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All or Nothing by Leslaureate     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative (Mature) | Romance (alt) | Novella - 113 pages | Finished |
Cast: Alex, Stacy, Ginny, Sally, Izzy
Honors/Awards:  Perennial Favorite Award: #51 in 2003, #23 in 2006     Top-25 #1.    
This romance novel relates the love story between two professional women in their thirties. Told from both of their perspectives, the book, poignantly and often humorously, conveys the unique character of lesbian relationships. More particularly, the confusion many lesbians experience in attempting to date without becoming enmeshed in the relationship.
Not too long not too short with a generous dose of angst. I enjoyedreading this piece - mature protagonists facing an emotional crossroads (I can empathise!) in a segment of complicated courtship. Its an easy read, not demanding but with a little more meat than the average quick fic. Fans of La Tucker, KG McGregor and Ali Vali might like this as a warm-up :) - E. - Mar 20th, 2003   

I'm definitely recommending this one! Great great storyline. I just finished reading it and it was very well written also. Don't forget to feed the bard! - Katia N. Ruiz - Mar 20th, 2003   

I had the pleasure of reading this story in a couple of evenings. Leslaureate created wonderful characters with real and tangible emotions and situations. Alex was suffering with the "coming out of solitude" blues while her friends, Izzy and Ginny set her up with a woman they thought would be good for her. Would Alex commit to the wonderful woman she had in Stacey or would she crumble under the pressures of losing her "freedom"? This is a thoroughly enjoyable read and I recommend it. Good job Leslaureate! - Di Bauden - Apr 6th, 2003   

In "All or Nothing," Alexandra Barton is a woman who achieved corporate success but at what expense? Currently living the life of a social hermit, deep down she longed for that one of a kind relationship, without which life would be full of emptiness and lonely nights. In walks a woman named Stacy, who could very well beome the love of her life. Would Alex allow the confusion and contradictions of her own heart destroy her new found happiness?Author Leslaureate tells this story exceptionally well and weaves a masterful portrait of self discovery amists the struggles, contradictions, and confusion one may encounter, along the path to true love and happiness, A well written fiction story that you won't want to put down. Highly recommended. - solar - Dec 15th, 2005   

Very good job ;) This story thrilled me and had me wrapped even if I've found myself infuriating a few times. This bard crossed somes lines with audacity and an indeniable talent. I have to admit I'd have loved to see Alex struggle a little more to have what she wanted though... anyway this story could have been longer, I wasn't tired of it at all. Read it! - yuka - Dec-27-2010   

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Great story. Had me worried for a while there but had an excellent ending. Very good work done here. Highly recommend. - Niyah - Sep-17-2012   

Great read really enjoyed this story xx - SD - Jul-07-2015   

Memories Of Love by Leslaureate     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative (Mature) | Romance (alt) | Novella - 88 pages | Finished | Jul-03
Cast: Jessica, Erin
Honors/Awards:  Top-25 #1.    
Although this is a somewhat unconventional twist on a cyber love tale, you'll find yourself drawn in as our two heroines, one in San Diego and the other outside of D.C., begin to step beyond mere friendship into something more. Surprises await Jessica and Cynthia...can they get beyond the memories that haunt them? Will they get their second chance?? You will enjoy this tale based on the current trend in relationships for our internet-savvy times!
I know a lot of people who have found their other half online will read this tale of love and really, really relate! Leslaureate has done a wonderful job exploring a relationship from tentative friendship to full head-over-heels love that neither distance nor extraneous problems can dent. The characters and situations are very credible and real and the conclussion is one to make you smile and want more. Will there be a sequel?? I cast MY vote for MORE!!! - J. Bradley - Aug 2nd, 2003   

In this modern day tale, Author Leslaureate introduces us to Jessica McElroy, a thirty something professional, who yearns to find that special woman to share her life with. After all traditional dating venues fail, Jessica develops a bond with a promising respondent to her personal ad, that she'd placed on an Internet web site, When Jessica is finally about to have her dream realized, and meet her cyber mate, Cynthia, the present collides unexpectedly and painful with the past "Memories of love." Will true love prevail? A very enjoyable, romantic, and nicely written drama by an exceptionally gifted author. Highly recommended reading.. - solar - Dec 20th, 2005   

There was a lot in this story that I enjoyed. However, I found some of the story line a little implausible. The other two reviews highlight what the story is about, so I won't use spoilers here. I think the reader needs to make up their own mind on the plot. The romantic in me likes it, but the realist in me is undecided. - Lyn B - Feb-26-2011   

Unanswered Prayers by Leslaureate     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Novella - 109 pages | Finished | Dec-05
Cast: Gretchen, Kurt, Barb, Stacy, Alan, Sandy, Lorraine, Terri
Honors/Awards:  Three-Time Top-25 #1.    
Gifted author, Amy G. (aka Leslaureate), returns to fiction land, to captivate us with a very sweet and touching coming of age story. We first come to know, Solange (Sollie), through the eyes of her teenage journal, as glimpses of her past, up through her college years are revealed. As the story unfolds, we are drawn into the sweet alluring romance of first love and its sometimes unexpected, bitter after taste. Set against the backdrop of a high school reunion, Sollie learns that even in the mists of what seems like "Unanswered prayer", her deepest dreams are soon to be realized. This is a lesson we would all be wise to learn. Exceptionally entertaining romance, of women in love, that is filled with passion and betrayal, and takes off soaring, as the pages unfold. Highly recommended reading. Welcome back Amy, and I look forward to reading more from you! - Solar - Jan 2nd, 2006   

Prayer was Amy E. Goodwin's (aka Leslaureate) final fiction story, before her untimely "passing" on January 4, 2006. For more information please see her tribute page:

Any one with contributions to the memorial book for Amy, please contact Rosanne Goodwin at" Please sign the guest book at, as a show of support to her family. - Linda - Jan 24th, 2006   

(Leslaureate) Amy's tribute page is now located at:

If you've enjoyed her stories, please remember to sign her guest book at:

Doing so will mean alot to her family.

Thank you

- Anonymous - Apr-29-2006   

I really enjoyed this story Very well-written and refreshingly 'different'. I was very sad to read of her passing. - Anon - Sep-10-2007   

**** Spoiler Alert **** I was running late for work this morning...just couldn't put it down. Grabbed it back up as soon as I came in the door. I very much enjoyed this story even if I didn't applaude the ending. Not that it wasn't a good ending...I was just cheering for the other girl. "sniff!" - JC - Dec-16-2008   

I loved this story. I sent a message to the address listed for the author and learned of her passing. I wish I could tell her loved ones how wonderful it was to read this story. I'm not sure that guess book is still being activated (it was two years ago). I actually loved the ending and it is a very sweet story. I'll look up to the heavens tonight and thank the author personally. I love all of you authors, what a gift you give. And to the sponsor of this site that hangs the masterpieces for our viewing, as it were. It enriches my heart so that I think sometimes it will burst. Thank you!!! - Teresa Thomas - Dec-19-2008   

I loved this story and like JC was late for work finishing it (she's the one who shoved it in my hands and said I wouldn't be able to put it down and she was right!). BRAVA to the author...I know you can hear me up there!! - Crazy Gracie - Mar-26-2009   

Great writting! - Anonymous - Aug-19-2011   

Wonderfully written!! Am so sad to hear of her passing and my heart goes out to her family. Loved the story and the emotions it provoked. Highly recommend, it has everything a good romance entails. - Niyah - Sep-17-2012   

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