Emily Prentiss and Jennifer "JJ" Jareau - and all their friends, co-workers, and family...

Aaron Hotchner - David Rossi - Derek Morgan - Dr. Spencer Reid - Penelope Garcia

and those that have gone before...

Elle Greenaway - Jason Gideon

The Short 'n Sweet series

Fly - With all her compartments, will Emily have the courage?

Fireflies - JJ has to know.

Busted - Sometimes, all it takes is one tiny mistake...

Mystery - Why, when and how - it's always a mystery, but that's all JJ needs.

Montana  - Everyone needs a vacation once in a while...(possibly NSFW)

A Boat in the Sky - It's in the quiet times that the most interesting things are revealed.

Home - Everyone needs that one special place.

Mercy is for the Just (Crossover with Angel the Series and Wes Craven's Dracula II & III) A string of violent crimes in Chicago has the police calling in the BAU to solve what the papers are calling the, "Kiss of the Vampire" slayings.  Drawn into the investigation, Kate Lockley and her partner, Elizabeth Blaine work behind the scenes to help find the killer before the city's nonhuman denizens decide to introduce Chicago to real vampires...

Criminal Minds Art - Desktop artwork of the ladies.

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The characters, situations, and backstory of Criminal Minds are copyright to CBS, Ed Bernero, and whole bunch of others... They are most definitely not mine and I make no claim to them other than as a slightly over-enthusiastic fan who enjoys playing in their sandbox.