Hello and welcome to Shay's little Stargate page.  You won't find too much here, but hey, it's another fandom in which I can play.

All stories so far are Sam/Janet.  If this changes, I'll be sure to make a note of that.

As Yet - Version One - This version could just as easily have been slotted into my Original fiction section, but my intentions weren't pure...

As Yet - Version Two - This one lays it all out there.  Feel free to love or hate one or both of them.

Another Break in the Wall - Written for Passion and Perfection's 48 Hour Halloween challenge -- my version of a Heroes fix-it.

What is and What Should Always Be - Written for Passion and Perfection's big 5000 update, this is a continuation of the storyline began in "Another Break in the Wall".  

Son of the Sea - Everyone has a reason for what they do.

Pulling the String - Part Two - My contribution to Passion and Perfection's Epic Proportions 2009.  It's all about the choices we make.

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