~ Arresting Behavior - The Rookie Year: "Making the Grade" ~
by teagen2

Violent Content Warning: This story does contain scenes of a violent nature.

Sex and Alternative Content Warning: This story also contains scenes of a sexual nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

Timeline This story takes place six months after the ending of 'The Gang's All Here' series.

Author's Notes: This is the first installment of my follow up series 'Arresting Behavior' All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I will simply ignore. Send your thoughts to startrek@ellijay.com.

Part 1

It had been a grueling few months for me. Even though Gabby was the one getting pounded on by the instructors. I knew it would be hard living alone again. I found I couldn't sleep at night without her. I missed those cute noises she makes when she breaths in her sleep. I missed the way she'd fuss at me for throwing wet towels on the bathroom floor. Most of all, I missed her smile, her companionship. I talked to her everyday and managed to get up here most of the weekends, but it wasn't the same. She came home on her phase break. Even though it relieved my loneliness, it made it worse when she went back. All that was worth it now. This was the day I knew would come. A day that I would never have missed for all the money in the world, her graduation day.

Gabby made it into the top five of her class. Guess we are more alike than I thought, huh? I never doubted her for a minute. Gabby didn't particularly care for a lot of the physical stuff, but loved the studies part of it and she excelled in it. She can quote any procedure I can name. I told her she was my walking handbook now. I can't wait to see when she makes detective some day. I'm saddened and happy at the same time that the graduating class was quite large. I just wish we didn't need so many cops in this society, but it's job security at its finest. It took me awhile to find her, but there she was.

Oh man. She was the picture of discipline, standing at attention. The dark blue uniform and hat, perfect. Shoes shined to perfection. White gloves that were spotless. I noticed she trimmed some of the length off the back of her hair. Not much, but I could tell. It was braided underneath the cap on her head.

I paid no attention to the gruff voice of the current speaker. I was riveted by Gabby. She didn't look half as nervous as I was the day I graduated. I was terrified, but my dad told me to keep my chin up and tough it out. I did. "These fine cadets are some the best I've seen. May you uphold the laws of our great nation with respect and dignity. I hereby pronounce this class graduated." Caps flew everywhere.

It took Gabby a few minutes to move through the crowd of her fellow classmen to where I was standing. "Zena." she smiled and threw her arms around me. "I thought you weren't gonna make it." she said as she pulled back.

"I'm sorry I couldn't be here like we planned. I got delayed. Had to really book it to make it but I wasn't gonna miss this for anything." I smiled. "You look great in blue."

"Let's hope so." she chuckled. "Now...can I come home now?"

"You bet. I'm so proud of you, Gabby."

"Thanks. Then this whole thing was worth it." Gabby said as she replaced her cap to her head with a grin.

Gabby had prepacked, so we were home in a few hours. I saw her face light up when she saw Ares. "Hey Buddy. Miss me huh?" she said as she scratched his ears. He literally tried to knock her down as he greeted her.

"Of course he did, Babe. Not as much as I did though." I said quietly. She turned to me.

"I missed you too." I sat the bag down that I was holding and reached for her. Oh it felt good to know I could hold her as long as I wanted without worrying about the time.

Man, I was beat. I took off my uniform and folded it neatly, putting it in the drawer. I inhaled the air around me. Ahhhh. The scent of...home. Zena's Cool Ice cologne, Ares' pet scent, those little vanilla candles that make Zena very....aroused. Don't know what it is about the smell of vanilla that does that to her, but I'm guilty of using it deliberately. I bought one and put it in my dorm room just so I could smell it. Made me homesick though.

I dragged myself towards the bathroom. A nice warm bath and then to bed. I stepped into the door and noticed Ze coming out of the shower. I leaned on the door frame and watched her. She had a black towel wrapped loosely around her waist, drying her hair with another. I watched as water from her hair dripped down her neck, to the valley of her breasts. It continued down her stomach and disappeared underneath the towel. I inhaled sharply. She knew I was there because she teased me by raising her arms to aid in drying her hair. The action pushed her chest forward. "Find something interesting?" Her voice startled me.

"Oh definitely." My damn exhaustion betrayed me. I suddenly yawned, deeply. "Why don't you go to bed, Baby. I'll be there as soon a dry off." I was too tired to argue and left her to finish.

I curled up deeply in the sheets. My eyes were so tired, I couldn't keep them open. I felt Zena crawl in beside. Her skin was warm to the touch. Thank the gods she left her shirt off. I rolled over and buried my face in her shoulder. "Big day today huh?"

"Mmm." I mumbled.

"Good night, Sweetheart." I felt a kiss on the top of my head.

"Love you." I managed to mumble before being yanked into the dream world.

"Ohhh gods, Gabby." she breathed. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah." I said as I broke away from her neck. "I don't have to be back on campus till ten. Please? We haven't made love in five months, Ze."

"I know. Believe me, I know." She unlocked the door with a shaky hand and I pulled her in. It was a modest room. It had a bed that's all I wanted right now. I was yanking clothes off, mine and hers, with a vengeance. I knocked her down on to the bed and landed squarely on top of her. I raised my body and straddled her hips, intently rocking mine in the process.

"Ohhhh Zena." Her hands went to my hips, setting a pace. I felt the need for more contact. I dropped back down on my elbows and claimed her mouth in passion. I felt a foot run up the length of my calf and back down again. Those strong legs wrapped around my waist, pushing her center closer to mine. I could feel the insistent throbbing in her loins or was that mine? She held me by my waist, pushing me as close as she could.

"Gabby, uhhhh." I heard the old bed creak as she rocked our hips together harder and harder. I felt the pressure begin to build. Oh it has been too long. With my forehead mere inches from her own, she did something I felt was extremely passionate. Her tongue snaked out and took my pendant into her mouth. I watched as she moaned in pleasure and sucked on my gift like a pacifier. "Gabby!" She bucked hard almost causing me to roll off of her. Ze's beautiful eyes were squeezed tightly shut as she rode out her pleasure. Didn't take me long to follow. I slid down to her neck and sensually licked at the sweat that was there. Only two things can make Ze sweat like an aerobics instructor, me and her job. Two things I know she loves very much. Her own words.

"Must have been some dream." I said as I stroked her auburn hair.

"Huh?" Gabby raised her face out of my chest and squinted against the morning sun. I smiled. "What are you talkin about?" She rubbed her eyes. I lowered my voice.

"You're so wet I can smell it." She looked at me wide-eyed.


"Yeah. Hope it had something to do with me."

"I dreamed of the night we met in town." That made sense.

"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For taking you to that slutty motel with hourly rates and.....Gabby I want you to know how special our time is together."

"I know how special, Baby. You didn't take me against my will you know." she grinned.

"In fact I believe I was the one that talked you into it. I was so horny that night, you could've taken me in a dumpster and I wouldn't have cared."

"I would have." I said quietly. "Your so special to me that..."

"Shhh." She put a finger to my lips. "I know." she whispered, "and I love you for it.

Come on. I'm hungry." I watched as she leaped out of bed.

"There's a newsflash." I got a pillow in the face for that remark.

I decided to test for the Santa Monica police. One of my friends from the academy was testing for them. I thought I'd give it a shot too. It wasn't too bad and I passed. I got Precinct 8. I rubbed my thumb over my new shield. I was finally a cop. Six months of hard work came down to this. I couldn't wait to show Zena.

Surprisingly, they wanted me to start right away. Everything seemed to be moving fast, but I was ready, I hope. It took me thirty minutes to put on my new uniform. It was strangely exciting. I finished off with my gun belt, putting my radio piece on my shoulder. Man, I was so nervous I felt like I was gonna hurl. Thank the gods I don't have to wear that stupid hat unless its raining.

I heard Zena come in from her last shift. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me in the living room. "What? Do I look that bad?"

"Uhhhh no." she smiled. "You got in on Santa Monica?"

"Yep. They want me to start today." She continued to smile at me.

"What? I know these pants are funny looking on me."

"Yeah, they actually fit."


"I'm kidding, Baby." she chuckled. "You look great, sexy in fact."

"Thanks. Sort of."

"Are you wearing?" Here we go already.


"Are you wearing?" She was referring to my bulletproof vest.

"Yes. I'm not gonna be a hot shot."

"I just want you to realize how dangerous it is."

"I grew up on Giller Street Hell Cat Side. All my life I've been in danger, Ze. I never had one of these," I tapped my chest. "to protect me either. I know how dangerous it is."

"I just care that's all." she smiled nervously.

"I love it that you care. I just wish I could wear what you do." I chuckled.

"You will."

"Well I gotta go. So I'll see ya tonight."

"Gabby, for my sake, always think before you do. Please?"

"I will. I promise. I don't wanna die you know. I'll see ya. Love you."

"Love you." She kissed me softly on the lips and gave me a tight squeeze before I slipped out the door for my very first shift.

"Gabby, this Randy Madison. He's been with SMPD for fifteen years. He's gonna be your partner for awhile." I looked up at the clean cut officer. He smiled warmly. "Randy, this is Gabrielle Taylor. This will be her first time out, so be gentle."

"Yes sir." We both watched our lieutenant walk away. He insisted on being called Sir or Farley. I'll stick with the Sir for now. "Hi, really nice to meet ya, Gabrielle."

"Its Gabby."

"Okay..Gabby. Come on. Ready for your first time out?" He asked as we moved to his cruiser.

"As I'll ever be, I guess."

"I know you have to be nervous. Just relax. We won't be going on any major calls tonight. I opened the door and slid in. "Okay, I'll let you work the radio. We are Unit 34 okay?"


He was a nice man it would seem. Randy liked to talk so I shouldn't get very bored. My heart stopped when I heard our unit number blare over the radio, our first call. "Unit 34, proceed to Farness and Rhodes. Shoplifting in progress. " With a nod from Randy, I grabbed the radio.

"Unit 34 responding." He smiled at me as I returned the mic to its holder.

"What a rush huh?" he grinned. I chuckled.

"Be advised subjects are within front parking lot in white Ford Bronco. " When we caught sight of the Bronco sitting off to itself, my heart sped up. Randy maneuvered the cruiser in front of the truck.

"Follow my lead." he whispered as we exited the cruiser. "Step away from the car!" he bellowed to the woman next to the driver's side window. I stepped around to the passenger.

"Step out please." I said in my best commanding tone.

We walked the two teenagers around to the hood of the truck. "Pat them down, Gabby." Man, frisking a fellow classmate and frisking a complete stranger are two very different things. I found nothing out of the ordinary in their pockets, placing the contents on the hood of the Bronco. I turned to see Randy talking to the store security guy.

"Who stole the merchandise?" Randy said, pulling out his pad.

"We've got them both on tape." the man answered. They walked around to the still open trunk and pulled the clothing out.

"Gabby, put the older one in the cruiser." He motioned with his hands to cuff her.

"Turn around.....Bring your right hand back." Snap. "Your left." Feels weird being the cuffer instead of the cuffie.

"Man, this is bullshit." the teen uttered. I chose to ignore it.

I heard her come in. I smiled as she began to undress in the living room as quietly as possible. I opened one eye and I saw it was almost midnight. I snuggled back into my pillow, still holding hers. A habit I couldn't break. Half asleep I listened to her whispering to Ares to be quiet after he barked a little loudly. I heard her pad into the bedroom in her bare feet. I opened my eyes just enough to see her slip one of my work shirts over her previously bare back. Oh she is so cute. You think she's cute when she's eating Cocoa Puffs you sap. 'Yes I do Xena.' I smiled recognizing her nagging tone in my head. 'And she's all mine.' I countered.

I was jolted from any further argument, when she quietly slipped into bed. Slowly she extracted her pillow from my arms. Of course, she gladly replaced the pillow with her body. I wrapped my arms around her as she kissed me gently on the lips. "Love you." I mumbled. Her heard her chuckle.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you." she whispered.

"Its okay." I rubbed my face with my hand. "How was your first shift?"

"Good." I heard the smile in her voice. "Let's see..shoplifters, pick pocket on the boardwalk, and a drunk causing bar fights. Those are the highlights anyway." I laughed.

"Mere child's play, Baby. Wait till ya get something really exciting." I yawned.

"Hey, I think anything is exciting." That I can believe, by the look in her eyes when she speaks. We are going to make a pretty good team.

Still there was the bowling ball in my stomach that I couldn't get rid of, fear. I guess now I had a inkling as to what my mom felt all those years with Dad. What Gabby had said about my mother, made me rethink her motives. I remember one argument they had constantly. She said "I can't take it anymore!!!" Gods know if Gabby were to die in the line of duty one night, I'd simply...die along with her and vise versa.


"Huh?" I said confused.

"You zoned out on me for minute. You alright?"

"Yeah, just tired. Good night, Sweetie." I kissed her and pulled her a little closer to me.

A knock on the door stopped me in midbite of my oatmeal. I got up reluctantly and opened the door. "Hi, Zena."

"Hey Jenny. Come on in."

"Thanks. Just wanted to say hello to Gabby. Haven't seen her since she came home."

"Well she got a job with Santa Monica PD almost immediately. She had her first shift last night."

"Cool." she smiled. "Then I guess she's asleep then huh?"

"Yeah, but I'll wake her up." I started to move.

"No that's alright. I'll catch her later."

"Its okay. I'm sure she'd like to talk to ya." I walked the few feet over to the open bedroom door and kneeled next to the bed. "Gabby." I shook her shoulder gently.


"Mmmmm?" She groaned, rubbing her eyes.

"Jenny's here. Wanna talk to her for a few minutes?"

"Yeah, I'll be out in a sec."

"Okay." I said softly, kissing her on the cheek.

Those few minutes turned into two hours. I was tired, but I got seven hours in, so Zena didn't say much. The time just literally flew by. Ze had to go to work at ten and I had to go at one. "Gabby, we're gonna head to PB and talk to Lt. Calloway about the file they're working on. They have some Hispanic guy robbing tourists. They need some black and white back up."

"Black and white?"

"Us..... motors, cruisers."

"Ohhhh." I said in understanding. It would be nice to see Ze's friends again.

"Wanna drive?" Danny smiled and tossed me the keys.

"Cool." I climbed into the driver's seat and off we were. I guess this what the rookie year is like, every little thing seems cool, until ya get used to it.

We pulled up the Pacific Blue firehouse. I recognized Cory when we walked in. She didn't see me as Danny and I approached the desk clerk. "Hey....Gabby right?" It was Chris.

"Yeah. How are ya?"

"Great." she smiled. "Zena didn't say you were a cop."

"I wasn't. Just graduated Hancock three days ago."

"Wow. That's great. So how is 'Ms Sarge'?" I chuckled.


"You guys here for the Lopez case?" she asked acknowledging Danny.

"Yeah." he chimed in.

"Come on. I'll take ya up."

We climbed the stairs to T.C's office and sat. "Hey Gabby." he smiled. Man, they actually remembered my name.


"Okay. We have a bit of a problem with an robber who's been hitting tourists along the strand. We need Metro's help because he seems to jump from district to district. We can't nail him. All we have is a name and criminal record."

"Alright. Give us what you got and we'll deliver it to our lieutenant."

"Marcos Rico Lopez." My heart stopped in recognition. Please don't let it show on my face! Apparently it didn't because T.C continued. "Been in and out the system since he was ten. Former member of the Santa Monica Klicka, Southside Switches, and Twelve Gauge Mafia."

"Quite a track record." Danny commented.

"Yeah, according to street sources, he's independent now." I was about to say something to the contrary when an officer popped her head in and reminded T.C of an appointment.

Danny took the folder and motioned me to follow. I had to use all my brain power to move my feet.

"Are you okay, Gabby? You've seemed distant all night since we went to PB."

"Fine." I said quietly. Marcos, that bastard was back in California. Last I heard he went up North to join the Northern chapter of the Switches in San Francisco. I swore a blood pact to kill him on site. Now I can't do that. "Danny, I know Lopez. He used to live near me as a kid."


"Enemy. I'm from Giller Street."

"Giller." he thought out loud. "Sounds familiar."

"Hell Cats." He pumped his breaks a little harder than needed. "You were a Hell Cat?"

he asked quietly.

"No. Never was. I grew around them though."

"Must have been rough."

"Yeah, but that's something I left behind me."

"I can sympathize. My brother was an 'old school gangster' back in the 70's." I chose not to comment. "Maybe you should consider working with your girlfriend on this. Didn't you say she's a Crash officer?" Its amazing how much we knew about each other after only two shifts together. We are both natural born talkers.

"The supervisor."

"Well they have better means to track these gang members than we do."



"I think I know where he might be."


"Feel like taking a little detour?"

"Yeah." he smiled. "Let's do it."

We pulled up next to the arcade on Tenth. Luckily it was in our jurisdiction. "I remember him saying he dated the manager of this arcade for awhile and she let's him stay here." I neglected to tell him how I got that info. My sister would come home extremely pissed after an argument with Rico about that.

"Gabby, stay close to me okay? Any trouble, draw your weapon. I shouldn't be doing this with you, but I feel you might be able to talk him into giving up." I nodded. "Let's cruise the floor and see if we can spot him." Randy yelled out over the noise of teenagers and video games. "If we seem him, we'll radio for back up." I nodded.

I nervously moved through the crowd with Randy on my left shoulder. "Swamp stomp." I whispered to myself. I turned to my partner and yelled. "The office is next to the Swamp

Stomp game."

"Okay." I walked past a group of guys standing next to a Mortal Kombat game and I recognized the laugh of one of them, Bones, Rico's baby brother. As I moved closer, I saw HIM. His hair was covered in a green rag and his arm was around a young girl. I pointed to Rico. "Dispatch 10-32 we need additional units at Arcada arcade. Possible armed robbery suspect. 10-30."

Rico turned and locked eyes with me. His jaw hit the floor. Then, he took in my uniform and with a smirk, took off. "Stop Police!" Randy bellowed as Rico hit the street outside and was off.

"10-33 Foot pursuit!" I yelled into the radio on my shoulder. Talk about a rush! Rico and his girlfriend both were running from us. When they split, we split up. I knew it was dangerous for a rookie to be alone, but I refused to let her get away. My sister was my driving force. Finally I may get the leverage I need on Rico.

I tackled her, sending us both to the pavement. She put up little resistance, due to her tiredness. "Give me your hands!" She complied.

"Gabby, where are you? " came from the radio. I grabbed the radio.

"Just past Denver." I breathed. "Near the market."

"Hang on. I'll be there in a minute. " The cruiser almost immediately pulled into sight.

"Good job, Gabby. Are you okay?"

"Scraped my elbow, but I'm alright. You?"

"He got away. Lost him just past the park." He took Rico's girlfriend and put her in the cruiser, as I brushed the dirt off of my pants. "Female subject in custody. Male subject is Hispanic with black jeans and red T-shirt."

"We can only keep her on an evading, Randy."

"I know. I'm sorry I lost him. Your tip was right on the money, Kiddo." he patted my shoulder.

"Its okay. Shouldn't be doing this anyway right?"

"Gotta learn sometime." he smiled.

"Preferably not three days into the force." I chuckled.

"Trial by fire, Kid."

Normally I hate being called 'Kid' Not even Ze gets away with that. Randy adopted it as my nickname. Somehow it didn't seem so bad out of his mouth. After waiting for the wagon to take 'Morna' to Ju V, we grabbed a late night taco three blocks away, the same taco stand Ze brought me to on our first trip to Santa Monica. Randy was not frieked out in the least that I was gay. Something he found out before we met the first night, from whom he wouldn't say. "Well back to work." he groaned as finished off his last burrito.

As we approached the cruiser, I caught a glimpse of a red shirt. I turned around to see a bandanna masked Rico. I knew it was him. I reached for my gun, but never made it that far.....

Continued in Part 2.

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