~ Be My Guide ~
by Ri

Disclaimer: This story is wrapped around the episode Chakram. The first part takes place after the balcony scene and the second part after the end of the show with a fully restored Xena on her way home to Greece. There is no violence this is just a character study of our favorite warrior and bard. There is a loving same sex relationship so if this is not legal or to your taste please don't read further. All rights go to the powers that be at Renaissance Pictures. Please enjoyJ


They left the balcony and went to their room. Xena watched as Gabrielle brushed her hair at the dressing table in their room in Calabs large home. Her mind was still on the conversation that they'd just had. Gabrielle watched her friend torment herself over her dark side and whether the decision she had just made was the right one or not.

"Xena, What do you remember about us?"

Xena looked up and met her loves eyes in the mirror. She smiled lovingly and said, "I remember a lot. You're my soul mate and the love of my life." Xena's smile broadened as she watched Gabrielle blush. "I remember watching you with pride as you told stories. Seeing you go from someone who had no idea of how to help a wounded person to a proficient healer. Shaking my head in wonder and pride at how you matured and handled anything with strength and beauty. I remember that I loved you the first time I saw you. Though how we met is very fuzzy your face is beautifully framed with in my memory. I remember the first time I kissed you deeply and held you finally telling you how deeply in love with you I was. And I remember the incredible joy when you told me that you loved me too?" There were now tears pouring out of the sweet blue eyes and Gabrielle rushed to her and embraced her hugging her tightly.

"Oh thank you?I always worried that only the bad stuff was what linked us?"

Xena pulled back and put a hand on each cheek cupping them gently. She looked deeply into the green eyes, as she said lovingly, "No, my memory is flooded with wonderful memories of us like playing games, teaching you to fish with out a pole and some really great splash fights. I remember having a ball teaching you to fly my parchment. Most importantly I remember all the great talks we've had. Especially the ones at night looking up at the stars. I loved to look at you as you worked hard on your stories, mumbling to yourself, I'd be thinking to myself how adorable you are. I still think your adorable you know."

"Thank you, I love you so much, Xena."

"I love you too, with all my heart and soul."


"Always," said Xena as she pulled her closer to her to kiss her with an all-consuming love that never left her no matter what. Gabrielle's hands caressed her arms and slowly brought them up to tangle in the dark beautiful hair.

They pulled back when they ran out of air again and Gabrielle smiled into the twinkling blue eyes, "You do look very beautiful in this new look, you know?"

"Do I?"

"Mmm, I do love your soft side I always have."

Xena smiled and said, "My soft side loves you too," Then she picked the small woman up and carried her to their bed. "What my soft side really wants to do is to show you just how much it loves you back." Said Xena in throaty voice as she began to undress her bard.

"Ohhh, tell it thank you," Gabrielle felt herself falling under the spell of Xena's love her hands removing her loves clothes as quickly as her fingers could.

"Oh believe me it's our pleasure," said Xena as she lowered her body on top of her loves. Softly loving her soul mate with an undying need as their bodies merged in a deep connection of the purest love.

*** *** *** ***

Xena now was fully herself again and had just bought a new battle outfit in black leather with pale blue trimming and a silver breastplate at a market they had found on the road back home. She was walking beside Gabrielle as she remembered how her beloved was the guide she had asked for when she was praying for a sign to lead her in the right direction. But Gabrielle had always been a guide to her. She was the light in her darkness and she always would be.

She was so grateful to be back to herself again. She was very happy to know who she was and what she had been. She now appreciated that her dark side was where her leadership and strength even her passion came from. She looked at the love of her life beside her and realized that this beautiful woman always meant she was home.

Then she stopped in her tracks as she remembered exactly what had happened in the afterlife. "Gabrielle?"

The bard had stopped when she realized that Xena wasn't beside her and turned toward the warrior. Concern crossed her face when she saw horror in the frightened blue eyes. "What's wrong?"

"I almost carried you straight to hell?"She said her voice full of pain.

"You needed me?"

"So? I shouldn't?"

"Xena, They shouldn't have done that to you. Your compassion condemned you and that was wrong. They should have rewarded you for that not condemned you to hell. Eli righted a great wrong by bringing you back. It's over?"

Xena now had tears falling from her eyes as she said, "All I know is that I could have selfishly condemned my beloved to hell?"

"Your wrong!" Gabrielle said angrily her hands now on each shoulder of the taller woman. She looked up with total conviction into the horrified blue eyes.

"Am I?" Xena said angrily trying to turn away from her but Gabrielle wouldn't let her.

"Yes, damn it!"

"Why am I wrong?"

"Because it was your goodness and compassion that saved Calisto. I think God realized that and inspired Eli to correct that great wrong. You are a good soul Xena and that's why were back. I truly believe that."

Xena was looking deeply into the passionate woman's eyes and she very slowly smiled. She nodded as she said softly, "Ok, If you believe that was the plan then I will too. You always see the best in things?even me. You'd think I'd just learn that already? So you think ole Eli is that well connected with the one true God, huh?" Said the warrior putting her arms around the bard and hugging her.

She then released her, keeping one arm around her shoulder they started walking again to catch up with their friends at the camp they had set up outside of the small town.

"It does seem that way, doesn't it? I'd really rather it be him then the Olympians."

Xena nodded glad she'd changed the subject, "Yeah me too. What do you think Aries meant by that parting crack?"


Xena nodded and smirked, "That's Aries, he just loves to stir up the pot?Gabrielle, why would they bring me back? You I can understand but why me? I just don't think I deserve it." Xena kicked herself but she couldn't seem to let this go.

"I do, you have people to help."

"And more to atone for," said the warrior quietly sorry she came back to the subject again. It only depressed her.

"Xena, Please don't add what happened in the after life to your list of guilts. Do you realize you have a heavier burden then Atlas?"

Xena smiled at that and then shrugged.

"Didn't you say I was your sign of what was right? Can't you let me be your sign about this too? Can't I be your guide now and show you that this time you have a clean slate? Please?"

Xena's smile broadened at her friend's logic; "You know your still great at talking. Ok you are my guide, my love."

"Thank you."

"No, thank you."

The End

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