~ Fini's Two-Step ~
by Willowluvyr

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Note: This is intended to a work of fan fiction. Any similarity to real life person past or present is purely coincidental.

My thanks to my beta reader Katia, Jennifer, Dawn and Amy for their wonderful help in writing this piece.

Summary: This is a continuation of Fini's Dance. This story covers her years with the Thai army and her years as a guerilla in the Philippines. This is not a pretty story. If the violence of war or the dark side of a tortured woman offends your sensibilities, this is not the story to read. It does have a happier ending than Dee's Song.


My name is Nol and I was on a C130 going to my command in Thailand. I had received a personal briefing from a Thai Prince, who held me in barely concealed contempt. They were a very patriarchal society, but my CIA credentials and the price on my head in Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia convinced him I was what they needed.

My job was simple. I was to train twenty Thai men in the art of infiltration and sniping. The United States knew that Thailand was in danger of being swallowed by either the VNR or Khmer Rouge. So they were hoping to make the monarchy strong enough to stand on its own.

I just wanted out and this was part of the deal that was going to do it. I was under no illusions that this was the end of my association with John Smith and his buddies, but I knew that I had to get out in steps and this was the first giant step towards my goal. I wanted more than just out, I wanted Cecilia as well.


Psychological warfare is so underrated. Those twenty Thai soldiers were defeated the minute they saw me. I came dressed in shorts and a halter, no bra or shoes. I knew I looked hot and I wanted them to be thinking with their wrong head.

My translator's name was Joy. She was a Eurasian. Her mother was Thai, but her father had been a black French Foreign Legionnaire. This made her in Thai society, a little higher than pond scum on the evolutionary ladder. I felt sorry for the poor girl.

We had met two years earlier. She was working as a hot towel girl in Bangkok. A hot towel girl was a prostitute. She was not doing very well, because she was not very fond of men. It seems some Thai gentlemen didn't like her ethic background and decided to reeducate her when she was twelve years old. There were eight of them I hear.

Hookers who don't like being touched by men don't make a lot of money. I was doing R and R in Bangkok when I met the teenager turning tricks at a massage parlor. I bought her for a massage. I hadn't had sex since that last night with Dee. I found that sex without love wasn't very fulfilling.

Then after hearing her story, I bought her contract. For two years, she had been my companion and friend whenever I came off a mission. We had never had sex, though she wanted take the relationship to the next level. I just wasn't ready.

Now, I had told her that she had a new job as my translator and that we weren't going to be that close any longer. I told the teenager that I was in love with someone else and that I was not going to be disloyal to my heart. Joy took it like she took everything else, poorly.

She ranted and threw a fit. I sat calmly listening to her curse me in three languages and then I spanked her butt until it bled. I told her that if she didn't behave I would free her of her contract and let her go on her way. Since that meant back to hooking which held no appeal for her, she relented.

I knew she would. I had no intention of letting her go without giving her enough to set herself up in some sort of business. I would have given her enough money to set up a store or a restaurant in NKP or Korat. However, I needed a translator, so I couldn't let her know my final intentions towards her.

I had trained Joy in the art of self-defense. After all I left her alone for long periods of time. She became very good. So she and I worked out a little demonstration for the first day. Joy was really excited about her part in our little illustration.

Joy was caring my Aikido staff, her weapon of choice. I made a speech about the need for them to learn to defend themselves. Two of the young soldiers made the mistake of chuckling. I looked at them and asked, "Do you find something funny?"

The two young Thais sobered their expression when they heard the translation of my words. The oldest one of the two answered, "Nothing, Sir!"

I waited for the translation and then smiled. I signaled Joy, who struck down both men with a fury that was pure Joy and overkill for what I intended. She really hated men. I gave her a scowl. We had talked about what was necessary and what she did was way overboard. She looked at me contritely.


The training was going well. We hadn't killed any candidates, but every one of them wanted to kill me. That meant I was doing my job. They were making progress individually, but they weren't a very good unit. Some of it was my fault. I wasn't exactly a team player and I was training them.

However they were a counterinsurgency unit, which meant they needed to work as a cohesive and crack unit. What they needed was an enemy they could defeat. I was beyond their abilities. So, I decided to take a page from the movie, "The Devil's Brigade." What can I say, I'm a movie buff.

I took them to a bar in Bangkok, where SEALs and Marines hung out. I brought in my unit in our Thai uniforms. This got us some very angry glares. So I really stoked the fires. I walked up the biggest Marine in the bar and asked him what one of the ribbons on his uniform stood for. He told me it was bravery. I told him, "I thought it was for the tightest ass in the Marine Corps. I heard the SEALs like their Marines' asses really tight."

A laugh from a SEAL really broke things open. The big Marine swung at me. I shouldered the blow and rolled into a corner feigning unconsciousness. I wanted my boys to solve this problem on their own.

My assailant charged the nearest of my Thai troops and was surprised by his sudden change of direction and the amount of elevation that he got. It was a glorious fight until the MPs got there and broke it up.


The Prince bailed out the troops himself. He was very proud of his new crack unit and was only too happy to ignore my gender and their indiscretions. He even threw them a party. I didn't object since they had worked hard and needed the release. Joy got a little too drunk and too forward at the party.

She kept dancing with me, which was fine, but she used every opportunity to try and seduce me. Had I been drinking as well, it might have worked. But what it managed to do was piss me off. I had made my feelings quite clear on the subject and she wasn't getting the message.

I grabbed her, slapped her across the face and ordered, "Don't ever touch me again, Joy. You are my friend and I will do anything for you, but I will not fuck you. I don't do that anymore unless I am in love."

Joy pleaded with tears in her eyes. "You can love me."

I took a little pity on her and said, "I wish I could, but I can't. I love someone else."

A tear rolled down Joy's cheeks as she said, "She's a lucky woman."

I shook my head and replied, "No, she isn't."


Our fight in the bar convinced the Prince that it was time to put his new crack unit into action. I wanted to disagree, but I knew it would be useless. So I went to get briefed on our assignment.

It seemed the Khmer Rouge had just destroyed a Thai village on the border in order to force the Thai government into making the Americans leave. We were given the task of finding who did it and getting revenge. I interpreted the orders to mean they wanted a retaliatory strike to show strength. So, I adapted the orders accordingly.

I called my contact in the CIA, code named Trader Bob, for a helicopter insertion. Bob was only too happy to lend us a hand. We needed the Thai bases for flying our aircraft into Viet Nam. We had to strengthen the Thai resolve.

Four helos dropped our team twenty miles into Cambodia. I knew exactly where they were headed. I hadn't spent nearly two years infiltrating Cambodia for nothing. We were dropped off six miles from my destination. I gave my team their orders, we wanted the heads and dicks of the guards guarding the camp and not a single woman or child was to be harmed. If they were encountered they were to be restrained and captured. I had never had any collateral damage and I wasn't about to start having any.

I knew from experience that the perimeter guard was two roving patrols of six. Within four hours we had collect twelve heads and dicks. We had also captured two hookers from a neighboring village. We took the dicks, put them in the mouths of the heads and then put the heads on bamboo stakes. Then I had the men put the gruesome stakes around the camp. I wanted these people to know fear before they died.

Well after first light, men started coming out of their huts to take care of their morning business. I had instructed my teams that they were to attack at first sound. It came when one of Khmer Rouge spotted a head and started screaming an alarm.

I fired an antipersonnel rocket into the hut he came out of and that started the ball. I let my teams go in and do the real work. I had to see how they would perform. I sat in a tree and picked off anyone who tried to get away. It was short and bloody. We had three wounded and killed 39 Khmer Rouge. It was a good ambush.

I sent the two hookers back to Thailand with the wounded. We had more work to do. I had the men gather the other's heads and stake them as well. With thirty-nine staked heads we continued towards the main camp of Colonel Nguyen. He was a Vietnamese Regular, who was an advisor for the Cambodian Army. We were going to see who was the better advisor.


I divided my men into four teams and approached the main camp from each direction. My orders were the same as before. Eliminate the guards and collect their heads. We were not a large enough force to take on this camp, but we were going to make it very hot for those that lived there.

By the time we placed the heads, we had a total of 65 heads arranged on the killing field between the jungle and the stockade. When the sun rose the camp was a beehive of activity once the heads were discovered. Tentatively a group of five men made their way cautiously toward the rows of heads. I scoped the last man in the group and put him down. Before the report of the first shot reached the men, I had fired twice more and after a few seconds the last three men were down with holes in their heads.

The other two men dived to the ground and were desperately trying to become one with the earth. Calmly, I targeted the further of the two's knee and squeezed the trigger. I saw the leg torn in two through my scope and could hear him screaming for help. I wanted some of them to come out to help their fallen comrades, so I sighted the second man's kneecap and fired.

No one from the compound came for the screaming men. The lasted less than an hour in the hot sun before they passed out from blood loss. So I finished them off, one shot to the head each. I didn't want the bastards to suffer anymore. At that moment, I knew I was getting soft, I needed to get out while I was still breathing.

My sniper teams and I had been taking down targets all day. We were waiting for night. I put myself in Nyugen's situation. He knew there were several sniper teams out and that his strike base and roving patrols had been eliminated. He had no intelligence on what he was facing and he had no way of getting any in the daylight. He was thinking, he needed to wait until dark and to send out his scout teams to look around. So I started my teams to alternating shifts for rest and food. Tonight was going to be a long night.


Just before nightfall, I signaled for my teams to close in on the compound. We had practiced for months moving over open terrain unseen. Now we were going to put that training into practical use. By full dark we were only a few feet from the compound.

Just after full dark, several scout teams of five were sneaking over the wall. We let them creep a little ways from the compound and them knifed them quietly. I personally knifed three of them. My mental body count was twenty-six this trip. My soul was taking a heavy beating, but there was nothing to be done for it until I could get out of the CIA. I had fourteen months left on my deal with Smith.

When I got word that all the scouts had been eliminated, I signaled my men to take out the guards, which we did with blow guns and silenced pistols. Then we went over the wall with the mission to kill as many as we could and get out. We also planned to set up fire charges to burn the place to the ground after we left. The blaze would cover our retreat to our pickup point.

I had another mission. I was going to capture the elusive Colonel Smith. He had a bounty on his head from the South Vietnamese, the United States, the French, the Australian and the Thai Governments. The bounty came to over a hundred thousand and I needed the money.

I crept cautiously toward his command hut/living quarters. I had observed him from the jungle several times. He had been a poor target. There had been a couple shots that I could have made, but I needed him alive. He had two guards undercover, because of the sniper attacks. They were separated and couldn't see each other. In other words, they were in perfect position for me. After a couple of movements and two knife-strokes the guards were down.

I knew that Nyugen was paranoid. We were a lot alike, so he would have a couple of guards inside. He hoped that by having to take out the guards, it would give him time to get away or arm himself. I came prepared for this. I put on my gas mask and rolled in two ether canisters with the pins pulled. I gave it two minutes and went in. The guards were already groggy so I ignored them. I moved over to the sleeping Nyugen and butted him with my rifle. I then handcuffed him. I had my gun leveled at the guards, who decided that sleep seemed much better than fighting.

I set a phosphorous bomb for the designated time. Then I picked up Nyugen, who weighed all of two hundred and twenty-five pounds and carried him in a fireman's carry back to our escape point. I was always strong, but carrying this guy was getting to be a chore.

I had a little trouble getting him over the wall, so I took out the gate. I had to kill three more guards to do it. By the time I got to the rally point, all my men were waiting for me. Several of them had been preparing to go back for me. I was touched by the sentiment so much that I put them on report and promised company punishment.

We slowly crept back into the jungle and had just started making our way back to the pickup point when the compound exploded into a green phosphorous flame. We heard a lot of screaming and moaning as we hurried our pace back to the pickup point.

We reached our rest point four minutes early. As planned, I had the radioman call in the choppers and I gave the men five. One of my troublemakers kept looking at prisoner and made his way towards me, so I asked him, "What are you looking at?"

He smiled and said, "We should get a split of the reward. We took as many risks as you did."

I glared at him until I saw his balls shrink to raisons and then I said, "I took all the risks in capturing him. I will give you guys something, but don't question me again. We didn't lose any men in the attack. I would hate to lose one in the escape."

I moved the muzzle of my rifle to his belly to emphasis the point. His eyes got really big as he looked at the gun. The other men were smarter than he was; they kept quiet and just snickered at their comrade's predicament. He nodded and moved back to his seat.


The pickup had gone smoothly. Trader Bob was there and took charge of my prisoner. We were ferried back to our compound inside Thailand. An honor guard and a band greeted my men and me. We were all given medals. The Prince was more than pleased. He handed me a piece of paper as he shook my hand and gave me a knowing look and then a sly glance at Bob. I just accepted my medal and smiled.

I marched smartly away from the Prince to my men. Then, I marched them proudly off the field and to our barracks. I didn't know that was the last time I would ever see them.


When I got back to my quarters, I read the note that the Prince had palmed to me. In it was a check for seventy-five thousand American dollars and small ring. The note read:

Dear Noel,

I wanted to start off by calling you your Christian name, because you have earned my respect. You probably know I was against your appointment to the training of my elite force. However, you have proven more than adequate to the task. For this I thank you.

I know they haven't told you yet, but you will be leaving us soon. They have told us that you have accomplished your mission and that you are needed elsewhere. I accepted this explanation, but I do not think it is the true reason. I think they meant for you to fail here and maybe even die. Do not trust that Bob person, he is not honest.

I have enclosed a check to show the amount of my gratitude for you. Additionally, I know of your ambition to leave the CIA and I know they will never let you go. They never do. Money can open more doors and bring you to your goal faster than any promise from untrustworthy men.

I wish to thank you again and if you ever need my help send me the ring.

Of course it was unsigned, the Prince was too well schooled in politics for such an error. I knew then that I had to make new plans to get out. And all I could do was wait for the other shoe to drop.


John Smith came to visit me that evening and I knew that the letter that the Prince had sent me was true. I had destroyed the letter; it had served its purpose. When he came into the room, I started packing. He smiled and asked, "Going some place?"

I gave him a knowing look and a raised eyebrow as I said, "Wherever you're sending me."

His smile vanished as he asked, "Where would we be sending you?"

I sat on the bed, looked him in the eye and said, "London, then the PI."

Surprise showed on his face as he queried, "I knew you'd figure the PI, but how did you know about London? Come on, Fini, if there's a leak this big we are all in trouble. So, I need to know how you knew about London."

I looked at him for several moments and then sighed, "I didn't know. It was a logical guess."

He chuckled, "Damn good, guess."

I took pity on my one semi-friend in the Agency and expanded on my reply, "It's logical. You would either be sending me to Viet Nam or the PI. Viet Nam is ending, so that's not it. That left the PI. Why?

Because the Hucks are at it again and Marcos is only a matter of time. So you need a revolution outside of the communist Hucks. That means you need me to raise and lead a revolutionary army. I don't have the experience, but you have an ally that has been fighting revolutionaries for centuries. So that means you want me to meet and train with MI-6 and the IRA, which means London.

All I want to know is why you tried to get me killed? You guys set me up and before you protest, I know you did. That operation was way undermanned and under-planned. Hence I was set up."

He sat dumbfounded and responded, "No wonder they tested you. You were set up. You were being tested. The powers that be think you would make a great field supervisor and were testing you."

I knew that was the reason before I asked. I stopped packing and sat heavily down on the bed and sighed. Idly I folded some uniforms, but my mind was formulating a question. John sat with his legs crossed and arms folded staring at me, waiting to hear what was on my mind.

Finally, I decided there was no way other than to ask straight out, "They don't plan to honor our deal do they? Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck .....you can't trust these people one bit. Damn me, I'm tired of the killing. I need out."

John answered, "You knew when you asked that there was no leaving. You know, field supervisors don't do much killing."

I finished folding my clothes and packing. I didn't say another word. Eventually, John got the message and put a package on my bed. I knew what was in it. I was going to London. I also knew I was getting out one way or the other. I started formulating my plan as I picked up my stuff and the package and headed to the airport.


When I landed at Heathrow, a man named Bob Jones met me. I wished these guys would get better alias writers. I didn't know it at the time, but I found out later that he was John Smith's control.

He held out his hand and greeted me as if we were long lost friends. I hated him immediately. I shook his hand; my grandmother taught me to be polite and I hated rudeness in any form. The man then made a nearly fatal mistake; he put his am around me to guide out to his car.

I reached up, grabbed the offending hand and spun under his arm. Then I lifted which stretched the man to his toes as I put pressure on the hammerlock. I wrapped my arm around his neck and kicked out his feet. With just a little pressure, I could snap his neck. To my lasting shame I didn't. Had I known what a piece of human garbage he was at the time, I would have snapped his neck like a twig.

I leaned over and whispered in his ear, "If you ever touch me again, I will kill you. By the way, while we're getting acquainted, if you guys ever set me up again, I will kill you, the Director of the CIA, the President and his Joint Chiefs. Do I make myself clear?"

The choking man answered me, "Yeeeeesssss <cough> <cough><cough><cough>."

I stepped back and let him go and he fell to the floor. I heard his arm snap as it landed awkwardly. I smiled, stooped down beside him and said. "I have leave coming. I'm taking forty-five days as of today."

I took his wallet from him and removed the money. There was nearly a thousand pounds. I tapped him on the head with his wallet and said, "Thanks for the money. See you in forty-five days. Maybe your arm will be healed by then."

I walked over to one of the skycaps and told him as I pointed towards Bob, "A man fell over there. I think he might have broken something. I think you might want to call for an ambulance."

I just turned and left the skycap to deal with my new boss. I had some exploring to do. I figured it might be my only chance to see Europe.


I spent three days in London. I didn't get a hotel room. I slept in movie theaters and on park benches. After sleeping in trees and bushes in enemy territory this was luxury. I found if you napped on a park bench in the middle of the day, they just thought you were resting.

I did all the touristy things. I saw Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, the museums, the old shops, and all the things the brochures were advertising. I went to the Palace and saw 'Joseph and His Psychedelic Coat.' I really liked it.

I went to a concert that featured Jethro Tull. I had never heard them before, but became a life long fan after that concert. I bought a backpack, a canteen, a sleeping bag, and some other supplies and started hiking around England. Occasionally, I rented a bike or hitched a ride. I hiked Wales, York, Scotland, the whole of the country.

I have to say I hated English food. It was way too bland. I lived off fish and chips and porters. I loved the porters. I tried everything. I tried beef and kidney pie. I tried kippers. I tried an English breakfast. They were okay, but nothing I found compared with gumbo or jambalaya.

I had thirty days left to my leave when I bought a thirty-day Europass. With it I could ride just about every train and ferry in Europe. I took a ferry from Dover to Cherbourg. I toured the battlefields of Normandy by bicycle. Since I could speak Cajun, I found it easy to communicate.

From Dunkirk, I took the train to Orleans. I had relatives there and my maternal grandfather, who had been born there, wanted me to look them up. So, I went to find the Maxions. I met great aunts and cousins and I was treated like royalty as they asked me question after question about what was happening to their family in America. I was happy to answer.

At first several of my male cousins tried to hit on me. When they all failed, some of my female cousins started after me. They had me pegged as gay and they were right. I just wasn't very interested in them. I was still pining for Cecilia.

One girl did get a kiss from me; she was cute. Her name was Petra and she was only twelve. She had a major crush on me that her parents found adorable and I found annoying. When I left, I left a little broken heart. However, we became pen pals and I write her to this day.


I visited Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the Vatican, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, and many more. I saw all of Europe that was accessible. The iron curtain prevented an active soldier from visiting certain places.

It was only five days before I was due back in London when I stopped in Greece. I fell in love with the Aegean Sea. The water was fantastic. I could see the bottom of the Sea, no matter the depth. I wanted to dive and swim in the crystal blue water so much; I bought my first bikini.

Being from Louisiana, I swam a lot, but I never owned a suit just for swimming. I used to swim a lot at the old Cotton Club on Jefferson Highway, but I just used a pair of cutoffs and a tee shirt. When I got older I switched to a halter-top, because the tee shirts revealed too much.

I bought a conservative black bikini, a beach towel that had the Parthenon on it and a white terry cloth robe at the market and went swimming. I got propositioned several times by men and after a while the women. I wasn't interested in either sex. I just wanted to enjoy the sun and the water.

The second day, I bought a snorkel and a pair of flippers. I wanted to dive the coral reefs. It was dangerous to dive without a buddy, but I didn't much care. I wasn't in the mood for company. Then I noticed a tanned young brunette with blue-green eyes and very long, shapely legs struggling with her snorkel. So, I walked over and asked her if I could help.

She smiled warmly and asked, "Please...... I was supposed to go snorkeling with my friend, Joanne, but she and I had a terrible row. She took off for Athens without me. I was bloody well going to stay and snorkel. Only she was the experienced diver, I've never been diving."

I sighed and said, "I'll help you get your rig on and then you can dive with me. You shouldn't be diving without a buddy."

"You were going to." she replied.

"I'm different." I replied.

"How so?" she asked with a crooked smile and obvious confusion.

"I'm Fini." I responded as if she would know who I was and that just my name would explain everything.

She laughed musically. I found myself interested in a woman other than Cecilia. It bothered me and I couldn't explain why. We went snorkeling by the coral reefs. I explained to Jeanine that if the reef cut her, it would get infected and she could very well die from the resulting fever.

We dove until just before sunset. It had been a wonderful day. We watched the sun set into the Aegean and you could practically hear it hiss as it sunk into the ocean. She made the first move and kissed me gently on the lips. I kissed her back. We tongue wrestled for a bit and then I said, "We need to get home and maybe you'll let me buy you dinner?"

"I'd like that." Replied the more experienced woman.

We shared a cab to her hotel, where I dropped her off. I was on the way to my hotel room, when I got the urge to go back. I asked the driver to turn around. As we returned to her hotel, I watched her get into another cab. I decided to follow her.

My heart sank as I saw her enter the United States Embassy. She could have been going to fix her passport or with a visa question. She could have been visiting a friend. However, I knew she was there to report to the CIA plant my whereabouts. I had warned them.


I was still in my bikini when I walked into the Embassy. I had removed my robe and had wrapped in my towel. I wanted the men thinking with the wrong head. I walked up the guard at the sentry post and said, "Semper Fi."

Dutifully he answered though he did seem distracted by something on my chest, "Semper Fi."

I completed the introductions by grunting, "OOOORah."

I leaned forward to give him a good look at my cleavage while whispered in his ear, "I'm Fini. Take me to Bob."

He started to refuse, until he felt his 45 poking him in his ribs. He looked me in eye for the first time and saw no mercy, so he led the way to an office in a separate building away from the main Embassy. He nodded toward the second door on the left.

I took pity on him and hit him with his gun across the back of the head. I don't like killing Marines. I caught him to keep him from falling and making a racket. Then I stepped to the side of the door and kicked it in.

The room was about 12 by 15 and had a small desk with four chairs. Jeannine sat in one of the guest chairs and seemed to be crying. My first instinct was to rush over and see if they had hurt her, but her betrayal was weighing heavily on me.

Behind the desk sat Bob Jones. He had a cast on his right arm and it was in a sling. The look of shock and fear on his face was precious. I decided to play as I told him. "I warned you, but you didn't listen."

Jeannine sobbed. "Fini, I came here to tell them I wasn't going to betray you. They wanted me to drug you, but I couldn't. I just couldn't..."

As the young woman broke down crying, Bob said. "You seem to have that effect on woman."

I answered him by blowing the top of his left ear away with a 45 slug. He immediately grabbed his ear with his good hand while asking. "Why do you do that?"

I simply replied. "I warned you not to set me up. I should blow your fucking head off. I have two more days of leave. I was going back to London tomorrow, but since you're here, I'll report back here in two days. If I see an operative or even sense one, I will come back here and finish this argument."

I turned my gazed to Jeannine and calmly said, "Go away. The next time I see you, you will die."

With my message delivered, I left. I spent two days snorkeling alone.


Two days later, I sat in Bob;s office. I was in my marine formal mess and wore my new rank. I was an officer and gentleman now. I had been promoted to captain. It seemed I needed some rank for my new mission. I really didn't care. I had never cared about rank since I worked mostly alone.

I got several salutes, including one from a marine that sported a bandage on the back of his head. I hadn't intended to hit him that hard. I returned his salute and said, "Semper Fi."

He answered with a grin. "OOOOOORah."

Bob on the other hand didn't look that happy to see me. He was wearing a cast on his right arm and a bandage covering his left ear. It went well with his navy blue polyester suit. He offered me a drink. I asked for iced tea.

I idly sipped my tea as I asked, "When do I start my training?"

He smiled. "You already started." My vision blurred and I knew I was going to have to remove a body part from this guy before he understood the no fucking with me rule.


I woke up naked in a small room. It had two wooden high back chairs and a small oak table. The room was totally white and a large mirror was the only thing on the wall. I knew it was a two way, so I decided to give a good look. I went to great lengths to inspect all my body parts for injury using the mirror as a tool.

Then I slowly raised my middle finger of my right hand and paused for a moment. I sucked my finger getting it good and wet. Next, I got on the table and started to masturbate, giving the mirror a very good view. A voice from a hidden speaker said, "Okay, Fini, we get the message. Take a seat and wait for your interrogator.

I sat down in one of the chairs, spread my legs and started masturbating again. This time I brought myself to a nice orgasm. At that moment, a man in army fatigues under a white lab and carrying a clipboard came into the room. He was unarmed except the clipboard and an ink pen. I could have killed, but I wanted information first.

He sat down in the other chair and said, "The object of this exercise is to test how long it will take for us to break you. You can end this now by just telling us your code name."

I laughed. They were going to break me. I had spent four days in a VC cage and they were going to break me. I had to laugh. It was too James Bond. My laughter seemed to amuse the interrogator as he said, "You will tell us in the end. I only have to find the key."


This was getting boring. It was the second day by my internal clock. Whether it was or not, didn't matter my internal clock was never wrong, as far as I was concerned. They had turned out the lights in an effort to confuse my clock.

So, I sat in the small, dark, interrogation room quietly practicing my breathing. I closed my eyes and started drifting away on a small white cloud. Suddenly, the quiet dark was disturbed by bright lights and loud blaring music. I refused to acknowledge their presence and continued to blank out my surroundings.

After nearly four hours by my body clock without a response from me, they changed tactics. The lights went out and everything became totally quiet again. I didn't even notice the change. The only reason I know it occurred was by watching the films of my infamous grilling. They still use my cross-examination as a training tape for new operatives.

I was totally under my self-induced trance, so I didn't know that the air conditioning for the small room had been turned all the way up. They told me the temperature had dropped to as low as 41F. I really don't remember.

After hours of cold, they turned up the heat, which rose to over 90F. I never experienced the heat but my body was drenched in perspiration when I awoke from my meditative state. I finally awoke from my self-induced hypnotic state when I heard, "Fini, Fini, Fini..." being repeated every ten seconds. I had been under fourteen hours by my body clock.

Bob led the others through the door. I didn't hesitate. I pulled him through the door and knocked him to the floor. Then I slammed the door shut and I pushed a chair under the doorknob and leaned the table against the door. I figured about four minutes tops. It was enough time.

I sat on Bob's hips and pinned his arms with my knees. I grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back to expose his neck. Then, I crushed his larynx and adam's apple with a palm blow. He started jumping around like a fish on land. I rolled over to the other chair, sat and waited.

The others made it through my barricade. Two medics rushed over to save the dying asshole. They were forced to do a tracheotomy to save his worthless life. I knew I was going to regret not killing the son-of-a-bitch, but he was my boss.

One of the MI-6 trainers asked. "Why?"

I shrugged my shoulders and answered. "I warned him twice not to set me up. He did it anyway."

The IRA guy chuckled, as the MI-6 operative queried. "Didn't you know this was just a training exercise?"

The IRA terrorist responded for me, "It was the principle of the matter. He had been warned twice, but had done it anyway. Besides, she didn't kill him."

"I should have," I commented, "I'm going to live to regret not killing the bastard."


I trained for four weeks on terrorist techniques; recruiting, training and field operations. I went through several simulations. I didn't see Bob during this time. I learned later; he was in the hospital recovering from my blow to his throat. I also discovered that he had to use a machine to talk from that day on. My only thought was, 'Good he couldn't tell me anymore lies.'

After the training was over, I was given a new identity, Rita Mae Joseph. Well it could have been worse. I could have been Jane Doe, which would have been as original as John Smith or Bob Jones.

I received a list of resources in the PI and a dossier of a revolutionary cell for which I was taking command. They gave me one and a quarter-million pesos, which is about a hundred thousand dollars and a first class ticket to the Manila. I left the CIA office knowing this was my last job one way or the other.



So, I was on a military transport to the Philippines to generate a revolution against a corrupt dictator who was being sponsored by the very government that was sending me. I knew that my real job was to take down the Hucks, who were communist. You couldn't have communist taking over the land that Mac Arthur freed from Japanese aggression.

I was on my way to the Islands where I would find my happiness. It was where love waited for me. I would cause so much pain in doing my job there that I would become a legend. To this day, Filipina mothers scare their children with the tales of Kamatayan. That was my pet name in the PI. It means the Angel of Death.



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