her friend's side and stayed close since it was dark out. She zipped up her jacket then slipped her hands into the pockets.

"How was the movie?"

K-Mart sadly smiled and softly replied, "It was good."

"Those movies are damn funny," Claire commented.

K-Mart now grinned. "I like the mole part."

Claire laughed and joked, "Nice to mole you!"

K-Mart cracked up and grabbed Claire's arm while barely chiming in, "Nice to m-m-meet your mole."

Claire was starting to laugh with the teen. Then in unison they both said, "Guacamole!" She and K-Mart stopped at the front of the house because they were laughing so hard.

K-Mart wiped the tears from her eyes and clutched the leader's covered arm tighter. "Oh god." She cleared her throat.

Claire shook her head then took her friend's hand into hers. "Come on, moley." She snickered at K-Mart's low chuckle. She guided them through the entrance then went upstairs.

K-Mart spotted Carlos coming out of a side door.

"Evenin', Claire." Carlos's eyes immediately went to Claire holding K-Mart's hand.

Claire paused on the first step while K-Mart remained below her. She held the handrail but looked at Carlos. She ignored his blatant stare at her hand in K-Mart's. "We're headed to bed. I got my radio if anything comes up."

Carlos nodded and promised, "It should be a quiet night."

"I hope so." Claire needed one after her restless nights. "See ya in the morning." She tugged on K-Mart's hand.

K-Mart hastily followed, but she saw Carlos wink at her after Claire turned up the steps. She shot him a glare for his wink because she knew what was in his head. She huffed but quickly followed her friend upstairs.

Claire wanted to be on the upper level in case there was an attack. She would have more time to get them out alive. Plus she'd spotted a tree that stretched its branches close to the house's roof so they had an easy out. Claire always assessed all her exits.

"Here we are." Claire approached a jarred door that glowed with warmth.

K-Mart looked over her shoulder across the hall. "Who's in there?" she quietly checked.

"L.J. and Betty," Claire replied. She released K-Mart and opened the door. She let her friend go first then she followed next. She shut the door, locked it, and allowed K-Mart to assess the room.

"Sweeeeet." K-Mart brightened at seeing the queen size bed. She noted that Claire had already covered it with their own sheets, blankets, and pillows. She then headed over to the other doorway that led into a bathroom that also had candlelight.

"I've got water in there for us," Claire informed. She wandered over to the nightstand and unclipped her radio. She turned down the volume some so it wouldn't disturb K-Mart tonight. She always had an ear open for it.

K-Mart come back out and spotted her few clothes on a worn foot bench at the end of the bed. "Thanks, Claire."

Claire placed one of her guns on the nightstand. She softly smiled at her friend. "No problem, K." Like other survivors, she knew how much the little things meant anymore. She was surprised when K-Mart came over and hugged her.

"Thanks for earlier too," K-Mart softly confessed.

Claire rubbed her friend's back after the hug. She wasn't sure what to say but nodded.

K-Mart slipped away and decided to get ready for bed. "I guess I get the other side."

"You got it, Sherlock." Claire went to her things and pulled out her sleeping clothes. She rarely had a chance to wear them, especially if they were in the Hummer. But tonight was a good night for it. She hoped it'd put her in the sleeping mood.

K-Mart was taking off her boots where she sat on the side of the bed. She looked over at Claire at the wrong moment and saw Claire's bare back. She let out a low breath then felt a twinge surface at the old scar diagonally across Claire's back. K-Mart fought off the memories on how Claire got the nasty scar. K-Mart turned her head away and shut her eyes.

"How about a card game?" Claire suggested on her way to the bathroom. She was pulling on her tank top.

K-Mart was grateful that Claire didn't see her distraught features. She quickly adjusted her attitude and called, "You just want me to beat you." She sadly grinned at hearing Claire's laugh.

Claire was putting toothpaste on her brush. "All night, K," she teased.

K-Mart instantly flushed after the connotation filtered in her mind.

Claire expected a smart reply, not silence. She was brushing her teeth and could only wait to assess her friend's odd silence. She spit out the toothpaste into the cracked sink. She then washed her mouth out with a glass of water. She put the brush away then returned to the bed. She still needed to get her pajama pants and fleece pullover. Her skin was already getting prickly.

K-Mart was in her pajamas and went to the bathroom next. "I got the cards on the bed."

Claire watched her friend pass by. She decided not to dig in K-Mart's funny attitude because she knew it would fade off shortly. She instead put on the rest of her sleepwear then climbed onto the bed after putting her second Beretta Cougar on the nightstand. She took the worn cards and started with shuffling them.

K-Mart returned after getting ready for bed. She dumped her clothes on the footbed couch then hopped into the bed.

"War or Crazy Eights?"

K-Mart puckered her lips then tempted, "Bullshit?" Her friend's smirk slowly appeared.

"Why did I teach you that game?" Claire muttered.

"Because you know I like to cuss," K-Mart joked.

Claire shook her head, freed her right hand, and brushed her hair behind her ear. "I don't like you cussing."

K-Mart laughed and slapped her friend's knee. "You fuckin' cuss all the time."

"K-Mart!" Claire shot a warning look for the cuss word.

"Oh fuck, come on, Claire." K-Mart thoroughly enjoyed her friend's mock outrage for cussing.

"I'm gonna get the fuckin' soap right now." Claire started rolling off the bed until a small hand had her. She grinned at K-Mart's sigh.

"Fine." K-Mart drummed her fingers on her knee cap. "Can we still play Bullshit?"

Claire chuckled but gave in after a second. She shuffled the cards one last time then started dealing. She enjoyed this rare chance to spending time alone with K-Mart and not worrying about the convoy behind them. It was time to be a little bit less than a leader. Claire forgot what it was like to be a human when she was so caught up taking care of the convoy. Time alone with K-Mart was a special break.

The friends played for a couple of hours before K-Mart became too worn. Claire won twice while K-Mart won one time. K-Mart was happy to win at all because Claire was too good at reading her. K-Mart was terribly at Bullshit, but in the past few months she was learning how to hide her hand from Claire. She was pretty proud of it too.

Claire told her friend to get into bed, but she mentioned she was going to check downstairs quickly. She took one of the handguns and left the other for K-Mart. She blew out most of the candles in the room then silently left.

K-Mart became comfortable and dozed off quickly. She briefly woke up when Claire slipped into the bed next to her. She felt better after Claire was in bed too.

Claire tucked the Beretta under her pillow then became comfortable. She remained on her side and stared at the closed door that went to the hallway. She studied the yellow glow under the door. Her thoughts were on the convoy at first then shifted to Alice. She wondered where Alice was tonight, if even still alive. Claire suspected Alice was resilient.

What Claire hoped to be a better night was just like the prior ones. She couldn't sleep because she made the mistake of thinking about Alice, which always led to her memories of that night. Claire felt cursed by it. She considered in hindsight if it had been a good choice that night. But how good it felt in the moment had left quite an impact on Claire. It was all too frustrating for her.

Sleep wasn't on Claire's schedule again. She became anger with herself each night, and it was getting worse too. She wanted it to end. Claire didn't feel comfortable doing anything when K-Mart was directly behind her. She shut her eyes and attempted rubbing her clit through her pants in hopes it'd ease enough pressure.

K-Mart had woken up several minutes ago because of Claire's earlier shifts. She recognized Claire's attempts to get comfortable and go to sleep. K-Mart felt bad for her friend but then flushed once she realized Claire was lightly touching herself. K-Mart bit her bottom lip and remained motionless on her back.

Claire clenched her jaw. She remembered Alice's smell. She relived Alice's touch. Then she felt those warm lips teasing her nipples. Claire barely held down a moan. But a gentle touch at her shoulder set her off, and Claire swiftly rolled onto her back.

K-Mart became panicked when Claire latched onto her wrist. She discovered furious green eyes hovering over her. K-Mart cringed at her mistake, but she gathered her bravery.

"Don't... K-Mart." Claire was breathing hard but released K-Mart's arm. She started to roll onto her side again and prayed that they could act like nothing was different. But K-Mart's soft touch was on her hip. She clenched her jaw.

K-Mart was lost on what to say because she knew talking them through it was useless. She understood Claire was a woman of action before words. She just hoped her actions didn't ruin their friendship in one night.

Claire realized her friend wasn't going to let it go or pretend everything was normal. She pushed K-Mart's hand away again and expected it to end there. She was wrong and found K-Mart touching her again. She began facing the teen and prepared harsh words that would push K-Mart away. But she faltered at the concern on her friend's face.

K-Mart gently touched Claire's cheek and ran her thumb across warm lips. She pulled Claire the rest of the way until Claire was on her back. She slightly rolled closer then leaned down.

Claire stiffened, and her mind froze once her body realized what was about to happen in a heartbeat. But she was powerless once K-Mart's soft lips brushed across hers in a tender expression of love. She couldn't keep her hand from tangling in K-Mart's blond strands. She pressed her lips firmly against K-Mart's and heard a relieved sigh leave K-Mart. Claire felt her lips move with K-Mart's as their mouths opened together.

K-Mart was weak all over, but her desire gave her strength to deepen the kiss like Claire offered to her. Her tongue met Claire's halfway, and they started with a slow dance. She tasted several emotions on the tip of Claire's tongue that made her moan. Her slim body pushed against Claire's in silent want for more. K-Mart had no experience with another female, but she wasn't about to back down.

Claire gasped after the sensual kiss and tilted her head back for air. Her earlier reprimand for K-Mart's actions were lost, and she forgot her number one rule about sleeping with convoy members. The consequences were lost after K-Mart's burning lips and hot breath brushed down her neck. There was nothing to be said once K-Mart nipped against one of her most sensitive spots near her collarbone. Claire definitely loved fucking blonds more than ever.

K-Mart continued kissing and biting along Claire's neck. She was encouraged by each moan from her friend and felt all the fears wash away. She came back up for a kiss but pushed up Claire's tank top and fleece.

Claire jerked away from the kiss after she sensed K-Mart's frustration with her tops. She sat up, easily removed her two tops, and tossed it aside. A burning hand pushed against her stomach and made her lay back down. She shut her eyes once K-Mart's lips toyed with her taut nipple.

K-Mart played with the hard nipple and was encourage by the increasing moans. She gently nipped at the crest of Claire's nipple, and she received Claire's nails in her back. K-Mart briefly grinned but began sucking on it next. Her left hand though was busy kneading the other breast.

Claire arched her back some and tangled her fingers in K-Mart's hair again. Her left hand traveled down K-Mart's clothed back, and she dug her nails into K-Mart's ass cheek that filled her hand.

K-Mart groaned at the shock that rippled through her stomach after Claire gripped her ass. She quickly switched to sucking on the other nipple. But her hand travelled between Claire's legs and rubbed hard against Claire's hot center.

Claire gave a low growl because she still wore her sleep pants and underwear. She'd already done this earlier and needed the actually contact than the tease. She and K-Mart hastily removed the remains of her clothes, and her hot skin was open to the cool night air.

K-Mart admired the leader's muscular body glowing under the low candlelight. She trembled once she realized she was having Claire Redfield tonight. But a gentle touch under her chin made her peer up at her friend. K-Mart read the mixture of desire and tenderness in Claire's eyes. K-Mart quickly bent down and reclaimed Claire's lips.

Claire started out softly kissing K-Mart, but her passion was rekindled too. K-Mart's hand resting on her lower abdomen was a tease so she gently grasped K-Mart's wrist. She guided K-Mart's hand even lower to where all her desire needed to be fulfilled.

K-Mart was breathing erratically, but she peered down as her fingertips just caressed the glistening curls between Claire's legs. Then she and Claire moaned together once they touched Claire's throbbing clit.

Claire showed her nervous friend how to start by rubbing her clit. She knew K-Mart had some knowledge but probably needed the support too. She whimpered at how good it felt and shut her eyes. She continued rubbing her clit with K-Mart until she felt the constant motion was perfect to K-Mart. Her hand withdrew to her stomach for now.

K-Mart found her fingers easily moving across Claire's aching clit. She increased the circling motion's speed after a minute. She enjoyed how Claire gave a louder moan and tilted her head back into K-Mart's shoulder.

Claire gasped when K-Mart started rubbing up and down against her clit. She sharply reached up with her left hand and gripped one of the bed's wrought iron bars in the headboard. "Press down... harder," she murmured but in a strangled voice.

K-Mart followed the instruction and applied more pressure. She also increased the speed slightly.

Claire gave a low cry in surprise. She lifted her curled back more and dug her right hand into the bedsheets. Through gritted teeth, she ordered, "Don't stop, K."

K-Mart stayed focused on rubbing Claire's clit. She lowered her head closer and nipped at Claire's exposed ear that was so close.

Claire fought not to cry because others were in the house. She instead gave a low growl, and her right bicep flexed greatly against her skin. The wrought iron bar groaned in protest against the strong pull forward. Claire grounded her teeth as the small orgasm hit her. Her eyes started rolling up, but she barely fought it off.

K-Mart grinned into her lover's neck, but she didn't expected Claire to grab her hand again. She quickly found her fingers moving lower and into a lot of hot wetness. She moaned out how good it felt, but she focused on Claire's murmur.

"Go inside me." Claire gave a satisfying sigh at how good it felt to have K-Mart go in her. She then showed K-Mart how to push in and out of her.

K-Mart gazed down at her two fingers sliding in and out of Claire. She had a better view once Claire pulled her hand away. She only turned her head once Claire bit at her neck. She took the hint and kissed Claire. K-Mart breathed hard after the kiss but focused on pleasing her lover.

Claire enjoyed the slow pace. After a few minutes, she spread her legs nice and wide so that K-Mart had the best access. She then watched how K-Mart slowly worked her at an affectionate pace. She whimpered at her lover's care, and it caused her to kiss K-Mart softly.

But K-Mart surprised Claire by suddenly pushing faster then going deeper. She knew what Claire really needed so that she'd be satisfied. She gave several more hard pushes before she paused and sat up for better leverage.

Claire peered up into determined features of her young lover. She gripped the bed cover with both hands when K-Mart quickly drove in and out of her. Claire struggled to clamp down on her screams as K-Mart's thrusts took her higher. Finally Claire let out small cries then she grabbed the wrought iron bars behind her, but they protested against every thrust.

K-Mart's ragged breathes matched Claire's gasps. She kept the fast pace and enjoyed how Claire's full breasts moved with the motion of her thrusts. She saw Claire's muscles lock up under the stress and the thin sheen of sweat shined in the candlelight. K-Mart ravished the beauty from their passion.

Claire raised her back off the bed as the climax started in her lower belly. She was so light headed and getting higher too. Frantically her hips drove against K-Mart's hand in desperate need for release. Claire barely held down her louder screams, but the bars whined loudly for her. Claire jerked hard on them when her climax reached the top, and the orgasm shook her body. She breathed out K-Mart's name in the soft darkness before she collapsed in the bed.

K-Mart couldn't removed her fingers until minutes later after Claire's locked muscles released her. She curled against Claire's side and wrapped a sure arm across her lover's waist. She nuzzled Claire's ear then whispered, "You don't have to do this alone anymore."

Claire threaded her fingers through K-Mart's long strands. She wasn't sure exactly what from her life she didn't have to do alone anymore. But she was too overwhelmed by her body's high to handle a conversation. She knew a response wasn't expected, yet she snaked her arms around K-Mart's petite frame.

K-Mart shut her eyes when Claire half laid on top of her. She dragged her fingertips up and down Claire's sticky back. She kissed her lover's warm temple and sighed at the fact that she got away with it. K-Mart was sure earlier that it would be bad to push Claire into sex, but she believed she made the right choice.

Claire took several minutes to regain her composure. She locked her knees on either side of K-Mart's hips. She softly kissed K-Mart's neck and half expected them to go to sleep until K-Mart squeezed her ass. She groaned in minor reaction then murmured, "K-Mart." She briefly stiffened in anticipation after nimble fingers reached around her ass and played with her clit. Claire had been wrong earlier; they weren't done for the night.


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