~ I Am ~
by T. Stratton

Underage??..please go read some thing else?as this material is not for anyone underage.

As the sentences formed and the story progressed it came to me that when you love someone with ever ounce that is you, you become hers.

May love find you and make you who you are suppose to be. May you be strong enough for that love as it is the most powerful thing in the world.

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The naked body lying in front of me is the most glorious thing I have ever seen. It is all mine. The way her legs are parted, just enough to see the glistening center that makes me weak with desire with just one look. One smell. One taste.

The taste is like nothing I can even describe. Nothing tastes as sweet and tangy as the liquid passion that flows from her center as I run my fingers deep inside her.

The smell is unknown to others as it is just for my pleasure. It fills my senses with one sniff and I go crazy with the need to be forever in this spot.

The look can only be described as wondrous. The sight of two nether lips covered with a small patch of springy curly hair that shines with her essence. It impels me with greed to run my tongue over every exposed piece of skin to make her scream my name out so the world knows she is mine. All mine.

The silky skin that covers her stomach moves ever so slightly as she takes in a calming breath of air. I love to watch the way it twitches as I run a single finger around her tiny belly button.

I ache watching her as her breasts jiggle before she grasps onto the hair on the top of my head as I run my tongue in the valley of her perfectly round mounds. Goose bumps form across her body as I take a nipple into my mouth, grazing it with the tip of my tongue. She growls out as I tighten my teeth and nip it tenderly, but hard enough to make it red.

My hands have a mind of their own. One cups a single breast, pinching and pulling the nipple until it becomes rigid, pointing upwards, waiting for my mouth to devour it like it's twin. The other is drawing her leg up so it will wrap around my waist. When my hand realizes that the leg will stay it travels back down and squeezes the soft round butt.

As I make my way up to her long neck, the salty taste of her skin is like an aphrodisiac that engulfs my body and gives it the fuel it needs to fulfill her every desire.

I can feel each single beat of her heart as my lips slid along her pulse point. The throaty moans from deep inside her chest forces me to move faster. Our slick sweaty bodies slide against each other as her essence coats my thigh where it grazes against her swollen clit.

My lips stop within a hair breathe of her partially opened mouth. My eyes adjust to the closeness so I am able to capture her beauty as she is lost in the sensations and unrelenting feelings her body is going through at my hands. Her eyes are rolled back into her head. She licks her lips with the tip of her tongue and I am unable to resist any more. My tongue follows hers deep into her mouth.

My hand moves away from her butt and slides between our bodies. I shift a little so it can reach it's goal. The treasure of this woman beneath me is waiting to be opened. I can feel the wetness she left on my thigh grow chilled as the cool air reaches it while my hand takes its place against her passion filled center. My fingers find her enlarged clitoris and circle it like a pack of wolves waiting for the right moment to pounce with glee.

My lips pull back, but not before I nip her bottom lip with my teeth. Her body shivers as her lips slowly slips out of my grasp. Knowing what I needed most. What I craved and craving it like a fish does water, I made my way down her sleek magnificent body. I moved slowly to where my hand is stroking the wet glistening skin around the most sacred body part of any woman.

Without thinking, my tongue joins my fingers where her creamy juices fill my senses. My mouth is overjoyed with the taste of her. The smell is unlike anything in this world. My tongue pressed against her body is the most erotic thing in the world.

My finger moves deep within her as it quakes with suppressed desire. My finger grazes along the silky skin, lining the inside of her wet, inner cavity.

My tongue licks up every drop as it slides out making me groan with delight. Knowing she needed release by the soft begging and moaning. I watched as her body jerked up off the ground with each stroke of my tongue over her clitoris. I began to move in and out of her going faster and deeper. As her inner muscles started to clench and grab against my fingers, I suck her red enlarged clitoris into my mouth.

She lifts her hips up off the bed and screams. My body reacts to hers and I fall into ecstasy as well. My reaction is not as intense as hers as I cum so rapidly. This is not about me. It's about her and what I can give her.

My finger stop as I felt her inner sanctum gradually release it's hold. I slip my finger out of her. Not wanting to waste an ounce of her, I suck my fingers into my mouth, not missing a drop.

I can feel her muscles twitch ever few seconds as her body calms down. I kiss my way back up her body so I can look into her face as she lies there with a satisfied smile, taking deep cleansing breathes.

Underneath me is my heart. My soul. My life.

I thank God everyday for I know I would die without her. I would be like a drop of rain in a storm. No one notices it or cares. I would just Be. With her I am?..more. I am the thunder that fills the quiet night. I am the lightening that takes the darkness and shatters it with one flash.

I am ?..hers.

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