~ Happiness ~
by Ri

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This takes place after Chakram but before the pregnancy arc, so Xena was able to play without injuring her baby.

This is dedicated to my Mom who wanted something of mine that was funny instead of sad. So here you go Mom, I hope you like it.

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Gabrielle and Joxer were fast asleep and Xena was bored. It was just past dawn and they were all exhausted after a very intense battle. So Xena let her friends sleep but she didn?t know what on earth to do with herself. Suddenly a mischievous gleam came over her pretty face and she shot out into the woods like an arrow from a quiver.

Gabrielle woke up and stretched. The sleeping fur fell off her shoulders and she looked across the fire at the still sleeping Joxer. Then she sighed and glanced around the camp looking for Xena. When she saw that the warrior wasn?t in camp she thought she must be getting something for their breakfast. Gabrielle got up and dressed and then headed toward the river to get water for breakfast. Her senses prickled, she was sure she was being watched all the way to the river. Once there she got the waterskins ready to fill and she felt eyes watching her every movement. She was getting a little nervous and she was glad she had her sais with her just in case. She leaned over putting the waterskins into the water when two very strong hands suddenly grabbed her pulling her all the way into the river screaming .

A elegant strong hand clamped over her mouth and a very familiar voice asked in an amused tone, "Now that I?ve got you, What am I going to do with you?" The hand released the mouth and Gabrielle was face to face with a smiling Xena.

"Xena, why...?"

"Oh, I thought you needed a little bath..." With that she dunked the blonde under water.

Gabrielle spluttered up and looked at the warrior with a sudden evil glint in her eyes; she then gave her version of a war cry and sent wave after wave of water over the warrior?s head. And the war was on. The battle of the river lasted till both combatants fell helplessly on the river bank laughing.

"What on earth possessed you to start this, Xena?"

"You needed some fun, Gabrielle. We?ve been working hard and we?ve had some real pain lately so I thought I?d reintroduce a little joy into our lives. So I decided to provide a little ...fun." Xena?s eyes were sparkling and she wore a huge, satisfied grin on her face.

Gabrielle shook her head in amazement, "You mean you half drowned me to bring me happiness?"

"Yep, did it work?" Xena asked as she leaned back on her elbows.

Gabrielle laughed and then got an evil gleam in her eyes, "You know it did," She said as she casually sat next to her friend. "I really appreciate it, thank you." She hugged Xena, then as she pulled back she tickled the warrior's ribs mercilessly till tears poured down the warrior?s cheeks from the laughter.

"I give, I give!"Xena said breathlessly between giggles.

Gabrielle stopped, "Are you happy, warrior?"

Xena nodded her head and tousled Gabrielle?s wet hair, "Yea, I think I?m now more happy then I can take."

They were both leaning back trying to recover their equilibrium, when Joxer found them. "There you are, I?ve been looking everywhere for you. When are we going to have breakfast, I?m starved."

Xena and Gabrielle exchanged conspiratorial looks.

"I think Joxer needs a little happiness." Xena said with a smirk toward her friend.

"You know, Xena , I think you're right."

"Happiness? What are you talking about I?m Joxer the Mighty, I?m always happy."

Suddenly the warrior and the bard had Joxer airborne and flying into the river with a satisfying splash.


"Yes, Gabrielle?"

"That made me very happy."

"Funny, it made me happy too. Come on lets eat some breakfast."

They left Joxer to dry out on the riverbank and felt more relaxed then they had been in long time.


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