The Athenaeum now has two display styles.

Athenaeum Blue
This style is enhance over our sites previous appearance, and we believe easier to navigate and search. The new style also includes access to our new public forums, bard forums, as well as our new personal bookshelf. Also included is the ablility to rate the stories on a scale of 1-10.

This style has been tested to work with: Firefox 2, IE 5, IE 6, Netscape 7+, Mozilla 1.7.5, Opera 8, Opera 9.  Other browser versions may or may not work correctly with the Deepblue style.

Athenaeum Blue is incompatible with Netscape 4.7 and earlier.

We will continue to support our old style, but it does not have some of the new features. No ability to rate the stories, no Bookshelf.

If you are using a very old browser, and wish to upgrade, we highly recommend Firefox, or Opera. For older computers, both browsers are compatable with Windows 98.

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