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Desire's Betrayal by Scarabae     
Xena | Alternative | Adventure | Novella - 90 pages | Finished | May-98
Cast: Xena, Gabrielle, Ankh, Callisto, Aillia
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Xena, Gabrielle and Callisto are caught in a stranger's web of intrigue and revenge. Callisto believes that she has made a bargain with the winner, but is she in control or simply being manipulated?
Correct, pleaz! There are Part 1, 2 & End on Cousin Liz' Site [Editor's Note: Corrected. 10-1-2009] - LeadOn - Sep-25-2009   

Kiss of Lethe (The) by Scarabae     
Xena | General | Drama | Novella - 58 pages | Finished | Jun-98
Cast: Gabrielle, Xena, Tychias, Ares, Aristhemes, Argo, Daemon, Scholar, Atthis, Apollo
Links: ( Xena Dinosaur Bards    Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page            
A beautiful woman who has been happily teaching in an academy for five years must confront her unknown past when a foot-sore blonde bard finds her. This well-written story shows a very different side to Xena's character.

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