~ Into Each Life... ~
by Ri

Disclaimers: This is an original story there is a flavor of our favorite ladies but it is mine, I do not have any real knowledge of medicine or hospitals so please forgive any mistakes I may make in that vane. This is an alt story so if you really can't tolerate it or its illegal or your too young please read one of my general fiction. Other wise its real a nice tale, Enjoy…


Part 1

Sandra felt the cotton swab wipe her brow as she bent closer to the object of her intense concentration. Finally the little foot came out followed quickly by the other the doctor blew out a breath of relief as the breach birth whooshed out the rest of the way into her waiting hands. She smiled at the little girl as she tickled her feet to make sure the circulation was working in her delicate system.

Thank God, A healthy little girl, Thought Sandra as she cradled the now clean little girl and brought her over to the anxious mother. The 45 year old looked into the sky blue eyes of her doctor full of fear, The blue eyes were warm and Sandra smiled sweetly, "Congratulations Heather it's a perfect little girl," She gently put the little girl in her mother's arms and caressed her cheek, "I'm so happy for you." The doctor said sincerely as she tiredly stretched her arms and left Heather's birthing room.

Sandra Peterson was the most sought after OBGYN in her field. She had a 0-mortality rate and her specialty was helping older woman achieve their dream of motherhood. She walked through her handsome office to her bathroom and undressed trying not to fall asleep standing up in the shower. Sandra looked into the mirror as she dried her hair and looked at her tall form shrugging at the sight. She put on her jeans and T-shirt and went to her office to get her coat and briefcase. Just as she reached the doorknob the phone on her desk rang. She glared at it but she sighed walked over to her desk and with a yawn said, "Yes?"

"Dr. Peterson, I have a someone from administration who needs to speak to you," Said the head nurse from the reception desk.

"Have her make an appointment its late and I'm tired."

Looking at the clock on her desk the nurse knew the poor woman was exhausted she was in that birthing room from 2pm and it was now 11pm. "Doctor, She says it won't take long and that's really crucial."

Sandra sighed deeply and rolled her eyes. She threw the briefcase on one of the guest chairs followed by her coat and said, "Fine." Hanging up in frustration. She flopped into her desk chair with a thump and yawned again as she sunk deeply into her chair.

Her office door opened and a beautiful petite blonde in a Bill Blass business suit came in. Sandra's eyes widened slightly she thought the girl was very attractive. "Hello Dr. Peterson, I'm terribly sorry to bother you so late but it truly is crucial,"Said the administrator as she came over to the doctor she held out her hand to shake hands with the tall beauty and said, "My name is Amanda Mandsen." She smiled sweetly and wondered where she was getting the control she was now showing she found the Doctor's presence rather overwhelming. The gentle firm grip was giving her an intense feeling not to mention the pure power of the Doctor's appearance even casually dressed. She looked into those hypnotic blue eyes and she felt a little dizzy.

Sandra smiled and said in a soft gentle voice, "Ain't it always," Inwardly she had to steady herself. The warmth of the other woman's smile and the genuine tingle that went to her toes was a bit too much for the already tired surgeon. As she shook the smaller hand she was grateful she was sitting down because this blonde beauty made her feel very off balance.

Amanda smiled and shrugged as she replied, "Yes, It does seem it always is. Um, Dr. Peterson, I am new here but I do want to do a good job for this hospital. I know you're excellent at your job…but do you realize that you're three months behind on your reports?"

Sandra smiled back a bit sheepishly and looked up from deep with in her chair from under long black eyelashes, "Yeah, I'm a doctor not an accountant."

"And a devotee of Star Trek," replied Amanda with a smirk and sparkling green eyes.

"Hey, Doctor McCoy was a hero of mine, "Replied Sandra greatly amused that the administrator was playing along.

Amanda gestured toward the guest chair indicating she would like to sit for a minute,"May I?"

The tall woman nodded and waived her hand, "Sure."

After Amanda relaxed a minute in the comfortable chair she looked into appraising blue eyes,"I'll make a deal with you," An eyebrow rose and Sandra tilted her head, "And that would be?"

"I'll help you with the reports if you'll do it in one afternoon this weekend. I need to get it done by Monday before the board meeting."


"Great, How about my place on Saturday at 12 pm I will even throw in lunch."

Sandra met sparkling green eyes and winked, "You have a deal. Can I go home before I fall asleep in this chair?"

Amanda smiled sweetly and said, "Of course, I know you must be exhausted after such a long day, See you on Saturday." Said Amanda as she reluctantly left the doctor's office. Sandra looked at the space where the administrator stopped and looked at her one last time before she left and shook her head and sighed.

*** *** *** ***

Amanda was rushing through her place cleaning. Lunch was all prepared and she had vacuumed, dusted and she was now doing last minute touch ups. She was straightening an antique mirror above her desk in the living room when she caught her reflection in the mirror, Why are you doing this, Mandy? She is coming here on business. I don't even know this woman! Her mind screamed as she looked into confused green eyes and shook her head.

Suddenly there was a light knock on the front door and she actually jumped. She looked at herself and whispered, "Will you calm down." She rolled her eyes and went to the front door. Opening the door she found her self automatically smiling at the tall beautiful woman in front of her. She could bring herself to breath the woman looked so fantastic in black jeans and black silk tank top and an electric blue sweater over her strong shoulders. She smiled brightly back and said a low breathy "Hi,"

"Hi,"Replied the blonde gesturing for the doctor to come in the house. Sandra's smile widened and she looked around the pretty house with admiration. The administrator looked stunning in her brown slacks and light lime green sweater, Sandra was finding it hard to catch her breath thus the breathy greeting.

She looks so wonderful in those colors it brings out all her features to perfection. Thought Sandra in admiration. This is really weird I feel like I'm coming here on a date. This is business, Sandy. This is business, She thought repeatingly to her self as she complimented Amanda on her beautiful home as calmly as her beating heart allowed her to, "You have a very beautiful place."

"Thanks, Would you like to eat first or work on the reports?" Amanda asked as they went toward her living room. The doctor sat down across from the administrator on matching comfortable brown cloth chairs. Sandra leaned back into the chair and answered quietly, "Let's work first then we can eat as a reward for hard work completed," She winked at Amanda and gave her a charming smile.

Amanda blushed and smiled sweetly and saying, "Sounds like a plan to me. I'll go get the stuff from my office…"

"Wouldn't it be simpler if the two of us worked in your office?"

"Yes it would,"Amanda agreed, What the hell is wrong with you Mandy? She scolded her self as she led Sandra to the office to get the hard part done, I am really looking forward to the reward.

*** *** *** ***

Lunch was served on the little patio in the back of the house. The tall doctor was lounging back on a comfortable lawn chair chatting amicably with the petite administrator in a patio chair next to her. It really didn't take long to shoot through the reports, Sandra had a photographic memory and Amanda was able to translate all the information quickly into legal mumbo jumbo needed for the powers that be. She emailed it to herself at work and lead the way to lunch on the patio.

Sandra was amazed at how quickly she became comfortable with the other woman. They had been teasing each other all through lunch and she was enjoying it thoroughly though she wasn't one for small talk. She usually just didn't know what to talk about. Her whole world was medicine and a few serious non-giggly hobbies. They were all serious with substance she didn't know anything about or understand gossip so she was not able to socially talk with anyone at the hospital. It made it a little lonely though she didn't realize it till just now because she enjoyed Amanda's company so much.

What interested Sandra was Literature, Astronomy and Mythology and to her astonishment and joy she found that Amanda shared those interests. They also both enjoyed an intense interest in horses and the sea. Sandra was really enjoying their lunch and was not looking forward to going back to her lonely little life. She lived for work and really had no friends and now…It's like my life was a period of waiting and then the person I was waiting for just walked in. Oh come on Sandy, I'm sure Amanda has better things to do then pal around with a boring old doctor. She sighed and looked out toward the yard not looking forward to leaving her new friend.

Amanda was just as amazed by what was happening. She had heard about the reclusive doctor. The woman who had no friends as far as any one at the hospital was concerned though she had plenty of admirers. And here they were chattering away as if they had known each other all their lives. She really liked her and was very…well attracted to her. Amanda sighed inwardly A goddess like her would never be interested in someone like me.

Their eyes met with the same thought and then a light when on inside their hearts causing them to smile at each other blushingly. Amanda decided to get the moment she dreaded over with, "Um…Do you have any plans this afternoon? I'd…well I'm new here and I'd like to …would you like to…"

"I have no plans today. What would you like to do?" She interrupted her shy new friend hoping that Amanda was stuttering for the same reason that her heart was pounding.

"I just bought a horse…and I thought maybe you could come and tell me what you think of her…That is if you wouldn't mind…?"

"No, I'd love to. Where do you have it stabled?"

"At Hartthornes"

"Wonderful, that's where I have Queenie stabled."


Sandra smiled sheepishly, "Her racing name is Queen Ester but she's such a gentle soul I just call her Queenie,"Sandra answered blushing. Why the hell am I blushing? I can call my own horse what I want. What the hell is the matter with me?

Amanda smiled at the explanation and the beautiful blush coloring the doctor's tan complexion.

I think she is as gentle as her horse and as sweet, Out loud she said,"Well lets go see our kids."

"Yes, lets" replied Sandra with answering smile.

To be continued…

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