A selection of the poetry I've written about the characters of Xena: Warrior Princess

Fan Fiction  

All of the fan fiction I've written and published about the characters of Xena: Warrior Princess.  

WARNING:  Material May Not Be Suited For Children.


All of the song parodies I've written about the characters of Xena: Warrior Princess.

Fan Fiction  -- Filk 

Instincts: A poem I wrote after viewing Maternal Instincts.  WARNING: This poem contains spoilers.

False Hope: The second poem I wrote after watching Maternal Instincts.  WARNING: This poem contains spoilers.

Forgiven: A poem written to conclude the two Maternal Instincts poems after I saw Bitter Suite .  WARNING: This poem contains spoilers.

Steelsong: The first in a tryptich I call "Campfire Thoughts".

Silent Conformity: The second in the "Campfire Thoughts" tryptich.

Blind: The third in the "Campfire Thoughts" tryptich.

One Heart: A conversation that leads to something better. : )

Dare:  A poem inspired by the episode, When Fates Collide.

Seven Dinars:  A poem inspired by the episode, Locked Up and Tied Down.

Sunsets:  Inspired by Friend in Need.  Angst.

Poetry  -- Filk

Moral Dilemma: Gabrielle faces a question of morals when Xena is injured.

Debt of Life: Xena and Gabrielle run into a former slave of Xena's.

Orphans: The Sequel to Debt of Life.  Xena decides that she wants to see Solon again.

Cat's Meow: What happens when Gabrielle finds a talking kitten...: )

A Time of Vengeance:  Poseidon and Ares conspire to wreak a terrible vengeance on Xena.  Takes place after "Ulysses".

The Bet: Can Xena and Gabrielle successfully re-unite a lost sect of the Amazons with the Amazon Nation?

Questions:  Xena finds a page of Gabrielle's journal

Answers: Xena answer to Gabrielle's question.  Sequel to "Questions".

Summer Rain: A "what if" story. : )

A Warrior's Hands: A continuation of the episode Lost Mariner.  Gabrielle remembers a certain Amazon ritual that is looming once again on the horizon.

Journeys of Perspective: Xena and Gabrielle have a fight.

Ephiny's Song: Ephiny's story, in her own words.

Cat Scratch Fever: The further adventures of Flax the Cat...oh and of a certain warrior and her bard too ; )

Tomorrows Passed:  UberXena.  Can a time traveler fulfill the destiny of a warrior princess?

Angels Dancing: Can true love survive the machinations of the gods?  Angels Dancing is set in Katrina's Blood & Roses Altaverse.

Luck Be A Lady:  Xena and Gabrielle explore their feelings after the events of the third season.  Takes place after King Con.

The Anti Uber, Uber Xena Story:  Crazy Uber Xena.  Silly look at some of the cliches of fanfic.

Thump or Hump:  Not a Sequel to the Anti-Uber, Uber Xena Story:  Another look at fanfic cliches.  

Once in a Garden/Deep As You Go: Short little pieces of the whole.

Do They Know Its Christmas:  This is an entry I had in the Academy of Bards 2003 Christmas Challenge.  

Solitude:  Drabble based on the opening sequence of The Bitter Suite.

Unrequited:  Drabble based on Return of Callisto.

Poetry -- Fan Fiction

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