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The Athenaeum's library lists 6998 works of fiction and fan fiction from 1577 authors indexed. Most of the fiction is lesbian oriented, but you will find general stories as well. On our own server, we currently host works from 659 authors.

While this site was created in 1996 to focus on the TV Series Xena: Warrior Princess, it has grown to welcome all other fiction and fan fiction including Hercules, Star Trek, CSI, Law & Order, and others. Moreover, half the fiction on The Athenaeum is all Original, and not related to any fan universe at all. A complete list can be found on our Advanced Search page, and we always welcome fan fiction from new universes.

Need some help finding a good story? Our What's New page is a good place to find out what's being written currently and what people are enjoying as well. Take some time to explore our site. There are thousands of wonderful works listed here. Always remember to e-mail the author when you finish reading a tale to thank them for sharing their work with you.

If you'd like to add your fiction to our site, contact our Fiction Editor. See our hosting page for guidelines on what we accept, and how to send us your stories.

Check out our new features available on our new Athenaeum Blue style! We've just added a Forum, Story Ratings, and a little 'bookmarking' tool called Bookshelf, which will be useful for saving those great titles you know you'll read again, or collecting a reading list for a later date.

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