UnLove Poem


I miss you.

I miss all of you.

I miss the talks we never had while walking along

a beach under the silver green moon.

I miss the arguements that were never fought,

the kiss and make up that never my lips did touch.


I miss your sighs that I didn't hear as you panted my name

I miss your eyes that I didn't fall into every morning

I miss your dinners that I never tasted burnt or under cooked

I miss your perfume I never scented

lingering around your perfect neck like

lace on a collar


Gods I want you more than anything...

I can taste your thighs screaming madly against mine

I can hear your sighs whispering along my spine

shutter my eyes...shudder my eyes

gods I need you.


but you don't want me, do you?

you don't need me, do you?

I can see that...this is a game to you...a silly little

game you play for amusement.

Fuck You.





The Way


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