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...and A Canopy For Happy Endings by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Short Story - 26 pages | Finished | Feb-04
Cast: Julian, Kiki, Tiger, Eugenia, Rudy, Chris, Deanne, Rhonda
Part 2 of the Lowe family Series
Series List: Rock for Remembrance (A), ...and A Canopy For Happy Endings, Skipping Stones
This is SUCH a beautifully written story!! It's short, punchy but had everything in it to make it a MUST READ! - Anonymous - Feb 24th, 2004   

A wonderful way to join two souls. - Calliopenjo - Jan-27-2008   

wonderful story - shirley - Mar-06-2008   

I enjoyed this story. It was very beautifully written. - purplehawke - Jun-27-2008   

I was very impressed with the three stories. They were well written and really sucked you in to the characters world. Great job! Keep up the good work. - uber goober - Sep-17-2009   

Great stories! I just loved them! - Bolly - Jan-15-2011   

This is a good sequel to Rock for Remembrance. I like all the characters in the original story and it's good to see their interaction here. There are some lovely and romantic scenes after the angst in the first story. Well written as always by Ali, it's a sweet story for all of the mush balls, including me, who like happy endings. - Anonymous - Mar-11-2011   

well, i guess the title says it all.. there is a happy ending.. except that there is a third part to this story.. which i'm off to read now.. - xtra dog - Dec-09-2011   

All It Took Was You by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Novel - 242 pages | Finished | Jan-08
Links: The Academy Of Bards               
Part 2 of the Harry and Desi Series
Series List: How Do You Mend a Broken Heart, All It Took Was You, Bell of the Mist
Very nice stories. Well done. - Anonymous - Apr-17-2008   

I love all the stories og Ali Vali....just Amazing..... - Lucian - Jul-12-2009   

More of Ali Vali is always great! - Anonymous - Aug-23-2009   

Ali is always a first read author - Anonymous - Aug-29-2009   

Ali Vali is a very talented writer. If you like a good story I highly recommend you read these.I can't wait to read more of her works. - uber goober - Sep-21-2009   

i loved this story a lot more than its prequel.. it is a much more interesting read.. it's more romantic, has a higher suspense quotient, and is better written.. i absolutely adored the way the author blended one part of the story, with the ~~~~~ line, to the next.. definitely a must read even if you are not into the sappy parts of romance.. - xtra dog - Dec-16-2011   

this series is awesome. what a great love story.
- sandy - Nov-02-2012   


Amazonia by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative (Mature) | Romance (alt) | Novella - 137 pages | Finished | Apr-04
Cast: Bebo, Annie, Audrey, Boden, Bo, Reggie, Emelda, Titus, Terry, Laine, Amazonia, Bekka, Larissa, Steph
Honors/Awards:  #43 in 2004    
Part 1 of the Amazonia Series
Series List: Amazonia, Amazonia: Book 2
"The acts of the one for the good of the many." This is the motto first adopted by the Amazons centuries ago and still upheld by the warriors of current day Amazonia. In "Amazonia - Book One," we meet Princess Bebo of Leon as she sets off on her first diplomatic mission on behalf of her mother, Queen Audrey. On a cold day in Washington D.C. the tall warrior finds her path in the soft eyes of Annie Paddio. The only problem is, Annie is already committed to someone else. "Amazonia - Book One" brings to life a modern day warrior and the quest for her destiny. Join in the adventure as the ancient world of the Amazons is brought to life in the 21st century.
Once again, Ms. Valdivia has given us one of her enthralling tales. Like every other piece she has given us out here, she fills our time living the amazing the lives of her intriguing characters taking us away from our mundane lives. As with every other story of hers I have read, I was unable to stop until I have read every word, and ended up all night. It's like giving steak to a starving person. I find her stories original and refreshingly well written, her characters seem to come to life for the reader and you find yourself deeply involved with each of them. I hope Ali will see her way clear to give us more of this wondrous world of Amazonia, and its fascinating citizens. - Alex P - May 5th, 2004   

WOW!!! Once I got started, I couldn't stop! I was up all night reading this wonderful, enthralling story. Another masterpiece from an outstanding author. Beautifully written and engaging, full of twists and turns, a definate classic. Awesome!! - Peaches - May 6th, 2004   

Another wonderful addition to the Ali Vali collection. Romantic and heroic and all the things fairytales are supposed to be. The fact that this one takes place during modern times just adds to the wonder and excitement. A must, MUST read for all. - Roxy - May 9th, 2004   

I don't think there is a story that Ms. Valdivia has written that hasn't been excellent. The way she tells her stories puts her characters right there in your mind to see and hear and feel as they do, and everytime i go back and visit them, they seem more alive then ever. Now she gives us Amazonia, and all i can think to say is. My dear Ali if i beg and plead and wish really really hard do you think you can actually make this island of Amazonia a real place, because if you can i know it would be overpopulated in a day. Your bardic "voice" is an amazing gift. Thank you for sharing. - Scotti - May 17th, 2004   

This is a simply wonderful tale, I was absolutely captivated by it from start to finish. I have read all the works by this author and this story really stands out. Can't wait for Book 2! - Ang - Nov 20th, 2004   

I have read every piece in the Ali Vali collection, this one all but tops the bunch. It is wonderful, captivating, and I stayed up all night reading it - I just couldn't stop. I can't wait for Book 2 - and I hope it won't be too long of a wait! - Laura - Dec 2nd, 2004   

Love this author's writing and this story is no exception, although it had my eyes crossing at the end trying to keep up with who was who! That part could have been a bit clearer or maybe it was just muddled to my feeble brain. One thing's certain and that is I will always read her stories because I know I'm clicking on something truly original, with just the right amount of humour and erotica. - Femmester - Dec 9th, 2004   

Read this one! Romance, adventure, humor and modern-day Amazons. - Cam - Apr-10-2006   

Just one of many great stories by Ali Vali. I am looking forward to Book 2. - Anonymous - Apr-11-2006   

the BEST, most romantic fairy tale i have ever read, bravo! it got me reading all through the night, singing in the shower, smiling at strangers day after day, it made week? well, it's still making... so when it stops i'll tell you what it made :) meanwhile, read it NOW!PS thank you, Ali Vali!!!!
- Kati - Apr-20-2006   

This is an awesome story with good character progressions and developments - Gemma - Nov-04-2006   

A wonderful drama fantasy. - Calliopenjo - Jan-27-2008   

I love this story! It is plan out so well. It grabs you from the start and doesn't let go until the end. The Amazonian world Ali Vali creates here is so real you find yourelf wanting to believe they are. This story never gets old it continues to capture me in it's world no matter how many times I read it. - Anonymous - Mar-28-2008   

A wonderful read along with its sequel. Ali Vali's work is always well worth the time. - calabria - Sep-17-2008   

The Amazonia stories are probably in my top 10 -- they are absolutely AWESOME. Read them! - Vale - Apr-24-2009   

Just so good! - Anonymous - Aug-29-2009   

Once again Ms.Valdivia has captured our imagination and pulled us into this wonderful world of her creation making us feel like we're there witnessing the journey of these extraordinary characters.Thanks to her for sharing her extraodinary talents with all of us. - uber goober - Sep-25-2009   

Most excellent. Loved the tale about 21 century amazons. Makes me wish we still had them... maybe we do. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and tale. You are a truly gifted bard. Now on to Book 2 - yeah ! - Anonymous - Apr-23-2010   

I couldn't put this one down! Wonderful tale! - ChakramGirl - Oct-05-2011   

One of the most clever tale I've ever read in my whole life. Seriously, ancient time and modern age are so well articulated, that this gem is pure delight to read. The plot, the background, the characters, the way every aspects are intertwined and related to each other, are impressive. This whole storie is a marvel for the mind. I bow before this talent and this intelligence. READ IT AND BE IMPRESSED TOO ;) - yuka - Dec-13-2011   

Amazonia: Book 2 by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Novella - 71 pages | Finished | Apr-06
Honors/Awards:  Top-25 #1.    
Part 2 of the Amazonia Series
Series List: Amazonia, Amazonia: Book 2
The romantic fairy tale continues. Thanks to the author for continuing this great story. READ and ENJOY! - Cam - Apr-26-2006   

As an avid Ali Vali fan I can again say, I still wish there was an Island of Amazonia and I still say if there were it would be overpopulated in a day. This was a great addition to what i hope will be an ongoing story. Thank you again Ali, for sharing your gift with us. Oh buy the way I bought Ali's DVD Gillery's Little Secret, It was lovely so I urge you to see it too. - Scotti - Apr-27-2006   

Another great Story Ali. Thanks. - Kasey - Apr-30-2006   

I loved the story, though I still, somehow, think that there's a lot more to tell. The ceremonies, both the 'funeral' and the joining, were very beautiful. Please write some more! Besides, I also like your other stories. - romansilence - May-05-2006   

I am delighted that the author has given us another insight into Amazonia. The first book was wonderful and this piece continues in the same way. A delight to read. - Ang - Jun-23-2006   

I only wish a Book 3 exists. - Calliopenjo - Jan-27-2008   

An excellent story, just like the previous one. Kept me glued to my seat for the most part of a day! - Vale - Apr-24-2009   

Continuation of the Bebo & Annie story. I hope there will be more in the future... - Anonymous - Jul-05-2009   

Ali, we do need to hear more of Amazonia - Anonymous - Aug-29-2009   

What an incredible talent. Ms. Valdivia just keeps deliverying exceptional stories of love and life.Do yourselves a favor and read whatever she writes. It's definitely worth the time. - uber goober - Sep-25-2009   

Loved the story, Hope that there will be a Book 3 to this story - Anonymous - Oct-15-2009   

ahhhh...that was so sweet and an excellent ending. What a great Amazon tale. Read it - you will love it. - Anonymous - Apr-24-2010   

A Awesome read that will make you went more - Anonymous - Aug-13-2010   

Bell of the Mist by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Short Story - 27 pages | Finished | Jan-08
Links: The Academy Of Bards               
Part 3 of the Harry and Desi Series
Series List: How Do You Mend a Broken Heart, All It Took Was You, Bell of the Mist
since i have a very chronologiacal mind, i like to read stories in chronological order.. i don't mind flash backs within a story, but i do have a problem with series that break the chronology.. it is, to me,like reading the end of a story and then return to the middle part.. the beginning is to set the mood, the middle is an elaboration and deepening of all mentioned before, and the end is the ultimate climax of a story.. whether i expected it or not.. however good or bad the ending, i need the beginning and the middle to feel involved.. when i read a series i expect it to follow the rules of beginning, middle and ending.. if not, i am truly disappointed and maybe even traumatized.. ;) so, if you are as chronologically impaired as i am when reading series, read this one before reading "all it took was you" after reading "how do you mend a broken heart".. 'cause this story is right between the two.. that said: i don't know who comes up with these story telling ideas first, but i've read a similar story before on this site.. and, although very well written, it leaves me with a sense of dissatisfaction.. i don't enjoy reading the same story all over again, even if it's written by different authors.. - xtra dog - Dec-16-2011   

Game, Set and Match by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Novella - 92 pages | Finished |
Cast: Parker, Emily, Gail, Gary
Honors/Awards:  Fan Favorite In The Category Of Mushball Story.    
Parker King is riding high after winning the prestigious Wimbeldon Tournament only to be shot down by a feisty airline pilot named Emily Parish. King Kong as she's known on the courts falls hard, but will it be because of the person who wants to kill her or for love?
This story combines excellant writing with one of my favorite sports. All that's missing is an ending. Another great story from Ali Vali. - Rachel - Aug 18th, 2002   

What a wonderful story! I have enjoyed every story Ali Vali has posted on the net. If you haven't read "Play It Again, Sam", you don't know what you're missing. I hope that it is posted on this website soon for those of you who haven't read it. This is truly a gifted storyteller and I've never been disappointed with this authors' work. If I could give it a 10 star rating, I would. - Maria - Oct 19th, 2002   

I really enjoy this writer's stories. They are funny, and warm, and very entertaining. I especially enjoyed the characters in this one. I look forward to anymore strories this bard may grace us with in the future. - Anonymous - Apr 20th, 2005   

In short, great story, fun characters, consistently entertaining author. Enjoy! - anonymous - Dec 2nd, 2005   

I had no idea that ali vali didn't have a No. 1 before today. Seriously, what a fun, talented bard. In hopes of upping her stock...I thought I'd recommend one of my favorites of hers. This is total mush- but well written and fun mush. If you haven't read it and you enjoy the genre...please do! - Anonymous - May-01-2006   

Ahhh - A sweet romance with enough action and suspense to keep you hanging onto every word! A delightful story! - Opus - May-01-2006   

i've just happened across this story again after a few years and boy does it bring back memories. i absolutely loved this story when i read it; definately one of my favourites ever and isn't Ali such a class author? simply brilliant! - Queen Victoria - Aug-07-2007   

I love Ali Vali's work. I eagerly look forward to her stories. She's great at keeping continuity in her sequels and each character is endearing and complex. - Anonymous - Jul-03-2008   

Love it, Love it, Love it. A must read... B. Jen - B. Jen - Jan-14-2009   

Very good story telling - Anonymous - Aug-29-2009   

Thanks again Ali Vali for sharing your incredible gift of the muse with us once again. - uber goober - Sep-26-2009   

Must read !!!
Fun !!! - Diana - Apr-12-2010   

i read this story about a year ago and i still remember the entire story line.. it is well written, has witty dialogues and great chemistry between the main characters.. - xtra dog - Dec-07-2011   

Guilt by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative (Mature) | Mystery | Novella - 54 pages | Finished | Jul-03
Cast: Sydney, Blithe, Charlie, Kay, Grace, Vincent, Mordecai, Matt, Marie, Carlotti
Mordecai Sydney O'Shea, a young aggressive prosecutor in New Orleans, deals with evil on a daily basis. Sydney plays it by the rules - always, it's what's put her at the top of the prosecutorial heap in sin city. But what happens to that strict moral code when evil comes to visit the people she loves? CAn she turn her back on the law she lives her life by? Only the women in Sydney's life have the answer to that question of Guilt in the Twilight Zone.
Whoa! What a story! This one would have done the "Twilight Zone" TV series proud...very proud. It's an awesome fictional tale that will hold the reader spellbound and thoroughly entertained at the same time. It certainly catches the reader's attention. Once you start out to read this will not want to stop...even after the last sentence has been read. Once you read this'll understand what I mean. And what a thrill you're in for when the finale catches you unaware. This is one story I shall be reading time and time again. Why? Because it's that good! This writer knows her craft and has, indeed, done very well for herself. //Ag - Anonymous - Jul 23rd, 2003   

This story captured my attention. It is one of my top ten favorite stories. Simply magical!!! - robinnight - Jul-19-2006   

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fic. I read it about a year ago and I find myself thinking about it often. I'm glad I found it again, it's one of the best reads ever. - Best Fic!! - Nov-18-2008   

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fic. I read it about a year ago and I find myself thinking about it often. I'm glad I found it again, it's one of the best reads ever. - DarXe - Nov-18-2008   

A joy to read! Loved the Twilight Zone aspect of it. - Anonymous - Aug-02-2009   

simplyy excellent storytelling! - Anonymous - Aug-08-2009   

Another good romance from Ms.Valdivia but with a definite unexpected twist. - uber goober - Sep-27-2009   

I really enjoyed this story. It had a great twist to it, and was very thought provoking, as well as romantic. Good read. - Lyn B - Mar-17-2011   

after reading this story i kind of regret that there are no more twilight zone episodes.. the story would have made for an excellent episode.. - xtra dog - Dec-08-2011   

Okay this is one of my new favourites. I can't believe I haven't read this after all the years I've been reading from this site!! Superbly written with a great story line. - Niyah - May-10-2013   

Okay this is one of my new favourites. I can't believe I haven't read this after all the years I've been reading from this site!! Superbly written with a great story line. - Niyah - May-10-2013   

A very entertaining story. I enjoyed it! - Ricky - Jan-11-2015   

How Do You Mend a Broken Heart by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative (Mature) | Romance (alt) | Novel - 171 pages | Finished | Jan-06
Cast: Desi, Rachel, Tony, Sally, Kenneth, Byron
Honors/Awards:  Fan Favorite In The Category Of Drama.    
Part 1 of the Harry and Desi Series
Series List: How Do You Mend a Broken Heart, All It Took Was You, Bell of the Mist
Do you remember your first love? Harry Basantes did. She remembered with vivid clarity the way young love could break your heart and leave you empty inside with its unanswered questions. Unanswered questions that have haunted her for sixteen years. Would seeing the object of her pain after so much time drive Harry to forgiveness? Or will it giver her the opportunity to be the one to walk away?
Oh by the gods! This was a great great story and I am so very happy I read it. Thank you to the author. - Liana Travis - Jul 20th, 2002   

I enjoyed this story immensely but then I have all of hers. The sequel All It Took Was You is even better. - Linda - Jun 24th, 2003   

I can't think of any other way to describe this story except fabulous. I would highly recomend it to anyone looking for a good enthralling read. I wasn't able to stop reading it until I finished every word, and it's sequel, "All It Took Was You" did it again the next night. Excellent work Ali. - Alex P. - Oct 19th, 2003   

I have just finished reading, for the third time, this thoroughly delightful and most entertaining romantic tale, "How Do You Mend A Broken Heart"...and it's just as wonderful sequel, "All It Took Was You". I equally loved both of these romantic tales. Why not? These two stories are all one and the same...the continuation of a beautifully told 'love story'; the sensational saga of 'Harry and Desi Basantes'. Did I say "Harry"? Yes, I did...but don't let the name fool you. This story(ies) are going to be a delicious surprise for you. And you can't read the first one without desiring to read more about 'Harry and Desi'...thus, your search for the sequel. And what two wonderful stories they are! The first story is so masterfully written to flow ever so easily, ever so gently, into it's sequel. Ali Vali has truly written a most enchanting 'love story' for the heart. There are some DV situations that were written in as part of these fictional tale(s), but you'll easily sail through these 'paragraphs' as easily and as smoothly as I did. Because this very talented author has written these two romantic tales so well and in such a manner as to overshadow anything else. And 'LOVE' is what is happening...and where it's at! I can say for sure that you'll never be disappointed in reading anything that is written by this marvelous writer. This writer can most definitely be called a 'bard's bard'! Thank you Ali Vali. - //MjM - Oct 25th, 2003   

Ali Vali, or A. Valdivia, is an author that should not be over looked. Her stories speak to the noble parts of us that still remember the magic that made us believe. How do you mend a broken heart and its sequel, All it took was you, should be read and reread over and over and again.... B. Jen - B.Jen - Jan-14-2009   

Great read - I like romance and Ali Vali does a great job with that one - Anonymous - Aug-23-2009   

So romantic...must read... - Diana - Apr-12-2010   

This was the first story I read by Ali Vali, and let me tell you that I opened the doors of a new romantic universe. Some parts of the story that Ali Vali has written, have stuck in my mind (when you read look for the reference Oh my god! Left me a smile without realizing it). I have read several stories of this website and I have discussed and recommended several of them, but I had to get to this particular story, to make the decision to take the time to write some good lines to express my thoughts and feelings. What made me sorry to leave so poorly written recommendations on other wonderful stories worth reading. In this case, my advice: start reading the story of Harry and Desi Basantes when you have nothing else to do, because it's going to happen to you the same thing that happened to me, instead of preparing a monograph for college, I read How do you mend a broken heart. Fortunately, I had more time for my paper. Thank God! - Lucian - May-17-2010   

i really enjoyed this story. Great job. - sassy123 - Dec-12-2010   

I really enjoyed this story. The relationship between Harry and Desi unfolds in a delightful way and the supporting characters are all memorable. I've been a fan of Ali's writing for years and read this story before, but it was lovely to go back and read it again. A good read. - Lyn B - Mar-18-2011   

I love all the stories of Ali, Thanks for share your work. - Lebasi - Jul-19-2011   

great love story with a little suspense up until the end.. can't wait to read the sequel, so i'm off to do just that.. - xtra dog - Dec-15-2011   

OMG! I really LOVE this story and the second and the 3rd :-)
GREAT GREAT GREAT. Thank you Ali. - Petra - Jun-27-2013   


Memories of the Heart by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Novella - 61 pages | Finished |
Cast: Briar, Megan, Vivian, Shelia, Alan, Claire, Rueben
Aqwsome writing ince more time from this author. Its a 10 in the scale of one to 10... - nerymari - Mar-27-2008   

I read this a lont time ago and it was great to revisit a wonderful romance. - Anonymous - Apr-24-2008   

Wonderful writing & wonderful reading! - Anonymous - Aug-29-2009   

If you want to read a good short romantic story Ms. Valdivia delivers again. - uber goober - Sep-28-2009   

What a charming, sweet, and romantic story! A real gem that I've missed until now. Bravo to the author! - Anonymous - Sep-02-2010   

i really liked this story. Excellent job. - sassy123 - Dec-18-2010   

I read this story a long time ago and have only just found it again. I like it more now than when I first found it. There's a lot of layers to the relationship between the women. It's a tender and thought provoking romantic story. Well worth reading. - Lyn B - Mar-18-2011   

i like the fact that the writer weaves characters from her other stories into her new one.. sometimes it's just a reference, sometimes they play an active role.. it interconnects them and makes you think back to the stories this author wrote before.. that being said, i did miss the witty dialogues in this story.. - xtra dog - Dec-10-2011   

Million Reasons (A) by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Novella - 58 pages | Finished | Feb-05
Cast: Jolie, Claire, Becker, Constance, Oscar, Vegas
Honors/Awards:  #93 in 2005    
When Claire convinces her partner of five years, Jolie, to let her gamble away their mortgage money in Las Vegas for the weekend on the promise of a better life, she has no idea the gamble she was taking. After meeting Becker Gaudet, one roll of the dice changes all three of their lives forever and none of them would ever look at Valentine's Day the same way again.
Another great romantic tale from Ali Vali. I liked this story so much more than the somewhat similar plot in the movie starring Robert Redford, Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson. Read and enjoy! - Cam - Dec 3rd, 2005   

A wonderful love story. - Calliopenjo - Jan-27-2008   

Once again Ali Vali delivers a good romantic story that's worth taken the time to read. - Uber Goober - Sep-29-2009   

Great story! Very romantic! - Anonymous - Mar-17-2010   

This is a very good Valentine's story. Ali is a favourite author of mine, so it's always good to read her stories. I liked how this story was developed and not rushed like some short stories can feel. It leaves you feeling happy at the end. Good read. - Lyn B - Mar-18-2011   

Great story. It's one of the one's I'll read again and again! - lyneX - Aug-03-2011   

i remember reading this a couple of months ago.. unless my memory fails me, it was a slow paced story.. and i don't mean that in a bad way at all.. if everything happens really fast in a story, i have difficulties believing it.. - xtra dog - Dec-08-2011   

Loved the story, wonderfully well written and simple use of language.
If you like a love story this is for you.
- Anna28Carm - May-10-2017   

Place To Dance (A) by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative (Mature) | Romance (alt) | Novella - 120 pages | Finished | Sep-03
Cast: Jolly, Christina, Mimi, Tim, Lisa
Honors/Awards:  Fan Favorite In The Category Of Original/Uber.    
How do you build your dreams. For Jolly Andolini it was easy. They started on her drafting table and came alive under her talented hammer. Jolly is an architect who finds her true love at an art exhibit opening, or does she? This is the story of Jolly and the women who make her life both interesting and complete.
I really loved this story. It's a lovely romantic adventure for the mushball in all of us. I have no doubt this will remain on my personal list of favorite stories, along with just about anything else penned by Ali Vali. - Beth Goodman - Sep 10th, 2003   

Whoa!!! Hey y' this one. You're gonna love it! It's a wonderfully entertaining story...with some tissue time thrown in for good measure. This is one very talented writer who certainly has honed her craft. I have never been disappointed in anything of hers that I've read. And this is good. - amg - Sep 11th, 2003   

I first read amazonia then went on to read the rest of her stories. Place To Dance should read everybody will be looking for any new stories thanks. - m mason - Mar-30-2006   

an absolutly fine romance! - tl_farr - Feb-15-2009   

Great reading - Anonymous - Aug-29-2009   

Very good Ms. Valdivia you have once again given us A good romantic read that will leave you feeling good and smiling when your done. - UBER GOOBER - Oct-02-2009   

Charming,romantic! Makes you smile! - Anonymous - Mar-17-2010   

This is a very romantic story. It's like chocolate cake romance:-) Jolly and Mimi are great characters and very sweet as a couple. It was a little too sweet for me at times, but it made me smile. - Lyn B - Mar-17-2011   

most has already been said about this story.. it is very sweet, romantic, etc.. but it also has some very witty dialogues.. "she's got you so whipped, i thought she transferred it to the kitchen" was my favourite one.. good job writing.. - xtra dog - Dec-09-2011   

Nice Sunday afternoon read. - Ricky - Oct-29-2012   

Amazing really loved this story xx - SD - Jun-29-2015   

Play It Again, Sam by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Novella - 120 pages | Finished | Oct-02
Honors/Awards:  Fan Favorite In The Category Of Romance.    
Links: Published or soon to be published - no longer available online
This story in no longer available online. It was published as "Carly's Sound" by Bold Strokes Books in the summer of 2006.
I really loved this tale. Rather bittersweet, yet funny and comes with a perfect ending. I love Ali Vali's writing and this is one of her best. - Beth - Jan 29th, 2003   

Really a sweet story. How nice for all of us to find such a love. - A friend from TX - Feb 2nd, 2003   

I think that this was a pretty decent story but in some parts it was rushed. I don't think that we saw enough of the time Julia and Poppy spent together as their relationship and feelings grew and I think that that should have been one of the most important parts in the story. We saw plenty of Carly and Poppy in the story sharing moments, but I feel it would have made Julia and Poppy's relationship something more unique in the end if we could have seen more special moments between the two. Also, I think that Julia and Poppy could have been any two women. The only thing that seemed to distinguish them as Xena and Gabrielle was there looks. Not many of the same traits or mannerisms could be seen. But, overall it was still a nice story and I enjoyed it. - Anonymous - May 27th, 2003   

A wonderful tale of the magic of love and life with a touch of reality, the story of Carly and Poppy only enhancing the story of Julia and Poppy by giving a wonderful insight into how Poppy becomes the woman she is. I can only hope for a sequel. - N.E.T - Jun 15th, 2003   

I loved this story. It was the first one of Ali's that I read and it just had me coming back for more until I had read everything of Ali's that was available. Let me tell you...I was NOT disappointed. Whenever I find myself needing a good fanfic fix, I always return to Ali Vali's stories. I know that some wonderful reading will be waiting for me. I look forward to reading more of her work. And Ali, of your're rading this, I can't wait until "Play It Again Sam" retitled as "Carly's Sound" comes out in print. Just another book to add to my library of favories. Oh, and a sequel to "Play It Again Sam" sounds like a very good idea ;-) - Dal - Jun 27th, 2003   

There was magic in this author's finger tips as she wove this totally delightful, bewitchingly enchanting, and thoroughly entertaining romantic fictional tale. This is an awesome story, people! This story is a MUST READ! Then you'll be able to see for yourself just what I'm talking about. I have never, ever been disappointed in in this author's ability to write a most superb story. And she has done so again with this one, "Play It Again Sam". Thank you Ali Vali for making yesterday evening's reading event an unforgettable one for me. - MjM - Sep 25th, 2003   

I love this story. But then I love most of Ali Vali's stories. I have yet to be let down. - Sparky - Jun 25th, 2004   

This story is what caused me to become addicted to fanfiction and this fabulous author. - Calliopenjo - Jan-27-2008   

This is a wonderful story, another of my favorites. :-) - Netta - Oct-04-2008   

This is a wonderful story, another of my favorites. :-) - Netta - Oct-07-2008   

Buy the book. It's excellent. - Lyn B - Feb-11-2011   

i spent an entire evening searching the net to find the name under which this story was published.. now i find it is mentioned on this site.. talk about being dull.. anyway, i'm still figuring out if i can purchase this book in europe somewhere.. - xtra dog - Dec-11-2011   

Hey, I simply eopphd over for your site by means of StumbleUpon. Now not one thing I would typically learn, but I appreciated your emotions none the less. Thank you for making something value reading.VA:F [1.9.7_1111]please wait...VA:F [1.9.7_1111](from 0 votes) - rEyEiswEhq - Apr-08-2012   

Promise Me Forever by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Ancient | Alternative (Mature) | Romance (alt) | Short Story - 47 pages | Finished |
Cast: Ramses, Sarah, Corby, Philbus, Isaac, Dennu, Nina, Dalia
Honors/Awards:  Fan Favorite In The Category Of Action/Adventure.    
Part 2 of the Ramses and Sarah Series
Series List: To Capture A Heart, Promise Me Forever, Sex, Wives, and Misunderstandings
In the sequel to "To Capture A Heart" we return to ancient Egypt to continue the story of Ramses and Sarah. The story starts four months after Sarah and her son Samuel come to live at the palace with Ramses. They are preparing to move to the summer palace to prepare for the birth of their second child when tragedy strikes. It is the second sorry of the woman pharaoh and her Hebrew queen.
I love this series, and have read it many times! The spin of Ramses being female is wonderful! Of course all of Ali Vali's works are truly a pleasure to read! - Pixieydust - Mar-22-2009   

Another literary gem given to us by Ali Vali. It was so good I read them all at one go. I'm sure if you take the time to read it you will enjoy it as much as I did. - uber goober - Oct-04-2009   

this story was much more diverse than the first story in this series.. some of the comments were funny and amusing.. good job.. - xtra dog - Dec-10-2011   

Purple Irises by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Very Short Story - 8 pages | Finished | Nov-05
Cast: Rane, Sasha
clearly a pwp.. but a pwp with a very nice twist to it.. - xtra dog - Dec-16-2011   

Rock for Remembrance (A) by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Novella - 81 pages | Finished | Feb-04
Cast: Julian, Kiki, Eugenia, Cassandra, Lowe, Katherine, Darlene, Rudy, Chris, Tiger, Rebecca, Nanna
Part 1 of the Lowe family Series
Series List: Rock for Remembrance (A), ...and A Canopy For Happy Endings, Skipping Stones
Another wonderfully written tale by Ali. Even without the 'happy ending' follow-up, I believe that this story is one of her best. Those who can't see the love that shines throughout the tale and only look at the 'supposed' unhappy ending, are missing the boat (or a few screws). It left me thinking that there HAD to be a sequel, love always prevails (at least in fiction) and there was a sequel!!!I think it fits the Valentines's genre perfectly - well done oh bardly one! - Lori - Feb 19th, 2004   

She writes as well as gourmet wine, it is better every time. - Terre - Nov-29-2009   

Oh... so heartbreaking. Thank goodness there's a sequel. Now on to the next. This was a wonderful story. Characters are lovely and engaging. Highly recommended. - Anonymous - Jul-17-2010   

I really liked this story. It had a powerful mix of humour, friendship, romance and angst all combined together to make it a memorable read. The writing is excellent and I liked all the characters, not just Julian and Kiki. For those that don't like angst, it does come with sequels to ease the pain at the end. Definitely worth reading. - Lyn B - Mar-11-2011   

this story nearly broke my heart when i read it the first time.. luckily enough i know now that there are sequels.. so that provides some hope for a romantic soul.. heartbrokenly well written.. - xtra dog - Dec-09-2011   

This is a great story full of love the first 2 stories are great just a shame the link is broken to the 3rd story :( - SD - Sep-02-2015   

Sex, Wives, and Misunderstandings by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative (Mature) | Drama | Short Story - 34 pages | Finished |
Cast: Ramses, Sarah, Nina, Belizar, Ram, Isa
Part 3 of the Ramses and Sarah Series
Series List: To Capture A Heart, Promise Me Forever, Sex, Wives, and Misunderstandings
A few months after the birth of their second son, Ram, Sarah and Ramses are having trouble finding time to be alone. The more they try to build on the bond they share, the more misunderstandings come between them. This is the third in the Nile series.
Ali is one of my favorite authors! It was great to imagine there being a female Ramses (Pharaoh)... Can't wait to read more of her work! - Katia N. Ruiz - Dec 30th, 2002   

please, please more its to good to stop here, - Anonymous - May-08-2009   

This is a fun series and I've loved everything this author has shared with us. Hopefully, Ms. Valdivia will continue this series. I can't wait to see what comes next. The characters are fun and lively. Love scenes are just right. This series has captivated my imagination and pulled me into their lives. - x/g fanfic fanatic - Jul-16-2010   

a light read but still filled with emotions.. it is all the title promises with the addition of a couple of other feelings.. has this series come to an end?? since the author finished with 'for now anyway', i thought there would still be stories in this series.. - xtra dog - Dec-10-2011   

Skipping Stones by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Novella - 67 pages | Finished | Mar-06
Part 3 of the Lowe family Series
Series List: Rock for Remembrance (A), ...and A Canopy For Happy Endings, Skipping Stones
It's been a few months since Julian and Kiki Lowe stood under a canopy and promised to spend the rest of their lives together. Skipping Stones is the next chapter in the Lowe family series visiting these characters as they start their married and family life with their two children, Summer and Tiger. There is a new love brewing, a Valentine's Day to be celebrated, but will they achieve what Kiki and Julian want most?
I love Ali's stories and this finishes off the series so well, I love happy endings. - pippinfluff - May-31-2010   

**** SPOILER ALERT **** I wish Ali would continue this series. I loved this story and these characters. It would be great to see what Julian and Kiki had - boy or girl?? Ali can you do one more? Please?

If you are looking for a sweet, romantic tale - you found it. Start at the beginning of the series. This is a very sweet ride, very enjoyable. This author is wonderful - Anonymous - Jul-17-2010   

Very romantic and sweet story. Nice story to go with the series. - Lyn B - Mar-10-2011   

very romantic and playfull story which is even hot at times.. nice end to the series.. - xtra dog - Dec-09-2011   

I get a Bad Request (Invalid Hostname) on the Link to this story. - Kugai - Apr-28-2014   

I get a Bad Request (Invalid Hostname) on the Link to this story. - Kugai - Apr-28-2014   

Omg can't believe this link is not working - SD - Sep-02-2015   

Things That Terrify Me the Most by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative | Mystery | Novella - 118 pages | Finished |
Cast: Kendal, Piper, Lenore, Molly, Indigo, Asra
Part 2 of the Vampires Series
Series List:
This story is the sequel to Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost. I enjoyed this story as much as the first. The plot definitely thickens a this series progresses. - purplehawke - May-08-2007   

SUCH a great story! It's not super long so you have no good excuse to not be reading it RIGHT NOW... slacker! - Arassar - Jul-05-2007   

A fantastic sequel to "Vampires". I loved every minute of these two tales and I'd absolutely love to see these characters appear again in the future. Romantics owe it to themselves to read this! - Fox_Feathered - Jun-15-2008   

A fantastic sequel to "Vampires". I loved every minute of these two tales and I'd absolutely love to see these characters appear again in the future. Romantics owe it to themselves to read this! - Fox_Feathered - Jun-17-2008   

this story is awesome as its the one before,but now the question is .. where's the 3rd one ali vali? - Anonymous - Jun-22-2008   

**** Spoiler Alert **** More emphasis on the love than in the previous story, but still as entertaining as "Vampires, Mummies & the Holy Ghost". Only problem is that it kinda leaves you hanging. Hopefully there will be a sequel. - Ape - Jul-05-2008   

That was brilliant. An excellent sequel to Vampires. I can only hope for more. - Hoqoq - Sep-21-2008   

I absolutely loved this story. Couldn't 'put it down'. Hope very much to read more from this author! - Anonymous - Oct-04-2008   

Ali Vali once again weaves a great romantic tale that leaves you wanting more. I would love to see Ms. Valdivia continue with Piper and Kendal's story in the future. What an incredibly talented author. A definite must read for anyone who loves a great love story. - uber goober - Oct-10-2009   

OMG!!! i love this. from first word to the very last. there was no part that bored me at all. please tell me there will be another part to this, i cant just be left hangin here. i have got to know what happens. - pickles - May-16-2010   

**** SPOILER ALERT **** Thanks so much for a GREAT series. Asra and Piper are wonderful characters. Immortals, the fight between good and evil, the love and romance makes for heady reading. Throw in Aphrodite and it was a unexpected twist. Please continue their tale. The series have given me hous (days) of reading pleasure. I hope you will share a new one soon !! - x/g fanfic fanatic - Jul-18-2010   

A really great story. - sassy123 - Sep-30-2010   

i wasn't able to find the title of the book this story is published as.. so i'm thinking that 'vampires' and this one were published in the same book 'balance of forces: toujours ici'.. - xtra dog - Dec-14-2011   

To Capture A Heart by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Ancient | Alternative (Mature) | Romance (alt) | Short Story - 38 pages | Finished |
Cast: Sarah, Ramses, Samuel, Nina, Corby, Larlis, Neftu, Dalia, Egypt, Philbus, Dennu
Part 1 of the Ramses and Sarah Series
Series List: To Capture A Heart, Promise Me Forever, Sex, Wives, and Misunderstandings
A story set in Egypt that tells the tale of Ramses IV, a female pharaoh. She falls in love with a Hebrew slave named Sarah and her son, Samuel. It is the beginning of a new era in ancient Egypt and the first story about the love shared by these two women.
I just finished reading the 3 stories in this series, and I must say, what a fun premise! Keep the series coming ;) - Anonymous - Jan-28-2008   

When you read the first lines of a text, you know if it's worth to continue reading or not. In this case, it is worthwhile to continue reading until the end of the last page, but one also hopes that the story does not end there. When a story is really good, one is left with the desire to know more. Lucky for people who experience this feeling as well as part one, also there are two parts to enjoy. Ali Vali achieved another great story where you can find the prototype of a couple, on the one hand is the stoic and strong character, who falls in love and protect at all costs, and on the other hand there is the gentle soul which has fallen in love without reservations. This love story is the classic sweet love story, set in a context that not many take as a starting point. Ali Vali's talent allows us to enjoy and devour in a short time a story that one would want to read more than once. My advice, do not waste time, sit and read and then take a few good minutes to praise this work. - Lucian - May-17-2010   

i loved the story

read it you will love it to - ebby - Jan-30-2011   

i find it kinda weird that the story ends with a 'they lived happily after', when the author informs the reader at the end that there will be a continuation to the story.. it's like reading the end of the book and then go to the middle of it.. - xtra dog - Dec-10-2011   

Tree Huggers, Children and Broken Decoys by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative | Humor | Short Story - 41 pages | Finished |
Cast: Jillian, Junior, Avery, Baxter, Sally, Bailey, Maria, Susan, Minnie, Quinton, Jillie, Emmett
Honors/Awards:  Fan Favorite In The Category Of Comedy.    
This is another one of Ali Vali's fine writings. If you've read any of Ali's stories and liked them, then you will definately like this one. It's funny, romantic and sweet. Thoroughly enjoyable. - Anonymous - Jan 15th, 2004   

I loved this story. A. Valdivia (Ali Vali) is getting better and better with each story I'm reading.
- purplehawke - May-03-2007   

A fun romantic tale that will leave you smiling and even though it's a short story Ali Vali makes it come to life. Thank you again Ms.Valdivia for sharing your wonderful talent with us, your fans. - uber goober - Oct-10-2009   

sucha sweet and romantic story. beautifully written, thanks Ali - crv - Feb-12-2010   

Ali Vali is one of my favourite authors and this story was a very sweet and funny. I liked the characters, and, of course, it was beautifully written. Well worth reading - Lyn B - Feb-10-2011   

sweet story.. - xtra dog - Dec-08-2011   

Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative | Mystery | Novel - 165 pages | Finished | Oct-03
Cast: Kendal, Jacques, Asra, Piper, Bruce, Angelina, Indigo, Lionel, Dupont, Mackey, Louis, Abez, Tomas, Charlie, Joseph
Part 1 of the Vampires Series
Series List:
Kendal Mackey is at the top of her game as far as business goes, until she meets Piper Dupont and her grandfather, Mac. Add to that the most unusual brother anyone could hope and you start to understand why Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost are some of the things Kendal fears the most.
An amazing tale of a love that we wait a lifetime for. Truely a story i rushed home from work to read.
good one a. valdivia. - lordlamberino - Aug-13-2006   

I loved this story. I couldn't stop reading this and had a couple very late nights or early mornings to get to the end. - purplehawke - May-02-2007   

This is a truly extraordinary tale that should not be missed. Ali Vali weaves a wonderfully romantic story that is intertwined with elements of fantasy, the supernatural and history and enhanced greatly by its cast of highly interesting and complex characters. This story, and its sequel promise a fantastic read and should not be missed by anyone who considers themselves a romantic at heart. - fox_feathered - Jun-15-2008   

Beautiful story. I didn't think I would enjoy a story about vampires but since I haved loved every Ali Vali story I have ever read I thought I would give this one a chance. I am so glad I did! This tale has a great plot, engaging characters and witty dialogue. Don't miss it! - Anonymous - Jun-22-2008   

A nice take on the concept of immortality and what it may include. Good supernatural action mixed with a sweet love story. - Ape - Jul-05-2008   

One of my favorite vampire stories. I was glued to it and its sequel for a few days, to the detriment of my relationship...but it was worth it. - calabria - Sep-17-2008   

Really loved this story. Thanks! - Anonymous - Sep-28-2008   

Stuck in on a cold wintery night? No problem---grab a seat and hold on to your drink, the ride is about to begin. Excellent work.... - Stormy - Mar-01-2009   

Thanks for bringing a bit of NOLA to a homesick soul. I moved to New Zealand 7 years ago and do love it here, but nothing can come close to the Big Easy. Lucky for me and my partner I can cook! Your a great writer thanks again for the wonderful stories. I was sorry to be done with them. These are my favs. - Lea Ann - Apr-14-2009   

Fantastic!! Not to be missed. I read a lot and this is one of the best ever. - Anonymous - Sep-28-2009   

When there are so many stories to choose from, choosing what to read is difficult, sometimes the title is not so attractive, sometimes there is no preliminary outline, but when Ali Vali is behind the words, the decision is easy. One has the urge to read. I have read several stories that Ali Vali has shared on this website, and my desire is that they keep coming. Ali Vali is a wonderful writer, her writings maintain a rhythm, and his characters run deep, being difficult to break away from them. Vampire .... is a good example of the talent of this writer, mixing fantasy and different times, the writer takes us back and forth in time without many problems, while laying the foundation for a love story that all we want to read. My advice is, read it while you can, fast. - Lucian - May-17-2010   

great story!! i had an awesome time reading it - cell - Aug-27-2010   

this story was better than good
it was great - ebby - Jan-21-2011   

i read an excerpt of the book (balance of forces: toujours ici) via the bold strokes books site.. story seems promising.. - xtra dog - Dec-12-2011   

This story runs with that of Anne Rice. It's absolutely amazing. My problem is I am missing part of it the first part. I have the beginning right up until when Jacques enters the picture when he enters the solarium and falls on his knees and says: "My queen, welcome to New Orleans. I'm here to do your bidding." Please help... Does someone have a copy they can email me? I actually even tried to buy the book, but for some reason it wouldn't post an amount so seemed impossible to get. I'm hangin' on here. Please help. Somebody release me from this torment. I don't think I'll be able to sleep until I finish it. I gotta see how this ends. My email is Thankx in advance! - Jojo - Mar-28-2016   

Waiting In The Wings by A. Valdivia (Ali Vali)     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Short Story - 39 pages | Finished | Feb-03
Cast: Piper, Gwendolyn, Joshua, Ismarelda, Steinblack, Sol, Paris, Rio, Tribune, Grace
G.W. Steinblack is in Paris trying to lure the elusive Gwendolyn Flora to sign with the family's publishing house. While in a cafe for breakfast a young American, Piper catches her eye. A chance meeting allows the pair to talk and G.W. begins to fall for the woman. Unfortunately Piper is on holiday prior to getting married and reluctantly returns to America. A despondent G.W. finally lands Ms. Flora and returns to New Orleans where she finds out Piper again, only to find disappointment again....or does she?
This is a fabulous story! I loved the interplay with all the characters. The family story vs. the romance story read very well. Ali Vali is one of the most gifted writers with using just the right words. - TC - Oct 7th, 2003   

This is a wonderful story. I enjoyed it very much and recommend it to be read by everyone. - purplehawke - May-01-2007   

If your looking for a great story to read then look no furthur, if your looking for one of the best writer's on the internet then you have found her. it doesn't get any better then this folks........ - gyrlfetish -6/15/09 - Jun-15-2009   

Another gem from the mind and heart of the very talented Ali Vali. Do yourself a favor. Read and enjoy! - uber goober - Oct-11-2009   

lovely valentine story.. - xtra dog - Dec-08-2011   

Very good. Excellent author. A real gem. - colorado fan - May-26-2017   

~ Author Notes ~

June 1st, 2007 - Announcement

It's been awhile since I've sent one of these out and I just wanted to let you all in on what's going on. Some of you have been asking me to put up a website already, and I decided to try a little something new. I have a new site up at myspace so if you'd like to take a look please visit I'll be posting new blogs every so often to let you in on what's going on with upcoming books, online stories and upcoming events. The site will also be a good place to keep up with Bold Strokes Books blogs and find out what other books are on the horizon.

Secon Season is done and will be available in July. This is the first story where I've written about New Orleans after hurricanes Katrina and Rita. For more information please visit Now it's on to the third in the Devil series, but more on that later.

I hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying the start of summer. After a year in the new house I did something on Sunday that I haven't done in forever. I walked barefoot in my grass. Yes, I know that sounds strange, but you had to see the lawn when we moved in, and just how crazy I am about my grass. After 365 days of watering, fertilizing and talking nice to it, the lawn finally resembles something of what we had at the old house. And we have trees and it would seem oyster shell, but you'll have to ask about that. lol

Take care and please check out the myspace page.


Author of The Devil Inside, Carly's Sound, The Devil Unleashed, and of Second Season due out in 2007 from Bold Strokes Books. For more information please visit

~ An Interview With Ali Vali ~
by Wizzy


Ali Vali the published author of "Devil Inside" and "The Devil Unleashed: Book Two of the Casey Family Saga", now has a film out, "Gillery's Little Secret", as well as a new book, "Carly's Sound", about to be released. Read the scoop below about just how busy Ali had been......


What inspired Gillery's Little Secret?

Tina from Liquid Film Works wrote to me and pitched the idea of a short film based on one of my stories - yet to be written mind you. She'd read all my stuff online and liked my style of writing, and wanted me to create something that could be turned into a screenplay. I believe the order went something like it had to be something based on lesbian characters and it had to be something never done before. Sure no problem was my response as I laughed.

I had attended my class reunion not too much before that and the idea just came to me after about a week of thinking about it. From my initial idea sprang the short story Calumet, which we later renamed "Gillery's Little Secret." As I sat in the place where our reunion was held and talked with some of the people I graduated with, it made me think how much people change over the years. You know those geeks that grew up to be successful and those that aren't quite over the whole high school thing? GLS was a little of both those concepts. Only Bernadette was missing love lost more than anything else high school had meant to her.

Wasn't it an online story at one time?

Nope. GLS was an original short story written just for Liquid Film Works. It's flattering beyond words how often Calumet gets requested by the readers but I can't share it just yet. I'd love to mind you since a lot of the secondary characters I just loved were cut because of time restraints.

Tell us readers how it came to be a short film. And how many re-writes did you have?

After I wrote it and finished it, I sent it on to Tina and the others working with her and she took out the section that went on to be filmed so we could concentrate on that. She put it in a screenplay format that I had no idea of how to go about, and then the rewrites started. Ooh, the rewrites. I believe we had about five overall total ones, and I stopped counting at the little sections we worked on.

As a writer I have to paint a picture as it were so the reader can visualize where I want to take you. In film not so much since you're looking at the screen and noticing how blue the sky is, what Gillery is doing with her hands, and that she's kissing her girl - well you know what I'm getting at. Description is seen not vocalized.

In a screenplay it's all about the dialog. Less is more, and the less has to pack a punch so that took a little while to get right. I kept trying to explain that being from the south it takes me about five pages to just say hello, and Tina kept up the mantra of cut..cut?cut.

Tina through her hard work then did her thing in getting the locations, actors and everything else so they could bring these guys to life. It was one exciting phone call after the next once she got that lineup together.

How were you approached to make into a screenplay?

That first email from Tina that I mentioned asked for an original story and that I had to work for vodka. That is one of the reasons this project has been so special to me. All the actors involved worked for scale, and from what I understand that hardly ever happens. Scale is less than a hundred dollars a day, but folks like Annabeth Gish and the others just wanted the story told.

One of the sad notes from Hurricane Katrina was the nice bottle of vodka that the Liquid Film Works people sent me as a thank you got trashed when my frig went down. The thrashing it got made the top uncork. It was painful to toss it down the drain. lol

Did you get to participate in the process of making it into a short film?

My part ended at the finish of the final screenplay. I really wanted to go to the filming but I didn't have the opportunity, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the feature production.

People were able to vote online for it, when will you know the results of this voting?

The film came in second overall and was one of the winners that will be featured in a special on LOGO. I'll make sure to tell Wizzy when that will be so everyone can watch if they're able.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote and to see the film online. It was because of you that we did so well.

What is next for Gillery's Little Secret?

Tina and her crew are working hard to get support for the feature film. There was so much more to this story and I hope it makes it to the big screen.

It is though going to be in a few festivals around the country in the coming year. You can see it at the North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in August, Frameline 30 which is San Francisco's LGBT film festival and Newfest in New York. If you live in the area then please stop by and seen it.

Will it be released on a DVD?

It is available on DVD, the proceeds going to the making of the feature film. Information on it is available at .

Can the readers still see this film and vote on it, online?

It is still up as of this writing. From what LOGO is saying it will soon come down so please visit the site if you'd like to see it. And please still vote.


On another subject you have a new book about to be release from Carly's Sound which is due out this June....

Carly's Sound (June 2006)

Poppy Valente has the world in the palm of her hand until fate steals from her the one thing that matters most - her wife Carly. When breast cancer ends their life together, Poppy finds herself not knowing how to begin to live again. Julia Johnson is running to Carly's Sound with her newborn daughter Tallulah in search of the path to her future. On a chance meeting two years after Carly's death, these two women form a bond of friendship that lays the foundation for something more. "Carly's Sound" will bring you from New Orleans to a five star resort in the Caribbean as Julia and Poppy struggle to define their lives and Poppy's past comes back to haunt her - literally.

What inspired you to write Carly's Sound?

Carly's Sound sprang from my experiences when my partner was diagnosed with cancer. Of all the things in my life that I've experienced receiving that diagnosis has to be by far the hardest and most painful. To let all those emotions out I wrote "Play It Again Sam." That was many moons ago as they say, and I've tried hard to refine my writing and my story telling skills.

Carly's Sound I think the readers will find will be a much better story because it's a more complete story. Working with Jennifer and Shelley, my editors at Bold Strokes Books, the story is so much more of what made the storyline so special.

How did you lay out Carly's Sound?

The original story only took me about two weeks to write, then I've taken it a section at a time. The goal in that was that I wanted the reader to have a smooth flowing story that holds your interest.

How long did it take you to complete it?

Carly's Sound has been about three years in the making. There have been rewrites and then there have been deletions to some of the rewrites, but over all about three years.

What made you decide to publish this one with all the wonderful stories you have written?

Because of what this one means to me, it wasn't hard to decide. This one more than all the rest is a gift to my partner and my mom. They both battled cancer and sent it packing. I hope everyone finds it entertaining, but I also hope it helps those who read it that have been through the experience. Since I posted this story I've received so many emails telling me it has. Cancer doesn't have to win or defeat you; C and I are living proof of that.

Will you be willing to sign copies of Carly's Sound for the readers?

I'd love to sign as many as people would like. For those that can't leave home or travel, they've mailed me their copy of the book The Devil Inside with a self-addressed envelope so I could mail it back. It's an honor for me to have someone buy one of my books so signing it is not a hardship believe me. I don't see anything different with CS.

Will you be making any appearances this year for the reader's to meet you and get their books signed?

I'll be at the GCLS convention next week and they're having a signing Thursday night a local bookstore. I'm working on some other ones as well and I'll give Wizzy the heads up on any new time and location.

(I looked on and if you click the link below you will find a listing of author's who will be making appearances and when and where they will be! So stop by and get your books signed! W)

Boldstrokes Calendar of Events 2006...

You can view Gillery's Little Secret at the following link.......

You can view an older fun version of an interview we did with Ali Vali at the following link....

See Ali Vali's BIO at page...

You can find Ali's Stories on the following links......

Please stop by and get your copies of Ali Vali's books that are for sale!

The Devil Inside : Book One of the Casey Family Saga
(January 2006)

Brains, guts, and ruthless ambition should be enough to come out on top in any fight. Except when the battle is over love, all bets are off!

Derby Cain Casey was groomed from birth to be the next leader of the Casey family business. Only in this case that meant becoming the head of a major crime family in New Orleans. She was as judicious with her heart as she was with her business until she met Emma Verde. The farm girl from Wisconsin breaks through to claim the mobster's heart and gifts her with their son Hayden, the next in line to lead the Casey Clan. "Devil Inside" tells the story of Cain's greatest joy and the pain that comes when that happiness is shattered by a betrayal that comes at the hands of the one person from whom she never expected it. While struggling with her hidden pain, Cain must do battle with two very different adversaries, both bent on bringing her down -- the FBI and the Cannala crime family.

The Devil Unleashed: Book Two of the Casey Family Saga
(December 2006)

"The Devil Inside" introduced the story of Cain and Emma Casey, their family, and the forces that sought to destroy them. Now, threatened from every side, Cain must unleash that devil to protect all she holds dear. A gunshot meant to end the legacy of the Casey Clan has left a weakened Cain fighting to regain control of her business while trying to protect her heart from the woman who left her. As the heat of violence rises, so does the passion. One by one, Cain faces her enemies and discovers the truth of who was behind one of the greatest losses of her life. Only this time she might not have to carry the burden of leading the family alone - if she is willing to take a chance on love again. But can she trust Emma not to run as she did once before when faced with the dark parts of the Casey family leader?

You can reach Ali Vali at


I would like to thank Ali for taking the time to answer some questions about her new film and her new book being release! I look forward to someday seeing the short film being released as a longer version; I agree there is so much more to tell about Gillery's Little Secrete! - Wizzy

PS. this is my last ramble for a little while so if anyone has something fun to ramble about please send it to me at this address....

June 02, 2006

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