~ Captive Hearts ~
by Anita Louise
Copyright Anita Louise

This story begins after Skylar and Bobie have returned from their cruise. Sharing life, loving, caring for one another is new and some people seem to love throwing obstacles in their path. The two women have now formed their own business, Global Investigations. Nothing to big or to small will stop them from searching out the truth.

Disclaimer: Love/Sex/Disclaimer. This story depicts a love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are less than 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depiction's of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

Skylar Richmond and the other characters that are penned are the sole property of the author.

Enveloped in wondrous sensations, as if in a dream beautiful visions still permeating the atmosphere, the music of the night still flowing through every pore, she lay sprawled out on the Queen size bed, sheets, and comforter askew. Happiness adorned her face, the woman was definitely dreaming of a pleasurable time.

Skylar Richmond was never a woman to lollygag, or daydream, however at this moment it was obvious she did not want to leave the dream that was causing her body to move and flow in glowing ways.

Bobie set on the edge of the bed, her eyes taking in every movement of the radiant redhead.

"Are you going to take all night?" The smile on her face, the twinkle in her eyes only caused Sky to stumble as she hopped out of the blue jeans Bobie had talked her into buying. They were too tight and not easy to remove. Upon hearing Bobie's voice even after all this time, she felt warmth, invading and overtaking her.

Glancing up, she gazed into Bobie's mystifying blue green eyes and said, "Think you're cute, sitting on the bed, legs folded under you, watching me, don't you?"

"Not sure about cute but I am wanting you so bad, I may come over there and give you an assist."

Sky glanced at the western shirt she still wore, then turned off the light before saying, "You asked for it." Within seconds she was on the bed, arms wrapped around Bobie pulling her into a very intimate kiss.

Ringing of the phone, was incessant as she subconsciously reached out, hitting and missing. The woman mumbled, "Blasted phone . . ." her hand hit the receiver causing it to fall near her right ear. "Sky? Are you all right?" The voice reached out to her as if in a fog. Skylar Richmond did her best trying to hold onto the dream but the voice was getting louder as she opened on an eye slowly. Upon spying the receiver she picked it up, held it to her ear and said, "This had better be really good."

The voice of Barbara Johnson rang back, "Hope I didn't wake you."

Sitting up on the side of the bed, Sky tossed her head trying to clear the cobwebs as she studied what was once a nicely made bed. Running a hand through soft flowing hair as it settled upon her shoulders, she grumbled, "I should have your head for this. Better be really important."

There was a moment or two before Barbara replied, "Skylar, you have that appointment this morning with the people from Denton. Did you forget?"

"Bloody Hell, I did. Kind of lost track of time. Have to take a shower, wake up before I come in.

"What do you want me to tell their representative?"

Sky was bending down trying to pick up bedding off the floor before she asked, "Tell? Is someone there now?"

"Yes, Mr. LeBlanc arrived twenty minutes ago."

"Tell Mr. LeBlanc I will be there as soon as I can."

Before Barbara hung up the phone she couldn't help but ask, "Your sleeping in, does it have anything to do with Bobie's trip today?"

Sky raised one eyebrow before she smiled and replied, "I take the fifth, good by Barbara."

Quickly hanging up the phone, she quick stepped into the bathroom. The warm water was refreshing as it ran over her like gentle rain. Closing her eyes she could see Bobie so clearly and began to let her mind wander to a shower that was to be fifteen minutes but turned out to be almost an hour. Smiling to herself, Sky knew it was not the water that left her body feeling so wonderful, it was the unique way Bobie Parker had when it came to more enjoyable things.

Once again, Skylar Richmond was on a trek of the mind and body, she had no idea how long she had been in the shower but when a knock came on the sliding door and she looked up to see Barbara Johnson standing holding a towel in one hand, muttering what looked like, "What is wrong with you?" Skylar reached out and turned the shower off.

Stepping out, Barbara handed her the towel as Sky said, "Good Grief Woman, must be mighty important, to walk into my shower."

Barbara swallowed, then softly replied, "Sky do you know what time it is?"

"Of course, it's still morning isn't it?"

"Well, one might say that but barely."

Sky had toweled off and was walking into the bedroom as she began searching for something to wear. Sky was feeling revived as she tossed a pair of black leather pants on the bed. "What do you mean barely?"

"You're not going to wear those are you?" Barbara asked, at the same time fidgeting. She knew Skylar very well and had never seen her so distracted.

Sky gazed toward the woman, made a harrumph noise before stating, "And just what is wrong with my pants? These are kind of a trademark."

"Yes they are but, perhaps a nice dress, would be more fitting for this occasion."

"Sky clucked her tongue and said, "I am me, if they are interested in our agency doing investigative work then they had better know just who they are working with. I am not some Prima Donna, or seductress, I do my job, and with Bobie as partner now, I say it is a damn good job we do."

"Can't dispute that . . ." Barbara's voice softly faded away as she gazed at the disheveled bed.

Sky reached out, touching the woman's chin. "You know me Barbara, and you know my lifestyle, this should not come as a surprise to you."

"Not a surprise, but Sky, Bobie Parker is not just one of the people that pass in the night for you, it is obvious you have fallen head over heels in love with her. In all the years I have known you and there have been many, no one has ever been able to take your mind off business."

Sky bit at her lower lip before she sighed, "I guess I had that coming. All right, if you want me to admit it, yes, I am in love with her, first time in my life feelings like this have overtaken me, first time I feel a bit vulnerable."

Barbara walked toward a chair and sat. "Can't ever imagine you vulnerable Sky, but I can see that you miss her. Bobie will be back soon, if you were going to worry this much, miss her this much, perhaps you should have gone too."

"Nope, this is Bobie's thing, and I have the meeting with Denton as you have been so apt to let me know." Barbara's cell rang as she retrieved it from her purse. Sky left her to whoever she was talking with and walked into the closet.

Barbara sat waiting for Sky who had locked herself in the dressing room. She decided to walk around the room, pick up bedding, folding and placing this on the end of the bed. Sky had a maid that would be taking care of things. That is if she could ever get Sky to the meeting. As she finished, straightening up the room, she began to pace. Her mind drifted to Bobie Parker a woman who was every bit Skylar's equal.

"Well, are you satisfied?" Skylar Richmond's voice sang out.

Barbara turned to see the statuesque woman, in a high fashion dress, heels and wearing jewelry something she hardly ever did. At that moment Skylar Richmond could have been on the cover of a fashion magazine, her beauty was stunning. "I, I"

"Cat got your tongue," Sky grinned.

"You look beautiful. What changed your mind?"

Sky headed for the door, glanced back and said, Would you mind getting my purse. About this, I figured since I have kept Mr. LeBlanc waiting so long, least I could do, is look enticing."

Clearing her throat and grabbing Sky's purse, Barbara hurried after the woman. "But."

Sky turned smiled and said, "No Buts. Now where is this person?"

The meeting went well, Mel LeBlanc was beside himself with joy when he met Skylar Richmond. He all but bowed in the woman's presence. Before long he was telling all the company concerns and asking for the help of her agency in catching whoever was involved in stealing top classified secrets

Sky informed the man there were other cases ahead of his, and asked why he had not just gone to the police. She could have bit her tongue after asking. It was obvious no one wanted to let information out that might show the company as vulnerable. Sky told the man to leave all information with her assistant, Barbara Johnson and she would get back to him as soon as possible.

After a nice lunch, several drinks, Mel LeBlanc shook hands and left the table smiling ear to ear.

Sky motioned to the waiter, pointing to her empty glass and mouthed, "Another one, please."

He nodded and left the dining room.

Sky was mulling over Mel LeBlanc's story. It seemed somewhat farfetched but in her line of work, many things were. Stretching, she glanced around the dining area, the lunch hour always seemed to bring out the cream of the crop along with deadbeats. Those that have and those that steal to get. Sky smiled toward an elderly woman, dressed in finery, wearing a necklace that looked like it was a diamond and emerald set in at least 18 karat gold.

Sky had an eye for the finer things and what this woman was wearing definitely was one of them. She was drinking a glass of champagne, the fingers of the hand that shook slightly as she lifted the glass to her lips also had two large emerald shaped diamond rings on two of the fingers.

The waiter brought her drink, took the empty glass and walked away. Sky gazed at the drink, took a sip, then set her eyes on a young man that sat staring at the elderly woman. He was two tables away. The place was now filling up, there was a lot of talking, laughing, just plain noise echoing in the room, yes, the lunch crowd had arrived.

Someone dropped something behind her and she turned to see what was going on, it was just two children laughing and a mother reaching down to pick up a glass that had hit the carpeted floor. Smiling at the woman, she turned back to her drink. Quickly she could see the young man was no longer at his table, but instead was now seated next to the elderly woman. From body language, Sky felt the woman was uncomfortable by his presence. She stood, took a sip of her drink, set the glass on the table, picked up her purse and walked toward the woman's table.

Approaching, the man looked up at her as did the kindly looking elderly woman. "Can I help you? Are you lost?" The young man asked, as his arms rested on the table.

Sky glanced at the woman then back to the man before she answered, "Yes you can. Tell me who are you, and what are you doing sitting by my aunt?"

He looked at the woman then back. "Aunt? Why don't I ask, just who are you and why is it any of your business?"

Before he could feel smug in his reply, Sky scooted in next to him. She set her purse down, then turned to the man. "If you don't want to end up in jail, I would suggest you apologize to my aunt and leave."

He turned to look at the elderly woman. "I don't know what kind of game you two have going, but I don't want to be any part of it. If you will excuse me, I have a meeting to attend."

Sky stood as he started to walk away. "Meeting? I highly doubt that. Let me walk you out." She turned her attention to the elderly woman and said, "I think it would be a good time to go home. At this time of year, in crowded places, people tend to want to help themselves."

" Thank you." The woman looked relieved.

The man muttered, "Listen Lady, no need to follow me out, it is a free country."

Sky walked up behind him, grasped one arm twisting and pulling it behind the man, grabbed him by his left shoulder and said, "Walk." Once they were near the door she called one of the waiters and said, "This man was about to steal from an elderly patron, I suggest someone hold him and call the police."

The man called several others over and one took the young man off into a side room the other said, "Police will be here soon. They will want to talk to you."

Sky handed him her card and said, "Tell them to call me, I will be very happy to give them my report and you might be more careful who you let in here."

He nodded and watched her walk away. The swing, the style, the beauty, he was mesmerized. One of the waiters approached him and asked, "Hey, you under some sort of trance?"

He let out a big sigh, "Nope, but I think I am in love."

"Knock it off. We have a restaurant to serve and need to keep customers content. Don't need to get them upset over the police or the man in question."

Skylar traveled back to the apartment, she now shared with Bobie Parker, walking into the room she began leaving a trail of clothes on her way to finding a pair of leather pants, and cool top to wear. The maid had been there, everything was back as it should be, bed looked like new again. She sat and put on socks, pulled on a pair of black boots then checked the answering machine. All the time hoping to hear from Bobie. There were no new messages so she was off to the office to talk with Barbara.

Barbara shook her head when Sky walked into the office. "Didn't take you long to change."

"I am more comfortable in this. I did what you asked, I pretty much have the contract if we decide to do it. I plan on locking myself in the office the rest of the day and work on reports."

"You look lovely in whatever you wear, it is just, I don't see you in a dress often."

Sky laughed. "Me either and it suits me just fine. Any calls for me?"

"If you mean from Bobie, no. But Bernie did call and seemed to be in snit when he couldn't get hold of you. So you might give him a call that is if you want."

Sky walked toward her office, turned and said, "Not many people can get me in a dress, so feel good about it. I will give Bern a call. And please let me know if I get any calls?"

Barbara smiled as her eyes teased, "Will do. If Bobie calls I will make sure you know. Good luck on the reports. I snuck a peak in the office this morning and looks like you have a lot to go through."

"Thanks a bunch. If you get a chance, coffee would be nice."

Barbara watched the woman enter her office, and shut the door. Then walked into the lounge to make a pot of coffee.

Sky was sitting in a very comfortable leather chair, feet propped on another chair as she began to wade through all the case files that lay before her. The two women had been busy since their return from the cruise. Seemed like only yesterday they faced the many challenges of the Ghost of Devil's Mountain. Took a while to heal from the ordeal, get away from the many haunting horrible things that happened. She wasn't sure about the cruise but once on it, away, no one to call, interrupt, no obstacles to have to jump, Sky was definitely loving this voyage. It gave the two women a chance to learn more about one another, to experience many things, fun, happy, exciting and most loving. To Skylar this was the best cruise she had ever been on and definitely was not looking for it to end.

One day she would get back to her journal and finish writing the many things that happened on this trip. But the most important thing was being with Bobie Parker, and falling deeper in love with this amazing woman. Once they were back on land, for awhile it was a toss up, would she move to Springfield or would Bobie move to California. After trying it back and forth, telephone calls, e-mail, the two decided this would not work. So it was the toss of a dime that made the decision. Barbara had walked in on the two having a friendly dispute one day and took it on herself to settle the problem. She produced a dime and said, one guess heads, the other tails and where this lands will settle the living arrangements. Both women laughed but agreed to go along with it. And as it turned out, Sky won, Bobie lost and had moved to California.

Barbara was right, if you love someone, never leave them alone. The phone, an e-mail, can be very lonely bed partners. Love is important, care is important and having the person that makes your days and nights happiest just makes sense to be together. Sky left Bengal Corporation, she and Bobie had formed their own. Barbara left Bengal to work with Sky and Bobie. Bernie did not want to let Sky go from her contract but in the long run did. Sky promised to still assist Bengal in certain cases. So far things had worked out wonderfully. That is until day before yesterday when Bobie received a call from Max Fletcher. Seemed someone or something had been killing off some of his herd. He thought it might be the work of all things, The Windigo.

Sky shook her head at the time and said, Max was probably just lonesome and needed to see her smiling face. After all Bobie was like a daughter to the man. Bobie pleaded with Sky to go with her but Sky argued there was just too much work piled up. She told Bobie to go, have a nice visit but to hurry back as soon as she could.

Skylar was just finishing up with the last file when Barbara knocked at the door. "Sky you about finished?"

Sky called out, "Come in." She glanced up as Barbara walked into the room. "Thanks for the coffee it has kept me going. Can't wait to get home, kick off my boots, and relax."

Barbara walked toward the divan, sat then said, "It's getting late. Is there something I can help you with?"

"Nope, just have to put my name on this and it is the last file. Been a long day."

"Sure has. I can see that you are tired. Lots of eye strain, I know you hate to do this, much rather be out in the open, chasing bad guys."

"Got me there. I don't suppose Bobie called?"

Shaking her head, Barbara replied, "Nope. But that doesn't stop you from calling her."

"Always the level headed one, Barb. I think I just may do that. Let's close up shop."

Barbara stood and followed the woman out the door. "Have a good night. And I promise I will not call and wake you in the morning."

Sky laughed as she locked up. "If anyone besides, Bobie is to wake me, I'm, fine with you doing it. Take care." With those words, Sky and Barbara parted ways.

Sky could not get hold of Bobie, all she got was the woman's voice mail. She called Barbara to ask if by any chance she heard from Bobie and the woman assured her no one had called. Trying to ease Skylar's concerns she said everything is probably fine, she is just busy visiting. Yet in the back of Barbara's mind she didn't want to tell Sky she too was becoming concerned. The love the two women shared, it was so unlike Bobie Parker not to call. She went to bed that night hoping her worries were not contagious.

The next morning, Sky was up and dressed by the time Barbara Johnson made it once again to her apartment. Before she knocked or rang the doorbell, Sky opened the door, a look of dread on her face as she reached out pulling the woman into the room.

"Sky you look terrible. I take it you didn't get much sleep last night.."

"You're right. I tossed and turned all night long. Think I wore out the speed dial on my phone calling Bobie. She didn't return my calls, I am worried."

Barbara took a deep breath before she said, "I agree with you. This is not like the Bobbie I know either. Can you call someone, this Max Fletcher?"

"Why didn't I think of that," Sky replied as she ran to get the phone.

Didn't take but two rings before the husky voice of Max Fletcher was on the phone. Sky hesitated then said, "Max, this is Skylar Richmond, I'm calling about Bobbie, she hasn't returned my calls, and she promised to let me know when she arrived. Can I talk to her?"

There was silence and Sky was beginning to think they had been disconnected. As she was getting ready to hang up and call again, the man said, "Miss. Richmond, I know who you are, I was just getting ready to call you."

Chills ran up and down Sky's back, she felt as if all the blood was running from her body as she mumbled, "No. Don't you dare tell me something has happened to Bobie . . ."

Barbara was standing close to Sky and reached out placing an arm around the woman's waist she asked, "Sky? What did he say?"

Sky felt tears begin to well up in her eyes and for that moment the look on her face was one of dread , it was as if the phone had some sort of fatal disease, as she stared at it. Barbara reached out and took the phone from the woman. "This is Barbara Johnson, Sky and Bobbie's close friend, tell me what is going on."

The man hesitated before he replied, "I'm not sure. Bobbie never made it here. I don't know where she is. I was going to call and let Sky know but at the same time I wanted to tell her that there was an escape from the State Pen yesterday and one of the people is Mary Trenton!"

Barbara gasped, "Oh no!"



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