Ephemeral Beloved

Moonlight mists silver on the day you love me.
Shadows dance as your body clings to mine.
My arms embrace you; I drown in the scent of your hair.
I nuzzle you, and feel your smile as you lightly kiss my fingertips.

Golden music drifts through the room and I touch you, delicate and soft.
Slowly, I learn the paths of your body, mapping the texture of warm flesh.
Fingers dip and swirl, raising heated breaths as my lips begin to graze your skin.
Your gentle moans season the air as my caress lingers on your breasts.

Our legs entwine, slick and heated.
Sharply, I nip at the exposed skin of your neck and you cry out.
My fingers slip in, dance ecstatically in the dew of your need.
Our hearts unite.

You turn in my arms, seeking my lips, which yield helplessly to your passion.
A whisper, "want you," and then you paint a trail of lust from chin to groin.
My hands reach for you, hold you near.
We blend, time is liquid.

Pale sunlight illuminates spun-silk hair, fanned on bleached linen.
One last time, we touch.
Morning's glory renews the land and you vanish.
My dream lover, shadow of the night,
To the goddess I pray,
that you'll be with me one day.


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