~ Justice Deferred ~
by Alex P.

Cover By Missy's Covers
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Chapter 1

Guard Captain Paula Nichols stopped on her way through the security booth and glanced at the unblinking monitors. All but two showed empty cells - D Block was already at breakfast and wouldn't be back for at least another 30 minutes.

Paula watched one of the monitors as a tall black-haired woman stretched out on her bunk like a jungle cat waking from a nap. It was easy to see every muscle in the long graceful body ripple under the soft, smooth skin, especially when Cam, as everybody called her, was only wearing a tank top and boxers. Like now.

The guard could feel herself being irresistibly drawn to the sensual beast on the screen. When she felt the pull the strongest, the prisoner leaned back in her bunk and raised the most incredible pair of sky blue eyes. Almost as if she knew Paula was watching, she looked directly into the camera and, with a mischievous smirk, winked.

Paula jumped back as if she'd been stung. Realizing her mistake, she tried to regain her composure before either of the junior guards in the room noticed that she was flustered by the prisoner's actions.

"Hey, Cap is it true what we heard?" the newest guard asked.

"What's that Pat?" Paula knew what she was asking, but she wanted the rookie to admit she was sticking her nose into something only the warden and Paula, herself, were supposed to know.

High profile prisoners, like Cam, had special release times that were kept secret to help avoid a media circus at the gates. It was meant to give the prisoner a chance to get away before any reporters showed, but Paula knew that the rule was really there for the warden. He wanted the prisoner gone, with no press coverage, in case the prisoner had something bad to say about his facility. The man didn't give a tinker's damn about the women in his charge; he just didn't want any bad publicity.

"Well, you know Cap," the kid said sheepishly, knowing she was busted, "Is Brusard really gettin' out?"

"Yep, she is," Paula, answered looking again at the dark haired woman on the monitor. "She's done her full time and today she gets out free and clear, no paper. She turned down parole so that when she gets out they have to leave her alone."

The kid decided to push her luck and ask another question. "Why do they have her on a suicide watch? She doesn't look the least bit suicidal to me."

Paula sighed. "All the big newspapers are all over 'the innocent girl that did her time' angle. Couldn't let anything happen to her now that she's served her time."

At 5'8", the heavily muscled guard was confident about her own abilities and, even more importantly, aware of her limitations. She'd seen a lot of so-called tough guys, guards and prisoners alike, go down hard because they let themselves get in over their heads. Paula knew that she had her share of respect from the inmates, but she was smart enough to know that the real reason her mission would go smoothly was prisoner #77531. Camilla Theresa Brusard was probably the most respected person inside the prison walls; she was definitely the most feared.

Cam Brusard was the stuff of jailhouse legends. She was a loner from day one, avoiding any affiliation with the gangs that flourished in the prison environment. She earned her respect the hard way, by taking down one of the most dangerous women when she was first incarcerated. Physically she was an impressive 6'1" in her sock feet, with a narrow waist and broad shoulders. Sculptured muscles that a body builder would envy she had earned after spending hours on the free weights in the prison gym, but the amazing woman was still extremely feminine.

Long, black hair that shone like a raven's wing, finely chiseled features, the high cheek bones of a super model and an incredible pair of blue eyes that were said to change colors with her mercurial moods.

But she wasn't perfect; her long, thin, aquiline nose was slightly crooked thanks to a riot right after she'd arrived in the prison and there were many scars marring her smooth skin, souvenirs of her life on the streets. In spite of these imperfections, or maybe because of them, Cam was one of the most beautiful women anyone in Chillicothe Correctional Center had ever seen. But she never traded on her looks to get her way - she didn't have to; she was an advanced student of several martial arts and was quite capable of taking care of herself.

Even her pre-prison life was fodder for the legend. Cam was born the only daughter of a Louisiana fire-and-brimstone, evangelical, Southern Baptist preacher, who believed in beating salvation into his too pretty, and far too independent daughter. Her mother, the eldest daughter of a prestigious, but poor Creole family, ignored her at best. Her life had been hard and lonely.

At the tender age of 13 Cam discovered that girls were far more appropriate sexual companions for her. She learned this with the help of the very curvaceous older daughter of a deacon in her daddy's church. Apparently, Cam's lessons were progressing quite well judging by the way that the deacon's daughter was screaming her name.

Unfortunately, the choir loft that they were in had excellent acoustics and two very outraged fathers interrupted the lessons.

No one ever heard what happened to the deacon's daughter, but Cam's father beat her with the buckle end of a belt until her legs and back was raw, bloody masses of flesh and she was nearly unconscious. When his strength gave out, he picked her up by her hair and threw her through the front door into the dew-covered grass, telling her to be gone by the time he came back or he would have her taken to the girl's reform school.

Somehow, she managed to drag herself away before her "loving" father had time to call the local police to come get her.

So from the time she was 13, Cam was on her own. Moving from one city to another, she hid in alleys and little known shelters using her taller than average height to make people believe she was at least 16. For more than a year Cam used all her considerable intelligence and kept the juvenile authorities from catching her.

She managed to avoid innumerable pitfalls on the streets that threatened to swallow her. Eventually though, everyone's luck runs out and one night in Houston, right after Cam had arrived in town, hers did. She became the target of a vicious predator in the form of a pimp going by the name of "Grease". She was 14.

Grease's specialty was young runaway girls: he'd grab his prey off the street and take her to an old warehouse where he and his associates would take turns beating, torturing and raping the girl until her will was destroyed. He'd get them addicted to heroin as well, using ever-increasing doses of street grade heroin. It usually took two days to break them. Grease would keep the girls as virtual slaves until they were too old or too ill to suit his purposes, at which time he'd throw them out on the street to die.

Cam underwent three days of Grease's indoctrination process before her captors let their guard down enough for the young girl to escape, killing one of them in the process. When her escape was discovered her captors tracked her down, finally managing to trap the girl in a blind alley.

He wanted her death to take a while so that her battered body would be a lesson to anyone else that might challenge his authority. Her body limp, the last of her strength used up during her escape, Grease picked the cowering teen up by her long, matted hair and began slamming his fist into her body.

The sadistic pimp was so intent on making sure the girl suffered that he didn't pay attention to anything going on around him. He didn't notice that he had acquired an audience: two hulking, dark figures attracted by the commotion in the alley. They had followed the sound of fists on flesh and the pitiful mewling of the quickly weakening girl until they came upon the scene of the assault.

Cam was never clear on what happened that night in Houston; the severe trauma she'd experienced left large gaps in her memory. In fact, most of the previous three days were blurry sensations of pain, fear, and humiliation. But that night those feelings were suddenly replaced by warmth, comfort, and the security of being wrapped up in huge, strong arms.

Cam's next memory was waking up warm and clean in a nondescript hotel room. As she opened her eyes, she saw the back of a tall, very thin man dressed all in black. His size, 6'7" and 180 lbs, was intimidating enough, but when he turned around he nearly scared her to death. His hair was cut short and he was clean-shaven, but the most striking thing about him was his white hair and white eyes - eyes that held no color at all save the pupil. He was a true albino and he reminded her of every psycho ax murderer in every horror movie that she had ever seen.

She shrank back into the covers on the bed staring at the man before her. Cam was so frightened she could feel tears stinging her eyes, but using every bit of will power she had, she was able to hold them back.

Not saying a word, she moved her eyes around the room, noticing two other large men who were both staring back at her. The first was about 5'10" and 220 pounds or so. He had dark hair and a full bushy beard with intense hazel eyes. The other man was taller by about 4 inches and heavier by about 100 pounds. He, too, had dark hair and a full beard, but his eyes were flat, and grey.

The entire situation was just too much for her after her ordeal at the hands of Grease, and the tears she had stopped before began to fall. Cam was sobbing uncontrollably, a thousand horror stories from the street flying through her mind - she was sure that she was about to live all of them. Then the strangest thing happened.

Cam felt herself being pulled into a warm, comforting embrace. Someone began rocking her, stroking her hair, talking softly to her reassuring her that she was safe and that no one would ever hurt her like that again.

Slowly opening her eyes to see whom her compassionate savior was, Cam was shocked at her discovery. The shortest of the three men had come over sat down on the side of the bed and was now holding her in his arms. She was wrapped in the blanket that had been covering her and in a soft voice he was promising the frightened girl that they meant her no harm, and that they were going to take care of her.

These three men, dressed as they were in their biker jeans and leathers, and for whatever reason, took care of her various injuries and kept her fed as she recovered. And as she overcame her instinctive fear of the three men, she saw past the exterior that the world saw.

Cobra, the albino, had been trained as a nurse, and had been rendered mute when someone tried to cut his throat and only succeeded in cutting out his vocal cords, but the tall slender man found his home the first time he touched a computer. There was nothing that he couldn't make that box do. Mountain, the biggest of the three, was a former Marine - a Vietnam vet with a wicked sense of humor that the outside world rarely got to see. Cutter was the one who had held her when she was scared. He was a Vietnam vet as well and he was also, the most reserved and serious. He never gave a full out smile - the most he ever managed was a smirk and that only rarely. From that night on, they turned out to be three of the most important people in her life.

Once she had healed the three men offered to take her in to their home. Knowing by now that they were kind and could be trusted implicitly, Cam accepted and left the streets, riding into her new life on the back of a tricked out 1947 Harley Knucklehead, holding on to a huge shaggy biker.

When she moved in, anything Cam wanted, she had only to ask and the three men would get it for her. Although they didn't appear to be, the three bikers were astute, accomplished businesspersons. They had taken their combined assets and, through very careful, informed investments had amassed a major portfolio of businesses.

Combining that with the royalties from some innovative security programs they'd written, the three men had formed a corporation and were quite able to care for Cam financially.

However, more important than that, they gave her a loving, supportive and caring "family" that accepted her for what and who she was without hesitation or reservation. Cutter was considered the head of their little family. Cam loved Mountain and Cobra very much, but the bond between the tough street kid and the serious biker went far beyond what was between her and the other two. Anyone that saw Cutter and Cam together could see that - even the other two "uncles" admitted it. Cam flourished and before long, she was back in school making straight A's and excelling at basketball and softball.

The boys were determined that she learn how to protect herself anytime it was necessary, so they enrolled her in martial arts classes. Mountain and Cobra were themselves, second-degree black belts but Cutter's rank was a mystery, whenever he came to the dojo her instructors bowed to him.

All three of the men would spar with her whenever she asked, teaching her things her instructors never dreamed of, making sure that she would never again feel helpless or defenseless.

They made it their mission to see that Cam spent the rest of her childhood in comfort and safety. When she was still having nightmares about being taken away from her new family, the men used their wealth and connections (not to mention the best lawyers money could buy) to obtain permanent legal guardian status so that she never had to worry about being removed from her home with them.

It was then she began calling them her uncles. It was also the first time she called Cutter "Daddy".

Thinking of her darling uncles, the dark woman on the monitor smiled slightly and unconsciously rubbed the "Black Rose" tattoo on the inside of her right forearm. Her mind traveled back to her 18th birthday.

Her uncles had been planning for her combination graduation and birthday party for nearly a year. It started out a modest gathering of a hundred or so of their friends, but as those things often do, it got a little out of hand.

People came from all over the country (some even further) to celebrate Cam's first adult party. The party lasted for over a week and by the end, they'd lost count of how many people actually showed up.

There were roast pigs, whole half beefs cooked on spits over open fires, mudbugs and gumbo (her Uncle Mountain's secret recipes), not to mention untold gallons of beer, pop, punch, wine and other hard liquors. Her uncles even brought in live bands and any other entertainment they thought their beloved niece might like.

Cam's actual birthday was on the final evening of the party. Her uncles had made her promise to remain stone cold sober for the evening and out of love and respect for them, she stuck to pop all day. Finally, shortly after 8 pm and at Cutter's instruction, everyone that was able gathered in the backyard of the main house to see what was going to happen next. That night, in front of everyone, Cam received the two gifts that she had wanted more than anything since she'd been granted her greatest wish of all with the signing the custody papers on her 16th birthday.

The first gift was a 1955 Harley Electra Glide FLHTI, fully restored and dressed. It was even painted her favorite dark purple with black trim. Her Uncle Mountain had mixed the colors especially for her so no one would ever have a bike the exact same color.

Until then, she'd been riding a 1951 Vincent "Black" Shadow that her uncles, Mountain and Cobra, had given her on her 16th birthday. It was a beautiful and special bike and she'd cared for it to the point of obsession (the same as her uncles did theirs). But she'd always had her heart set on the Electra Glide ever since she'd seen a picture of one in one of her uncles thousands of biker 'rags'.

The second gift was from her "Daddy", it was more special than any other thing they'd ever given her - even more special than the permanent custody papers on her 16th birthday. Those were meant to give Cam the sense of stability that she needed to thrive and feel safe in her new home. The gift they offered her on the evening of her 18th birthday was a symbol of her acceptance in their family as an adult.

When Cam had first moved in with her uncles, her Uncle Mountain had rolled up his right sleeve and showed her the inside of his right arm - the Black Rose tattoo. The fact that he had a tattoo had never seemed that big a deal - he and her other uncles had several, as did most of the men and women in their circle of friends. That night, she learned that every tattoo that the three men had held some meaning to them. Uncle Mountain explained the special significance of the Black Rose - the meaning that it had to the people that lived in their circle and the responsibilities of those that wore one. The Black Rose was a symbol of their commitment to the family; anyone that saw it knew exactly who they were and what they were capable of.

When her uncle Cobra came out onto the back porch with their friend Stainless Steve, the tattoo artist, Cam knew that, after tonight, everyone would know that she was a part of a family and could be counted on no matter what. It would also mean that she should be treated with all the respect that was owed to anyone in the Black Rose family.

On the night of her 18th birthday, when Cutter offered her the right to wear the one of a kind Black Rose tattoo, it was a visible symbol to all that Cam was a member of their family and that they were proud enough to tell the rest of the world. It was an offer she gladly accepted.

It was also the reason she had spent six years in prison.

Chapter 2

Waiting for the guard escort, she was sure would soon arrive, Camilla Theresa Brusard sat on her small 6x4 bunk and surveyed the place that had been her home for the last six years.

The beautiful woman let out a quiet chuckle as she compared this tiny cell to the life she was about to return to. Thinking about her former life led her mind down the twisted, convoluted path that had brought her to this point in her life.

After her high school graduation, life was looking good for Cam. Her excellent grades and her athletic abilities had the college recruiters banging on her door scholarships in hand. She was offered full rides to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities from both coasts.

Her uncles wanting their niece to have all the opportunities they never had a chance at, offered to take all her expenses even if she did chose to take them up on their scholarships.

Finally when the day came for her to choose, she surprised everyone by choosing to attend a small state university, in the nearby town of Springfield.

As she had in high school, Cam excelled in college. A Dean's List student, a stand out on the volleyball and softball teams, she graduated with honors. Then she went to graduate school and earned not only an MBA but also a masters in computer science, her family was proud, but not surprised when she graduated Manga cum laude.

Upon graduation, Cam received several attractive offers from some major Fortune 500 companies, but turned them all down when her dad and her uncles came to her, and offered her a place in their corporation. Instead of a job for wages, they brought Cam in as a full partner.

Each man split his share until they each owned one fourth of the corporation. The only difference between them all was Cutter; he held final say on any major decisions. With all three men in full agreement, Cam went to work instituting several changes using the knowledge she'd learned in school.

A few didn't work or had to be modified but for the most part her ideas were both profitable and efficient. It also allowed her uncles to increase some of their pet projects.

Mostly they were the driving-force (financially) behind many of the major improvements within their little community. They supported job programs, food pantries, job training, day care centers, and the three men's pet project a shelter for abused children and women, all anonymously of course.

Knowing the way the town felt about them they were sure their assistance would have been thrown back in their faces. It wouldn't have been the first time. Only the four of them, their accounting department and the IRS knew the origin of the donations. Life was going pretty smoothly for the tall dark woman, she had her work and when that was boring she would go with her uncle Cobra to his state of the art computer center in a specially built building at the farm where they lived. Cobra's building was a very modest appearing building about a half-mile away from the main house where actually only Cutter and Cam lived.

The two would spend hours there writing programs and working on their computers. Cobra had contacts in nearly every computer company; many used him as a consultant.

Most people considered the 6'7" mute albino that always dressed in black leather to be some kind of uneducated freak, a serious mistake they didn't make twice. Among those that knew computers, they considered him one of the best R&D people in the business. Her Uncle Mountain had a place a little further down the road.

His building was also deceptively plain on the outside. Inside was a mechanics dream shop, all the state of the art equipment was in there and a few that Mountain had invented himself. If it had a motor, he could fix it. Every member of Cam's family had a great many strengths and they seemed to each compensate for the others weaknesses. It's what made them so good at what they decided to do, and it's what made them a family.

So when Cam needed help or a job or any event in her life it was little wonder that she always returned to the three that loved their little girl more than anything, in fact their family was the only thing they loved more than their bikes.

Yes, life was looking good for Cam and her family, but as everyone knows, nothing in this life stays perfect forever. Eventually the pendulum swings back the other way.

At the beginning of the fiscal year rumors began going around that a corporate raider, called Kreelcorp was going to make a run at CCMC Inc, Cam and her uncles' company. No one knew much about Krellcorp's owner, D.C.Kreel, but he or she was a ruthless raider, completely without morals or scruples. They were known to take over a business, pillage it for anything of value, sell it then let the business go bankrupt so they could write it off as a loss at tax time. The people or the community that depends on the business did this with absolutely no regard for any damage that may be incurred.

None of Cam's uncles were worried really they owned or controlled over 85% of the stock and the rest was owned by people they'd ridden with for years. Their attorneys had carefully drawn up all their incorporation papers so that all their personal assets were well insulated from the company. In fact, since someone had to be fiscally responsible on the board it was her dad, Cutter that stepped up as head of the family.

He was the only one that could be hurt by the company failing. His only two protected assets were his part of the farm and his bike.

So even when they learned that D.C.Kreel was known to resort to illegal methods if the legal failed to take over a business a nervous Cam's uncles weren't really worried.

Around this time, Cam met Deb. It all began on a strangely quiet night; Cam, Mountain, and Cobra were sitting around Mountain's bike shop slamming down a few beers, lying about all the women they'd had or would have, telling old war stories and horror stories from their years on the road. Actually since Cutter wasn't there, Cam convinced Mountain to tell some of his and Cutter's war stories.

Mountain had been a Marine Recon and Cutter had been with some "No Such Alphabet Agency" and while he'd done a lot of solo spook stuff, he had been on some with a Marine escort and that's how he and Mountain met.

It was a companionable night but the peace and quiet didn't last. They got bored then Mountain challenged Cobra to a knife throwing contest and before long Mountains fourteen inch Arkansas toothpick was flying across the room and embedding in the back wall, followed closely by Cobra's ten inch K-bar and then came Cam's Green River Special.

This didn't occupy them long and as always Mountain won. Finally, one of them came up with the idea to go to the little club in town. The little out of the way strip club was called Auggie's South and a favorite hangout for most of the local bikers.

So, at ten thirty, they were on their bikes and roaring through the warm, clear, night air headed to their favorite watering hole, hoping some of their friends would be there.

Auggie's was a rowdy little bar that was owned by a longtime friend from the uncles wilder days named Gigolo Jim, in partnership with Cutter, separately from CCMC. The uncles also owned the building.

Cam had been coming to this place since the day she turned 21, she liked the noise and rowdy camaraderie of the bikers that hung out there. She also enjoyed the easy way everyone there had accepted her for what and who she was.

Cam could bring a date there, pick up a date there, even get laid in the parking lot just like one of the "guys" without anyone caring if she was with a woman or a man, well they might notice if Cam was in the parking lot with a guy. In fact, after getting some personal attention in the parking lot with a particularly vocal young dancer, Cam walked into the bar and received a standing ovation from the entire crowd.

That night all eyes turned towards the three as they walked in, the usual greetings were exchanged as they made their way through the crowd to their usual table. Suddenly a familiar voice called out across the room so loudly it could be heard over the roar of the crowded bar and the jukebox.

"Cammy!" came the cry from across the room followed closely by a bouncy little red haired dancer, who without a thought launched herself into the tall dark woman's arms.

The girl was someone Cam had once dated but she decided she liked boys better (a certain albino boy anyway), Cam was fine with it and actually enjoyed the little dancer, Kat's, antics. She was obviously working because she was wearing a small lace and satin bra in bright red with a matching thong and ruby red six-inch spike heel with red sequins. Cam shook her head. Cam knew she wouldn't wear an outfit like that on a bet, but she also knew it was really doing something to her that got her blood flowing.

"How ya' doin' Kitty-Kat!" Cam asked laughing at the audaciousness of this tiny red head, she let her large strong hands slide down the girl's back to Kats' small but deliciously curvaceous rear and gave the firm globes a good squeeze.

"It's good to see you tall, dark, and gorgeous." the diminutive dancer purred softly as she snuggled in closer to Cam's ample chest. "You...ah...ridin' tonight?"

Cam could hear her Uncle Mountain and Gigolo laughing at her dilemma. She just rolled her eyes at them, smiled down at the double handful in her arms.

"Better be careful little kitty-Kat." Cam whispered dramatically teasing the girl "You wouldn't want to offend Uncle Mountain or Uncle Cobra by holding out on their hugs ya' know."

"Coby's here!" Kat cried out excitedly and gently pushed away from Cam, "Where is he?"

Cam let the girl know where her uncle was and released her knowing how her uncle felt about the tiny red head. She wanted to ask Kat how she could miss six foot seven inches of albino dressed like the road warrior, but she just shrugged and went on to their table. Where a cold pitcher of beer and her regular shot of Bushmills was waiting for her. Cam smiled content and looked around the room, this was her "place", and she belonged. She shook off her jacket and sat down at their corner table. It was situated so that even if all four were there they all could sit with their backs to a wall.

As the night progressed Cam sipped her beer and relaxed enjoying the show. Not just the dancers but the patrons as well. Probably ninety percent were actual riders and their friends, there were a few wannabes around but as long as they were smart enough to stay in their own circles there'd be no problems, with the guys anyway.

No, the real trouble here were the women, most of these were paired off with a rider and they were viciously territorial and they saw every un-attached female that walked in the door as a potential threat to their territory.

There were a few gays around and most of the real lives didn't care about gay and lesbian issues as long as the beer is cold and they were left alone to drink it.

Everyone in the bar knew her, that she was gay, and that several of her lesbian friends came to the bar, the gays were nervous at first, and one of Cam's friends kind of slipped and asked for her at the bar.

The guy behind the bar was Gigolo Jim and he asked if there was a problem, like all her uncles' friends he was very protective of Cam, so he asked the woman why she wanted Cam. The woman looked at the short skinny man and told him they were gay and would there be trouble if they came in to drink. Cam still chuckled at GJ's answer;

"Lady is your money green?" the woman looked at him like he was crazy and nodded. "Well then lady I own the place and as long as the money's green you are more than welcome here. Hell lady I don't give a damn who or what you fuck. Just don't do it in here I ain't zoned for it."

After that, they figured out as long as you loved to ride and you loved your bike more than most people you'd fit in here. It was funny but Cam noticed that most of the straight bikers got along just fine with the lesbians; she'd seen several nights that several of her friends and some of the guys would close the place sitting together drinking their beer and talking bikes.

At one time she had worried about fights when some drunken idiot would decided that all a lesbian needed was a "good man", but after the guys took a couple of them out to the parking lot and beat some sense into them that kind of stupidity stopped. No, now the biggest worry was attached females, and unattached females.

Some of them saw every single female that walked through the door as a potential rival for their partner. Sometimes all it took was for one fairly pretty woman to walk in the door and the tension of the whole bar shot up. When Debra breezed through the front doors of Auggie's South around midnight Cam knew a good-looking woman was in the bar even she saw the tall beautifully built platinum blonde. The tension in the air was so charged you could almost hear it crackling with electricity.

Automatically her sky blue eyes began scanning the crowd looking for potential trouble. From spending years with her uncles and their friends had taught Cam what to look for, the kind of mix of people that would explode into violence, the real trick was to prevent it. Since she was well aware that the guys working security were friends of theirs and that her uncles would not hesitate to jump right in to help their friends maintain order.

They also knew that she had learned the skills to cover their backs. Actually the head of security a bandy legged little riding Bro of uncle Mountain and Cutter nicknamed Bounce, would call on Cam to help keep some of the rowdier women reigned in, which she always did.

Cam's eyes surveyed the room until she got to the near end of the bar between the stage and the bar. The first thing she noticed was an absolutely drop dead gorgeous tall blonde she'd never met before, standing next to a table full of riders all attached and they were some well known very tough lesbian riders.

Uh oh Cam thought looking at the woman carefully If that looks as good up close as she does from here, I'm in trouble and so is she.

Looking for the cause of the sudden rise in tension, Cam's light blue eyes wondered to a gorgeous platinum blonde that was standing near the bar and obviously unattached. Bingo the cause.

The second thing Cam noticed was that the blonde Goddess was obviously and openly flirting with a cute little rider named Bobbie and little Bobbie was not only enjoying the attention, she was flirting back outrageously, which normally wouldn't matter but tonight wasn't normal.

Tonight Bobbie wasn't alone and the woman she was with was a stocky full time ironworker named Pam. Now Pam worked twelve-hour days day in and day out in a foundry, feeding a blast furnace. Bobbie always said the only thing hotter than that furnace was Pam, in a loving mood.

Cam knew there was one more thing hotter than either of those, Pam after a few drinks and pissed.

Cam had seen her go off one night, before she met Bobbie, it wasn't pretty, and although Cam knew, they could take her down if a fight broke out, she also knew they couldn't do it without putting Pam in the hospital for a long time, and Cam really didn't want to do that. Pam and Bobbie had an on again off again thing for quite a while now, and Cam also knew that Pam was hoping to finally work up enough courage to ask Bobbie the "C" question tonight.

The last thing Cam wanted to see was some stranger ruining her friend's shot at something nice in her life. With a signal to her uncles and Bounce, Cam moved in to see if she could defuse this thing before it destroyed more than blood, bone, and bar fixtures. Moving quickly Cam wove her way through the crowd easily, as Bounce had taught her long ago, she stopped just before she stepped into the situation, to let her back-up get into place. When everything was ready, the deceptively small biker signaled that they were ready for her to make her move.

"PAM! BOBBIE!" Cam yelled boisterously acting much drunker than she was, "How the hell are ya'?"

Cam threw her long arms around the two women she'd known and liked since she had first come to town, and gave them a bone-crushing hug.

"Pam, when ya' gonna break down and buy that pretty Panhead, Uncle Mountain's still holdin' for ya' and put something classy between your legs for a change." Cam bellowed diverting the powerful ironworker's attention away from the blonde bimbo flirting with her date.

"Hey!" Bobbie yelled slapping Cam across her rock hard abdomen. "I'm here, and I'm classier than any old bike, even that gorgeous Electra Glide you ride, Stretch"

"Don't get carried away there half-pint." Cam snarled reminding them of an angry panther "Remember who you asked to pleeeeeease have that belt drive on in time for the annual Lake Perry run."

While Cam was playfully scolding Bobbie, the little biker slid over, and wiggled herself on to Pam's lap, putting a huge smile on Pam's face. Cam was amazed how that smile turned the normally plain looking woman into one of the prettiest woman Cam had seen that night. Then Bobbie spoke up and put the final ending on any trouble.

"Alright, but I do too got class." Bobbie pouted and snuggled deeper into Pam's chest, "And 'sides I like it between her legs."

The whole table cracked up laughing at their friend's blatant proposition. That's what Cam had been waiting for, when Pam heard what her date said all thoughts of flirty blondes were gone and the anticipation of future passions took their place, the jealous ironworker's smile was so big Cam was afraid the top of Pam's head was going to fall off.

Cam signaled Bounce who immediately brought a pitcher of beer and a round of Irish whiskey for Cam and the table. She raised her glass and waited for the rest at the table to join her. Cam's light blue eyes looked around the table and noticed they were all couples. Then with an impish gleam in her eyes, Cam gave the toast.

"Here's to gettin' somethin' classy between your legs." Cam shouted then slammed the potent liquid down her throat. The others at the table howled in laughter at the normally serious woman's sudden unexpected show of humor then follow Cam's lead.

Good-natured bantering quickly took the place of the tension. Having calmed the table Cam turned her attention to the cause of the problem.

Turning her full attention for the first time to the tall beautifully built platinum blonde. Cam let her eyes boldly examine the woman's perfectly proportioned body. A slow sexy smile worked its way across Cam's full sensuous lips as she focused her lustful gaze on the blonde's big liquid chocolate brown eyes.

She watched as the newcomer did some examining and appraising of her own. Judging by the way the tip of her delicate pink tongue flicked over her slightly parted lips, the blonde liked what she saw too.

"Hey ladies" Cam said with a slow sexy drawl directed to the table of friends "Why don't one of you show some manners and introduce me to your friend?"

"We don't know her," Pam said gruffly as she held her lover a little tighter, not being one to forget an affront easily "She just came over and butted in. She'll have to intro herself." "Oooo, baby you're just so butch." Bobbie giggled as she caressed the hard look from her lover's face.

Cam stepped away from the reconciled lovers and approached the unknown woman, while wondering if the woman had any idea how close she had come to being seriously hurt.

"Well if I must do so myself then, dear lady may I introduce myself." Cam asked and bowed turning on her well-known Cajun charm, she continued when the fascinated blonde nodded, "My name is Camilla Theresa Brusard, but please call me Cam."

Taking the offered hand, Cam bent and lightly kissed the blonde's palm, smiling to herself when the woman didn't resist or pull away. Instead, the tall blonde smiled coyly and looked deep into the azure pools of Cam's eyes.

"My such Southern charm and grace in such an unlikely place." the blonde said softly yet Cam heard every word clearly as the woman smiled sweetly obviously taken with Cam. "I am Debra Charlton Stringer, but I would be flattered if you would call me Deb, my chivalrous stranger and these are my friends Gerry and Steph."

"Ladies, I am most honored to make your acquaintance." Cam continued with a slightly triumphant smile, knowing that she had defused the situation and was getting to know a fascinating woman in the bargain. "Please do me the honor of joining me at my table; I'm sure my uncles would have no problem making room for such charming company."

Offering her arm to Deb, who happily took it, Cam led the small party to her table where Bounce had seen to it that drinks for Cam and her guests were waiting for them. The night progressed nicely, but not long after they all had sat down Deb's two companions plead fatigue, and excused themselves. The intriguing blonde started to rise and join them, but Cam persuaded her to stay, promising to personally see Deb safely home. They said their good-byes and left the bar.

It wasn't long after that Cobra was leaving with the little red haired dancer, Kat, draped all over him. Judging from the look on his face and the way she was attacking his neck, their destination wasn't hard for Cam to guess.

As he was saying goodbye, Cam let him know she would be staying in town. They maintained a small apartment above the bar, so that if they over indulged or were just tired they didn't have to drive anywhere. She also gave the message to Mountain when he took off with some of his friends, headed for his shop, Cam noticed that Pam and Bobbie went with him.

Cam chuckled knowing that the iron worker was going to spend some time drooling over the fully restored to stock Panhead, that Mountain was holding for her, and Bobbie was wanting to visit her bike that was at the shop so Cam and Mountain could change it over to belt drive.

Cam wasn't sure exactly when it happened but somehow, she was in the small living room of the apartment, in the throes of a long intense sex act, that began as they were climbing the stairs on the way up, and ended up covering almost every room in the apartment.

Other than that, it was an extremely pleasant blur until she woke up at noon, the bright midday sun blasting into the room, she tried covering her eyes but her head was still pounding. The up side was there was something soft, warm, very comfortable and very nice curled up against her side. Also there was a head covered with medium length platinum blonde silky soft hair lying on her abdomen. All in all not a bad way to wake up Cam decided as she began gently stroking Deb's hair.

Cam looked down and looked into a pair of beautiful brown eyes that were looking sleepily back up at her.

"Hey babe, how ya' feel?" Cam asked quietly

"I feel great; I'd be perfect if not for this head ache." Deb quipped and flinched at the volume of her own voice "Does the damn sun have to be so bright?"

"That I can fix." Cam informed her suffering friend as she got out of bed and went around closing all the blinds and curtains.

The pair spent the next four days there getting out of bed to order in food, take nature breaks and to make some private phone calls so that no one would send out search parties to disturb them. Deb also made calls to her office to make sure her business was running smoothly.

When Cam tried to ask Deb what she did for a living, the blonde would become evasive and divert the tall brunettes' attention, which wasn't really all that hard.

Cam on the other hand was easily persuaded to talk about almost everything in her life, for some reason she couldn't resist this woman who was fast becoming a part of her life. The only thing she steadfastly refused to discuss was family and their business.

No matter how infatuated, the young woman never forgot the first rule of her family; never discuss their business with anyone outside the family. It was during this time that Kreelcorp made their first run at the family's companies.

On the morning of the fifth day, the ringing of the apartment's private phone awakened Cam. She leapt from the bed trying to answer the phone before its loud ringing woke her companion. Her valiant attempt was thwarted when Deb's cell phone began ringing too.

Deb came awake instantly and answered it, as she began talking to her caller Deb walked out of the room after giving Cam a sheepish grin and shrugged her shoulders. Cam turned her attentions back to her own call. It was her Uncle Mountain; he told her that she was urgently needed back at the farm.

He said that there was an emergency involving the business and her input was absolutely needed. Not being one to ignore her family's call for help, Cam agreed to be there as soon as she could and hung up.

Now all she had to do was figure out a way to leave without hurting her new lover's feelings, or make her feel that Cam was giving her a brush off.

Her answer became easy when Deb returned to the room talking angrily on the phone. She finished her conversation by slamming the phone shut and throwing the offending object against the wall shattering the delicate device.

"Damn, I can't believe those incompetent idiots!" the blonde snarled viciously "They can't get anything right."

"Problems babe?" Cam asked the agitated blonde "Can I help?"

Deb looked over at her and blushed hotly embarrassed knowing that Cam had witnessed her sudden loss of control.

"No hun, nothing too bad, I can fix It." she began she looked over at her lover regret clouding her eyes, "but it means I have to go into the office, so I guess I have to leave our little paradise. I don't know when I'll be able to see you again and I really want to see you again. I don't want to loose what we started here."

Cam pulled the now weeping woman into her arms and held her close, trying to comfort her, with tender caresses.

"Look I have the same problem." Cam explained softly "That was my office on the phone, and they need me. I'm not sure what the trouble is or how long it will take me to fix it. I tell you what, I'll give you my card with my private numbers and if I don't hear from you, than I'll meet you down stairs tonight around nine. How's that? I don't want to loose you either."

The statuesque blonde agreed happily and after sharing another hug, the two women began searching for the clothing they hadn't seen in four days.

They parted company at the bottom of the stairs with one last bone-crushing hug. Both insufferably happy, knowing that they would see each other again that night. For two very different reasons however.

Chapter 3

When Cam got home, Cutter and her uncles gave her time to take a shower and put on clean clothes before they called her into Cutter's study.

His study and the office that Cam kept at the other end of the sprawling main house were also the corporate headquarters for the family, holding every modern device they needed to run the entire corporation from the farm if necessary. Plus a few things that Cam and her uncle Cobra had invented that even Bill Gates hadn't heard of yet. Theirs was in all probability the most secure system in existence, all thanks to a throwaway child, an albino mute that had grown up being called a freak by even his own family, and two old battle scared bikers that had served their country only to have their country turn its back on them.

Their remarkable talents and their phenomenal successes were in large part due to the trust and support of each other in the family they had formed.

Despite her expectations, neither Cutter nor Cam's uncles said a word about her disappearing for four days or teased her about her latest conquest. That in itself told Cam that this meeting was about something serious. It was.

Once all four executive officers were comfortable, Cutter began by relating the particulars of Kreelcorp's run at them, and the manor in which they were stopped. Several different strategies were put into place to forestall their newest rival's anticipated next assault. Then Cobra took over and using the shorthand sign language that only the family and a few close friends could understand, he explained how the night before several attempts had been made to hack into their secure central database.

The hackers, using simultaneous attacks on the computer links to and from several of their smaller subsidiaries. They had penetrated far enough to activate the special security programs that Cam and Cobra had put into place.

With an evil grin, the proud R&D specialist made sure that Cam knew that his experimental "Black Ice" program had been activated and was working perfectly.

Not only had the hackers been repelled but their signal carried back an especially virulent virus that Cobra had designed that not only would fry the hacker's hard drive and software but the virus would also go after any other system that was linked to them and was receiving information from them. It was something Cobra had been working on for some of Cutter's friends in DC. As of right now, only CCMC Inc. corporate computers were equipped with the necessary filters and of course all of their personal computers.

As always their "family only" security policy had saved them from being invaded by outsiders. The problem was that with the take over fight and with the sudden interest in hacking their top security files were too coincidental for any of them to doubt that it was an accident or bad luck. They just couldn't prove it.

Once a battle strategy was formulated and decided on the unlikely looking business executives went on to their own concerns and to carry out their part in the defense of everything they'd built over the last thirty-something years.

When the other two had left for parts unknown to make their preparations, Cam stayed behind to talk to Cutter. She wanted to tell him first about the new facet in her life, and with her surrogate father's enthusiastic blessings, she decided to stay in town until this latest crisis was handled. Then after everything had calmed down, she would bring her prospective partner out to meet the family.

Cutter was deliriously happy for his "little girl" he had watched her over the years drift from one woman to another and it tore at the "tough" biker's heart to see the sad and lonely look in her eyes when she saw one after another of her friends find someone to commit to and build a life together.

He had spoken to one of his friends that had a Ph.D. in psychology who told him that the betrayal by her first lover and then her father's rejection, might have made it impossible for her to trust anyone enough to have a relationship. The man had spent many sleepless hours worried about his adopted daughter so naturally he was overjoyed that Cam had finally met someone she trusted enough to bring out to meet her family. Cutter, had given up on the God of the Christians long ago, he couldn't accept a god that preached love then allowed his followers to commit the atrocities the Christians had in his name.

He also found it impossible to believe an all-knowing and compassionate god could hate anyone for simply loving another just because that person was the same gender. To Cutter and his friends love is love, it was that simple. As long as both were reasonably old enough and both consented how could it be wrong?

No Cutter wasn't a religious man by any definition, but he sent up a prayer to any god that might be listening to watch out for his little girl and to protect her fragile heart. He gave her one of his patented lung crushing bear hugs and sent Cam off to take care of what she had to do so she could get ready to meet her new lady at Auggie's that night.

The biker was smiling so big his face hurt, as he got on the phones and called Mountain, Cobra and Gigolo to talk about this new love in Cam's life and what they could do to make tonight special for them. He punched the keys and realized he was humming, something he hadn't done in at least twenty years.

I'm getting as bad as an old woman gossiping over the back fence, Cutter scolded himself as he waited for Gigolo to answer but hey if I can't brag about my little girl than who could.

The attacks both legitimate and other wise intensified over the next few weeks, and to make matters worse D.C.Kreel and company was living down to their less than honest reputation. Suddenly from out of the blue, pressures were being added to Cam and her uncles' troubles from other sources.

Several state and local agencies initiated investigations into both their business and personal lives. There was nothing to find, but it was irritating, and focused attention on them and some of the charities they supported, something they had hoped to avoid.

All four were getting tired of having to defend themselves from not only business rivals, but also from the very people they had always been quick to help in the past. Through all this Cam and Deb managed to spend every free moment they were able to find together trying to build some kind of lasting bond. It wasn't easy and they often found themselves either mobbed by reporters or they were being harassed by the local "Good Christian" folk.

A couple of times things had very nearly gotten out of hand, and if they hadn't been rescued by Pam and Bobbie, someone might have died. Cam's two friends had pulled the couple out of a drive-thru at MickyD's when reporters trapped them, and got them safely to Auggie's. Cam had already had a reporter by the throat and he was turning purple when they got her to release him.

The big ironworker was beginning to actually like the tall gorgeous blonde, now that she was with Cam and not flirting with Bobbie. Besides she made Cam smile and that was something that was long over due.

Cam was ashamed of her loss of control and apologized profusely to her lover, although Deb kept telling her that she understood. They wanted to believe that this was as low as their enemies would go in their attempt to break the families bond, they couldn't have been more wrong.

When illegal but peaceful means and public outrage didn't separate them and give Kreelcorp access to the company. D.C. Kreel and associates became frustrated and began to get nasty. Their attacks became personal. It is said that a thief trusts no one because they assume everyone is like they are, well that had been Kreel's problem.

The unscrupulous amoral business person had no concept of the complete trust and honor shared by the four owners of CCMC Inc. and so decided that there had to be secrets that they kept from each other, and there was no way that lowly bikers would go as far as sacrificing themselves for the others. Kreel saw their unconditional love and trust for each other as a weakness and was determined to exploit it.

The rival corporation had used bribery and political pressure to attack the company and its owners, but that had failed and the family made the mistake of thinking a person like D.C.Kreel was too civilized to stoop to physical attacks while trying to steal what was theirs.

At one time or another, unknown assailants attacked all four when they were alone. First Cam was the target of a physical beating, a terrible and nearly fatal mistake by the four men that came after her. The police called it a gay bashing and charged the men with assault when they got out of the hospital.

Then Cobra was stabbed as he was leaving his dancer girl friend's apartment one night. Mountain was run off the road by a black panel van as he was traveling a backcountry road and ended up spending the night in a ditch, with a severely broken leg.

Cam and Cutter who got worried when the big man didn't get home in time to pick up his "real" daughter by his second marriage for their weekly visitation found him the next day. They knew there was no way he would miss that, so they went looking for him. Both men were hospitalized and very nearly died.

No sooner were the two men brought home than little Kat showed up at their door demanding to take care of her "Coby". At her insistence and with Cobra's permission she was moved into Cobra's place over his computer shop. When Cobra was in the hospital recovering from his stab wounds, the feisty little redhead refused to leave his side even fighting the nurses over visiting hours. It was clear to Cam and Cutter how much the little dancer cared for their friend and loved her even more for it. Even to the point of taking orders from her about Cobra's care.

Cobra loved ever minute of it. Then Cutter was out of town on business and he was arrested on some kind of interstate conspiracy charge and was held by Federal agents without bail. Still the business held out against Kreelcorp, even when they tried blackmail first with Cutter's freedom (he sent a message through his lawyer for them not to give in to Kreelcorp) failing that they threatened to expose Cam's sex life to the public.

Even more frustrating to the owner of Kreelcorp was the fact that someone as low as the four bikers refused to give in and quietly surrender to their obvious superiors. When it became public knowledge that Cam had actually laughed at their attempts to blackmail her that was the final straw.

Secretly, D.C.Kreel decided it was time to show that lowlife biker trash bitch just how a person of their stature dealt with scum like her and her "uncles".

End Part 1

Continued in Part 2

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