Innocence Lost

I remember the stewardess was really beautiful when we went flying away.
Bye bye bye up and high we went byebye.

I guess what I remember the most is the fear...the absolute start raving
mad fear I felt at walking into that eggshell white ever so clean environment
where children cried and the smells of disinfectant mingled with baby wipes
and drool and spit up and this man walked out he was
the boogey man come alive in the eyes of a small child.

Don't ever ever cry in front of boogey men,
they hurt you and don't care when you cry for your mommy.

Afterwards, we sat eating the ripe fruits and pelting each other with the
green ones.

I don't think I loved him so much after that cuz he didn't protect me and
I realized that no one would protect me accept for me.

I always tried really hard not to sneeze at my own floral stink but
I don't know







Last Night

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