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Anger is My Shield by Jamie Boughen     
Xena | Alternative (Mature) | Drama | Novella - 52 pages | Finished | Jul-97
Cast: Xena, Gabrielle, Ephiny, Eponin, Jadax, Jadaxious
Links: The Bard Corner @ AUSZIP               
Part 1 of the Anger is My Shield Series
Series List: Anger is My Shield, Valley of Hidden Fears (The)
Xena, thinking Gabrielle is dead, reverts to her old ways and it looks like the only way to stop the warrior is for the bard and her Amazons to kill her. Sequel is "Valley of Hidden Fears".
I guess my partner was tired of me bitching about the scarcity of classic X&G fanfic and (after I overdosed on uber's) she searched this site and found this delightful author. All I can say is this bard is one excellent writer and I know I'm going to enjoy reading the rest of her stories if this one is any indication of her talent. - Kaye - Dec 7th, 2003   

Jamie Boughen is an excellent storyteller. I recommend all of his stories - he never disappoints. - Karon Reiter - Jan 7th, 2005   

I just read this for the third time since he wrote it back in 1997. This was my very first Xena fiction I ever read and it inspired me to become a bard. His work is still some of thee best! - Red Hope - Aug-09-2006   

This is a wonderfully written story that will keep you interested till the very end. - brightyez08 - Oct-10-2009   

I had to come back to this and re read it. It's a Xena classic that explores the darker side of Xena's nature, a darkness that is often missing in fan fiction that tends to make her a romantic lead and a knight in shining armor rather than the conflicted, moody and taciturn warrior she is, where her anger and rage simmers underneath, waiting just below the surface to emerge at any given time. The stories that explore these traits in Xena's character, make for a more compelling and provocative narrative with a lot more tension and nail-biting. It's also a more reasonable telling of someone with Xena's past, rather than the fanciful and sentimental ones that are often written. Given the richness and texture of both Xena and Gabrielle's notable characters, this story truly reflects the urgency, substance, and vitality that often goes unexplored in Xena's personality. Thank the Gods for fan fiction and Lucy and Renee that gave these characters the flesh and blood that allows them to still live on in stories like this.

Other stories that explores Xena's battle lust that just came to mind was 'And Still She Follows' by Cousin Liz, and 'Blood for Blood' by Pink Rabbit Productions - all explorations of Xena's more significant character traits. There are many others out there that I can't think of off-hand that will have you wondering how someone so dark could turn herself around to take such a different path. I guess love can do that. - Karon Reiter - Jul-15-2011   

Another excellent story by Jamie. I've enjoyed everything she's shared with us. What a wonder author. - colorado fan - Dec-06-2012   

Choices In Life by Jamie Boughen     
Xena | Alternative (Mature) | Romance (alt) | Novella - 78 pages | Finished | Jan-98
Cast: Xena, Gabrielle, Shayna, Eponin, Viper, Artalus, Lias
Links: The Bards Corner @ AUSZIP               
The two companions take-in a wild young girl they come across in the forest.
This fic has everything: Amazons, a battle-tough Xena with a gentle side, and a loving Gabrielle, but even better there's a little girl that brings it all together. Simply amazing story! - lb - Feb-03-2008   

I just happened to stumble upon a link to this story. While I must say that this wasn't what I expected, I must also say that this is one of the few times where I'm glad, for it was more than that. This story does indeed live up to its name, providing the reader with realistic characterizations. Ultimately, a very well composed story that holds true to its theme and takes you on an emotive ride. - Anonymous - Feb-05-2008   

This is a very different look into Xena. It has Amazons, action, love, humor and the greater good. Be prepared to be touched n shed a few tears. - Anonymous - May-09-2008   

good story with well developed characters. I really enjoyed reading this. I'm kinda suprised there aren't more recommendations actually. - Anonymous - Jun-10-2009   

Very nice story. Lots of aspects of the relationship between warrior and bard, along with a character of a little girl. An enjoyable read. - Anonymous - Oct-25-2009   

i really liked to read this story. If you like to get to know a softer site to Xena, you have to read this story.
And im sorry that itīs over.
But all good things must come to an end. - anonym - Sep-03-2010   

well worth the time to read and very emotional - erma - Mar-27-2012   

another wonderful story with a very nice twist. - Anonymous - Dec-06-2012   

Every Little Thing by Jamie Boughen     
Xena | Alternative | Drama | Short Story - 37 pages | Finished | Mar-97
Cast: Xena, Gabrielle, Leta, Celano, Demitri, Tobias
Links: Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page               
Xena is captured and imprisoned by a Warlord out for revenge and it's up to Gabrielle to rescue her.
Great story great plot..this one reads like a Xena ep.. - solari - Jul 10th, 2002   

For All Time by Jamie Boughen     
Xena | Alternative (Mature) | Romance (alt) | Short Story - 44 pages | Finished | Sep-98
Cast: Xena, Gabrielle, Tethion, Argo
Links: Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page               
In this tale, Xena and Gabrielle stuggle with the same fears about the other until Xena is called to help a nearby town, leaving Gabrielle behind for her own safety. Not one to be left behind, and still struggling with her feelings for the warrior, Gabrielle folows, and is confronted by more than she can handle, and Xena has to come to the rescue once again. What follows is s bitter sweet exploration and recuperation of two souls...perhaps healed and reunited for all time.
ok I have to confess that I love hurt and comfort stories, but this one has a horrible characterization of xena, thought it is nicely written - lil_gabrielle - Dec 13th, 2005   

Nice story! - Ami - Apr-24-2008   

This was a good story. I liked it! - Starry - Nov-09-2010   

In The Shadow of An Eagle's Wing by Jamie Boughen     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative (Mature) | Romance (alt) | Novella - 105 pages | Finished | Oct-98
Cast: Rell, Diana, Ardeen, Meropa
Links: The Bard's Corner @ AUSZIP               
Part 1 of the Diana & Rell Series
Series List: In The Shadow of An Eagle's Wing, Moonlight Dancer
Jamie Boughen will captivate you with this wonderful tale of adventure, history and romance, Intrepid photo-jounalist Danielle Connor, known as Rell, gets her next assigment from her agent and it seems like a dream come seems more like a vacation. The assignment: documenting some kind of expedition through the south american jungle that Diana Aliakmon is heading. When Diana and Rell head out, Diana does not volunteer much information, but slowly Rell discovers that they are indeed on a quest, for an incredible secret, and that it is no coincidence that she is there. As the amazon yields its secrets, other secrets come to light, and the truth that is revealed might not be enough to keep Rell from fulfilling destiny.

Great story. I'm fascinated by this fantastic story.Everybody who loves adventure storis shouldn't miss this one. - Romy - Sep 25th, 2004   

Excellent adventure. Great uber characters and story line. Grateful there is a sequel to continue on with the characters. I plan to read everything this great author has shared with us. - colorado fan - Dec-05-2012   

Jealous Harvest (A) by Jamie Boughen     
Xena | Alternative | Romance | Novel - 178 pages | Finished | Aug-98
Cast: Xena, Gabrielle, Lila, Tomisus, Deon, Argo
Links: The Bard's Corner @ AUSZIP               
In this bitter-sweet tale that explores the love of the bard for the warrior, a visit to Potedeia during Festival may end Xena and Gabrielle's 3 year's of friendship and travel, as Gabrielle's father Herodutus binds her into a marriage contract. It is at this point that the two friends realize just how much they mean to each other, and through Hecuba's intercession, Xena and Gabrielle may yet find themselves back together, this time being truthful about how they really feel.
This was such a good story. I couldn't put it down. I was so captivated with the story line - it could be because there was so much angst and heartbreak - for me, anyway. Great classic Xena writing. It's up there with the top stories. - Kazi - Feb 16th, 2005   

I really enjoyed this story. Mother always knows best. - purplehawke - Sep-03-2007   

In the mood for a good story... This is it! I really enjoyed it! - Ami - May-02-2008   

One of the most heart warming Warrior Princess and Battling Bard stories that I've ever read. Definitely a must read. - Notjustasidekick - Dec-03-2012   

Don't know how I missed this author but am thankfull for the recommendation that led me to her. Wonderful writer and a great x/g classic alt. tale. Loved this story from Gabrielle home town and the old attitudes of ages past. Lots's of angst and drama that keep you locked to the end. - colorado fan - Dec-03-2012   

Long Way Home (The) by Jamie Boughen     
Xena | Alternative | Drama | Short Story - 36 pages | Finished | Apr-98
Cast: Xena, Gabrielle, Mel, Janice, Eponin, Ephiny, Alexander, Charlie, Sercles
Links: The Bards Corner @ AUSZIP               
Seperated by the events of "the rift" Xena and Gabrielle take the long journey to their true home.
This was one of the better stories written about dealing with "The Rift" between Xena and Gabrielle. It stands up there with BL Miller's Guilt Love and Forgiveness and with the heartbreaking, difficult read of Cheaza's DID HE WHO MADE THE LAMB MAKE THEE? - Karon Reiter - Jan 20th, 2005   

This story gives a deep meditation of Xena and Gab's complicated feeling, hatred, grieve, rue, and most important the insistence of the love to each other. It is hard to see our favorite x&g to tell their suffering, but after we know how hey felt, it is easier to accept their reunite than "the rift". It is worth to be read. - wind - Jan 13th, 2006   

Fantastic alternative to Bitter Suite! I agree with the author, an all singing, dancing episode did not a satisfying closure make. This fic thankfully scratches that particular itch. Highly recommended. - Anonymous - May-09-2007   

awesome story! :) - Ami - May-01-2008   

Although, I did like a few of the songs in Bittersweet, This story touches on the truer aspect of the pain and rage they both went through. It also deals with imortant facts and situations that were just swept under the rug and never brought up again. - cpo - Jan-14-2011   

What a great story. Very well done - sassy123 - Jun-09-2012   

liked this much better than how the show magically resolved the rift. though, i did like the song xena sang to gabrielle and solan. - Anonymous - Dec-05-2012   

Moonlight Dancer by Jamie Boughen     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative | Mystery | Novella - 82 pages | Finished | Feb-99
Cast: Rell, Diana, Bet, Simon, Cobin, Stacy, FBI, Amanda, Ardeen
Links: The Bards Corner @ AUSZIP               
Part 2 of the Diana & Rell Series
Series List: In The Shadow of An Eagle's Wing, Moonlight Dancer
In this sequel to 'In The Shadow of an Eagle's Wing,' Diana is way over due from one of her trips to recruit amazon descendants, and Rell decides to go in search of her soulmate. Rell quickly makes one colorful ally that will prove invaluable, as they unravel the trail Diana has left, and find very unexpected information and additional help, not to mention surprises. Will they get to Diana at all?? You'll be surprised at the answers and some funny and suspenseful moments, which make this sequel a delight to read, leaving you wanting more!
excellent sequel. wish there was another story after this one. - Anonymous - Dec-06-2012   

Reflections of an Old Woman by Jamie Boughen     
Xena | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Very Short Story - 9 pages | Finished | Jun-97
Cast: Xena, Gabrielle, Jan, Mel, Dan, Lila, Menno, Peter, Steiner, Frans
Links: Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page               
After 15 years on the road with the bard, Xena breaks her hip in a battle and her painful recovery and the bleak prospects of her future eventually drive her away from Gabrielle.
I like this story a lot. I love the Bard and her Warrior. - RLA - Sep-12-2010   

sweet story and what I would have wished for x/g. - Anonymous - Dec-06-2012   

Soul Full Of Tears (A) by Jamie Boughen     
Xena | Alternative | Drama | Short Story - 30 pages | Finished | May-97
Cast: Xena, Gabrielle, Stavroula
Links: The Bard's Corner    Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page            
The aftereffects of a village laid waste by a raiders brings haunting memories of her past to Xena as she and Gabrielle go after the one who caused the devastation.

Two Hearts, One Whole by Jamie Boughen     
Xena | Alternative (Mature) | Drama | Short Story - 43 pages | Finished | May-97
Cast: Xena, Gabrielle, Ares, Aphrodite
Links: The Bard's Corner    Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page            
Gabrielle, angry with Xena, accepts Ares' offer to give her the skills of a fully trained warrior, which promptly turns the bard into a Warlord with her own army. Now Xena must try to get the old Gabrielle back.

Valley of Hidden Fears (The) by Jamie Boughen     
Xena | Alternative (Mature) | Romance (alt) | Novella - 59 pages | Finished | Aug-97
Cast: Xena, Gabrielle, Eponin, Ephiny, Amaran, Jadax, Kaliope, Drayton
Links: The Bard's Corner    Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page            
Part 2 of the Anger is My Shield Series
Series List: Anger is My Shield, Valley of Hidden Fears (The)
Sequel to "Anger Is My Shield." Gabrielle is asked to re-negotiate a treaty with some villages who are asking to be allowed to cross Amazon land to reach their pastures, but Xena suspects the villagers have other motives.
Read this and the prequel, I promise you won't regret them. Anything by Boughen is great. - cpo - Jan-14-2011   

Two very good stories well worth the time - erma - Aug-12-2011   

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