~ Mistaken Identity ~
by Shadylady

Top 25: Nov. 3, 2003
Disclaimer: This story is about love and laughter, the two major components that all life should have. It does include some sexual content.

Dedication: It is dedicated to the person who first encouraged me to write, Wizzy. Without her, I would never have attempted to express my views or ideas in writing. She gave me strength to transpose my thoughts into text, for this, I will be eternally grateful. Despite unwavering gratitude to her, she still owes me her dog, Wizzer Marie, and her rodeo belt buckle.

I would like to extend a personal thank you to my beta reader, Ilene Siegel, for helping to assure that I at least look like I can write correctly.

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Part 1

The old courthouse door slammed backward hitting hard against the wall as the woman strode angrily out the door toward the parking lot. She stopped at the side of a new silver Lexus SC convertible. She jerked open the door stopping just short of hitting the car next to her. She slid behind the steering wheel and pulled out onto the old shaded street that lead eastward away from the courthouse. The car seemed to know automatically where it was headed. The woman inside was too deep in thought to pay any attention to where she was driving. Ten minutes later, and further down the sparsely populated road, she saw the flashing neon sign of the Top Cat Lounge. She slowed down her car, making a sudden decision to stop and have a drink. She looked for a parking space as she drove closer to the lounge.

Jan Martin, Assistant District Attorney for Peach County, pulled her car to a stop in front of the Top Cat Lounge. She was lucky and found a parking spot one car length down from the door. Easing her 2003 Lexus SC convertible into the parking spot, she noted the car being towed out of the space in front of her was a vehicle like her own.

As she stepped out of the vehicle, pedestrians turned to look at her. She stood five feet eleven inches tall but appeared much taller with the three-inch heels she was wearing. She had jet black hair, long, and cascading flowingly down her back. Her eyes were a striking sky blue color. Her posture radiated dignity and vitality as she moved toward the door of the lounge.

Today was the day from Hell. Nothing had gone right from the time she'd gotten up this morning. Her hose tore as she was pulling them on. The coffee maker spit coffee grounds into the pot, making it undrinkable. Her law clerk lost her notes for the battery case she was prosecuting at ten am. The jury came back undecided and a mistrial was declared, letting the wife beating bastard back onto the street. Her boss pulled a fast one and dumped a caseload of backlogged alimony dodgers into her lap to follow up on just as she was getting ready to leave for lunch. To make matters worse, her planned vacation was cancelled because her current girlfriend ran off with the office secretary. What else could go wrong?

As Jan stepped into the bar, she looked around and noted a very rowdy group of women sitting around one table. They were dressed in orange road crew clothing, which was a good indication that they were with the crew working on the repaving program on I-75.

As Jan moved up to sit at the bar, she overhead some of the conversation.

"Where the hell's Carey? She knew I was having my car towed in today to have the drive shaft checked out. After paying a fortune for my Lexus, I certainly didn't expect to have to send it to the shop this early," one of the women, stated.

"Sue, you know she's probably forgotten everything you told her last night," a second woman answered. "If you hadn't tried to drink her under the table while playing strip poker, she mighta remembered to be here on time." Her shirt indicated her name was Jackie.

"Oh, fuck. She's just mad because after she passed out, we stripped her and laid her naked butt out in the front yard of the motel. Shit, no-one even drives by there before we're up and off to work any way," replied Sue.

Rachel, the third woman at the table, stated, "yeah, but you know her revenge is always worse than what we do to her. I hope that I can avoid her for at least the next 24 hours or at least until she's cooled off."

Jan listened quietly to the conversation, chuckling softly to herself at what she had just heard. Finally, she was beginning to relax. She was extremely glad that she decided to stop by for a drink rather than going straight home. Suddenly, there was the most horrific noise coming from outside the bar. Everyone jumped from the unexpected noise.

Before they could rise from their chairs, or Jan could move from the bar, a small torpedo flew through the door. She stood about 5 feet 5 inches tall with short-cropped blonde hair covered by a ball cap turned backward. Her green eyes twinkled brightly with life. She had heavy, steel-toed work boots on along with the telltale orange vest worn by the highway crew.

Jan heard someone moaned aloud, "Oh no, Carey what'd ya do?"

Carey ran up to the table, grabbed hold of Sue's arm and yelled, "It was truly an accident. I really didn't mean to unload my load of gravel in your car. I sort of backed up too far, ran up over your hood, and in trying to get it back into drive, I hit the dump button."

"WHAT," yelled Sue.

"I'm telling you that I think that I've destroyed your new car" replied Carey.

Sue burst out laughing which caused Carey to step up into her face demanding to know what was so funny.

Sue declared, "What the hell have you done now? Don't you remember my car was being towed to the shop? I don't know whose Lexus convertible you just demolished."

Jan had been listening to the conversation when, suddenly, she realized it was her car they were talking about. She jumped off the stool, heading for the door, just as Carey started to race in the same direction.

As they pushed their way out the door together, both women's mouths fell open. One in shock that she could have mistaken the car, the other in shock at the state of her now flattened, gravel filled brand new Lexus.

"Oh SHIT" Carey stated.

"Oh double shit you little turd," Jan stated as she grabbed her by the arm.

"You're under arrest for damage to private property," Jan stated as she dragged Carey back into the bar, reaching out for the phone so that she could call 911.

Sue, Jackie, and Rachel were rolling on the floor with laughter. No one was able to get up to help Carey so she kicked out at them as she was dragged back to the phone by this Amazon bitch. Jan held on to Carey until the police car drove up and the police officers came inside.

Jan turned to one of the cops and said, "Hey, Jim. This little pervert just flattened my car with her dump truck. I'm pressing charges and I want her locked up until I can get downtown. She is a menace to society. Cuff her."

"Oh goody, goody, I get to wear hand cuffs and you call me perverted," stated Carey as the officer took hold of Carey, turned her around and cuffed her hands behind her back..

"See you all at the jailhouse," Carey hollered as they dragged her back out the front door to the police car. She refused to walk or make it easy in any way.

Part 2

As Jim pulled Carey from the back seat of the car, she proceeded to throw herself down onto the ground.

"If you want me in the jailhouse, you're going to have to drag me up the stairs and into the cell" yelled Carey at the top of her voice.

Several other cops came out the station door. Three of them joined Jim, each grabbing one of Carey's limbs. They bodily lifted and carried her into the station while she continued to scream police brutality at the top of her lungs.

She was carried into a cell, which was padded and contained no furniture of any kind. Jim had them flip her over like a pancake, flat on her face so he could remove the handcuffs. Before Carey could turn back over or even move, everyone had backed out of the cell. The door was closed and locked, leaving Carey in the starkly empty chamber.

Jan pulled up to the station in a cab, just as Carey was carried through the station doors. A pickup truck pulled in right behind her holding Jackie, Sue and Rachel. As the three women rushed to follow behind Jan, she could hear them still laughing over the mistake which Carey had made.

Sue was saying, "Boy, has Carey fucked up now. Not only did the bartender tell me that Ms. Martin's a lawyer but she's the county Assistant DA. I bet she'll try to throw the book at her."

"What's the worst that could happen, a few weeks in jail and having to pay for the car? Hell, Carey will think that it's a vacation, especially if they put her in a community cell with all the other women," Rachel said.

"Will you two hurry up; we're getting left behind again. You know every time we come down here to bail Carey out, they try to lock us up too," moaned Jackie. "I wanna stay close to Ms. Martin so they won't arrest us along with Carey."

As all four women walked up to the sergeants' desk, they could hear loud yelling and banging coming down the hallway.

"GOD DAMMIT, you MOTHERFUCKERS. Let me out of here." Carey continued to beat her steel-toed boot against the metal door. Her ears were beginning to ring from the noise but she wasn't about to let up.

Jan, hearing all the clatter, walked down the hall thinking maybe it was wrong to have Carey locked away like a common criminal. Reaching the cell, Jan slid back the door on the peep window, feeling guilty with her part in having Carey locked in the loony bin cell. What she saw next changed her mind immediately.

Carey was rolling around on the floor laughing her head off. She held one boot in her left hand with the other between her legs holding onto herself as great rolls of laughter burst from her mouth.

"Oh God, I got to pee. Man, the look on her face when she saw her car covered with gravel," Carey was saying aloud to herself.

Jan closed the door without saying a word and returned to the desk.

"Ok, I want her bound over for trial for willful destruction of property, disturbing the peace and being a public nuisance. Where are the papers for me to fill out?"

Sue stood next to Jan at the desk. Immediately following Jan's request, Sue wanted to know when bail would be set and how much. Meanwhile Carey was starting her racket all over again.

"Come on you sons of bitches, let me out of here. At least get me a slop jar if you're not gonna let me out. I don't want to have to pee in this damn drain in the floor."

"SLAMMM, SLAMMM, SLAMMM." Her boot continued to beat against the door.

Everyone within hearing distance knew that the Little Tornado, as Carey was known around station, was in lockup. Heaven help the department until they could get her back out on the street. The captain, hearing all the noise, picked up his phone and placed a private call to the local circuit judge's chamber.

"Yes sir, she's in lock up again. Looks like she may be responsible for destroying the new Assistant DA's automobile. No sir, I don't want to keep her for even two days. Yes, we'll hold her till morning if you'll hear her case first on the docket. Thank you sir and have a good night." After hanging up the phone, the Captain walked out to the front desk to inform the ladies what was going to be taking place.

"Hold on ladies, let me tell you what is going to take place." He shouted over the banging and yelling going on down the hall.

"Carey'll be staying here tonight and will be brought before the judge in the morning to get this case settled. Ms. Martin, be in court at nine in the morning if you want to get your case heard. As for the three of you ladies, turn around and march your assess right back out of my station to where ever it is you go. Good night ladies." With that said, he turned around and slammed back into his office.

Jan stood stunned, unsure of exactly what to do next. Rachael, Sue, and Jackie were tiptoeing down the hall toward Carey's cell. Carey continued to heap verbal abuse upon all men of the universe while still pounding on her door.

Sue slid back the panel. "Hey, freak. Quit your pounding and get your butt over here and listen to what I have to say."

Carey dropped her boot and stood on tiptoe to peek at Sue through the window.

"Carey, you might as well calm your hot little ass down. You'll be staying here overnight. No bail will be set. The Judge is going to hear your case first thing in the morning. Can you keep your shirt on that long and stop acting like a crazy jackass? You're not helping your case much if you continue to tear the place up."

"Well shit. I thought that was your car. If you hadn't gotten me so drunk, stripped me and left me for dead in front of the motel, that damn bird wouldn't have shit on me and I wouldn't have gotten so mad. This is really all your fault," whined Carey.

Sue raised her voice "don't you blame this on me. Your nasty little temper is finally meeting its match. Well, we gotta go. See you in court in the morning. Oh yeah, I forgot to say how much we all enjoy seeing you in those puke green prison scrubs." With that last word, Sue walked back out front to join her girlfriends.

Rachael was just turning to Jan to ask her if she needed a ride home when Sue walked up.
Although Jan did not know these ladies, she knew it could be hours before a taxi was available to carry her back to her condo and she just didn't feel up to riding back in a patrol car.

"Yes, thank you. I'd certainly appreciate a lift if it's not out of you way" answered Jan.

"Oh, don't worry. We're glad to give you a lift since it appears we have in some off- handed way been responsible for the damage Carey has done to your car." replied Rachel.

The ride to Jan's condo was made in silence. No one felt that there was anything left to say at this point. As Jan got out of the truck, she turned back and said, "Thanks ladies, see you in court in the morning."

Jan opened the door to her condo, wanting to simply rush to bed and hide after the day from HELL.

Part 3

The alarm clock startled Jan out of a very restless sleep. She had been dreaming about drowning in a sea of crushed rock. Her arms were tangled up in the covers causing her to nearly fall out of the side of the bed as she rolled over to cut off the alarm. She rose slowly, stretching her back, popping her spine back into alignment as she made her way to her exercise room. She followed the same pattern every day. 15 minutes running full speed on the treadmill, followed by 15 minutes of upper body toning with bicep curls, finishing with a repetitive set of sit-ups. After finishing her exercises, she headed into the bathroom to take her shower so that she could finish dressing to get to court on time.

Moving from the bathroom to the closet, Jan looked over her wardrobe and chose an outfit that she felt would give her confidence while still flattering her figure. It was a two-piece dark blue suit, which complemented her eyes, causing the irises to deepen to a darker blue than usual. Jan finished dressing and moved into the living room where she placed a call to the local taxi service to come pick her up in plenty of time to get to the courthouse. As she was turning off the last of the lights in the condo, she heard the horn of the taxi signaling that it was out front. She left the condo and headed to court where she knew she was going to have to face the demon spawn from Hell again over the damage to her car.

Meanwhile across town, Sue, Rachael, and Jackie were all fighting over who was going to get to wear the last pair of clean underwear in their possession. Not one of them liked to do laundry and, usually, that resulted in near nakedness before they broke down and went to the local Laundromat. Rachel won hands down only because she was taller than the other two and was able to hold the briefs over her head until she could get into the bathroom to dress. Sue and Jackie mumbled to each other about having to wear their jeans butt naked. Sue complained she didn't like the way the seam rode up into her crotch when she didn't have underwear on. Jackie grouched about the material pulling on her pubic hair every time she took a step. Just as they usually did when this occurs, Jackie and Sue swore to do the laundry at least once a week whether they needed to or not from this point on. Both really knew that would never happen regardless of how uncomfortable they felt. Finally, all three women were ready to go. Sue grabbed the truck keys and they all walked out of the motel room to make their way to the courthouse.

Jackie asked the other women, "Do you think Carey tore up her cell last night? I bet they had a hell of a time getting her clothes off and cramming her into that god awful vomit green outfit."

"Please, just quit talking about that putrid color. It makes me wanna gag right here and now," Sue replied.

"Well, fuck you. See if I try to have any more conversation with you this morning," Jackie responded, turning away from Sue as much as she could since all three of them were crowded into the front seat of the truck..


The Courtroom was reasonably quiet except for the constant grunts and groans from the elbow jabs thrown at one another by the three women sitting midway back of the judge's bench. Jab!!! Another elbow rammed into Rachel's side.

"Will you slide your ass over, you are crowding me way too much," mumbled Sue as she tried to position herself on the bench. She kept pulling on the front of her crotch, mumbling under her breath about the jeans digging into an area that only few ever entered. Jan Martin was seated in the first row and could overhear the hushed conversation going on behind her. She couldn't help but smile to herself as she listened to their antics.

The door next to the Bailiff's desk opened wide as Carey shuffled into the courtroom. She was wearing a washed out mossy green jumpsuit that was common jail issue. It was at least 5 times too large for her. She had rolled the legs up at least half their distance just to clear the top of her single booted foot. God only knows what happened to her other boot. The crotch of the jumpsuit hung to her knees, making her appear more dwarf-like than her short stature already did. She had apparently ripped off the sleeves as her arms were completely bare. The top hung away from her small breasts giving the appearance that with one wrong move her entire chest would be exposed for all to see. Her short, blonde hair stood out in every direction on her head. She smirked directly at Jan Martin as she strode to her seat in front to the right of the judge's bench.

"She certainly isn't looking repentant for her mischief this morning," Jan thought to herself.

Carey turned slightly in her chair, looking around the room. Quickly, she spotted her friends and fired over the one finger salute hollering loudly, "Morning ladies."

All three snickered and flipped back at her. "Same to you, too. Hope you slept well on that hard, cold floor." one of the women called back.

The bailiff walked over to the start of the benches saying, "Ladies, if you can't remain quiet in the courtroom, I'm going to ask you to leave." Each one of them, as if in a choreographed manner, reached up and mockingly zipped their lips shut, twisting a key in place. The bailiff returned to his position by the door entering into the courtroom, waiting for the judge to come in so that he could announce his arrival. Ten minutes passed in which absolutely no sound could be heard except for the monotonous humming, by Carey, of "I Love You" from Barney, the purple dinosaur.

None of her friends dared ask her to stop because last time they attempted to do so, she burst out singing at the top of her lungs. Since she couldn't carry a tune, it sounded like someone had tried to pull a cat's tail by reaching down its throat and jerking it out through its mouth. They certainly did not want a repeat performance at nine o'clock in the morning.

The bailiff snapped to attention as the door to the courtroom opened for a second time.

"All rise until the Honorable Judge Davis is seated." He intoned to the crowd.

Carey glanced up at the judge and did a double take. Suddenly, her neck seemed to disappear into her jumpsuit and all that could be seen were her eyes and the top of her head peeping out. She sank back down into her chair, trying her best to turn away from the view of the judge.

Jan was watching Carey's movements and wondered what in the world she was up to now. What could possibly have caused her to try to shrink away from the rest of the people in the courtroom? Jan could hear snickering from Jackie, Sue, and Rachel from behind her position in the courtroom. She was beginning to wonder if she had been transported to another twilight zone dimension.

"Please be seated. The court will come to order. Will the defendant please rise and come towards the bench?" intoned the Judge after he was seated.

All eyes turned to Carey as she rose from her chair.

Part 4

Carey pulled her head back out from within her jumpsuit and rose to walk to the Judge's bench. She looked comical with her hip-hop gait due to the missing boot. She continued to keep her eyes downcast while slowly shuffling her way to stand in front of the Judge.

"Um, I see here that you have been arrested again for willful destruction of property, disturbing the peace and being a public nuisance. What do you have to say for yourself this time young lady?" he stated in a stern voice.

Carey looked up meeting his steely sea green eyes but was not able to hold his stare for more than a few seconds.

"Well, I guess there is no good excuse except for mistaken identity," she replied.

"Mistaken identity? What in heaven's name do you mean by that?" roared the Judge.

Jan shifted in her seat. She had been in court with this particular Judge several times since beginning her practice in Peach County. Never had she seen him raise his voice or loose patience with any person that was brought before him.

"Why is this case different, I wonder." She thought to herself.

In the background, Rachael, Sue, and Jackie were trying ineffectively to cover up their laughter. Jan was beginning to think the women she was currently dealing with must have some kind of insanity laying just under their surfaces. Since going into the lounge yesterday, nothing but trouble had followed her.

Suddenly the Judge pounded on his desk with his fist and demanded an explanation from the defendant.

"Ok, ok don't get your shorts in a wad," Carey finally shouted back.

SLAM! The gavel pounded onto the desk. "Keep that up young lady and I'll hold you in contempt of court," growled the Judge.

"Yes SIR. Beg your pardon SIR" came back the smart-alecky response.

"Now, begin your story again and don't leave anything out."



"Well, OK." Carey stood there rocking back and forth for a few minutes giving the appearance that she was genuinely thinking through what she needed to say to the court.

"Let's see. Sue and I'd gotten into a drinking contest last night, no the night before, to see which one of us could down the most tequila shots while we were playing poker."


"Well, maybe it was strip poker. Anyway, we were drinking shot for shot with both of us losing badly at cards. We'd gotten down to our skivvies when I took one last shot, I believe that may have been shot number sixteen."

"Naw, that was your twentieth"came a shout from the middle of the room.

BLAM!! Down came the gavel again. "Order in the Court. Continue your story, Carey."

"Sixteen or twenty, whatever. Anyway, I must'ta had one too many shots because the next thing I remember, I am waking up God-damn butt naked lying on the wet grass in front of my room at the motel with bird shit running down my tits"

BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! "Ok that's it. I'm holding you in contempt of court for use of profanity and will add the fine when the decision is determined," said the Judge.

"Do you want me to finish my story or what?" demanded Carey with her hands on her hips now.

"Yes, proceed" said the Judge wearily.

"Well, I was finally able to stagger up and return to my room. Thank Go?goodness no one was out walking a dog that early in the morning. Since everyone else, meaning the other 3 women, had already left for work, I was able to take a shower in peace and quiet. Finally, all I had left to do was put on my boots and I'd be ready to join the work crew on I-75."

"I'd already put on my left boot. As I tried to put on my right boot nearly one half cup of tequila poured out onto the floor. That damn Sue had been slipping her shots into MY boot while I was trying to drink her under the table. She's nothing but a fagging cheat." With that Carey turned back to face the audience and shot a bird directly at Sue.

BLAM! BLAM! "Mark her in contempt again. Same process. I'll add the fine to the final rendering," growled the Judge to the court clerk.

"Pleaseeeee continue" he urged Carey.

"Now, where was I. Oh, yeah."

"Well, I finally got to work but Sue, Rachael and Jackie avoided me as if I had been wearing skunk perfume. Since I was driving the crushed gravel dump truck back and forth along the route, I had plenty of time to stew. I became angrier and angrier as time passed."

"As soon as four o'clock rolled around I saw those three shit heads" ?

BLAM - "Contempt, add another fine"

? "take off in the truck, leaving me with nothing but that huge dump truck still filled with gravel."

"Since it was Wednesday night I knew they were headed to the Top Cat Lounge. Wednesday night is 'Ladies Night" and drinks are two for one. So, I hopped back into the cab of the dumpster and headed toward the club."

"I thought they must have run by the motel because I saw Sue's new silver Lexus parked right in front of the lounge."

"I knew she would kill me but you know my temper, I saw an opportunity for payback. I know how much she prizes that car and decided why not take away something she really treasures, just like I treasure not being naked and covered with bird do-do in public."

Giggles could be heard again coming from the center of the courtroom.

"There was plenty of space ahead of the car so I proceeded to pull in front of it. I slammed the truck in reverse and accidentally (more snickers could be heard from the crowd) stepped on the gas a little too hard, causing the dump truck to ride up over the hood, crushing it flat. I jerked the gears back into first and in doing so hit the dump button next to the gearshift. Before I could move an inch, the whole load dumped down into the open car."

"Believe you me, that really is not what I intended to do."

"Oh yeah, baby, tell it to the Pope" yelled someone in the audience. Everyone laughed aloud at that remark.


The courtroom quieted again.

"Continue," motioned the Judge.

"I knew everyone inside must have heard the commotion, so I jumped out of the truck and rushed inside, running directly to Sue to tell her what had happened. Next thing I know, I'm out front being grabbed by that Amazon sitting behind me, yelling that it's her car not Sue's that I kind of destroyed."

"She dragged me back inside by the arm, nearly jerking it out of its socket. Do you want to see the bruises?" She stated as she held her right arm up toward the Judge.

"NO, put your arm down and continue."

With a deep sigh and another shuffle to relieve her barefoot from the uneven pressure of standing with one boot on and one off, Carey continued.

"She's yelling about having me arrested while dragging me across the lounge to the phone."

"Those three," pointing again at her friends, "were rolling around on the floor laughing their asses off knowing I was dead meat. Not one of them got off the floor to help me"

"Next thing I know, I'm in jail, stripped again and forced to wear this puke suit. I'm left in a cell with no bed, toilet, TV or phone. Not one friggin thing in the room but me."

"Where's your other boot?" asked the Judge.

"HEL.,.heck. That durn desk sergeant came and took it away sometime early this morning. He didn't like the way I was drumming Mr. Rogers' "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" on the door. I kinda like the way it echoed up and down the hall."

"Is that all to your defense?"

"Yes sir."

The Judge sat up a little straighter and proceeded to motion Jan to the bench.

Jan rose from her place directly behind where Carey had been sitting and walked up to the bench.

The Judge looked directly into her clear blue eyes and asked her if what she had just heard was the truth.

"Well, Sir. I can only account for the portion of the story after her arrival at the lounge and following the destruction of my car. What she related in terms of the damage to the car is correct but I have doubts as to whether it was truly accidental or not."

"Do you wish to continue to press charges Ms Martin?"

"Yes, Sir"

"Will you honor my decision as being fair and equitable once I rule?"

"Yes, Sir"

"Good. I respect your manners and the way in which you have been conducting yourself through this whole fiasco. I just hope the defendant can learn to be as good a citizen as you."

"Thank you, Sir"

"OK, you may be seated while I decide on the judgement for the defendant"

As she passed by Carey, Carey turned to her and looked directly into her eyes. Electric blue locked with vibrant green eyes as Jan drew next to where Carey was standing. A sharp bolt of electricity fired through them both at the same time. Slightly startled, Jan continued to walk past Carey. As she drew abreast of Carey, Carey stuck out her tongue and waggled it just like a three year old child would have done. It took all Jan possessed not to reach out and pull her tongue.

Once Jan returned to her seat, the Judge leaned forward and stated "I'll recess for thirty minutes and return with my decision. Please do not leave the courtroom and please refrain from causing any more damage than what has already occurred." With that, he rose and left the courtroom.


The courtroom remained reasonably quiet for at least the first 3 minutes after the Judge left for his chambers.

Carey had returned to her chair, slumping down into the seat until just her head was visible over the back of the seat.

WAP! A perfectly aimed spitball landed smack in the back of her head. She jumped but chose not to respond at this time.

WAP! In zoned another one. This caused her to tighten up her muscles in anticipation of jumping up to rush the attacker if another blow came.

WAP! "What the??" Jan looked over her left shoulder to see what had hit her in the shoulder blade. There, neatly plastered against her dark blue jacket, was the largest, wettest spitball that she had seen in some time.

Jackie looked up into her eyes saying "Sorry, I guess my aim was a little off center." The other two women quickly spit the wads of paper they had in their mouths onto the floor of the courtroom.

Carey had turned around to see what the new commotion was and couldn't help braying like a jackass when she saw what was taking place. "Damn, I wish I could have seen her face when that wad hit her," she mumbled to herself.

Jan turned back around at the sound of the laughter and again their eyes locked, causing the same flicker of lightening to pass between them. They stared into one another's eyes until Jan blinked.

Carey turned back around facing the front of the courtroom. She was slightly shaken up and befuddled by what had transpired as she and Jan looked at one another. It was clear that something unusual was occurring between them. She felt confused by the hot sensations that spread through her body each time her eyes locked with Jan Martin's eyes.

Jan knew the quiet was too good to be true. Within minutes, Carey started singing her own rendition of "I'm a Little Teapot" in her horrible off key tone.

"I'm a little dykie, short and strong,
Here are my boobies, just turn me on.
When I get all warmed up, watch me go.
Sometimes fast and sometimes slow."

That did it!

Sue hollered back "Oh yeah, Carey, keep on and none of us will want sex again. Stop yelling like your tail is caught in a door and show some respect for the court."

"Oh, yeah like you all have been doing" Carey retorted. At least the singing did stop.

Jan could only sit and shake her head, praying for the nightmarish comedy to end so she could get back to her sane, peaceful life.

Carey could sit still for only so long. She leaned forward resting both hands on the table in front of her. She began tapping both hands on the tabletop beating out her own interpretation of "Wipeout". As the beat began to get louder, the courtroom door opened and the Judge walked back into the room.

The bailiff stepped forward saying, "All rise until the Honorable Judge Davis is seated."

Everyone stood and then quickly reseated themselves as the Judge moved to the bench.

"Will the defendant and Ms. Martin please approach the bench?"

Carey jumped up and clumped over to stand in front of the Judge's bench. Jan rose slowly and walked with grace and dignity to stand next to Carey.

"I am going to ask you again, Ms. Martin, will you be satisfied by the decision of this court in the matter brought before us this morning?"

"Yes sir. I have always found you to be equitable and fair when rendering your decisions."

"OK, that being the case, here is my decision."

"I find the defendant guilty on all charges. This includes vandalism, disturbing the peace, and being a public nuisance"

"You can say that again," Rachael called out from the audience.

BLAM! "The Courtroom will remain quiet until I finish rendering my decision"

"It is the decision of the court that the defendant will reimburse Ms. Martin the full price it will take to replace her vehicle with a car exactly like the one destroyed. This will be done within two working weeks without fail. The vehicle will be bought in cash and not financed. Costs associated with alternative transportation during the time before her car is replaced, will be presented to the court as soon as she has obtained a vehicle for her use. The defendant will be responsible for full reimbursement of monies spent out of pocket during this time."

"Do you have any questions Ms. Martin?"

"No sir. I understand perfectly."

Turning to Carey, the Judge asked the same question. She responded, "I understand fully and will have the funds whenever Ms. Martin picks out the car."

"Let me clarify. The defendant will be required to accompany Ms. Martin on her search for a new vehicle and be ready to pay immediately when the choice is made."

Both women groaned at being forced to spend any more time in one another's company.

"Now, with respect to the disturbance of the peace and being a public nuisance, I sentence you to two months public service with an additional month added for contempt in court, making the entire time equivalent to three months of public service. Each day, as soon as you get off work, you will report directly to Ms. Martin. She will be responsible for overseeing your compliance in completing the sentencing."

"The HELL I will," shouted Carey.

"Oh no, I can't be responsible for this?this person." stated Jan in a panicky voice.

"WHoooo Hooo! She's gonna get it now," shouted Jackie.

Sue chimed in "The Bitch is gonna take you down and hard".

The women started clapping and whistling as soon as they heard what the sentence was. They knew having to work with "Ms. Tight-Ass" would be more punishment than if Carey had been locked away for three months.

"I'm not going to do it. Lock me up in jail and throw away the key. There is no damn way that I am going to have to work day by day for the next four months with this God damn rule abiding, dyke." Carey stomped her foot but it had very little effect since it was the one that was missing the boot.

BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! The gavel continued to beat down on the top of the desk while the Judge tried to regain some order in the courtroom. Suddenly, the head of the gavel broke away from the handle and hit Jan Martin directly on the side of the face.

"Great, not only do I get stuck with the spawn from Hell, now I have a black eye to complete this god-awful day."

"This is my courtroom and I demand that everyone SHUT UP and sit down," yelled the Judge over the commotion taking place in the courtroom.

His voice was so loud that everyone was startled enough that all movement and conversation stopped in the room.

"Now, that's better. Let's get this finished."

"These are the only terms that I am going to accept as an officer of the court."

Turning to Carey, he leaned up over the desk and pointed directly to her and stated: "You will follow these orders to the tee or else. Do you understand me?"

Carey had seen the Judge this angry only one time before and she knew that now was not the time to continue to argue against the decision.

"Yes, I fully understand." She replied in a tight voice.

"Ms. Martin, I expect you to fulfill the decision as set forth by this court without any further objections. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir, it is. However, I still believe that the decision may not be in either of our best interests. I don't even know the full name of the defendant so how can I be expected to be her "parole" officer for the next three months?"

"My God. Do you mean all this time you don't know the name of the person you have pressed charges against?"

"That is right, sir. It never seemed to come up in any conversations that I have been engaged in since meeting her. Everyone in this town seems to know her personally except for me. I guess they thought I knew who she was and I really was not interested in learning any more about her than I already knew."

This time the Judge stood up and left the bench. He moved around to stand in front of the two women.

"Ms. Martin, I would like to introduce you to Carey Jean Davis, my very wayward, law-breaking daughter."

"OH MY GOD" was all that Jan could say as the Judge turned and left the courtroom.


"Hot damn, I can't believe Pop would do this to me. How in the hell am I going to put up with your sanctimonious bullshit for the next three months is beyond me," Carey stated as she turned to Jan. She placed both hands on her hips and moved up to within inches of Jan's position.

"If you think that I am going to lie down and play dead so that you can order me around to do your goody-goody two shoes work, then you must have a corncob up your ass. It will be a cold day in hell before you run my life, telling me what to do, when to take a piss."

"Now, wait just a minute! I certainly didn't have any idea that Judge Davis was going to make this kind of ruling. Since it is only a civil case, I don't even have the option of having the sentence appealed. What the hell makes you think that I am any happier over the situation than you?" Jan replied as anger began to overcome her shock.

"It looks as if I am the only one in this whole community who doesn't know you. The law is certainly very familiar with you and now I find out, even the Judge is related to you. Just tell me what kind of break I am getting out of all this crap that you pulled?"

"Bitch, I was born and raised here, what is your excuse?" snapped back Carey.

Meanwhile, Rachel, Jackie, and Sue were pushing their way into the inner section of the courtroom so they could get to Carey. Rachel flung open the swinging gate and walked toward Carey. The gate flew back, popping Sue on the knees before she could get all the way through the gateway. She fell forward, landing on her already sore knees. Jackie, following closely behind Sue, landed on top of her, pinning her to the ground.

"God damn it, you cow. Get off my back before I knock the shit out of you. HELP! Will someone please come and pull her off of me?" yelled Sue as Jackie rolled around on top of her.

Carey walked over and yanked Jackie up by the arm. "Can't you at least wait until you get back to the room to hump her?"

Jackie turned back to Sue, helping her gently to her feet. She kneeled down to get a better look at her knees to be sure that more care wasn't required.

"Geez, I'm sorry Angel. I hope I didn't hurt you too bad," she whispered to Sue.

"Nah, I'm OK, just a little winded. But I have several spots you can kiss and make better tonight, if you get my drift?" answered Sue wiggling her eyebrows.

Jan managed to get her anger back under control while Carey and Rachel were helping get Sue and Jackie back on their feet. As the four women approached her, she suggested that they all go out to lunch to discuss how the sentence could be carried out to the best advantage of all concerned. It was mutually decided they would go to the Top Cat Lounge to hold their conversation. In addition to serving good mixed drinks, the food was exceptional. With the decision made, Rachel turned to Jan, asking her if she would like to ride over with them since she didn't have a car. Jan agreed as they all walked out of the courthouse to the parking lot.


As they approached the truck, Jan glanced over at Carey wondering whether she was going to go to lunch wearing her prison outfit and only one boot. When Carey got to the truck, she opened the door and removed a paper sack that the women had brought with them earlier that morning. From the sack, she removed a pair of old faded Levi's and a much wrinkled white tee shirt. Looking back at the group, she called out "all right you dip twats, where are my briefs?"

Sue snickered and pointed to Rachel, "there was only one clean pair left and Rachel took them for herself."

With that information and before anyone else could move, Carey unzipped her outfit, dropping it to the ground. Without a stitch of clothing covering her, she bent down and removed the one remaining boot. Jan could do nothing but stare with her mouth wide open.

In front of her stood a vision of loveliness. Carey may have been only 5 feet 5 inches tall but there was not an ounce of fat on her body. Her breasts were a perfect 34 inches, standing pert and firm. Strong delineated muscles were well defined in her abdomen and thighs. Blonde pubic hair was trimmed and formed a perfect triangle covering her feminine mound.

"Oh my god. Will you hurry up and cover up that snatch before we all get arrested for allowing you to flash yourself in front of the court house?" moaned Jackie.

Carey quickly pulled on the clothing, finishing by tying on a pair of well-worn sneakers.

"OK, let's go but I get to drive."

"Oh, no. I was hopin we'd get there and still feel like eating," was Sue's response as she handed over the keys.

Jan was a little concerned by the last comment but proceeded to climb into the jump seat of the truck. Rachel followed her, leaving Carey, Jackie, and Sue to ride in front.

As soon as the last door was closed, the engine roared to life. Carey pressed down on the gas pedal, pushing it to the floor mat. The truck shot forward, slamming all the passengers backward against their respective seats. As the truck continued down the road toward the lounge, Carey weaved in and around every vehicle that she drove up to. It didn't matter if there were vehicles in the opposite lane. Her philosophy was if they didn't want to get hit head-on then, they had better move out of the way.

By the time Carey pulled into the parking lot of the Lounge everyone had been slung from side to side. Jan was still trying to pull herself off the floorboard where the last round of passing cars had flung her. She noted as she got back up onto the seat both knees in her stocking had been torn out. She reached under her skirt and removed her panty hose, not wanting to be seen in public in such a disrespectful manner.

"Great, we are here and it's not crowded. Last one in pays the bill" and with that statement the four women jumped out of the truck and made a mad dash to the door. Jan realized, as she followed the troublesome quartet, lunch would be on her. How little did she know!


JC, the bartender, greeted them as they ran toward their favorite table in the back corner of the room. From this position, they were able to scope out all other activity in the lounge. It was understood, at least by them, that this was their table. The group had been known to literally walk over and dump everything off the table onto the floor if they couldn't convince the original guests to move to another table. Luck fell their way today and the table was empty. They fought over who was going to sit with their backs to the door. Sue and Carey sat facing the room so they could watch who came in.
Carey reached out with her foot and hooked another chair pulling it up to their table so that Jan would have a place to sit.

As Jan passed by the bar, JC leaned over the counter saying, "Geez, what hit you honey? You've got one hell of a shiner. Please don't tell me you let the Tasmanian devil, Carey, get hold of you."

Before Jan could respond, Carey yelled out from her corner of the room. "Naw, Pop did it this time. I ain't laid a hand on her, yet."

"Boy that must be one hell-of-a story. You'll have to tell me about it sometime," retorted JC.

JC followed Jan to the table and waited until she was seated to take their orders.

"What's the hot special for today?" Carey asked.

"You've been coming in here since you were knee high to a grasshopper. You know as well as I do, the only thing that gets heated up around here is you and your friends."

Continuing in the same breath she said, "Well, let's see, I have the usual club sandwich, potato salad, pickles and green grapes. If you don't want that, then it will have to be egg salad."

"You ole hag, I keep hoping one of these days you'll break down and put in a grill." grumbled Carey.

"Not in my lifetime. Too much trouble. I make more money on drinks when people are hungry," replied JC.

"OK. The girls and I will have the clubs. What about you Jan?" asked Carey as JC scribbled their order down on her hand.

"That'll be fine with me, thanks," answered Jan.

"Set us up with a pitcher of beer and keep it coming when you see it hit the half empty mark," finished Carey.

"Now, Jan. Let's get this discussion over so we can start partying. What are we going to do for the next three months?" said Carey as she turned back to look across the table.

"Ow, God dammit" yelled Rachel as Jackie hauled off and kicked her.

"Get your friggin foot off my gals' leg. Sue don't need you getting her all hot and bothered without us being some place to take care of it," returned Jackie.

"Will you three shut your traps until we settle this mess?" snapped Carey.

Jan still had spoken very little and she was beginning to wonder if anyone ever got a word in edgewise. There were times that one of the women would pause for a breath in the middle of a sentence and one of the others would simply pick up and finish the sentence. It was a sure sign they had known each other for a long, long time.

"Well Carey, it looks as though you and I have little choice than to make the best out of this situation. I have something in mind that might work to fulfill the directions of the court." Jan started saying.

"And just what is that, kissing your ass?" quipped Carey.

Jan ignored the last comment and continued with her plan.

"Every night during the week, I train and exercise with a group of students from the Fort Hill housing area. This program is designed to get the kids off the streets and back into some semblance of supervision. The group has grown to more than twenty kids and I need help to give them the special instructions they need," continued Jan.

"Oh, so you want me to play with a bunch of kids. No fucking way," snarled Carey.

Carey paused to pour more beer into everyone's glass skipping over Jan's since she had only been sipping her beer and not guzzling like the rest of the table.

"It's more than play. I am trying to teach them discipline over their emotions as well as several techniques for self defense," explained Jan.

"What the hell does a 'Miss Prissy" like you know about self defense?" questioned Carey.

Carey looked up at Rachel sitting across from her.

Bored with the conversation Rachel had managed to cut some straws in half. She had a piece sticking straight out of each ear. Next to her, Sue had straws protruding from her nostrils. Not to be out done, Jackie had jammed them onto her right and left eyeteeth, making her look like a walrus with tusks. Carey reached out and swiped her hand across each woman, pulling the straws from the orifices.

"Ow, shit, I think you tore my nose open," yelped Sue as she stuffed the end of the napkin up her nostril to see if it was bleeding.

"Just cut it out and drink your beer." Turning back to Jan she said, "OK, where were we?"

Jan stated in a calm, quiet voice, "I know how to box and quite a bit about street fighting. I know these kids can be helped. All they need is just a little attention and someone who will treat them with respect. Together, you and I can handle the size of the group."

Jackie yells out "hey, JC, bring another pitcher of beer, please."

JC brought over five plates of food as well as another pitcher of beer.

"OK, ladies this is the second pitcher and you'll get no more until after you eat. I can't have you going out on the road iffen I let you drink too much in my lounge. On that note, are you all staying for the band and dancing this evening? They'll be playing some sweet sounding songs," stated JC as she sat down the plates.

"Jackie and I are planning on it," stated Sue. "We want to snuggle and dance a little before going back out on the road to work."

"Hell, I'm not going back to that cockroach den of a room without you two, so I'm staying also," piped in Rachel.

"What about you, Carey? Jan?" asked JC.

"Let me think on it and I'll get back to you later JC," responded Carey.

Jan wasn't sure what to say so she left it with "maybe".

As they started eating, Jan and Carey continued to work out the plans for the next three months. Carey agreed to work each evening during the week, helping train the kids in self-defense. The only trouble they could foresee was the lateness of the sessions and the distance that Carey would have to drive back each night to catch up with the road crew. Carey stood, mumbling she would be back in a few minutes.

Jan finished half her sandwich but lost her appetite as she watched her tablemates see how much sandwich they could cram into their mouths at one time. Particles of food were scattered over the fronts of their shirts as well as littering the table. Chunks of potato salad could be seen in the hair of one of the women. As they continued to drink beer, they would take turns seeing who could belch the loudest and longest. It was enough to kill any normal person's appetite.

Shortly thereafter, Carey returned to the table. Rachel asked her if she had managed to get rid of a load whereas Carey answered that she had been calling her Uncle Rufus. Rufus Davis owned one of the local warehouses with her father, Judge Davis.

"Hey you guys. I got something to tell you that you are not going to like", she stated nervously.

"What is it, no more beer in the lounge?", "You've turned straight while we weren't looking?", "Did the dog die? Oh no, wait, we don't have a dog" responded all the women.

"Well, No to all your questions. "Umm, you see?umm. I called Uncle Rufus to see if he would let me work at the warehouse for the next three months. I don't think I can take driving back and forth every day while having to fulfill the sentence," she replied meekly.

"Shit, can't you bribe Pop to reduce the sentence." asked Sue.

"Nope, he made it pretty clear this time that I had to abide by his ruling or I would be sitting on my ass in jail with God knows what trying to rub up against me. I've got to work off the sentence this time for sure," retorted Carey.


JC called out "pipe it down over there or I'll run all you out of here."

"Just what are we going to do without you there helping us out?" whined Sue.

"You'll do just fine and you can always drive back in on the weekend to visit," soothed Carey.

"And were in hell do you think you are going to stay? You know Pop's new wife won't let you within three miles of the house because you might rub off on her precious daughter?" snarled Sue.

Rachel and Jackie just continued to stare between Sue and Carey as they talked. Jan sat politely aside from the group as they worked through Carey leaving the work crew.

"I don't know where I'll stay, maybe in that old backroom in the warehouse. Hope it's not being used any more," said Carey.

"Damn, JC bring us some more beer. I can't stand the thought of you living in that rat infested closet," remarked Rachel.

"Yeah, you done come out of the closet once ya know," quipped Jackie.

Sue reached over and slapped her on the back of the head. "Just shut up, and let us think."

Jan was beginning to feel somewhat guilty over the position that Carey was in. The condo that she lived in did have a spare bedroom but she was hesitant to offer it at this point. After all, she had known them for only 2 days.

"I guess if it gets too bad at the warehouse, I can always sleep in the truck. It's not like I haven't done that before," responded Carey.

Jan took a deep breath and said, "I know that we are strangers. These unusual circumstances have brought us together. I feel somewhat responsible for the situation you are in at this time. I happen to have an extra bedroom at the condo if you find that you need a place to stay."

"Hot Damn, now that would solve your problem Carey. She lives on the North side of town in those big, new condos that your brother helped construct. Take her up on the offer," pushed Sue.

"I dunno. Can I have some time to think it over?" asked Carey.

"Sure, I don't want to pressure you into anything, just know the offer is here," replied Jan.

"Thanks. OK, whose ass am I going to beat in pool while we wait for the show to start" Carey said as she rose from her chair.

"Umm, maybe I better call a taxi. Its getting pretty late, voiced Jan as the group stood to walk over to the pool table."

"Shit, don't leave yet. The Flashy Ladies band is one of the best you'll hear around these parts. I know you don't want to miss them," said Carey as she walked toward the pool tables.

"All right, rack those balls up tight. I'm gonna take your money tonight." With that, Carey took the first shot causing the balls to fly in every direction but the pockets.


Jackie won the last game just as the Flashy Ladies walked out on stage. The lights in the lounge dimmed as the spotlights were turned on. Everyone scrambled to get back to the table before the show began.

The lounge was packed with fans waiting for the band to play. Two more servers had come in to help cover the tables. Tonight, only drinks would be served and no food.
JC and another bartender, Trixie, were mixing drink orders as fast as they could be yelled in.

Carey's table decided they would continue with beer, and not mix hard liquor since that is what they had been drinking all afternoon. They had just gotten fresh beers when
Corky, the lead singer, picked up the microphone.

"OK, ladies and gents, grab your partner for an opening slow one to warm the evening up. Here comes "Allegheny Moon".

Allegheny Moon I need your light
To help me find romance tonight
So shine, shine, shine
Allegheny Moon your silver beams
Can lead the way to golden dreams
So shine, shine, shine

The rhythm was slow and smooth, as were the words. Sue pulled Jackie out of her chair, dragging her out onto the dance floor. They slipped their arms around one another and began to slow dance to the romantic song being sung.

Rachel stood up, remarking that she was headed to the bar to see if she might be able to find someone to pair up with. The music continued to throb in the background as more couples moved onto the dance floor.

Carey turned slightly toward Jan, peeking at her to see if she was watching the dancing or the band. She noted that she was definitely watching the dancers.

"Would you like to dance?" Carey leaned toward her asking quietly.

"I would love to. Music is one of the few passions I allow myself to indulge in," replied Jan.

They stood and moved toward an open area on the floor. Carey was resting her fingertips lightly against Jan's back as she guided her towards the dance floor. It was unbelievable but that strange feverish feeling was returning to infuse her body by the slight contact she had with Jan's back. She didn't understand what it meant but it felt good.

Jan took the lead, as she was taller and found it easier to steer them around the floor. They moved into one another's arms with an ease that gave the impression this had been done many times before.

Their bodies began to sway to the music as the next verse was sung.

High among the stars so bright above
The magic of your lamp of love can make her mine
Allegheny Moon it's up to you
Please see what you can do
For me and for my one and only love

Carey drew closer against Jan's body, laying her cheek just above Jan's breasts. She could smell the wafting scent of her perfume when she took in a breath.

"God, this is really turning me on," she thought to herself.

Jan was also fighting against the sudden rush of heat infusing her limbs brought on by being wrapped so intimately against Carey's body.

She leaned down slightly and rested her cheek against Carey's hair, thinking how soft it felt. They swayed together in a sensuous manner. Both women could feel a definite physical attraction beginning.

Jan tightened her hands against Carey's hips and pulled her body in tighter, needing to press her own breasts more firmly against Carey. She could feel Carey's nipples harden as they rubbed against one another. She was finding herself very close to losing control, a control that generally didn't allow her to become sexually attracted to someone as quickly as she has to Carey.

Carey in return, pulled Jan's head down slightly lower to cuddle against her neck as the final stanza of the song was sung.

High among the stars so bright above
The magic of your lamp of love can make her mine
Allegheny Moon it's up to you
Please see what you can do
For me and for my one and only love

Shine on me tonight, Allegheny Moon

The music came to a slow end. Stepping back away from one another, both women found it necessary to take calming breaths. While standing there, trying to calm their raging libidos, a body came crashing between them to land at their feet. Lying flat on her back was Jackie, looking up with a stupid expression on her face.

Sue rushed over, apologizing to Jackie for having dropped her with the last dip she was doing at the end of the dance. Jan and Carey both bent down toward Jackie at the same time in order to help her back to her feet. Their forehands smacked together, slightly stunning both women. Jan rose back up, and Carey continued to lift Jackie from the floor.

Jan thought to herself, "Bumping heads certainly has a way of interrupting the underlying sexual tension between us. I believe that I had better sit down before I fall down." She reached out for Carey's hand and drew her back to the table with her.

Carey was shaken by the depth of her own reaction to being held in Jan's arms. She followed meekly to the table, trying to sort out exactly what she was feeling.

Rachel was back at the table, sitting quietly for a change. She had managed to find someone to keep her company. Her new date must have easily out weighted her by a good 60 pounds and stood at least six feet tall. As the couples returned to the table,
Rachael introduced her new friend as Bruce. Bruce was the new dog catcher in town. She had been trying to find Rachel all week because she had picked up Rachel's dog from her ex-girlfriends' house when the girlfriend called stating that the dog was tearing up her house and terrorizing the neighborhood. Everyone except Jan laughed when they heard that. Jackie turned to Jan saying that He-man, Rachel's dog, is a teacup Chihuahua weighing no more than three pounds.

Jan made the mistake of asking where the dog was now. Bruce lifted up her outer shirt and there, snuggled between her breasts, was He-man.

"He's a real tit man, if you get my jest. He hasn't moved since climbing up between my tits." Bruce stated.

Rachel turned to the rest of the table saying, "I hope you don't mind but Bruce is going to take me back to the motel (wink). The noise in here is way too loud for He-man."

Turning to Sue she stated, "I hope to see you two later, and I mean much later, if you get my drift. Bruce is going to keep me company till you all come home. Bye now"

She and Bruce turned and walked out together.

"Well hell, that blows the holy shit out of my bedroom romper room plans I was making for us, Jackie. Damn we might as well go back out on the dance floor since we are stuck here till closing," remarked Sue to the table in general.

She grabbed Jackie by the back of the pants and pulled her back to the dance floor. Jackie quickly finished off the beer she was drinking and sat the glass on the next table she passed.

There was silence at the table as Jan and Carey both took time to ponder about their reaction to one another during the dance. It wasn't an uncomfortable silence, but a silence just the same.

After finishing her beer, Carey asked Jan "would you care to dance again?"

Jan replied, "Maybe a little later, I think I need to sit here for awhile."

Jan pondered over what she should say to Carey regarding what had nearly transpired. She slowly said, "I'm not exactly sure what happened between us on the dance floor but I think I need to take it slow. I have never reacted to anyone quite as quickly as I do to you. Please just give me a little time to adjust to what is happening."

Carey could have said exactly the same thing. She reached for Jan's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"I understand. I am perfectly happy sitting here listening to the music if you are. But I still expect to have one more dance before the evening is over," Carey spoke in a soft tone.

"Ok, and thanks for understanding," replied Jan.

Carey continued to hold Jan's hand, gently stroking her thumb across the back in small circular motions. Jan couldn't resist squeezing back. They sat like that watching the rest of the show as the band continued to perform.

Every once in a while Sue and Jackie would race up to the table, gulp down a beer then turn and race back to the dance floor. They didn't want to waste any more time than that dancing.

Finally, as the evening ended, Corky picked up the microphone calling out that this was the last dance of the evening so everyone grab their partners, come on, and dance.

Carey didn't ask. She simply stood, pulling Jan up from her seat to take her back out onto the dance floor.

"Come on, you did promise me one more dance" she said as she drew Jan next to her.
Several couples remained to hear the last tune and to close the lounge. There was slightly more room on the dance floor but it was still a tight fit.

As Jan and Carey turned into each other's arms, Corky announced they were going to sing "Angel" made popular by Sarah Mclachlan. Jan knew she was in trouble after hearing the name of the song. It was one of her all time favorites.

Jan led again as she drew Carey into her arms. Their bodies felt hot to the touch as they pressed against each other. The lyrics could be heard over the beat of their hearts.

Spend all your time waiting For that second chance For a break that would make it okay There's always some reason to feel not good enough And it's hard at the end of the day I need some distraction, or a beautiful release Memories seep from my veins Let me be empty, oh, and weightless and maybe I'll find some peace tonight

As they listened to the words of the song, the attraction between them became stronger and stronger. It seemed as though they couldn't get close enough together to satisfy their need to touch one another. Then as the chorus began, Jan softly sung along into Carey's ear.

In the arms of the Angel Fly away from here From this dark cold hotel room And the endlessness that you fear You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie You're in the arms of the Angel May you find some comfort here

Her voice was a husky alto and sent shivers running down Carey's spine. She reached around Jan and pulled her even more tightly against her body. She was so turned on that she could barely follow Jan's lead.

Dancing really became too much of an effort and they simply stopped moving and wedged against one another even more tightly. Jan inserted her leg between Carey's legs and pressed against her mound. Carey was so wet that she knew it was going to be painful to pull her Levi's off. She hoped she didn't leak through her jeans, especially since she wasn't wearing any briefs to catch the dew. She slid slightly up and down Jan's leg as they swayed to the music. She could feel Jan's breathing become more rapid as she pressed harder against her thigh.

Carey's mouth caught Jan's off guard, even though she knew this was coming. Carey continued to press her weight against Jan's thigh, her body grinding into Jan's. Her mouth crushed Jan's feverishly, pressing her tongue forward in a deep French kiss. As she angled her lips tighter, a soft moan escaped Jan's throat.

When Carey pulled away, Jan nearly fell forward, grabbing hold of Carey's shoulders just to stay standing.

Carey quickly moved forward again. Her mouth found the hollow of Jan's throat, then her collarbone, moving over onto her shoulder. Her fingers squeezed Jan's breasts, teasing the hardening nipples through the fabric of her suit.

Jan's body responded. She felt a tremendous rush of pleasure. She couldn't begin to guess how many minutes had passed since the kiss began. She knew she had been standing there too long in front of all these strangers.

Jan drew back, dropping her arms from around Carey. She reached for her hand, pulling her up close, simply stating, "Come on, and let's go back to my condo to finish this."

As they turned and walked toward the door, Corky continued to sing:

So tired of the straight life, that everywhere you turn There's vultures and thieves at your back Storm keeps on twisting You keep on building the lies that you make up for all that you lack It don't make no difference Escape one last time It's easier to believe In this sweet madness, oh this glorious sadness That brings me to my knees

In the arms of the Angel Fly away from here From this dark cold hotel room And the endlessness that you fear You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie You're in the arms of the Angel May you find some comfort here

Carey thought emphatically to her self, she was headed straight into the arms of an Angel.


By the time Jan and Carey had gotten to the truck, Sue and Jackie came running up beside them.

"God damn it. What in the hell are you doing? Were you just going to drive off and leave me and Jackie to hitchhike home from here?" shouted Sue in anger.

"Now wait just a damn minute," said Carey pushing her face up into Sue's face. "We didn't mean to leave without you. We just sort of forgot what was happening around us."

"Shit that ain't no excuse. Just get in the fucking truck and take us home." Sue grabbed Jackie's hand, stomped over to the truck and climbed into the jump seat with her.

"Opps, Looks like I kinda made an ass of myself," Carey said with embarrassment.

"No, I think I am the one who rushed you out to the truck. Ugh, do you think you should be driving?" Jan remarked, remembering just how much beer had been drunk that day.

"Hell, yes. I could drive these old country roads with a blindfold on and one hand tied behind my back. Come on, let's go. We've got some unfinished business," countered Carey as she walked around the truck.

Jan walked around to get into the passenger seat. As her senses returned to some semblance of normal, she began to question whether or not she was ready to have an intimate relationship with Carey. She realized she desired Carey more than even her last girlfriend. Of course, not having a sexual relationship with her ex is what caused her ex to run off with the office secretary. Relationships did not come easy to her at all.

Carey started the truck and peeled out of the parking lot. Gravel spun out, spraying a few of the cars that were still in the lot. Hitting the main drag, she pressed hard on the gas, making the truck shoot down the boulevard. Just as before, when she pulled up behind a car, she would rapidly spin around the vehicle and continue down the road.

Less than ten minutes into the drive, a local sheriff's department vehicle came out of a side road with its lights flashing, pulling in directly behind Carey.

"Oh motherfuck!" mumbled Carey as she slowed down and pulled to the side of the road.

There weren't many houses along this particular stretch of woods so she knew she was not disturbing anyone at this time. Maybe she was driving a little too fast but what the hell.

The officer pulled up behind the stopped truck and flipped on his search beam. He got slowly out of his vehicle and walked up to the driver's window. Carey was already letting the window down by the time he drew up next to it.

"You sorry son of a bitch." Carey yelled at the officer as he turned to speak with her.

Jan cringed upon hearing how Carey was addressing an officer of the law.

Sue leaned up over the seat hollering "Hey dickhead, you still got them blue balls?" Jackie reached up and pulled her back onto the seat next to her.

"You say one more word about my balls and I'm going to pull your ass out of that truck and beat you black and blue," responded the officer to Sue.

"Back off, Bill. Sue's just had a little too much to drink. By the way, Uncle Rufus is gonna let me work at the warehouse for the next few months. When you go to dinner tomorrow, tell them hello for me," growled Carey.

"Yeah, sure. Why don't you all just go home? Just keep your speed down or I will write you a ticket next time. I'm outta here." So saying, he walked back to his vehicle and drove off.

Jan looked over at Carey, not sure as to what had just happened.

"Sorry, I should have introduced you. That little shithead is my cousin Billy. He's Sue's baby brother."

" But he wouldn't be if I could have drowned him at birth," quipped Sue from the back seat.

"My god, are you related to everyone in this town?" Jan wanted to know.

"Pretty much so. Our families have lived in this general area for the past two hundred years. Hard not to be related to someone during all that time."

Just as Carey cranked the truck, Sue pushed up against the front seat and hollered.

"Hold it. I got to get out of here. I didn't get a chance to pee before leaving since you threatened to leave our asses in the lounge. Let me out of this truck so I can get rid of some that beer I been drinking all night."

"All right, get on out. You can crouch down behind the back on the passenger's side."

Sue got out of the truck, releasing her jeans as she walked around the end of it. Carey could tell she was pushing them down below her knees in order to hold them out of the way while she squatted to pee. Within seconds of her disappearing below the back of the truck, Carey stepped on the gas and took off down the road.

Looking into the rear view mirror, she started laughing like crazy. Sue was trying to run down the road after them with her jeans still bunched down around her ankles and her bare ass flapping in the breeze.

Jan reached over and grabbed hold of Carey's arm.

"Why did you do that?" she asked in astonishment.

"Hell, she dumped my naked ass out on the lawn the other day and I just wanted to give her a little taste of how it feels."

By the time Sue was able to catch up with the truck, she had managed to pull her jeans back up. Her legs were wet where she was unable to stop peeing when she jumped up to follow after the truck. As she approached the truck, she could be heard cussing up a blue streak. Carey quickly locked the doors.

As Sue reached for the handle, Carey leaned out the window and stated, "I'll let you back in and take you on home if you come in without trying to beat the shit out of me. I don't think I could fight you off tonight. Maybe just a little too much booze after all."

"OK, bitch, but I am going to get you back." Sue snapped.

"Hell, this was in payment for you fanning my ass to the public. Let's just call it even and go home.," answered Carey.

"OK, I'm too tired to argue with you anyway." mumbled Sue.

Before Carey could restart the truck, Jan leaned over and took the keys from the lock.

"What the hell did you do that for?" asked Carey with surprise.

"I think that I need to drive. None of the rest of you is really in any condition to be driving so slide over while I walk around to the driver's side." Jan stated.

Realizing Jan was right, Carey simple slid over in the seat so that Jan could drive.

The remainder of the drive was quiet. Sue and Jackie were making out on the back seat and all that could be heard was a lot of grunting and moaning. Jan didn't dare look into the rearview mirror in fear of what she might see.

Carey had leaned against the side of the passenger door and had fallen asleep. Her snoring was loud enough to keep the rest of them awake.

After dropping off Sue and Jackie, Jan drove back through town towards her condo. Carey remained sleeping, not even realizing they had stopped to let the others out.

Upon reaching the condo complex, Jan found that she had to practically carry Carey inside. Apparently, the long day and alcohol had really knocked her for a loop.
Jan walked her into the guest bedroom. Carey leaned against her like a wet noodle, barely able to stand under her own power.

Jan thought to herself that this actually took care of how far their relationship was going to go tonight. She undressed Carey, which wasn't hard considering all she wore was jeans, tee shirt and tennis shoes. She rolled her beneath the covers then rose to look down upon her. Carey rolled into a tight ball on her right side facing the door. She looked so beautiful and innocent that Jan couldn't resist leaning down and kissing her gently on the lips.

"Sleep well my dear," she said quietly as she stood, turned, and left the room for her own bed.


Next morning as Jan showered, she thought over the evening. She wondered if she was making a mistake in bringing Carey into her home. It wasn't often that she brought a person into her private sanctuary and especially someone whom she had known for such a short time. Still, she couldn't deny a very strong attraction between herself and Carey Davis.

Meanwhile, Carey was waking up in the room down the hall. At first, she had no idea where she was or even how she had gotten here. She flipped back the covers and stood up. Looking down she realized she was as naked as the day she was born. She noticed two items lying across the foot of the bed. The first item was a Grateful Dead t-shirt, which she gratefully slipped on. She picked up the second item. It looked like a pair of underwear but consisted of a small triangular covering for the front and simply a single strap on the back. She slid the underwear on, moving over to stand in front of the mirror.
She turned slightly to see her hips in the mirror. As she bent forward to get a slightly better view, the strap slid between her buttocks, causing her to rapidly stand. She reached down and tore the offending clothing from her body.

"GOD DAMN, SON OF A BITCH. The mother fucker when right up the crack of my ass," she conveyed to the walls in the room.

Spying a telephone on the bedside table, Carey walked back over and sat on the edge of the bed. She picked it up dialing a number she knew as well as her own.

"Billy Bob, get yur sorry ass out of bed. I need a favor," declared Carey when the phone was answered.

"Damn, Carey, it's Saturday and ya know I patrolled all night last night," yawned Billy as he mumbled into the phone.

"I don't give a flying fuck what you did last night. I need some jockey shorts and I need them like yesterday. Will you run by and bring me a pair, size 32, sealed fly?" barked out Carey.

"Carey, I ain't going in and buy any damn shorts for you. That's too much. You might as well ask me to go in and buy pads for you. Nope, not me. Call Sue," quipped Billy as he finally started waking up.

"God damnit, Billy. I got the truck or I would'a called Sue. If you don't get those jocks over here in the next 15 minutes, I'm going to bring all those pictures of you and the mayor's daughter we took at the lake last weekend to dinner at your Mom's this Sunday," threatened Carey.

"You wouldn't! You know her dad will kill me. Shit, where are you? I'll be there in about 10 minutes." moaned Billy as he got up to leave the house.

After giving Billy directions to Jan's condo, Carey stood, flipping the covers back up over the bed, thinking to her self what a waste of time making a bed is since you were just going to crawl back into it in just a few hours. She walked out of the bedroom, heading down the hallway, not sure where the kitchen might be. She could still hear the shower running so she knew Jan was still bathing. She really wanted to turn around, go back into Jan's room and join her in the shower. Boy, what a way to wake up! Instead, she continued to the kitchen, hoping she could find the coffee makings since she really needed the caffeine to wake her up the rest of the way.

Jan reached out and turned off the water. After toweling off, she walked into the dressing room. She selected a pair of button flap Levi's and a midnight blue polo shirt. She slipped into her under clothes and quickly dressed, settling on a pair of white sneakers to complete the ensemble. Checking once in the mirror to be sure she looked okay, she turned and left the room.

As Jan walked down the hall, she could hear a wretched sound emanating from the kitchen. She became aware of what attempted to be singing but more closely resembled a person with croup. The pitch was off key and there didn't appear to be any rhythm associated with the words being sung. As she moved into the kitchen, she was stunned by the view before her.

Carey was leaning over in the refrigerator removing some items from the lower vegetable tray. The t-shirt she had on had risen up over her buttocks when she leaned down. Her rear end was shining in all its glory, mooning anyone who happened upon her. Jan loudly cleared her throat, hoping to get Carey's attention and to avoid an embarrassing moment in time.

About the same time that Carey rose up, there was a knock on the door. Jan turned in automation and moved to answer the door. Officer Billy Davis stood on the outside with a bag in his hand. Jan asked if he wanted to come in but got only a mumbled response as he pushed the bag into her hands and quickly turned as if to walk away. Jan wondered what was going on. Before she had a chance to ponder the situation very long, Carey walked up next to her, reaching for the bag.

"Well, I see 'shit for brains' bought over my package," she uttered making reference to Billy Davis. "Thanks, shitface for bringing over my jocks. I am tired of running around bare assed," Carey chortled all the while opening the package. She dropped the paper onto the floor as she slid the jocks on under her t-shirt.

"Geez, Louise, can't you at least go into the other room to dress," snapped Billy as he turned his back to her. Moving on toward the door, he muttered, "See you later, fuckhead" and left the condo.

Jan was too amazed to do anything but stare as Carey slipped into her jocks, smoothing them over her hips. "Man, that sure feels better," she drawled as she turned back toward Jan. "Are you ready for breakfast? I believe I can whip us up a mean omelet if you are hungry," Carey remarked.

Clearing her throat from the sudden dryness, Jan managed to squeak out, "Sure, I'll be right with you."


As Carey and Jan were finishing the last of their coffee, Jan turned to Carey in order to discuss the activities that needed to take place today. She rose slowly, wanting to put off as long as possible any more friction between her and Carey. She placed their dirty dishes into the dishwasher as she pondered how to open the conversation.

Finally taking a deep breath, she turned, looking directly at Carey and declared; "You'll need to start your public service today. I've been looking over the list of chores for the courthouse and the only thing that I saw was the request to have all the cigarette butts picked up from around the parking lot and outside the courtroom. I figure that shouldn't take you more than about three hours which will leave us plenty of time to go shopping for a new car."

"Well shit, couldn't you come up with something better than that. I ain't no dirt daubber and it'll kill my back to be bending down that much. I only bend for things that I really like to do and this sure isn't one of them," responded Carey while wriggling her eyebrows suggestively.

"Sorry, the sooner we get you started the quicker you can be done," Jan uttered as she turned to get her wallet off the breakfast bar.

She slid the wallet into the back pocket of her Levi's. Carey watched admiringly, glazing at the snug way Jan's jeans hugged the curve of her buttocks. With lust lying under the surface, Carey turned and made her way to the front door. Jan followed, cutting the lights off as she passed through each room. Picking up Carey's truck keys, she tossed them to her remarking that it was time for them to leave.

Part 11

The old courthouse parking lot was empty as Carey pulled in. Jan directed her toward the back of the lot indicating that they would be entering the building through the back door.

As they entered the building, Jan remarked that they were lucky it had not been raining making it easier to pick up the cigarette butts that were lying all over the ground.

"Damn, it doesn't matter wet or dry; it's still going to kill my back," grumbled Carey.

"Look, it won't get done any quicker if you continue to fuss and shuffle around. Here, take this trash bag and these gloves. You may as well get started. The sooner you get done, the faster we can finish looking at cars," Jan snapped back.

"Hey, that reminds me. Did I mention that Billy's Dad, Uncle Rufus, owns Davis Chevrolet dealership here in town? I thought maybe you might want to start there. We can get a damn good discount since I will be the one buying it," suggested Carey as she turned to go out the door. "Just think on it and let me know later if you want to check there."

Jan watched as Carey disappeared through the door then slowly turned, entering her office. She figured she might as well review some cases while she waited for Carey to clean the lots.


Carey had been dragging the plastic bag behind her while picking up cigarette butts for the past hour. She stopped at the end of the parking row, stood up, stretching her back as she tried to stop some of the pain caused by bending over for so long. Looking down, she noted that a large wad of chewed bubble gum was stuck to the bottom of her right boot.

Lifting up her foot, she saw several butts were also stuck to the gum. As she sat on the curb scraping the gum from the bottom of her boot, she realized there was a much easier way to pick up the butts. Throwing down her plastic bag, Carey stood up and walked across the street toward the drugstore.

As she walked through the drugstore, she picked up couple of items. She collected a mop and a large bag of Double Bubble chewing gum. Paying for her purchases, she headed back toward the parking lot of the courthouse. Seeing a phone directly to her left, she made the decision to place a call before going back to work.

She dialed the number of the party she was trying to reach. The phone was answered within four rings, which meant someone was home.

"Joe's Bar and Grill. We heatum you eatum."

"God damn Sue, can't you ever just answer the phone normally?" snapped Carey as she unwrapped a piece of bubble gum and popped it into her mouth.

"Well sure I can but how the hell am I supposed to know who is calling me? Some crackpot may be trying to reach me and I don't want to talk to just any ole chicken shit." replied Sue.

"Well, it's me. Now listen up. Jan and I will be swinging by the rooms within the next couple of hours so that I can change clothes. Can you idiots try to straighten up the room just a little so that Jan doesn't think we live in a pigsty?" grumbled Carey.

"Hell, whatcha you mean? This is really homey. But sure, if that is what you want, we'll do it. What's Miss Fancy Pants doing coming over here with you though?" answered Sue.

"She and I are going to run out to Uncle Rufus' to see if she can find a car she likes. I got to get her taken care of as soon as possible," remarked Carey, adding yet a second piece of gum.

"Hot damn, can we come with you." shouted Sue excitedly.

"Shit, I don't know. Last time you went out there with me, it cost me and arm and a leg." mumbled Carey.

"Pleaseeeeeeee Carey, we'll be good an Pop won't mind seeing us," whined Sue.

"Oh, hell, ok. Just be ready so that we can leave as soon as I shower and change. Oh, by the way, will you throw me some clothes in one of the backpacks to carry back to Jan's this evening?" stated Carey as she unwrapped the third piece of bubble gum, popping it into her mouth.

"YES!!!! And yes, we'll be sure to put you in some clean clothes, can't have you constantly nekkid over there can we, " snickered Sue, pumping her fist into the air as Carey hung up the phone.

Carey was chomping down on the gum as she ambled back toward the courthouse parking lot. By the time she had reached the curb, the gum softened into a large lump in her mouth. Sitting down, she proceeded to remove the head of the mop from the handle.
Once she had this done, she turned it upside down so the top of the handle was directly in front of her. Taking the gum out of her mouth, she carefully rolled and mashed the glob of gum onto the mop handle. Standing back up, Carey flipped the handle back around and started spearing up all the cigarette butts she could see. They stuck perfectly to the gum, knocking out the need for Carey to bend over any more.

For the next couple of hours Carey made fast progress in picking up the remaining cigarette butts. When the wad of gum filled with butts, Carey would simple chew more gum and start the process all over again. By noon, she had completed her chore and was ready to collect Jan to move on to finding a replacement vehicle.

As she walked into the courthouse she called out loudly, "Hey Jan, I've got the lot cleaned up and now I'm ready to go get clean myself. Are you ready to leave? We need to be at the dealership before three if we can."

Jan stood, walked around her desk, and poked her head into the hallway. Looking toward the front of the building and seeing Carey, she replied, "Yes, give me five minutes to shut down my computer and I will come out to join you."

Carey turned going back out the door toward her truck. Within minutes, Jan joined Carey who was sitting in the truck with the radio blasting.

"I can't believe how fast you managed to get the butts all cleaned up. By the way, you've done an excellent job. So are you going to tell me how you got it done so quickly?" queried Jan as she buckled herself in.

"Naw, just know I finished the job. That is one check point off my list of do-goods," replied Carey as she pulled the truck out onto the road. "Do you mind if we swing by the motel so that I can clean up a little before we go to Uncle Rufus's to look at the cars?"

"No, not at all. This is your expedition. I go where you lead." answered Jan.

"Is that so?" chuckled Carey as she headed out of town toward the motel.


Meanwhile, back at the motel, Sue ordered Rachel and Jackie to get out of bed and clean the room since Carey was headed back to grab a shower. Jackie burrowed back under the covers and refused to budge. Rachel stood beside Sue and looked around the crowded room. Clothes were scattered everywhere as were the boxes from the pizza they had ordered last night. Both women knew that there was no way in hell they would be able to get the room cleared appropriately before Carey and Jan swung by. Sue shook her head in disgust. Rachel reached out and grab up a handful of the clothes wadding them together. Sue looked at her in wonder. Rachel walked into the bathroom, nudged the shower curtain back, and tossed the clothes into the tub.

Turning back to Sue, she grinned and said, "This will work out fine, Jan won't be here long enough to come into the bathroom. We can stash every thing in the tub until after their visit. We can straighten this shit out later."

Sue liked the idea; in fact, she liked any idea that made them work less. She starting picking up clothes and items to put into the tub, realizing they would have it cleaned in no time this way. She thought a moment about the reason Carey was coming home, but decided if she really needed a bath, she could bathe at the sink.

Once Sue and Rachel and removed all of the loose items, including the trash from last night, they walked over to the bed where Jackie was still sleeping. They looked at each other and grinned, both thinking along the same lines. Standing on the same side of the bed, they reached out and grasped an edge of the mattress. On the count of three, both women lifted the mattress, dumping Jackie out of the bed onto her face on the floor.
Jackie jumped back up, cussing a blue streak as the two doubled over with laughter.

"What the hell is your problem, you assholes?" snarled Jackie as she rubbed her hands over her breasts and forehead where most of the blow was taken.

Sue finally stopped laughing long enough to explain that they needed to make up the beds and neither one of them could resist emptying the bed in that manner.

"Shit, you could 'a just asked me and I would 'a moved." replied Jackie.

"Well, we didn't really have time to coax your bad ass out of bed. Carey told me we could go out to the car dealership with her if we're ready on time. I know how hard it is to get you up so shut your mouth, get dressed and let's be ready to go when they get here." answered Sue.

All three women scrambled around getting dressed in order to be ready when Carey got there. Sue also grabbed Carey's backpack and stuffed several changes of clothing within it. She hoped that it would be enough to last until Carey could come back and pick out her own clothes. She wondered to herself if she ought to tell Carey that she had been unable to find any underwear to pack. It was a fleeting thought and quickly forgotten.

Within minutes, they could hear Carey's trunk rumble to a stop in front of their room. Carey opened the door and allowed Jan to enter before her. Jackie, Sue, and Rachel were all sitting quietly on the beds, watching the television screen. The only problem is that none of them remembered to turn on the television.

Jan glanced at the three on the bed then back over to the television. "Watching anything interesting?" she quipped.

No one said a word. Carey walked to the chest of drawers and removed a bundle of clean clothes. As she walked into the bathroom, she remarked to the room in general. "Stay out of trouble and I will be back out within 15 minutes."

Jan pulled out the chair that was sitting in front of the little desk and sat down, not really wanting to start up the conversation. As she sat there waiting for Carey, she could see each woman quickly dart glances her way. She smiled back at them each time she caught their eyes.

In the bathroom, Carey was cursing up a blue streak. She pulled back the shower curtain and noted the tub was nearly filled to rhe rim with clothes and paper trash. "God damn, son of a bitch," she mumbled to herself as she tried to think of what to do. "Bitches!."

Moving toward the sink, she placed her clean clothes on the toilet seat, realizing she was simply going to have to settle for a spit bath at the sink. She hoped that she could wash enough to at least smell fresher than she was feeling. Finishing her quick bath, she dabbed on some 273 Rodeo Drive perfume, placing a small drop between the cleft of her breasts. She brushed her teeth, gargled, and ran a brush through her hair, while nodding into the mirror at what she saw. Within twenty minutes Carey was walking out of the bathroom and back into the deadly silent room. She glanced around noting the tension that existed. Walking over to Jan, she held out her hand and stated, "All right ladies let's go get Jan a car." Picking up her backpack, she led the women out to her truck.

They all trooped out of the room in single file to get into Carey's truck. Sue, Rachael and Jackie jostled their way onto the back seat, throwing elbow jabs into each other's sides. Carey watched as Jan climbed into the passenger side before finally taking her own place behind the steering wheel. "Belts on and lets go," she stated as she cranked up the truck.


As Carey pulled into Davis Chevrolet, Jackie, Sue and Rachael pressed up against the windows, drooling over all the new cars lining the car lot. Row after row of colorfully painted cars gleamed in the hot afternoon sun. The shades were so bright it looked like someone had slung buckets of paint against the black tarmac. Slowing the truck to a stop, Carey turned to Jan saying, "Do you have any idea of the kind of car you would be interested in?"

Jan replied, "I really was enjoying my Lexus but realize that the roads down here are much rougher on my car than when I lived in town. I think that I would like to look at a Trailblazer to start with."
"Good choice," answered Carey, "There are a lot of good off road sites around here that you may find very interesting if you plan on staying around for a while."

"I have no intentions of going anywhere else for some time. I find that I really like this part of the country and the people are very friendly here, compared to those I met up north," responded Jan.

"Good, let's go see what they have," Carey stated as she climbed out of the truck.

Sue, Rachel and Jackie were already sprinting into the showroom running up to the cherry red Corvette on display.

Carey walked up behind them and addressed them collectively, "Don't touch, don't move, don't crank, and don't climb inside a single one of these cars in the showroom. I am not going to have to pay for your damages too," she said sternly to the group.

Each one of them held their right hands up in a parody of the Girl Scout salute stating,
"We promise, nothing in the showroom."

Jan and Carey stood side by side, as the sales clerk rambled in his presentation of the Trailblazer's attributes. Carey reached out and tugged gently on his sleeve, interrupting his continuous diatribe of the car. She finally caught his attention and asked, "Do you think we could possible take it for a test drive?"

"Yes, by all means. If you'll wait just a minute, I'll get the key," he remarked as he headed toward the building.

"Well, Jan, does this look like something you'd possibly want to drive," said Carey as she ran her hands over the shiny Silver finish.

"God, yes. I've never had a car like this before. It's exciting," she said with a look of joy on her face.

The sales clerk returned promptly with the promised keys. Jan stepped up into the driver's side while Carey climbed in on the passenger side. Both women looked around the inside of the SUV, overwhelmed by the luxury inside; plush leather seats, deluxe sound system, DVD player with screen, four wheel drive and deluxe security system. Not one item had been left off this particular vehicle.

Jan pulled out onto the highway, pressing the gas pedal harder, shooting the SUV faster down the lane. It road smooth as glass, more like a luxury sedan than an SUV. Carey pointed out a turn onto a dirt road they were coming upon. It was a poorly kept road and covered with potholes and trenches where vehicles had hollowed out a trail during heavy rains. Jan slowed down, slipping the truck into four-wheel drive. It immediately down shifted, sliding into a smooth lower gear, which crawled its way down the lane. Less than two miles down the tortuous lane, the road ended in a grassy field. On the far side of the field, a tranquil pond could be seen. Jan slowly rode through the sea of grass, stopping at the edge of the pond.

Getting out of the truck, both women circled around it, checking it out carefully. Jan was very impressed with the way it handled both on the road and off road. She knew in her mind that this was the vehicle for her.

"I like it. A lot," stated Jan to Carey. "What do you think?"

"Babe, if you like it, then get it," replied Carey.

"You know, I think I will," said Jan with glee, "I really loved the way it handles on the road."

"Go for it. When we get back, we'll cut the deal," Carey reached out to shake Jan's hand to finalize the plans.

Jan extended her arm, taking hold of Carey's hand. The minute their palms touched, electricity shot through their bodies. Jan stopped and stared into Carey's eyes, seeing the reflection of desire looking back at her.

Jan edged closer to stand in front of Carey. She reached out slowly and ran her hands over Carey's shoulders, moving from the outside toward Carey's neck. Her hands barely touched skin as she maneuvered her fingers lightly along the ridges before finally reaching the sides of Carey's neck. Her fingertips traveled gracefully up the sides of Carey's neck as she advanced a step closer. She slid her fingers through Carey's hair, spreading her hands out along the back of Carey's head.

Angling still closer, she leaned forward while guiding Carey's head to her waiting mouth. Jan's lips touched Carey's cheeks with butterfly softness, flittering along to her eyes. Her thumbs ran along the sides of each cheek, tilting Carey's face upward. She stepped closer, rubbing her breasts against Carey's chest, stomachs touching, thighs touching, and body pressed against body. Descending slowly, she lowered her head until her mouth hovered right above Carey's lips. She reached out with the tip of her tongue and gently ran it around the outer edges of Carey's mouth.

Carey gasped softly at the gentle touch of hot, wet tongue tracing her lips. She parted her mouth in anticipation of more. Jan pulled Carey's face closer as her tongue probed her slightly open mouth. She ran her tongue around the moist inner lips, tasting her first passionate taste of liquid fire. Pressing onward, she speared her tongue deeper while sucking gently on Carey's mouth.

Tongues began to duel, thrusting and paring with one another. Lips ground together as passion heated up. Arms found themselves wrapped around each other, holding bodies tightly together. Moans and sighs were heard as lust prevailed over passion. Heads tilted as each of them tried to thrust more deeply into the other's mouth, both sucking hard to control the other. Breasts rubbed together, creating a burning sensation in their chests as their nipples hardened and became overly sensitive to the friction of rubbing against each other. Loud gasps were heard as they drew back and resumed the dance of lust all over again, neither dominating, both giving and taking as they exchanged their deep hidden feelings for one another in the kisses they shared.

Finally, breathing heavily, they separated. A look of wonder passed between them. Neither said a word as hand in hand they walked back to the truck to return to the car lot.


As Jan pulled the Trailblazer onto the drive entering the car lot she and Carey noted the dealership staff were running to the far side of the lot. She stopped the SUV in order to see what was happening. Carey looked across the lot and all she could do was shake her head in a negative direction while jumping out and running toward the crowd that was gathered.

Lined up side by side were two brand new Chevy Cavaliers. Standing at the front between the two vehicles was Rachael. She had taken off her red shirt and was standing only in her bra and jeans. She held the shirt over her head preparing to wave it in a downward sweep as the two cars gunned their motors in preparation of drag racing out of the parking lot. Sue sat in the far vehicle with her whole body leaning forward, watching for the flag to drop. Jackie hunched over the steering wheel in the nearest Cavalier. She, too, was gunning the motor. Sales clerks were running up and down beside each vehicle, yelling and gesturing for the women to shut off their cars. None of the women paid any attention to anything else around them but the race that was to start shortly.

The flag dropped. Jackie jammed on her gas peddle and took off with a peel of burning rubber. The vehicle looked like it was moving in slow motion. Jackie was rocking back and forth as if trying to add forward movement to the car. Meanwhile, Sue also stomped on the gas pedal but found that she had failed to take the car out of park. She did, however, manage in just under fifteen seconds to generate a small fire under the hood, blowing up the entire engine block. The car backfired then became deadly silent. All that could be heard was Sue cussing up a blue streak as she watched Jackie coasting out of the lot at 20 mph. Rachael was jumping up and down, waving her shirt round and round as Jackie laid her hand on the horn of the car in triumph. The noise was unbearable, Sue cussing, Rachael screaming, Jackie honking and all the sales clerks yelling "get out of the car."

Carey walked up to stand next to Rachael. Turning toward Rachael, Carey told her to put her shirt back on before she had all the men drooling over her breasts, which were bouncing up and down with each jump she made. Rachael looked down and realized she was definitely revealing much more than she intended to do. She quickly pulled on her shirt.

Meanwhile, Sue sauntered up to stand beside Rachael. Carey turned to Sue saying, "God damn it. You promised me you all wouldn't touch anything on the showroom. What the hell have you done now?"

Sue, looking contrite, answered, "Well shit, we didn't touch anything in the showroom. We just kinda test drove a couple of Cavaliers. Jackie made me a bet that she could peel her car out of the lot faster than me, and it just escalated from there."

"Oh yeah, as usual, just escalated" Carey said in a sarcastic tone.

"Well how the hell was I gonna know that the damn engines suck in these cars. Fuck, Pop is gonna kill my ass. Guess I better pull out the old checkbook and buy this damn busted car before he whips on my ass. Just what I need, a fuckin lemon." grumbled Sue.

"Yes, I think if I were you that is just what I would do," countered Carey as she watched Jackie pull up beside them.

"Come on with me. Maybe Uncle Rufus will cut us a better deal if we pay for both cars today," remarked Carey leaning over and grabbed Jackie by the scruff of the neck when she walked up to them.

They all walked back into the showroom where the sales clerk made sure they were comfortably seated as the paper work was drawn up on both cars.

Carey turned to Jan one last time before finalizing the check for the SUV and said, "Are you sure this is the truck you want? You don't have to settle for the first one you drove."

"No, no. Please, I really love that truck. Yes, it definitely is my choice," replied Jan with excitement. I can't wait to take it with us."

Meanwhile, Sue was in the automotive shop talking with the shop supervisor to see what would need to be done to get the car she just purchased running. She hated the idea of having to purchase a go-cart of a car, but realized if she didn't there was no way she would ever get over having to listen to her Pop ranting about the damage she had done.
Jan and Carey walked out to the SUV. Jan was holding all the paperwork and her set of keys, ready to take possession of the Trailblazer. As she walked closer, she couldn't help recalling the intimate kiss that she and Carey shared out at the pond. She was hoping there would be many more to come.

Cutting her eyes and taking sneak peeks, Carey flushed with suppressed desire as she relived the passionate kisses they shared earlier in the day. She was hoping that these new feelings she had for Jan would have an opportunity to be investigated further.

The women gathered in one group beside the new truck. It had been a long day and dusk was beginning to fall. Sue, Rachael and Jackie were unsure of how to broach the subject of getting back home now that there were two separate vehicles in their possession. Carey provided the answer.

"Hey, if you all don't mind would you take my truck back with you? Since I am staying over at Jan's I see no point in having both trucks at her condo," Carey asked the group as they stood deciding what to do.

"Sure, be glad to," nodded Rachael as she raised her hand to catch the keys Carey flipped her way. Carey walked over to her trunk and removed the backpack she had slung in the back earlier today when she had gone by the motel to shower. She turned, walked back to the SUV and placed it onto the back passenger seat.

The party of women split up shortly afterward, three to return to their motel, Carey and Jan to go back to Jan's condo.

Part 13

Jan drove, enjoying the feel of her new vehicle, as she made her way back to her condo. She loved the smell of new leather, the permeating richness blending with the cool air of the air conditioner. Carey sat quietly, looking out the window, watching the scenery go by without really seeing any of it. She pondered instead the feelings that had sprung up between her and Jan in such a short period of time. She questioned why someone so different than she would finally be a physical attraction to her. She knew, without a doubt, that she was going to continue to pursue her feelings because she liked what she was learning about Jan and herself. She hoped Jan was feeling the same way.

Jan parked the trunk in front of her entry in order to see it better from inside the condo. She certainly did not want anything to happen to it until she at least got a car tag put on it. Carey reached over the seat lifting her backpack as they exited the vehicle. They ambled their way slowly toward the door, both very tired from the long day and events that transpired.

Jan opened the door allowing Carey to enter before her. Walking into the entry, Jan turned to Carey saying, "You know, it has been a long day and I feel like I could use a nice relaxing shower before we decide what do to about dinner."

"Good, I was just about to say the same thing. I still feel like I need a good shower after working in the parking lot this morning. Having a quick sponge bath at the motel did not make me feel totally clean. I think that's a good plan. As hungry as I am, I would still rather bathe first," replied Carey as she walked further into the living room.

"Sounds right to me, too. I'll use the facilities in my room, and you can have the guest bath all to yourself. In fact, the guest room, the one you stayed in last night, is adjacent to the bath. That should work out well for you," instructed Jan as she moved down the hall toward her room.

Sighing deeply, Carey nodded as she walked past Jan and entered the guest room.

Within minutes, both women were luxuriating in their showers.


Stepping out of the shower, Jan dried herself off with the warm fluffy towel. Its softness felt good against her skin. Reaching out, she drew her red silk kimono toward her slipping it over her arms as she turned toward the mirror. She brushed her hair back from her face. As she was brushing her teeth, she began to hear very loud wailing coming from down the hallway. Quickly she finished, moving out of the bathroom toward the terrible sounds that she could hear. As she neared the guest bath, she could hear horrendous screeching coming from within the room. She realized it was Carey singing Joy to the World at the top of her voice. The sound was unlike any that Jan had heard before. It positively made her ears hurt.

Moving closer to the door, she reached out to pull it shut when the sight before her caused her to stop dead in her tracks. Carey was standing under the stream of water from the showerhead. Soap was slowly making its way from the indention of her neck, across her pert breasts to drop soundlessly into the flow of water running out the drain. Droplets of water dripped off her nipples as the water ran over her body. Jan no longer heard the singing as all her senses tuned into the erotic scene before her eyes. Her breath caught in her throat at the sight. Her own breasts tingled and stood at attention against the silk of her robe. A slow burn began in her lower regions. She stood perfectly still watching, unable to turn away.

Carey reached out and turned off the water. She opened the glass shower door, reaching out for the towel she had left close at hand. Her arm paused in midstream as she noted Jan standing in the doorway staring at her. Eyes locked, neither looked away. Jan took several steps into the bathroom until she could reach the towel. She picked it up and shook it briskly to open it. Holding it out between her two outstretched arms, she beckoned with her head for Carey to step forward into the towel. She moved slowly forward turning her back to Jan, as she got closer. Jan reached out and wrapped the towel around Carey's body. She then circled her arms around Carey's breasts and began to draw their bodies closer. Jan leaned down and nuzzled the back of Carey's neck, leaving a trail of warm, moist kisses in her wake. Without saying a word, she turned Carey back around, letting her hand slide down Carey's arm until their fingers linked together. Jan turned, walked out the door pulling her along, heading across the hall into her bedroom.

Jan walked up beside her bed and stopped, turning back to Carey. Dropping Carey's hand, Jan reached up and gently stroked her fingers along Carey's cheeks. Carey's mouth opened slightly as she became sexually aroused. Jan leaned toward Carey angling her head so that her mouth was able to cover Carey's lips. She nipped lightly on Carey's lips as she drew her closer to deepen the kiss. Holding her lightly in her arms, Jan pressed her mouth more firmly against Carey while softly thrusting her tongue into Carey's mouth. She pressed deeper as she sucked against Carey's lips

Carey moaned and pulled Jan closer to her body. She returned the thrust of tongue until there seemed to be a duel as both tongues fought to dominate the other. Their breathing increased and audible sighs could be heard coming from both women. Parry and thrust, thrust and parry as they continued to kiss one another. With lips locked, breasts pressed tightly together, the kiss continued. Finally, they broke apart, taking long, deep breaths as they continued to hold each other close. Jan leaned forward, rested her forehead against Carey, and whispered very lightly, "I want you, please let me make love to you."

"Yes" was all that Carey was able to say. She took one step back away from Jan, reached up, and loosened the towel that was wrapped around her body. It fell to the floor exposing her naked body to her soon-to-be lover.

Jan turned slightly toward the bed and grasped a corner of the covers. With a flick of her hand, the sheet was exposed before them. Turning back toward Carey, she slowly reached up and loosened the sash on the kimono she was wearing and with a shrug of her shoulders, the shimmering material pooled on the floor next to the towel.

Carey moved closer to the bed, climbing up to lie down on her back against the soft feather pillows that lined the head of the bed. Jan followed, lying with her body pressed tightly to Carey's side. Turning to her left side, she rose up on her elbow in order to look down upon Carey's body. With her right hand, she reached out and softly traced her hand along Carey's torso. She stroked over Carey's breasts, touching the nipples with a soft brush of her palm. Carey arched into her hand as her sensitive nipples hardened with contact of flesh on flesh. Jan continued to move her hand lower; tracing around Carey's naval with the tip of her finger before dipping lightly into its depth. Carey sucked in her breath as she felt Jan's hand continue its journey down her body. Finally, Jan laid her hand over Carey's mound, feeling the feather soft hair under her fingers. She stroked softly as Carey moaned aloud, raising her hips up toward Jan's fingers.

Jan turned to look back into Carey's eyes as she continued to run her hand over Carey's mound. Leaning down, she took Carey in a hard, deep kiss, pouring all her sexual excitement into making her burn with passion. Carey reached up pulling Jan's body partially on top of her as she took the kiss deeper still. Tongues probed deep and each woman tried to express their desires in that single, wet kiss. Breasts mashed against breasts. Nipples rubbed against each other. Their breathing was very erratic and filled with the sounds of their lust as they continue trying to devour each other's mouths.

Jan drew back from the passionate kiss and began to trail her lips down Carey's neck toward her breasts. She clasped a nipple in her mouth as she moved her fingers to Carey's now pulsing sex, running her fingers through the patch of hair. She slipped a finger between the wet, swollen lips of Carey's womanhood. Carey arched her back as Jan slipped in another finger and parted her nether lips. Carey's little knob of desire was hard as a stone, throbbing and beating with desire. Her hips writhed as she let out a soft moan. Jan began to stoke it harder, feeling Carey's fluid begin to surge as she dipped and stroked her moist canal. Carey was panting and groaning, bucking her hips as Jan's fingers pierced her again and again. Carey grasped the sheet beneath her and arched her back, crying out in unbridled lust as her body tensed. Her nipples felt like they would burst and her body shook as wave after wave of pure pleasure racked her, bringing forth her burning liquid fire as Jan stroked her one last time.

Carey was overwhelmed by the passionate feelings in her body so that she burned to make Jan feel the same intense response. She moved her hands over Jan's breasts, feeling the resistance of her nipples spring up as she continued to explore Jan's sensitive body. She squeezed and kneaded it, pinching, and rolling the nipples between her fingers. Her tongue danced in Jan's mouth as she felt her throbbing womanhood spurt moisture from between her own swollen nether lips. Carey pulled back from the kiss, moving her lips down Jan's neck to her collarbone, sending chills racing through Jan's body. Her skillful and hungry tongue moved further down to Jan's breast, lapping at the hard hot nipples, sucking and nipping them. Jan could hardly contain herself as she arched her breasts for Carey in submission, feeling her own sex pulse uncontrollably.

Rolling Jan over onto her back, Carey blazed a trail with her tongue to the top of Jan's pubis, nuzzling her nose into her silken mound. She slipped her hands beneath Jan's hips, easing Jan's legs over her shoulders. One hand moved back up to Jan's breasts, rolling and pulling on the nipples as she parted Jan's nether lips with her thumb and dipped her tongue hungrily into Jan's wet throbbing sex. She licked and sucked at Jan's hardened clit as Jan writhed under her, groaning and panting. Her tongue glided up and down her cleft, stopping to flick at her clit. Jan was moaning loudly, tossing her head back and forth, as she felt the churning passion inside rising to the surface. Carey continued this for a few minutes until Jan's body began to shudder severely. Jan cried out in elation as she felt herself crumble over the pinnacle of desire. Carey lapped gently at the moisture that emanated from within Jan's body, licking the whole length of her sex, savoring her sweet nectar.

Finally, Jan reached down and drew Carey back up into her arms, nestling her tightly against her body. She tucked Carey's head beneath her chin as she folded her arms around her in a loving embrace. No words were spoken as the women drifted into a very peaceful, tired sleep.

Time was on their side, time to see how much this relationship could mean to each of them. Carey would be staying at least three months, time in which both women could explore their feelings and plans with one another. This is the beginning of the building of strong bonds of love, not the ending. Friendships would be forged; commitments would be made all based on a chance encounter of mistaken identity.

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