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Adios, nunca es para siempre by V     
Birds of Prey | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Novel - 195 pages | Finished | Sep-09
Spanish version of 'Goodbye...Never means forever.'
muy buena historia, me atrapo por completo!!! - shivi - Jan-26-2011   

Gracias por publicarla en español, me gusta mucho esta página y siempre es agradable leer en mi idioma. - Lebasi - May-17-2011   

Are You? by V     
Law and Order: SVU | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Short Story - 21 pages | Finished | Apr-09

Can I Ask You Something? by V     
Birds of Prey | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Short Story - 11 pages | Finished | Oct-10
A favorite of mine - I find something new in this story each time I read it. Today I'm giggling because of the line (spoiler alert) "Helena was capable of seducing Sarah Palin herself if she wanted to." Really, how can you not laugh at that?!
- Stacia - Nov-04-2013   

Gabrielle, Titan by V     
Xena | General | Humor | Short Story - 27 pages | Finished | Jul-98
Cast: Xena, Gabrielle, Seramus, Joxer, Moclanus, Corocles, Argo, Tramelus
Links: Dancyer's Den               
What would happen if you were the unwilling subject for the experient of an alchemist? That's what Gabrielle finds out in this funny 'tall' tale where she makes Xena just a little annoyed at her by the circustances she's victim to!

Goodbye...Never means forever by V     
Birds of Prey | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Novel - 211 pages | Finished | Jun-09
Really enjoying this one, nice take on things and right on character. You are obviously a fan and that always makes for realistic characters. Can't wait to see more of this. - Poison Ivy - Jun-24-2009   

Veryyyyyyy good story, I loved the characters, I waiting more! - leth cross - Jun-09-2010   

Great! Loved it1 Read it! - Tracey - Aug-14-2010   

A unique BOF fanfic that really does the characters justice. Heartbreaking in places and full of emotions as Barbara discovers what she lost as Hel rediscovers herself while fully recognizing what she gave up. Would love a sequel to see how the ladies fair after a few years. - Swishla - May-01-2012   

this is sooo good, with plenty of angst for my liking. i don't understand why weren't so many rating and commenting this gem.. - javanese - Jan-25-2014   

However, Not by V     
Law and Order: SVU | Modern | Alternative | Vignette | Very Short Story - 5 pages | Finished | Nov-09
There are moments in which hope is the only thing that is left but sometimes that isn't enough to keep going.

If I Close My Eyes by V     
Law and Order: SVU | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Novella - 133 pages | Unfinished | Jun-09
Very good read. Encouraging to try something new, someone new. - Sam - Jun-06-2009   

love the story, need more chapters!! - 15a - Sep-07-2009   

Love this, can't wait for the next update - what a cruel place to stop!! - CoolNik - Nov-19-2010   

Want Adds by V     
Original / Uber | Modern | Alternative | Romance (alt) | Novella - 55 pages | Finished | Mar-09
Honors/Awards:  #69 in 2009     Top-25 #1.    
"Are you saying that I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself or even do any of those outdoor activities and not only that but that I'd be incapable of seeing it through?" She asked with a narrowed malevolent look. What happen when a librarian like Lilith Fields collide with Kayaking instructor Jules St Claire?
Aww I love this story, it was so sweet. I love Lil such a cute character. I really hope there is a sequel. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - Sarah - Mar-23-2009   

Sequel, sequel, sequel.Truly impressive,breathtaking and my favorite word, awesome, work. Do not make us wait a long time for a sequel,this work is truly far over( my opinion)from being ended or completed. - xenamary - Mar-24-2009   

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