~ Magical Spirits ~
by Wolf Nightwind and Hippie Squirl

Top 25: Oct. 07, 2002
General: This story is Uber so all the characters are MINE! Well mine and Stephanie's really -_-;;

Age: Main characters are 16 and 19. If a minor being envoled in a relationship bothers you. Take a look at the world around you man!

Violence: Yup that's in here. nothing really really gorey but blood, death, and satantic rites are in here.

Sex: YES PLEASE! oh wait your not asking. This story envoles a loving relationship between to women. If this bothers you or if the idea of a minor having consentual sex is offending, please turn back now.

Other: If I forgot anything i'll say I'm sorry here.

Thanks: Thanks to Steph or profing and spell checking. With my gammer that's no easy task.

Wolf's Rammbleings: I know ya all wiating for chapter 2 of Rebel Nation but i hit a writer's block. This story will be updated alot more often cuz I my girl Steph kickin' me in the butt if I don't! ;)

On to the story!

Magical Spirits
Co-Authored by Wolf Nightwind and Hippie Squirl

Chapter 1

A forest of lush green over looked a crystal lake. Wolf of the Bokta Tribe approached carefully, all senses alert. In her four legged form she could hear the deer yards away and smell the fish in the lake. She treaded to the shore line and looked at her wolf reflections as she shifted to human. The fur receded, leaving pink tinted skin. The grey turned blond as her hair grew back. But her eyes kept their light green color. Her legs reshaped themselves as her tail receded into her body. Panting, Wolf looked again at the girl looking back. Human. A naked human.

"Wish I could shift with clothes." she mumbled.

Suddenly noise to her left, she whirled around, still crouching, to see a figure carefully enter the clearing. A blonde eyebrow arched as the werewolf took in a sharp breath. Not 20 feet away stood a beautiful girl, younger then herself. Wolf licked her lower lip and waited.

The girl was lost and scared. She had short black hair, matted with burdock and hanging loose over her eyes. She thought she heard a branch crack above her, so she shrieked and covered her head. She waited, then opened her eyes and looked up. She could see a tiny finch looking down at her. She heard another noise behind her, and whirled around. Not seeing anything at all, but she knew someone was there. Sitting down, she pulled her knees to her chest. Please don't be a bear. She thought. Please gods, please.

Wolf saw the girl had yet to see her and dived into the near by bushes. Carefully she began creep around towards the girl's back. The brushes scraped and tore at her skin but she didn't noticed. She was on the hunt, stalking the prey, and the prey was frightened. Perfect. Thought wolf evilly. She watched as the girl sat down, bringing her knees to her chest. A preditory snarl formed on the blonde's lips as she readied herself for the kill. NO! With a start Wolf came back to herself, realize she was stalking a defenseless, frightened girl. Oh gods! Wolf screamed in her mind, but it was too late. She was already jumping. Wolf felt her feet leave the ground and braced herself for when her front paws hit the girl's back, but to her surprise they just kept going. The girl disappeared in an instant. Wolf hit the ground, and metal bars sprang up around her; a metal top materialized above her. Then she heard an evil laugh.

She growled low in her throat. Where did that come from? Right before her eyes a person began to take shape. She was wearing a white robe, and had sinister eyes.

"That came from right here" She said, and grinned maliciously.
The hairs on her neck stood up as Wolf began to morph. Gooseflesh rose on her face and neck before spurting fur in an explosion of grey. Her nose and lips grew into a muzzle, gleaming with white pointed teeth. Her ears pointed and moved as her skull reshaped itself. The thick mane of fur hung around her shoulder and bare chest. Her skin darken to an eerie grey tone. Her belly and chest remained a creamy pinkish white where white fur would grow if she went full wolf. Finger nails hardened and sharpened to claws. The area above her rump itched until her tail sprouted. She crouched down on her newly formed canine legs as another growl issued from her throat. Scents attacked her sensitive nose as her eyes narrowed. She lunged for the figure in front of her, left arm out stretched through the bar. Where her skin touched, a green glow sent sparkles through the werewolf. Screaming she fell to the cage floor and blackness battled her mind.

"Vampri.." she whispered, the sound evil cackling the last thing she heard before the blackness won.

Wolf squinted into the sun in her eyes and groaned. Gods her body hurt. Looking herself over she saw she was still in Were form but now clothed in a dirty loin cloth and chest wrap. Groaning again she rolled over and sat up.

"You're awake." a soft voice behind her said. Wolf turned and simply started wide eyed at what she saw. A row of cages lined a gravel road, extending past her line of vision. In every cage was an animal or person, several were two and even three to a cage. Although she was alone in her little space, behind her was a teenage girl with gray blue eyes and long dark hair. She was sitting cross legged with her head cocked, looking at wolf.

"Can you talk?" she asked.

"Yeah, I guess so." Wolf said, still a little hazy.

"Good! I'm glad you are awake now, cuz you were crying out in your sleep a lot. I take it you touched the bars, huh?"

Wolf nodded, remembering the pain.

"Well, you can touch them now, if you want." She leaned forward and ran her finger down one bar. When she moved, she pulled her legs out from underneath her, and Wolf saw they were covered in dark red lines.

"Gods what happened to you?"

The girl hung her head, her hair falling to cover her face. She spoke softly, "The Vampri are slowly killing us, unless we join them. Each day they cut us and take blood, for themselves and to make us weak." Wolf swore under her breath. "I don't think that physically possible, even for a Vampri" Said the girl dryly.
Wolf arched and furred eyebrow and thank the fur on her face for hiding her blush. "You heard that."


Wolf looked the girl over. She was dressed similar to Wolf's make shift clothes. "Are you a shifter too?" The girl remained quiet. Wolf chewed on her cheek. Why does everyone have to be so hard to get to speak! Grumbling to herself, Wolf looked at the other cages. All the human and animals showed signs of wear. Some laying with heaving breaths while other sat staring at nothing. Wolf looked hard but could see no other in a Were form. Maybe I'm the only shifter?

"Maybe, maybee not." boomed a shrill voice. An oddball creature stumbled forward too closer examine Wolf. The werewolf stared at the creature. Bony thin, it stood hunched over. it's chest a pinkish color dotted with tufts of white feathers. it arms appeared blanketed with long feathers to the wrists, where bony, twisted fingers bent with clawed tips. From the shoulders long black feather hung limp and lifeless. it's neck bend oddly forward then back, bald save for a half ring of white around the top. Beady black eyes stared out from above and long hooked beak. Wereave, vulture most likely. Thought Wolf.

The bird shuffled forward to and tilled it's head sideways to look better. "Yessss, Thisss one will do nicccelyyy." it hissed out with foul, decay smelling breath.

Wolf's nose scrunched under the onslaut and she sneezed. Yup, definitely vulture. "It'll do us no good if you kill her with your breath, Vol'loc" another, more evil voice rumbled. Once again the werewolf let out an unconscious growl. in and blur of motion the robed woman appeared. Standing nearly 6 feet tall she all but floated forward. Long, curly midnight hair hung nearly to her knees in sharp contrast her to glimmering white robe. Long neatly shaped nails protruded from ringed fingers. Skin nearly powder white made pink eyes, the sign of the vampri, seem even deadlier. Vol'loc as well as the other human and creatures all shied back with whimpers and cries. Wolf stood up tall and defiantly.

"Who are you?" She growled out.

A smirk showed pointed fangs. "I am Cathlena of the House of O'Donney."
Wolf snorted then smirked, showing her own fangs. "I know them, just last week I finished up off the one called Jonathan for raping a tavern girl. He made a fine snack." Wolf licked her chops dramatically. Cathlena's face filled with rage.

"Jonathan was a fool!" Calming herself she leaned in and spoke softly. "But still it will be nice to avenge his death." Reaching out she stroked Wolf's furred cheek. "And blood for blood I shall." Laughing, she with drew before Wolf could snap at her. Just as quickly the vampri was gone. Snickering Vol'loc bowed, his winged arms making some deranged cape, before shuffling away. Snorting, Wolf sat down again. Examining her surrounding Wolf took noticed of the cliffs rising opposite of the road and cages. Too sheer to climb. Sighing she rubbed her forehead.

"That was either very brave or very dumb, I haven't decided yet." Came the voice from behind her. Wolf rolled her eyes before looking back at the girl again. " So, yer talkin' again, eh?" The girl shrugged her shoulders. Wolf turned to face her and tilted her head. "Well then, what's yer name kid?"

"I am whoever you want me to be."


She laughed. "Most people call me Shadow."


"Don't ask. My real name is Aurora, but not too many people know that. I'm gonna be dead soon, so it don't matter anymore."

Wolf looked at Shadow more closely now. She was very thin and pale, thanks to the vampri, but she looked like she was still full of energy. Long dark hair offset gray blue eyes. Aside from the marks on her legs, she seemed unhurt. "Why do you say it doesn't matter and why are you gonna be dead soon?" Wolf asked, even though she knew the answer to the last question.

"I'm not supposed to tell anyone my real name cuz my parents were worried I'd be called away. My mother was Jin, so I'm half Jin, half Human, therefore if someone knows my real name, they can call me to them whenever they want. I'm like a slave to my name. And in case you didn't know, I don't have any magical powers."

Wolf's eyes narrowed. Jin! grrr I hate Genies!

<That's nice to know> Shadow's voice sounded in Wolf's head causing the were to jump back.

<Great Mother O'Mighty! Don't DO that!> Wolf shot back. She had forgotten genies could thought speak.

"Terribly sorry." Shadow returned to speaking out loud. "I didn't mean to ..frighten... you." though Wolf could see the girl didn't really mean it. Grumbling in irritation the Were reverted to her common human form. Sitting down the blonde looked over to see the younger girl watching her carefully. Wolf clearly annoyed turned her back.

"Your turn."

A blonde head whipped around. "Nano?"

The brunette looked back defiantly. "I've giving my name, now, your turn."

Rolling her eyes she turned her back to the girl before answering in a low growl. "Wolf of the Tribe of Bokta." Snorting the older girl crossed her arms, her eyes always moving, looking for a way out.

"Well, Wolf of yadda yadda. It's nice to meet you, even if only for a little while."

Wolf snorted. "Only until I get us out of this." Wolf grinned smugly at Shadow's surprised look. She opened her mouth to speak but was cut off as the first howl of pain began.

Down the line of cages Vol'loc and few more vampri were holding down what appeared to be a fox. One vampri firmly clamped down on the animals mouth while two others held down the body of the struggling animal. Vol'loc sliced through the white fur of the inside of a hindquarter with a dagger and collected the red liquid of life in a metal cup. When the container was half full, the twisted form stood, allowing the vampri to throw the weakened fox back into it's cage. The group skipped the next cage and moved on to the third. When the cup became full Vol'loc would empty it in a bowl that a younger vampri carried up. Wolf couldn't see where the bowl went when the boy went to dump it. This continued on, skipping every other cage.

"We get a day's reprieve to heal. That's why they alternate. Wolf mentally counted and frown when she saw that today must be Shadow's day. Slowly the group moved down the line until they stood in front of the younger girl's cage. Shadow stood, revealing nothing of what went on in her head. Then a vampri reached in and grabbed her arm, dragging her forward. The girl did not resist. Wolf stood hand clenching the bars glaring at the Were.

Jin or not, nobody should go through this. She thought, careful to put up a block against other's listening in. Even if the kid is irritating. Shadow's arm was held out as Vol'loc raise his knife. The young vampri boy ran up from emptying the bowl and whispered into where Vol'loc's ear would be. The werevulture looked at the boy then at Shadow and finally at Wolf.

"Tosss her in with the wolfgirrrl. Cathleeena saysss we neeed to double a few to freee cagessss." He hissed out. As the vampri followed their orders, Vol'loc cackled out. "Today mussst bee your luckyyy day, yessss." Shadow was shoved forward into Wolf, who wrapped her arms around the girl to keep them both from falling. She mentally grumbled to discover the girl was taller then her. The group moved off leaving animals and humans to cry in pain, fear, and frustration. Wolf realizing her arms were still around Shadow's waist, released her and blushed faintly. If Shadow noticed she did not comment. The girl sat heavily in a corner of the cage and stared out at nothing. Wolf looked around annoy and oddly nervous before asking.

"Hey you ok?"

"Yeah." Came the single answer. Wolf sat down in the opposite corner and the two looked each other over.

Finally Wolf broke the silence. "So yer only half Jin?"


Gods this is like pulling teeth! Wolf mentally rolled her eyes. "I guess I never liked yer kind."


Wolf getting more annoyed by the minute growled out. "But I guess I'll make an exception if we're gonna get out of here."

Again the surprised looked crossed Shadow's face. "What makes you think we're going to get out of here?"

Wolf looked the younger girl right in the eye for a few seconds before looking to the left. Her voice left no room to argue. "Cuz I said so. And I always keep my word."

"If you're lying about keeping your word, I'd never know." She said pointedly. "And as for gettin us out, don't you think I've tried?" Gods know I've tried more ways than you'll ever be able to.

"You probably weren't trying the right way." Wolf said.

"Well, then all powerful wolf freak, how IS the right way?" Wolf was silent. "I thought so." Shadow went over to the other side of the small cage. Ha ha- I should have some fun with this girl. <There's a snake crawling up yer leg>

Wolf glared at Shadow. <Liar.> She looked out at the other cages, then felt a little tickle on her knee. Thinking it was a fly, she brushed her had across her leg, and came in contact with something a lot larger than a fly. She looked down and sucked in her breath. A king cobra was winding its way up to her, fangs bared.

Shadow started laughing. <Am not.>

<Move it NOW!> It was weaving it's head back and forth, menacingly.

"You really think I put it there?" Shadow stood up, and grinned at Wolf. Then she jumped at the snake form behind. Confused, it bit the Were in the leg. She let out a howl of pain and jumped up.

Shadow started laughing hysterically, then reached down and picked up the snake. <Well, I did put it there.> It disappeared in her hand, and wolf no longer felt any pain. Before Shadow knew it she had 4'11" of pissed off werewolf in her face. Wolf had shifted into Were form and moved with wereanimal speed. She held the younger girl by the throat. Leaning in she hissed softly, punctuating each word, her body humming with rage and strength.

"You. Ever. EVER. Do that again, I'll rip yer heart out and feed yer body to the rot worms. Don't mess with me little girl. I can just as easily leave you here to face them when I get out." She tightened her grip, cutting off Shadow's air way completely. "I've no time for foolish little Jins who think highly of themselves." Her eyes narrowed. " Do. I. Make. Myself. Clear....Aurora." The Were let go of the younger girl with a slight toss. Shadow stumbled back in the bars, holding her throat, and glaring at Wolf. Silence fell among them and stayed that way as night fell. Wolf noticed that on the hour a vampri guard would walk by the cages. Oddly enough a set of keys hung off his belt.

Wolf grinned. Slowly she searched her surrounding until she spotted an unturned root in reaching distant of their cage. Under the icy watch of Shadow, she reached out and broke off the root. Rising fluidly she wait till the guard had just pasted then walked up to Shadow and slapped her.

"Punch me."

Stumbling back from the blow. "What?"

Wolf slapped her again. "Punch me!"

The air left her lungs as Shadow did just that. The two began clawing, punching, and kicking at each other. The guard came running up to the cage. Wolf grinned at Shadow. "Nice hit Jin. But not good enough." Wolf spun and connected with Shadow's ribs with her heel, hearing the satisfying crunch as a rib surcame to the onslaut. Continuing the motion, Wolf turned and plunged the pointed root into the guard's heart. He gurgled before collapsing. Wolf grabbed the keys on his way down. Moments later, the cage door was open and Wolf stepped out, looking at the crumpled form of Shadow. Let the Damn Jin rot! Shrugging she took off for a few steps until and strong urge to turn back came over her. Looking back she damned her self and ran to the cage door.

"Hey Jin. You comin' or not?"

Owww! Shadow looked up at Wolf, pain in her eyes. "Yeah." She managed to squeak out.

"Hurry up then before da others comes!"

Maybe I want them to come. I might not be able to fix my rib myself. Shadow stood up, but had to sit down quickly because of the pain. All right, I'll hafta do something now.

"Come on!" Wolf sounded angry, and was looking around nervously.

Shadow stayed sitting for a minute, Wolf practically dancing around waiting for some other guards to come. Finally, Shadow stood up. She twisted around a little, then broke out in a grin. "I did it all by myself!" She jumped up and down. "No help from no one!"

Wolf glared at her. "So lets get goin' already!"

"Oh, right." Shadow followed Wolf, who was walking quickly. "So where we going?"

Wolf looked over her shoulder at the younger girl. Shadow walked with ease, showing no sign that her rib had been broken a few minute ago. However, numerous cuts still covered both of them from their fight. Wolf looked at the old scars on the brunettes legs and came to a hard decision.

"We're headin' ta an old friend who's gonna fix ya up." The Were continued to rush forward until she noticed Shadow lagging behind. Well whatta think fur brain. She's been in that hell for how long? Plus you broke her ribs! It's a wonder she's even standing! "How are ya ribs?" She said out loud as she slowed to a stand still, scanning the surrounding woods.

Confusion passed over the girl face before realizing she hadn't talk out loud before. "Oh they're fine now, I managed to heal them." She shrug. Wolf arched a furred eyebrow.

"And ya said ya didn't have powers." The Were grinned, relieved that her temper hadn't left permenant damage to the young girl.

"What are you looking for?" Shadow asked.

Wolf tilted her head as if listening for something then grinned. "Yer'll see. Come on." Wolf dashed off with the Halfjin close behind. Crouching down behind a bush the two girls looked out over the Vampri's main camp. Armed vampri walked from tent to tent. Others sat around a camp fire. Off to the side horses were tied to a hitch 'n post. A younger lad ran into camp shouting about a break out. Wolf grinned at Shadow. The guards in the camp all jump to their feet and ran towards the cages. A few grabbed horses but most went on foot. Once the camp was empty Wolf crept towards a beautiful black and white paint. The mare knickered at the smell of the stranger. Wolf walked close enough to untie the beast then motioned to Shadow.

"Can ya ride bare back?"

"Well...." The Halfjin got cut off when a guard stumbled back into camp and saw them, sounding the alarm.

"Get on!" Wolf yelled as she gave Shadow a leg up then tossed her the reins.

"What about.." But the blonde had already shifted into full wolf, wiggling out of the confining clothes.

<Come on. Follow me.> The grey and white wolf took off.

<Ok.> Shadow squeezed her knees forcing the horse into a gallop. Moon light reflected off of Wolf in a eerie glow, allowing the mare and rider to follow her through the darken forest and into the night.

After she judged that they were safely away from the Vampri camp, the Were slowed down to a jog.

<I've never ridden a horse before.> Shadow thought beamed to Wolf.

<You're doing fine.>

"That's good. Can you hear me all right?"


"Good deal. This is a pretty horse. Yeah, you're a pretty horse. I bet you're gonna make me sore tomorrow, aren't you?" Shadow was baby talking to the mare. "Why can you talk in a language if you're a wolf? I wouldn't think you could, but you are a 'manwolf'. Maybe you don't even know yourself. I..."

Wolf cut her off. "Are you gonna let me answer or just make up your own explanation?"

Shadow was silent.

"All right then. I don't really know, but I think it's because I am half human."

"Okay. You sound funny. Do you have fleas?"

Wolf stopped. "Do I have fleas?" Shadow nodded her head. "What the hell kinda question is that? Of course I don't have fleas!" Wolf shook her head and started walking again.

<I could give you fleas.>

Wolf stopped again. "You'd better not Jin."

"I'm sorry. I meant to say trees. And maybe you'd better morph back into a human now? There's a couple fox traps up ahead."

"Fox traps? And what do you mean you could give me TREES?"

"You want some clothes, or do you come with them?"

Wolf had to mentally and physically shake her head to clear it. "Would you slow down a bit." Oi Jins sure can be annoying! I'm not shifting till we get there and NO I can't morph clothes." The wolf snorted. They walked in silence for awhile. Finally Shadow blurted out. "Why?"

Wolf stopped to look at her. "Why what?"

Shadow appeared nervous. "Why did you wait for me? And are taking me with you now?"

The furry head tilled. "Don't know really. Guess it just felt like the right thing ta do. That and I should have never kicked hard enough to really hurt you." And the fact I feel like I should protect you.

The girl's eyes narrowed. "You felt pity?"

"No. I felt that you didn't need to be there. The other's don't either. As soon as I can I'm goin' back for them."

"You're crazy!" The horse knickered and began to prance around. Shadow stiffened and cooed to the animal. "Woah there. Easy now."

Wolf began to trot ahead. "Crazy or not. I'm going back. Mark my words." The wolf didn't see Shadow rolling her eyes. A hour or so later, Wolf led them off the trail they had been following to the sound of running water. Entering a clearing they stood at a small waterfall. The river it fed would continue on to join others before dumping into the lake where Wolf was first trapped. Shaking off mist from her coat Wolf walked forward and lapped water from the stream. <Get down and lead the horse through those shrubs. There's a valley meadow beyond. Take her bridal off. If she's there in the morning, name her, she's all your's. I don't need a horse.>

Shadow frowned but did what she was told. Coming back with the bridal and reins in hand the wolf was no where's to be seen. "Wolf?" The brunette looked around nervously.

<In here. Behind the water fall.> Shadow approached the running water carefully and finally saw a small opening behind. She entered the cave to see a grey wolf curled up by a small cheery fire.

"Where the fire come from?"

Wolf uncurled enough to look at the girl. "I used to come here a lot. Have wood saved up. Had to morph human long enough to light it but it's going to get cold tonight." Shadow sat down and silence fell except for the crackling of the fire and the rumbling of tummies. Shadow's stomach let another roar of complaint. A furred eyebrow arched and the girl blushed.

"Well they didn't really feed us much!" She defended herself. Wolf just shook her head before leaving the cave. Fifteen minutes later Shadow jumped when the grey mass of fur returned with two rabbits in her mouth. Dropping one by Shadow's feet Wolf thought spoke.

<If ya can cook it, it's yers. I got a knife and pot in the back.> With that the wolf sat down and began eating her's raw.

"How can you eat that whole!" Shadow looked slightly green at the thought. Gnawing on a hunk, Wolf answered.

<When I'm a wolf I eat like a wolf, when I'm a human I eat like a human. Now when I'm a Were, that's tricky.>

"Don't think with your mouth full." The Halfjin joked. She got a 'look' for her troubles.

All went well the rest of the hour till it was bed time. Wolf curled into a ball, her nose under her fluffy tail and let out a breath. Though they had a fire going, the temperature had dropped to down right cold and the mist from the falls didn't help. The wolf looked over to see Shadow shivering, wearing only the minimal clothes she had at the camp. Wolf argued with herself for awhile until she could hear teeth chattering together, then got up and approached the girl.

<Here.> Was all she beamed as she curled up around the shivering mass.

"W-what are y-you d-doing?" Stuttered out the brunette.

<Keeping you warm.> Wolf snuggled closer. <I got a built in blanket, you don't.> After a minute, Shadow gave in to the warmth and wiggled closer to the warm fur. Within minutes the girl's breathing began to deepen and even out.

"G'night Were." She slurred out before falling completely asleep.

"Good night Jin." Wolf whispered back before following the girl into the fields of the Dream Plane.

To be continued in Chapter 2

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