~ The Dylan Morgan Show - Season 02 - Episode 8 ~
by Jenny Frame

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Episode 8


Rosie excited the back office to see Jess being held in an arm lock and pushed down over the bar shouting, "Let me go you butch freak!"

Jackson shouted into her ear. "You stay away! Do you hear me?"

Rosie ran over as quickly as possible, "Jackson! What the hell are you doing? Let her go!"

Jess cried out in pain as Jackson pushed her arm further up her back, "Now, Jackson! Let her go now!"

Rosie's words finally got through to her partner and she released her tight grip on Jess.

Jackson came up panting, still raging with anger. "What was this about? Well? Tell me?"

To make it look even worse, Jess had burst her lip open, when she was smashed onto the bar.

"I told her to leave you alone Rosie, but she said you were hers and attacked me!" Jess accused.

Rosie lifted an eyebrow toward Jackson. "Is this true Jack?"

Jackson straightened her suit jacket and tie. "You believe what you want, and you can let your little friend console you. Oh, I brought these for you." Jackson lifted up the bouquet of roses and then let them fall back down. Then added."They look a bit pointless now."

Rosie watched her love walk away from her and out of the bar.

"Jess what happened?"

"Just like I told you; I'm going to get this cleaned up in the bathroom. Maybe you'll believe you're better off without her now."

Jess left to clean up and Rosie went to the bar to pick up her flowers. There was a card attached that read. Rose's for my Rosie. I love you with everything I am. Give me the chance to explain about today?

Rosie felt tears come to her eyes. She looked up at her former work friend behind the bar. "Jess was being a jealous idiot. She's determined she wants you Rosie. Jackson seemed to hold it together until Jess mentioned something about her sister, and then she snapped."

Jess mentioned Sarah? No wonder Jack was about to beat the shit out her!'

Rosie grabbed her purse and flowers and set off to find Jackson.


"Do you think I did the right thing Emmie?" Dylan and Emily were talking in the living room while Molly watched a movie.

Dylan stroked the soft head of Wolfie, who after realizing Molly would no longer be playing lay beside his master, seeking her attention.

"Yes. Jackson can't ruin her chance at love for our sake. We just have to hope she sees it the way we do."

"What do you think baby, you're her best friend."

Emily thought for a minute then said. "Maybe when we first met, she might have had a different opinion, but she's changed a lot since then and had her horizons expanded. Rosie knows us from the inside, she knows what Toni did in graphic detail, I can only pray she will keep it to herself."

"Am I evil, Emmie? Shooting someone like that? I don't feel any guilt you see. I know I'm supposed to, but I don't."

Emily looked in Dylan's eyes and saw the uncertainty there. "No, honey. You could never be evil. Right up until the end, you were prepared to let the police take her, after all she'd done, but there's only so much hurt one person can see come to their family. Toni was a monster, and I'm glad she's gone."

Dylan wrapped out her arm around Emily, and hugged her to her side. "Let's hope Rosie understands that."


Jackson sat on her couch looking at the picture of Sarah and her in uniform. "Being in love is hard munchkin. It's just my luck isn't it? I get this great girl and I have to go and fuck it up because I can't tell her the truth. I know I won't love another woman again, this it for me. If I can't have Rosie, then I don't want anyone."

"If that's true, then you need to trust me with the truth."

Jackson jumped and reached for the gun in her arm holster, "Hey don't shoot soldier boy! It's just me!"

Jackson let out a breath as she lowered her weapon, "Don't ever sneak up on me. How did you get in any way without me noticing?"

Rosie shook a key chain in front of her, "You gave me keys, remember? And I wasn't sneaking in any way. I just walked in normally."

Jackson had given her the keys only the week before, hoping to encourage her girlfriend to spend more and more time there.

"I'm sorry. It's just my training kicking in. You really have to give me some warning that you're there."

"Well, if that's the reception I get then I'll be sure and knock next time. I want to talk."

Jackson sat back down and said grumpily, "Oh? I thought you were being comforted by your bestest, good friend Jess?"

Rosie rolled her eyes at that comment and came to sit beside her partner, putting the flowers she brought down on the coffee table.

"Don't be ridiculous. Why would you listen to anything Jess tells you? She has always had a thing for me and she's been jealous since I got together with you. I have nothing to hide, I was upset after today and I didn't want my daddy to see it, so after checking in with him, I went down to the bar to think. Jess saw me crying and tried to comfort me, but when she started talking about you, I warned her I wasn't interested and headed out back to speak to the manager. You really hurt me today, Jack."

Jackson nodded and looked down at her shoes "I'm so sorry I spoke to you like that, it was just a defense mechanism because I couldn't tell you what was happening. I don't ever want to lie to you darlin."

"So, can you tell me now?"

Jackson reached out and took Rosie's hand Where do I start?

"The reason I couldn't tell you earlier is because I gave Dylan my word that I would take what happened in that cabin to my grave."

Rosie looked worried. "Why? Is it that bad? Can you tell me?"

"I can now. Dylan told me that my trust and relationship with you were worth more than keeping my silence. I am going to tell you what happened, everything. Then, it's up to you whether you can live keeping this knowledge a secret or if you feel you have to tell someone."

Jackson then proceeded to tell her everything. The journey to the cabin, the state they found Emily in, and finally Toni's sick taunts to Dylan. Rosie was silent and stoney faced through it all.

"She just wouldn't stop goading her, telling Dylan she had assaulted Emily when she was pregnant with Molly, and making Dylan feel guilty for not being there. She told Dylan how she had relived that there at the cabin. Toni boasted that we didn't get there in time, and that she had raped Emily three times before we got there. I kept trying to get Dylan to put down the gun, but Toni wouldn't stop, going over in intimate detail how she violated Emily. Even after all that, I got Dylan to lower the gun, she still would have let the police handle it, but Toni pushed her over the edge."

Jackson described the last vile gesture Toni had made to try and get inside Dylan's head.

"The next thing I knew the gun had gone off, Toni was dead and I knew the cops were going to pile into the room any minute. I took the decision to take the blame and protect Dylan and Emily, to protect my friends."

There was complete silence in the apartment, as Jackson finished her tale.

"Well, that's it...say something."

"I need a drink."

"Um...okay." Jackson went to the kitchen and came back with two glasses and a bottle of wine. She poured them both a large glass, and Rosie gulped it down quickly.


Rosie nodded.

This time she took a couple of sips and then simply held the glass, as if it was somehow a comfort, as she thought on what she'd been told.

"Say something darlin, please?"

Rosie turned and looked at her partner seriously "Do you love me Jackson? I mean really love me? Like you said to Sarah when I came in?"

Jackson moved closer to her girlfriend and clasped her hand, "That, and more. You're the air that I breathe, hippygirl. I love you more than I thought it was possible to love someone. You bring light to my formerly black and grey world. I would die for you."

Jackson saw tears start to fall from her girlfriend's eyes "Would you kill for me? What would you have done if you had found me like that?"

The tension between the two lovers was crackling and Jackson was genuinely scared as to what Rosie's verdict would be, "You want the truth? The honest to God truth?"

The young woman nodded her head.

"When I burst into the room, and had seen what condition you were in, I would have shot her in the arm to pacify herand get the knife away from you. Then when I knew you were safe, I would have immediately shot a second bullet to her head. No one would get to walk away from doing that to you."

After a few seconds, Rosie brought her lips inches from her partner's and whispered, "I'll help you to keep your promise to Dylan. Kiss me."

Their lips were ravenous for each other. The stress and tension of dealing with Dylan's situation, coupled with her argument with Rosie and fighting with Jess, made Jackson hungry for her girlfriend. They bickered nearly every day, that was nothing unusual, but this time Jackson had real fear that she had lost Rosie.

The sound of popping buttons could be heard as Jackson roughly ripped open her girlfriend's blouse, then she pushed Rosie's bra over her breasts, in order to get to them more quickly.

Jackson latched onto her girlfriend's breasts, sucking and biting her sensitive nipples.

"Oh Jack! Yes!"

Encouraged that Rosie was enjoying her passion, Jackson pulled open her girlfriends jeans unceremoniously and found the wetness she sought.

"I thought I'd lost you darlin. I love you."

"You won't ever lose me. I love you Jack." Rosie pulled Jackson's lips to hers, and moaned through her kiss, "Please, go inside. I need you."

Jackson looked down in wonder at her beautiful girlfriend who had her eyes closed; lips parted and gave her all she desired.


They pair of lovers lay spooned together on the couch, each wanting to be as close as they could to the other.

"Are you sure you understand the situation with Dylan?"

"If you had asked me before I fell in love with you, I wouldn't have understood. I wouldn't have understood the drive to take care of your partner, and the lengths you could be driven to for that love. I love our friends, and what Toni did to Em was...well, there are no words are there? If I didn't know Dylan was such a good person, then I might feel different, but she is and wouldn't do something like that except under exceptional circumstances."

Jackson kissed the back of Rosie's head, and squeezed her tighter. "Thank you for understanding darlin; you are an extraordinary young woman."

Rosie turned in Jackson's arms so they were nose to nose. "I love you Jack. I'm sorry if Jess upset you. She's always had a crush on me, we only went on a dates a couple of times but I didn't realize how interested she was in me. I haven't encouraged her, honestly."

"I know you wouldn't encourage her, she was just set on getting rid of me, and then she had to mention Sarah...I just lost it. It's been a really stressful day."

"I know lover, why don't I call Daddy and let him know I'm staying here tonight? You can tell me how you got on with Paulie, checking out the office spaces."

They both sat up and Rosie began to gather up her clothes. "Okay darlin, I better call Dylan and Emily and let her know that everything's okay. They were both really tense about what your reaction would be."

Jackson picked up her cell phone.

"Sure. Tell Dylan we love her and are always here to support them both."

Jackson looked at her as if she was insane. "I'm not calling Dylan and telling her I love her. That would just be weird. Support yes, love...well she'll just know that without me saying it."

Rosie sighed and took the phone from her partner, "I'll do it. You know sometimes I think you've got far too much testosterone running through those veins of yours! It is not weird to tell your friend you love them."

Jackson stretched out her muscular frame and yawned, "It is if it's a buddy type of friend."

Rosie shook her head in resignation.


For the next couple of days, the Morgan family tried to keep as low a profile as possible. Cosmo had released an excellent statement directing the press toward Jimmy Daniels continued obsession and hatred against Dylan. The media were now hounding Jimmy and digging all sorts of shady dealings he had been a part of in the past. After being hauled in for questioning, a furious Jimmy was let go pending a decision by the DA on whether a prosecution would be appropriate. In the end the DA advised Dylan's lawyer they would get a better result, pursuing Daniels through the civil court. Dylan instructed Cosmo to start proceedings against Daniel's and take him for every penny he had.

Dylan was back at work and starting to feel as if she might finally be able to relax into life.

At the moment, the show's guest for the week, Sandy Williams and Dylan were rehearsing for Friday's show.

"Okay guys. Let's try it from the top. Sandy, that was great. Next time..."

Lynn walked over the set and interrupted Dylan. "Dylan, I'm sorry to bother you, but the network wants a decision on the interview."

The network had been pushing Dylan to do a tell-all TV interview about the Jimmy Daniels saga; they thought Dylan needed to show that she had nothing to hide. Dylan had been reluctant obviously not wanting to be asked pointed questions on what happened at the cabin, but she understood the networks feeling on the matter.

"Can you give me a minute Sandy?"

"Sure, I'll grab a drink."

When she was alone with Lynn, Dylan said. "I've thought about it, and I will do it. The network can release a statement that I will do the interview, but I'll do it to coincide with the announcement about the baby. That way the interview will be more focused on my life now rather than what happened when Emily was kidnapped. I will answer questions about Daniels and his twisted relationship with me, but I will not talk about Emily's kidnapping. What happened to her is too personal."

Lynn nodded and wrote down the instructions. "Okay, that sounds good. So pencil it in for when Emily is two months?"

"Yeah. I'm sure the news network will be delighted with that exclusive."

"I'm sure, oh and your lawyer called. Jimmy Daniels has been served." Lynn said with a satisfied smile.

"Excellent. Things are looking brighter then. I better get back Lynn."


When Dylan got home that afternoon, the house was unusually quiet. She left her briefcase in the entrance hall, and called out as she walked through to the kitchen. "Emmie? Molls? Where are you?"

The kitchen was filled with the aroma of whatever delicious dinner Emily had cooking in the oven.

"Mmm. Gotta have a sneaky taste of that!" She took a spoon from the drawer, and made her way to the stove. As she bent down, she saw a post- it note stuck to the oven door.

Don't even think about it TV star! I'll know if there's some missing!

"But I'm hungry!" Dylan answered back, as if Emily could hear her.

She stomped off to the cupboard where they kept the chips, candy, popcorn and everything tasty and unhealthy. When she opened it up, she was faced with another note. Uh uh TV star! No snacks before dinner! Go open the fridge...

"What the hell? That's not fair! Can't even eat anything in my own house." Dylan grumbled.

Her moody face was soon smiling when she opened the large refrigerator door, and saw a beer bottle with a note saying, For Papa Smurf - Meet us down on the beach walkway...

Dylan chuckled. She should have realized where her girls would be. Since moving to the new house, they had found it nearly impossible to keep Molly from playing on the beach. The little girl was thrilled to have her own piece of beach in her back yard, and even though it was cold, she wanted to play there with Wolfie as much as she could. Because of the water, she was not allowed to go down by herself, so more often than not Dylan took her down, so that Emily didn't need to get cold. Today was a bright sunny day, and although still cold, Emily must have been happy to go down to the beach with Molly.

Dylan grabbed her beer and made her way out of the back door and down the long wooden walkway that connected the house to the beach. At the end of the walkway she spotted Emily sitting watching their daughter play.

"Hey baby girl." Dylan sat down on the end of the walkway beside her wife.

"Dyl, your home!" Emily accepted a kiss from her partner. "You got my notes then?"

"Uh huh; I'm really hungry you know." She said grumpily.

"Aww, poor goofy!" Emily leant into Dylan and snuggled into her partner's side.

"It's too cold for you and the baby out here. You go in and I'll play with Molls for a bit."

"In a few minutes. I just want a hug first."

They watched Molly throw a ball for Wolfie, who ran back and forth having the time of his life.

"Next time tell Molly to wait until I'm back from work, you need to be careful."

"Don't fuss TV star. I knew you would be back soon."

Dylan took a long drink from her beer bottle and placed it down. "How is the baby today?"

"Baby's doing good. It's Mama that's not doing so good with the sickness."

Dylan placed a hand on her wife's stomach, trying to connect with the baby growing inside.

"I can't wait to feel baby move. Did Molly move a lot?"

Emily laughed. "Oh yes. Just look at her now." Dylan looked to her daughter, who was a little further away. Molly hadn't spotted her Mom yet, as she was so engrossed in chasing her dog.

"She was just as active when I was pregnant. I thought at some points, I had a jumping bean in there, and not a baby."

Dylan laughed and kissed her wife's head. "We'll, when that happens with this one, I'm going to be permanently attached to your stomach."

Suddenly Wolfie spotted its master and came bounding up to her for attention, Molly following close behind. "Wolfie down." The dog sat and waited patiently for attention from its alpha.

"Good boy, Wolfie." The dog lapped up the attention when Dylan scratched behind its ear.

"Mom! Mom! You home!" Molly gave her Mom a big hug. "You come play pease?"

"Just give me a few minutes to speak to your Mama. You and Wolfie get started and I'll catch you up okay?"

"Otay Mom."

After they both toddled off, Emily let out a huge contented sigh. "It's just beautiful here isn't it, Dyl? I could have never imagined having this on my doorstep. Molly thinks she's in heaven having all this as her back yard and her play equipment hasn't even been put up yet."

Dylan looked up and down the private beach, and amazing view they had to wake up to every morning and had to agree. "Hmm. Life is good mama smurf."

"It sure is goofy. I just love to meditate here in this spot, listening to the wave's crash, and the birds sing. Hmm. I can't wait till the summer; it'll be even more fun."

Emily saw a strange look come across her partners face as she seemed to get lost in her thoughts.

Dylan came to the end of the beach walkway and shouted, "Emmie? Are you down here I'm home early baby girl."

"Over here TV star!" Dylan gulped hard when she spotted her wife lying on a towel sunbathing, wearing the tiniest of bikinis. Emily looked radiant, well into her pregnancy she seemed to have a healthy, vibrant glow surrounding her. Dylan was struck dumb by her beauty and found her legs moving automatically when Emily beckoned her over by crooking her finger.

As Dylan got closer she saw Emily lifting up a bottle of Suntan lotion. "Molly's staying with your Mom and dad tonight, so I suggest you get rubbing Morgan!"

Emily heard Dylan mumble, "Yeah baby, that's what I'm talking about."

"Dylan? Dylan? Are you listening to me?"

"Wh...what? Did you say something Emmie?"

"Really? Is that seriously the only thing that springs to mind when I mention summer?"

Dylan gave her wife an incredulous look, "How do you even know what I was thinking that?"

"I know. It's written all over your face. Don't you know by now that your wife knows all and sees all?"

"So I'm finding out." Dylan mumbled.

Emily gave her partner a quick kiss on the cheek. "Why don't you play with Molls for half an hour, while I finish up dinner?"

"Yeah, go get my food woman! I'm starving!" Dylan was up and running towards her daughter, before Emily could get her for that comment.

"Dylan Morgan! Just remember, a woman never forgets anything. It's logged up here." Emily pointed to her head. "And I'll punish you when you least expect it."

Dylan laughed as she lifted up her daughter and shouted. "Less talk, more cooking woman. Me and Molls are hungry!"

Never missing a beat Emily shouted back. "You know Rosie's been telling me a lot about this vegetarian thing. It's sounding like a great idea right about now!"

Dylan gulped and watched Emily walk away with a smug smile on her face. "Uh oh!"

"Ou in twuble mom?" Molly asked.

"I'm always in trouble smurf. Come on. Let's play while we can!"


Emily watched with amusement as Dylan stripped every last piece of meat from the chicken drumstick she was devouring.

"Did you like that or something goofy?"

Emily had made roast chicken, mashed potatoes; green beans, corn and coleslaw, and Dylan had practically inhaled her food.

She dropped what was left of the drumstick and licked her fingers."Oh man! That was amazing. Is there anymore?" Dylan eyed the chicken left on Emily's plate.

Molly and Emily giggled. "Ou a geedy guts Mom!"

"Yes, you've already had two helpings Dyl."

"Hey. I use a lot of calories you know." Dylan flexed her arm and pointed at her bicep. "You don't get these by eating salads you know!"

Dylan had been in rare form tonight, as they enjoyed a quiet family dinner at the kitchen table. The tension of the police and Jimmy Daniels was starting to leave her and she seemed to be relaxing a whole lot more.

"Are you going to eat your food?" Dylan asked in a hopeful voice.

"What do you think Molls? Should I share my food?"

Dylan mouthed to her daughter, Say yes Smurf! Molly giggled and nodded her head.

"Okay here you go, save room for cherry pie though."

"Oh wow. You spoil me Emmie. I don't know how you make the chicken taste this good."

"Mama's secret recipe. I can make lots of things taste good TV star." Emily gave her a wink.

Dylan started to choke on her mouthful of chicken. "Emmie! Don't do that to me."

Molly quite oblivious to the adult undertones to the conversation lifted her plate and said. "Look Mom! I finish all my ticken. I get big muscles like ou!" The little girl flexed her arm copying her Mom.

"Good girl, smurf!" Dylan gave her daughter a high five.

When Dylan was finally finished with her food, Emily cleared their plates and started to serve up the pie.

"Look Molly, a ship!" Dylan pointed out of the kitchen window and toward the horizon.

"Tool! Mama? Mom say we get a boat to play in."

Emily put cherry pie and ice cream in front of her family. "Oh she did, did she?"

"Yeah, she say I can take the new baby out to see the fishes!"

Emily gave Dylan a look, "We'll, not until it's a bit older, but I thought it would be really fun for the kids when their growing up."

Emily licked the ice cream from her spoon. "Hmm. Why do I sometimes feel like I'll have three kids when this one is born?"

"Funny girl! So what did you get done in the house today?"

"Molly, don't feed Wolfie from the table. Um, we picked some fabric for the drapes and looked at some new furniture. Rosie brought over these fabulous design catalogues. Do you want to check, see if you like what I've picked out?"

Dylan looked up at her as if she was crazy. She couldn't think of anything worse than picking out furniture and fabric.

"Un...no. I told you. You can do what you want to the house, except leave the game room and my gym to me."

"Don't worry Dyl, I wouldn't dare to try and make your precious game room look nice."

"It won't look 'nice' it'll look cool!"

"Yeah tool mama!" Molly added.

Emily smiled and shook her head "So? How was work?"

"Great. I really like working with Sandy. She reminds me of myself when I was starting out. I gave her my numbers and told her to call anytime if she needs advice or anything."

"Mama, I go and play pease?"

"Wait till I clean you up sweetie." Emily got some baby wipes and began to clean up a messy Molly.

"I don't know how you manage to get so much on your face Molls! Okay on you go, and don't let Wolfie up on the couch."

"Yes Mama."

Emily sat down to continue eating her pie. "Maybe we could ask her to the barbecue you want to have when the weather gets warmer?"

"That's a great idea baby!" Dylan had been talking about having a beach party with their friends, ever since they moved in. She had been looking at all kinds of barbecue equipment on the Internet.

"It'll be great. Great food, the sun, the beach...oh we could play beach volleyball!"

Emily loved Dylan's enthusiasm. When Dylan got an idea in her head she went at it full throttle, with the excitement of a big kid.

"Sounds good, goofy."

Dylan jumped up to grab another beer. "Of course you won't be able to play; you and the baby can just sit in the sun with your feet up. We'll need to make sure there are enough people to make up the teams. I'm having Sandy on my team for sure, I'm going to smash Jackson's team, and..."

Emily put her hand up and said, "Dylan why don't we wait till nearer the time to worry about the teams okay?"

"I'm getting over excited again aren't I?"

Emily got up and walked round the table to sit on Dylan's knee. "Aww! It's okay goofy. Your enthusiasm is one of the things I love about you."

Dylan quirked her eyebrow up, "One of the things? What else do you love about me?"

'Yeah! Here come my kisses!'Thought Dylan.

"We'll you know I love these." Emily kissed her partner's biceps, "And these..." Emily placed a kiss on each of Dylan's broad shoulders.

"These beautiful blue eyes and..." Emily brought her lips inches from Dylan's and whispered. "these lips, because when you kiss me, I feel like I am utterly adored."

"That's because you are. I adore and worship you baby girl." Dylan kissed her wife passionately, while her hand sneaked under Emily's top and caressed her stomach. She couldn't wait till she could feel the bump of her baby growing inside her wife.

Dylan felt Emily entwine her fingers in her dark hair and pull her deeper into the kiss. As they're passions grew, Dylan couldn't stop her hand traveling upwards toward one of her own favorite parts of her wife's anatomy, although she had to fight her usual urge to squeeze her breasts and pinch the nipple. She had learned a hard lesson when they had made love a few nights before, and had received a soft smack to the head for being too rough, on Emily's newly sensitive breasts. Instead Dylan simply let her hand feel the heft of Emily's heavy breast.

Emily moaned, "Oh God Dyl, we need to calm down."

Dylan moved her kisses to Emily's neck and sucked on one of her wife's most sensitive spots.

This made Emily gasp but instead of encouraging her partner on, she yanked her hair pulling her away. "Don't you dare leave a mark goofy! I've got my appointment with Rain tomorrow; she's already made a remark about my growling one having sharp teeth, at my last appointment!"

Dylan laughed and then growled into the nape of Emily's neck. "Dyl, don't do that! You know I can't resist you when you do that. Look!"

Emily held out her arm for her partner to see all the love bumps that had popped up all down her arm.

"I can't help being irresistible baby girl. If we were on our own, I'd spread you over this kitchen table and..."

Emily put a hand over Dylan's mouth. "Yes, well we're not. So stop before your daughter comes running through with a hyperactive husky running behind her."

"Okay! Okay! Just watch out at bedtime though Mrs. Morgan. I'm going to growl and I may bite!" Dylan snapped her teeth a few times.

"We'll see my growling one!"


"Your drivers here honey."

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" Emily watched Dylan come running down the stairs.

"I can't believe this. I'm never late." Dylan been up at five as usual for her run, but when she had returned home had found Emily being very sick in their bathroom. After rubbing her back and holding her wife's hair, she had lain on the bed just to help comfort Emily. The next thing she knew Emily as waking her up saying she had fifteen minutes before her studio driver arrived.

"I'm sorry honey. It was my fault for being sick."

Dylan put down her briefcase and took Emily in hers arms. "Don't be ridiculous baby girl. I think it's more to do with the fact that I only got a few hours sleep last night, proving to you how loud I can growl."

Emily rubbed some red marks on her neck. "Yes and bite, naughty TV star!"

"Yeah well, I didn't hear any complaints? Listen I want you to rest today if you can. Take a nap okay? I don't want you overtired. It's not good for you or the baby."

"I will. Rain couldn't fit me in till half past five tonight, so I'll have plenty of time to nap before I go."

Emily walked toward the table in the entrance hall. She had Dylan's breakfast ready for her to take with her in the car. "Here's your protein shake and a muffin. That's the best I could do at short notice. Make sure you get something healthy sent in for lunch."

"Yes Mama Smurf." Dylan took her breakfast and kissed her wife.

"Are you sure Rosie knows the rules?"

Emily had asked Rosie to baby sit Molly while she was at her appointment with Rain. They were expecting a furniture delivery the next morning, and so she had decided to stay over and get an early start on the decorating.

"Yes, she knows Molly isn't allowed down to the beach by herself or the pool. Stop worrying and get to work. "

"Okay, okay. Molls I'm going!" Dylan shouted.

The sound of little feet came running out from the kitchen "Wait Mom! I comin."

Dylan scooped her daughter into her arms. "Moms in a big rush this morning, so I can't have breakfast with you like normal. I need to go and make the show. I want you to be very good and take care of your Mama okay? She gets really tired with the new baby in her tummy."

"I take care of Mama. I pwomise."

"Give me a big hug and a kiss then."

Molly held onto her Mom tight and gave her a kiss. "You wave to me on TV tonight Mom?"

Dylan put Molly down and stroked her dark hair so much like her own. "Sure will smurf. I'll call you in the afternoon sometime Emmie."

With one last kiss for her wife, Dylan was off on her long commute to the city.


"Emmie sit down and I'll get you some juice." Rosie noticed Emily sway and grab the kitchen counter, as she brought a basket of washing from the laundry room.

"Here, give me that." Rosie took the basket of washing from her friend and put it on the floor.

"Ou otay Mama?" Molly was always worried her Mom would get sick and sad again, since Toni had taken her.

Emily took a seat at the kitchen table and took a few deep breaths. "I'm fine Molls. Just the baby making me feel sick. What are you drawing?" Emily asked, trying to change the subject.

"I draw a picture for the baby. It's a picture of Olfie."

"The baby will love that sweetie."

Rosie brought over a glass of orange juice over for her. "Here you go, Em."

"Thanks. I forgot how sick I got the first time around. I think that's Mother Nature's way of making sure you have more than one!"

"Are you going to be okay to go to your appointment?"

"I'll be fine. I just need a sit down for a bit."

Wofie jumped up ran to the window, and began to bark.

"Wow, he's really fierce when he gets going isn't he?"

"Yes. He makes me feel really safe when Dylan's not here. I wonder what's got him spooked? Wolfie what's wrong?" Emily asked the dog.

He was looking back and forth between them and outside, giving a low warning growl. He then ran to the kitchen door and scraped at the door wanting out.

"Could you let him out Rosie. Must be an animal or something.

Rosie opened the door and Wolfie ran straight out barking very aggressively.

"I wouldn't like to break into this house!"

Emily laughed and said. "Yes I know, and he's still got a lot of growing to do. He was a really thoughtful gift from Dyl, even though he does make a mess. So where's Jackson off to?"

"Oh some stupid security exhibition, conference thing. She says she needs to buy new equipment for the office. I'm not talking to her anyway."

Emily sighed, "Why are not talking to her this time?"

Rosie suddenly found the table very interesting. "Um...she was interviewing secretaries for the new office, and I looked at the job applications that were sitting on her coffee table. There wasn't one guy. You would think at least one would be a guy. So I asked if there were no male applicants."

"And what did she say?"

"She said yes, but none got through to the interview stage. I accused her of wanting another woman to look at all day, not to mention how sexist it is not to have male candidates. She said I was just being jealous."

"At the risk of making you annoyed with me too, it sounds like you were being a little jealous."

Rosie gave Emily an exasperated look; "Well, can you really blame me Em? You should have seen the women on the applications. They were like ten foot tall with breasts out to here!"

Emily laughed at Rosie's exaggerated mime.

"And most of them spoke about six languages! Would you not be jealous if Dylan was around that all day?"

Emily thought back to the only time she had felt jealous, and that had been because of her difficulties after Toni. Apart from that, she hadn't doubted Dylan's loyalty and love. She knew in her heart that her partner would die before betraying her, but Rosie was young, and in her first serious relationship. There had to be a lot of insecurities.

It was at this point that Molly looked up from her drawing and copying Rosie's earlier mine asked, "Mama what's bests out here?"

"It's not important sweetie. You keep drawing. Rosie, you've got to know Jackson adores you. She wouldn't ever look at anyone else. She loves you."

"I know she does, but then she had to leave for this stupid conference thing straight away and it's just festered in my brain."

Emily took a sip of her juice. Rosie's woes were successfully taking her mind off the queasy feeling in her stomach.

"Has she called?"

"Yeah constantly, I wouldn't answer though, well until last night. She said I was being jealous and unreasonable. I was starting to realize maybe I had over reacted, but then she was like, 'I suppose I should expect this kind of thing, having a girlfriend so much younger than me.'

Well I just exploded, as you can imagine."

"Yes I can." Jackson you are clueless when talking to women. That's the worst thing you could have said.

"So I shouted, 'How would you like it if I got a big muscle bound hunk of a lesbian working with me? Do you know what she said?"

Emily shook her head.

"'Good luck finding a big ole butch who's an interior designer!' I was like argh! So angry. I hung up on her and she hasn't called since."

"Oh Rosie, I know she shouldn't have said those things but you have to believe Jackson wouldn't choose her secretary by the size of..." Emily looked down toward her daughter, who was happily engaged in her drawing.

"Um...the size of her assets."

Rosie's bravado and indignation left her, "I hope so, I just worry she'll get sick of me and want someone who doesn't argue so much, and someone her own age."

"Rosie, she loves you because you are feisty and challenge her. She loves how different you are, and I know she is loyal, not just because she is a good person. But because she's got that military honor thing going on."

"I love her so much Em, its scary loving someone so much and trusting them not to hurt you."

Emily took her young friends hand, "I know, but I'm certain you can trust Jackson. Why don't you go and call her?"

"She's busy with other things. I think I'll just go and carry on with my painting in the dining room, as long as you feel okay now?"

"I'll be fine Rosie, go ahead." Once the young woman had left the kitchen, Emily picked up her cell phone and said to Molly. "I think it's time to do a little meddling sweetie."

"What's medding mama?"


An hour and a half later, Emily watched with satisfaction as Rosie positively gushed with happiness over the cell phone to Jackson.

A quick call from Emily and Jackson understood her girlfriend's insecurities. Then about ten minutes ago, a florist van turned up to the gated entrance to the house, carrying a dozen red roses for Rosie.

"I love you Jack. I can't wait to see you tomorrow."

After she hung up Emily said with a smile, "Well? Everything okay now?"

"She's just so sweet! I'll go and put them in water." Rosie went off clutching her flowers, happy and

Emily shook her head and said to herself, "I don't know. Those two are adorable and infuriating at the same time."

Molly came running through from the kitchen."Mama! Olfie won't come in. He just barking at the twee's in the garden!"

Emily took Molly's hand and walked back to the kitchen. "It's okay sweetie. It'll probably be an animal or something he can smell. Wolfie thinks he's protecting us, he'll come in soon. Now you be good for Rosie, Mama has to go and get ready for her appointment."

When Molly went to run outside Emily said, "Stay inside just now Molls. Why don't you go and watch some TV?"

She didn't know why, but Wolfie's behavior was making her uneasy.


Rain and Emily sat cross legged on the floor, deep in mediation, the sounds of the beach echoing from the speakers on the wall.

"Now my sweet one. I am now going to count down from ten. When I reach one, I want you to slowly open those pretty eyes."

Once Rain reached one, Emily opened her eyes with a smile on her face.

"That was wonderful Rain. Thank you."

The older woman stood and walked over to help Emily up. "On the contrary my sweet one, it is a pleasure to spend this special time with you. If you keep up this practice every day, you will soon see it will change your life."

"It already is. I feel more content now, than I ever have in my life."

Rain put her arm round Emily's shoulder. "I think your growling one may have something to do with that. Married life seems to agree with you. No?"

Emily blushed. "Yes. I am a very happy woman."

Rain dropped her hand to Emily's stomach. "I think you have another reason for happiness?"

Emily's mouth hung open in shock. "How could you know? We've only told our family."

Rain smiled warmly and said, "My sweet one. You cannot hide the truth from Rain. Your aura is glowing!"


"Of course, and do not worry. You and the little one are a picture of health. I know you have been very sick, but this will settle soon."

Emily shook her head in disbelief. "You could tell all that from my aura? You are extraordinary Rain!"

The therapist took Emily's hand and kissed it gently, "No, just an old woman who has experienced many things in this world. Your lion must be very pleased with herself?"

"Oh yes, Dylan is over the moon."

They walked over to the side and Rain helped Emily on with her track jacket.

"I suspect your lion is growling and prowling around you even more than usual, yes?"

Emily giggled at the picture Rain had now put into her head. "Yes, you could say that. She is being very careful with me, but that's nice. When I was having Molly I didn't have any support. It was lonely." And scary. Emily thought.

"Everything happens for a reason my sweet one, and now you appreciate having the support of a partner who is devoted to you. Come, it is getting late and you have a long drive home."

"Thank you again Rain." Emily gave the older woman a hug before going out to reception to organize another appointment.

When she approached the desk, Rain's secretary said, "Mrs. Morgan? Your driver called to say he would pick you up round the back of the building, there are photographers and journalists at the front."

Emily handed over her credit card and said, "Oh okay. Where do I go?"

"I'll show you out after I fix up your new appointment Mrs. Morgan."

Hmm. I wonder why they've turned up now? They weren't there when I came in...


Dylan had just finished a dress rehearsal with Sandy and was now headed back to her dressing room, to get something to eat and relax for few hours before the show.

When Dylan entered her dressing room, she found Lynn setting out her pre show meal of chicken, brown rice, veg and a large salad, on the table.

"Looks good, Lynn."

"Yes well, if you like these muscle building meals. Now do you need anything else?"

"Nah. I'm gonna have a nap after I eat and call Emmie, I didn't sleep too well last night."

Lynn just rolled her eyes. "Married life going well for you is it? Emily must be a happy woman."

Dylan gave her a toothy grin, "Of course! I mean who wouldn't love being married to me?"

Lynn shook her head. "I wonder Dylan. I think you would drive me crazy, and I'd divorce you within two months. I take my hat off to Emily; she must have the patience of a saint!"

Dylan leant over and gave Lynn a big kiss on the cheek, "You love me and you know it woman!"

"For my sins!" Lynn grumbled as she left the dressing room.

Dylan sat and began eating. "Now, my baby girl. What are you up to?" She lifted her iPhone and was a bit disappointed when she saw no text waiting for her.

Emmie always leaves me a message. She's probably late getting out of her appointment with that freaky old gal.

As much as Dylan was delighted at how Rain helped Emily. There was still something that irked her about the woman. She knew now though from experience, not to vocalize her thoughts about Rain to her wife.

Dylan recalled the day she walked into the kitchen to find Rain's voice coming from Emily's Iphone. Emily was happily baking muffins while repeating, what Dylan thought, were random sentences. Dylan watched in confusion.

'I am worthy.' Rain's voice echoed around the kitchen, and Emily replied,

"I am worthy."

'I feel fulfilled and joyful.'

"I feel fulfilled and joyful!"

'I am becoming better every day.'

"I am becoming better every day!"

'I am strong and secure.'

"I am strong and secure!"

'I have a solid sense of self identity.'

"I have a solid sense of self identity!"

Dylan could not keep it in any longer, and inside she knew she'd be in trouble, but she burst out laughing.

Emily turned round and gave her an ice cold stare that would have stopped even the most hardened criminal in their tracks.

Uh oh! Dylan thought.

"What would be so funny?"

Later Dylan realized she should have seen huge warning signs in front of her eyes. Even Molly, who was eating a snack at the table, looked at her Mom with worried eyes, but somehow Dylan's brain did not engage before her mouth said, "Oh come on Emmie. You aren't buying this new age crap are you? I mean what does that even mean? I have a solid sense of self identity." Then to make matters worse she continued to laugh.

Emily said nothing. She very quietly and calmly stopped the affirmation playlist on her phone, switched off the oven, and walked upstairs to their bedroom and slammed, then locked the door.

"Mama mad at ou mom."

Dylan looked at her daughter and nodded. "Yeah, cause I am an idiot."

Why the hell did I say that? Emmie's doing so well and I have to go and make fun of her. Argh!

"Come on Smurf. Let's get your jacket on. I think we need to make a trip to the flower store."

Dylan remembered she had returned with the biggest bunch of flowers she could buy and a box of Emily's favorite candies. It had taken pleading and then listening to an hour long lecture from her wife, during which she kept her mouth shut and nodded in agreement, to make things right again.

That was a lesson well learned!

Dylan decided to call and leave a message on Emmie's voicemail, knowing her wife put her cell on silent when she was in with Rain. She was surprised when it went straight to voicemail instead of ringing first.

"Strange, Emmie never turns off her cell."


Dylan called home, knowing Rosie was taking care of Molly.


"Hey Rosie. It's Dylan, did Emmie changed her appointment time with Rain? She should be out by now, but I can't get hold of her."

"Eh no, not as far as I know. She left when she was supposed to Dylan. Her appointment probably ran on, when you get into meditation, you can lose track of time."

"Yeah I guess. Can I have a quick word with Molly?"

"Sure. Here you go. "

Dylan heard shuffling on the other end of the line, then Molly's little voice. "Hi Mom!"

"Hey little smurf. How's your day going?"

"Great Mom! Me helping Rosie paint de walls, but Olfie got his his tail in de paint!"

"Uh oh. Well you make sure you get it cleaned up before Mama gets back, or Mama will blame me."

"Why Mom?"

"Cause everything's my fault smurflet, especially when it's to do with Wolfie."

"Otay Mom. I watch ou tonite. Ou win for me?"

"I'll do my best, but I'm not too good at the skating Smurf. Remember what Grandpa says about challenges?"

"If ou do best...uh."

Dylan chuckled inwardly as Molly stumbled over the phrase. "As long as you do your best, that's all anyone can ever ask of you."

"Yeah, that it Mom. Ou do your best."

"I will Molls. Can I talk to Rosie again?"

"Yeah. Bye Mom, I luv ou."

"Love you too Molls."

Rosie couldn't help but find the conversation between Mom and daughter adorable. I wonder if Jackson wants any kids...

"Hey Rosie, can you ask Emmie to call me if she calls home?"

"Sure will. Good luck for tonight."

"Thanks, I'll need it. Bye."

Dylan ended the call and pushed her food away, her appetite leaving her. She couldn't put her finger on it, but Dylan felt there was something wrong. She felt it in her gut.

On impulse she picked up her cell and called Emily's driver.

"Hey Jamie, it's Dylan."

"Hi Dylan."

"Jamie, is Emily out from her appointment yet?"

"No, Mrs. Morgan's an hour late now. I was just going to go in and ask at the reception. She always runs over her appointment time a bit, but not by an hour."

The gnawing in Dylan's gut suddenly got a whole lot worse. "Has everything been quiet?"

"Yes. There was one photographer waiting when we pulled out past the house gates, but that's it. Everything was quiet at the clinic when we arrived."

"Just stay there for the moment Jamie, incase Emily comes out. I'll call reception and find out what's happening."

Dylan's heart started to thud as she rang Rain's clinic. "Mind Balance clinic. How can I help you?"

"Eh...hi, this is Dylan Morgan. My wife, Emily had an appointment with Rain. I just wondered when she would be finished."

"Oh, Mrs. Morgan left about forty minutes ago Ms. Morgan."

Dylan's heart started to hammer out of her chest. "Sh...she did? Was she okay when she left?"

"Oh yes. Her driver called me while Mrs. Morgan was in with Rain; he said the press was camped outside the front of the building, so he would pick her up at the back. I took her to the back exit and she left."

The receptionist heard a bang as the phone was dropped at Dylan's end, and then only silence.

"Ms Morgan? Is everything all right? Hello? Ms Morgan?


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