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Some of the subject matter addressed in the poetry, stories, and essays will have adult themes.  

Here you will find what I consider to be the best of my poetry.

Assault and Battery  - Bones of the Earth - Catembic Pawtameter - Circle - Circus of Desire - Claim to Shame - Ephemeral Beloved  Epiphany of Life - Forbidden Love - GODLOVE - Innocence Lost - Last Night - Leaves of Tea - Lust - Nightmare 
Ordinary Magic - Passion - Rage - Silent Scream - Song of the Seasons 
The Human Choice - The Way - Unlove Poem - Voices

Here you will find my short stories.  

Elena and Pol - A tale of star-crossed lovers
The Phantom's Bargain - Some deals are worth making.
The Professor's Ghost - Why is there a Scottish ghost living in an Irishwoman's house in Berkeley?
Six Heartbeats - Breathing on the edge of a moment.
Message in a Bottle - A little fairy tale.
Caroline - There are some stories that demand to be told.

The Tales of Y'Myran - Here you will find all the stories and novels I've written about the kingdoms of Y'Myran, including the novel, Banshee's Honor.

Trick or Treat - It's been 14 years.  I still remember the scent of a freshly opened pack.
Xena Warrior Princess - Modern Myth in Action - In the Fall of 1998, I took a class on mythology.  This is my final report, written with a classmate.

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