~ Snow Dance ~
by T. Stratton

Top 25: Dec. 1, 2003


Violence.. not in this one but I am working on two that has a bunch in it?

If you are underage go somewhere else. If you live someplace where it is illegal. I suggest you move.

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"Hello there beautiful." I said as I opened the door. "You look magnificent."

"Why thank you," she smiled as she took my hand so I could escort her into my warm house. "What do you have planned?" She asked as she notices that most of the lights are off through out the house.

"Well, I don't really want to ruin the surprise, but I will tell you this. Tonight will be the beginning of our future together." I whispered close to her ear. "Tonight I am going to show you just how special you are to me."

"Oh, baby I can hardly wait." She ran a fingernail down the front seam of my button up gray shirt.

I took a deep breath and guide her towards the back of the house where I have an enclosed porch. I slowly open the door and guided her through. I give myself a pat on the back as I watched the way her eyes sparkled with delight. "You like?"

"Yes, I like. Who wouldn't like a romantic dinner for two? Set out in the quietness of the night with all the fresh white snow all around us." She replied as she stepped closer to me and placed a soft kiss on my lips.

I closed my eyes. The light touch of her lips on mine almost dropped me to my knees. "Do you know how much I love you?"

"I see it every time I look into your eyes." She answered before she placed one more kiss on my lips.

"I think a dance with my girl is in order." I grab the remote for the stereo and flip on the cd that I chose. Soft slow music filled the air as I hold out my hand and brought the lovely creature into my arms. I wrapped my arms around her waist and hold her tight as we sway to the sensual beat. My hands caressed her back as I feel her play with the strands of my hair on the back of my neck.

Softly I sang the words to the song as it played in the background. I wanted her to know that song is how I was feeling and how I've felt for her since the first time our eyes connected so many months ago.

"I love the way you feel next to me. The way our bodies mold together so no light passes between us." She whispered as the song ends. "You make me feel like the luckiest person alive."

"No, I am the luckiest person alive. I get to spend my time loving you and worshiping you." I placed tiny kisses down her neck. "No one will ever be as lucky as I am."

"You are such a sweet talker." She giggles as my tongue traces a wet path across her shoulder. "God that feels good."

"I bet I can make you feel even better." I looked up at her smoldering eyes. "Follow me."

Without another word she entwines her fingers with mine and I open the back door to walk outside into the cold snowy night. I lead her along a newly shoveled path to my bigger surprise. I carefully helped her up the wooded steps. "Please close your eyes." I asked as I bent over and placed a kiss on her lips.

"What have you got planned?" She asked in a very soft voice.

"Trust me," I replied as I cupped her face in my hands and rubbed my thumbs across her cheeks.

Slowly she closed her eyes with a little smile playing on her lips.

I waited just a second to make sure she would not open them before I slid open the smoked glass door and gently guided her into the room. "Stand right here for a second, but please do not look until I say."

She nodded her head slightly.

I knew she wanted to look, but for me she didn't. She knew something special was about to happen and didn't want to ruin it for me?.or her.

As fast as I could I poured two glasses of champagne. As it bubbled I quickly moved around lighting the several candles I had set out earlier. I stopped and looked around. "Perfect." I grabbed the glasses and picked up a single rose out of one of the dozens of different colored I had arranged in vases and placed in certain spots around the room.

I stepped closer to her and took in a deep breath. "I wanted tonight to be unforgettable. Tonight we will be one with each other. Tonight my soul will merge with yours and nothing will ever separate them. After tonight ever beat of my heart will be for you. Every breath I take will be because you gave me life with the love you have for me."

"Please may I open my eyes." She begged.

"Yes," I answer as I held out the single red rose. "For you."

"Ohhh baby," She gasped she looked around. "This is wonderful."

"I remembered what you said how you wanted our first time to be. And well I wanted to make your dreams come true." I stated shyly.

She grabbed a hold of my collar and pulled me into a deep kiss. Her hands loosened their grip and started to unbutton the silk material of my shirt. I feel her hands slide up my back after she is done with the last button. Her hands are so soft.

"I love the way your back feels. Soft but at the same time so strong." She whispered as she kissed her way down my neck to the top of my breasts. "You taste so good."

"You?damn I can't think when you do that." I close my eyes as goose bumps jump across my body.

"Now is not the time for thinking." She guided me to sit down on the edge of the steamy hot tub. "Open your eyes and watch me."

Slowly I opened my eyes. The vision in front of me was unlike nothing I have ever seen. She looked like an angel floating down to the earth. If I could have moved I would have bowed down and kissed her feet.

I couldn't take me eyes off her. Slowly she unzipped the back of her dress and let it slide down her body. Slowly her glorious breasts were exposed. I knew that she didn't have a bra on because of the way the dress was made and let me just say. "Thank you God!"

"I take it you like." She cupped her breast in her hands.

I could only nod.

"Would you like to see more?" She asked already knowing the answer. Without breaking eye contact she turned around so I could see her shapely behind. She gave me a slight wink before she bent over.

That was when it hit me she only had on a silky baby blue thong. The only reason that is caught my attention was because of the string sliding down the crack of her ass. "Oh my."

She hooked her fingers around the baby blue string and wiggled her hips and bent over slowly until the thong lay on top of her dress at her feet. Still bent over she looked over at me as she unhooked the small buckle of her heels.

"You are the sexiest thing I have ever laid eyes on." I stated with a growl as I stood up. I couldn't wait any longer and had to caress the skin in front of my eyes.

When I stood in front of her she stood up and turned around. Standing before me was a goddess. The way the lights from the flames of the candles flickered off her skin giving her a golden glow to her skin, all I wanted to do was bask it all in and never come back.

"You want to know something?" She asked me as she bit the tip of one of her finger.

I raised an eyebrow at her, "what do you want to tell me?"

She took two tiny steps and brought her hands under my shirt to caress the skin on my shoulders. "You have on way to many clothes." With precise movements she had my shirt on the ground.

I was no help because as soon as her tongue started to trace a wet path across the tops of my breasts I lost all thought. I felt her small fingers undo the clasp of my bra.

"Do you have any idea how sexy you are standing there with out your shirt? They are a perfect." She said as she cupped my breasts.

"Oh God," I moaned when she slowly suckled a nipple into her mouth.

I was so distracted with the sensations I was feeling I didn't even noticed her unsnapping and unzipping my pants until they fell to my feet.

"Sit down on the edge so I can take off your shoes." She guided me to the side of the hot tub and knelt down to do the task.

I stand up after she is done and reach for a remote control. "I have dreamt of making love to you for so long. In my dreams we are surrounded by snow and silence." I click on a button bring up three sides of the shed letting the night air and snow filter in. "I can do nothing about the silence, but the snow and moon light are at my disposal."

"Are you sure no one can see in here?" She looked around as she covered herself up.

I grabbed her hands. "I would never do that to you. You are for my eyes only." I bent slightly and wrap my arms around her body picking her up and stepping up the three wooden steps to the hot tub.

"I love you and I am so happy words cannot describe what I feel inside at the very moment." She whispered into my ear as I sat her down on the edge.

"Crawl in and get warm. I need to grab the glasses." I stood there a moment watching her glide into the bubbling warm tub.

"I don't need any help warming up because you already have me boiling." She replied.

I looked out into the night sky and thanked God with all my heart for bringing this loving creature into my life.

With glasses in hand I walked back to the hot tub. The way the steam floated around her gave her an almost surreal appearance. I had to remind myself to breathe as her electric green eyes captured mine. I set our drinks on a small table before I slid into the water next to her.

"I want you so bad." I moved my hand under the water up her thigh. I felt her spread her legs so I could reach my goal.

I watched as her head went back and her eyes closed as I stroked her clit with my finger. Her body arched when I took one of her nipples and sucked it into my mouth. The texture and taste was exquisite. The little round nub hardened as I flicked my tongue and nipped it gently.

Her body started to react to my touch. I could feel her liquid essence as I dipped lower until my finger entered her just to my first knuckle. "Do you want more?"

She nodded and licked her lips.

I moved my finger slowly into her. Her muscles contracted around my finger as I moved it in and out. Her hips and my finger started a rhythm. Each time I pushed in she would met me.

"Ohh God, I want more." She moaned as she placed her hands on my shoulders. "Give me more?so close."

"Oh yes," I kiss the side of her neck as I add two fingers to the one I just had in her. I can feel her body quake from the added girth. I add a little more force and push deeper. "Better?"

"Uhh huh?so good." Her hips are moving as fast as my hand. I look down and nearly lose my concentration as I watched the way her breasts sway ever so slightly. Water droplets cascade over her silky skin. Unable to stop myself I run my tongue from drop to drop.

"You are driving my insane. Your hands, your tongue?.OH GOD. Yes baby." She screamed as I nip the spot on her neck where her shoulder meets her neck.

I sucked a little hard leaving my mark. I lean back and watched her face. I want to see what her face looks like when she goes over the edge.

"Faster?.ohh God?Faster.." She groaned out as her hands tighten on my shoulders.

I can fell her inner muscles clasp onto my fingers as her whole body stills. In this moment I can honestly say I have seen the heavens. The heavens are right before my eyes as the woman I love more than anything else in this world feels the love I have for her. No one will ever hold my heart or my soul. I give it freely up to her. For her to hold, for her to cherish. As I plan to cherish her until my last breath leaves my body.



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