~ Is There an Archeologist in the Dig? Monologue 1 ~
by Red Hope


Violence ~ Nope, none, zip, zero violence.

Subtext ~ Nothing but subtext as maintext.

Copyright ~ Universal and MCA both own Melinda and Janice.

Series: Other

This is a collection of works I did during the duration of my Creative Writing class a while ago. The first item is a character profile on Melinda Pappas, followed by a monolog on her, next is a monolog on Janice. The fourth thing is a one-act play with Melinda and Janice and ending this is a short story about Janice and Melinda.

Overall, this collection is about how the two women try to seek out their destinies together. And as they do this they must contended with an archeology site in Greece together.

If anybody has comments about my story please let me know at: redhope@redhope.net

Monologue One on Melinda Pappas

Thursday, May 11, 2000

Within the Appalachian Mountains, it?s a cool day in Georgia, near the beginning of the trail. A tall woman dressed in khaki trousers, cotton white blouse with worn leather boots comes into the scene. A scene with a normal calm tarn, the water glistening in the noon sun. The large snow capped Smokey Mountains far in the background. The tall southern belle's dark hair wavers in the light breeze. Doctor Melinda Pappas comes to the edge of the tarn with an empty water canteen. She bends down by the water, the top coming off, and the canteen submerging in the cool water. Her blue eyes stare at her reflection. She lifts the full metal canteen out again, the ripples distorting her beautiful image. Her eyes are still fixed on her reflection as she leans on her knees.


Melinda Pappas:

My Lord, why did I ever come here? (sigh) I know I wanted tuh get away from South Carolina, but goodness dis wasn't what I had reckoned. I probably outa have gone up yonder tuh New York, see them yanks. (Stands up beside tarn still stares at reflection.) Melinda Pappas, what tis ever gonna happen tuh yo? (Eyes shift up to the mountains in the background.) I hope Mamma and Poppa are all right, probably should phone them soon I reckon. (She turns around and spots a large rock, shifts to sit on it, still staring at the tarn.) I reckon I should have gone tuh Greece like Mamma said, would have been less of a hackle then dis. (Her right hand goes to the lid of the canteen and is slowly screwed back on.) Probably couldn't have afforded it anyway. Dat's what I get for worken at dat University. (She places the canteen down on the ground beside herself. Then she lifts up a few small pebbles from the ground, and shifts them back and forth in her hands.) I know it aint ever gonna get me no's where. (Continues to stare at the reflection in the lake.) Maybe I outa take dat job up yonder in New York, pay better in dat city. (She goes quiet for a few minutes, then starts to toss the pebbles into the lake, her reflection being destroyed in the process.) I outa lissen to Mama since she think dat I'd find more men tuh date in New York. My goodness if I don't find my soulmate soon I am gonna ended up dyen alone. (She picks up three pebbles from the ground again.) I aint probably gonna find my soulmate. (Throws one pebble at the reflection, it ripples.) Then there iz always duh problem of finden uh man these days, all fighten in dat damn war. (She threw a second pebble at the reflection.) Then maybe my destiny tis to be with a woman. (A chuckle and a shake of a head.) Thank the lord I aint able tuh look at women like dat, I'd be damned for life. (Last pebble thrown in.) Naw, Melinda Pappas, yo just gotta keep moven, you are only twenty-seven. (She lifts the canteen up and stands up.) Well I guess I'd better head on back tuh the cabin before it gets late. (Her eyes fixed at the reflection. She sighs then looks up to the mountains again.) Have tuh admit tis a beautiful area in these mountens. (She looks down at the reflection again, her face saddens. She then takes a deep breath and strolls off the scene.)

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