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An Andante for Two by Lori A. Meyers     
Xena | Alternative | Drama | Very Short Story - 7 pages | Finished | Oct-07
Good story, I liked it. - Anonymous - May-30-2008   

Another wonderful story. - Starry - Sep-27-2011   

This is an interesting take for a "first time" story at such a late date in the series that begins with the 6th season episode "Heart of Darkness". While my take on their sexual relationship begins much earlier than this, Lori weaves such an interesting back story as to why it took this long, that you're drawn into the motive, the accounting - so that it's no longer important when it took place, but why it did. She smoothly segues from this first time encounter to the finale, Friend in Need. As usual, Lori writes a good story. - kazy - Dec-09-2012   

Death of a Conqueror by Lori A. Meyers     
Conqueror | Ancient | Alternative | Drama | Novella - 111 pages | Unfinished | Oct-06
Honors/Awards:  Perennial Favorite Award: #61 in 2006, #77 in 2007    
I've always wondered what would motivate a person to wreck havoc on the land they were born and raised in. Or more precisely, what would have motivated a young Xena to be a conqueror. For riches? For land? For the right to rule people by fear? Would such a truly malevolent person-who rules by fear alone-last long in the job? I kept coming up with only one answer: no. I mean, don't people tend to dispose of despots early in their reigns? (Though there are always exceptions.) Caesars and Hitler's don't last long, and the malicious bitch that is usually Xena the Conqueror wouldn't make it past her second year, more or less. This is a different kind of Conqueror story. I asked myself the question: what if Xena became a conqueror for all the right reasons? Or so she thinks. I present to you Xena Akolastos, the Conqueror that lives in the real ancient world that was Greece...
I Really enjoyed reading this. I hope there is an update soon - gillian - Oct-16-2006   

Excellent story! Hope you continue, I am so looking forward to the next part. Just love it that Xena is not the evil conqueror this time round. Good plot - lovely character development - well written. Keep it up! - 3creeks - Oct-18-2006   

excellent story and love that it's not the typical Conqueror/Gabrielle story. Great plot and hope you continue the story!!! Job well done - Anonymous - Oct-22-2006   

Great story!! Very true to both characters in a completely new setting and plot. If you crave xena and gabrielle stories, read this. Only bummer is that it is unfinished. I will be watching for the next part eagerly! - kjviking - Oct-24-2006   

YESSS! This is what I have been waiting for, a new Conqueror story. This one has the makings for a exciting ride. This story is not your usual, so be ready for something new. I hope the Author posts more of it soon. I can't wait for the next part. - R.C.P - Nov-03-2006   

Awsome! A mew conqueror story, always love to read those. Great start with this new story and can't wait for the next part! Keep up the excellent work Lori. - alecto - Nov-25-2006   

This is a wonderful new Conqueror story. I love the storyline and the character development. This Xena the Conqueror is multilayered: powerful, confident, passionate, noble, and vulnerable. Shes not the typical evil Conqueror that needs Gabrielle to tame her. This is a unique story that shows how the strongest of rulers maintains an often-tenuous hold on her power. I cant wait for the next installment! - Jessica - Jan-09-2007   

Great story, I particularly like your characterization of Xena. I also like the fact that Gabrielle is not as innocent and naive, as other stories have her. I cant wait to see where this story will lead. - Anonymous - Jan-13-2007   

This is fun to read! The ancient ruins of Athens come alive. The Conqueror is developing into a very interesting character. I'm ready for more... - Cheryl B. - Jan-18-2007   

Excellent story!! I can't wait for the next chapter!!! - Anonymous - Jan-29-2007   

great start. now your muse must be invited to finish this wonderful story. - Anonymous - Mar-27-2007   

A fantastic story but I was so disappointed that it's never been finished. - JC - Jul-22-2007   

Wow great story...any word of it being finished anytime soon??? - nicole - Oct-12-2007   

OMG, I rated the wrong story. "Hunger" was a great story but his Conqueror story is different, unique in its interpretation of the Conqueror. Realistic in some ways, and absolutely believable. More? - SPQR - May-30-2008   

Where is part 2 for the love of god. Such a good story. Very engaging. What a great writer. - gracie - Jul-05-2008   

There was so much going on in this unbelievably good yarn.... and Wham! it ended . Where oh where is the sequel ??? I recommend it highly, but believe me, you'll get drawn so deeply into it, that the disappointment you'll feel when you're just left hanging....makes me kind of sorry I started it in the first place. NOT !! So not true !!.It's so worth the tease---read it; then please write the sequel. - JESS - Aug-25-2008   

This is easily the best Conqueror story to date. I love this Xena; she is smart, clever, vulnerable--not the evil one dimensional person she can be. And I love it that she lives in the ancient world. Where's the sequel? - The Singularity - Sep-04-2008   

It is great story...can not wait to read part 2 - Anonymous - Sep-06-2008   

I loved this conqueror tale. It was smart and very well written with three dimensional characters and clever situations. I do wish for a sequel soon. - ColdDarkMatter - Oct-30-2008   

The best conqueror story to date; but, where's part 2? - aeneid - Oct-29-2009   

This is an extremely well written Conqueror story. Kudos for the great depiction of ancient Greece and adapting it for a Xena story. - aurelius - Nov-03-2009   

Where is part II of this fabulous story? - inxes - Nov-08-2009   

Please finish this story. I've really enjoyed it and want to know how it ends. - Anonymous - Nov-12-2009   

Great Story!!! shame it was not finished ... - Anonymous - Jul-15-2010   

excellent - Anonymous - Jul-24-2010   

It's a really good story and going in a great direction. I hope the author will continue with this story. Perhaps a part II. - MoSeS - Sep-11-2010   

Yet another Conqueror story that remains unfinished. Why do these authors do that?Even a hasty tacked on version is better than none at all. - Anonymous - Nov-05-2010   

Wonderful story so far, but what is it about these Xena writers that they never finish a yarn? - Anonymous - Dec-08-2010   

Hunger by Lori A. Meyers     
Xena | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Short Story - 20 pages | Finished | Mar-07
This is one of the better Xena stories out there. The author decided to tell a story with a contrasting plot as to how Xena and Gabrielle met taking in the more authentic aspects of the times these women lived in where probably hunger, homelessness and loss was common. Xena chooses to redeem herself through ruin and destitution rather than righting the wrongs of the world or fighting for the greater good - although there is a hint that that's what she might do after she meets Gabrielle, although it's not mentioned, it is my hope that's where the story will lead. Once again as with all of Lori's stories I wished it was longer because I can never get enough of her writing. Suffice it to say - Xena's encounter with Gabrielle and what is revealed later, is very moving. File this away and save it for posterity into the highly recommended classic Xena fan fiction. Long live Xena fan fiction! And long live the author. May she write more unique stories. May the muse be with you, always. - Karon Reiter - Mar-24-2007   

This is an absolutely wonderful tale of the Conqueror. Where's the sequel? - Anonymous - May-30-2008   

wow - Anonymous - Jun-06-2008   

I have no idea what to write here because the emotion that I am feeling after I have read this story is beyond words. It truly is THE best story about how Xena and Gabrielle met. This is story is, I believe, how the show should have went in the end. READ this story. It's truly a great emotional tour of what Xena feels about Gabrielle. Thank You Lori A Meyers - Anonymous - Jun-15-2008   

I love this story on how Xena and Gabrielle could have met, if there lives went down different paths from the very beginning. Lori is proving to be quite the author. - The Singularity - Sep-04-2008   

What a wonderful story...I loved this different interpretation on how our two heroes met and fell in love. Perfect in every way. - ColdDarkMatter - Oct-30-2008   

This was a wonderful love story! - Starry - Feb-23-2009   

This is truly one of the best written Xena the Conqueror stories. - magurk - May-06-2012   

Serendipity by Lori A. Meyers     
Xena | Alternative | Humor | Very Short Story - 7 pages | Finished | Jun-07
Very cute!!! - bluebutterfly - Jul-25-2010   

This was a big departure for Lori. Her themes are usually a lot darker, and more tumultuous. This is lighter and amusingly entertaining. Thumbs up. - kazy - Feb-14-2013   

I had to read this one because it is the name sake of a romantic comedy I wrote a few years ago. Very off the cuff and funny. I liked the tongue in cheek attitude and clever dialog. Endearing and humourous, worth a look. - Rocky - Feb-23-2013   

Surrender by Lori A. Meyers     
Xena | Alternative | Adventure | Short Story - 42 pages | Finished | Jun-07
Gabrielle of Poteidaia is engaged to her cousin Lyceus, and awaits the arrival of the wedding party that will escort her to her betrothed in Amphipolis-but destiny will not be denied.
Good story. - Anonymous - May-30-2008   

I loved this story. The twists and the turns due to the alternate xenaverse Lori creates, what she puts in place that runs parallel to canon Xena I found amusing and believable. You will not be disappointed, however, in Xena's legendary sex drive to utterly ravish Gabrielle. That doesn't change regardless of what timeline Xena is in. I also like the competitive dynamic she puts in play between Xena and her brother Toris. I read this story several times and love it each time I read it. - Karon Reiter - Jun-25-2008   

Very different and very interesting. - ColdDarkMatter - Oct-30-2008   

I really liked it! It was different but very cool, too. Just another perspective on how our favorite girls got together. - Starry - Aug-23-2011   

To Be a Queen's Champion by Lori A. Meyers     
Alice in Wonderland (2010) | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Very Short Story - 5 pages | Finished | Aug-12
All is not well with Alice Kingsleigh after she slays the Jabberwock and Mirana of Marmoreal knows how to help her.
Oh my, I wish there was more Alice in Wonderland alternative work here. - Me - Jan-23-2013   

To Love a Queen's Champion by Lori A. Meyers     
Alice in Wonderland (2010) | Modern | Alternative | Vignette | Very Short Story - 6 pages | Finished | Feb-13
The White Queen and her entourage encounter rain on the way to meet her sister on Frabjous Day, and a secret love is revealed.
I love this pairing now! - etta - Mar-02-2013   

Unleashing of Alice Kingsleigh (The) by Lori A. Meyers     
Alice in Wonderland (2010) | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Very Short Story - 8 pages | Finished | Jan-13
Alice's secret fantasy is suddenly and explosively revealed, and the White Queen is determined to fulfill it.

Vineyard by the Sea (A) by Lori A. Meyers     
Xena | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Very Short Story - 8 pages | Finished | Mar-07
Related Episodes When Fates Collide (Xena)
A touching story. Good take on the aftermath of WFC. - anex - Mar-15-2007   

This was a really nice follow up to that episode. A great read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. - Anonymous - Mar-21-2007   

Excellent follow up to When Fates Collide! - Anonymous - May-30-2008   

I loved "When Fates Collide" and this is the perfect sequel to it, very true to the characters and their stories. Thanks, again, Lori! - The Singularity - Sep-04-2008   

This excellent little tale is the perfect sequel to WFC. Very true to the characters of our heroes. - ColdDarkMatter - Oct-30-2008   

Poignant and full of the best of what Xena and Gabrielle are about. - aurelius - Nov-03-2009   

Nice story. Great job - sassy123 - Jul-19-2011   

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