~ Is There an Archeologist in the Dig? Profile ~
by Red Hope


Violence ~ Nope, none, zip, zero violence.

Subtext ~ Nothing but subtext as maintext.

Copyright ~ Universal and MCA both own Melinda and Janice.

Series: Other

This is a collection of works I did during the duration of my Creative Writing class a while ago. The first item is a character profile on Melinda Pappas, followed by a monolog on her, next is a monolog on Janice. The fourth thing is a one-act play with Melinda and Janice and ending this is a short story about Janice and Melinda.

Overall, this collection is about how the two women try to seek out their destinies together. And as they do this they must contended with an archeology site in Greece together.

If anybody has comments about my story please let me know at: redhope@redhope.net

Profile One on Melinda Pappas

January 6, 2000

Character Name --> Melinda Pappas (Southern Belle)

Age --> Twenty-seven

Mother --> Sixty-one living in North Charleston, South Carolina
Father --> Sixty living in North Charleston, South Carolina
Siblings --> None

Occupation --> Doctor and teacher of Macedonian history at University of South Carolina.

Habitat --> Apartment in Columbia, South Carolina

Biggest Wish --> To find her soulmate
Biggest Fear --> Dying alone

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