Ordinary Magic


Sparkles of light across water
Spin faerie dreams.
Writhing plumes of sandalwood smoke in my room
Calls the wild hunt.
A small, soft hand slipped awkwardly into mine
Rings soft bells.
A song sung a cappella
Praises everyday miracles.
Tasting rain on a sunny day
Takes me back to childhood.

Invoking magic.

Grass so green, it's blue
Paints the day.
Baby powder dusts the counter,
Granting the charm youth.
My mother's hugs,
Always free.
The laughter of a friend
Shared with another.
Sweet dark chocolate,
Melted into coffee on a cold day.

Casting magic.

The moon, a great round orb, holes the sky,
While fireflies twinkle, stars on earth.
A newly dried blanket, wrapped around me
Chases away winter's chill.
Warm ocean water, licks my toes
As I scrub the salt-wind from my eyes.
A purring cat, snuggles my lap,
Another nips my heel.
A lover's kiss
Wakes me up.

Dancing magic.

Ordinary components in life's spell.






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