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Braveheart Bard (A) by Allyson Heisey     
Xena | Alternative | Drama | Novella - 54 pages | Finished |
Cast: Gabrielle, Varia, Eve, Xena, Lieset, Virgil, Ares, Cyane

Choices (3) by Allyson Heisey     
Xena | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Short Story - 18 pages | Finished | Nov-97
Cast: Xena, Gabrielle, Shayna, Nona, Eponin, Viper, Artalus, Desiree
Links: The Bard's Corner    Xenacrazed            
Gabrielle begins to doubt her relationship with Xena when her friend spends time with a lover from the past.
** Possible Spoiler type information shared: This story is well crafted and a good read, except I was disappointed on how easily Gabrielle still remained a loyal "friend" of Xena and took her back so quickly after being betrayed so very badly. Even though she got a few good shots at Xena, she should have also knocked out the "other woman." That's my opinion on the subject any way...I'm also of the strong opinion that she should have made Xena beg for forgiveness and then waited and made her work for it, too. Poor Gabrielle, she deserved better. Thanks for the read...even though it did piss me off a little. - Carolina Girl - Aug-10-2010   

While I'm all for happy endings the fact remains that Xena betrayed Gabrielle. It seems sheshould have had to work a little more for Gabrielle's forgiveness. - Anonymous - Aug-31-2010   

I agree with the previous poster - the story was well writen and a very good read. But - come on, there's no way Gabrielle would have let xena off the hook that easily. Plus, Xena didn't show much remorse over her betrayal of Gabrielle. Just made me think xena didn't take their physical relationship seriously. If I was Gabrielle, I would worry about the next "old flame" that came along. - Anonymous - Sep-06-2010   

**** SPOILER ALERT **** I enjoyed the premise of this story. Unlike most of the reviewers, I enjoy a story with feelings of anxiety and distress, where there's misgivings about the other person. The reward is the journey back in how they're going to make it right after the wrong that was done. Did they learn anything? Did they grow from their mistakes? Were they punished enough for their bad behavior by the other person? In this story Xena did not suffer enough for her cheating heart, but I felt Gabrielle's pain. No angst - no fun. It's interesting to read how this couple will get back to where they need to be, after the pain and suffering. The more tumultuous relationships, the better.

And it's more realistic. Considering Xena's libido, we all know how that can sometimes get the better of her, and it most certainly makes for a compelling story. I like when she makes those mistakes and then comes to regret them. We've all had those in our lives and it should be no different with Xena and Gabrielle. Yes, I would have loved for Xena to have been tormented by Gabrielle's loss, to feel the cost after losing her and come back begging to be forgiven or better yet to come back forcefully, refusing to take no for an answer. The writer didn't chose either, but I still enjoyed reading how Gabrielle coped with a cheating Xena as it is something most people can relate to and identify with f they've ever been cheated on although I doubt they've been cheated on by someone like Xena. We will all just have to agree Xena didn't undergo enough grief or deteriorate into a drunken suicidal depression as we would have all preferred. - kazy - Dec-10-2012   

Dark Sword (The) by Allyson Heisey     
Xena | Alternative (Mature) | Drama | Novella - 71 pages | Finished | May-98
Links: Allyson Heisey's Site               
Ares has a sword crafted for Xena, his chosen, as part of his plan to win her back to him by engulfing her soul in cold darkness.

Hunger In The Night by Allyson Heisey     
Xena | Alternative (Mature) | Drama | Novella - 54 pages | Finished | Jun-02
Cast: Xena, Gabrielle, Kay, Gabe, Jack, Valerie
Bacchus is dead. Or is he? Having the last laugh, he throws Xena and Gabrielle into a future timeline, where they must use their intelligence and skills to survive. Once again, as the fates would have it, the two women meet and outwit Bacchus for good. Takes place after Season 6 (Post Finale). Written as a tribute to "The Hunger" 1983, Starring David Bowie, Catherine Deneuve, and Susan Sarandon.

Lady and The Tramp by Allyson Heisey     
Xena | Alternative | Mystery | Short Story - 35 pages | Finished | Jul-98
Related Episodes The Bitter Suite (Xena)
Links: Allyson's Fan Fiction page               
Xena and Gabrielle get a message from Salmoneous to meet him in at the Moose Lodge in the city of Pampaus, where children are disappearing.
I liked this story except for the very end. IMO, the scene was gratuitous and didn't quite fit the storyline. - jac - Dec 27th, 2004   

Lost Scrolls of the Amazons (The) by Allyson Heisey     
Xena | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Short Story - 25 pages | Finished | Dec-97
Cast: Gabrielle, Xena, Crystalis, Ephiny
Links: The Bard's Corner    Xenacrazed            
Gabrielle discovers some scrolls that release an Amazon Warrior.
A solid story. - Anonymous - Sep-14-2008   

New Warrior Emerges (A) by Allyson Heisey     
Xena | Alternative | Drama | Short Story - 42 pages | Finished |
Cast: Gabrielle, Varia, Xena, Ares

Two Parts of the Whole by Allyson Heisey     
Xena | Alternative | Adventure | Short Story - 29 pages | Finished | May-02
Cast: Gabrielle, Xena
Xena and Gabrielle visit the city of Alexandria and unwittingly anger a patron deity. To exact his vengeance, he separates the two women, but they are destined to always meet. In this case, in a bizarre twist of fate. It's up to Gabrielle to solve the riddle and set things right.

Warrior Returns Home (A), The Final Chapters, Part III by Allyson Heisey     
Xena | Alternative | Drama | Novella - 51 pages | Finished |
Cast: Gabrielle, Myrine, Virgil, Ares, Lyceus, Eve, Xena, Natasha
All I can say to this and all the parts is "WOW!!" - purplehawke - May-16-2007   

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