~ Is There an Archeologist in the Dig? Monologue 2 ~
by Red Hope


Violence ~ Nope, none, zip, zero violence.

Subtext ~ Nothing but subtext as maintext.

Copyright ~ Universal and MCA both own Melinda and Janice.

Series: Other

This is a collection of works I did during the duration of my Creative Writing class a while ago. The first item is a character profile on Melinda Pappas, followed by a monolog on her, next is a monolog on Janice. The fourth thing is a one-act play with Melinda and Janice and ending this is a short story about Janice and Melinda.

Overall, this collection is about how the two women try to seek out their destinies together. And as they do this they must contended with an archeology site in Greece together.

If anybody has comments about my story please let me know at: redhope@redhope.net

Monologue Two on Janice Covington

January 19th 2000

In the area of Macedonia, there is a small archeology site, people working with picks at a now brown barren ground. There are numerous brown tents off to the side of the site. Located inside one of the larger ones is a young woman. She is a Doctor of Macedonian history and an archeologist. She comes off as gruff, hard, strong, and can be stoic. Although on occasions this woman is known to lose her temper and what a temper that is. The archeologist is short, her electric emerald eyes hard while her long strawberry-blond hair is pulled up slightly, her body muscular from working so many sites. Doctor Janice Covington has her normal attire on at this very moment. That normal attire consists of high-laced light brown leather boots, cotton gray trousers, then tucked in is a dirty white button up cotton shirt. The collar of the shirt lies atop of her leather jacket she has on and undone. Her fedora is still on, that has a leather band around the top. Hanging off her right hip is a revolver inside of a holster yet on her other hip she has a coiled up well-used leather whip.

Doctor Janice Covington is currently inside of her tent, she'd just walked in. She moves to sit on her metal cot in the middle of the tent and sighs. Her eyes unfocus for a moment then refocus, she drops her head into her hands with a groan.



"Goddamn it, I'm never going to get this site finished in time. [Janice brings her head up again to stare at the tent flap.] I should just give up, it's not worth it. That university's grant will run out on me soon. [She stands up and slowly stalks over to her makeshift desk, on the desk is a collection of papers. She stares at them then sighs again. Her memory comes to life.] Then again Dad would never give up on something like this. [Janice cynically laughs then shakes her head.] Oh no, not my father, Doctor Harry Covington?the grave robber. [She roughly grasps the small wood chair from under the desk and flings it out. She sits in it and stares at the papers again.] Yeah the grave robber, just what I am as well. Always wanted to follow in Dad's footsteps. [She lifts up the papers and flips through them. She tosses them back to the desk and sits back in the chair. She says nothing for a few moments, her breathing a bit heavy. Her arms cross against her chest, she takes a deep breath. ] I'm not going to find the remains that's all there is to it. How could I be so stupid to think they would be this easy to find? Or to find them in this short period of time. [She drops her head back against the chair's headrest and stares up at the ceiling. Closing her eyes she sighs then lifts her head back up to stare at the papers. The top one's header reads; The University of New York.] That University will sock it to me once they find out I found nothing. Absolutely nothing. Then what the hell am I gonna do? I could do it Dad's style and sell past artifacts to get money for the digging. [She closes her eyes and takes deep breaths.] I can't do that, only ruin my rep. [Her dark emerald eyes open again.] I need another grant, that's all there is to it. Oh right, who'd want to hire the grave robber. [Janice lifts up the top paper, skims down it till she comes to the part that says; expiration of digging contract is on May 1st.] Let's see that leaves me with?.a week left of digging from May first. [Janice carefully places the paper back down on top of the others. She then cross her arms against her chest, stares at the papers. Silence looms in the air. She takes a deep breath.] Well one thing is for certain, I'm gonna need more money for this dig. I suppose I'll just have to find another University. Damn, I hate dealing with those pompous windbags of Deans at those Universities. [Her eyes are still fixed on the grant papers. She blinks then brings up her right hand from her chest to rub her right cheek. With a sigh the archeologist stands up and puts the chair back under.] Well I'm definitely getting nothing done real fast. [Janice's eyes go to the expiration date on the paper. She grits her teeth while her eyes narrow.] Goddamn University. [She lowly growls and then turns on her heals to the front of the tent. She leaves the tent in a huff. Her small hands violently flinging open the tent flap. She leaves the tent cursing under her breath.]

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