~ Dare To Risk It All ~
by Wizzy


This is NOT a look alike to the ones we all know and love. This is from the demented mind of a fuzzy faced puppy! Anyone seen my straight jacket?

This was to be for a Bard challenge. But I got caught up on something else (RL) and had to set it aside, I started it for a buddy of mine she's a Buffy geek and well I had to do something to show just how much her spiteful friendship means to me! She likes the vampires and even if you have read one and you think you've read them all here's one more Vampire story for you, KRISTEN this one's just for you ya bastard! I hate ya more then anyone buddy ole pally! For the information on vampires; for the hate mail encouraging me to finish this and I did not leave you hanging like I was gonna! I still say one of them should have croaked! And can anyone tell me why do I always have to write a happy ending? One of these days I am not going to write a so UNFREAKIN-happy ending that someone will keel over from the sadness! Then let's see how much HATE mail I get! Heheheee.


A good old fashion fist fight and a sword, but that's about it! Oh someone gets smacked in the snot box too!


Yes there's a teeny tiny bit.


There is some but I wrote this for Kristen, so its MILD compared to what I normally write! So buddy no need to peak from behind your fingers you pansy-assed nun! Hehehehee

Copyright © 2003 by Wizzy. All Rights Reserved.

Now onto the warped story! With a freaking happy ending just for you buddy!


Every year for the last four years I came to this graveyard to place flowers on my mother's headstone. Not that we were close, but this was one time of the year I put all the ghost's aside and said a prayer or two for her. I wasn't fond of Christmas; some even went as far as calling me Scrooge.

I knelt beside her grave clearing away the powdery snow, I heard a noise behind me, and I looked up to see a shadow of someone's coat tails billowing in the wind. I thought I was alone, I should have known better then to come here at night (Mistake # 1). Not that I was a chicken to visit a grave site at midnight, but this was getting creepy. Out of nowhere the wind picked up, leaves blowing across the? LEAVES? How could that be? There is snow this time of the? I looked around me, the fresh snow we had this morning was gone. Replaced by the fall leaves, bright gold's, red's and yellow's were amongst the brightest colors I had ever seen, it was like they were glowing in the dark, flew past me in a rush. I felt a chill run down my spine as I realized they were all blowing in the same direction. OK I had not done drugs in years and this was starting to freak me out. I was sure this wasn't some flash back to an acid trip gone bad.

I left the flowers on her grave said a quick Hail Mary and ran for my truck. I was about to wet my Levi's; I was scared now as I got about half way to it when I saw the huge iron gates slamming shut. I was trapped inside a graveyard at midnight on Christmas Eve. I felt something brush by my ear; I think I jumped about twenty feet backwards as several bats dipped and plunged around my head, knocking off my hat. All at once my Stetson was being carried off? in the wind? Err?uh I hoped it was the wind, if it wasn't that was one big-ass bat! I was not going to leave without my favorite hat. I ran after the damn thing, like a moth to a flame, I ran blindly through the graveyard. I finally caught up with it when it dropped out of the air right in front of the dilapidated house. The shutters banged against the side of the house, a pathway leading up to the front porch was filled with fog. It looked like something out of a Stephen King movie; all we needed was a psycho cat and some dry ice to create the fog. I had no sooner thought of it and my legs disappeared in a haze of fog. It swirled about my boots, like a snake dancing its way out of one of those baskets from India. I realized I wasn't going anywhere tonight so I figured I might as well head into the house and try to keep warm, (Mistake # 2!) Ok so I was blonde at times but I was not about to stay out in the cold at night in a graveyard alone.

I opened the door to the house; off in the distance I could hear children's laughter. Maybe I was not alone after all. My boots echoed in the dim light of the hallway as I followed the noise. I stopped in front of a large wooden door, wait a second; this was starting to remind me of a bad Halloween movie. I expected a guy in a hockey goal tenders mask to come chasing after me with a chainsaw at any second. This was Christmas Eve for crying out loud. Where were the chestnuts roasting on an open fire? No Jack Frost nipping at my nose? Instead, I got bats nipping at my ears, fog swirling around my legs like a tornado. I would even drink a gallon of Eggnog (which I can't stand) about now if it got me out of this nightmare before Christmas! I shook my head to clear those thoughts and knocked on the door in front of me. The door opened at my touch, I peeked in, and was surprised to find a bunch of kids. The little hooligan's were dressed in Halloween costumes, smashing a piñata in the shape of a skeleton. Gods knows what it was filled with! On the other side of the room they were bobbing for apples in an old claw iron tub. The tub looked like it would hold several grown adults; half their bodies were submerged in that tub. I hope they wouldn't drown. This is nuts! I wasn't going to stick around to find out what would fall out of the piñata. I backed out of the room, sprinted down the hall way to the front door. (Mistake #3 coming up here.) I am directionally challenged, I went the wrong way and I was now lost. Jeezee just my luck! Next thing I know I am standing in front of a fire place and I did not have a lighter. I gave up smoking about six months ago. I used lifesavers to help me get rid of that bad habit. But what I wouldn't give right this second for a lighter and smoke! My eyes were playing tricks on me now. I looked at the fire place again and poof it was a roaring heat wave. I sank down in the plush chair in front of it. I held out my hands to warm them up, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a broomstick sweeping across the floor on its own. Ok I was in a haunted house! Now all I had to do is find my way out of this freak show. I attempted to stand up when I felt a warm hand on my shoulder. I screamed as loud as I could, kicking out at who ever stood next to me. I turned; my mouth must have hit the floor at the sight that stood before me. There in front of me was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid my blue eyes on! She smiled down at me; her green eyes twinkled in the fire light, perfect white teeth, full red lips, twitched upwards in a heavenly smile. Long fiery red hair fell carelessly across her broad shoulders. The long leather cloak covered a white silk shirt unbuttoned to show ample cleavage. I swallowed hard, my breath coming in short gasps. Black leather pants did not hide the long, well muscled legs and the black cow boots that gave her even more height; I was feeling really short as I stood up to face her. But let me tell you sister, she was one tall drink of eggnog! Oh yeah I could get use to eggnog!

"Relax my child for I shall not hurt you." She gently ran her hand down my arm, I squinted at her, her lips had never moved, how could she be talking to me then? I stepped back away from her touch, slightly puzzled.

"Come let me show you to the dinning hall."

Wait a second here," I reached out to touch her, trying to get her attention. Her eye brow arched at my hand reaching out, I froze right there,

"I?ah?Look I don't know you from Adam, and I just want to go home. This is not a treat for me to be trapped in a graveyard at midnight on Christmas Eve." I stood waiting for her to respond. "I just want to wake up from this nightmare; if this is a nightmare then it needs to end, here and now!" I was starting to get angry with this whole shebang. This was not some episode of the Adams family here! And I almost giggled at the thought of meeting Cousin IT! Almost! Who had ever heard of Halloween on Christmas?

Her hand caressed my face, her touch was filled with promises of things to come, love flowed from her finger tips, soothing me, filling me with a need I had thought I had buried long ago. I felt her talking to me; it was like she was inside of my head. I stepped back quickly and visions of the two of us in a bed naked, flashed through my mind. Her hand was still touching me, I stepped back even farther. It was like she floated right with me,

"Nothing in this life is to be feared, my child. It is only to be understood."
Her voice was like velvet in my head,

"Can you speak like a normal human being?" I was frustrated now.

"What is there to understand? Besides the fact I am trapped here and have no clue as to who you are."

"Then join me for supper and I shall tell you who I am." She stepped closer, this time her lips were moving as she spoke to me, "Come my child." She held out her hand for me to take.

"I am not a child." Ok so that was a lame comeback, but you try and come up with something better when someone is messing around in your head, LITERALLY! "And will you stop doing that."

"Doing what my child?" She smiled down at me.

"You are the one inside of my head are you not? You are showing me things, speaking to me without moving your lips are you not?" I glared at her now; this was starting to really irritate me.

"Yes my dearest child, it is me you feel floating within you, I can show you so many wonderful feelings, thoughts and passions if you let me. It is for you to choose your destiny." She whispered in my ear as we walked down the hall way to where I wasn't sure.

Was I Daniel being fed to a lioness? Gods I hoped so, I wanted this woman and we both knew it. I bet she could feel the desire's I had running like wild fire through my body.

"Destiny? So this is not some chance meeting we are having is it?" I asked as she guided me into a brightly light dinning room.

"Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice." She pulled a high back chair out for me; I sat down as she bowed in front of me kissing my hand. She took the chair closest to my right, at the end of the long table. No more then a second later there were several people scurrying about filling our goblets with a deep red liquid, my plate was filled with food that smelled like heaven to my empty stomach. I looked over to find her looking back at me; I noticed her plate was still empty as she waved off the staff of servers.

"You are not eating?" My face felt flush under she gaze.
"I have already taken my dinner; please do not let that stop you from eating. I shall join you in drinking the sweet fruits of the Goddess's." She raised her goblet towards me in a silent toast.

"What is your name?" I raised mine to touch hers.

I never got my answer as we were interrupted by a servant, the dark complected man bowed at her feet,

"Forgive me, M' Lord, I have a message for you." He bowed deeply again and handed her the note with shaky hands. I watched as she delicately opened the note, her face filled with anger. I set my glass of what I hoped was wine down and gently reached out to touch her. I got about half way to her arm and she looked up at the man standing before her. Her eyes filled with anger. She must have said something to him, with out speaking, that was not too nice, as he turned white as a ghost, bowed at her feet again and took off like he was shot out of a cannon.

"My Lord?" I looked at her even more puzzled then I was about ten minutes ago. Her eyes met mine, the anger gone, replaced with something I could not read.

"Yes my child?" Her green eyes pale as she raised an eyebrow at me, a half smile touched her lips never quite reaching her eyes. I just picked up my goblet and waited for her to join me. Her hand reached out touching mine as we drank the sweet wine. In my minds eye I saw us in the throughs of passion. I choked on my wine, trying not to spit it across the table, I struggled for breath, she was at my side and I never saw her move. Just a quick flash and she was there, kneeling down next to me, gently rubbing my back in small circles.

"I am sorry, I did not mean to scare you my child." She leaned in kissing my cheek. I took the linen cloth from her and wiped my lips.

"What are you doing to me?" I asked her, I was growing more confused by the minute. "I have never been this out of control with anyone." she ran a hand through her hair; she was just as frustrated as I was.

"What do you mean?" I looked at her hand resting on mine as she knelt by my side. Her skin was a slight pale white, little freckle's dotted the back of her hand. I wondered what those hands would feel like on my body. So soft, yet strong enough to take me in the heat of making love, her finger tips traced the tattoo on my arm. I swallowed hard, shook my head to clear away the cobwebs forming in steamy thoughts of her.

"What you saw was what I was thinking when I look at you. I cannot seem to stop you from reaching in and seeing what I am thinking. This has never happened to me before." She reclaimed her chair and sat staring at me.
"So what you are telling me is I can read minds now?" I grinned at the thought. Maybe this freak show could use another attraction if I could read thoughts like the one she just had broadcasted to me. "Can you read mine as well?" It made me stop and think for a second if I knew what she was thinking, why could she not know what I was thinking or feeling?

"Yes my child I can, please enough talk, finish eating your dinner, then we will retire to the den and I shall explain things there."

"Will you stop that?" I glared at her.

"I am sorry it is easier for me to speak to you that way."

"Will you tell me why he called you My Lord?"

"I am Master and Lord of this castle."

I choked on my wine again, "You are what?" I blinked at her unbelievingly.

"I am Lord and Master of this castle." She smiled that heavenly smile at me, "my child stop choking on the wine, I shall have to take it from you."

"Did you say castle?' I grinned at her; this was getting to be quite silly now. I saw the front of this house as I came in the front door.

"Yes I did, you sound as though you do not believe me."

"I don't, I saw the outside of this place the only thing missing from your front porch was a bunch of pumpkins lighting the steps." She actually laughed at that, her laughter had such a sweet sound in my ears. I had chills run down my arms at the sound of it. I wanted nothing more than to make her laugh more often.

"My child I find you quite humorous." She continued to chuckle.

"I take it you don't do that often then?" I watched as her face became a mask of unreadable emotions, almost to the point of being cold. I shivered again this time out of fear.

"Are you cold my child?" her face showed concern when I looked back up at her. I was chilled and I no more then started to say so when a butler appeared with a warm goblet of hot chocolate.

"You have to stop doing that." I growled at her, "I don't think it is fair you can tell what I am thinking, when I can't always tell what you are."

"Child you will NOT speak to the Master of this castle in that tone of voice. You are nothing more than a commoner."

I jumped up facing him, "Listen you little creep you have a lot of balls talking to me that way, what did you just say to me?" he stumbled backwards as I poked him in the chest, "A commoner? A CHILD? You live dangerously mister. And let me tell you another thing, she is NOT MY Master nor is she MY Lord, SO back off you pipsqueak." I felt a hand on my shoulder; she stood there before me laughing at me, "And you stand there laughing your ass off at me?" I attempted to remove her hand off me.

"No my child I do not laugh at you, I laugh at him." She nodded towards the shaken butler.

"But M' Lord you let this commoner speak to you this way?"

I whirled around facing him, "You call me that one more time and I will show you just how common I can be, you little cowering jerk." I was pissed now; I spun around to face her again, "And you! You had better tell me what the hell is going on, this is not a treat for me to sit here and have you read my thoughts and feelings. So start talking MY LORD." I felt her pull me in close to her, her lips met mine in a heated rush, I wrapped my arms around her neck pulling her head down crushing her lips on mine. She pulled away I could taste blood; she had nipped my bottom lip. Her eyes closed tight her breathing ragged; I got a flash of her wrapped in a red silk sheet in a round bed? I felt my face go flush as I realized her eyes were open now and she was watching me read her thoughts. I tried to pull away from her; her strong hold stopped me from further movement.

"You say it is not fair that I read your thoughts, yet you read mine?" she lowered her head to kiss me again. I moaned as her tongue traced my lips.
"I don't even know your name, but I want you, this all so confusing to me. I don't mean to read your thoughts I swear, I don't even know how to do it. It is when you touch me that I see the things you are thinking. I have no way to stop it." My hand ran up the strong arms, muscles rippling under my touch.

"Then my child let us go sit beside the fire and I shall tell you all about it." She made a move to let go of me, it physically hurt as she stepped back away from me.

"NO, please, just make love to me." I stepped back into her strong embrace, the pain stopped the moment she wrapped her arms around me. If I was not confused before I was now. How could someone I just met have this kind of hold on my feelings as well as my heart? I must have paled slightly,

"Are you ok my child?"
I could feel her inside my body soothing the confusion. Her arms held me up right; I think I would have passed out if she had not talked to me like that.
"I ? what are you doing to me?" I was scared now, I was not sure who this stranger was or why I was so out of control of my feelings. I prided myself for the control I had over them. Now here before me stood a complete stranger who held my feelings in her hands and I was powerless to stop it.

"Do you really want to stop it my child?" her green eyes a dark emerald; I reached up smoothing the red hair off her forehead.

"I don't know." I was being honest with her; more then most could say they had gotten from me when it came to how I felt about things. "I find you so irresistible, I feel so safe with you." I was not the trusting kind, not one to get close to anyone. Now I could not stand the thought of being without this total stranger. I realized we had walked down the hallway to a small comfortable room. A fire crackled and hissed in the fire place and a comfy looking couch sat in front of it. Books! Tons of books lined the walls; I would have been in heaven had I not had the trouble of what was happening between us so deeply set in my mind. I followed her to the plush couch; she sat down and patted the cushion next to her. I sat down leaning on the arm of the couch facing her. I said nothing just waited for to start explaining this to me.

"Do you believe in life after death?" I glared at her as she spoke in my mind,
"Forgive me. Do you believe in the life after death?"

"No, not really; when you die that is it." I wondered where this was going.

"Do you believe in ghosts?" Her hand reached out to take a hold of mine. I saw in my minds eye a vision of her in the graveyard,

"That was you watching me?' I looked at her, amazed at the powers she had, to be able do things that were humanly impossible. Humanly impossible? Huh? I thought about this for a second,

"Are you a ghost?"

"No, I am not a ghost."

"Then what are you?" My voice shook with concern now, did I really want to know that answer? Her hand rested on my leg, my heart beat returned to normal and the thoughts cleared from my mind,

"Relax my child I will not hurt you."

"Tell me who you are." I was at the point of pleading with her now.

"First you answer a question for me."

"Ok, I will try to."

"What is your name my child?"


"That means war Goddess. So you are of noble birth then?" She smiled that heavenly smile again.

"Am I what?"

"Are you of noble birth, royalty Morgan?"

"Not that I am aware of. Are you? And please, call me Morgan." I smiled at her, then closed my eyes as she touched me, a vision of her holding me while we danced flashed in my mind. I cleared the thoughts by letting go of her hand,

"What is your name My Lord? I grinned over at her, she chuckled lightly.

"It is Allyson."

"And what does your name mean?"

"It means of noble birth."
"How old are you?" I watched as she shifted slightly on the couch.

"You would not believe me if I told you."

"Try me Allyson." I smiled at her taking her hand in mine.

"I am over five thousand years old." If I had been drinking right then I would have spit it across the couch at her. I started to giggle until I saw the look on her face. I stopped right quick.

"My mother, Akasha, which means Queen of the Damned, was the wife of an Egyptian pharaoh. I was told he died in battle fighting for the survival of my people."

"I don't understand Allyson, what kind of person are you?" I once again did not get my answer as a knock on the door stopped her; I wanted to slap the snot out of who ever stood behind the closed door.

"Enter," Her voice stern as she stood up to meet the little creepy butler. She frowned as he bowed at her feet, "What is it now Francach?"

"My Lord I have another message for you." He bowed again I had to stifle a giggle as the seat of his pants spilt open.

She took the message from him and looked at me. I sat with my hand shoved in my mouth; she raised an eyebrow at me, a smile filled her eyes. I was shocked to see her wink at me, then as quick she looked back at Francach with a stiff look on her face.

"Francach tell them I will meet them in the drawing room." She dismissed him with a wave of her hand. She waited until he had disappeared then chuckled lightly, "I take it you found his discomfort funny my child?" She smiled down at me.

"Heck yes I did, he deserved it. What does his name mean? I stood up and walked closer to her. "Are you leaving?"

"For now, yes there is a pressing matter that can no longer be put off. I will have someone show you to your room for the night. If you should need anything please just call on one of the chamber maids. His first name means 'rat' in Gaelic. His last name is Tuili; I bet you can not guess what that means?" She laughed then whispered in my ear, "Tuili means bastard." I lost it then and fell back into the cushions of the couch in a fit of giggles. Rat Bastard was so fitting for the creepy little man. When I was finally able to talk I stood up and walked closer to her.

"Will you come see me before you go to bed?" I took her hand in mine; I got another vision of her in my arms, "Let me make that vision you keep showing me come true." I slipped into her arms pulling her close, she felt so cool to the touch, "Let me warm you up." I ran my tongue across her bottom lip taking it between my teeth; I could feel her quiver at my touch.

"My child you must stop, I have to go and we have so much to discuss. I will look in on you before I retire for the night." She took my hand as we walked out into the hall way, one of the chamber maids stood waiting for her. "This is Mila, she will see to all of your needs while I am gone." I was shocked at that statement, she laughed as she looked down at me. "No, my child I did not mean that."

"You were looking into my mind again."

"No, I could tell you thought I meant something different by the look on your face. I have to go, I will see you soon." She turned to Mila, "See to what ever she needs."
"Yes M'Lord." I looked at Allyson; the green eyes twinkled with humor as I watched the maid bow at her feet. I mocked the deep bow, only I took her hand in mine kissing it,

"My Lord, I look forward to seeing you soon." I turned to follow the maid as her laughter filled my ears. I fell into the silken sheets on the round bed face first, I could feel the pain of not having her near me and panic set in, when I heard her voice, "Relax my child I am there with you even if you can not see me." and I was out like a light.

I woke with a start, I was not in my own bed and the room was warmed by a fire place in the corner of the room. I looked around me for the first time; I was not one for details of décor. But this was the room I had had a vision of when Allyson had taken my hand in hers. The red silk sheets, the roaring fire, candles were the only thing missing. I noticed a painting hang on the wall above the fire place. I wrapped the sheet around me and walked over to look at it. There in front of me was Allyson, she was dressed in a white silk shirt, tall black riding boots, matching leather pants, her red hair blowing wild in the wind and her emerald eyes seem to glisten with such sorrow. Her hand rested on the hilt of a sword as the sun was setting in the background, it seem to highlight her red hair even more and off in the distance stood a stallion, waiting for his master. But it was her eyes I was drawn to; they seem to be so filled with pain. I wondered what she was thinking when this beautiful painting was done. I dressed quickly and decided to see if I could find her to ask her about the painting.

The hall way was quiet as I walked toward what I thought was the way back to the den we had sat in last night. I was lost after about four turns, I found a door that looked familiar, I knocked softly, waiting for someone on the other side to answer. When no call came for me to enter, I opened it slowly. I stepped out into the fresh sunshine. All at once I felt someone shove me hard from behind; I tripped and fell off the front porch, skidded face first into the gravel right off the porch. I sat up as my Stetson came flying out behind me and the door slammed shut. I just sat there, too stunned to move. I looked down at my hands, cut open from the gravel; my jeans were ripped at the knee's and my chin was scraped raw. Now I was mad, I had a feeling it was that little rat bastard Francach! I picked up my hat, slammed it on my head and marched back up to the front door. I tried to turn the knob, it was locked. I walked around the house, every window and door was either boarded up with plywood, or cement blocks. I was angry and the pain in my chest was getting stronger as I walked around the dilapidated house. This sure in the hell wasn't the castle she thought it was. I sat down on the front steps wondering what to do now. It was way past noon and I was hungry, I walked towards my truck wondering if I would ever see those beautiful emerald eyes again. The gates that had been locked now stood wide open, my truck was still there. I climbed in and drove home. I ate a lonely Christmas banquet TV dinner, watched some God-awful show about some little child who shoots his glasses out with a BB gun on TV, then when one of those usual Christmas movies about poor unfortunate souls who experience a 'real Christmas miracle' I gave up and went to bed. I was too restless to sleep, I played the conversation I had with Allyson over and over in my mind. I remembered she had told me what her mothers name was. I jumped up out of bed and ran for my computer. A quick search on Google.com and bingo I had it right in front of me...

* In her mortal life Akasha originated from the city of Uruk in the Tigris and Uphrates Valley, went to Kemet to become the bride of Enkil and Queen of the region, bringing new ideas and beliefs to the area. It is said that she became a vampire by having had her skin pierced by Amel and his entering her body, Akasha's creation as one of the first vampire's occurred in 4011 BC before the first civilizations. She was worshipped through the ages more as a myth than a leader and was described by many names. In the most common legends she was referred as "One of Those Who Must be Kept." She went on to make vampires of her husband, her right-hand man, Khayman, and many others of who are no longer heard from, in order to alleviate the insatiable blood thirst she had acquired. Their bodies became completely hardened with time and they no longer needed to feed. They went into seeming trances for centuries on end but the Queen used to experience "life" in this time by occupying the minds of lesser vampires. She, as well as the majority of the vampire population was destroyed by fire. Only a few remained, until several of her fledglings woke to start a new breed of vampire's many centuries later.*

I sat in shock at the words on my screen; did this mean Allyson was a vampire as well? And what did it mean when the story line said, 'and many others of who are no longer heard from?' entering her body? Was that what Allyson did to me? Was she able to enter into my body and know what I was feeling and thinking? This was all so confusing, I had to have answers, I got dressed turned off the Christmas lights in the window of my small apartment and headed back to the cemetery.

This time I was smart and pulled my truck inside the gates, if nothing else I would stay warm if I could not find an entrance into the house. I walked to where the house should have been; the damn thing was gone! I looked for any trace, but nothing was there and the head lights of my truck showed an empty lot. I walked back to my truck, had I lost the only chance I had to destiny? I changed my direction in mid-stride. I stopped in front of my mothers grave, there resting on the center of her head stone was a single rose. Stooping down to pick it up I closed my eyes at the wonderful fragrance, it reminded me of Allyson. Her words echoed in my ears,

"Relax my child I am there with you even if you can not see me."

"Well I sure don't see or feel you now Allyson!" I could feel the tears stinging in my eyes as I got in my truck. I turned the key to start it and all I could hear was a clicking sound. (MISTAKE#4) I had left my lights on and shut the engine off. I swore softly under my breath,

"Swearing does not become you my child."

"Where are you?" I yelled "Show yourself to me and stop talking from within me."

"Turn off the headlights my child."

"Turn off the headlights? She makes this sound so simple." I mumbled under my breath. I reached down and shut the headlights off and waited in the darkness for her to appear. I jumped as her hand took a hold of mine.

"DON'T DO THAT." I yelled at her, "Can't you just open the door just like anyone else would?" I ran a hand across my face, "And how in the hell did you get in with out opening it?"

"Now what fun would that be?" She smiled at me,

"You have a warped sense of humor!" I growled at her. I reached out and started my truck, turning on the heat, "Ok what did you do to my truck?" I squeezed her hand in mine, so warm to the touch.

"I just did not want you to leave so quickly. I had to see you my child."

"You have some explaining to do Allyson." I pulled the truck into drive and pulled out of the cemetery.

"Where are we going my child?"

"Back to my apartment and would you please call me Morgan?" I bet I took about two inches of rubber off my tires as I pulled out on to the street stepping hard on the accelerator.

"Ok then Morgan, will you please slow this truck down?"

I was shocked again as she led the way up to my apartment, "You know where I live?"

"Yes, does that surprise you after what you read about my family?" Her emerald eyes captured mine as she held a hand out to me to join her on the steps. I was not too sure of what I was seeing in her eyes, I just took her hand and followed her inside. I made us some tea and sat on my small couch, not sure what to say or do.

"Why are you so nervous?"

I clutched my warm cup wondering where to start, how could I ask everything that I wanted in one night? How many nights would she be with me? I let go of her hand I wasn't sure if I wanted her to read the thoughts I was having.

"How much of what I am thinking can you see?" I looked at her, my heartbeat quickened; she was beautiful beyond any words that I could come up with.

"Only what you strongly feel, unless we are touching then I can see everything, just like when you are touching me. I have never had this connection with anyone; I am just as scared as you my child." She reached out to touch my face, her hand warm on my cheek. I leaned into her soft caress; pulling her face closer to mine I kissed her then. I had never in my life been this forward with someone. I felt so safe within her arms it was as if nothing could ever hurt me, when she was with me I felt invincible. The heat of her kiss was pure torture, a heavenly torture that I never wanted to end. I knew in my heart of hearts I could not face a life without her in it. I was willing to sacrifice everything to be hers. I set the cup of tea carelessly on the table beside the couch and pulled her down with me. Her mouth on mine, hands roaming wildly across my body. Stirring a fire within me so deep I thought I would burn to death. I removed the leather cloak from her shoulders, running my hands inside of her silk shirt, strong muscles moved beneath my touch. I could feel her hand on my jeans, unzipping them slowly. She was in no hurry to take me; I was growing frustrated at the clothing between us. I ached to feel her nakedness on mine. She gently untucked my shirt, button by button she undid it and her mouth traced lazy kisses down my neck to the now exposed flesh of my chest. I moved under her silently begging her for more. Her breathing was ragged; I could feel her heart beating against mine as she pulled me in tight,

"My God you are so beautiful my love." I could feel her inside of me, yet her hands held mine above my head.

"How?" I managed to ask between her kisses.

"Hush my love just enjoy." she whispered in my mind. "The mind is a powerful thing; I can show you so many beautiful feelings."

"Then show me." I pleaded with her as her lips bit gently on my neck. Ok here is (Mistake #5), I panicked as she gently bit down on my neck, she stopped immediately,

"I will never hurt you or take you beyond what you are willing my love." her emerald eyes bore into mine,

"What if I am willing?" We spoke of what she could make me become, what I had not thought of was how I would become like her, Immortal. "My heart aches when you are not near me; I have never felt this strongly for someone before. I don't understand it, but I can not be without you."

She gently sat up pulling me into her lap, her strength was amazing. Draping her leather cloak over my bare shoulders and pulling it tight around me to hide my naked body. I could smell the fragrance of the rose I had held in my hand at the cemetery.

"So it was you who laid that rose on mother's grave."

"Yes, I did not know if I would ever see you again. Your visits to her are not frequent. I had to find you, in anyway I could. Why did you leave so quickly this morning?"

"I didn't. I went to try and find you. I got lost and ended up outside on the front porch, someone pushed me from behind. I fell off the porch into the gravel.' I looked down at the cuts and scrapes on my hands. "Next thing I know my Stetson comes flying out behind me and the door slammed shut."

"That bastard, I will kill him."

"No you won't, let me deal with him, it was me he shoved. I think it should be me who deals it back to him."

She smiled at me, "I guess I thought about that a little on the strong side."
"Yes you did, you know I find it amazing I can feel and hear what you are thinking at times." I wanted to ask her to stay the night with me but I was not sure if she could. There are so many myths to being a vampire. I had no clue as to what was the truth and what was not.

"My love it is late for you, let's get you to bed." She caught the yawn I tried to hide.

"Stay with me?" My voice sounded so strange to me, I was beyond pleading now I was down right begging, ok so it was more like groveling.

"Only if you can behave yourself my love!" She arched an eye brow at me.

I just grinned, "I cannot promise you that as I want you in the most desirable ways."
When she picked me up and headed for my bedroom, it was as if we were floating down the small hall way. I cuddled up against her resting my head on her chest, her arms wrapped around me like a cocoon. I don't think I have ever slept that well in my whole life.


I woke the next morning and she was gone only a note was left in her place,

My Love,
Do not fear, for I have not left you, look deep inside and you will find me right there with you. Now that I have been invited here I can return when ever you need me. Just call for me. I have gone to attend to a little matter that could not be kept waiting. I will return as soon as I can my love, enjoy the sweet memories of last night as I will throughout the day.
Your Lord,

I chuckled at how she chose to sign the note. 'Your Lord' it made me giggle like a small school girl with her first crush. I looked one more time at the graceful handwriting she had and I got up out of bed, dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt I headed for some coffee. Now armed with my morning caffeine fix I sat down at my computer to do some research on vampires. I was amazed at the stories, myths and pure crap I found. It covered everything about becoming a vampire to hunting them, to making love to one. I had to read that first, I should have just bypassed it. I found myself reliving the steamy scene on my couch the night before. I took a cold shower and made a sandwich, sitting back down at the computer I started in on the information on vampires. It was all so confusing; I separated the information into three categories.

The first was on becoming a vampire. To be created, the vampire has to bite the person then the vampire has the person feed from him or her, another way is to be bitten while climaxing during sexual intercourse, what a way to go! Once bitten you slowly change into a vampire, like you were infected with a virus of some sort. The appearance of a Vampire is ever changing. They tend to have pale, cool skin except after feeding then it takes on color and warmth. Their eyes are like eyes of fire. They look different but not noticeably, except when enraged or sexually excited. Long fingernails, we're not talking daggers here but definitely sharp pointed nails. Most Vampires have dignity that demands respect. And that's what a Vampire all is about. Most keep a lot of money, and live like kings or queens. They have absolute control over themselves and their surroundings; they are the ones in charge.

The second section was separating myth from fact. Myth told of them living in the shelter of night, only a few had ever been able to walk in the daylight hours. If one had the powerful Gem of Amara, a ring that would make them invincible. They then could walk among mortals during the day light hours. Many vampires were unable to handle the immortality of their lives and went underground. Almost like hibernating, they do not require blood while underground and some even sleep for centuries due to the fact they had a hard time dealing with the 'forever' thing. They can 'will' themselves out of this anytime they choose. Another way for them to deal with 'forever' is by going into a trance like state, where they become living statues. The only other option is suicide. I decided to skip the parts on how to kill a vampire.

The third section was the mystical powers and strengths. Vampires have incredible speed, it has been said a vampire can stand within a crowd and suck the blood out a human so quickly it looks like the person just collapsed in their arms. The Blood is the life-force of a vampire. It means everything to them. Through the blood is transferred all sorts of things, warmth, color, and memories. The drinking of blood from a human is an intimate thing. An older vampire experiences images, thoughts, and powerful influences. While a younger one will experience, pleasure, and feelings. So the older they are, basically the more powerful they become or they at least have the most potential for more power. Did this mean Allyson was powerful? She was a descendant of Akasha after all, from what I read; she was quite a powerful woman, uh... I mean vampire.

They have heightened senses that allow them to see, touch, taste, smell, and hear better than any of us, plus they have a sixth sense that allows them other senses of presence, danger and other things. Now for Vampires to drink the blood of each other is as intimate as you get, well almost. Through this comes, pleasure, pain, images, experience and most notably, Powers. Vampires can transmit their powers through their blood. And this also gives the two vampires a connection of knowing where the other one is and can sometimes even see through their eyes and hear with their ears. Sharing blood is kept sacred and only to those that are trusted.

I had not drunk her blood so how could she know where I was or how could I feel her with me when she was not in sight? I had to stop and think back, when she kissed me for the very first time, she had bit my lip and she had tasted my blood.

I could feel a headache coming on, I decided I needed something to eat, as it was late afternoon and I had been staring at my computer screen all morning. I made a quick sandwich and took several aspirin, looked around my small apartment; I had not realized that Christmas had come and gone this year. Normally I would have had a hard time dealing with it, but it had past without as much as a teardrop from my eyes. My mind reeled with unanswered questions, even though the internet could give you the answers, they were not the true experience of loving a vampire. LOVING? Where did that come from? I sat down on my couch, was I in love with a vampire? Were they capable of true love? I watched the Christmas light twinkling in my window, my heart rate picked up an ache that was almost unbearable. And why was I not totally freaked out that Allyson was a vampire? Wouldn't anyone in my shoes be? All I knew was it felt so right to be with her, and life when she was not with me was almost unlivable. Would I become a vampire so I could spend the rest of eternity with her? I sat staring blankly at the twinkling lights, my eyes got heavy with sleep.


I dreamt of streets paved with gold, a mountain of fire, a heaven of lying in my lover's arms, hell was when she was missing from my side. I reached out to touch her, like a fine mist she faded from my grasp. I cried out running through the golden streets alone looking for her, calling her name. Every time I would get close to her the mist would whisk her away from my touch. Off in the distance I could hear laughter, evilness filled that laughter, I ran harder, the sweat stinging my eyes my vision blurred, I continued on after her shadow. Tripping over my own feet I slid into an alley, Allyson stood in the clutches of the little rat bastard, the sword in his hands pressed against her throat. I stopped twenty paces from them; Allyson's eyes were pale with anger. But she made no attempt to stop him from hurting her.

"Let her go you little rat bastard." I walked a step closer, "Allyson fight him. Don't let him do this." Tears rolled down my face as she never responded to me, was she in a trance? Powerless to stop him from cutting her head off? I could see a trickle of blood from her neck as he tightened the swords blade against her throat.

"ALLYSON! WAKE UP!" I screamed at her, her eyes not blinking, and her mouth hung open. Her razor sharp teeth exposed, gone was the heavenly nature of the Allyson I know, it was replaced by a deadly smirk.

"Let her go Francach, I know it is me you want." I walked towards him my arms spread wide away from my body. His grip on the sword wavered as I walked towards him.

"Come on Francach you know you want to end my life not hers, you love her as I do, you want me out of your way, well now is your chance. Let her go, fight like a real man would. Don't hide behind her, come on you bastard we are both mortals here, you know she could kill you in one quick blow. I do not have that strength it will be a fair fight."

I stopped within inches of them, my gaze never leaving his face. Never let your enemy see your fear. I knew if I took my eyes off him and looked at Allyson I would show my one weakness. All at once he shoved her away from him, lunging at me the sword pointed at my stomach; I knocked the hilt of the sword away from me, as I side stepped, throwing a right handed punch to his face. He faltered slightly, I followed with a quick left jab once again to his nose, blood spattered as it connected. He brought the sword up slicing my right arm, I staggered backwards in pain as he stalked closer to me, I jumped in the air kicking out at his chest, hitting him solid he fell backwards dropping the sword. I was on top of him at once, punching his face or anything that I could do the most damage to. My anger was out of control he had attempted to hurt the one thing in my life that finally mattered to me. I hit him hard trying to drain the life from him. The anger would not be controlled nor was his death enough to satisfy the darkness with in me.

Then like the blackness that controlled my body there was light. I felt the warm soothing touch of her next to me. I opened my eyes to look into the emerald green ones I was falling in love with. I sat up slowly never taking my eyes off of her,

"Are you ok Allyson?" My voice shook with left over anger.

"Yes my love, you had a bad dream, I am safe."
"He wants you dead Allyson, you must be careful; he will try and kill you. No wait I killed him, he can no longer hurt you." I sighed with relief and then it hit me,
"Oh my God Allyson I killed him." I started to panic,

"No my love you did not kill him, it was nothing more than a dream." Her hand caressed my face, wiping the sweat from my brow,

"Relax, I am here with you. Everything will be ok. Trust me my love."
I pulled up the sleeve of my t-shirt to look at the slice he had given me with the sword. There was nothing there except my tattoo, a half of a heart, nothing more.

She looked down at it as I ran my hand across it, "Why just the half of a heart, my love?" Her hands warm to my skin.

"I had not found the other half to complete it." Until now, I thought to myself. Her eyebrow arched upwards,

"You heard that?" I smiled sheepishly at her.

"Maybe." She chuckled lightly holding me tight in her arms.

"Were you there with me in that alley?" I asked wondering how much she had seen while I slept.

"I saw enough to know what must be done." Her eyes turned pale with anger.
"Let me be the one to do it."

"NO, He is my problem; he is under my care, it would not be right for you to eliminate him." Her words were cold as she spoke. Then just as quick her eyes softened, "There is a protocol within our kind. You hurting him in anyway would only make things harder for you!"

"Harder for me? I can handle myself, it is him who should be worried, that is twice now he tried to come between us. All he has done is succeeded in making me angry."

"I am sure you can handle yourself my love, but it is more than a mere mortal you will have to deal with. Please, I assure you he will be dealt with in a swift manner."
"You are the strongest of them then?" I took her hand in mine to feel the connection we shared, to ease the discomfort we both had.

"One of, yes."

"How many others are there like you? Do they have the strength like you?"

"There is only one who is my equal. She has gone under; she was unable to deal with the life we lead. She has the same strength as I do, she took blood from me and I her." I could see the pain in her eyes then and I knew the one she spoke of was someone who had hurt her.

"You loved her very much then?" I had remembered reading about the trust of taking blood from one vampire to another.

"Yes I did, but it is so different than what I..." She stopped and looked at me.

"So different from what Allyson?" I held my breath waiting for her answer.

"Than what I feel for you and I have no right to feel this for you."

"You what? Have no right? Why because I am a mere mortal? Have you stopped to think of how I feel? Maybe I return those same feelings for you as you do for me?" I was getting upset now, how could she think of just her feelings? Would she walk away from me with out giving me a chance?

"I don't think you understand what it means to be me my love. I will live forever."
"And I won't, so you just decide for both of us to deny what you feel for me? Is that it?' I stood up pacing the floor; it helped me to think rationally.

"I cannot sit by and watch you age and wither away?"

I drop to my knees in front of her, "Then make me yours for eternity." I held her hand in mine. "Please, I won't go on without you anyway. If you walk away and give up what we could have then you can plan on putting a rose on my head stone as well as my mothers. I don't want to be without you Allyson. Teach me, take me, and make me yours forever Allyson."

I kissed her softly, pulling her down on the floor, wrapping my legs around her I flipped her over straddling her hips. My hands gently pulled the silk shirt she wore open, her eyes never leaving mine, my hands wandered across her rippled stomach, cupping the firm round breasts in my hands, I heard her moan softly as I lowered my lips to her warm flesh. I could feel her responding to my touch, I slowly unbuttoned the leather pants she wore only to discover she had nothing on under them. I groaned at this, the more I saw of her bare skin the harder it was to force myself to take this slowly. I reminded myself that she was as scared as I was. I slid lower on her pushing the leather down as I went, kissing her stomach, the muscles rippled under my mouth; I reached down and pulled off her boots and the leather pants. Her flesh was soft as the silk shirts she wore. I traced her inner thigh with my tongue; I felt her hands on my back, her nails lightly raking the skin underneath them. I was growing hotter with every touch from her; I slipped out of my shirt and shorts. I crept up her body slowly nipping and kissing my way to her soft red curls between her legs. Her breath came faster as I lowered my mouth down on her. She came in a heated rush, my name on her lips chanting it over and over. I felt her nails dig into my back hard as she climaxed in my mouth.

I held her in my arms as her breathing returned to normal, her hands roaming up and down my sides. I needed to feel her within me but I was not sure how to express it to her. I was lying almost on top of her, when she rolled me over onto my back, I looked up into her eyes, they were the palest green I had ever seen.

"You my love are the best I have ever had the satisfaction of being pleasured by. Now let me show you how I felt."

She was in my mind, softly talking to me as she reached out to run her hand across my naked chest. Her kiss left me feeling weak as it gently moved along my neck; I arched higher into her grinding my hips up into the strong thigh between my legs. My neck exposed to her, begging her to take me, not once did she give into the temptation I could feel running through her body as well as her mind. The connection between us grew stronger with each touch of her hands; I could hear her heart beating in my ears, her thoughts mixed up with mine. Where did she begin and where did I end? I lost all thought as she entered me, taking me to heights I had never seen with anyone. A blazing orange fire raged inside of me, to heaven and back. We laid spent in each others arms, softly touching, exploring each other. I decided to try and explain what I felt for her, (MISTAKE#6, coming at you like a freight train here)

"Allyson I am falling in love with you. Nothing you do or say will ever change that. If you walk away from me then I will take this night to my grave for there will never be another for me."

I could feel the tears forming behind my eyes; she would not look at me. Slowly she withdrew from my arms, her body cool to my touch. I realized she was in need of the life blood that kept her warm. The thought of her taking from another angered me, I sat up pulling the blanket off the couch, wrapping it around me as I stood up to face her,

"You are leaving to take what I offer you so freely from another." My voice broken with heated anger. "Why Allyson? Do you think I am not strong enough to spend eternity loving you?" I stepped closer to her, my hand on her arm, stopping her from pulling on the heavy leather cloak. "Can you not see the love I offer to you? I am I not good enough for you?" I rambled on, trying to get some kind of response from her. Her eyes paled as she looked at me, I was no longer scared of her and to prove it I stepped closer,

"Go ahead Allyson, get angry with me, you'll not stop me from loving you." She walked to the door, turning one last time took look at me, it was now or never,
"Allyson, you walk out that door, don't come back. I can not stand by and know in my heart you'll take that from someone else and not from the one who truly loves you." I turned then facing the window, as the door quietly shut behind her. I cried then, for the love I would never share with her. Silently in my mind, 'good bye my love I shall never forget you', for I knew she would hear those last words I would share with her.

I looked at people differently now, I wondered if they were different or if it was me. I went back to work, data entry was a mundane job, I could type with my eyes closed and most days it seemed like I was, for my mind was filled with Allyson. I had moved into a new apartment for I could not be within those walls and not think of her.

It was on my way home several months after Allyson had left me that our worlds collided again. It was well after dark as I walked down the empty street towards my apartment, the fresh snow crunching softly under my boots, when Francach stepped out of a doorway and this time it was not my dreamscape.
"E'llo child, we meet tagin." His accent thick, he reeked of booze, I stepped closer to him for I did not fear him. I had no weapon, just the desire to hurt him as the memories of fighting him in my dream came flooding back to me.

"I have waited for this day Francach. I will win just like I did the last time you tried to make me bleed."

I was within arms reach of him now. His eyes bore into mine, I had nothing to loose, no family, no friends to speak of and the one I loved beyond life itself had walked away from me. I took the first swing, hitting him soundly in the nose. I drew first blood; there was no stopping me now. I kept swinging at him, some hitting him, causing him to back away from me and some missing him. He fell to his knees and I tried to kick my boot in his face; he came up with a sword in his hands. I laughed at him as he flipped it in his hands, his eyes never leaving mine. His first parry with the sword sliced deep in my right arm, I stepped back, quickly grasping it I noticed he had cut the now completed heart on my forearm in half. I flicked the blood off my arm with my good hand and laughed at him,

"She is gone from both of us and even if you beat me that will not change the love we shared. You shall never know what it was like to be loved by her." I snarled as I side stepped the thrust of his sword; I had nothing to live for, except I would beat him at his own game. I grabbed the sword in my hands, the blade cutting deep grooves as I yanked it out of his weak grasp. I tossed it in the air, his eyes following it; I slammed my fist into his face. I jumped backwards trying to catch it before it hit the ground. He tackled me from behind, dragging us both to the concrete. He straddled my body, his hand reaching out for the sword. I stopped fighting him then,

"Go ahead; it won't bring her back to you. Only push her farther away, Can you not see this?"

The anger was gone, I had no reason to fight anymore, I slowly shifted under him giving him the advantage, and he reached out seizing the sword. I felt the cold blade as he ran it across my neck; He stopped then looking into my eyes,

"This is the last of you Morgan; you shall never again walk this earth taking what is rightfully mine." His voice was off in the distance, I could feel another's heart beat in my ears as the blade came crashing down into my stomach. I was not sure what happened after that point, but I could see his body flying through the air, hitting the brick wall, then I could hear her voice in my head,

"My love, do not give up now, I am here, he cannot hurt you ever again."

My voice sounded so strange in my ears.

"Yes I am here my beautiful child."
"Allyson, please don't let me die this way, don't let us end this way."

I could feel her arms holding me and I looked into her eyes, they were the deepest green I had ever seen, was it anger? Was it the blood that flowed from my body? Gently she pulled me closer to her, removing my long hair, exposing my neck. I never felt her razor sharp teeth sinking into me, just the sweet sensation of her sucking softly on my neck. I could feel my life draining slowly from me to her. It was the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced, I could feel my body floating as she drank from me, the change was slow, yet steady as my teeth grew small sharp razors, the wounds slowly healed, I felt her teeth slip from my neck. Silently she pulled me close to her and I was scared that I would hurt her as I gently bit down into the vein pulsating in her neck. The power that flowed from her blood was almost painful, my body shook with convulsions and the wound of the sword closed quickly leaving only blood stains in the snow. I do not know how long I fed from her neck; I can only remember her talking to me from with in our minds. I was now hers forever was all I could think of as I passed out.


The days past so swiftly and my strength increased daily, I was learning to deal with my new found life as a vampire. Now I can't say all of this came naturally to me, then who would be a natural at it? I could only think of one woman who would become a vampire and make it look easy. You know the one; she carried a huge sword and had that annoying little blonde as her side kick. Ok so she was blonde and had great abs! What were their names again? I lost my concentration and fell to the stone floor. Allyson's laughter filled my ears as I sat up shaking off the motion sickness.

"Morgan you must concentrate on what you are doing, not on a blonde you saw on some TV show."

Her voice carried such a sweet sound to my ears. I grinned up at her from my seat on the floor. We both had come so far, the changes in our relationship were unbelievable. We grew closer and closer everyday, discovering new things about each other. Allyson had grown to trust me to love her unconditionally; I had come to accept her the way she was. I reached up and grabbed a hold to the table and pulled my self up.

"Do it again Morgan and this time, keep your mind on levitating." her eyes followed me as I levitated off the floor one more time. She hurled an apple at me, so quick it would be nothing more than a blur to the human eye. I caught it as she threw another one at me, then a third one. I began to juggle them, my feet kicking out an old Irish dance tune. I bit the apple in half, letting the juice dribble down my chin to my neck. I watched Allyson swallow hard as the juice disappeared inside of my half unbuttoned shirt. Still seated in her chair she brought her self up in the air to my side,

"Can I help you with that?" I kept juggling the apples taking a bite off each one as I spun the others. In blink of an eye the apples were gone and I was sitting in her lap. The lessons often got interrupted by her insatiable desire for me. I ran my hands through her long red hair,

"I love you Allyson." I leaned in to kiss her and the chair fell out from under us. We crashed to the floor in a heap. Giggling was something I had not heard from Allyson, it only made it harder for me to breath as her giggles got louder, mine joining hers.

"And I my child love you."

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