Forbidden Love

In the silent stillness of the night,
with the fire burning bright,
the candle's glow,
can only show,
the purity of your skin.

Breathy warm sighs,
the musky smell of your thighs.
Starlight gleaming in your eyes,
I crave the touching to begin.

My heart and thine,
beat in time.
As our lips unite,
all through the night.

The graceful swell of your breast
grazes gently 'gainst my chest.
Causing waves of fire to course and flow
from my head to my toe.

Your face all a flush.
I see no need to rush.
I've heard that this loving's a sin.
Yet I see no reason not to begin.

One gentle groan.
A few little moans.
One giant scream.
This is not just a dream.

Your hand twined into mine;
our loving design.

In the silent stillness of the night,
by the candle's flickering light,
our hearts divine.
One love,
for all time.



Epiphany of Life


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