~ My Creator, My Protector ~
by AJ Marks

Disclaimers: The two main characters look familiar, but they have come from my mind.

Sex/Violence Warning: Yes, some sexual violence and non-consensual sex, nothing graphic.

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My Creator, My Protector
AJ Marks

Part 1

High above the Earth's atmosphere spaceships of various types and designs crossed paths with each other as they scurried to their destinations. It took the cooperation of all of the space controllers and crews of the ships to keep the delicate space dance from becoming one deadly disaster.

There were several large space stations that had different jobs to do. Some of the stations were to load and unload materials that were used for trade, while others were for passenger liners. Around one such space station there was several large liners that were docked for the purpose of loading and unloading their passengers. Several large liners waited their turn to load and unload passengers as their docks became available.

One of the largest liners slowly made its way along its designated path to its docking station. Its three thousand foot hull gleamed brightly in the reflected sunlight of its many colors that it had been painted. It was a show for everyone inside the space station waiting for either this ship or another one. It was the new liner Briticannia, the newest star liner in the Galactic Transliner Company and was considered by everyone to be the largest, best and most comfortable liner in the entire universe.

The Briticannia was a marvelous ship that had many of the latest technologies on board. The ship had the latest type of holo entertainment lounges along with the most luxurious staterooms that a designer could place on board a star liner. The travel agents had given the ship and her crew the highest ratings that could be given to a ship. Even though it could only hold about two thousand five hundred passengers usually only the rich and wealthy had bothered to buy tickets for its first year in operation.

The navigator of the ship expertly placed the ship in its docks. Guided robots scurried around the ship to place mooring lines on the ship to anchor it firmly to the station and checked to make sure the docking seals were lined up properly and that no problems would be encountered when passengers began to board the ship.

The space station had many large windows that allowed passengers to look out into space to view the ships as the came and went. Leaning against one such window a small blonde watched with interest as the docking procedures were completed. Her alert sea green eyes scanned the entire scene in front of her as the robots anchored the ships and scurried around to inspect the hull to make sure there were no problems with the ship.

She was quite anxious to begin her vacation. The president of the university had insisted she take some time off and she reluctantly agreed. She was now glad that he had been so insistent as she gazed at the Briticannia.

Her shoulder length hair spun around her head as she turned around as they announced that they would begin the boarding process. Her excitement picked up as she realized that her number had just been called and that a few people had begun walking towards the boarding entrance. She picked up her carry-on as her luggage had already been taken on board and headed toward the entrance.

She passed several people as they waited for their numbers to be called so that they could begin boarding the ship. Several watched as she walked by wondering if she was who they thought she was.

The boarding system was a bit complex, but if adhered to, the boarding could be done easily and quickly. Everyone also knew that the more important people would be allowed to board first to avoid the usual crowding that usually happened during boarding.

The captain of the Briticannia stood in his dress uniform awaiting his most important guest that would be on the cruise. He would be showing her directly to her cabin and then he would come back here to help greet the other passengers.

"Is that her?" He heard one of the stewards ask when he saw a young woman walking down the gangplank.

"I believe so, and remember she is here to relax, so no asking questions everyone." The captain said reminding the young man what he had told the crew several times before the boarding had begun.

The young woman was only considered one of the greatest minds in the entire universe. She was considered by many to be this generations equivalent of Einstein or Hawkins even though she was only nineteen years old.

He went over what little he knew about her. She had been abandoned as an infant in a dumpster and had been taken in by the government. There had been no idea as to who her parents had been. There had been some genetic coding to narrow down who her parents had been, but it had only narrowed down the list of potential parents. The only problem was there had been no exact match and people figured that her parents had fled to the colonies and did not want to take care of a child when they got there.

The rest of the universe had watched her grow up, as she became youngest students to graduate from the university level at the age of six. She had surprised everyone at her brilliance. Anyone who ever managed to talk to her said that she was extremely bright, but was matched by her extreme shyness around others and rarely ventured out. The latest rumor that he had heard was that she needed a vacation, without the fanfare that normally accompanied someone like her on vacation.

The captain could still hear the strict message that he had received from his boss about her. No crewmember was to ask her any questions about her work or research. The most important thing was for everyone to remember that she may not say anything to anyone the entire trip and to treat her nicely.

He regarded the figure that was coming down the loading tube. She had definitely grown up a bit since the last picture he had seen of her. She had not gotten any taller, but she still had her blonde hair and piercing green eyes. She had also filled out quite nicely and now had a figure that went with her small stature. He wondered why she did not have some young man or woman at her side already, and he was sure that she probably already had several offers that she for some reason, had turned down.

He wondered if the rumors were true about what she thought about the colonies. Several people thought that she was for the rebellious colonies and the way that they treated everyone. The colonies had begun to resort to terrorist attacks in places on Earth. The only problem was that no one understood why they begun the attacks as there had been no demands from the colonies yet.

She was dressed in late twentieth century fashion that was very out of date. She had on a pair of faded blue jeans, a white t-shirt and an old baseball hat turned backwards that completed the ensemble.

"Welcome aboard the Briticannia Miss Seylitz." The captain said as she neared him. He asked if he could take her carry-on that she allowed him to do as he took the pack from her and lead her to her cabin.

He led her to the elevator and pushed the button for the top floor for cabins and watched as the doors closed. His passenger still had not said anything yet, not that he had expected anything. As they rode up the elevator he took a moment to study the small figure beside him. She was definitely smaller than he had been expecting her to be, only about five feet high, which was considered small for today's average female.

"I hope that you like your room Miss Seylitz." The captain said as the elevators opened up on the floor where her cabin was located. They walked down the corridor and past several other doors until they arrived at her door. The captain opened the door and made sure that the cabin was in order and to his approval. The cabin looked tidy and clean as he looked around. Her suitcase was resting on the small suitcase holder in one corner. He could see the bed in the other room was neatly made and that the refrigerator was fully stocked in case she needed anything.

The young woman nodded her head that everything was indeed as she all right as she looked around. The room that she was in had a small table near the refrigerator and a couple of chairs so that she could look out into space. A large mirror covered one entire side of the room in order to give the illusion of space. A door to the bedroom and she could see the made bed in the other room. She could see the bedroom had a large window as well.

"We'll be flying past both Saturn and Jupiter on our way to see the Aura Nebula, only one of the most beautiful sights in the entire universe. The ship will also be stopping at the flower planet of Violita. Remember to book any tours that you want to do early, as most of the good tours fill up early." The captain told her then as nodded again left the room.

He was not sure what to think about the small woman as he walked back down the corridor. He knew that she rarely talked, but he had expected to hear at least one word from her and was a bit disappointed that she had not said anything to him. He had heard her on a holo program when she was talking about her latest theory. All he knew was that she was talking about some technological language that he did not understand but apparently she did. He knew that she was not being rude by not saying anything; that was just the way she was. He was aware that her eyes said more than he could and he could read the thankful expression in her eyes.

He made his way down back to the entrance area of the ship to begin greeting the other passengers that were now coming aboard. He watched as an elderly couple made their way on board and placed his thoughts of the young woman in the back of his mind.

A small ship waited around a small basically unknown space station. It usually just helps supply the outer miners and bounty hunters along with the criminal element.

On board the small ship the crew was busy loading supplies for their next mission that they already had. The ship's captain paced back and forth on the bridge waiting for the news that the crew had finished loading the ship. He just wished that they could go faster, but he knew that they were going as fast as they could and nothing he could do would make the effort go any faster.

His crew was operating as fast as they possibly could and still make sure that nothing was left behind. He was not sure why he worried so much; it was not like his target was going anywhere anytime soon. He just wanted to be in position early in case there was anything that he needed to change. His client would not be forgiving if he failed his mission, and had been told exactly what would happen if the mission had failed.

"Captain, we have a communications coming in." The communications officer said to him.

"Put it on the screen." The captain replied and watched as the screen came to life and the image of a dark bearded man appeared. The captain recognized his client and he wondered what the man wanted now.

"Lord Sera, so good to hear from you." The captain said to the man.

"When will you have my package for me?" Lord Sera asked his eyes ice cold to match his voice.

"I should be able to have it for you within the week. I am taking on supplies for my crew right now and I should be underway soon." The captain said a bit nervously. He knew that Lord Sera was notorious for his cruelty to others, and the captain did not want to get on the man's bad side. "I should have the package in my possession by the end of the week."

"Then I look forward to seeing you then." The man said before signing off.

"Well, things just got a bit more interesting around here." The captain said to the rest of the crew. Most did not understand what he was talking about as he walked over to the controls to see how they were doing in taking on supplies. He was also looking to see how long it would be before they could leave. He was assured that they could be able to leave within the hour.

DJ looked around her cabin taking in the entire layout of the room. Glancing out the window she noticed that the ship had begun to more by the fact that the station was slowly moving away. She went over to the bed and flopped down onto it with a smile on her face.

She was finally on a vacation. Her work was really beginning to take toll on her abilities to work. Even though she was only nineteen years old, she felt like she was wearing thin. Her major skill was in advanced computers and the development of androids. Her cutting edge theories were looked upon as controversial with her contemporaries, but she really did not care.

She thought back to conversation she had with her boss just before agreeing to go on this vacation:

"No!" She had told her boss as he had come into her small lab where she was working on her latest theory about computers and was working to see if it was even possible.

"Now DJ, we both know that you are headed to a burnout, maybe even a breakdown if you don't relax soon." He said in his whining type of voice that she could not stand. And all of her co-workers wondered why she did not like talking with the man.

"No!" DJ replied again not looking up from her computer.

"I have just the vacation for you, a nice cruise to the Aura Nebula aboard the finest star liner Briticannia." He replied back to her.

DJ thought about what he had said. People had usually had good things about their trips. She had also seen several videos of the Aura Nebula and part of her did want to see it live. DJ warred with herself about going on the vacation. She took a sip of her ever-present root beer that was beside her computer.

"We are even paying for it and I'll make sure that company knows not to try to talk to you," Her boss said seeing that she was beginning to weaken and say yes to the trip. "You'll come back refreshed and relaxed and you might even have some new theories."

"Fine!" DJ said and let her boss leave knowing that she had given in to his pressure but perhaps she did need the rest.

DJ sat back up from the bed as her stomach growled and she wondered what type of food they had on board the ship. She glanced at her suitcase and quickly unpacked. She then went to the bathroom and ran a comb through her blonde hair and satisfied that it looked well grabbed her old baseball hat and placed it on backwards. Then making sure that she had her cabin key left the room in search of the cafeteria.

Finding the cafeteria did not take long to find, as this one was at the top of the ship, and was not too crowded. She grabbed a plate and filled it with food and sat down at an empty table that had a wonderful view of Earth as the ship began to move away. She had barely sat down when a waiter came over to ask if she wanted anything to drink.

"Do you have root beer?" She asked quietly and the waiter nodded his head and headed off to fetch her drink. He was back even before she could take her first bite.

"Room number?" He asked as he placed her drink down next to her plate. DJ gave him her number and the waiter went on to the next passenger.

"Excuse me?" DJ heard a voice say as she was taking a sip of her drink. She looked up to see an older couple with their own trays of food standing near the table. "Do you mind if we sit down next to you?" The woman asked her.

DJ nodded her head at them and invited them to have a seat next to her.

"Thank you lass." The man said as he waited for his wife sit down. DJ noticed that he was balding on top, but he cut his hair short where she had to look closely to even notice. He was also in physically good shape and looked like he worked out a bit even though he was probably in his mid sixties. His wife looked like she dyed her hair blonde, but aside from that she was also in great shape. DJ could only hope that she looked as good when she reached the same age as the woman did. The couple also looked familiar as well, but she could not place them just yet.

"My name is Debbie and this is my husband Gary." The woman said as she sat down across form DJ. "We're from Calgary, in the Canada sector. My husband is a senator for that sector." She said with a bit of pride in her voice.

"Now dear, I'm sure that the young lass doesn't want to be bored with all of that political talk." Gary replied to his wife who appeared to just ignore him as she continued to talk.

"Hush dear." Debbie replied before continuing and DJ had to laugh to herself at their antics. "I know that some of the youngsters don't like political talk." Debbie turned back to DJ before continuing, "Anyways, is this your first time on board one of these star liners?" She asked DJ who just nodded her head. "You'll have a wonderful time. This is out tenth cruise, and let me tell you, that they just keep getting better. The service on board the Galactic Transliner Company's ships is one of the best in the universe."

DJ sat there listening as Debbie talked to her and she was glad that all she had to do was nod her head yes or no to Debbie's questions. DJ did not realize that one person could talk so much without the other person having to say a word. A plus from listening to Debbie was she had told DJ a lot of what to expect on the cruise. She finished her meal and with a very quick 'excuse me' to her table guest she left the cafeteria.

So that was Senator Gary South and his wife Debbie from the Canada sector. The latest rumor she had heard was that he was going to run for President of the Earth Council. She was sure that the couple had recognized her, and yet neither one of them had asked her name. There were not many people who had not heard of her, just very few knew who she was.

She walked over to where there was a bar with a great view of space. She walked into the bar area which had few people in it. Those who were in the bar were sitting down watching the Earth shrink from view.

DJ sat down at an empty chair near the window. Another waiter asking if she needed anything immediately approached her. She asked for another root beer and the waiter went back to the bar to get her drink. He came back with her drink and she gave him her room number and he left her alone. She glanced out at space and watched as the Earth shrank along with everyone else. She was sure that a few people had noticed her sitting by the window and that they knew who she was.

A group of young men were looking at her as well from the bar and she could just image their thoughts. She wondered how long it would take before she would have to fend one of them off. From the corner of her eye she noticed that two of the guys had finally gathered enough courage to approach her. The two men had gotten about half way across when she heard a voice directed to her.

"There you are little one." DJ heard and recognized the voice as belonging to Debbie South. She noticed that as the older woman sat down the two men that had been on their way over stopped and had gone back to the bar. "Its a beautiful sight, is it not?" She said as her husband came walking over from the bar with a couple of drinks in his hand.

"Here you go dear." He said giving her a kiss on her cheek as he set the drink down on the small table between the chairs.

"Thank you honey." Debbie replied as she took a sip of her drink.

"I'm going to talk with Douglas over there, don't talk the poor lass' ear off dear." Gary said with a bit of a grin and then walked over to where another man was standing and they began to talk to each other.

"You'll have to excuse my husband, DJ. He has been following your career with a great deal of interest. He is the one who introduced the Orphan Bill." Debbie told her and saw DJ's eyes widen. It was the one bill that had helped her to achieve much of what she had already done. The bill had allowed her to attend a university even though she did not have any money.

"Gary was not able to have children and he so does love children. I remember the first time he saw your picture in the news. He stopped chewing and wondered what type of parents would abandon a mere baby. That was the catalyst for him to get involved with politics and changed our lives completely. I think that if he had tried he would have tried to adopt you, but our money situation at the time did not allow us to even try it." Debbie said wondering what type of reaction DJ would have. "He followed your career and even asked to be the guest speaker at your graduation. He was as proud as any father there for you."

DJ sat there a bit stunned by what she had just heard. Part of her thought that Gary might be some sort of sick stalker type of person, but another part of her thought of him as some sort of distant provider.

"I know that you are naturally shy, that's why I haven't asked you any questions about anything. I also noticed two of those men headed your way. I figured that you did not want to be bothered by them. So I headed over here so you would not have to talk to them." Debbie told her.

"Thanks." Debbie said shyly as she looked back out her window.

"Oooo, a rare word from the famous DJ Seylitz, Gary will be crushed because he missed it." Debbie said with a teasing voice looking out the window as she realized that DJ was blushing.

DJ tried to take a sip of her drink of her root beer in an attempt to hide her blush. She wished that she did not blush so easily, or that she was not so shy. She had tried many things including classes for shy people, however nothing had worked and she had given up trying to be a social person.

Debbie sat there for a few minutes allowing the younger woman to rid herself of the blush. It had not been her intention to make the younger woman blush, but it just happened. "I know that you'll love the Aura Nebula. It has the most brilliant colors lighting up an entire area of space. Word and pictures cannot fully describe the sight. The colors mingle with each other, and flow around and through each other." Debbie said trying to describe the Nebula, but knowing that she was failing and that DJ would see it for herself soon.

DJ sat and listened as Debbie talked about just about everything and then some. She knew then that she had made a friend for her cruise, and someone who she could head to in case she got in trouble on the cruise.

After they could no longer really make out Earth DJ decided that it was time for her to head back to her own cabin and get a bit of sleep. Debbie noticed the yawn that came out of DJ and realized that the young woman was probably ready to fall asleep. She was used to long nights and knew that she could sleep in.

"I'll see you in the morning DJ." Debbie said watching as DJ smiled her thanks and got up. Debbie watched as she walked out of the bar and headed toward the elevators. Debbie watched as DJ made her way on the elevator without any problems.

DJ walked into her cabin after the night and had to smile to herself. Her encounter with Gary and Debbie South was a wonderful chance encounter. She had a small feeling that they would soon be important to her future, but she just was not sure how. She placed her cap on the cabinet then headed to the bathroom.

She walked into the bathroom and stripped out of clothing. She carefully placed everything in its place and then turned on the shower. She waited a few seconds for the water temperature to get just right. She stepped under the water and allowed the water to wash away all of her worries.

She allowed the water to run down her body as she just allowed her mind to wonder where it wanted to go. She had always wanted to write, and she could not help but begin to think about a story.

She finished her showers and dried off then shrugged into a large t-shirt and padded over to where her bed was located. She saw that her bed had already been turned down and was just waiting for her to turn in and fall asleep.

She snuggled into the bed and picked up her favorite book. It was one that she had found in a use bookstore and on the cover she just had to buy it. The story was exceptional and the writer had done one of the best jobs she had read in a long time. She picked up the old book, called 'Tropical Storm,' by Melissa Good.

She began reading it again even though she knew the book by heart. She began reading not realizing it when sleep overtook her and she fell asleep in a blissful slumber.

She woke up the next morning fresh and ready to tackle a new day. She got up and went over to where she had placed her clothes and sorted through her clothing and decided on a simple sundress, and sandals along with her baseball cap.

She walked out of the cabin just as her stomach growled indicating its displeasure at being ignored. Walking over to the elevator she thought about riding up to the cafeteria, then decided that she would use the stairs and get some exercise while she could. While she was not out of shape, she did not want to get out of habit.

Arriving at the cafeteria a short time later she looked around. She had slept in a bit and the tables were not as crowded. She walked over and grabbed a box of Froot Loops, some milk, and a blueberry muffin along with a glass of orange juice.

Balancing her tray she maneuvered around a couple of tables to a small-unoccupied table where she sat her tray down. She had barely sat down when the waiter came over to ask if she needed anything.

DJ shook her head no and watched as he walked on to the next person leaving her by herself. She looked out the window to the great view into the vastness of space.

Her breakfast went by without anything happening, for which she was grateful. She finished her breakfast and then went down to the main desk to gather some information about the ground tours at Violita.

There were few people at the desk and she was able to easily place her tour, then she decided to head to the exercise area and do some running while she watched space go by.

In the coldness of space a single signal sped through space towards a small ship as it made its stealthy approach to a well-visited planet, even though it was not really colonized.

Inside the ship there was a general relaxation as they waited for their information that they would need to take their package.

"Captain, incoming message." The communications officer said knowing that it was probably the information that they required.

"Put it through." The captain said.

"Yes sir." Came the reply as the screen came to life.

A young male came on the screen and he looked a bit nervous.

"Report!" The captain said knowing that the quickest the information was received the less likely it could be traced later.

"Your package is on the second transport." The man said.

"Understood." The captain said as the transmission was terminated.

"Shall I make the preparations captain?" One crewmember said looking at his captain.

"Proceed, keep me informed the moment we are completely ready." The captain said watching as the man walked off the bridge to begin the preparations for their package.

DJ walked back down to her cabin wondering what she would do. There was always time to read, or just simply sit and relax in one of the bar areas.

She had been in one that had a very nice view of space along with some very comfortable chairs. Her mind made up she decided that she would grab her favorite book and head up to the observation lounge and relax a bit and take in the sights.

A couple of minutes later she walked onto the observation lounge and sat down in one of the chairs that had a great view near the window. She sat down and pulled her legs up underneath herself and settled back into the comfort of the chair.

She had barely sat down when a bar waiter came over and asked her if she wanted a root beer. DJ was a bit shocked and nodded that it would be fine. She had not expected them to remember what she had ordered last night, but he did. The waiter appeared a minute later with her drink. She gave him a smile and he returned the smile and left her alone with her book.

The waiter had not been sure what to expect when he had heard that the famous DJ Seylitz was going to be on board for the next voyage. He had expected her to be impatient as some of the movie stars that had been on board the ship. He did not like the movie stars, they were always complaining that nothing anyone ever did was good enough, and they complained loud enough so that everyone around them could hear about how poorly they were treated. This young lady was entirely different; she hardly talked to anyone. She was not rude, at least as far as anyone he had talked to felt about it, she just smiled a lot which took away any feelings that she might be rude.

The bar was mostly empty and he took a moment to study her. She was smaller than he would have thought, but she was much prettier than he had thought either. Her blonde hair was usually in a ponytail, coming out of an old baseball cap that had an old hockey team logo on it. It was the logo of the old Calgary Flames team of the National Hockey League, which was before it changed to the World League of Hockey.

He knew that she was one of the wealthiest people alive. She had invented a new type of processor when she was younger that revolutionized the computer industry and brought it back from the brink of collapse. She had also developed a new operating system that was user friendly and could run any program already out there from any of the current operating systems.

She had done all that and unlike so many of the others she was still trying to improve the old and invent the new. He briefly wondered if inventors like her were motivated by themselves, money, or of they really cared about how their invention would help people out. He briefly considered asking her about it, but his captain had told them to not ask her any questions regarding her work. He also figured that she would not answer.

He glanced back over to her as she looked up to watch the planet Saturn go past.

The planet was a beautiful sight to watch. He was glad that he worked here and got to look outside, as he usually had the best view in the entire ship.

DJ watched as the large shape of Saturn slowly approached the front of the window. It was as a pretty sight as one could see. She could see the rings that were around the planet quite clearly. She allowed herself to just watch the sight in front of her.

She settled back further into the comfort of the chair and relaxed a bit as she took a sip of her drink. The chair made her look like a kid sitting in the chair as she took off her hat and placed it next to her book and drink. She tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear as she watched out the window.

"A beautiful sight isn't it!" A male voice said from over the back of her chair. DJ shut her eyes in annoyance as a tall man came over and sat down beside her. "Almost as beautiful as you." He said with what he thought was a charming smile.

DJ returned with a small polite smile of her own while expressing her disinterest in the man by looking out the window. She could see out of the corner of her eye that he had not left yet.

"What's a pretty thing like you doing all by yourself?" He asked as he ran his eyes over her body and she shifted a bit uncomfortable by his stare. "You should have a man on your arm." He said with what he thought about a woman being by herself.

She did not give any indication that she had heard what he had said by continuing to stare out the window hoping that he would get the message. Instead he reached out and ran his hand over her arm.

"Hey come on, I know that you can talk, I've heard you before." He said leaning in a bit more to start to caress her face as she shrank back from him.

"Is there a problem here?" The voice of the waiter said and DJ breathed a bit of relief at the sound.

"Nothing that concerns you. Sweetpea and I were just getting acquainted, weren't we?" He said glancing at the waiter who had interrupted him.

DJ just decided that she would take this opportunity to move away from him and settle in a chair a couple of chairs away.

"It seems to me that she doesn't want your attention." The waiter said as he saw DJ move away from the man.

"I said that it was none of your business, now leave us alone!" He said rising and beginning to get agitated.

A hand appeared on his shoulder and he quickly turned around to a sight he was not expecting. "I think you should leave her alone." The captain said standing in front of the man. "This is suppose to be a pleasure vacation for people, not a cheap pick up bar." He said a bit sternly.

"Fine." The man all but shouted at the captain before turning away and walking out of the bar.

The captain walked over to where DJ had moved. "Are you all right?" He asked her.

DJ nodded her head that she was fine and the captain then went over to talk with the waiter for a few minutes before he too left the bar.

DJ thought that people wondered why she did not like to get out much. If they were as short and shy as she was, and as well known they would not leave their house either. People always thought that they knew her and would just begin to talk to her.

She tried to relax back into the chair as she tucked her legs under her again. The man had been very bold and had taken her off guard. She would have to remember to tip the waiter after the cruise for his timely rescue.

"Hello there lass, mind if I sit down?" A warm voice said from behind her. She looked over to see Gary standing there with a drink in his hand as he motioned to the empty chair next to her. DJ nodded her head and motioned for him to take the seat. DJ had wished that he had been there a few minutes earlier than she would have never had that encounter earlier.

"Saturn is very beautiful." Gary said after a minute of silence. "No matter how many times I've seen it I am still amazed by it. Of course not as beautiful as my wife." He said with a grin while he was looking out of the window. "Of course I'd be divorced if I said anything otherwise." A bit of a laugh came with it gaining a smile from DJ.

DJ did not know what to think about Gary South at first. Her initial reaction was one of confusion about him. She did not know whether to think he was some sort of stalker, or if he was a genuine gentleman who was just naturally caring. For the first time in DJ's life she had someone who could finally fit a father figure for her.

They sat there for about an hour while Gary make a few casual remarks about what he thought
of space and the colonies.

DJ had learned that the colonies had wanted to have peace with Earth for quite some time now. The real reason that there was tension between the colonies and Earth was easy. The colonies thought that Earth's government was taking advantage of the colonies.

Gary explained that the government had not governed the colonies for over two years. A new colony government was in the works that would begin to take over in the next couple of months. There were talks in progress with a man called Yayan. The rest of the colonies did not know about the government's plans yet, as it was going to be released at a special news conference.

"There you are dear." They heard Debbie's voice say. They turned to watch her approach them.

"I see that you're done honey." Gary said getting up and giving her a hug.

"Oh, yes, I had a wonderful time. I see that you have found a friend to pass the time by with." Debbie says as she turned to DJ. "How are you doing DJ? He didn't bore you did he?" She said with a smile as DJ shook her head as a reply. "Well, I'm hungry, do you want to join us?" She asked.

DJ thought it over for a second before she nodded her head. The three of them made their way to the cafeteria to have something to eat.

DJ watched as the shuttle began its decent down to the planet Violita. She had taken the tour to a beautiful waterhole with a waterfall. She was looking forward to the tour. It would be the first time she had ever stepped on another planet's surface besides the Earth. She had never even been to the moon and just about everyone had been there.

She glanced out of the window and watched as the planet's surface came into view. The landing went smoothly as she hardly even felt it. Exiting the shuttle she noticed the signs for the different tours and she looked around for hers.

After finding the tour she went over to where a bunch of people were standing and waited until it was time to begin the tour.

DJ walked back to the shuttle as she as her tour ended. She had a wonderful time seeing all of the different types of flowers and plants that she had only seen in greenhouses on Earth.

"Hello lass, how was your tour?" A voice said and she looked over to see who had spoken to her. She saw Gay and his wife walking towards her. She smiled at them as they approached her. She waited as they approached her.

"Our tour just ended and we were going to catch the next shuttle back up to the ship to have lunch." Debbie said to DJ. "Why don't you join us after we get back on board the ship." Debbie stated. DJ agreed and they boarded the shuttle and waited for the ascent back up to the ship.

She walked on board the shuttle behind Gary and Debbie and took a seat across from where they were sitting. They felt the slight bump as the shuttle took off and began it way back to the ship.

The shuttle did not detect anything until it was too late for the pilots to do anything. They had been halfway to the ship when another larger ship intercepted the shuttle. The ship swallowed up the smaller shuttle in an instant.

DJ felt the shuttle being jostled around as several of the passengers were tossed about. Several looked out the windows only to wish that they had not. The shuttle was in some sort of hanger and they could see armed people and heavy weapons aimed at the shuttle.

The door suddenly opened and several armed men came rushing into the shuttle. They were armed with rifles and guns pointing them all around as people tried to hide from the men as they searched for their target.

"Everyone shut up, we don't want your money." One man who appeared to be the leader said as he calmly walked down the shuttle looking at everyone. "You, get up." He said pointing the gun at DJ. Her face registered shock at his word and because she was slow to move he roughly pulled her up out of her seat and tossed her forward.

DJ's mind was in shock as she fell to the ground. She watched as her cap fell off and went out of her grasp. She also could not believe that she was being kidnapped in front of everyone and there was not anything that they could do.

"You won't be needing that." The man said grabbing her by her shirt and yanking her out of the shuttle door rather roughly. DJ landed hard outside the shuttle as she heard her shirt rip.

She was still dazed when another couple of hands lifted her up and pushed her out of the hanger and to a small holding cell.

The shuttle was released and the ship disappeared just as quickly as it appeared.

On board the shuttle the startled passengers and crew made their way to the ship. A person bent down and picked up DJ's hat from where it had fallen.

"I wish to speak with the captain when we get on the ship." Gary said holding the cap. He would not rest until the kidnappers had been destroyed.

DJ sat in the corner of the bare cell that she had been led to. She wondered what had just happened and why they had kidnapped her at all. Glancing down she noticed that her shirt had ripped down the front and was now almost worthless to her, as the remaining part of the shirt hid nothing. If it was not for her bra she might as well be topless.

The door opened and a large man stepped into the doorframe and glanced at her. He tossed her some clothing and instructed her to put it on. He also mentioned that if she did not it would result in her being whipped harshly. He laughed as he walked out of the small room leaving her alone again.

DJ paled a bit at the thought of being whipped and picked up what he had thrown at her. It appeared to be a full body suit. She lifted it up and realized that the area that would cover her breasts would be exposed and her lower areas would also be exposed. The thought frightened her as she could see herself as some sort of sex slave.

She quickly came to her senses and put on the suit in case the man came back. She was sure that if she did not have it on then she would be whipped and still have to wear this, or maybe worse.

She had never felt so exposed in all of her life as she did at this moment. Just as the thought went through her mind the door opened and two large men came into the room.

"Damn, what a hot bitch." One of the men said as they walked over to where she was now cowering. She tried to cover herself up but found her arms being strapped behind her and tied.

"Never cover these beautiful tits." The other man said as he slapped her bare breast, then the other one even harder causing a whimper to come from DJ. They just laughed a bit as she tried to shrink away from them.

"That was just a love tap beautiful." The one man said. "You would do well to remember that." He said then they forced her out the door and was placed between them.

They lead her back to the hanger where she had first been taken. Inside the hanger there were now several other ships. There was several men and women standing around waiting. They all looked as she was brought forward.

"Ah, I see that our guest of honor has arrived." One of the men said turning back to a large man with dark hair and a beard. Beside him stood a tall blonde hair woman who looked at DJ with interest.

"Good work." The bearded man said walking up to DJ and looking over her like she was a piece of meat. "Damn good work." The blonde behind him smiled at DJ and she could not suppress the shudder of fear that went up and down her spine. "Take her away Callie." The man said and the blonde behind him almost jumped up and down with joy as a smile came to her face.

"Come on sweet thing." The blonde said as she walked up to DJ. DJ figured that this woman was Callie, someone she did not want to cross. The blonde woman walked up to DJ and then surprised her by grabbing one of her breast. She used it as a sort of leash pulling on it making DJ struggle to keep up with the tall blonde.

The tall woman called Callie led her down several corridors until she arrived at a door that she opened. The blonde tossed DJ roughly into the cell and watched as DJ landed hard on her side. DJ looked up at the tall blonde and wished she had not because the blonde was still standing there looking at her with lust in her eyes.

"Don't worry, I'm not to touch you, at least not yet!" The woman said with a smile then with one last look over DJ's body she left the room with a cruel laugh that left DJ scared.

DJ sat down in the corner of the cell wondering what was going to happen to her. She briefly wondered if they wanted money, and if that was the case then she could afford a ransom demand.

She had plenty of time to ponder the question of what her captures wanted from her. Her cell door finally opened several hours later and she was briefly glad that it was not that Callie woman. Instead it was the bearded man she had seen on the hanger earlier.

"We're here." He said walking over to her and bringing her up to her feet. "Come with me, or I'll call Callie to help you." He said with a cruel smile as the mentioning of the blonde's name got DJ up and moving fast enough to keep up with the man. He led her out of the docking bay and down several more corridors. People passed by and seemed not to pay any attention to her or how she was dressed.

She was led to a large room filled with computer equipment and a large biolab near the back of the room. There was a large table along with foldable tables and chairs. He reached behind her and released her wrists. She quickly rubbed them as the pressure was released.

"Here's what you're going to do for me my little pet." The man said. "You are going to create the perfect android for me." He said with a bit of a gloat in his voice. "I only want it to be the perfect spy, assassin and soldier for my little operation." He ordered her with a bit of a smile on his face as he said it.

"And if you don't co-operate with me, well let's just say that Callie can be quite creative in her torture of the female body." He said with a small laugh. "I've already had the skeleton structure created, all you have to do is finish the project, and you will, or else." He said pointing to a table where a robot skeleton was then he walked out of the room.

"He's so right." A voice purred behind her causing DJ to jump and turn around. She wished that she had not right away. DJ had not seen the whip, but she sure felt it as it struck her expertly on her clit causing her to crumple in pain.

"That's just a small sample of what I'm capable of doing." Callie said as she walked over to where DJ was lying. Callie then took the toe of her boot and shoved it between DJ's ass cheeks rubbing the toe back and forth. "Better keep him happy, or else you'll make me happy." She said laughing as she left the room.

DJ remained where she was for a few more minutes until she was sure that she was really alone. She realized that she would have to build this monstrosity for this evil man, and she probably still would be handed over to Callie for fun. But if she did not do what he said then she would be handed over to Callie, and still be forced to build the android. For the moment she did not have many options except build the android. She picked herself up off the floor she had a small idea.

DJ looked around for anything to that she could use to cover herself up. There was a small closet near a bed in one corner, but as she looked in it she realized that everything there was just as revealing as what she was dressed in right now.

She resigned herself to what she was wearing with a sigh. She thought that it was a bit strange to keep her so exposed, but she was sure that the worst was still to come.

Glancing over to the table where the skeleton was she slowly made her way over to it. She realized that it would be over six feet tall once it was completed. She took a closer look at the metal and realized what it was. It was the new neurocarbon steel, something that had just recently been discovered. The metal was over a thousand times stronger than anything else known.

The metal had some unique properties, if broken it could heal itself, and it also had the ability to bond a bit with living flesh. DJ remembered reading about the possibilities of the metal in the medical field as it could be used for many things. The only problem was that once it was formed it was impossible to mold again. It had to be molded when created or else it took the energy of a small sun to reshape it.

DJ briefly wondered how this man had managed to create such a large amount of the metal, and in the right way. It must have cost the man a small fortune to make. She looked over to where the biolab was and noticed that she would be able to create the flesh for the android giving the illusion that it would be a living person.

Glancing back at the android she took inventory as to what it already had. It looked like it had just needed a brain and some skin to make it look human. She thought about what type of programming would be needed to make this thing act human. She figured she thought she had the right one in mind.

The only problem was that the thought repulsed her that she was going to be making something so evil. She wondered if she would be able to do anything else with it. She figured that he would have someone who was at least knowledgeable with computers to make sure that she did not sabotage his 'perfect soldier.'

As she thought about this an idea formed in her mind. She thought of a way to exact revenge for what she knew was going to happen to her after the project was completed. The program would not take up much space, and unless his watch guards knew what to look for they would never find it in all of the codes.

"What do you mean there is nothing we can do?" Gary yelled at the military commander on the screen in front of him. He was on the bridge of the Briticannia.

"I mean that by the time I get any ships in the area the ship could be anywhere in the universe." The commander replied back to the senator. He was trying not to anger the powerful senator any more than he all ready was.

"So, you won't even try to look for her?" Gary asked already knowing what the commander would say in return. It seemed absolutely ridiculous to him that such a thing could happen at all. The greatest mind of their day had just been kidnapped and here the military, police and others in his party would not even lift a finger to try and help.

"I'm sorry sir, but the increasing tension with the colonies has put a lot of pressure on where I need my personnel." The commander replied back to Gary. "She might have staged the kidnapping to go to the colonies. It is a know fact that she has sympathized with the colonies lately."

"I'm afraid that I don't agree with you and your conclusion commander." Gary replied as the line went dead. "Damit!" He yelled as he realized that the commander had terminated the call.

The Briticannia captain winced a bit as he saw Gary slam his fist on the console. He could not blame the senator for his out burst. He also wanted to reach through the monitor and strangle the commander for his actions. He figured that if tensions were that high, and war might be that close then they would need people like DJ Seylitz to help prevent the war from being deadlier than it could be.

"Those bastards couldn't find their way out of their own ass even if they had a map." Gary shouted in his anger. He leaned back into the chair that he was sitting in and decided that the only thing he could do was try his other contacts when he got back to Earth. He also could try a few contacts that owed him some favors and he would try anything he could to get some answers.

"What do you think happened senator?" The captain asked wondering if Gary had any answers or ideas.

"I'm not to sure." Gary replied with a shake of his head. "I have a bad feeling about all of it. I also don't think that she went willingly either. I saw the fear in her eyes as they took her." Gary told the ship captain as he recalled the look on the young woman's face as she was dragged out of the shuttle.

"Do you think that they want some sort of ransom?" The captain asked.

"I only hope that it is that simple. I have a feeling that they want something that she knows, or knows how to create." Gary said remembering what all the young woman she knew. "Thanks for the use of the communicator even though it was for nothing." He told the captain then walked out of the room.

Gary could not escape the feeling that something else was going on. He vowed that he would find out what was going on and soon. He did not think that DJ had much time left.

He walked down the corridor away from the bridge as his mind thought of all the possibilities. He walked into his cabin and his wife knew right away that something was wrong by the scowl that Gary was wearing.

"What happened?" Debbie asked him as he sat down in the chair.

"Nothing much, except for those political arrogant, selfish slobs on Earth think that DJ staged it because she has made a few opinions that favor the colonies against the Earth government." He said with a bit of venom in his voice.

"Are they going to do anything at all?" Debbie asked him a bit surprised at the turn of events that had occurred.

"No! They are not even going to try and find her. As far as the government is concerned she is a traitor and they have begun an investigation into her holdings and affairs." He replied. "Can you believe that? An investigation of DJ, the one person who has done more to advance our technology with a single hand than anyone else in a long time and the government is starting an investigation. It just sounds funny to me, I'm going to start my own investigation when we return."

"That does sound a bit strange!" His wife said agreeing with him as he picked up DJ's hat.

"I don't think that she would have left her hat behind either, she seemed really fond of it." He said taking a better look at the baseball hat.

"I wonder if she even knew what team was on there?" She said.

"Probably, she's a smart girl." Gary replied. "I hope that she keeps her wits about her and doesn't try anything stupid."

"She'll survive and they'll find her." Debbie said seeing the look that he gave her and she knew that he would do anything in his power to find out what happened.

DJ sat down at the desk and started to put together the network that would be used for the androids brain. It would be a complex maze of wires, processors, memory chips and hard drives that would all have to work in conjunction with each other. DJ tried to recall everything she had read about the human brain and began to piece together one based on silicon instead of carbon. Several of the processors were powerful state of the art technologies, which would insure that the android would remain the most powerful computer for a long time to come.

DJ used the process of stringing several processors together so that one was the central processor that gave out the commands to the other processors to do the work. This way there would be no slow down in the computing power. As she was putting the brain together she was figuring out a way to program the system. For her it would be easy.

She was so wrapped up in her work that she did not hear anyone come into the room. She about jumped out of her chair when a plate of food was set down on the table next to her.

"My, my, my, a little jumpy are we?" Came the female voice. DJ knew without looking that it belonged to Callie and her heart rate picked up a bit. "Relax little one, I'm not here to hurt you." Callie said with a smile as she caressed DJ's cheek with the back of her hand.

DJ was frozen with fear, as this woman was not one that she wanted to be left alone with at any time. Callie moved around to where she was now standing behind DJ and wrapped her arms around the smaller woman.

"I'm looking forward to getting to know you better when you fail you assignment." Callie said as one of her hands wondered over DJ's left breast. "You might want to breathe." Callie said having felt DJ suck in a breath. She pulled and twisted the nipple in her hand drawing a pained gasp from DJ then she left the room.

It took DJ a few minutes to stop shaking from the encounter with Callie. DJ briefly wondered if she even stood a chance of making it out of this place alive. Callie appeared to be an expert on torture and pain. The thought sent a shudder through her body as she looked at the food.

She sniffed it for any signs of drugs, as she was concerned with being poisoned, as they needed her too much. She was more concerned about them putting some sort of mind control drugs in the food.

Finding the food to her satisfaction and glancing around to make sure that Callie was indeed gone she relaxed a bit more before eating the food. It was not as bad as it seemed and they did not want her to starve to death, so she settled back and enjoyed the food before getting back to work.

DJ went back to work on the android's brain and wondered if her programming would allow the machine to have humanlike emotions, or even actually experience them. She wondered if she should allow for pleasure as well, like sex. Then she remembered what the man had wanted. One of the requirements was spying, and if she was going to make the android a woman, then she should feel pleasure as well.

DJ was intercepted again as Callie brought in another plate of food. DJ had lost track of time and realized that it had been a long time since she had last eaten. Again Callie played her mind games leaving DJ shaking as the tall blonde walked out of the room. DJ once again ate while working on the android. She felt herself getting tired and her eyelids started to get heavy and she did not even realize when she fell asleep.

"Well look at what I have here." A voice that she recognized said in her ear. DJ would have jumped up but she was already in someone's arms and she realized that it was Callie. Her heartbeat almost stopped as she realized that.

"When you're tired there's a bed right here." Callie said as she picked DJ up and carried her over to the bed depositing DJ on the bed. "If you ask me, I'll join you, or I'll join you anyways." Callie said with a smile on her face as she reached out to caresses DJ's hair. "I will have you screaming soon." She said to DJ as the smaller woman tried to merge with the wall behind her. Callie laughed to herself as visions of DJ in various positions crossed her mind. She smiled one last time before walking out of the room.

DJ was not sure but she thought that she heard the woman whispering something about whips, piercing and chains coming from Callie's lips as she walked out. It was something that DJ was not sure she wanted to ever see or experience.

DJ woke up the next morning shaking from a nightmare that she had. She recalled that it involved Callie standing over her and she was chained to the wall. It was something she hoped that she did not have to experience. DJ doubted that she even had four hours of sleep, but she felt that sleep would not be possible she went back to work on the android. It was not like she had much else to do.

She had almost completed the structure of the brain yesterday and she made some minor changed to it making sure that it would at least operate.

Glancing around she noticed the computer sitting at the desk across the way. She walked over to it and powered it up. She realized that it was there strictly for programming the android, as it was connected to no outside line.

Grabbing a piece of paper from the printer she began to draw a rough sketch of what she would have to program and what went where. It took an hour for her to do, but she had finally finished a complex sketch outline for her to work with. To anyone else who looked at it the scribbling would be just that, scribbling. That was intentional on her part, as the less her kidnappers knew of the programming the longer she live and be able to get away.

DJ heard the door open this time and knew who was coming in. She got up and eyed Callie as she walked into the room with a tray of food. The smell of the food made her stomach growl and she was sure that Callie had heard it.

"I see that someone is hungry." Callie said with a predatory smile on her face as she placed the tray down on the table. DJ continued to eye the woman warily not sure what the tall woman was going to do this time.

Callie watched amused at DJ. Then quicker than DJ could react Callie pinned the smaller woman against the wall. Callie forced a kiss from DJ as one of her hands cupped DJ's sex. "I like this." She purred into DJ's ear as she brought up her knee up to force DJ's legs apart. "Be sure to wash and keep clean."

Callie then released DJ and walked out of the room leaving DJ were she was standing against the wall shaking with fear. After she calmed down she walked over to where the tray had been laid down. The food was again quite good, as it appeared that they were not trying to starve or poison her.

As much as DJ did not want to do what Callie said to do the thought of what might happen if she did not scared her too much. She went over to the bathroom and showered and shaved. Although she would have felt better if she had better clothing she did feel better.

The next couple of days went along the same way as she programmed the android's brain. Callie would come into the room and usually felt up DJ or giving her breasts a painful squeeze. So far Callie had been the only person who DJ had seen. It lead her to wonder if there was anyone else around besides her and Callie, not that she really wanted to find out.

DJ took a small break and went over to the organic lab to see how the organic material that would cover the android was coming along. She realized that it was a simple organism, but that it would need food to keep it healthy, which she would also have to make sure that the androids brain realized.

She thought a bit on how to make sure that the organic layer was getting enough nutrients and realized that she would need a series of sensors to do the job. She walked over to the skeleton and with some wires and other sensor devices she could rig up a system that could indicate hunger, pain and pleasure. The sensor system would be the equivalent of a human nervous system. When she was done setting the sensors on the skeleton it looked like a porcupine.

DJ walked back to the paper where she had her plans and was easily able to incorporate the new development into her plans. She realized that it had actually made some of her problems easier than before.

She went back to programming when she realized that it was about time for Callie to make her next appearance, which the young woman dreaded. Last time Callie had slapped her breasts so hard that there was an imprint of her hand on them. She really did not want to find out what the evil woman had in store for her this time.

DJ heard the door open and knew that Callie was coming in again. She wondered what would happen if she ignored the woman. The plate was placed down beside her as she kept on typing.

"Ignore me!" Callie growled as she shoved DJ off the chair she was on. She landed heavily on her back but did not have time to register anything as Callie picked her up. "I do not like to be ignored!" Callie said walking over near the android. DJ had no idea of what was happening until she felt something between her legs. She was about to look down when Callie released her. The folding table struck her directly between her legs bringing pain DJ had never experienced before. She went into a fetal position as she hit the ground.

"Never ignore me again you little cunt." Callie yelled at her then stormed out of the room leaving DJ where she had landed.

It took DJ a few minutes before she had recovered enough to get up and walked gingerly over to where the desk was. She would not try that again as she gingerly tried to ease the pain that she still felt. The only good thing was that she would have enough time to code her little surprise into the android.

Her little program took very little time and she finished up the main program. She figured that it was around mid afternoon if she went by the food delivery schedule. She placed what would be the brain in the head of the android and began to connect everything. She turned on the power and crossed her fingers.


The sound of a person breathing could be heard somewhere in the room. There was only one person from the sounds. The person also sounded quite close by. Activating the optical camera a fuzzy image slowly came into focus.

There was a lot of white and not much else at first. Glancing over to the right, a face could be made out. There was an innocent looking face with bright green eyes staring with wonder right back. The blonde hair framed the beautiful face almost blending in with the background giving the young woman what appeared to be a glow.

The face disappeared and a voice could be heard. It gave some orders to her.

"Lift your left arm." A sweet sounding voice said. The left arm went up. "Move the right arm." Came the voice again and the right arm lifted up. This continued until every moving joint had been tested.

Then the world went dark again.

DJ sat at the computer terminal with a huge grin on her face. She had done it, something that many others had said could not be done. The android had worked perfectly. It had responded to verbal commands and it had looked around as she recalled when it was first activated. She also remembered a small thrill when the blue hue of its eyes had met hers.

She recalled what was left to do with the android. The only real things left was for her was the organic layer, and the memory information dump.

DJ judged the time and when Callie would be back to bring her supper. The next phase that she would have to do would need to be uninterrupted.

DJ decided that she would take a shower and freshen up before anything else happened. Then after the woman's visit she would begin the organic layer for the exoskeleton.

She removed the skimpy garment that they had provided her to wear. She hated all of the outfits that they had provided for her to wear. She tested the water; at least she had been provided with hot water and stepped under the water. She had only been under the water for a few minutes when she heard the door open. Panic gripped her at the thought of that woman seeing her in the shower.

"Well, well, I see that you're already getting wet for me." Callie said with a bit of a laugh as she walked straight in seeing DJ get out of the shower and trying to dry herself off. "Here, let me help." Callie said walking over and grabbing the towel.

DJ cringed at the words and tried to dry herself off quickly before Callie could make her way over to where she was. The other woman ripped the towel out of her hands.

"You look better wet." Callie said with a hard slap to DJ's right breast watching with delight at DJ's face. "I have other things to attend to today, but I'll get acquainted with this real soon." Callie said cupping DJ's sex then left the room.

DJ was glad that the woman had something else to do other than torment her. As she watched the woman walk out of the room DJ realized that Callie had taken the towel with her leaving her without anything to dry herself with. Even though the room was kept comfortable her wet body made her feel colder than it actually was.

She rubbed herself vigorously trying to warm and dry herself at the same time. She hoped that she could dry off soon so that she could put on something, even though her clothing did not cover much, it was something.

Walking back over to the she looked to see how the organic mixture was going. She realized that she could begin the process at anytime. Glancing around at the table she noticed her food, something she did not realized Callie had walked in with.

She went over to it and ate knowing that she would not get a chance to until after the next step was complete. Walking back over to the biolab DJ noticed that the mixture was ready. She knew that would take most of the night to complete.

She began the long laborious process of putting the skin over the exoskeleton. She figured that she would be up most of the night working on it.

Time slipped by as she worked on the android. At one point of her work she thought that she heard some noise coming from behind her, but she was not in a position to stop her work. If she did stop then she would have to restart the entire process over from scratch again.

When nothing happened DJ spared a quick glance behind her to see what was going on. To her surprise she did not see anyone else in the room with her. There was the clear sign that Callie had been in the room with her by the presence of a tray of food. DJ quickly figured out that it was breakfast time, but it would have to wait.

A while later she finally put the finishing touches on the organic layer of the skeleton. She then began the intense UV light phase. This would make the organic layer grow skin and define the shape of the person more to what a person would look like than any artist could do.

The UV phase would take the rest of the morning to complete and after grabbing a quick bit to eat DJ decided that she had time to take a nap. The buzzer would go off telling that the phase was over. Then she could begin the last phase, the information dump into the memory core of the android. All she had to do was hope that the android would work perfectly.

She settled down on the bed and was too tired to think about what her future held and drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

The buzzer almost made her jump right off the bed as it sounded. It took DJ a few minutes to calm her racing heart from the pounding that had been doing from the alarm. She got up out of the bed to check on the android's progress.

Walking over to the table DJ uncovered the android from its protective case. The case protected anyone else in the room from being harmed by the UV rays. DJ looked at the android and she was sure that if she had not helped create the android she would have thought it was real. The only part that looked strange was that the android was still bald. The hair program she had created would rectify that problem. The android would create hair from the organic matter that it consumed allowing it to grow hair faster than a normal human.

As DJ looked at the head of the android she realized that it was not really bald, but had started to grow a small layer of hair on its head. Walking back over to the computer terminal she activated the last of the programs and heard the buzz of the hard drive as the computer began its information dump into the androids memory drives.

Glancing back at the android DJ realized that she could no longer think of the android as a machine. She figured that if everything worked then the android was in a way her child, or creation and it needed a name.

Several names came to DJ's mind. The name Dar, from one of her favorite books, Hurricane Watch, or Xena after one of her favorite shows came to her mind. There were also a couple of other names such as Alex or Lucy, but looking at the android nothing seemed to fit. The android was no longer machine, and it was not a human so she was not sure what to call it.

She toyed with combinations that included parts of both android and human but Anho or Huad just did not work. The android definitely a woman, or a lady, with a metal skeleton. Then a name came to her, Lexa.

Glancing at the newly named android she realized that somehow the name Lexa fit. DJ was not sure why the name fit, but somehow it just did.

"Well Lexa, it seems like my job here is about done, remember me," DJ said softly to the android.

DJ turned around at the sound of the door opening interrupting her thoughts. There in the doorway stood a dark haired bearded man. She remembered the man as the same on she had met right after she had been kidnapped. Behind the man stood Callie, the tall blonde who had terrified DJ the entire time she had been here.

The man walked over to where the android was lying on the table and he walked around it a couple of times. He nodded his head talking to himself. He touched the skin of the android as if he was testing something out.

"Nice work, now we will see how well my new pet will perform," he said not taking his hand off the android. "I take it that it will be able to grow her hair out to whatever length it needs," he asked watching DJ nod her head.

Callie smacked DJ hard on her bare bottom. "Speak when he asks you something cunt," Callie said harshly.

"Callie," Lord Sera said with a warning tone in his voice as he stared at the tall blonde. "I allow you to bring our guest her meals for a reason, don't make me change my mind right now, understand," he voice turning ice cold.

He had used Callie to provide the intimidation to encourage DJ to his bidding. He also wanted to keep DJ around, and with the threat of Callie handing over the short woman she was his forever to be his slave. A cruel smile came to his lip that made DJ shiver when she saw it.

Callie pouted a bit when Lord Sera ruined her fun that she was having. She knew that one day she would have the beautiful blonde to herself. Lord Sera would not be able to protect the young woman forever.

DJ for her part just tried to think of other things to keep her mind busy as Lord Sera walked up to her.

"I could turn you over to her if you displease me, remember that," Sera said as he caressed DJ's nipples. He stayed like that for a few minutes enjoying the feel of DJ in his hands.

"When will it be ready?" He asked and was really surprised when the android suddenly sat up and looked around at the surroundings. "Ohh, this is wonderful," he said like a little kid on Christmas morning.

Lexa sat up on the table and moved her legs over the edge. Pushing off Lexa stood for the first time on her legs standing proud despite the fact that she was stark naked, but it did not bother her too much. She was an android, but she had a feeling that everyone would be more comfortable if she had clothing on.

"Clothes?" She asked with a raised eyebrow looking at the nearest man.

DJ was a bit shocked by what Lexa had just done. The raised eyebrow was something DJ had not programmed. Lexa was already learning how to adapt to her surroundings. The thought made her a bit proud that something she had done had worked out so well.

Lord Sera laughed a bit at the android's response. "Well, I like you already," he said then turned and commanded Callie to get some clothes for his newest pet. Callie looked like she was going to object for a second looking from Lord Sera to the android and back before she grudgingly left the room. "So do you know who I am?" He asked looking at the android.

"You're name is Lord Sera, a known criminal mastermind from the colonies who was assumed to have been killed on Sagas V five years ago. It was assumed that you wanted total control over the colonies by creating a war against Earth," Lexa said pulling the information from her hard drives. Looking around at another man she continued. "His name is GŁnter Junkers, a known small time drug runner from the colonies to Earth. Shall I continue?"

Lord Sera just laughed to himself as he listened to what the android was saying. "Bravo my pet, I think you'll do very well in your service to me," he told her and was about to say more when Callie returned to the room with some clothing.

Lexa picked through the pile of clothing before settling on a pair of dark pants, a white sleeveless shirt and a black leather jacket to wear over it. She put on the clothing and Callie took the rest away.

DJ watched the interaction of Lexa and the others with a bit of sad pride. She was glad that all of her programming had worked, but also knew that her time of safety was now over. Glancing over to where Lexa was dressing she could not help but notice that Lexa's hair had grown about an inch.

"How long are you going to grow your hair?" Lord Sera asked as he looked at the androids hair as well.

"Just past my shoulders," Lexa replied to the question.

"That should look good," Lord Sera said as he got a good look at the android's hair before continuing. "I have a job for you, it is a bit risky but all you have to do is kill someone. That should not be hard for you, just the President of Earth, Janice Harriton," He said with a smile on his face.

"Is that all you need me to do?" Lexa asked watching the man as he nodded his head yes. The man known as Lord Sera along with GŁnter both walked out leaving her in the room along with DJ and Callie.

Callie walked up behind DJ wrapping her arms around the smaller woman's waist. "Soon my pretty," she whispered in DJ's ear giving the waist a squeeze before walking out of the room.

Lexa watched the scene with an emotion that she could not describe as she watched the treatment of the small blonde by the tall woman who had just walked out of the room. Lexa had information about everyone around her, yet still was trying to understand what her programming told her to do about some things.

She was silent as she studied the small blonde in front of her. She knew that her name was DJ Seylitz, yet something about her seemed very important to her. Lexa knew that if anything happened to DJ that she would do something about it.

"Are you coming my pet," Sera said as he walked back into the room.

"Yes," Lexa said as she took one last look at DJ and walked out of the room to begin her first mission.

DJ had watched in silence at Lexa as the android walked out of the room. DJ knew that she was not allowed out of the room, and doubted that she would be allowed out this time either. With nothing else to do except wait for whatever Lord Sera had in mind she decided to try and meditate for a while.

DJ tried to concentrate on her mediation but found that each time she closed her eyes she saw Lexa. The androids face and hair that was black as midnight, and if she had not helped to create the android's body she would be drooling over it.

That thought made her stop and review her last thought. She was beginning to no longer think about Lexa as an android, or even part android and part organic. Standing there listening to Lexa intelligent speaking she had begun to think of the android as a living being. She shook her head and tried to clear those thoughts as she continued to try and meditate.

End Part 1

Continued in Part 2

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