DOINK!DOINK! - Who hasn't heard that sound?  Better yet, who hasn't watched one of the iterations of the venerable cops-catching-bad guys-while-the-lawyers-duke-it-out show and not seen at least one instance of subtext?  Certainly not I.

My first and by far, my most prolific entry into the Law & Order universe was SVU.  I adored Alex Cabot, but when she left and they brought in Casey Novak, Iw as a gonner.  Diane Neal brought a real sense of the "everyman" to the character that I connected with on a deep level.  Plus, there were lots of yummy subtext moments with Olivia Benson, one of the original "hot chicks in Kevlar".

Hey look, somebody was actually curious enough about my efforts in the Casey/Olivia fandom to interview me (and Alex/Olivia writers D & Harriet, with a special appearance by my sometimes-partner-in-fic, DiNovia).  Check it out - Femslash for Fans.  For reference, I'm the goofball.

Broken Road - After a really bad day, can two people find something good at the end of their road?

Weird - Is it fate, or strange food.  Fic fluffyness ahead.

Pairology: A Dyad of Love's Ramble - The first time I worked with DiNovia was within the Voyager fandom, and I quite enjoyed the endeavor.  Joining up with her in the C/O world to produce this piece was a heck of a lot of fun.  This was written somewhat as a diaglog, where one of us would take off running from where the other finished.  I hope you enjoy the results.

Clotheshorse - Has anyone noticed something a bit strange going on with the detective and the ADA?

Any Good Excuse - Opportunity is what you create of it.

Something Like It - The second of my joint efforts in C/O fandom with DiNovia.  Baseball, poker, and a whole lot of fun.

Damaged Justice - For four years, they've found them.  All women, all dead - will the detectives of the Special Victims Unit finally be able to solve the crime, or will the Icebox Killer get away with murder once again?
Part One - Part Two

Treason - Casey Novak has left the building.

SVU Art - Desktop Wallpaper.

For more of DiNovia's excellent Casey/Olivia writing, as well as her other fabulous stories, check out her LiveJournal.

Though I was not as prolific in this fandom, I really did love Tracey Kibre and Kelly Gaffney.  I wish that NBC had given them both a longer shot at success, as I think they could have eventually found an audience.

Spring Planning - Everything looks possible when the world begins anew.

Train - It only takes a little nudge ...

At Play - Drabble.  Capturing a moment.

Trial By Jury Art - Desktop wallpapers.

Strays and Loners

The odds 'n ends of my Law & Order efforts.

Serena Southerlyn Art - Desktop of my favorite of the Mothership ADAs, Serena Southerlyn.

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The characters, backstory, and settings of Law & Order, Special Victims Unit, Trial By Jury, and Criminal Intent are property of NBC and Dick Wolf. These stories are just one fan's efforts at playing about in the sandbox. I hope my castles don't get kicked over anytime soon.