~ Creamy Delight ~
by Shadylady

Disclaimer: Enjoy.

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It is sitting there right in front of me. I stare, drooling like a fool. I reach out, touching lightly with just my fingertips. Oh God, what a treat. I see the smooth, darkened edges clearly with the pearly white cream just visible through the crack. I lean forward, bringing my nose closer as I inhale the rich, sweet aroma.. With trembling fingers, I gently peel back the edges that hide the lily-white center from my view. I lean forward and softly touch my tongue to the edge. It feels smooth and slick against my tongue

Turning attention to the creamy center, I feast my eyes upon it as if seeing it for the first time. I can't wait to sink my mouth into it. Tentatively, I press the tip of my tongue to the edge of the snowy cream. Ummmmmm, how good. I swirl my tongue over the cream, feeling it lightly coating the tip. Drawing my tongue back, I savor the sweet taste. Unable to wait any longer, I press forward and twist my tongue round and round, sucking the cream up into my mouth. My whole body trembles with the sweetest taste I've had in a long time. Faster and faster, I lick, not missing a single spot of the luscious nectar.

I moan beneath my breath as I enjoy the smooth, sweetness coating my taste buds. I swallow hard to clear my mouth. Looking at the dark layers lying beside my hand, I note a small droplet of white cream. I flick out my tongue and quickly draw the last little taste into my mouth. Finally, all of the pearly cream is gone.

I rise, looking at the delicate dark edges still resting near my hand. Do I find it necessary to sample them too? No, only the cream of the Oreo cookie fulfills my needs. I drop the remaining cookies in the trash as I leave the room.

Feedback welcome: the_shadylady_629@yahoo.com

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