~ Meka's Desire ~
by Ri

Disclaimer: This story was created in my mind as a result of a very negative experience. No people are portrayed directly from this experience but their cruel essence is definitely there. So in other wards the characters are all from my imagination and the story is as well so no pilfering please. There is mild violence. There is also a loving same sex relationship so if either thing bothers you please don't go any further.

I'd like to thank my good friends Larisa and MJ for putting up with me harassing them with yet another new story line when they are both so busy with their own. Your help as always was much needed and appreciated. Please enjoy.

The tall woman walked briskly through the plant when she heard the sound of the transport. Pale blue eyes twinkled and a wide wicked grin came to the beautiful face as she readied herself to torture the driver.

The transport whizzed through the complex. It made a turn toward her and then started the braking mechanism. Just before it stopped she counted down the seconds did a flip off the platform she was on with a war cry that rang through the whole warehouse and landed right in front of the just stopping transport.

A tall man with similar features came barreling out of the vehicle with a face of fury. Hands on hips and lightning bolts coming out of his pale blue eyes he said; "Meka, Damn it! How many times do I have to tell you not to do that? One of these days you won't be so damn lucky."

Meka fluttered her long eyelashes at her twin brother and widened her oh so innocent blue eyes at him, "Jo don't be silly. I haven't been hurt yet and I've been doing that kind of thing for years." Slowly a wicked smirk came to her face and then she just burst out laughing, "I just love that shocked angry look you get."

"Well little sister, you never know your luck may run out."

"When pigs fly and don't call me little sister I'm your twin damn it!"

"Well I am older by a whole minute."

Meka rolled her eyes and shook her head as they walked side by side to the office they shared with their father.

The older man had a look of paternal amusement on his face as his children walked in bickering in their usual manner. As soon as his son saw him he said, "Dad, she did it again! She jumped right in front of the air transport. I could have killed my own idiot sister!"

Meka looked completely unconcerned. She walked over to her father kissed him on his cheek and then casually walked over to her own desk flopping into a chair with an exaggerated yawn.

Jo strode to his chair flopped into it crossing his arms and looking thoroughly fed up.

The head of the household looked at his two beloved children with a tolerant and amused look. He caught his mischievous daughter's eyes and asked, "Well my Meka?"

Meka shrugged and said quietly, "I've got it timed to the second."

The older man's warm dark blue eyes twinkled and he shook his head. "You two terrors are so different and yet exactly alike. Why was I blessed with twins?"

"That's easy Dad, so my little sister could torture us both."

"Yeash Jo, I am a whole minute younger. Get a grip!"

There was a buzz on the older man's desk with a look of surprise he flipped open the vid com. The vid came alive and a man about his age appeared on the screen.

"Hi Joshua, old boy."

"Peter, How are you?" Replied Joshua very happy to see his old friend.

"Is your beautiful daughter with you?"

Meka blushed beet red. She was one of the boys at the plant as well as at home and rarely even thought about her looks. She was always embarrassed when anyone called her things like that but the man on the grid was an old family friend so it really hit her hard when she heard it.

Joshua smiled and winked at his shy daughter. She was very bright, capable, talented and a great manger. Outside the family she was known as the ice princess because she rarely said more then two words and they were always quietly given orders or requests. She was very shy and didn't really have any friends outside of her brother and father.

"Yes Peter, she is. You just made her blush."

Peter gently laughed and said; "Surely my bright God daughter knows how lovely she is."

"Well we do but she doesn't accept it?"


Jo chortled in his chair and his sister threw a wad of paper at him.

Joshua laughed at their antics and then asked pleasantly, "So Peter, What can we do for you?"

"You have heard about the incidents on the Saturn colony haven't you? At the colbolt plant."

"Yes we saw some news grids on it and I have had some reports through the Commission of Labor. What has that to do with my Meka?"

"She is an expert on warehouse management and shipping right?" Meka's eyebrows shot up into her bangs.

"Yes, but then so is my Jo and ?"

"She is also a trained warrior is she not? A black belt in all the martial arts and expert in every form of weaponry."

"You know she is?why?"

"She is also the most moral young lady I know who hates to see innocent workers be exploited and even physically hurt does she not?"

Meka now stood up and walked briskly to stand next to her father. She put a gentle arm around her father's shoulders he looked very shaken and nervous.

"Uncle Peter what's all this about?"

"I need you to go undercover and expose these bastards. They'd never suspect you because your not Federation police and you have been in manufacturing all your life."

"No!!!" Cried both father and brother.

Meka was intrigued though and she did hate all forms of abuse. She looked at the two men in her life with sympathetic understanding and asked quietly of the man on the vid screen, "Do I have a free hand once I start?"
"Of course I know better then to suggest anything else."

Meka glanced at her family and sent a message with her eyes and then turned toward the vid and took a deep breath and said, "Ok Uncle Peter. I'll do it."

*** *** *** ****

Meka was annoyed as she followed the little man who was guiding her. He was the Vice President of manufacturing. He was treating her like some kid who knew nothing about the way a plant worked even though she was there to fill the position of Warehouse Manager. He kept explaining things to her. She looked down at the small man who kept looking her right in the boobs and thought, If I wasn't here for a job you would be flying across the warehouse right now you Twerp! She shivered he was giving her the creeps he kept touching her arm to direct her attention to things. If you do that one more time little man I will break those tiny fingers.

The short squat man pretended to be intellectual but all she saw was a schemer and a viscous one at that. She thought to herself, as she pretended to be interested in his dull as dishwater recital, Yep, you're an abuser aren't you Twerpy?

"Well Miss Toka do you think you can make us more efficient?"

"Yes, I have been working in my Dad's plants for years and I've been in every position. I know how to make things run smoothly."

The man looked at the tall intelligent woman and said silkily, "Well I can't wait to see your style."

I think I am going to be sick. I will aim it all over you Twerpy if you keep this up. Thought Meka with an inward grimace, outwardly she smiled professionally and asked, "May I see my office please? And I'd like to meet the workers too."

"Of course, of course," said the little man totally unaware that he'd just been blown off. Meka shook her head and followed him to her new office.

*** *** *** ***

Meka came from her office down into the factory one week later to see the foreman verbally tearing into one of her workers. She couldn't see the girl at all she was blocked by the creep screaming at her. When the big man's hand came back to slap the girl, she caught it in mid swing in her powerful grip and brought it quickly behind his back.

"What the hell do you think your doing?" He tried to look at the tall woman but she tightened her grip to the point his arm felt like it was going to break. "What?" She growled at him.

"I was disciplining this screw up?"

"By hitting her? Not on my floor you're not hitting a woman for a simple mistake."

"I don't have to answer to you I take Orders directly from Mr. Nodrog." He growled at her.

She smiled, "Oh really? Well I do too but he can fire me before I let a shit like you knock around some girl for making a mistake. I will go right out and put a grievance in with the Commission and since my Dad is on it?"She didn't need to finish the sentence the threat was enough.

"You wouldn't go to your father for this would you?" His eyes were wide he knew the Commission didn't tolerate any form of abuse. Plants had been shut down for even one such incident.

"Try me." She purred pushing him in the opposite direction from the worker.

He looked at her with contempt but he knew that he couldn't do anything right now so he dropped his head and stalked away. Later Bitch, with back up. He thought to himself as he headed to the Vice Presidents office to tell him what the new WH was doing.

The girl rushed to her taking her hand in her own and shaking it up and down, saying a teary, "Thank you," in a very quiet voice.

Meka didn't hear the words the girl said as soon she turned and looked into her sea green eyes she was captured by them. She felt like she was naked cause the girls eyes seemed to penetrate her own to the depths of her soul.

The small woman stopped speaking as soon as their eyes met. She felt hypnotized by the pale blue eyes. They stared at each other for an eternity it seemed but was really only a minute.

Meka closed her eyes and swallowed, then she slowly opened them a bit more focused and asked quietly, "Are you ok?"

The girl was blinking up at her like she was trying to clear her vision but she nodded.

"What's your name?"

"Montego?um Monti, My friends call me Monti."

"My name is Tomeka but my family and friends calls me Meka."

"Um?You're the boss?"

Meka shrugged and smiled, "I'd like to be your friend if you would like me to. Would you?"

"No..I mean yes?I mean?" Monti took an embarrassed breath and blushed beet red making Meka inwardly smile. "I would be honored to be your friend. You have made such a difference here in just in one week it's amazing."

Meka winked at the small woman and said quietly, "Monti, you ain't seen nothing yet."

The smaller woman smiled up at her shyly. She was only 5'5 with short blonde hair. She wore little make up and casual workers clothes, as did Meka. She mesmerized Meka. She had never met anyone who captured her attention so quickly. She was very beautiful but that wasn't what drew her like a magnet?it was like she glowed. She just couldn't take her eyes away from her.

"I guess I should go get my rebuke now?"

"What exactly did you do that was so terrible?"

"I was five minutes late from break?"

"What! He was going to smack you for that? That toad?"

"Um?The owner is a lot worse, Meka. He confined a girl to a tiny closet back there for dropping one of the pellets of ore?"

"Shit! That son of a bitch! Well you're not going near them. No way any of my staff are going to be punished like this anymore. They can dock your pay but that's it. They are never going to hit anyone again that's for damn sure?."

"Meka how can you stop it?"

Meka smiled wickedly and said quietly, "I have my ways. Ok Monti lets get back to work." She took the little hand and escorted the small blonde back to her station as battle plans already began forming in her head.

*** *** *** ***

For the next two weeks Meka and Monti spent every break and lunchtime together. It was all so new to Meka she never had friends of her own and she really didn't know what to talk about outside of work. Luckily Monti had a head full of trivia and usually was chattering away on this or that.

Meka found that she spent her whole day looking forward to those private times with Monti. She had to focus on the job because all she thought about was the small blonde. Her Dad and brother knew something was up because almost every report included Monti and when she did her whole face would light up like an old fashion Christmas tree on the vid screen much to their amazement.


Monti was quietly working at her station at the end of the second week and she was trying to figure out how to ask her new friend to her place for dinner. It was her job to carefully check the colbolt before it was processed. Her mind was so focused on her job and Meka that she didn't hear the footsteps behind her.

"So if it isn't our new manger's little pet," said one of the foreman's enforcers with a sneer. He and two of his goons now surrounded the small-frightened woman.

"I don't know what you're talking about?"

"You and her having private little talks and meals in her office. And didn't the bitch protect you from punishment that you should have gotten?"

"She just was t?trying to understand? how this plant worked?I had ?n?nothing to do with her ?.protecting me she was j?j?just being? kind?"

"Well you sure are having problems talking now, ain't ya?" Maybe the boys and me can loosen your teeth a bit that will help you speak clearer?"

"I don't think so," purred a voice from above them. Suddenly a tall angry figure landed protectively between Monti and the goons that were threatening her new friend.

"Like the young lady said she had nothing to do with me protecting her. She didn't ask me for my help I provided it. And guess what kids your job just got tougher because I am making it my mission to protect all my workers and I have a little help too?"

The big man laughed and said, "Help huh? Who? You can't be everywhere, lady."

The pale blue eyes met their twin over the man's shoulder and she saw her brother wink at her. Then the big man felt a strong hand on his shoulder, "Not now!" Yelled the man with out looking over his shoulder thinking it was one of his men.

A finger poked him in his back he turned with an angry expression to stop dead when he saw the tall man with the angry icy blue eyes. Behind him Jo heard his sister say in a jaunty tone, "Boys this my brother who just joined our little family. I've even asked a few more of his friends to help us out. Like I said before it won't be as easy to do your rotten job as it was before." Her expression was feral and that was enough to frighten off the goons leaving the big man all by himself between the two angry siblings.

Jo looked at the man and said in the same tone as his sister, "I don't like bullies any more then my little sister does. I'd really watch what my next step was."

"I'll?um?get back to you," he said as her ran away to the other part of the warehouse.

"Nice timing, Jo."

"Thanks Sis, Are you going to introduce me to your new friend?" He asked flashing his sister a big boyish grin. She had called him the night before with an account of what had been happening at the plant. She also explained how worried about Monti she was and that she was watching her every spare second but that she needed help.

He had two reactions; One was a flash of anger at the cutthroats working at that plant for their misuse of power. The other was pure joy that his lonely sister had finally met The One though he thoroughly doubted she knew that yet.

Meka blushed bright red but turned toward her friend and said, "Monti could you come closer please? I'd really like you to meet my brother."

Monti shyly approached with her head down closely watching every step she took. "Um..Hi?" She said to her shoes.

When the small woman got close enough Meka couldn't stop herself from putting her arm around the small woman's shoulders and bringing her close. "Are you ok?" She asked softly.

Slowly shy green eyes met equally shy blue and the small woman swallowed her lip and nodded. "Yes?Thank you both. Thank the Gods you were here. Those three killed a girl last week because she refused to sleep with the Vice President."

Anger suddenly lit the blue eyes as she gently brought her friend into a comforting hug. Then she whispered into the little ear, "I promise you my friend they will never be able to do something like that again. I have several friends scattered undercover through out the place. No one will be abused anymore. When Jo and I are finished collecting the evidence this facility will be shut down and then turned over to someone far more humane."

Both of Monti's eyebrows shot up as she asked quietly, "Who?"

"Our Dad."

"Oh?um, why are you all doing this?"

Meka looked at her brother who shrugged his shoulders and said, "Monti, my little sister is sort of a crusader. She despises any form of injustice and abuse. So since Dad is on the Committee they asked Meka to help out and then she asked her big brother." He said with a smirk and Meka rolled her eyes.


Meka chuckled and said, "He was born a whole minute before me and never lets me forget it. Monti meet Jo, Jo this is Monti."

They shook hands and Jo watched with a sweet smile as his usually aloof sister was still cuddling the smaller woman closely against her. He wondered if she even realized that she was doing it.

"Did you get the whole gang here?" Asked Meka.

"Oh yeah, their all undercover and man do they love that idea."

"Yeah I bet they do," Meka replied to her brother but had not stopped looking into the big green eyes. She reached up and gently brushed some hair that was falling into her friend's eyes and said quietly. "Ok my friend go back to work. I promise you they will not be back. I'll make sure your ok?I'll?um, walk you home if you would like?to ?well to make sure no one bothers you?"stuttered the flustered woman. She wanted to spend some time with Monti outside the damn plant. She felt if she walked her home at least she'd get a chance to casually talk with her.

"I'd really like that. They could?um, well follow me?"

Meka nodded sagely and said softly, "Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking."

She smiled as she watched the small woman slowly walk back to her station. Monti looked over shoulder a couple of times to see that the tall woman was still there protectively watching her every movement. She liked that.

Jo walked beside his twin and said quietly, "I bet you did."

"JoJo, I ?um?I?"Meka was bright red again as she called her brother by his childhood name. She only said that at times of great stress or affection.

"Admit it Sis, you like her."

"Well of course I like her, who wouldn't like her she's a sweetheart."

Jo's smile widened and he said, "Meka my sweet, you like her more then most people don't you? Come on I could tell over the vid last night. I mean you'd have to be dead not to notice."

"But?JoJo, I'm here to do a job not?"

"Not fall in love?"

Meka turned away she had tears falling from her eyes that she tried to keep from her sharp-eyed brother.

"Sis, you never have any kind of friendship with anyone but Dad and me. You usually ignore or scare everyone else off. Admit it Kiddo, you love her. You need her. You need her friendship and love in return?."

"I have you and Dad?"

"We love you too but is that enough?"

"No," Meka whispered bowing her head.

"If it helps you at all I think you have exquisite taste."

Red rimmed blue eyes met his and she asked shyly, "Really?"

"Yep, she is adorable." He watched as her face broke into an adorable smile of her own. "Oh by the way I can read her too. She is just as gone on you as you are on her."

"How the hell can you tell that?"

"Observation and knowledge of my baby sister. Come on lets go to your office and do a little plotting."

*** *** ***

Meka and Monti were silently walking toward Monti's quarters down the Botanical Pathway deep in thought. The pathway was created to give the workers a sense of peace in their sterile world. It had every known species of flower that existed in the Federation.

Both Meka and Monti were very shy and unsure. Neither really knew what to talk about outside of work but they really didn't want to talk about work.

Meka looked at the beautiful woman beside her and said quietly, "It's a beautiful evening."

Monti smiled up at the regal looking woman and blushed at the intense scrutiny she was getting from those pale blue eyes. "It sure is?um, Thank you for walking me home. I hope your not going too far out of your way."

Meka smiled sweetly and shook her head; "No it's not out of my way. It really is my pleasure." They smiled at each other and then quickly looked at the plants and flowers beside them.

They then started to walk again silently when Monti watching her feet asked quietly; "Do you live near here?"

"I have some temporary quarters in the Yoma Complex. Normally I live with my Dad and Jo at Beta Colony."

"You and Jo look exactly alike. Are you Identical Twins?"

Meka nodded, "Yep, In fact we look enough alike that if I wear bulky clothes and a cap I can pass for him. And I have a few times much to his annoyance." She said with a chuckle.

"Its hard to believe no one saw through it, I mean your so beautiful that it must have shined through?um?um" Suddenly Monti stopped talking and studied an orchid with total concentration.

Meka blushed beet red and looked at her friend from the back. She could tell by her ears and neck that she was blushing too. She walked up to stand behind her not touching her but close enough for Monti to feel as if she was.

"Jo is a very handsome guy."

"Yes he is, I saw that?um, I really appreciate you both rescuing me back there."

"Um, I ?it was?" gently Meka turned her friend around and looked into the shy green eyes with nervous blue. She took her hand and brought it up to her heart as she said quietly, "I couldn't let anyone hurt you?I really?I feel?Damn," she closed her eyes and said so softly that Monti could barely hear it. "I was very worried about you." You are such a chicken shit, Meka! She thought miserably to herself.

"Thanks?I?Thanks," replied Monti just as tongue-tied.

Meka felt her heart swell twice its normal size as she stared into the sea green eyes. The little hand felt so right where it was that she kept it there. She felt so strange, like all she wanted to do was hug and kiss her and never let her go.

"Monti, I think we really need to sit down and talk. How much farther down the path do you live?"

"The next gate is mine."

"Good lets hurry." Said Meka as she led the smaller woman to the gate the smaller hand still firmly in her own.

*** *** **** ***

They entered Monti's unit and Meka's smile brightened even more. She was delighted at how Monti had changed the usually sterile boring unit into such a cute and cuddly home. It was full of pictures and antique dolls with a lot of warm colored furniture. She felt comfortable right away like she had stepped into her own room at home.

Monti looked up from beneath her bangs very unsure of what her friend's reaction would be. "It's kind of babyish, huh?"

"No, I love it! It's delightful. In fact it's a lot like my room at home. I hate all that monochrome sterility. I like it soft and human like this. It's really you Monti it shows all your warmth and charm. I think it's wonderful."

Two things amazed Monti. She had never heard Meka say so much and that her new friend actually liked her taste. Her mouth actually fell open.

A long finger gently closed it and with warm smile Meka said jokingly, "Please never gamble my friend, You'll lose that pretty shirt. And the answer to the unasked question is yes, I do mean it."

The softness of the skin under Meka's fingers was irresistible they just automatically began to caress it. Monti leaned into the warm hand and mumbled with her eyes closed, "I don't gamble. Um, Meka?I..you?ummm?"

"Shh, Wait a minute. Let's sit down and be comfortable. I think we have a lot to discuss don't you?"

Monti nodded as Meka led her to the couch. They sat down next to each other their hands still entwined."

Meka looked into very unsure green eyes and swallowed hard knowing she would have to lead this conversation. The blind leading the blind thought Meka. She knew she was more secure in life then Monti was but not in this arena she only hoped she wouldn't blow it.

"Um, Monti I have been surrounded by only men all of my life. My Mother died when we were 5 years old. I barely remember her. It was just me and Jo with our Dad. The people that were in our place were all their friends. I was simply too shy. All the woman I knew were our employees and I'm am on very good terms with them all but I just couldn't seem to click with anyone. My brother's friends adopted me as pseudo-guy and I really didn't mind since it kept any of them from hitting on me and they protected me from other guys doing it. What I'm trying so badly to say is this is all very new to me. I want very much to be your friend?in fact I ?well I'd like to know you even better then that ?but I?um, if that's what you want?I don't want you to feel?"Meka felt a tiny finger cover her mouth. She closed her eyes and she sighed. That's the best I could do. Shit I guess I blew it? She thought glumly to herself her eyes downcast.

"I'd like to do that too?.be better friends I mean. I feel very?I um? I really like you Meka," replied the quiet hesitant voice beside her.

Blue eyes snapped open, "What? Really?" Meka was amazed she looked into Monti's eyes and she saw her own feeling reflected back. "You have such amazing eyes. I feel like they sear into my soul."

" I think you're the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

Meka blushed even more, "That's funny because I thought the same thing about you since the day I first saw you."

Two blonde eyebrows shot up into a fringe of messed up blonde bangs, "Really?"

"MmmHmm. You are so very, very beautiful." Meka's hands came up and gently cupped the soft cheeks.

"No one has ever said that to me before."

"Are they blind?"

"I'm described as cute and sweet."

Meka smiled lovingly and kissed her forehead tenderly, "Well that's true you are both of those. You're also incredibly beautiful too." She found herself moving closer to Monti and her mouth gently kissing the wonder filled face in her hands. Her body was now in complete control and she was helpless to do anything but follow through.

Monti closed her eyes and she moaned deep in her throat. Her heart rate was going a mile a minute and she knew she would follow through on her hearts deepest wish.

"Monti?" Whispered Meka she had stopped and was waiting for Monti's eyes to open before she did what she really needed to do.

The green eyes slowly opened and met blue eyes very dark with desire and need. "Monti can I?I need to?I?" she never finished because some how their lips met before she knew what was happening she was kissing Monti with a deep passion. Meka was surprised when she felt Monti deepen the kiss but she happily went along her body was now moving in full revolt and she joyfully surrendered to its loving path.

*** *** *** ***

Meka slowly woke up and she noticed several things that were not normal at all for her. The first was that she was naked. She just never slept in the nude because she lived in a house full of men and you never knew what Jo and his crew would pull on her. She always slept in a sleep shirt and shorts with shoes nearby just in case they pulled a prank of some kind. The second and more important was that there was a warm weight lying right on top of her. She liked this feeling she felt very comfortable with the body that was touching hers. The third was she really didn't want to move. She usually was up at the crack of dawn but today she wanted to stay put in this nice cozy cocoon. She pulled her arms tighter around the soft skin against her and heard a tiny sigh of contentment that made her smile.

Slowly she opened her eyes to see blonde hair and a soft cheek snugly cuddled against her breast. The small woman was still deeply asleep. A glance at the time unit told her she was waking up at her normal time. She knew that she could let Monti sleep for another hour and she was very content to do just that.

She cuddled closer and reflected on the incredible night she had just had with the woman in her arms. She had never known there was such pleasure in the universe. She was in rapture at each touch and caress. She felt like she was flying free then the wondrous rush as she crashed over the edge. They were both so new at all this that she was stunned at how satisfied she felt. When she made love to Monti she felt that she was soaring pretty high too. Her expression going to sleep was pure love and exhaustion.

Meka smiled thinking, Not bad for two kids who had no idea what we were doing. Our bodies sure did. I don't think I even thought about what we were doing we just did it. She kissed the forehead under her chin and smiled when she heard a little purr of a reaction. She just delighted in everything about the small woman. I love her. I really do. I'm head over heals in love with her. I never thought that was possible. I just thought it was something in Fairytales. Something that my Dad was just lucky to find but that most people don't. He was just blessed that he had loved my Mom. Now I know what he meant. I'm being blessed too. Is that possible? Am I worthy of that? Yes, damn it I am. I'm a good, caring person and I love her. Now I just have to find out how My Monti feels. She thought with a worried expression, lowering head and watching her love sleep with protective blue eyes.

*** *** *** ***

Monti slowly became aware of loving caresses and warm kisses as she woke up. She smiled and snuggled closer to the long body beside her. She felt warm, protected and most importantly loved.

Do I love this woman? I just met her. She's management. You know Monti, the people who don't care about us at all. She does. She has proven it every single day since I met her. Every lunch that she struggled to think of things to say to me even though I knew she wasn't at all interested in what I was talking about. She was always there when I needed her. She was only kind and generous with all of us and fought the management. No Monti she isn't like them. But do I love her? She suddenly felt a string of kisses against her neck and then a gentle nibbling at her earlobe. Monti moaned and moved closer. Yes, I do. I feel so happy in these warm arms. I've never had a real friend and now I think I can say anything to her and she would understand. I feel like I can do anything when she holds me. When she looks at me I feel beautiful. Yes, I'm deeply in love with her but?what if she doesn't?feel this? What if it's only a fling?

"Come on Monti, open those pretty eyes. I know your up." Said the gentle voice next to her ear.

Slowly two very nervous green eyes opened to find blue eyes so full of love for her it almost broke her heart. Those eyes sought to know how she felt this alone made Monti realize her fears were foolish. Meka loved her too she could feel it and now she could see it. Her question was answered.

"Hello Beautiful."

Monti blushed and said, "Good morning, How did you sleep?"

"Wonderful. How about you?"

"I have never slept so well before in my life."

"Um Monti, I don't want to scare you. You really don't have to answer me. I just have to ask for my own peace of mind. I think?Well I believe?Monti, I'm head over heals in love with you." Then she closed her eyes and waited for rejection.

Monti felt so relieved that this was mutual. She caressed the soft cheek on the bowed head and said quietly, "I'm in love with you too?"

Blue eyes popped open and Monti was never able to finish that sentence, because warm lips covered hers and arms were pulling her closer to a happy oblivious bliss.

*** *** *** ***
Meka was pacing in front of the vid unit on her desk waiting for it to give her a signal. In a visitor's chair Monti watched as her anxious lover paced. They were waiting to hear back from Meka's Dad that everything was ready for the shut down.

Suddenly there was a loud banging on the door to the office. Meka glanced at the entry screen and grimaced. It was the plant's owner and from the look on his face she was pretty sure it wasn't a social visit.

Monti stiffened in her chair when she saw the hated face. If the man had a heart and soul he would have appeared good looking. Since he had neither he appeared exactly as he was arrogant and cruel.

Meka walked over to Monti leaning in close she whispered, "It will be all right, Love. Just stay put," She kissed her on the cheek and then walked to stand beside the door. She flicked open the com link and asked coldly, "Yes?"

"What the hell are you trying to do to me lady!?!" His voice echoed as he screamed at the other side of the link.

Meka tilted her head and looked at the man on the vid knowing he could see her she smiled wickedly and said in an amused voice, "At the moment I'm doing nothing but listening to you act like a raving lunatic."

"Lunatic huh? You're the one that's crazy, Lady! You fired staff and redistributed workers. Then you gave them raises and you never even spoke to me about it! You didn't say a word to me, or my Vice President or the foreman.."

"Oh I forgot to tell you I fired him," She smiled with a feral glare.

"You what!?"

"Yes, I fired the foreman. I don't take well to people physically abusing people. Actually I don't like any form of abuse so I've been putting a stop to it. If I could have I would fired your precious VP too. Murdering Ass hole! These workers are now my responciblilty and I will do everything in my power to protect them?"

"Not anymore there not! You're fired! Get Out!!!"

Meka laughed wickedly and said, "Tch, tch, tch we have a contract. You have to pay me for the whole year." She smiled at the nervous Monti and winked at her. I am enjoying this way too much, Thought Meka as she watched the man huff and puff in front of the door like the big bad wolf. Well the ass hole has enough hot air. She thought with an inward chuckle.

Monti watched all this in complete amazement her love showed no fear. She was being a taught a valuable lesson and she was going to remember it.

"Come out here you bitch and I will show you abuse!"

Meka laughed and said sweetly, "I'd love to oblige you but unfortunately I can't I'm expecting a call?"

"Are you afraid of what I'll do to you?"

"Nope, I'm not afraid of you or your stinking goons at all. I'm just expecting a very important call more important then dealing with you. So am I fired, hot shot?"

"Yes, damn it's worth it to be rid of you. I will go get the master key and then we'll see who should be afraid!" He yelled as she stormed across the warehouse toward his office.

"You just do that," said Meka with an amused smirk.

"Meka he will be back with some of his men and?"

"Shh, don't worry. I can take care of myself." She had walked back behind the desk and smiled sweetly at the worried woman. The vid blinked and Meka visibly looked relieved to see her beloved father. "Ahhh, Hi Dad!"

"Hi honey. Are you, Jo and your Monti ok?"

"Yup, but the boss just fired me. He just went to get a master key to break through the lock and physically throw me out of here."

The man on the screen laughed good-naturedly and said proudly, "I'd like to see him try."

Monti looked shocked. Meka smiled at the beautiful woman then her eyes flicked back to her father; "Monti is a bit surprised by your laughter Dad."

"Oh is she there? Well then tell her about why you were chosen for this assignment."

Meka looked at her confused love and explained gently, "As you know I'm working here with the Commission to get rid of that ass hole." Monti nodded and Meka walked over and kneeled next to her taking the small hands within her own as she continued, "I was chosen for this assignment for more then my managerial skills. I'm here because I am a trained warrior?"

Monti was shocked, Meka was so gentle, "You are? But you are so gentle and kind?"

Meka smiled and kissed the palm of the hand that was firmly in her own. Then she shrugged and said, "I am a trained combat officer. I know all the martial arts, advanced and ancient weaponry, and every form of defensive and offensive combat. I am also a top strategist and an officer in the Federation though I am semi- retired I help in a case by case situation such as this. Sweetheart, I am not worried about facing off with these guys I can deal with them easily. Ok?" Monti nodded, Meka brought Monti's lips to her own and tenderly kissed her.

Then she strode back to her desk and said, "Dad I'm more worried about our workers. Are we getting them to safety right now?"

"Yes, the facility is now under Commission ordered shut down. There are Commission agents as well as Jo's crew getting them all to safety. Once its secure that facility will be locked down. Now about that jerk's threats against you personally Sweetheart?"

"Dad I'm fine and?"

"Jo is on his way to you now?"

"Hey, I can take care of myself?"

"I know you can take care of yourself but I'm still your father and it's my privilege to interfere and protect you if I feel like it."

Meka looked at her father with pure affection as she quietly replied, "I guess I'd never expect anything less from you huh, Dad?"

"Nope," Said her father with a wink and wide loving smile.

Meka looked across the desk at her still nervous girlfriend and said to her Dad, "Hey Dad, I have got to go. I have to reassure Monti and then take care of these morons. I love you."

"I love you too. So when do I get to meet Monti?"

"Is tomorrow soon enough?"

"Perfect, I'll see you both then, Signing off." And the screen went blank.

"How does your Dad know about me?"

"Well?um, I've been reporting to him as the head of the Commission every night since I started this. This morning I kind of let slip?.well I? I kind of mentioned that we were now beyond friends. I had been talking about you a lot since I first I came here and they both figured out?Well Dad and Jo ?"

"They must know you very well to figure out so much from just some vid calls that you made before this morning. I mean Jo seemed to know yesterday."

"He did," There was a special secret knock on the door. Meka looked at the still open Com Link and smiled at her twin. "JoJo know's me better then I know myself.

*** *** *** ***

Meka looked at her brother sweetly as she let him into her office and locked the door behind him. He smiled at Monti and said, "How are you holding up Sister in law to be?"

Monti and Meka's expressions both were stunned by what he said which made the tall man chuckle. Monti was speechless but Meka shook her head and said, "You're being a bit presumptuous aren't you?"

"Nope. I know you pretty well and I figure you are united now and the wedding is around the corner. Am I right or am I right?" He asked with a very wicked smile.

Meka slowly nodded her head and said with a sigh, "Yes we are a couple. Damn, I had no idea I was so readable."

"Well not by most people. I'm your twin though and I know you very well. So how soon after we lock this all up will you two be making it official? I'm really looking forward to having another sister."

Meka laughed, she was now behind Monti and gently massaging her loves very tense shoulders as she looked above the blonde head into twinkling blue eyes she said, "Yes Smart ass, we are going to make it official. We haven't discussed anything other then that we loved each other and want to be together. So you can just cool your heels till we figure it out ourselves." She stuck her tongue out at her twin then she bent down and kissed the soft neck and whispered, "Anytime and any place you want to my beloved is ok by me." Then she licked the rim and watched as the ear turned from dark pink to bright red.

Monti's eyes were closed and she was trying to suppress the moan that ached to come out. Jo's eyes met the happy sparkling eyes of his sisters and he winked. She then whispered, "Ok that's all the time we have to play. Now open those pretty eyes for me." She asked as she stepped around so she was facing the smaller woman.

Shy green eyes slowly opened and met warm loving blue. She smiled shyly then looked at Jo and asked quietly, "Um, Jo do you mind much? Us, I mean."

Jo looked a bit surprised, "Mind? Why should I mind? I'm delighted."

Monti looked at Meka confused and Meka kneeled beside her reaching up and gently caressed a soft cheek looking deeply into the soft green eyes as she replied, "I told you before, He knows me too damn well. He knew I loved you before I did."

Monti did understand that and nodded. Then her eyes suddenly widened and she stiffened up again. She saw through the com link several men heading toward Meka's office. "Meka?."

Meka's head snapped up and her expression suddenly changed. Monti was astonished as she watched the woman she loved transform herself from the soft gentle lover to a fierce warrior within a breath. "I see them, Sweetheart. I want you to stay right here. I mean it, Monti don't move a muscle. Jo and I will make sure they don't come with in an inch of you." She spoke with an authority of Command. But Monti could see that she was trying to protect her and accepted this new side of the tall woman's personality more easily then she thought possible. She nodded and Meka gave her a short brisk nod back. Then she looked at her brother as she asked; "You ready to take care of this little problem?"

"Damn straight I am."

The two siblings turned as one and met the mob at the door with lethal faces. The owner opened the door with an angry grunt when the door slid open. Meka saw they had no weapons so she was confident this would be over with very quickly.

"Hello Boys, My brother wanted to play to so invited him to join us." Meka said with low deep purr that sent shivers down the spines of the men opposing her.

The man next to the owner looked from the viscous looking woman to the equally dangerous man and thought he was nuts to be there. He just walked out with a shake of his head. Causing the VP to growl and whisper to the owner, "I told you we should have grabbed some laser weapons."

The tall foreman went right toward Meka attacking her head on. The small VP went around him and went right for Monti. Meka head butted her attacker and then slugged him in the groin. She then quickly launched into a roundhouse kick that knocked the man right on his butt. Meka landed on her feet right in front of Monti and was already in defensive pose against the female sales manger and the short V.P. with a snarl on her face. She reminded the woman of animal protecting her young. Knowing how dangerous that was she left the little twerp to his own end and left the fight.

The owner had been trying to beat Jo at hand to hand and was losing miserably. He pulled out a hidden knife. Jo shook his head and smirked at the older man as if he should have known better. The tall man blocked the strike and then sent the older man flying through the door and out of the office. He hit his head against some boxes and was out like light.

Meka had easily dealt with the two men coming at her but felt they needed to end this quickly. She and Jo were now back to back; Jo called back, "Are you ready Little Sister?"

Meka snorted and said, "Oh yeah!" She smiled wickedly as she grabbed on to her brother's strong wrists readying herself for the launch. As a group of the goon came in close she kicked off holding on tight she kicked all the attackers in a tight circle. Landing easily next to her brother with a huge lopsided grin.

Jo shook his head looking down at the men on the ground saying, "That should hold them till?"

Suddenly a stream of federation agents poured into the building. The lead agent stood at the door of Meka's office and looked from the older man out cold in front and the men moaning and groaning at Meka and Jo's feet.

"I told your Dad not to worry. Ok, Kids start hauling this trash out of here."

"Dad worries too much Amy," Said Meka as she was hugging back the small blonde who had a very tight hold around her stomach.

"With good reason, see ya!"

Jo watched as Meka gently pulled out of Monti's tight hug so she could reposition herself to be able to look into the anxious little face.

"Are you ok?" Asked the small blonde her voice full of anguish.

"Sure, not a scratch."

"I was so worried?"

"No need, I told you?"

"Hey Sisters, I'm getting out of her before you get mushy. See you both at home?"

"Yep. Thank you JoJo."

"Anytime Sis, See you soon littler Sis," He said with smirk as he left the office.

"Meka he just?"

"They love me and they accept I love you. My brat of brother jumped the gun a bit. I really wanted to do this in a much more romantic setting. But?since he got the ball rolling," Meka got on one knee and took both little hands in her own. She kissed them both gently and then brought them to her heart. She looked up into shocked green eyes and said very quietly, "I know we haven't know each other very long. I can't explain how I feel about you even to myself. When I'm with you though I feel like I've known you all my life. I can't see any future without you so?Montego will you marry me?"

Monti looked into the loving tear-filled blue eyes and her heart was pounding a mile minute. She felt the tears pour down her own cheeks. She couldn't seem to speak so she nodded her head.

Meka stood up and hugged the smaller woman tight against her and whispered into her ear, "Did that nod mean yes, I hope?"

"Yes," was the tiny squeak of a reply.

Meka bent down and kissed her passionately, Then when she pulled back a bit she whispered again. "I think we need to get out of here. I really need a bit of privacy for what comes next."

*** *** *** ***

The shop was shut down for one week by the commission. All the workers were paid their full salary during the shut down. The new owner of the shop had insisted that commission pay the workers not only the full week but increase their salaries from their substandard wage to an acceptable wage starting immediately.

The new owner was standing in the middle of the President's palatial office studying a blueprint with several changes to be made to the plant. The tall beautiful woman looked up and smiled when her Partner in life and in business entered their shared office. Monti had a sheet of paper in one hand and cup of coffee in the other.

Meka's face lit with joy everytime she looked at the small blonde this was no exception she was simply glowing. "You know you don't have to bring me coffee, Sweetheart. I am quite capable of getting a cup."

"I know that it's just my privilege and I enjoy it. You are so independent. It's just nice to do little things for you every once in a while. Here's the report on the improvements you've enacted, Love."

Meka walked up to the smaller woman taking the cup of coffee and placing it on the desk. Then she took the paper and put it down without even glancing at it. Then she gathered the small woman in her arms and kissed her passionately picking her up in the process.

Meka was now cradling the smaller woman in her strong arms pulling her lips back slightly from the kiss she whispered into the little ear, "Thank you."

Monti kissed her chin and asked in a far off voice, "For what?"

"This," replied Meka as she pulled the lips greedily back to her hungry lips needing another taste of honey.

Jo was leaning against the wall by the doorway totally unnoticed. He had a very amused expression on his face as he cleared his throat and said, "I know that your honeymooners, but Yeash! Get a grip!"

Meka and Monti looked at him surprised that they didn't even hear him enter the office. They smiled at him with sweet shy smiles that touched his heart and made his own smile widen even more.

Meka leaned her head against her brides and said quietly, "Can't help it. When I see her all I want to do is kiss her and hug her."

Monti was staring at the tall woman's neck her own skin was beet red.

Seeing the two shy woman trying to deal with all their feeling just made the tall man's heart swell with love for the two of them. "I can't blame you Sis, your bride is adorable."

Meka looked her brother in the eye and he winked at her. She put her bride back on her own feet but held her close and asked, "So what's the news?"

"Yes, I do have the word from the proceedings. Are you interested?"

Both women's expressions suddenly changed from shy besotted lovers to very alert and interested woman. Meka gave her brother a sharp look and said, "Of course we are."

"Well they all are condemned to the harshest facility possible. It's as close as they could give them to hard labor and still follow our current laws. They will be down in the mines."

"Wow!" Said Monti shocked.

"That is a discontinued sentence, isn't it?" Meka asked as her mind went through what she knew of the current set of laws.

"No, it is unused but it has never been voted down. It is unusual circumstances. How many cases before the commission included, rape and murder? We no longer have the death penalty so this was the most intense punishment that they could give them."

Monti looked at her beloved then her love's twin and said very quietly, "They won't last down there. I think it would have been more humane to have given them the death penalty instead of torturing them to death."

Meka shook her head and kissed her love tenderly on the cheek, "You are something else. Is there no end to your generosity, they tortured you for three years and almost killed you. They did kill three young women and rape several others. They are pure scum. I wanted to?"

"I know but I?.I just can't?."

"Shhh, its ok," said the tall woman squeezing her love in a tight hug. "I think you are the kindest, purest soul I have ever known. I think it's beautiful that you feel like that. It's one of the millions of things that I love about you." Then she kissed her bride with an overwhelming need.

Jo snorted and shook his head; "This is where I came in."

The End

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