Circus of Desire

Tightrope bound, a heart beats
trapeze kisses fly along a neck bared by pony's tail
staccato volleys of breath puncture the tent of complacency
around the circus of desire.

Clown bright tears streak a face torn by lust
tiger's paws claw at skin slick from sweat
the memory of elephants I dancing, bear
in the circus of desire.

A freak show of intensity is your touch
my body, strong man, bearded lady and the midget sing
arias of need and speed and greed
at the circus of desire.

Deep the high dive falls into my whirlpool
popcorn bursts of sensation fall as peanuts from your mouth
a crackerjack, a cornucopia, a barker's cry on paths new
worn by you, the ringmaster
of the circus of desire.



Claim to Shame

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