~ A Day in the Life of Magnetic Personalities ~
by Willowluvyr

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Violence Warning/Disclaimer: This story briefly depicts a scene of very mild violence. Readers who are disturbed by or sensitive to this depiction are in need of professional help and should read something else.

Love/Sex Warning/Disclaimer: There are hints of sexual relations between consenting adults. You must be over the age of 18 and it must not be a crime to read material of this nature at your present location. If this bothers you, you should find other reading material.

Note: My thanks to my beta reader and best friend Katia for her wonderful help in writing this piece and inspiring a lot of it, Little Magnet.

Summary: Two magnetic personalities at work.


The green-eyed young blonde sat in the University Square quietly eating her lunch. She was a graduate student with great promise and studious work. She was a beautiful young woman who carried herself with grace and poise. She sat quietly with her legs crossed, boldly displaying her excellent pair of gams. She munched the sandwich quietly as her ample breasts moved rhythmically under her sea-green blouse.

Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a freshman co-ed walking slowly toward the University Center. The young blonde subconsciously cursed herself for making eye contact with the brunette co-ed. A smile appeared on the co-ed's face as she noticed the bright intelligent green eyes. The young student's brown eyes glassed over for a moment and the young blonde knew she had done it again.

The strawberry blonde made a second mistake, she smiled. It was too much for the young co-ed as she fell to her knees at the feet of the munching blonde. It was uneven ground here and she accredited the fall to carelessness. Her green eyes rolled skyward as she helped the doe-eyed brunette to her feet.

After the young co-ed left, the golden-haired woman looked in her hand and found a small note that read:

Hazel Brume


The young graduate student sighed and stuck it in her pocket. She had to call the young woman tonight or the young freshman would not get any sleep while waiting for the telephone to ring. She hoped there wouldn't be too many tonight, she had a date.


Across the quad at the UC, sat an associate professor. She was tall, elegant and beautiful. Her figure was statuesque and her raven locks perfectly contrasted her sensuous blue eyes. She was quietly grading papers in a secluded corner of the cafeteria when one of her teaching assistants, who were all men for some mysterious reason, came over and handed her a bouquet of flowers.

The flowers did not surprise the assistant. It happened several times a week. One of the professor's students would become attracted to the exotic instructor and send her a gift in hopes of attracting her attention. It never worked. The enchanting woman would just calmly read the card and write a brief thank you and hand to him to deliver to the luckless admirer. Then the assistant knew the raven-haired woman would put the card in her pocket. The TA didn't know that later that night the young professor would call her admirer so the poor woman wouldn't be up all night waiting for her to call.


Across the room the professor's blue eyes spotted an old girl friend and she acknowledged her with a slight nod and a half smile. The platinum blonde with hazel eyes took this as an invitation and quickly sat by her former lover. They politely reminisced about their times together when the raven-haired woman's most recent lover came over.

The fiery redhead was yelling about betrayal and asking if the older blonde was her replacement. Soon the two rivals were yelling at each other, which escalated into a wrestling match. With a controlled sigh the tall woman walked over to a tub of ice and removed the three cartons of milk from it.

Methodically she walked over to the fighting women and doused them with the icy water. Both women were wet and stunned as the campus police removed them from the University cafeteria. The university police officers gave the young teacher a 'not again' glance and were answered by a 'I can't help it' shrug. She made a mental note to call these two tonight as well.


Across campus at the computer lab, the young blonde graduate student was working on her doctoral thesis, when another student interrupted her. She started by asking for help with a mapping program that she needed to use for her thesis. After several minutes of explanation it became obvious that the mapping program was not what the brown-haired student had foremost on her mind.

The young blonde sighed as she waited for the inevitable hit on her and thought, 'This one wasn't even slightly attractive and worse she wasn't even very bright. She'll never understand this program. I doubt she is even listening to my explanation.'

After she finished her explanation, she passed her time thinking of the colorful ways her lover explained the dense ones. I wonder how many I can remember before this one builds up the nerve to give me her number.

'Not the brightest bulb on the string, not the sharpest tack in the box, not the brightest light in the sky, not the brightest candle on the cake, not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Let's see that's five. A few bricks short of a load, the elevator doesn't go all the way up, a few bricks short of a wall,' she thought just before she was interrupted by the woman asking her out and handing her phone number, 'Eight, she must of have had trouble remembering her phone number.'


A tired associate professor walked toward her apartment, as a young uniformed male police officer opened the door for her. She remembered that tonight was a night out. She hoped the mayor arranged it with the restaurant this time. Last time had been a disaster. The riot ruined one of the nicest Italian restaurants in town. 'I wonder if they ever reopened,' she thought and made a mental note to find out.

She put down her briefcase and walked into her bedroom. Her jacket hit the bed before she did. She laid down for a moment to collect herself before she disrobed for her shower. She was ready for her shower, when she heard her lover open the door. Momentary she thought about intercepting her, but knew that if they were going out, she needed to shower.


The young grad student went to close the door, but it was already closing. She would never get used to that. She dropped her book bag and laptop onto the couch and went to the kitchen. The young blonde took out a bottle of water and started drinking.

She opened her purse and pulled out several pieces of paper. She picked up the phone and started dialing phone numbers. Each person answered the phone after one ring. The young green-eyed blonde gave each woman the same message, she was involved and she was unavailable for any dating.


The freshly showered professor was drying her raven black hair as she came in to greet her lover. Her blue eyes spotted her younger lover and they smiled for the first time today. "How many today, Little Magnet?" asked the dark-haired woman.

"Nine, how about you, Big Magnet?" replied the blonde grad student.

"Eleven, so hurry up. If we're going to get to the restaurant in time for our reservations," answered the tall woman.

"Well, I'm just about finished. Has the mayor told the restaurant, we don't a repeat of Tony's? By the way, I heard they're reopening next week. They sent us a check to stay away," said the green-eyed woman.

"Argh, it's not our fault that that woman knocked over that can of sterno trying to get to you," complained the raven-haired professor.

"She was after you, dear. Remember, she was the one that tried to disguise herself as a policeman to get into your apartment," reminded the young blonde.

"Oh yeah, I remember," the tall woman recalled, "Still she started the fire not me."

"But you attracted her."


The police had cordoned off the area immediately around the restaurant entrance. When the couple arrived with their police escort, the security guards had trouble holding back the surging crowd of women. Several women had to be treated for minor injuries and heat frustration by the waiting medical crews.

The two women hurried into the restaurant passed a homemade sign that said, "Men Only Magnet Night."


The End.

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