~ Showered With Love ~
by Shadylady

Disclaimer: Mature audiences. Sex - yes.

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JP whispered softly in Lynn's ear, "I have been waiting all day for you, I love you." She gently placed wet kisses on the back of Lynn's neck, from her hairline to the top of her collar. JP slid her lips around to the back of Lynn's ear and placed a soft butterfly kiss behind her ear. Being more aggressive, she took the tip of the lobe between her teeth and bit down lightly with enough pressure to make Lynn moan. "God, she knows that is so sensitive and it turns me on," thought Lynn.

Lynn reaches up behind her, wrapping her arm around JP's head and pulls her in tighter for a kiss. Lynn turns her head to the right, meeting JP's lips as they meld together, lips crushing, slightly parted. Their breaths co-mingle as they each duel with the other's tongue. Without breaking the kiss, JP moves around in front of Lynn, sliding her arms this time around her from the front. She pulls Lynn in closer to her body.

Their chests crush against one other as they press tighter to get a better angle on the shared kiss. Lynn moans into JP's mouth as their tongues battle to reach deeper inside. Lynn sucks JP's tongue deep, deeper still until her breath is all but existent as she continues to savor the kiss. JP groans loudly as she is repeatedly excited by the series of kisses they interchange. Exchanging one more hard, quick kiss, JP moves back, taking Lynn's hand in hers.

JP moves her over to the shower that has been running as the kisses were traded. She slowly removes the belt from the robe Lynn is wearing. Sliding her hands up under the collar and out onto Lynn's arms, JP is able to push the robe off Lynn's body, watching it pool at her feet.

JP leans forward and places a kiss along the ridges of Lynn's breasts. Lynn throws her head back, arching into Lynn's mouth. "Ummmmmmm, so good," JP mumbles under her breath. JP steps back, quickly pulling her t-shirt off as she drops her shorts to the tile. She watches them land beside the discarded robe. She steps into the shower and slowly turns to Lynn, holding out her hand to guide her into the curtain of cascading water.

JP draws Lynn beneath the spray of water. She watches as the droplets run from Lynn's head down onto her chest. She focuses on a solitary drop as it rolls down Lynn's breast and beads at the tip of the nipple before dropping off onto the floor of the shower stall. Reaching around Lynn, she picks up the bar of soap and quickly makes a foamy lather in her hands.

Dropping the bar back into the dish, JP gestures for Lynn to move forward. JP glides her soapy slick hands over the exposed flesh in front of her lusty stare. Her hands move with glassy smoothness as she runs them over Lynn's breasts and nipples. "Mmmmmmmmm, oh God," moans Lynn as she feels her nipples harden beneath JP's touch.

JP presses slightly on Lynn's inner thighs as she whispers, "spread your legs open a little, please" to Lynn. She reaches up with one hand, palm up, until she touches the soft curls found covering Lynn's pussy. Lynn trembles as she anticipates the touch of firm fingers hidden by soft bubbles. Her breath catches as JP slides her fingers up and down the length of her slit. Lynn can barely hold herself up as JP's bathing quickly launches her into full blown sexual need. She presses back against the wall of the shower, letting the water cascade over her, rinsing off the suds that remain on her body. She steps slowly from beneath the spray, and turns to lean against the back of the stall. JP moves to kneel in front of Lynn's pelvis.

JP runs her hands up over Lynn's stomach until she touches her breasts. She kneads Lynn's breasts in her hands, tugging gently as she continues to lean forward into the vee of Lynn's legs. She holds Lynn firmly against the wall with her hands pressing on Lynn's breasts. JP dips her head into Lynn's crotch and places a hot, passionate kiss on her clit. Lynn's groans loudly as she thrusts her pelvis out for easier access.

JP moves one of her hands down from Lynn's breasts. She reaches lower and gently spreads Lynn's nether lips to allow her tongue entry along the hot, wet gorge nearing the opening to her love chamber. She quickens the pace, licking faster and faster up and down Lynn's slit, stopping occasionally to pull Lynn's slick nub into her mouth for a fast, hard suck. Lynn's legs tremble from the excitement of being loved. She presses her hands against the shower wall to help hold her up as she rocks against the movement of JP's tongue. "God, yesssssssssssssssss, don't stop," she tells JP as she thrusts harder against the marauding tongue.

JP moves her hand down from Lynn's breast. She wraps both hands around Lynn's hips, pulling her pussy out more in order for her to have a better angle for entry. As she licks her way down Lynn's slit one more time, she pauses at the center of Lynn's pussy. She leans forward and teases the opening with her tongue. She wiggles it round and round while steadily pressing inward. She feels her tongue entering into the very core of her lover.

JP pulls Lynn's hips outward while thrusting deeper into the hot, wet cavity. Lynn's lunges forward, impaling her body on JP's tongue. JP's tongue twists deep inside of Lynn, touching deeper than ever before. She rocks her tongue in and out, deeper and faster. She repeats the thrusts over and over again, slamming her tongue in as deep as she can reach. She feels Lynn's whole body begin to shake and quiver as a sudden gush of hot fluid coats her tongue. "FUCK YESSSSSS," cries out Lynn as she climaxes hard against JP's mouth.

JP slowly pulls her tongue out, savoring every taste and texture along the way. She swipes her tongue once more along Lynn's slit as she pauses to place a gentle kiss on her clit. Slowly, JP rises to her feet and takes Lynn into a passionate embrace where they share one more hot, loving kiss before reaching out to turn off the shower.

This time Lynn, steps out first, reaching for a towel as she wraps it around JP's body. Holding her tight, she whispers quietly, "Darling, I hope that you are ready for me to return the favor." Turning toward the bed, both women walk out of the bathroom into the darkened bedroom.

Feedback welcome: the_shadylady_629@yahoo.com

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