Xena Fan Fiction

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For 2008 we're delighted to announce several enhancements to The Athenaeum, as well as a bit of improvement to the site style.

Though The Athenaeum still has mostly the same look, we've now included a standard menu to all of the pages, added an advanced search menu that's a bit easier to use, fixed numerous little display problems, and best of all, added some features that we think a lot of people will like. We've just added a Forum, Story Ratings, and a little 'bookmarking' tool called Bookshelf, so our visitors can now rate the stories, post messages on our forum, and create their own personal reading list of stories.

This new style that we've dubbed 'Athenaeum Blue' has been tested to work with: Firefox 2, IE 6, Netscape 7+, Mozilla 1.7.5, Opera 8, Opera 9.

Netscape 4.7, IE 6 and some other older browsers are incompatible with Athenaeum Blue. For older browsers we'll continue to support our old style, but it will not include story ratings, forum access, or our bookshelf feature.

Choose your page style:
Athenaeum Blue Style Old Style